Katie morgan gets popped in the bathroom

Katie morgan gets popped in the bathroom
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Mindy's European Dream Krystal had been acting nervous for several weeks and Mindy was becoming concerned for her. Krystal had always been level headed and never let emotions show.

Their business of making snuff videos for a very discreet and private list of clientele was always protected and secure and they had made a fortune over the years.

With the various hidden accounts throughout the United States and Switzerland, Krystal and Mindy had amassed over 300 million dollars and could do whatever they wanted. Krystal finally sat Mindy down and let her know why she had been so nervous the past couple of weeks.

Ever since they had taken care of the four teens who raped Mindy, the local law enforcement agencies wasn't backing down in their investigation and was determined to find out what happened to the teens. Krystal said they would close down the chamber and convert it to a normal looking storm cellar complete with enough rations to last a few months.

The garden where all the bodies were buried would be turned into a field of evergreen bushes with stone walkways and benches to appear to be an area for relaxing. Once the transformation to the chamber and garden was complete then Krystal would give Mindy 10 million dollars teen sub fucked hardcore pornstars and fetish they would part ways.

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After Krystal fell asleep that night, Mindy went to Krystal's office and rechecked all the bank accounts and the total in each. Once she confirmed that they were worth over 300 million dollars she fumed as sunny leone new 3xxx download realized Krystal was planning on walking away with over 95% of the wealth. It was true that Krystal had amassed much of the wealth prior to meeting Mindy, but the past several years, not only was Mindy by her side 365 days a year, she was also Krystal's lover and confidante.

It wasn't Mindy's fault Krystal kept her sheltered from the operations until the four teens had raped her. Mindy had a suspicion that Krystal's decision to sever ties with her had something to do with Mindy enjoying sucking and stroking Chris's cock.

After all, Krystal didn't give her a chance to snuff him herself but rather went the very next morning and quickly finished him and Mindy off. If Krystal was questioning Mindy's love for her, then what would keep her from pinning the murders on Mindy also? Checking each account to confirm Krystal hadn't taken her off the authorization to withdraw funds Mindy was confident she had access to the entire 300 million dollar windfall.

Printing off all financial records and erasing the clientele list after sending them a secure message stating the snuff operation would be temporarily shut down; Mindy knew what she had to do in order to be able to reap the benefits of the entire estate.

Squeezing a fresh batch of orange juice for breakfast she put the pitcher in the refrigerator and headed back to bed. The first thing Krystal done every morning was to drink a large glass of juice while she prepared breakfast. As Mindy snuggled next to Krystal, Krystal turned and kissed her lips softly and let her fingers caress the younger woman's body. Mindy reciprocated by kissing Krystal's neck and whispering sweet words of encouragement into her ear.

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Arching her back, Mindy welcomed Krystal's warm mouth and hot tongue on her wet vagina. As Krystal masterfully licked and tongued Mindy, the juices flowed and Mindy was already thinking how she was going to miss Krystal's expert lovemaking skills.

As Mindy's body convulsed from a powerful orgasm, Krystal locked her mouth against the sweet vagina and let the juices flow into her. Mindy's chest was heaving from the effects of the orgasm as she moved down Krystal's firm body to make love to her mentor, her lover and her teacher for the last time.

Sliding her tongue into the older woman's vagina, Mindy loved the way Krystal's juices always flowed so freely. The sweet taste milf fucks stranger breakin attempt suspect has to pulverize his way out of pricronys Krystal's juices was so refreshing and being a total lesbian, Mindy always knew she tasted the true Krystal and her inner self.

Mindy's tongue caressed the vagina lips and savored the taste and aroma of her mentor's body. She was going to take her time tonight, give Krystal the best and most powerful orgasm she would ever experience. Mindy owed this much to Krystal, to make Krystal feel as though she was the only person in the world. Krystal's slender manicured fingers were entwining in Mindy's hair as the pressure of her orgasm was bubbling deep within her body. Her insides were on fire as her young lover licked and sucked as if it was the last time they would ever be together.

Sure, she told Mindy they would be going their separate ways, but that was a few weeks down the road, as there was so much work to complete. They would have many nights of lovemaking left before the separation, but for now Krystal wanted to enjoy every lick of her sweet Mindy's tongue. As her orgasm came to a head and the juices ran like a faucet, Mindy licked and drank every drop of Krystal's juices and kissed her pubes repeatedly after the flow ebbed. When Mindy walked into the kitchen the next morning, Krystal was at the table, her head in her hands and just barely breathing.

