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Hot stud enjoying both mom and daughter pussies threesome and hardcore
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ON THE ROAD continued I took Jamie's cute little penis in my fingers and played with it, gently sliding the soft skin back and forth over the little head.

He gave a little sigh and snuggled up to me, kissing me again. "I love your cock," I said as I caressed it delicately, "it's so kissable." "Chrissie, I'm so randy," he said, and he sighed and stretched out and laid flat on his back on the bed, his skinny arms over his head, showing his almost hairless underarms. His mass of blonde hair was spread out over the pillow. I looked at the soft curves of his body, his small waist and lovely smooth legs.

I moved up close to him. "You have such a nice tight anal masturbation with big dildo from slut teen I said. I started stroking Jamie's beautiful soft thighs with both hands, then I bent over and kissed his cock lightly. My long hair fell down over his sexy flat tummy.

He shivered as he felt my soft wet lips touching his little penis. I kept kissing it, then I licked it and made it all wet, then kissed it again with gentle girly kisses. Jamie was watching as I opened my mouth and let his cock slip between my lips.

It was soft, only about two and a half inches long. It felt so lovely to have another boy's cock in my mouth, especially a boy as pretty as Jamie. "Oh God, Chrissie," he cried softly, "it's not even hard but it feels incredible." I began to move slowly up and down and his penis slipped in and out of my wet mouth. Jamie started moaning like a girl, as I kept going up and down on his sensitive little cock. I let him slip out of my mouth and started licking his inner thighs, his little hairless balls and all around his cock, making the whole area really wet, then I took it back in my mouth again, moving my mom and son dad sleeping up and down slowly, sensuously, his little cock sliding in and out between my lips.

I lifted my head up and looked at him, my lips all wet. "I want to make your cock go hard," I said. "Oh, you sweetheart," he murmured, running his hands through my long hair as if I was his girlfriend. I loved the feel of his gentle fingers in my hair. "You look so pretty when you suck me," he said, "just like a girl. I love watching you." "So do you," I said, taking his cock gently in my fingers and playing with it.

"You looked just like my girlfriend when you sucked me british big breasted lady fooling around masturbation and real tits now." I thought of his pretty pouting girl's mouth kissing my cock and I moaned quietly. "It's such a beautiful little thing," I said, stroking his wet cock gently, "I'd love to see it hard." "The pills make it difficult," two saucy bimbos and one stiff cock said, "but what you're doing to me feels so good I don't care." He sighed and played with my long hair, his soft gentle fingers touching my bare shoulders, caressing me lovingly.

I felt more tingles running through me. "What's your girlfriend's name?" he asked me. "Helen," I answered. "She has long wavy blonde hair just like yours, but she has brown eyes. You both have the same mouth though," I added, thinking of Helen's soft pouty red lips. "You kiss just like she does." I leaned over him and kissed his lovely girlish mouth. He put his arms around me and pulled me gently to him as we kissed.

"Oh, Jamie," I said, "I love kissing you." I lay my head down on the pillow next to him, still playing with his cock which was wet and slippery from my mouth. "I love kissing you too," he said, turning to face me, looking into my eyes.

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"Pretty Chrissie," he whispered. His mouth was close to mine and I could feel his sweet breath on my face. We came together and our boy's lips met in a long, tender, wet open mouthed kiss. He slipped his hand between my thighs as we kissed, and he took hold of my cock, playing with it, his gentle boy's fingers feeling my soft little penis. We finally broke our kiss, breathless. "Look at how tiny our cocks are," he said.

"They look like little boys' cocks." We watched ourselves playing with each other's cocks. It was such an erotic sight, and the feel of his little fingers on my cock was causing sexy chills and tingles to run through me. The pills had made me so randy I could hardly stand it. I turned and kissed Jamie's lips again, slipping my tongue lightly between them.

I felt his tongue touching mine. It was delicious to french-kiss another boy, our tongues slipping softly into the soft wetness of each other's mouths, sweet, delicate, girly kisses, while we played with each other's cocks. Suddenly the phone rang. I disentangled myself from Jamie and, breathless, picked up the receiver. "I have a call for you sir," a man's voice said.

There was a click and a girl's voice said, "Chrissie?" "Who's this?" I answered. "It's Laura," she answered, "how are you?" "Laura!" I said, suddenly realizing who she was. "I'm fine, how are you?" I had met her the previous year in New York, on tour with the band.

I remembered we had quite a naughty time together at her apartment. She had introduced me to amphetamines, and things had got pretty wild. I ended up trying on some of her clothes. The her girlfriend had shown up and things had got even wilder.

"I'm feeling great," Laura went on, "it would be real nice to see you." We babbled on at each other for a while. I told her that we had taken some uppers and couldn't sleep.

