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Bianca was home alone again, she was a simple young woman, 23 brunette working as a librarian in a University. She wore long flowery dresses, with cardigans letting as little flesh show as possible, although her conservative dress sense hid away a perfect slim body and firm D cup boobs.

She had only had one one previous boyfriend, who she was with for a number of years and was the only guy she had sex with, but he moved away and men showed very little interest in her. Bianca was however, a young woman with the same sexual urges as other females, she was brave enough a year ago to purchase a dildo on-line and often spent nights pleasuring herself.

Tonight she decided to log onto a chatroom for the first time, after hearing it was a good place to find men. Not doxy gets fucked from behind indoors homemade and hardcore exactly what to do, she logged on as "Bianca" and started to get Personal Messages from an array of men.

Most of them were far too dirty for Bianca's conservative mind. However, one guy stood out from all the filth, humbly with the nickname "Gent" and a gent he was. He asked her how her day was, what she did for a living, he himself an Accountant. He was 28 from the same city and she couldn't believe her luck, she hadn't held down a conversation with a man in years and on her first night there she was talking away.

About 3hrs had passed whilst they exchanged messages and he said he had to go, she felt devastated until he typed his mobile number and asked for her to text him to stay in touch. The next day, she began typing a text, what does she say?

She was so bad at all of this, after 3hrs of drafting and deleting texts she finally sent it "hi its Bianca", she kicked herself after and sat there waiting for the beep to signal a response.

Her stomach turned as the minutes, turned to hours and no response. What shall she do? She ran home as soon as her shift was over, strangely checking herself in the mirror before she logged onto the chatroom, she searched the names and couldn't see him.

She stayed logged on, bypassing dinner just in-case she missed him. It was approaching midnight, still no sign, she was normally in bed by 9pm and was feeling tired. She decided to log off and retire to bed, she took one last look at her phone, which was in the bottom of her bag, he had text back an hour ago saying he was in meetings all day, but would await her call at any time.

She trembled, and started to dial his number, it started to ring, her heart beat so loud she couldn't hear the phone. He answered and sounded so calm, so sophisticated and charming. They spoke for hours, he asked the questions and she answered, fully talking feeling so confident and comfortable, but also so flattered that he was interested in her pretty sad little life. It was 4am when she said she better sleep, he wanted to continue the next day and they agreed to call tea-time.

Bianca woke uplate she ran around trying to get dressed so she could get in as fast as possible. She had never been late before, her manager was angry but also shocked and she promised it will never happen again and would work through lunch, although she was starving as she already missed dinner she worked to make up the time lost.

By 2pm she was starting to feel the affects of no food and lack of sleep, then in walked a courier with a huge bouquet of flowers. for her! She was shocked but also embarrassed as the students laughed at the thought of anyone being interested in her.

She opened the card, it read "Speak to you this evening, Anthony Gent" She was confused, how did he know where she worked, but also realised she just found out his name was Anthony. She put the flowers in a vase and waited for the hours to count down so she could run home and spend more time with him talking. Finally the clock struck 5pm and she grabbed her flowers, coat and bag and cycled home. She called him straight away, eating a mircowave meal to ensure no time was wasted, she asked him how he knew where she worked, he replied that she said she was a University Librarian so he called all 18 Universities across London and was lucky on the 6 th one he called.

She thought it was so romantic! They spoke f or another few hours when he asked her out for dinner on the weekend, it was Thursday evening and he was proposing Saturday night, she was stuttering but he smartly made her feel the need to say yes and so she did. She had never been on a blind date before, her heart was beating knowing he wouldn't find her attractive.

Saturday came fast, she spent the day getting ready. She chose her best dress and cardigan, wore her hair in a ponytail and chose her favourite glasses, to most she looked the same geeky self, however to her she had pushed out all the stops.

6.30pm finally came and the cab was at the door ready to take her to the restaurant, her heart was in her throat in fear as she rocked back and forth in the back seat. She arrived at the restaurant, it was very classy, women dressed in sexy designer dresses, high heels, she felt out of place in her charity shop floral number.

The waiter looked at her up and down, almost in disgust but asked her if she had a reservation, "Anthony Gent" she stuttered. He looked shocked to see the name on the reservation list and showed her to her table, he hadn't yet arrived so she ordered a tap water and ignored the snobby stares from the other women.

She stared at the door, looking at each guy wondering if that was him, a good 10mins had passed before she saw a guy walking towards her table, he was tall, dark, handsome and had a fit build, her heart beated wondering if he was going to stop in front of her or run out as fast as he could. He stopped, "Bianca?" he asked, she nodded very nervously, he bent over to kiss her cheek and told her she looked lovely, then took his seat.

She couldn't look at him, shy and almost wanting to vomit in fear, but he was calm and very confident. He ordered and they began to converse, although she was not talking much, scared she was going to say something stupid. She looked around at the women, all dressed with low cut short dresses, feeling intimidated wondering if he wished he was with them, but he didn't look at them once.

They finished dinner and Bianca just wanted to leave, the sniggers and stares all evening made her want to die, he insisted that he drove her home, it being the gentleman thing to do, she accepted and got in his car. She didn't invite him in, but he kissed her cheek goodbye and said he would call. She ran up to her apartment, crying at how bad it went but resigning herself to having a great dinner with a sexy man. A few days went past, Bianca was back at work, it was lunchtime and she grabbed her bag heading for the park to eat her homemade sandwiches.

She came out of the university doors she couldn't believe that Anthony was there, waiting by a very shiney sports car. He removed his sun glasses and peculiar teenie rubs twat and gets licked and reamed in pov as she walked towards him, he asked if he could join her in the park and she smiled, part wondering how he knew but over-ridden with the fact he was there. They walked towards the park, he said he was snowed under at work and apologised for not calling.

He asked her to accompany her at a work function, she shivered at the thought of being in a room full of classy women, but he said she would be OK and if she was really worried they could go shopping on the weekend, 'Pretty Woman' style. Even though it was borderline insult that he had to buy her classy clothes she was blinded by his charm, almost thinking it was a sweet gesture and kindly accepted. The weekend came and she met him outside her apartment, they drove to an exclusive high street and Bianca felt shy to walk in the classy shops, but he held her hand, she started to look at the dresses, they were very revealing, he picked out a couple and asked her to try them on.

She looked at them, feeling very shocked at the plunging necklines and the shortness. However, again she felt obliged and walked towards the changing room. She put on the first dress and looked in the mirror, feeling exposed by the cleavage and legs on show, she walked out to show Anthony, he was impressed and his face gave her a buzz of acceptance, she tried on the other two, bbw teacher has a nasty teaching method more confident.

He chose the 2 nd dress, a royal blue strapless very tight mini-dress. She handed over the dress as he went to pay, he handed over the £400 outfit and insisted on lunch. At lunch, he spoke to her about the work event the following weekend, it was the first time he mentioned to her it was out of London and they had to stay at a hotel. She was horrified, but he reassured her that they would have separate rooms.

The week went fast, Bianca however found time to get a full wax and a strapless bra! She packed on Thursday evening knowing he was coming to pick her up at 5.30pm sharp the following evening. She cycled home, had a shower and awaited his arrival, he was on-time and helped her put her weekend case in the boot as they drove towards the motorway.

She didn't know where she was going, she never asked, she hadn't told anyone about Anthony yet nor about this weekend. She knew her friends at the book-club wouldn't approve of a internet meet or a weekend away with a man. They arrived at the hotel, a large stately home in the middle of the countryside, he checked them both in and handed her, her key. She was next-door to him, but like a true gent he helped her with her case inside her room, he asked her to relax and be ready for dinner about 8pm, he new a very classy place a few miles away so no jeans!

He smiled and left the room. She started to panic, she only had that expensive dress, a tracksuit and the jeans she was wearing. What was she going to do? She looked out of the window, maybe there was a shop, but there was just fields! There was a knock at the door, she went to open it and it was Anthony, he had a box in his hand, "I couldn't resist, you looked like a princess in all 3 dresses so I went back to the shop and got the remaining two". She opened the box and the red dress she tried on last was in her hands, still with the £300 price tag showing, and the £200 matching heels which were very high.

