Naughty babes like to suck big cocks

Naughty babes like to suck big cocks
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I liked my house; it was old set in the middle of the countryside just outside a small village. Before I came it had been empty for years no one wanted to buy the home which had been the site of such brutality. I loved it despite its history I had been happy there for a while, until we got into debt but even then my father had refused to sell the house which had been in our family for generations. It was more than just a house to me the house was part of who I was, most of my memories were of this house and most of them were happy ones.

That was until the night when my father's debts were prayed, in blood. my father's first as he opened the door the knife was immediately plunged into his chest and he fell back with a gasp still alive as he watched the man step over him we were screaming, my fright burnt in my head bright hot screaming at me to run but my legs wouldn't move, mother stepped in front of me and my brother the man didn't even stop as his knife slashed open her jugular and she crumpled, the blood pumping out of her neck, my father feebly shouting from the floor.

I held my younger brother behind me, he was only 7, but there was nothing I could do the man shoved me aside and slit his neck letting the blood drip onto the base of my dress. ten he turned on me the knife moved forward and in a quick motion he cut the dress from top to bottom exposing my skin, at first I let out a little gasp think he had been about to stab me, hot teen asian taking it in the ass then the realization dawned, I was still going to die but not just yet, I heard the sound of a zip being undone and his hands started pawing at me he hot breath was in my ear.

I struggled and screamed but he punched me hard in the mouth, he broke my jaw and I lay there sobbing he thrust in and came up against my hymen "ohh a virgin, well let me make sure you have wicked nympho is taken in butt hole loony bin for painful treatment one experience before you die my petal" he started to thrust into me grunting for a few minutes his belly rasping against mine before he unloaded into me with a satisfied moan he took his cock out of my pussy and wiped the remaining cum of on my cheeks.

the knife when it came was almost a relief as it slid across my neck I could feel to warm blood seeping out at first but growing to a torrent in seconds as my life slowly drained out of me I lay on the cool kitchen floor in a pool of my own blood mixed with that of my family's, it pooled and ran in little river between the tiles creating a red lattice over the floor. . It was darkness only darkness there was nothing no light, no sound, no sensation, it was like I blacked candice dare ass fucked by huge black cock blindfolded in outer space.

I had no sense of a body, I tried to call out but I had no mouth I was shapeless, formless. I was nothing I could feel even my conciseness slipping away. then I saw it, or sensed it as its hard to see without eyes, but there was a red glow pulling me towards it, irresistibly drawing me closer and as I drew closer I felt more pronounce my sense of self returned, even some sense that I had a body, not a full flesh and blood body but a body all the same. then words still more sensed than heard resonating in my very core as they were 'spoken' "you have a choice young one, you may return to the land of the living in my service or you may be consigned to oblivion like the rest of the mere mortals" "Your service?" I had no more than thought the words when the voice replied.

" yes I am Lilith queen of the demons, I see potential in you young one, you could serve me well, I do not make this offer to many but those few who take it gain immortality never fearing death or judgment free to do as they please so long as they do my bidding" "What do you want from me" I was scared I didn't want to die but this Lilith scared the crap out of me.

"You are to become a succubus" "Yes you are rewarded for collecting semen but it is not a compulsory part of your copulation" "What is my purpose then if it isn't to collect semen?" "you are to corrupt the minds of mortals, you will be given powers with which to enchant and ensnare the minds of mortals and corrupt them and bind them to your will so that they become mine, they will become vessels with which I can affect the world and sources of power for me so I can grow more powerful and rival the powers that brought me to the world, first you will offer yourself to a servant catering to their every sexual desire but the tables will slowly turn and they will become yours" "If the choice is death then there really is no choice I accept your offer mistress Lilith, I am yours" "excellent" she laughed, it was not a pleasant sound as it faded into the darkness, the blackness was no longer still it was swirling and twisting turning and buffeting me until I passed out.

. I woke up on my bed. I felt different. I could feel there was power running through my veins I also felt less substantial than before like I wasn't really there, more like I was hovering only partly in this world.

I climbed out of bed I released I fisting his girlfriends ruined pussy tied to a tree submissive stretching touching the floor, it unnerved me but just by thinking about it I sank dawn the last centimetre and my feet touched the floor.

The connection wasn't solid though like it once had been it felt as if I could just sink through it at a moment's notice. I had no more than thought it than it happened I sank through the floor and into the kitchen.

I gagged at the sight our bodies were still there police men were searching round the house. They eventually bagged them up and took them away, the mess was cleaned off the floor and the house fell silent.

It stayed like that for a long time people came every so often to sudani baby girl and baby boy sexy story the house but no one bought it, why buy this house when there are other houses without such a terrible past. I slowly got used to my new form I learnt how to control the sinking through floors and floating.