"Why tyler nixon and jayden jaymes you come over now?" she said. "I don't feel like sleeping either." "I'm with a friend of mine, Jamie, he plays guitar." "Is he cute?" she said, in her sexy American accent.

"He's beautiful," I said, looking at Jamie and laughing. "Then bring him over too," she said. "Do you want to go over to Laura's place?" I asked Jamie, "she has a fantastic apartment, you'll love it." "Wow, yes," he said, excited.

"OK, Laura, we'll be over in about twenty minutes," I said, hanging up the phone. "She's great," I told Jamie, "I was with her last year. She doesn't live far, just up on east 71st street.

We can take a cab." "We'd better get dressed," he said. "Shame." He put his slender arms around me and kissed me softly on the mouth. "You're such a naughty boy," I said. I put on my light blue satin pants and a pair of blue high-heeled boots I had made to order at a shop called DeLyss in London. I wondered what shirt to put on. I spotted his pretty white lacy shirt laying on the bed. "Jamie, can I borrow your shirt?" I asked him, "I love it." "Of course you can," he replied, "it looks much better on you anyway.

You'll have to lend me a shirt though." He pulled on his black satin pants and slipped his feet into his little a nice massage is just a bait for a quickie fuck shoes, lacing them up.

I pointed to a pink top on the back of the chair. It was a girl's tank top, I sometimes wore onstage. It had thin shoulder straps and pretty multi-colored butterflies on it with silver sequins on them. "You can borrow that pink one," I said, "it'll go great with your blonde hair." "Wow, it's great, I love the butterflies," he said, grabbing it and slipping it over his head.

He flicked his mass of blonde hair out from under the straps and pulled the top down over his skinny body. "How do I look?" he asked, looking at me over one shoulder.

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He looked incredibly girly and pretty. I went over to him and stroked his soft little bare shoulders and slid my fingertips lightly down his slender arms.

"God, Jamie, you really look like a girl with this on," I said, and I kissed him tenderly. He put his arms round my neck and pressed his body into mine. I reached around him and put my hands on his bum. I felt his soft round cheeks through the satin pants and I pulled him gently into me. Our little cocks mom son xxxyoung girl young boy touching through our satin pants as we kissed.

"Ohh," he sighed, this is lovely." "Come on, we'd better get going," I said, buttoning up my shirt. We went downstairs and out into the warm New York night. It was a exhilarating feeling to be high on the pills outside in the street. Our hotel was on 8th avenue and 48th street. It was very noisy with car horns blaring and police sirens wailing, and people of all nationalities thronging the sidewalks. The smell of pizza drifted on the air.

I couldn't believe the action considering it was around midnight. There were yellow cabs everywhere. I hailed one and we both got in. "I feel great," said Jamie, "I'm so high." We were sitting together in the back seat of the cab. I moved close to him and put my hand on three girls on a webcam sexy show leg, stroking the black satin. He leaned against me and put his pretty head on my shoulder. "This is so kinky," I said, and I slid my hand up his thigh.

I could feel the soft little bulge under his pants where his cock was. I squeezed it gently. "Ooh," he said, "Chrissie." He turned and looked at me in the darkness in the back of the cab, occasionally illuminated in different colors as we flashed past the various brightly lit shops and restaurants of New York. He looked so adorable with his long blonde hair and soft feminine features.

I leaned towards him and kissed his sexy little mouth. I'm fairly sure the cab driver saw us in his mirror but I was so high I didn't care. I found his hand in the dark and we held hands.

"You'll love Laura," I said, squeezing his hand gently, "she's really pretty. She's a sex maniac too." "I hope she likes me," said Jamie nervously. "She loves girly boys," I said, "she's going to love you." The cab made its way up 8th avenue and across 57th street and then up Madison avenue, the seediness of midtown giving way to by big, expensive looking brownstone apartment buildings.

Laura's apartment was on the corner of 71st and 5th, overlooking central park.

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We soon arrived there and quickly paid the cab driver. He gave us a strange look, as though he had seen what we were doing in the back of his cab. Jamie and I entered a very ebony song xxx story sani leon lobby and went up in the elevator. There was nobody else in there, and we put our arms around each other and stole a sweet kiss.

Such naughty boys. Laura's apartment was on the 12th floor, 3C, I remembered. There was a little bellpush beside her door with the name "Kaufmann" under it. I rang her bell and we waited. Jamie slipped his arm around my waist.

"Careful, she's got a peephole," I said, pointing out the little round hole in the door. After about a minute the door opened. Laura leapt out, throwing her arms round me. "Chrissie!" she cried, "so nice to see you!" We hugged passionately and I kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back, her mouth open, a lovely soft wet kiss. I had forgotten how sweet her kisses were. "You look beautiful," she said, squeezing my hands warmly. She turned to Jamie, looking him up and down in astonishment.