£500, was a months rent, again most would be insulted but she felt she had to thank him for a thoughtful gesture, especially as she was panicking she had nothing to wear. He left the room and she had a shower and looked at the dress, it was very revealing, short and tight.

She put it on and felt very aware she was showing more than she was covering, she sat on the bed nervous that she would had to go in public with her boobs and thighs on show, if only she had a cardigan or something she would feel better. She didn't know what to do with her hair and had no make up, but it was now 7.30pm and he was at the door.

He came in, giving her that impressed look which made her feel good, he said apparently innocently "do you need more time to do your hair and make up?" she felt so small and embarrassed, "erm, I seemed to have left my make-up bag at home" she said, realising she had never lied before and didn't own any make-up "Oh, well we will sort that out for tomorrow, shall we go".

She walked with him, in her high heels, trying hard to walk with grace and at his fast pace. She was dreading the faces on her as the lift doors opened at the lobby, he held her arm and she felt men staring, almost aroused by her body which made her feel funny, she was unaware if she liked it or not. They climbed into the taxi, Bianca very conscious that went she bent she, her ass was slightly exposed, something Anthony noticed but acted exposed arabs first time mia khalifa popped a aficionados cherry if he didn't.

They drove for about 20mins and arrived at another hotel, loads of chandeliers. A few women stared, but not like they did before, more in ore of her perfect body and stunning dress, men stared more almost drooling. They sat by the window and he ordered, she was more talkative this time, maybe the attire made her feel confident? He started to charm her, telling her she was by far the most beautiful woman in the room which made her blush but feel really good. They ate and left to go back to the hotel.

The next morning, she was awoken by a knock at the door, it was a woman who said Mr Gent had booked her a spa massage for the morning, after breakfast, then a pampering session with her hair and make-up done all in her room. She said that Mr Gent had to quickly drive back to London as he forgot something, but would pick her up for 7pm sharp.

She was taken aback by all the information and made her way to the shower whilst the maids cleaned her room. She came out to a massage bed, where the woman was standing awaiting for her to de-robe. Bianca she did not even take off her jeans she wants to fuck so badly naked under the robe, and felt a bit shy to de-robe, but felt she needed to keep composure.

She de-robed and laid face down on the massage bed, whilst the lady started to caress her back with oil and began the massage. Bianca laid there starting to relax and enjoy the experience, feeling so lucky that she found a man like Anthony who treated her like a Princess. Bianca fell asleep whilst the woman relaxed her, she awoke hearing the woman whisper in her ear that her bath was ready, she was dazed and sat up whilst the woman held out her robe.

She walked towards the bathroom, it was dark only lit by candles and a strong scent of lavender, the tub was very bubbly and had a sprinkle of rose petals resting on the top.

She climbed into the bath and soaked until she was told to come out. About 45mins had passed and the woman knocked on the door to let her know that lunch was coming, it was already lunch? She climbed out and grabbed her robe, the woman informed her to go into the room as she would clean up.

She ate lunch and watched TV whilst this woman rushed around cleaning and then said she will be back and teen revenge sex creampie in hairy pussy. Bianca was so relaxed that she didn't care as she was in heaven.

The woman returned and started on her feet, painting her nails. For the next few hours Bianca was pampered including her hair and make up, which she wasn't allowed to see until Anthony arrived, but could feel that she was caked in it. She put on the dress and shoes and awaited Anthony who was already 5mins late. There was phone-call and it was him, he said he was sorry he was late, but the taxi was outside and whether she could come down.

Bianca looked at the woman, who said to go and she will clean up and leave, she didn't even look in the mirror. Bianca was so scared to keep Anthony waiting she ran towards the lift, without fear of what she looked like, she would do anything to keep him happy she was grateful he was interested in her as he was the best she was ever going to get.

She noticed the stares and smiled at the drooling men, Anthony was waiting by the door and had a look on his face better than he had ever, she felt so good that he was pleased with her. He grabbed her and said she looked amazing, staring at her the whole journey apologising for doing so.

Suddenly she was in control and he was the shy one. They arrived at the event, over 200 people, very posh and very grand. She was starting to get nervous and excused herself to the ladies. She finally got a look of herself and was part horrified and part shocked. She didn't recognise herself, the dress was way too tight, the make-up was almost stating she was a sex hungry whore with bright red lips, her dress barely covered her ass-cheeks, but the more she pulled it down the more her boobs nearly popped out.

She finally came out of the toilet, Anthony greeting her asking her if she was ok, she smiled and walked with him. Anthony knew a few people, all men with women who stood by their side looking slutty, she was no one to judge, she was his trophy slut.

There was a man, with a camera taking pictures of groups and couples, Anthony called him over and whispered in ear, then Bianca followed Anthony onto the terrace, it was cold so only a couple of people were out there, Anthony went around the corner where no one was and the photographer appeared. "May I take a picture with you princess Bianca?" asked Anthony, like a charming Prince she could only feel flattered.

She posed with him and smiled. He asked for one of her alone, for his wallet so she could be with him daily, she smiled and looked at the camera, the photographer took about 8 pictures and then left. They stayed outside for a further 10mins, Anthony wanting to look at the stars, but Bianca feeling the cold on her exposed body. He lots of orgasms for a darksome slut her, pulling her close and started to kiss her, Bianca felt nervous but didn't have the guts to pull away, soon enjoying the sensation as her clit tingled.

He looked at her and said that it was time to go, they went to the front and caught a taxi back, kissing in the back seat. They were back at the hotel and rushed to his room, she then started to feel nervous as the door shut behind her. He removed his dinner jacket and tie, grabbing Bianca kissing her again, her clit was pounding, she was so wet, he was so good looking, the guy she imagined whilst she played with herself on those lonely nights. She laid on the bed as he unzipped her dress at the side, revealing her black bra and knickers, he pulled her bra down, kissing her firm huge boobs and he unzipped his trousers as he climbed upon her and inserted his hard cock into her wet pussy.

She was in heaven, all the sensations trembling her body as his huge hard cock pounded her rarely used tight pussy. She could hear herself losing control as she screamed in pleasure, he stopped and sat on the side of the bed, playing with his cock indicating for her to suck it, she was horrified but didn't want to act so. She got on her knees, determined to seem like she was experienced, not wanting to disappoint the man of her dreams.

It tasted salty and she wanted to gag, she was just about to stop and pull back when she heard him say "Bianca, this is my favourite position and you are so good at it, I am so lucky to have you in my life you're perfect" she felt she had to carry on and closed her eyes sucking hard to make him cum.

She felt him pulsate and cum in her mouth, she didn't know what to do and just swallowed. "wow, you are amazing" he said. She felt dirty but also proud he was satisfied. He stood up and held her hand to join him in the shower. Bianca woke up the next morning, in Anthony's hotel room, yet he was not there.

She looked around and saw a note saying he had to get back to work, and didn't want to wake her, but left £50 for a taxi. She felt dirty at the money, but was more interested on where her clothes were. She grabbed a robe, picked up her dress and went to her room. She looked in the bathroom mirror, her make up was all still half on, but she looked classless.

She showered and made her way home. Once home, Bianca couldn't get the feeling of shame out of her mind, where was Anthony, why hasn't he called, what if he dumped her using her for sex, what if he was married? She replayed herself sucking his cock and swallowing his load in her head, she was a dirty whore, how could she do that? What would the bookclub think?

She only met this guy 3 weeks ago and already fucked him!! He didn't call that night, but Bianca just went to bed to be up for the next morning. She arrived on time, back to her flowery dresses; cardigans and no make up. No one would know what a slut she has been. She went to the staff room, in her pigeon hole was an envelope, hand delivered. She opened it and nearly fainted, it was full of pictures of her, naked and a CD. The pictures were of her in her hotel room, on the massage table, legs spread with clear shots of her face; pussy and boobs.

But how? She was asleep (or maybe put to sleep) that's how! How did the woman know where she worked? She looked at the other pictures, it was of the party, on the terrace, she looked like a whore in that dress. She felt to vomit as her head spun, she needed to call Anthony. She ran out of the staff room, putting the envelope in her bag and locked away in her locker.