I even found that I could change how I looked I experimented with a few new looks but eventually stuck to my original form.

I found I could control how solid I was, I could go until I was barely nothing a wisp of a girl floating through the house all the way to solid just as I had been when I was alive. even then people who came by couldn't see me, unless I wanted them too I appeared to a group every so often to relive my boredom I found I could appear to people individually, as a ghostly being or as if I were a flesh and blood girl.

Estate agents grew scared of the place and visits became fewer and few, often with fresh estate agents, as if they just sent the new guy in to do the job. I grew bored but I never left the house for some reason I just never felt the need to or any inclination to go outside I just stayed floating around the house alone with my thoughts replaying memories from my life as I drifted through the halls. it seem word had spread throughout the village that the house was haunted, one evening in the middle of summer just as the sun was starting to dip below the hills I heard voices coming up the drive, a group of boys all about 12 to 14 were walking up the drive towards the house, I swooped downstairs, I still used the stairs out of habit and went to the front door I unlocked it and pulled it slightly ajar so the boys would see it.

I didn't want them breaking a window or anything, then who was going to buy it. The boys noticed the open door and one of them shouted as they neared the house "Oy Will looks like we don't need you lock picking skills the ghost has already opened the door" he joked One of the younger ones clutched at the boys arm "you don't think it really was the ghost do you" "The older boy turned to him and mock seriously said "oh yes red vap x vidoes com its luring famous hairy camgirl sex webcam full show masturbates livefreefun inside so it can eat us" All the other kids fell about laughing and the younger kid blushed "I'll race you" he shouted trying to gain back some dignity" as he dashed towards the door, he entered first stopping in the kitchen waiting for the others oblivious to my presence right behind him.

The others followed and gathered in the kitchen. "This must be where it happened" one of them said "thank you Captain obvious, you think that just maybe the grisly kitchen murder happened in the kitchen" while this set of a round of bickering one of the other guys started to tap one of the other s on the shoulder, on the opposite side to where he was standing.

The guy looked and seeing no one there jumped about a mile in the air before realizing what happened and glaring at his friend who was in hysterics. "So where we sleeping tonight?" "Let's have a look around" they boys started to explore the japanese stepmother filmed by stepson blackmailed by stepsonw friends staying in a tightly bunched up group. I decided that it was finally time to try to be a succubus I had been back alive years and I had done nothing.

So as they opened the door to my bedroom I start to shimmer into view. it didn't have quite the reaction I was hoping for, the first kid to see me stopped and screamed his finger pointed right at me the other kids turned and saw me too, they screamed and ran one of them grabbing the collar of the fist kid who had stopped frozen with fright pulling him behind them as they dashed from the house and halfway down the street before slowing down and catching their breath and scattering to go home to their parents.

I sank down onto my bed disappointed that it hadn't gone as planned. . A few years later a family came to look round the house, I floated behind them as they followed the estate agent round as she gave the tour.

She neglected to mention the murder, possibly she hadn't been told, either way the family left looking impressed and the next month I heard moving vans trundling up the drive. The family were chatting and laughing as they entered the house carrying boxes, the teenage son, about 16/17 dashed upstairs to claim a room he burst into my room at the protest of his younger siblings a 13 year old boy and a 19 year old sister.

The parents didn't make him move out they said he could have that room and the sibling round their own rooms, the sister had my brothers old room while the brother had my dad's study.

they went downstairs and the mum called the kids over "Tom come over here and help with the sandwiches, Mikey stop snickering at him you can help to, ah Shannon there you are come over here and tell me what you want in your sandwich" "God muum you know what I want I don't like ham so I'll have the cheese" "Don't speak to me like that young lady" "UGH" Shannon went outside to keep unpacking the trucks "Ok Tom were nearly ready go get your Dad tell him to come in and eat" The 16/17 year old went to the door and yelled, "DAD, Shannon, FOOOD" "Tom if I had wanted you to shout I would have said, I meant go get them like a civilized human being" Tom charming centerfold is showing off her gaped spread quim in close up spreading and pleasing in resignation and trudged outside while Mikey the younger brother took the sandwiches and put them onto the table and grabbed plates and knives from a box sitting on the counter.

The family ate there food before finishing unpacking the vans. The kitchen was a maze of unpacked boxes. Over the next few days the boxes started to empty and the other rooms start to have life returned to them.

During this time I was mostly following round Tom I had marked him as my target, I intended to seduce him and eventually bind him to my will. On the third night I was sat invisible on Tom's bed as he sat at his desk and switched on his computer, it was late at night and the rest of the house had gone to bed.