"Hi, Jamie," she said. She looked back at me, her mouth wide open. "Chrissie, he's so pretty!" she said, giving Jamie an admiring look. "I love that top," she said to him, "it really looks good on you." I knew she would go for him, with his long blonde hair and feminine looks.

"Laura, you look beautiful, your hair has grown incredibly," I said, reaching out and stroking her long black ringlets. "Oh, thank you Chrissie," she said, "I haven't had it cut since I last saw you. Anyway, please come in!" She took Jamie and me by the hand and dragged us inside, closing the door. "Boys, come and sit down, I'll get you a beer," she said, leading us over to a big velvet couch. She disappeared into the kitchen.

We both sat and gaped at the beautiful apartment.

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There were expensive looking cabinets, gold tapestries and objects d'art everywhere. A black Steinway piano stood in one corner. There seemed to be a lot of black and gold. "It's a fabulous apartment," said Jamie, looking around in wonderment. Laura came back in and walked across, putting two beers on the coffee black dick penetrates a hairy pink slit in front of us. She was wearing a short black skirt, black stockings and a pretty white peasant style blouse with an elastic top, pulled down over her lovely slender shoulders.

She had on a pair of black high heel shoes with straps, which emphasized her long, shapely legs. She was standing close to me and I could smell a faint sweet perfume, something like Opium I thought. "Chrissie, your hair is so long now," she said, taking a chunk in her hand and lifting it up.

"It looks gorgeous. And you, Jamie," she turned to him and stroked his hair, "you have lovely hair, it's even longer than Chrissie's. It's so pretty and fluffy." Her feminine presence was intoxicating. I saw Jamie looking at her, enthralled. "You'll have to excuse us," I said, "we're high as kites from the pills." "That's OK, I took some too," she said, "About an hour ago, before I called you. They're just starting to work.

I feel great. I love uppers." "You're such a pill freak," I said. I pulled her gently to me and kissed her on the mouth. "So are you," she said, "remember last July? We were up for nearly three days." "I know, I had a lovely sexy time," I said, remembering. I turned to Jamie. "She dressed me up in her clothes," I confessed, taking a sip of beer.

Laura sat down in a big velvet armchair opposite us. "You looked lovely," she said,"really pretty. Especially when I put some mascara and lipstick on you." "It was wild," I said to Jamie, "I was really out of it." "And then Melissa came back and saw you in your dress and make-up," she said, giggling.

"I know, I was so high I didn't care," I said. "I've still got that dress," said Laura, "the short black one with the little shoulder straps. You looked so cute in it." "Did you wear stockings too?" asked Jamie, looking at me hot tanned babe gets her pussy banged one shoulder.

"Yes he did," said Laura, "and a garter belt and panties." She sighed softly and looked at me seductively, her red lips parted showing perfect white teeth. "Things got pretty wild after that, didn't they Chrissie," she said. She looked at Jamie. "We all took some more pills.

We were up for two days." "Whatever happened to Melissa?" I asked, remembering the crazy sexy couple of days we spent. Melissa and Laura both half-naked, kissing and playing with each other while I sat watching them in my little black dress.

Then they stripped me down to my stockings and took turns doing naughty things to me. "You liked her, didn't you," she said.

She gave me a sweet affectionate look. "She moved out, she's got her own place now. I miss having her around. But she visits me quite a lot. We're always talking about you, how sexy you looked in your dress and make-up." She pulled her blouse down a little further over her pretty shoulders. I could see the outline of her nipples through the thin material. She never wore a bra because she said her tits were so small she didn't need one.

I adored her tiny tits, they were such perfect little mounds, I had such a nice time kissing them and playing with them on that last visit. "I love it when boys dress up as girls," she said. She stared at Jamie. I could tell she was really high now and getting horny. "I'd love to dress you up, Jamie," she said, "you'd look gorgeous as a girl." "Oh," Jamie uttered, "you think so?" Laura came 3 girls 1 boy ebony sex stories sat on the couch next to Jamie and started playing with his hair.

"Jamie, you're so feminine," she said, "you look like a girl already with that top on." She kissed his cheek lightly. "You're so lovely and skinny," she added, stroking his slender bare arm. Jamie drew in his breath sharply as she touched him. She ran her fingertips up and down his upper arm. "So soft," she said, feeling his smooth skin. "Ooh, Laura," he said, "that feels nice." Laura began to caress his bare shoulder, moving her gentle fingers up to his neck and back down again.

She took the strap of his top between her finger and thumb and slipped it down over his shoulder. "Oh, that's so sexy," she whispered excitedly.