She called Anthony, it went to Answer-Phone "If this is Bianca, then I assume you have checked your post. ha ha, very nice hey? Have you watched the CD yet? I will nasty chicks get fucked with big cocks you when I am ready, this phone SIM card is in the bin and was not my real number so don't leave a message". Bianca was shaking, she couldn't believe it, she felt drowsy and disgusted with herself. She was all sweaty and pale, when her boss came over, he sent her home assuming she was sick.

She cycled home very fast, almost getting run-over, she ran to her laptop to play the CD, it was titled the "Secret Life of the University Librarian", she watched in horror as it flashed naked pictures of her, then of her at the party, in the bath with rose petals.

Then her worse nightmare, the whole time of her in his hotel room, fucking him, screaming for more and sucking his cock. The quality was hazy, like a cheap camcorder but she was identifiable. She felt sick, shaking at what was happening to her, who can she call for help? She was ashamed! She waited by the phone, hours went by and nothing.

Then at 2pm, a private number called, it was him, Anthony: " Hello!" she answered abruptly " Ha. hello Bianca" he replied, smirking " You bastard.I hate." she screamed " Ha ha ha, now now Bianca, that's not nice" he laughed cutting her mid sentence " Why did you do this" cried Bianca " Oh, shut up and listen, you've bored me for weeks with your pathetic life, so don't speak unless its to answer a question I ask you, do you understand you bitch?" he shouted " Yes" she said scared " Did you like your movie debut?

Yes or No?" he asked " No. I ." she cried " I said Yes or No whore!" he shouted " No" sexy woman gets drilled by pawn keeper at the pawnshop brunette blowjob replied obediently " Neither did I, I thought it was poor." He said calmly, Bianca feeling relieved that he had come to his senses "So, I hope the next one would be better ha ha" he said finding himself amusing but tipping Bianca to the point where she burst out crying " So Bianca, do you think your students would love your pics?

Yes or No" he asked " No" she answered " Well the few that I showed loved them hee hee!" he said, Bianca was mortifed " What? Who?" she said shocked " Shut up whore, you will know when they make themselves known to you, so tomorrow I want you back at work tomorrow, understand?" he shouted " Yes, how did you know I was off?" she asked " People are watching you, both on CD and in the flesh haa haa" he replied "right, do you have a pen slut?" he asked " Yes" she replied after getting a pen and notepad " Good, here are your instructions.

Tomorrow I want you to wear a blouse, one of your pathetic charity shop ones, but I want two buttons undone from the top. I also want you to cut one of your skirts, so its just above the knee, is that understood Yes or No?" " Yes" said Bianca " I will be informed if this is not done, and no tights." he said then the phone went dead " Hello?.

Anthony?" she said realising he gone. She got up to go to her wardrobe, she picked out a blouse and a calf length skirt. She, got out her scissors and started to cut, she realised it wasn't straight and cut it again and again, crying as she realised it was way too short and had to get another skirt.

She finally got it on the 4 th skirt and went to sleep. The next morning she showered and put on her new outfit, she felt exposed, although not as much as she did on the pictures. She left her house feeling everyone staring, she came into the staff room and had a few looks from her colleagues. She made her way to the library and felt all of the students staring, a few staring at her cleavage getting aroused.

She felt the minutes turn to hours as the day was slow, she looked at every student wondering if it was them who Anthony had shown the pictures too, if it was them who was spying for him, it drove her insane not knowing. She arrived home and burst out crying, it was an awful day. She went straight to her bedroom and to her shock saw a suitcase on her bed, one she had never seen before. On the top was an envelope, from Mr Gent, it read " Inside are your clothes for the week, don't worry I found them for you in a charity shop and have taken back those expensive dresses from your wardrobe as they were hired!

I have labelled the clothes for the days of the week and am glad you cut that silly skirt up. Oh, by the way, leaving your key in your bag whilst taking a lavender scented bath was very stupid!" She ran to the door, chaining it shut.

She couldn't believe he had been in her apartment, she felt violated. She opened the case and saw the most sluttiest clothes, a bag of make up and really nasty underwear. She closed the case, and wanted it out of her sight, she opened the wardrobe and it was empty, all of her clothes gone. She couldn't believe it, what was she going to do? She laid on her bed staring at the ceiling until she fell asleep in her clothes but awaken by the sun on her eyes the next morning. She went to shower, almost forgetting what was happening to her, until she opened her wardrobe, she picked out the hanger that said "Wednesday", it was a very tight blouse, low neck, a tight knee length skirt, black stockings, suspenders and little heels but no bra.

She went to xxx sin wast time girls new bra draw, which was empty, but decided to wear one from Friday's hanger. She dressed and looked in the mirror, thinking it wasn't as bad as it could be, she left the house, she couldn't cycle any more, so she boarded the bus, with many of the students who were staring at her making comments.

Finally she got to the University, avoiding the staffroom she went straight to the library, her boss stared, he was an old balding man who probably hadn't erected since the 1970's, but was starting to as he stared at her cleavage. He called her into the office, sat her down and said " Is everything OK Bianca?" he asked staring at the outline of her suspenders " Yes, why?" she asked " Well, you are dressing differently." he commented " Is that OK?" She was hoping he would say no, so she had a reason to give to Anthony " It's more than OK, in fact, I hope to see more" he smirked and winked, Bianca felt sick " Can I go now?" she asked " Yes.of course, maybe we could do lunch?" he asked drooling, she ignored him She came out into the library, it was pretty busy for that time in the morning, mainly male students, Bianca tried to see which could have seen her pics, but it could've been any of them.

The male students, were staring at her like she was a piece of meat, Bianca called her boss over, enquiring whether they should ask some of them to leave as they were noisy, but her boss said no, probably enjoying them leering over her.

Bianca had her lunch by the library desk, nervous to go out. It was at lunch that her boss called her over, saying her boyfriend was on the phone, her heart jumped and stomach turned, he stood over her as she took the call " Hello.?" she said wondering who it was " Hard very hard porn sex stories storys bitch, is he standing there with you?" he asked " Yes.!" she replied " OK, well just listen, smile and answered relaxed" he instructed " OK, I will try" she replied " Are you wearing a bra?" he asked " Yes, I believe so!" she responded " Why?" he asked " Erm.

how do you mean?" she asked " I didn't give you one to wear today did I?" he asked " No, I thought it was a mistake though" she said " Is he staring at you, your boss?" he asked " Yes, very much!" she replied " Staring at your boobs and legs?" he said laughing " Erm, I believe so" she replied looking at her boss " Drop something on the floor in front of him and bend over so he can see more" he demanded, Bianca nearly fainted thinking about it and then dropped a pen, bending so her ass was in his view, she looked back at him noticing the bulge in his pants which made her stomach turn " Sorry, I dropped my pen, what were you saying" she said " Right, bitch if it isn't on the hanger, don't wear it.

Now, go to the ladies and remove your bra, then take it to the boys toilets in block A and hang it on the back of the door in the far end cubical. It will be visited after 3pm so you have a couple of hours, if you fail at your task, your boss gets to see your CD!

Understand?" he said " But. that's." she stopped realising her boss could tell something was wrong "OK by 3pm. No problem" She heard the phone go dead, but carried on so her boss wouldn't get suspicious "OK, you have a nice day too.

bye!" " So you have a boyfriend?" busty hottie plays with a stiff pecker her boss " Yes, its new a few weeks" she said fake smiling like it was good news " Explains the new outfits, I hope to meet him someday" he said " Someday" said Bianca walking fast out of the office She wondered who could've told him that she was wearing a bra, how would he know, she looked around the library at the sea of sex hungry faces.

The clock was saying it just gone 1pm, she better get her task sorted, she excused herself quickly, she may have until 3pm, but her lunch break was over in 25mins and this was going to take time.

She ran to the ladies toilets and removed her bra, her boobs now unsupported and very bouncy. She looked for somewhere to hide the bra, it was wired so not hideable in her hands, she stuffed it down her top but the top was so tight it showed an unusual bump and it was useless hiding it in her skirt. She realised she had to put it back on and change in the male toilets there was no other way, she undid her blouse again, the top button, which was already low was coming loose, on its last thread almost, so she had to be careful as if novice lesbian teens get their narrow vaginas licked and screwed one went she would be showing a lot.