He got up and went to the door and locked it. He went back to his computer which had hot granny is ready to feel a young cock really deep loaded up he opened up Firefox.

As he opened up the porn site I lent in close over his shoulder, completely invisible and ethereal, yet he still felt my presence he turned round staring right through me before turning back to the computer screen. I hadn't seen porn in ages I hadn't watched that much when I was alive and I hadn't been able to look after death.

I watched as he selected a video with an 18year old getting massaged by a hot dude. It was fairly predictable as he slid his hands under the towel to massage her ass before she flipped over and she undid his trousers as he kneaded her breasts. What I found far more interesting was Tom who was stripping as he watched the porn. His cock sprang up as he pulled off his boxers, it was a good 7 inches as he sat stroking it eyes glued to the screen. I wanted to reveal myself but I wasn't sure how I didn't want it to end up like last time.

The video was almost finished by the time I made up my mind and by the look of it so was Tom. He lay back in the chair and sped up. He closed his eyes and I took a chance. I materialized and one finger went up to his mouth the other took hold of his cock. I started pumping as his eyes shot open in shock staring at me in utter bewilderment, he had passed the point of no return though and his cock spasmed in my hand as the first glob of cum came out and landed on his chest, the next few pulses didn't have as much force and dripped over my hand instead.

once I had finished him off I removed my hand and sucked it finger at a time, cleaning it of all the cum. after I had finished I removed my finger from his lips and sat back on the floor leaning back against the desk looking up at his shocked face with a cheeky smile.

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"Who the hell are you" he finally managed to splutter "I'm the ghost" "Yeah, right, seriously who the fuck are you" In response I just faded out. I watched him recoil in shock then search round the room looking for any trace of me.

He actually walked through me a couple of times but he didn't seem to notice. I left it at that for the night, thinking he would spend a quite bit of time obsessing over it during the next day.

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Sure enough the next day he was very distracted he barely hear when he was spoken to and his responses were often only monosyllabic. That evening he was sat on his bed trying to read a book when I materialized next to him. He jumped about a foot off the bed and dropped his book. "Oh god, don't do that you scare the crap outta me" I looked back with a cheeky smile "maybe that's why I do it" "So what you're a ghost." "Yep, well actuality I'm a succubus" "Aren't they the cum collecting demons" "Well the cum collecting isn't compulsory, really were just here to temp mortals by offering them sexual pleasures, we bind ourselves to one man and become their slave for life" "And what you're bound to me or something?" "Not yet but I would like to be" "What's the catch?" "No catch; it's my whole reason for existing is to become a man's slave" "Ok so this slave deal, you will do anything I tell you" "Absolutely anything, I can do more than just sex though I can grant most of your sexual desires.

Whatever it may be I can make it happen" "Wow anything?" "Well I have limits but I'm sure that my abilities are more than adequate to fully satisfy you desires. "Sweet, so how do you bind yourself to me?" "Ahh that's quite simple really all you have to do is cum inside my pussy" "Nice" I made my clothes disappear leaving me lying on his bed naked, I pointed at the door and it locked itself.

He took his clothes off so fast they were off faster than mine. He climbed over the bed and lean in to kiss me I lifted my head to meet him and our lips touched slightly parted.

He kept moving forward as I lay back down resting my head as our lips entwined. My tongue darted forward tasting his lips, they slowly parted at the contact.

Slid my long silky tongue into his mouth lightly toughing his tongue which pushed back against mine entwining round it tasting each other. His hands started to slide up my side his hand lightly brushing my hot flesh. His hands found their way to my milky globes his index finger and thumb pinched my nipple gently rubbing and twisting it. I broke away from his mouth and started to kiss round his neck and up to nibble on his ear.

My hand ran over his back my nails digging in slightly as I let my warm breath fall on his ear lobe. Once reaching his ass my hand slid round his body to his shaft, running a finger up it causing it to twitch at my touch. By this point his cock was already oozing pre-cum I cupped the palm of my hand round his shaft and circled round and round, this made him physically shiver with pleasure "you like that?" I whisper into his ear "Oh gOd yes" he murmured back "You like it when I rub your rock hard cock, you like my hands on your dick babe" "Oh fuuuck" he groaned I could tell this was bringing him close to cumming so I removed my hands from his cock "no babe don't stop, I was soo close" "oh you're not cumming yet Tom, oh no" I continued kissing him and only returned my hands to his cock when he had calmed down slightly, this time I wrapped my hands round the base of his shaft and started pumping my other hand starting to cup and fondle his ball sack, once again I expertly brought him extremely close to climax before letting go and causing him to groan in disappointment as my hands started tracing his chest.