"Now you look really seductive." She put her hand under Jamie's little chin and tilted his face up to hers. He looked up at her with his big blue eyes, his lips parted. "I love kissing girls," she said, "pretty Jamie." She bent and kissed his mouth. I watched as their lips touched softly, in a sweet lovely kiss. They looked like two girls. Jamie looked so sexy and feminine in his pink top with one strap fallen down over his shoulder. I couldn't stop myself and I moved up close to him and put my arm around his waist.

He turned and looked at me. He had traces of lipstick on his mouth from kissing Laura. He looked so beautiful. I kissed his lips quickly, a sweet little butterfly kiss, right in front of her. Laura let out a little gasp. I kissed Jamie's sexy little mouth again, a more lingering kiss. We opened our mouths and our tongues touched lightly. I could taste her lipstick on his lips. "Ohh, boys, you're making me so horny," she said as she watched us kissing.

We broke our kiss. "Sweet pretty boys kissing," she said softly. "Oh, that's so beautiful." "Just for you," I said to Laura. Jamie was blushing, making him look even cuter. Laura rested her hand on Jamie's knee. "Jamie, I have a little skirt that would look fantastic on you," she said to him, stroking his thigh. "I want to dress you up." Jamie looked at me nervously.

"I'm feeling a bit shy," he said, crossing his slender little arms over his chest. "Ooh, please let me," Laura said, excited. "OK," he relented. "It sounds like it might be fun." "You both have to take your shoes and socks off before you can come into my boudoir," she said.

We did as she said. She took us both by the hand and led us into her bedroom. There was a thick white pile carpet and it felt wonderful under my bare feet.

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We sat on the edge of a huge bed with a fluffy white bedspread and white satin pillows. Laura went over to a tall white chest of drawers, opened a drawer and pulled out a short red skirt with pink flowers on it. "Isn't it pretty?" she said, holding it innocent school girl fucked by her class teacher, "it'll go with your top." She came over to Jamie.

"You'll have to take these off." She patted his blue satin covered leg. "They're gorgeous pants," she said. "I might like to borrow them later." Jamie stood up and unbuttoned the waistband of his pants. "I'm not wearing any underpants," he said roos xxx 2019 full storybrazzers. "I won't look," said Laura.

She turned and faced the other way. Jamie pulled his zipper down, and I saw his little patch of brown pubic hair. "That's OK, you can look," he said, "I feel like being an exhibitionist tonight." Laura turned and looked at him as he took hold of his pants and slid them down his thighs, revealing his soft little cock. "Oh," she said again, staring at his penis, "what a lovely little cock." Jamie sighed and slid his pants further down his thighs.

He went and sat on the bed next to me and took his pants all the way off. "Chrissie he's beautiful," Laura said. Jamie was naked from the waist down. "You have lovely legs," said Laura. She went and sat next to him and stroked his bare thigh. "They're so smooth, do you shave them?" she asked. He sighed as her fingertips touched his sensitive skin. "No," replied Jamie, "I never grew much hair anywhere." He picked up the skirt from the bed. "This is nice," he said, his eyes lighting up, "I love the colours." "Try it on," said Laura.

Jamie lifted his feet and slipped them through the skirt, pulling it up his legs. He stood up and tried to fasten the skirt around his waist, with no luck. "Here, sweetheart," said Laura, and she reached around him and deftly fastened the little button and slid up the zipper.

The little skirt was a perfect fit. "You have such a small waist," she said, "you have a girl's figure." "Wow! You look great," I said. Jamie sat on the bed between us. He looked so pretty in his little pink top and blue skirt I wanted to fuck him. The skirt was really short, showing off most of his smooth, slender thighs. "Ooh, I feel so nice," he said, fluffing up his hair. Laura turned towards him. "Jamie, kiss me," she said, moving her pretty face close to his. "Be my girlfriend." I watched as they kissed and Laura slid her hand under Jamie's skirt and felt his legs.

I knew how soft and lovely they were. I felt sexy tingles through my body again. Her hand went right up between his pretty little thighs.

Jamie gave a little gasp and I knew she had found his cock. I slipped my hand under his skirt from the other side and joined Laura in feeling the beautiful softness of his thighs. My hand found Laura's and we took turns gently playing with his cute little soft cock.

Laura and Jamie were still kissing. It was an erotic sight, they looked like two girls. I moved in and kissed both of their lips together in a sweet girly three-way kiss, our soft wet mouths all kissing each other at once.

We slipped our tongues in each other's mouths and licked each other's lips delicately as if we were all girls. It was a beautiful, sweet, feminine kiss. After about ten minutes we finally broke our lovely kiss, breathless.

"We love you, Jamie," said Japan nude school uncensored fc2. "I love you and Chrissie too," said Jamie, putting his slender arms around us and hugging us both tenderly.

To be continued, if you want more. email me at [email protected]