Hearing her young lover enter the room, Krystal managed to raise her head and smiled a knowing smile. Barely audible Krystal congratulated Mindy on her devious act and confessed that she inherited the homestead in exactly the same manner.

She had killed her captor after gaining his trust and taken everything for herself. When she asked Mindy why she didn't wait until all the changes were made to the chamber and garden, Mindy explained that it was important to leave everything just as it was. Mindy was overnight witch step mom sex to call the authorities and confess of the killings and when they got to the farm and find Krystal dead, they would assume she couldn't live with herself anymore and committed suicide.

With all the bodies in the garden they would close the case and Mindy would never have to worry about watching over her shoulder in fear of the law catching up big shaved cock drills carolina sweets pussy her.

Mindy had loaded all the records and her clothes in the car the night before and also had destroyed any photos that were in the house so once she made the call to the local authorities she was ready to leave this place behind.

Laying the suicide note on the table, Mindy kissed Krystal's lips one last time. Walking out the door and sliding into the Mercedes, Mindy blow a kiss in the direction of the chamber and moved down the driveway. She was less than a mile from the house when she passed a caravan of official police vehicles, and she knew exactly where they were headed.

By the time they recovered all the body parts from the garden and wrapped the case up, Mindy would be well settled in her new place in an undisclosed European location. Being an eighteen year old American with all the money she could ever want, Mindy was going to enjoy life to the fullest while in Europe. Her flat was spacious with two bedrooms and 3 baths.

It was on the fifth floor of a high rise condo and she picked it up for a mere 300,000 dollars. Mindy had negotiated the furniture and finally since she was paying cash the previous owner tossed all furniture in for free. Mindy wasted no time in setting up her business and within a week she informed her clients that a new film would be available within a month. Mindy could go out and find a victim almost immediately but she had to finish working out details of a side business with one of the clients who had been buying the films ever since Krystal first began selling them.

He was a prominent surgeon and he was the reason Mindy had relocated to this region. Over the next few weeks they traded encrypted messages until Mindy was confident in being able to fulfill her end of the job. She also promised them they would be treated with more sex acts before the kill and each film would be from a different location.

Mindy was determined to never entertain any of her victims at her condo and also she would agree to meet them at their place but would drive herself there. If Krystal had taught her anything, she made sure Mindy covered all bases making sure the snuffing couldn't be traced back to her. Charles was a six graba escondida asu amiga lesbiana3 and one hundred seventy five pound playboy with the looks of a young George Hamilton.

Playing it coy, Mindy let Charles buy her drinks all evening and even went outside with him when he suggested they go back to his place. Once outside, Mindy got his address and assured him she would be there within the hour but convinced him she had to go back to her place first to pick up something more comfortable for the night.

Mindy went back into the club and made sure people noticed she came back in to assure an alibi that she never left with Charles should the law trace his night back to the club. Of course Mindy would go through his pockets to ensure he didn't have any match books or napkins with the pub's name on it. Another thing Krystal taught Mindy was to never hook up with a victim who used a credit card while in her presence and Charles had been flashing around cash all night.

From talking to other patrons of the pub after leaving Charles on the curb she couldn't find anyone who knew him so that was a good sign he was not a regular and no one would connect his disappearance to the pub. Charles body was just as impressive standing in front of Mindy in only his briefs as it was fully dressed earlier.

Mindy felt her insides tingle the same way they always did when Krystal was preparing to make love to her. Charles took Mindy into his muscular arms and as he pressed his lips to hers Mindy could feel his cock beginning to grow and press into her stomach. Mindy was hot in her own right and her 34C 25 34 measurements turned a lot of heads of both men and women. Her long flowing hair and the dark emerald green eyes gave her a look of mystery and intrigued everyone she came in contact with intimately.

Of course any intimacy in the past was a boy from school who caught her eye with the exception of Krystal with whom Mindy will always love. Mindy liked the way Charles hands moved effortlessly over her pure silk panties and across her smooth flawless skin. She let Charles guide her into his bedroom and was in awe of its size. It was huge and had a king size bed in the middle of the room with mirrors on the ceiling above it.

Thinking quick, Mindy asked Charles if he would mind too much if she asked him to run down to her can and getting the bottle of wine she had picked up especially for the night. Being on the 15th floor of the building and also she had parked her car on the street around the corner Mindy knew she would have at least 20 minutes to set everything up.

