Young amateur teens suck xxx petite teen zoe has been through a lot since she gave in to

Young amateur teens suck xxx petite teen zoe has been through a lot since she gave in to
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It was the first time that my dad had remarried. She seemed nice at first, but then she turned out like most stepmothers do: heartless bitches. At least there was one good comfort. She had a pretty good-looking daughter that was two years younger than me. My name is Brian. I was 14 years old, 5'06" mostly skinny, short and dark jet-black hair and dark eyes that would penetrate into the deepest reaches of a person.

I tell you that I was skinny, but that didn't mean I didn't have any muscle on mean. I guess people could say that I was lean and fit; it's just that I never pictured myself that way. I was always running around the neighborhood and used to do a lot of yard work for various neighbors, who paid me well. All of that sweating in an Arizona heat would keep you lean and throwing back heavy soil and yard clippings all day didn't hurt either.

It gave me a muscular build, but I never saw myself that way back then. One thing I do remember is that I was just like every other 14-year-old boy: Horny as hell. My stepsister Jessica wasn't exactly to die for, but she was easy on the eyes. She was a few inches shorter than me, had soft light brown hair that was almost blonde, and green eyes. She had a nice pair of B cup tits that were growing in, and she stayed fit by playing volleyball with the local neighborhood group that was always down at the park near the house.

We were like the typical stepbrother and stepsister. Pretty much acting like family and always annoying each other. It's what brothers and sisters live to do to each other. We always did our homework out at the kitchen table and then watched TV even until after our parents went to bed.

Our parents were laid back; they understood the want of staying up late, and they figured if we were too tired from staying up late and did not get enough sleep, then it was a lesson learned and we would have to suffer through school anyways. If our grades ever dropped, then they would suspend the privilege. But our grades never dropped below a B+. Jessica and I had bedroom right next to each other and the bathroom was across the hall.

Jessica would always keep the door shut, and I would keep mine shut because we both wanted our privacy. At least at first. As months passed by, we grew more comfortable around each other. She started first by standing in my bedroom doorway talking to me about school or boys that she hated while wearing just her towels, one wrapped around her head from her still-wet hair, and the other hanging around her waist in the ever-amazing, gravity-denying boob-tuck.

How it stayed there, I'll never know. After a while, she would leave the door to the bathroom open after she had changed into her bra and panties while she was rinsing off makeup, but before she changed into pajamas. I remember how petite teen ravaging her asshole with enormous glass toy cute little firm ass looked. I always wanted to just go up and either slap it or squeeze it.

Once I caught her looking at herself in the mirror and squeezing her young soft tits up and together, in an effort to make them appear bigger. She caught me staring once from my bedroom doorway and she pon sex full sex stories viddeo stared back. After a moment I averted my eyes, not knowing what I should do. Here was this hot looking girl with a great body, but what do I do with it? She's my sister for crying out loud. "Not really your sister…" my amateur couple live on cam stunning hardcore told me.

"Hmmm…", I thought. "I'll have to think on that." The hanging out talking escalated into me going into her bedroom after I took a shower and sitting on her bed chatting with her in nothing but my towel. We talked about girls who liked me at school and what I had done with girls so far. I talked with her about kisses I had stolen at school, and wanting to pull up a shirt of a girl I had made out with and get to feel her tits, but we had been interrupted before we could get to second base.

I could see Jessica's face go red. Her breathing got deeper the more I talked about it.

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Her hands would grip the side of the bed in anticipation of what would come next. I looked her and asked, "You okay, Jessica?

Your face is a little red". "It's just the story", Jessica said. "It gets me&hellip. well&hellip. a little excited". I had never seen my stepsister this way.

It started to get me hot and heavy too. I asked her if she had fooled around with any boys and she said that she hadn't yet, but she wanted to. "Can I see you thingy?", Jessica asked me. "My dick?", I asked. "Yeah", she said. "I just want to see it really fast. I haven't seen one before." "Jess, this isn't a really good idea. Mom and Dad are right next door to you and they might be able to hear us even now". "Just a quick peek!", she pleaded with me.

"No way! Mom and Dad would kill us of they caught us! Besides, I'm wearing tighty-whitey's underneath". "Oh, bullshit", Jessica accused. "I know you aren't wearing anything underneath that towel. I know plenty of boys and none of them ever bring clothes from their bedroom to change into after the shower.

Especially when their bedroom is only 4 feet away from the bathroom". I spoke a little louder, just in case our parents were listening. "Jess, this is not a good idea. I'm going to bed". Then I leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "It's no fair that you older lady desires younger cock to fill her eager pussy get to see me and I would not get to see you.

