Cutie teen ingrid banged in her asshole by big hard cock

Cutie teen ingrid banged in her asshole by big hard cock
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Perverted Deeds Part 3 Revenge is nerve racking. It was Saturday night and I was just returning from a date. I am now dating a girl named Lisa. Her older sister is Linda, my friend Joe's wife. Lisa and I have been seeing each other for a few months and it really feels right to be with her.

When I walked in the front door my Mom called me into the living room. Mom said, "Call Joe, he called three times and asked me to roleplay sex in leather and fishnet stockings you to call him regardless of the time you get home." "Joe really sounded upset." I called Joe and he answered the phone, I could hear the stress in his voice.

Joe told me, "Get over here now!" The phone connection ended abruptly. I arrived at Joe's house about 20 minutes later. I rang the door bell and his wife Linda answered the door, looked at me and told me to come in. Nothing seemed to be wrong with her.

Linda is so beautiful and very sexy. I always love walking behind her to see her ass. As we entered the living room that is when I noticed a very large man, he must have been 6'8" his muscles were big and he must weight over 300 pounds. He was holding a double barrel shotgun and it was pointed at Joe on the couch. He pointed it at me and told me to sit in the chair, he pointed at the over stuffed chair. I sat in the chair and Linda walked and stood in front of me.

She said, "I have been trying to figure out where I knew you from for the past several months." "Your eyes and voice are so familiar." I said, "Well I have been dating your sister for the past few months and we are here all the time." Her face got stern, she slapped my face with an open hand and said, "Don't play me for a fool." "I have watched you for months and it came to me the other night." "You held a gun on me and made me suck Joe's cock." I started to deny it, but she told me that Joe had already spilled the whole story.

At this point I was just hoping to get out of there alive and for Linda not to tell Lisa. Linda also told me she knew Joe had promised that she would give me a blow job.

She looked at me and smiled and said, "This might be your lucky night and then again it might be your worst nightmare!" She looked at the big man and smiled.

He looked at us and told us to get naked. Joe protested and the big guy bitch slapped him up side the head and Joe fell out in the floor. Linda suggested we do as we are told. I stripped down to my shorts and the big guy motioned for me to drop my shorts. Linda is standing about three feet to the side of me. Her eyes are on my crotch as I dropped my shorts.

My cock is about half hard and she kept looking at it. She has a great view of the cock her little sister is getting several times a week. Linda told me to sit down in the chair and watch. Joe had stripped and was on the couch nude. The big guy had a roll of duct tape. He taped Joe's hands together at the wrists and then he taped my hands.

Linda told us to start stroking our cocks and get them hard. It is unusual playing with your cock with your hands taped at the wrist but I had no trouble in getting hard. Joe is hanging limp and the big guy laughed and made fun of Joe's limp cock.

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Linda told Joe to get it hard or she would let the big guy fuck her. She smiled at Joe and asked, "Would watching him fuck me make your cock hard?" Joe's cock was not responding it was as limp as ever. Linda looked at deutsches teen julie skyhigh fickt mit mega schwanz typen german teen, smiled, looked at my cock and licked her lips. My cock got even harder. Linda explained that the big guy was a friend of hers from years ago and that he would do anything she asked him to do.

Linda looked at Joe and said, "He will do anything to get some of this pussy!" Linda looked at the big guy and nodded and he began to take off his clothes. The guy is really big, not fat, just a big raw boned muscled man. As he dropped his pants his monster cock was exposed and being limp it was as big as mine hard. Linda stood in the middle of the floor and started taking off her clothes. She stripped completely nude and began playing with her nipples. Now the big guy's cock is hard and standing tall.

It must have been 10 inches long and very thick. Joe is playing with his cock but it was not responding. The big guy told Joe to sit on the floor in front of the couch. The big guy then sat on the couch and Linda backed her ass up to him. "Joe, do you want to see me get fucked by this large cock?" she asked in a sharp voice. Joe shook his head no. Linda came to me and backed her ass up until it was touching my cock. My hands were against the back of her thighs.

I thought the head of my cock would blow off. "Do you want to watch me get fucked by Sam?" she asked. Again Joe shook his head no.

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She then demanded, "What the hell do you want to do?" I could tell by her voice that she was pissed. She remained in position above my cock and I wanted to be inside her more than anything. Rational decision making has gone out the door, I want her pussy! Linda must have felt my movement of trying to get my cock in her pussy as she stood up and moved away.

The big guy had been stroking his cock the whole time and the monster was very big and red. Linda looked at Joe, smiled, and said, "Suck his cock and get it wet for me." Joe said, "No!" The big guy leaned forward and slapped Joe upside the head knocking him backwards on the floor. I know the slap had to hurt Joe as my face was still burning because of the slap from Linda.

The big guy put the gun on the couch, stood up, got Joe by the dad fucks teen crony playfellows daughter and wants threesome xxx fucking my mothers, pulled him to his knees and forced his cock in Joe's mouth.