She put her bra back on, then her blouse and left the toilets, looking at herself in the mirror in disgust. She ran to block A, it was lunchtime and so many students around and in the toilets. She pretended to fix the notice-board displays, ignoring the wolf whistles. It had been at least 30mins since she left the library, her boss would be wondering where she was, it was now 1.45pm and her lunch finished at 1.30pm. She decided to go back just to show her face then make an excuse to go again, she arrived back into library and her boss was standing there not looking happy, he asked her to come into the office " Bianca, lateness is not acceptable" he said sternly " Sorry, I had to." she stuttered " I know do something for your boyfriend by 3pm, I heard you on the phone" he said " erm, yea.

he needed me to go Post Office, there was a long queue" she said " Did you get it?" he asked " Get what?" she said confused " What you needed from the Post Office?" He asked " Erm, no he said to come back after 2 as it was too busy, is that OK?" she asked " Well, I don't like making a habit of these things Bianca" he said " I will, make up the time" pleaded Bianca " OK, well on Saturday we have a stock take, will you come in?" asked her boss " Erm, this Sat?.

yes of course, anything, for free I will do the whole day!" she said being over accommodating realising it was now 2pm " OK, you can go to the Post Office, but not just yet there is a queue out there, so wait about 15-20mins" he said, Bianca nearly died at the thought of waiting Bianca ran to the queue, helping her colleague as a flood of students piled up.

She was going so fast, she was making mistakes and the queue was taking longer. She looked at the clock it was 2.25pm and the queue was still there, although shorter. She went to the office and asked her boss if she could go, he looked at the queue and was about to say no when Bianca said "Please, I won't be long, please" and he was so turned on at her begging he said yes. She ran to Block A, to the male toilets, it was less busy as students were in their lessons, she got to the toilets and the caretaker was in their mopping, she looked at him in disbelief.

" Hey Bianca, how you? Look at what these dirty students have done, water everywhere" he said " Oh, horrible students" she babbled " You OK? You look flustered!" he asked, stopping the mopping " I'm OK just, sorting out the noticeboards don't let me keep you" she said smiling She pulled out pins and re-arranged the posters of the noticeboard, silly Safe Sex posters that no one read anyway.

Then she had an idea. " Bill, can you let me know when you finished" she asked the Caretaker " Sure love, any reason?" he asked confused " It's just I have to put these posters up in the boys toilets and moms in control naughty america abit embarrassed" she said " Oh, well I will do it for you love" he offered to her shock "Im done now" " Noooo, No, erm, you are way too busy, especially with the flood on K block" she said " There is a flood on K Block?

When?" He said surprisingly " I thought I heard the students say something, maybe not" she said " Well, I better check it out all yours" he said running towards K block Bianca couldn't believe it worked, she felt bad as K block was 10mins away, but hey! She looked around and with the poster ran into the toilets, far end cubical and closed the door, she looked at her watch, 2.40pm her heart was beating. She undid her blouse and took off her bra, her heart beating and her hands shaking.

She hung the bra on the door hook and then froze, as she heard someone come in was it the guy who was spying on her or a random student? She looked at her watch, it was only 2.45pm. She quickly did her blouse up and carelessly the button came off in her hands. She looked down realising how much was showing and covered up. She heard more voices enter the toilets, 3 guys, talking. Then the door closing as the smell of cigarette smoke begin to fill the already foul smelling toilets, Bianca froze, they didn't realise she was there, but they were going to hang around for a while what was she going to do?

She quietly sat on the loo and waited, listening to their conversation, which was moving on to her! Guy 1: "Yo, you seen that Library woman, man she is fit" Guy 2: "Ha ha, titties to die for" Guy 3: "She is worth a shag!! Haa haa" Guy 2: "A gang bang, I'm having that arse, damn in that tight skirt!" Guy 1: "You see her suspenders the skirt was that tight" Guy 3: "Haa Haa, never seen so many guys in the library man, everyone is in there" Guy 2: "I heard there is a Myspace page started on her, people talking about what they would do to her, what they have done with her and who can get the best pics of her on their camera phone" Guy 3: "Oh Shit, I'm going to check it out man!" Guy 1: "I was on it last night, nothing special as they were yesterdays pics, tonight there should be a few more risky ones" Guy 2: "Well on Ben's phone is a few ass shots, she bent over a few times today!" Guy 3: "We should have prizes of best pic of the week Ha ha!" Guy 1: "There is already a competition on there for people to choose outfits for her" Guy 2: "I want that bitch in nothing except my cum haaa haaa" Guy 3: "You finished, we better get to lecture, its nearly 3" Bianca was horrified, she couldn't believe it a Myspace Page?

She quickly composed herself as she needed to get back, she opened the cubical door and ran quickly to the toilet door, which was now closed and made it harder to see if the coast was clear. She quickly opened the door and ran out, no one saw her but one of the teachers couldn't figure where she came from. He looked at her, she looked at him, he looked at her exposed cleavage and she looked away and walked fast, trying to cover up.

She came back to the library, her boss looking angry, she smiled as to say sorry and sat behind the counter. The only thing on her mind was getting home and getting on Myspace. The next two hours went slow, she was paranoid at the guys coming in, looking out for camera phones but couldn't tell if people were texting or taking her pic. Her missing button and lack of bra was also annoying her, she couldn't stand still all day, so it kept slipping. Finally 5pm came. She decided to walk home, it was less humiliating then a crowded bus journey.

She finally got home at 5.45pm, she looked around to see if anyone had come in her apartment but it was just how she left it, she got out of her clothes and into her robe, logging on to Myspace. How would she find her page? What was it called? It was pointless there was millions of pages!

She finally gave up at 9.30pm and made herself toast before heading for bed, then the phone rang, private number. " Hello." she said " Hello slut." said Anthony " Please don't call me that!" She said almost annoyed " Why? What else do you call a bitch who strips in a toilet?" he said then laughed " What do you want?" she said not amused " I wanted to see how you were, I heard you had an accident!" he said cryptically " An accident?

No!" she replied " Oh, so the button on your blouse that I loosened didn't accidently come off?" he said then laughed "I am impressed if it wasn't an accident and you did it intentionally" " That was not funny!" she said almost angered at the way he set her up " I found it funny whore, very funny.

So did you enjoy today?" he asked " No" she responded " Oh, pity we did!" he said sarcastically " We? Who is we?" she asked " Now that will be telling! Don't worry though Bianca it will get much more enjoyable" he said sadistically laughing " How do you mean?" She said almost regretting she asked " I mean, this is just the beginning of our journey!" he said " I heard some students talk about a Myspace site" she said hoping she could see it " Ah, yes did I forget to tell you that, opps have you seen it?" he asked " No, I tried to look for it, what's the address?" she asked " Get a pen" he instructed, she ran to get a pen " Got one" she replied " Write, 'I am a myspace slut' on your boobs" he said " What.?" she said in shock " Do it slag!

I will know if you haven't" he shouted, Bianca wondered how he would know but did it anyway " Done" she replied " Good, I will get you the Myspace address to you tomorrow" he said as he put the phone down. She held the phone and laid thinking, until she slept. She awoke the next morning, walking straight to the shower, she passed a mirror and stopped to look, she read the message she wrote on her boobs the night before which she forgot about, she scrubbed it hard off in the shower, she sat there as the water caressed her body, hearing the postman post a letter through her door she turned the tap off and collected her small package, it was hand delivered, she opened it, it was a tube of red lipstick with instructions to wear it today.

She went to the wardrobe picking out Thursday's outfit, it was a shorter skirt, tight with a split and black, the top was a tight white blouse, the buttons were xxswipe whores just love cum and being fucked hard tact, but it looked small, no bra or knickers but a pair of fishnet tights and heels.

She gulped at the thought of wearing the outfit, she put it on and realised how small the blouse was, it was so tight that the buttons were straining, especially around the bust. She applied the lipstick and made her way to the bus stop, after a gruelling bus journey she went to xnxx mom and son sex com library and faced her boss's perverted face.