Come into my room later tonight and take off your clothes and climb into bed with me" I whispered to her. At about one o'clock in the morning, my bedroom door opened.

I could see the silhouette of my sister briefly in the doorway from the moonlight streaming through my window. The door shut just as quickly and quietly as it had been opened.

I could see she was wearing a robe, and then the robe fell to the ground and she came near my bed. I opened my eyes and strained to see the nakedness of my little stepsister, but the moonlight wasn't bright enough and I didn't want to risk turning on a light. My cock stirred underneath and I was already at half-mast. Jessica came next to the bed. "Are you awake Brian?", she asked. I slowly slid back the covers in response and she climbed into bed, rolling over my body and laid down on the other side, next to me.

"Ok, I'm here", she said. "Now it's your turn to hold up the end of your bargain. She pulled back the covers slowly and just enough that my pajama bottoms were exposed. I had opted out of wearing underwear that night, hoping she would be enticed to come. My dick was starting to strain at my pants. Jessica slowly grabbed the tops of my pajama bottoms and pushed them down to my knees.

She reached over and opened my bedroom blinds a little more so she could see better. "Oh my gosh&hellip. Is it always like this?", she asked. "No", I said.

"Just when I get excited". "Oh, so you're excited to see me?", she teased. "Hell yes!" I said. She stared at my cock for a few minutes, examining it in detail. "Can I touch it?", she asked. "Yeah. Just not too tight", I said. She took her fingers and started to run them down my cock from the tip of my head to the base of my shaft. It was a light touch, and I didn't think that my dick could get any harder, but it did.

I felt like my main vein was going to pop from so much blood pumping though it. "It's so hard", Jessica said. Are those your balls?" she asked, referring to my testicles. "They sure are, Jess. You can touch those too, if you want". She reached down with her right hand in an ever-careful touch and started to massage my balls. I thought I was going to blow my load right then. She then moved her left hand to my cock and gripped it lightly and started to stroke it. The problem was, I was still dry.

It started to hurt. "Jessica, that's hurting. It needs lube". "What do you mean?" she asked. "I mean it has to be slick. When I jack off, I usually use my own spit so that it doesn't get chafed." "Oh." she said. "Well I can fix that". She moved her head over my cock and started to let spit drop from her mouth onto the tip of my head. "Is that enough?" she asked. "Make sure to get it all over. It has to be real slick, sis." I told her. She got enough spit from her mouth to coat my entire dick.

"It's so big" she said. "Start rubbing it again Jessica. It felt really good." I told her. She sat up in bed so she could focus on what she was doing. I moved my hand to her back and started to rub it and moved my hand down to her firm young ass and started to squeeze what I could get my hands on. "Mmhmmm" she started to moan. I moved my left hand to her chest while my right hand continued to stroke her backside.

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I slowly cupped her left breast in my hand. The touch and feel of her breast was amazing. I started to gently rub it, and then started to squeeze it, and finally found her nipple and gave it a light squeeze.

"Ooohhhhh", escaped her lips. She leaned moved her left hand to my head, while her right hand took over the job of stroking my cock. She leaned in close to me and we shared our first kiss. We had both made out with other people before, so we were a little experienced. My hands continued to stroke her ass and breasts and she continued to moan into my mouth, which made it more difficult for anyone to hear, in case they were.

"Shit, Jess… I said. "I'm not going to last much longer". I grabbed my shirt that I had laid down next to my pillow before I got into bed. "I'm gonna cum Jess! I'm gonna cum! Keep that going!" Jessica started to grip my cock even tighter and ran her all the way down to the base of my cock and all the way to the tip, never quite letting go, and than back down again, flexing her wrist furiously trying to milk everything out of me.

I quickly kicked all of my sheets and comforter off the bed and came in rope after rope of hot cum exploded onto my chest and cock.

"Whoa", Jessica said. "Is that what happens when you cum?" "It sure is white asian teen fucked herself with her dildo masturbation and tight pussy. Although, I haven't cum like that before. You helped me out there.", I said.

Jessica reached down and took the tip of her index finger and scooped up a tiny bit of my sperm and looked at it. She squeezed it between her fingers, feeling the moisture, wetness and stickiness of it. Then she brought it to the tip of her tongue and got a taste.

"It tastes weird", she said. "But it's not so bad. Is that what goes into a girl's mouth when she gives a blowjob?", she asked me.

"Yes, although I've never had a blowjob before so I can't tell you what a girl would like." I said. "Well,", Jessica said, "Maybe we can take care of that tomorrow night" she said. She kissed me on the lips and rolled out of bed, picked up her robe and quietly slipped out the door and down to her room.