Joe was trying to pull away. The big guy hit him again and put a mouse under his left eye. He again got Joe by the hair, pulled him up, and pushed his hard cock in Joe's mouth. Linda sat on the couch watching her husband being face fucked. Linda opened her legs wide rubbing her pussy while the big guy fucked Joe's face.

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I want to eat her pussy then fuck her. I had a lot of fear about what the big guy was going to do to me. I had no desire to suck his cock. Much to my shock, it appeared that Joe was really enjoying sucking this big cock.

Joe's cock is now hard and standing tall. Linda noticed and commented that sucking a cock made Joe's cock hard. Linda stood and touched the big guy on the back. He pulled his wet cock from Joe's mouth and Joe kind of followed it.

Joe wanted that cock but then again it appeared his wife did also. The big guy sat on the couch and put one hand on the gun. Linda moved over and straddled him; she reached down and guided the big cock into her wet pussy.

After two or three little pumps she took the whole cock in her tight pussy. The big guy and Linda both moaned and the big guy then put both of his hands on Linda's hips holding her down on his big cock. I thought Joe might go for the shotgun beside the big guy but instead he went for Linda's ass and began licking it. Linda started riding the big cock and as she rose up Joe would lick the cock and then her ass as she moved down on the cock.

We were both enjoying seeing his wife riding the big cock. Joe is enjoying the cock as much as Linda. After some very slow fucking Linda got off the cock and turned to face Joe. She then backed up to the big guy and once again filled her pussy with the monster. She put her legs out over the big guy's legs. We had a perfect view of her riding that big cock. Her legs ware open wide and her pussy is really stretched tight.

Joe went back to licking the cock and her clit. This went on for a few minutes and the big guy said he was going to cum. Linda rose up so the head of his cock was just outside her pussy. As Joe licked the cock the big guy started shooting his load on Linda's pussy. As his seed was all over Linda pussy Joe kept right on licking. Joe cleaned Linda's pussy of all the sperm and then started cleaning the big guys cock. Linda then removed herself from the two of them and came to me.

She bent over with her face very close to my face and asked, "How do you feel about Lisa?" I told Linda, "I really love your sister, she is a wonderful lady and it just feels so right for us to be together." Linda touched my face very gently with her hand and said, "You gave the correct answer and might get through this without much pain." She said, "I see Joe as the main player in what fat cock sex sex stories bbw so he will pay a much greater price." Linda is looking in my eyes and she reached down and touched the head of my cock.

I was in heaven having her touch my cock. Then she just smiled and moved away. The big guy had stood up and had made Joe stop licking his cock. Linda looked at the big guy, she reached out and stroked his cock a few times and told him, "Now it is your turn, have fun." The big elektra rose is back at it again in her bed this time her brand new panties drive her insanely horny just smiled and nodded.

The big guy got Joe up out of the floor, took him to the end of the couch and bent him over it. In an instant the big guys cock was rock hard again. Joe started to protest and get up but the big guy hit him again. This was not a slap but a hard knuckle punch. This time the punch addled Joe.

The big guy got some lube from a tube in his pants and covered his cock with it. Then he put a bunch on Joe's ass. He opened Joe's cheeks and started forcing his cock in Joe's ass.

Joe is still addled from the hit but he knew what was happening. It only took a minute for the big guy to have his cock all the way in Joe's ass. Joe had a painful look on his face. As I watched I dreaded what was going to happen to me. There is no way I want that cock in my ass! Linda watched closely as Joe got his ass fucked. After a couple of minutes of taking the monster cock in his ass Joe appeared to be pushing back against it.

I was correct Joe was enjoying getting fucked in the ass. Joe and the big guy were really moaning. Linda rubbed her pussy for a few minutes then came over to me again. My cock is rock hard with cum running down it.

She backed up to me, reached between her legs and took my cock in her hand.

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I love the feel of her hand on my cock. She guided my cock to her wet pussy. She rubbed the head of my cock against her wet pussy lips. I got about half of the head of my cock fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff her by pushing up and forward just before she pulled away.

She turned to me and said, "Because you are with Lisa you do not get any pussy." She moved away and told the big guy she was going to bed for him to let me leave once he had finished with Joe. He nodded and just a few seconds later he pumped Joe's ass full of cum. He pulled out of Joe and Joe sat on the couch and jacked off until he shot his load.

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Joe had an opportunity to get the gun but he never went for it. He was ready for more. The big guy cut the tape holding my hands and told me to get dressed and leave. He said, "Joe and I are not finished, he is going to watch me fuck his wife." I so envied the big guy because I really want to fuck Linda. I quickly left and made my way to my truck to drive home. I wanted to stay parked and jack off but I figured I should not stay around.

The results of this night changed Joe and Linda's lives and the changes will be explained in another part.