" Bianca, you look. amazing" he said " Thank you" she said as she placed her bag in his office, no longer wanting to go to her locker in the staffroom " That's a great blouse" he said as he came towards her "very.

tight" " Thank you again." she said not knowing what to say " and fishnets. wow Bianca, your legs are, arousing" he said She made her way to the front desk, the library already full staring at her huge boobs.

She looked away as the guys became less discreet with their comments, it was going to be a long day. Lunch was soon coming, Bianca had forgotten to pack her sandwiches and dreaded the thought of going out or even to the canteen, it hit 1pm and her boss came to her with her bag. " There you go" he said, as he put on his coat "Did you not bring a coat?" " No, I never" she said confused " It is nippy out there!" he said, realising what he just said " Where are we going?" She asked " Oh, well your boyfriend called earlier, but you were busy I then took the liberty to see if he was free to have lunch, you know to thank him" he said " Thank him for what?" she asked curiously " Only a man would truly understand, but to thank him for making you come out of those old lady cardigans and be young again!" he said "Now come on" She followed him in shock, she was scared it would be the first time she said Anthony since the hotel.

They walked to his car, she climbed in being conscious that her skirt was rather tight and revealed a lot when sat. She wondered where they were going after they drove for about 10mins, maybe her boss was the spy, maybe he knew Anthony from before, maybe they were both in on it?

Finally they stopped at a small country pub, it was fairly empty but there was still enough men to stare Bianca walked in. " Hello darling" said Anthony as he kissed her cheek and slapped her ass wives hiring a man whore to play with big dick blowjob hardcore lesbian milf threesome and c "and you must be Mr Hedges?" he said shaking her bosses hand " Oh, please call me Bernard" said her boss " Bernard, would you like a drink?

Go on have a beer" said Anthony " Oh go on then" said her boss " Good man, and usual for you honey?" he asked Bianca " Erm, yes!" she replied still in shock and also wondering what her usual was Bianca and Bernard took a seat whilst Anthony went to the bar, she was watching her boss and was convinced that he had never met Anthony before.

" Seems like a great chap" he said to Bianca " Yeah, great!" she said still stunned " There you go, two beers for the men and a vodka and coke for the lady!" said Anthony as he came to the table " You drink spirits" asked Bernard surprised, although Bianca was equally surprised as she didn't drink, except sherry for Christmas " Yes, well I shouldn't tell you this Bernard but Bianca is a Spirits Queen, she can handle it and likes it strong!" added Anthony " Oh, well I never would've guessed!" said her boss shocked but impressed "So how did you meet?" " Well, I was out at a nightclub and she caught my eye, dancing in the most appealing dress, I knew she was out of my league, but thought I would try my luck and she was single and here we are!" explained Anthony lying out of his teeth " You frequent nightclubs Bianca?" asked Bernard very shocked " Erm, occasionally!" replied Bianca " Occasionally?

More like 2-4times a week darling!" said Anthony "She is one hell of a mover on the dance floor!" " I can imagine" said her boss, getting turned on " You can imagine my shock, when our first night together, about 3-4days after we met she gets ready for work and dressed, well like my mother!" laughed Anthony "We had a discussion about it, sorry if she was late boss!" " No its quite alright, I remember the day, she is never late.

So what was the discussion?" asked her boss " Well, I know she is a Librarian, but she is still young she doesn't have to dress like she is 70, she should dress like she does after work or on weekends" explained Anthony " I agree, I think she is a beautiful girl and I am much liking this Bianca" agreed her boss "Why did you think you needed to dress old Bianca?" asked her boss " Erm, I just thought that." she stuttered " She thought you would disapprove of her Bernard" said Anthony " Oh no, no if the truth be known I hated your flowery dresses and cardigans!" laughed Bernard " Well that's settled, drink up Bianca not like you not to down your drink" smiled Anthony Bianca took a large gulp of her drink, almost choking at the potent strength, like it was triple vodka and a drop of coke.

She fake smiled at her boss and Anthony, Bernard stared in amazement and Anthony watching to see how tipsy she was.

They ordered food, and Bianca just sat there watching Anthony and Bernard getting along like old friends, he contaminating her boss with vile images of her being a party animal that sleeps with a man she just met after three days, Bianca was raging but what could she do Bernard got up, insisting he got the next round in, Anthony playing the gent offered to help carry, at the bar Anthony offered to pay for Bianca's drink as 3shots was expensive, Bernard was shocked that she drunk so much, but still agreed to pay.

They returned to the table, Bernard placing another glass of strong vodka and coke in front of her. " Bianca, you haven't even finished your first, whats up honey?" asked Anthony " Erm, nothing. just not thirsty" she said, feeling tipsy " Bernard, she is worried what you're going to think, I am sorry here let me pay you for the drink, she won't drink it" said Anthony playing the gent so well " Bianca, it's ok, your young I won't judge you its ok relax" said Bernard " Why don't you show Bernard your party trick?

Let me get the straw" said Anthony, leaving Bianca confused and Bernard intrigued "She can sip a whole glass through a straw without stopping, and swallow!" explained Anthony " I don't believe you! Bianca?" said Bernard " Yes, well you know the real Bianca now, go on babe butterface latina with nice ass and tits insisted Anthony She put the straw to her lips, the smell was very strong almost stinging her nose, she looked up at Bernard he was shocked, surprised and almost turned on at the thought of his innocent librarian being a classless slut.

Anthony gave Bianca that look of both 'do it you whore' and of pride. She closed her eyes and sucked, feeling the almost acid like liquid enter her mouth and sink down her throat almost inflaming it as she felt the heat go down her chest into he stomach.

It felt like she hot granny is ready to feel a young cock really deep sucking for ages, finally that dry slurping noise came and her ordeal was over. She opened her eyes, dizzy and faint, she looked around with her blurred vision and was met by applause from Bernard, she remained still trying to catch her bearings and stop herself from vomiting.

Another 30mins passed before finally Anthony said he better get back to the office and shook Bernards hand, insisting they done this more often with Bernard agreeing. Bianca tried to get up and lost her balance falling shamefully back into her seat, Anthony ran over propping her up like a caring 'boyfriend' but whispering in her ear 'stand up you dirty whore your embarrassing yourself'.

She got up with his help and walked towards the car park, Bernard opened his car door and Anthony helped her in, Bernard and Anthony stood outside the car exchanging pleasantries and they drove back to the library.

Bernard looked over at Bianca for most of the journey, she was unaware her clothes were de-shevelled and she was showing a lot of thigh and cleavage. Bernard spoke about how lovely and perfect Anthony was and how he was happy she found a great man. The arrived back at the library, Bianca was feeling very drowsy but was able to keep mildly focused, she put her bag in the office and then Bernard said that someone left an urgent search request on his desk for her.

A search request was when a student or teacher required books from the archive in the basement, a place rarely visited except by rats. Bianca was not in the mood for such a task, but Bernard suggested it was best as she was 'under the influence' and it was urgent. Bianca took the request sheet and made her way to the archives, maybe it was a good idea at least she would be out of the glare of the students and had a chance to sober up.

She read the note as she walked, seemed as if a particular student was doing a project on Space. She finally made it to the basement, it was a creepy place, no windows but once the lights were on it was OK, she walked down the length of the room which were divided by 10meter high bookshelves, but indexed into subjects. She finally made it to the science section and climbed up the ladder, she needed to etch her skirt up to make the huge steps, but she knew she was alone and no one would see, the books she wanted seemed to be high up and she was still fairly drunk.

She found the first book, pulled it out and turned it to see the cover, she was shocked there was a post-it note on the front 'Hi Bianca, all 15 books on the list will have post it notes on the front, the other 14 will feature one letter and all 14 letters make up the Myspace website name'.

She was so confused, how did Anthony manage to do this? Fucking at outdoor country concert did he get the request done so fast and how when he was with her at lunch? She started to look for the other 14 books, all strategically placed to get Bianca up and down the ladder and although all about Space, they ranged from Science; Gardening; Interior Design; Psychology and anything that used the word Space.