I allowed his cock to settle a little again, this time I slid down the bed and grasped the base of the shaft with one hand, his balls with the other and brought my silky stunning sex with swarthy beautiful babe hardcore and blowjob in to his tip. I gently kissed the tip. My tongue shot out and licked it then I started making little circles with my tongue on the very tip of his cock, my hand still gently pumping away at his base.

this brought him slowly back to the brink, but once again I pulled away to a frustrated moan from Tom I returned to kissing him when he had settled down slightly I whispered into his ear "you ready to cum inside me now?" his only response was a little moan of pleasure as he rolled me onto my back and opened my legs he lifted them onto his shoulders as he inserted himself in.

he started to thrust in quickly building up a rhythm sliding deep into me with each thrust. Every time he pulled out I clenched my pussy walls giving him a night tight hole to slide out of.

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His hands were on my shoulders pulling me onto his cock with each thrust, getting him in deeper and deeper. each of his thrusts caused my tits to bounce up and down I placed my hands on them to keep them still and quickly found myself pinching and rubbing my nipples and kneading my breasts. I felt him clenching up and immediately took my legs from his shoulders he thought I was pulling away again and rammed himself hard into me but I slid my legs down his body and crossed them behind his back pulling him in and trapping him inside my pussy just as his cock started to pulse.

His eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a long groan as he bucked his hips slightly with each pulse of cum. my pussy muscles were working overtime to milk every last drop of cum junge blonde maus anna in slip bekommt ersten arsch fick his cock, god there was a lot of it, pulse after pulse after pulse, for over a minute. That whole time Tom had been practically comatose with pleasure while my pussy had overflowed onto the bed, the cum pooling round my ass.

"Well babe I am now yours, I will do anything you ask of me and will fulfil your every sexual desire" "That was fucking amazing, but I don't think I'll be able to cum again for a week" "oh babe, that's easy" I don't know how it did it but a simple though sent sparks down my spine to my pussy and onto his deflating cock, immediately it started stiffening.

Tom started lifted himself from his exhausted slump "fucking hell that's good, oh man I feel more horny than I did to start with, and that's saying something, what else can you do?" "Well I can shape shift, anyone you particularly fancy fucking?

Any celebrity crush, any fantasy girl, any one you want" "Oh god, that's tricky, I mean your smoking hot I don't really need someone else but that such a tempting offer" I quickly shifted through a few forms to see what he thought.

Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Jewel Stait, and Lindsay Lohan (before the drugs). All of these picked from his brain as he thought of his favourite actresses. "Oh go on then Emma Watson" I morphed back into her with long blond hair splayed out behind me on the bed.

I smiled up at him "like this?" This drew an appreciative moan from Tom as he raised himself up to start fucking me.

"Uh uh, my turn" I said cheekily as I quickly rolled us over so that I was sat astride him my hands placed firmly on his chest. I ground my hips back and forth on his cock rubbing its tip round inside my pussy. then I started in earnest really ridding his cock and moaning out in pleasure knowing he would get a real kick watching Emma Watson go wild on his cock. I was very worked up by this point and I was soon breathing heavily as I quickly approached my climax I could feel the pressure building up inside me, then it gorgeous redhead teen with shaved cunt masturbates over me causing me to slam down hard on Tom cock involuntarily convulsing slightly struggling to draw breath as the pleasure pulsed through me.

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My pussy muscles were going crazy on Tom cock as the contacted and relaxed with every wave. I drew myself off him my soaking pussy releasing his cock with a quite *scloop* I still had to finish off Tom though and leant back over to his cock my tongue flashed out and licked it from top to bottom tasting the mix of our juices. I latched my mouth around his tip and slowly slid down my tongue doing a zigzag pattern underneath his shaft.

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I took him all the way in swallowing the tip to get in the last inch then pulling back grazing my teeth along his length I sped up each time taking his whole cock into my mouth then as I swallowed one last time his hands grabbed the back of my head and held me there, he was clearly worried I was going to tease him again but this time he had nothing to worry about, I responded by swallowing more of his cock slowly bring even his balls into my mouth as he groaned and start to pregnant milf vs bbc continue on mypornox com down my throat each pulse caused me to swallow bringing him deeper and deeper and the muscles doing wonders for his cock.

Any normal human would need to breath by this point but I wasn't even uncomfortable, I positively loved his cock in my mouth. When he had fully finished he pulled away, his cock pulling out of my mouth slowly still covered in spit and cum, I cleaned it up best I could with my tongue as I smiled up at him. As I cleaned him I saw his eyes start to close as he drifted into an exhausted sleep. I tided up with a flick of my hand and disappeared from sight.