The micro camera was barely visible even though she knew where it was and being mounted on the ceiling it would get a good view of all the action on the bed. Mindy also placed three more cameras throughout the room and after a quick test run, was confident not a single act would be missed by at least one of the cameras. Krystal had these cameras designed especially for single room applications before she turned the gazebo into a torture chamber and the quality was unsurpassed. Mindy moaned continuously as Charles lips kissed her slender neck and his tongue tasted every inch of her skin that he kissed.

As he mouth descended to her firm tanned breasts, Charles fingers glided over her bra strap and unsnapped it without a moment's hesitation or fumbling. He had the softest lips for a man and when he sucked on Mindy's stiff pea size nipples she could feel her juices beginning to coat the crotch of her panties.

Mindy's fingers ran through Charles thick black wavy hair and she begged him not to stop, not ever stop sucking on her nipples and caressing her breasts. Charles devoured Mindy's nipples, licking and sucking simultaneously while his nimble fingers easily slipped inside her panties and found her swollen clit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck" is all Mindy could muster as Charles massaged her clit and began licking his way down her flat stomach and paying special attention to her navel.

"Baby, I'm going to cum if you don't stop" she pleaded, but he only worked harder to take her over the edge. Mindy's entire body came off the bed as her orgasm exploded while Charles finger was buried deep inside her quivering pussy.

"Go baby, let it go, cum for me pov blowjob and fucking with hot latina amateur let me bathe in you juices" Charles breathed heavily as his own excitement was building to a point of no return.

"Oh yes Charles, finger my tight pussy baby, make me cum and cum again" Mindy panted when she could catch her breath long enough to speak. Although it probably only lasted thirty to forty five seconds, Mindy thought her orgasm was never going to end, and in a way she was hoping it wouldn't.

Krystal would bring her off almost nightly but never did she bring Mindy off with such intensity or complete draining of her very being like Charles just accomplished. She was soaked in sweat from the activity even though the room was relatively cool otherwise. She could tell her face was flushed just by the way she felt like she had a fever and her nipples were like little steel balls setting atop her firm mounds.

When she could finally breathe normally again, Mindy suggested they open the wine and take a break to regain their composure before going the next round. As Charles poured the wine into the goblets, Mindy checked herself in the mirror and was surprised how flushed she looked. Her face was a light crimson with her high cheek bones a darker shade and gave her a more seductive look. They took their time sipping the wine while Mindy kissed Charles's hairy chest and teasingly would rub her hand over his rigid cock confined by his briefs.

Mindy had Charles lie on his back and she licked and sucked on his neck and shoulders, making little red marks all over his skin. Using her thumbs and fore fingers Mindy tweaked and playfully pinched Charles's nipples until he beg her to stop. Very deliberately and slow Mindy's mouth moved further down his body, nipping him with her teeth then licking him to soothe the skin.

Her moist lips planting light kisses as busty milf cory chase and teen lily rader threesome sex oldvsyoung pornstar continued moving downward. As she slid her hand inside his briefs she gasped at the thickness of his cock.

She knew it was large just from the outline in the fabric, but she had no idea it was so thick. As her thumb caressed the bulbous head she felt the slick precum leaking from his cock and she giggled slightly. The taste was mild and the slickness was surprising to Mindy. It was almost like a lubricant you find in those sex stores for anal play. Krystal and she used to use such lubricants on each other when they decided to use anal toys on each other. Sliding Charles briefs down past his knees, Charles moved his legs and shed them the rest of the way.

With his legs opened to allow Mindy to admire his full set of balls and the magnitude of his cock, Charles closed his eyes and let Mindy have her way. The big cock head was almost too fat for Mindy to engulf with her mouth, but stubbornly she slowly worked it in by allowing her saliva to coat it and make it slide into her willing mouth.

With his hands gently pushing her head, Mindy eventually was able to take over five inches of his eight inch cock into her mouth without gagging too much. Moving her mouth from the five inch mark back up to the bottom of sex on sex story 2019 head, Mindy worked his cock like a vacuum.

Several times she felt him stiffen up or moan the same way she had made Chris moan and knew he was about to cum. She would bite down on his thick cock until the pain was sufficient to stifle his need to cum and after waiting a hot teens go wild at a party lesbian group or so she would once again bring him to the edge of orgasm.

Charles was going nuts, having this goddess of a woman edging him so masterfully and he would beg her to finish him off and let him cum. With stubborn persistence Mindy controlled Charles in this manner for over an hour, bringing him to the brink of Cumming only to deny him the pleasure. Each time Charles would curse Mindy playfully and tell her in the end she was going to pay for being such a tease. Cute college sluts giving double blowjob on webcam could easily have overpowered the 115 pound girl but he wanted to see just how much cum he would shoot once she finally took him all the way.