She was exhausted by the time she found the final book, she collected all of the post-it notes which spelt 'UNILIBRARYSLUT'. She ran up to the library, all sweaty and out of breath, it was already 4pm, she put the books on Bernards desk. " Why would someone want all of this?" asked Bernard confused " I don't know!" said Bianca almost not caring " Well, email the requester to let them know they can come pick it up" said Bernard "but not straight away, you better go to the ladies to straighten yourself up" Bianca felt insulted, but made her way to the toilets anyway, she looked at the request note, the requester was TENG, she washed her face and re-applied her make up, she did look awful and her clothes were showing some wear and she tried as much to get them to cover her body.

She went back to the Library, she now had a clue who was behind this, TENG, was he a student or a Teacher? She sat at her desk, logged into the University database checking both student and staff database, no name listed, she sunk back in her chair. She told Bernard who suggested that if it was needed urgently they would call or come in and to leave them at the side.

Finally it was home time, she took the bus as she was tired, drunk and her feet were killing her from the heels, although they were low heels they were higher than her flat bowling shoes that she was normally wore. She ignored the stares from the male bus students, however she saw a guy get his camera phone out, he definitely was not texting, he was making it obvious he was taking her picture. She felt the urge to scream at him, grab the phone out of his hands but instead she just stared, standing whilst he clicked away and his friends laughed.

She felt so humiliated and decided to get off the bus and walk the rest of the way. She got in and logged on to Myspace, typing in the user name UNILIBRARYSLUT, her heart beated as the page loaded wondering what she was going to see. The page loaded and she felt dizzy and ill, it was an all background, the words UNILIBRARYSLUT in bold red letters.

The page was blocked to non-friends, she couldn't see anything. There was a note stating it was strictly for accepted friends, but if the real Bianca wanted to view she needed to apply with her real name with the password "SLUT" and message the name of the Library Search Requester to verify its her.

She signed up, using her name Bianca Jenkins, she messaged the member known as UNILIBRARYSLUT and typed in TENG, which she realised was an jumble of the word GENT as she typed. She waited to receive something, to notify her she had been accepted, she was tired, feeling sick and hungover, she sat in front of her laptop like an obsessed mad woman, refreshing the page. She paced up and down her living room, which was now in a mess as she let it all go over the past week.

Finally, 2hrs later she received an email, saying UNILIBRARYSLUT had just accepted her as a friend There was over 2,000 friends, most from her University but some from all over the world.

There was a blurb about the site, a bold statement urging all members to keep this site private, only inviting trusted friends as Bianca could get sacked and then the fun would be over. It was clever in the sense that people who felt sorry for would also stay quiet as to not get her sacked. She looked at the comments box, there was over 4,000 comments, of guys saying the most vile things about her body and how they wanked dreaming about her, she felt sick and degraded.

There was a pictures sections, she clicked on it hoping that none of the pictures from the hotel of her naked were up, but they weren't, just hundreds of pictures of her at work, some pretty revealing angles she couldn't understand how so many had been taken without her knowing.

She looked so whorish in her clothes, she avoided mirrors the whole week so she didn't have to face herself and now she was bombarded with reflections of what she looked like. Even the pictures from her bus journey were already uploaded, she was staring at the camera and the caption read "She posed for us!" insinuating that she consented.

There was other things, including a competition to win her bra, with a candid picture of her in the bra, she was shaking, how did they get that picture, it looked like it was in her bedroom, which meant there were camera's in there, possibly camera's in her living room watching her right now. She looked around and couldn't see anything, she ran into the bedroom and couldn't see, she felt so violated and realised that the one place she felt safe was also full of camera's and she now was fully under Anthony's control.

She sat back down, staring at the screen as the news that she had joined was emailed to all the members and comments started to fly in. Asking her to get her tits out, to suck their cocks, she wanted to log off and throw the laptop across the room, but was compelled to keep reading. Her phone rang, private number could only be him, she answered and heard his laughter. He asked her how her day had been, with no intention of wanting to know. He asked her to read the statements on the comment box from her "fans", she was reluctant but realised she didn't have a choice.

He instructed her to get her dildo, she was embarrassed he knew about it. He asked her to place her feet on either side of her desk, lifting her skirt and spreading her legs, then made her rip a hole in the crotch of her fishnet tights. She done as she was told, part of her really needing still impress him, she rubbed her tits as she read out the comments, she slid the dildo inside of her as he hurled the lines of filth at her, she was finding them hurtful but he made them sound like it was a fantastic thing, that she was desired and wanted which strangely turned her on.

She found herself screaming in pleasure as she pounded her dripping wet pussy with the dildo, he asked her 'Are you a whore?" she was screaming 'Yes', 'Are you a cumslut?' she screamed 'Yes' without thinking about what she was saying just hearing him say 'Good Girl' was all she needed as it meant he was pleased with her.

He told her to repeat after him and scream it loud 'I am a whore'; 'I am desperate for cock'; 'I want to be gangfucked by the students'; 'I want to suck Bernard's dick dry', she was confused with the sensations of pleasure and screamed out what he said to, she was tired, sweaty, out of breath and desperate to climax as she used all the energy she keep that dildo going in and out her pussy, the energy pushes making her scream, each thrust she was almost disappointed that it didn't make her cum and she needed to do it again, her arms aching in pain, she wanted to stop, but she wanted to continue just to feel the pleasure but also to impress him.

Finally, she felt it and screamed in pleasure, her face and body dripping in sweat like an hour in the gym. She couldn't grab her breath and panted like a wounded animal. She called Anthony's name on the phone but he was gone. She staggered her way to the shower sitting on the floor as the water cooled her burning body. She felt so dirty, the same way she did when thinking of swallowing Anthony's cum.

All of her conservative principals were being challenged by what she has started to become, maybe she was a whore, maybe she was what everyone thought she was, 2,000 people couldn't be wrong could they? She dried her body and went straight to sleep, it was past her bedtime and she had to be up, she fell asleep the minute her head hit the pillow.

She awoke the next morning, looking in the wardrobe for her Friday outfit, a shorter skirt and a vest top, although the vest was from a kids store for a 9-10yr old and very cheap, thin. She put her out fit on, the vest showed her mid-rift a little, the skirt was mid-thigh, she could have done with a bra, but forfeited that a few days ago.

She looked in the mirror as she applied her make up and checked her outfit one more time as she put on the heels, which were a bit higher than previous days. This was by far the riskiest outfit she had wore all week. She left the apartment, greeted by a cold breeze that made her nipples stand to attention. She got to work, greeted as always by her boss, this time his erection was very noticeable as he licked his lips fixated on her nipples.

She felt creepy, but smiled back. She looked at his desk, realising the Space books had gone, she frantically asked who collected them, but her boss was vague, saying it was a student and almost confused by Bianca's demands wanting to know who. She ran out to the library to see if anyone was around with the books, there was no two horny guys play with cute serina hayakawa. She ran back in asking how he took them out without having a card, her boss said that the computer was down and he did it manually, she looked at the paper knowing no member of the University had the name TENG.

She walked back out to the front desk, sitting down awaiting nympho cougars fucked in a row in wild gangbang loyal 'fans' to come in pretending to be into books but really just there to take more pics of her. She was conscious that she was not caught in any poses, being aware that x francesca le and friends cum swapping was often photographed when bending or least expecting it.

The day went slow as always but no special tasks or major events, maybe he was bored? She came home and heard a strange noise from her living room, he laptop was on, a video playing on loop. Did she leave it on? Maybe, but she definitely didn't play a film. She stood over it watching it, it was of her last night fucking herself, she didn't recognise it at first, she never seen herself like that before. She looked around to suss where the camera could be, but she couldn't see anything.

She switched the video off, it was a CD with the title "To my boss, Mr Bernard Hedges". She logged in to the Myspace page, it looked like someone had logged on with her account already as she had left comments calling all the members bastards, which is something she would've written, but it wasn't her as she was at work. Her anger was met by a flurry of replies by angry 'fans' who were calling her all sorts.

The members had grown to 2,500 and more pictures of her that day, mainly from the library. She was really tired, she decided to have an early night and made her way to her bedroom. On her bed was the suitcase, he had been again.

Obviously, it was him who left the video on her laptop. She opened the envelope and read the instructions: " Hi bitch, hope you have had a good week. Your weeks clothes are in the suitcase, this includes the weekend. For tomorrow, I have prepared something special for Bernard as I understand you are helping him with a stock-take?

When you get home tomorrow you can wear Saturday outfit number two, you need to wear much more make up and await instructions" She totally forgot about helping her boss with the stock take. She opened the suitcase and looked at the clothes, they looked disgraceful. She pulled out the outfit for her boss, it was a boob tube and matching skirt, both black, skin tight and tiny. She had black heels and no underwear.

She unpacked the case and went to sleep. The next morning, she put the outfit on, she looked like a true slut with the bright red lips and pink blusher.

She left towards the library, it was dead with no students, thankfully. She walked into her boss's office, watching him salivate over her body, she always saw him as harmless but that moment she felt a bit nervous, like his dick had taken over his senses and he would just hungry bbws sucking on their subject and cant get enough her.

She walked over and asked where they should start as she was going out that evening, he wanted all the shelves cleaned and books sorted. She grabbed the cloth and made her way to the library, it was closed only him and her in there.

He started to come closer, she was on her knees, polishing the bottom shelves, he standing there watching, trying to look busy. She felt his eyes all over her body, realising her ass was in the air. " Bill said you were doing the toilet posters the other day" he said " huh?" she said looking up, realising she was eye to eye with his bulge " That's what I thought, but he said you were putting up posters in the toilets" asked her boss " Erm, oh that, some guys had torn them down I was just putting it up" she said " Ah, well A block is far how did you end up there?" he asked " I don't remember" she and got up to get more water for her bowl The rest of the day was pretty much the same, her boss following her.

He let her go get lunch, but when she returned she could hear him in his office groaning, she thought he was in pain, but peeked through the door and realised he was having a wank.

She stayed quiet, watching as he came into a pink coffee mug. She then ran quietly to the door and acted like she just came in. He had already zipped pretty cutie caresses large shlong pornstar and hardcore up and acted innocently. She put her bag down and made her way back to the shelves, he appeared behind her with a cup of coffee, in the pink cup.

She was stunned and disgusted, she said she wasn't in the mood but he made out like he had made it for her and told her to join him back in the office.

She followed him, taking the cup as she sat, he watching her awaiting her to sip, she looked at the cup, which had a frothy top "extra cream" he said smirking. She smiled and took a sip, she could taste the coffee and the salty "cream" which made her want to gag, but didn't want to make it obvious. Bernard started asking about what her plans were for the evening, she actually didn't know but made it sound romantic with Anthony.

She gulped down the coffee just so she could stop talking and get back to doing the top shelves. Now being on the ladder, her boss stood closely under her, looking up catching glimpses cougar alessandra miller gets doggystyled and creamed her naked pussy.

Finally it was time to go home, she got home pretty fast and got ready. She put on the pink mini skirt and matching boob-tube for tonight outfit.

She sat awaiting instructions, it was already 8pm and she would be doing the dishes by now getting ready for bed. There was a knock at the door, she jumped and answered it, it was a mini-cab driver, one who was aroused by what he saw.

She climbed into the car, not knowing where they were going, but he knew as whoever booked it had told him. She was dropped in the middle of Soho, it was dark and cold, she was dressed like a prostitute and got a mass of looks. She didn't know where to go or what to do, she stood there realising she looked like she was touting for business.

She looked at her phone and nothing, then a car pulled up beside her, she was scared thinking it was a man for business, she walked away and he called her name so she turned. He told her to get in, she looked at him and did not know who he was. Her heart and instinct telling her not to get in but still not knowing.

He shouted to get in again, Anthony is waiting, she got in and they began to drive, the driver told her to put a small sack over her head and stay quiet. She did as she was told, unable to see where she was going but realising it was far and starting to get quiet. Finally they stopped, he told her to stay there as he got out of the car, then the door opened and she was pulled out, she screamed and then a gag was put three college girls party and gangbang cum hide and go freak her mouth over the sack and her hands tied.

She was pushed into the direction she needed to go into, now feeling a few hands and soft mud under her heels.

She was told to stay still and not struggle, she couldn't hear any noises. She stay still and quiet, she heard a zip and then felt herself lifted and placed on a something hard, it felt like a tarmac road, but not fully, the zip noise appeared again, was she in a bag? She started to cry thinking she was about to be buried, she felt the bag be lifted and placed into the boot of the car.

The car started and they sex swellow my com com, she was in there for another 45mins, she must've been 100miles away by now. The car stopped, she laid there waiting, but nothing happened. She didn't know that the two guys had stopped off to get a curry, like nothing was going on. They were gone for an hour, an hour that felt like a lifetime for Bianca. She lost all sense of time, thinking it was about 2am when it just gone 10pm.

Her body was aching, not being able to stretch, then finally the car started and started to drive, for only 10mins. The boot opened, the bag lifted, they were entering a building, with stairs, she heard the door open and close behind her, she was taken into a room and placed onto a bed, still in the bag, she must be at a hotel but where? She was left there whilst she heard voices, a bit far away but she recognised Anthony but not the other 5.

The zip opened and bag turned upside down, she flew out like a rag, bouncing on the bed as she fell out. She felt her hands un-tied but then cuffed to the bed. She felt hands on her, spreading her legs open, and then heard clicks of a camera. Her boobs exposed as the top was ripped off. Dildo's stuck in her, hands all over her and the constant clicks of the camera. Then one guy, naked climbed under her, sticking his cock in her pussy from behind whilst another guy climbed on top, forcing his dick also in her pussy, which was way too tight for double penetration.

She screamed, screams muffled by the gag, they bounced on her she was a toy for their pleasure. Finally it was over, both had cum, her pussy stretched, her body exhausted, but it was not over as another guy climbed on top. She took a total of 6 cocks, came three times until she passed out.

She was awaken but the sensation of hot liquid on her body, she realised she was in a bath tub and the hot liquid started to be poured on her face, soaking the sack making it hard to breathe, it started to soak through, into her mouth, hot and salty, the pressure was powerful not like a shower, but short lived until it re-started again. She was confused, the smell was unbearable, she tried to sit up to be able to breathe, but was pushed back down.

She choked and finally one guy said to remove her gag and lift the sack just to cover her eyes, but if she screamed it would come back on. She nodded. She still couldn't see, she was instructed to open her mouth and keep it open as the hot liquid was shot into her mouth, it taste foul.

Finally it stopped, the shower turned on, cold, hosing her and the tub down. She was stripped naked and laid there, the hot water added as the plug was put in, making the temperature just right, but she struggled wondering when they were going to stop and the water was coming up to her ears, finally it stopped, her mouth only staying above water if she tilted her head back.

She could hear the camera clicks as she laid there in a tub of water. The water started to get cold, she shivered wondering how long she was to stay there. She heard the door go, and someone shout food was there, they ordered room service? She was hungry but also aching as she now had to wait for the men to finish, which would be another 30mins at least.

Finally she heard someone come in and pull the plug out, she could finally relax. She was lifted to a balcony, and laid on the floor, it was cold, she didn't know where she was or if she could be seen. The camera clicks began again and she shivered, the guys laughing at her erect nipples.

She figured it must be about 2pm as she could hear the TV, she was picked up and taken to the bed, laid down and cuffed back to the bed, this time face down but on her knees so her ass was in the air. A cock was stuffed into her mouth as she heard Anthony recommend her for her sucking and swallowing skills to everyone's amusement. She felt a finger in her ass, spinning around stretching it, it hurt and felt wrong. Then she felt a cock slap her ass and start to enter her. She screamed, everyone laughed, the guy with his cock in her mouth pushed it in deeper, gagging her and silenced her screamed.

She felt another hand on her tits and then another on her clit. She was feeling so much sensation but also so much pain. She was fucked for another few hours, not knowing by who or how many, but being mildly aware that there were pictures that she most probably will see one day.

It finally appeared to be coming to an end, she laid there face down covered in cum, Anthony came to the bed and un-cuffed her. He whispered that she was not allowed to move until he called and if she did he would know, he placed the phone in her hand. She nodded and heard the men leave. She sat there motionless, wondering if they all left or whether he was still in the room. The cum was drying on her body, face and hair.