In all of his twenty five years of existence with the past ten being filled with sexual escapades he had never met a woman who was so intent on draining him completely by denying him release until she was ready. To his dismay and moderate verbal protests, Mindy slid off the bed and informed him before she would let him cum, they would enjoy one more glass of wine.

Urging him to remain in bed and let her get the wine Mindy shielded the goblets from Charles's view as she removed a small capsule that was taped to the recessed bottom of the wine bottle.

Atracrim was a powerful muscle relaxer used in surgery to paralyze the muscles of a patient when they needed the patient aware and yet immobilized during surgery. Very rarely would the patient feel any pain but even if they did, with their vocal chords paralyzed they wouldn't be able to scream out. Mindy was hoping since she removed about a third of the drug from the capsule earlier that Charles would indeed be able to feel the pain.

Mindy knew the drug would take approximately fifteen minutes to take full effect by using wine as a transport vessel and this would give her time to feel his huge load of cum exploding inside her young and tight womb. Even though she was about 75% sure it was a sufficient amount to completely immobilize him, once he was under its effect she would also bind him with the rope and cuffs she had in her bag.

Walking slow and swaying her hot hips, Mindy went to the bed and handed Charles his glass of wine while she busied herself by sucking him to full erection once again. Holding his thick pulsating eight inch cock in her small and delicate looking left hand, Mindy slowly lowered her hips onto him and screamed with excitement as the invading tool stretched her young pussy walls and the head popped inside her womb.

Sitting there for several minutes to get used to the size Mindy kept telling Charles how happy she was that he would be the first man to actually make love to her.

When he told her he hoped she would be satisfied by his method of lovemaking Mindy looked him directly in the eyes and told him she was going to fuck him to death.

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two blonde college sluts crash a frat house to try and get laid Leaning back and arching her back, Mindy began to slowly rise and fall, taking all eight inches deep in her pussy and then letting her soft but firm pussy lips caress his bulbous head on the upstroke.

Within a few minutes Mindy felt Charles stiffen and saw his eyes roll back and knew he was about to fill her full of sperm. "Yes baby, yes, let it go, fill my hot pussy full of your cum" Mindy chanted as she became flushed once again with heated passion. "Fill me full baby, fill me full of your hot cum" she continued to chant as she felt the cum explode deep inside her pussy. She was delirious as the thick cum splattered the walls of her womb and his cock jerked and spasmed. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, baby that was so wonderful and I love the way it feels oozing down my leg " she cooed.

Finally spent, Charles's thick cock began to deflate and slip out of Mindy's young pussy. Lying on top of Charles, Mindy tenderly kissed his neck and listened as his breathing first began to be normal and then a few minutes later it shallowed rapidly. The Atracrim was taking effect and his muscles were shutting down.

Mindy could actually see the fright in his eyes but she just kissed his eye lids softly and whispered it wasn't personal it was business. Getting up, Mindy walked over to her bag and removed the tightly folded sheet of plastic. After putting Charles legs together and his arms at his side, Mindy rolled him to one edge of the mattress. Unfolding the heavy plastic sheet, Mindy covered the exposed part of the mattress with it.

After rolling Charles back to the middle, Mindy finished covering the rest of the mattress and secured Charles's wrists and ankles to the bed frame. Being her first attempt to harvest a human organ, It was agreed between Mindy and the hentai doll gets pussy ravished hardcore cumshot she would only extract his kidneys and heart.

After packing in ice, she would deliver them at the preset destination and pick up her 75,000 dollar reward. The client would have a clean up crew come in to remove the body and remove any trace of Mindy's existence.

With exact incisions Mindy opened up Charles chest and stomach area and actually had an orgasm as she watched the pained look in Charles's eyes. The amount of Atracrim was perfect for immobilizing him for the delicate operation but still let him feel the pain. First Mindy carefully removed the kidneys and packed them in ice for safe keeping.

The heart was more difficult as she had to crack open Charles rib cage in order to give clearance. Mindy felt the same adrenaline rush as she did back in the chamber when she was torturing the four teenagers.

She remembered the pain they felt when she burned their names into the chests. Shaking her head to bring herself back to reality, Mindy completed the delicate task of removing and storing the heart for transport. Although she loved the act of torturing and snuffing her victims, her added income made her smile.