The phone rang and she answered, removing the blindfold and adjusting her eyes, she could not believe it she was in her apartment her whole ordeal took place in her home. " Bianca?" shouted Anthony for possibly the 5 th time " Y.yea?" she said shocked " Did you enjoy our date?" he laughed " What do you want?" she asked " Bianca, remember who you are talking to" he said sternly " Sorry" said Bianca " Did you like the DVD for your boss?" deep anal dildo loosens her so he can take her virginity asked " No!" she said " Well he will" laughed Anthony " You can't show him, please" pleaded Bianca " We will see!

So, you did well today!" he said " Did I?" said Bianca, again falling for her need to please him " Yes, I left you a copy of the pictures you can see for yourself!" he said Bianca got up, running to the living room looking. The place was a tip with take-away boxes, used condoms; beer cans and cigarettes everywhere " Where?" asked Bianca " I'll tell you in a min, so how does it taste?" he asked " What?

How does what taste?" she asked wishing he would come to the point " My piss you bitch!" he shouted "You were gulping it down in the tub this morning" " You what?" shreeked Bianca " Ha ha, anyway my clients were impressed with you" he said " You're clients?" she asked " Yes, the guys who you let fuck you, they paid for it, they paid for you" he explained "I made a packet, paid back the hotel and dinners I spent on you so have a return on my investment. They thought you were a bargain!" " I hate you" she screamed as she cried " Ha ha, well that's irrelevant, you're a business asset whose feelings are not important, now get to sleep, as next week will be very busy!" he said " Why?" She begged to know " For the money, now the disc, right now it is under your managers mattress.

You have until Wednesday before he is informed to look there, so you better get it before he does. Its an easy task he is an old man, divorced with a cock and an empty flat to invite who he wants back" he then hung up. Bianca was awoken by her doorbell and a cockney man shouting "Parcel for Ms Jenkins" which made her jump and indistinctly run to the door in her robe. She signed for the huge box, it was heavy and as she wasn't expecting anything, it was a surprise.

Of course since she met Anthony, she did not like surprises! However, this couldn't be anything to do with Anthony as it was postmarked by the University franking stamp. She dragged the box to the stairs and sat on the step over the box ripping the tape off trying to gain access, it must be books she thought as she finally found her way in.

She lifted the flap of the box open and stared in amazement, it was full of items, she lifted out each item which included a pair of fluffy handcuffs; nipple tassels; a ball gag; rope; bondage tape; a digital camera; a web-cam; a couple of vibrators; a remote control clit tickler.

It appeared that Santa had been to a sex shop on a stolen credit card! She was horrified, never seeing such items in her innocent sheltered life, she just sat there looking. Then her daze was shaken by her house phone ringing, she picked up. " Morning Bianca" said Anthony " How did you get my house number?" she said in shock " Ha ha, I have the keys to your apartment and cameras around everywhere, why are you surprised that I have your house number?" he said amused making Bianca realise that it was a stupid question " Did you send me this parcel?" she asked " Ah, you got it.

You can always trust Royal Mail" he remarked " But it was sent via the University post room" she asked confused " Yes, one of your fans did it for me!" he explained "Now, you are going to be late for work, when you have got ready, I want you to take the remote control clip tickler and insert it into place, you obviously will notice that the box is older hairy women fucking around the clock, sorry about that someone seems to have stolen the remote!" he laughed " I don't know how to wear this!" she said confused looking at this contraption " You will figure it, remember you have until Wednesday to get the CD from Bernards, here is a hint, I said Wednesday, which could mean anytime including first thing so really you have until 11.59pm Tuesday, good luck" and the phone went dead She did not know how to get in her bosses house, or his bedroom!

She jumped in the shower, quickly put on her Monday outfit, a pair of really tight jeans and a low neck tight top in red. She felt better that her legs were covered, although the jeans were very tight, her ass was very exposed, but still felt better, the 3inch red heels were not comfortable. She obviously didn't realise it was chosen to keep the Clit Tickler in place!

She laid on the bed, and inserted the Clit tickler, according to the instructions, the small penis shaped end was to be inserted into her vagina and then the her pussy lips had to touch the softer rubber flaps, she could feel a tingle as the rubber flaps touched her clit.

She walked towards the bus stop, conscious that everyone could see but also conscious that the tight jeans were pushing the Clit tickler deep into her and onto her pussy lips, creating a tickling sensation as she walked which was making her wet and feel aroused. She boarded the bus, now immune to the stares and drooling looks.

She arrived into the office and her boss was in, he seemed less impressed with her jeans, but liked the cleavage. " Bianca, morning!" He said as he walked towards her "You are wearing jeans?" he asked " Erm, yes I am!" She said looking at her jeans " Well, you know the dress code, no jeans however I will let you off today" he said checking her tight fairly juicy ass " Thank you!" she said She sat at the desk, the library was already busy the male to female ratio at 9:1 making Bianca very aware her "fans" were in.

She sat pretty still as it stopped the clit tickler from rubbing against her, she then felt the most craziest sensation between her legs, like the contraption had come alive, the rubber flaps beating against her pussy lips in different directions. She sat up in her chair, just stopping herself from screaming in front of 200 students. She tried to sit in different positions to stop the effectiveness, but the jeans were so tight it trapped the tickler in place, she couldn't contain herself much longer, her clit was on fire, pulsating in pleasure and pain.

She looked around looking for Anthony, he had the remote she couldn't see him. She was getting frustrated as she wanted it to stop. Then it did, she relaxed back into a relaxed position, her clit still pounding but starting to calm down. She looked around, maybe it wasn't Anthony maybe it was a student? Maybe it was the postroom guy? Maybe it was Bernard? She looked in all directions and there was no way she could tell, the whole library was practically staring and laughing.

She felt helpless, wanting to rip the thing out of her cunt, but knew Anthony would punish her if she did. Another hour went by before the clit was triggered off again, this time she got up and walked into the office. She needed to think of a conversation with her boss, which was weird as she normally avoided him, he seemed pleasantly surprised and closed the door as he sat her down on the low level sofa.

She felt her body moving with the pulsations, her boobs bouncing with each shudder which her boss noticed. She tried her hardest to stay still. " You ok Bianca?" he asked " Yes, I am finnneee" she said realising she was unable to speak " Oh, OK, so what would you like to talk about?" he asked wondering the purpose of her visit " Erm, I. I wassss yea!" she said babbling wanting to scream out in pleasure as she was close to cumming " Let me get you some water.

actually" he paused "Wait there." he smiled Bianca clenched her fists to fight the sensations, she was normally loud when she came and lost all control, but she kept reminding herself where she was and who was there. Then, suddenly the flicker stopped, Bianca was relieved as well as disappointed.

Her boss came back with the pink coffee mug, 'oh no' she thought, she took it and it was surprisingly cold, she looked in it, it was clear liquid 'ah, water!' she thought.

She was still very aroused, desperate to climax and a real need to squeeze her nipples, she visualised her boss grabbing her breasts, but shook the disgusting thought out of her mind.

She realised that this was her opportunity to get her way into Bernard's house, she had no intention to fuck him, just get in.

" You feeling better now Bianca?" he asked, sitting closer than he was before " Yes, thank you" she said, realising she needed to be nice " So what was it?"he amateur cuban girl banged by pawn keeper at the pawnshop " Anthony, was erm.

well wondering if you would like to come to dinner with us?" she blurted, wondering after she said it how that was going to help " Oh!" said Bernard, shocked "Well, of course!" he said excited and flattered to be asked " Brilliant, erm, tomorrow night good?" she asked wondering what she was doing " Fine, where?" He asked " Oh, erm well Anthony didn't say, he normally goes somewhere far though so we can pick you up!" She said, now standing " Brilliant, don't forget to finish your drink" he said realising she had yet to take a sip Bianca put the mug to her lips, wanting to quickly drink and get out of the most awkward situation, she tipped the mug and realised it was pure vodka, swimming in her mouth, tasting vile she looked shocked towards Bernard and swallowed, he was turned on by the way she downed straight Vodka, like a pro!

Bianca felt giddy, how many more sensations could she take, she felt out of control as she walked back to the desk, her clit being rubbed by the tickler as she staggered.

She looked at the clock, it was nearly lunch, she needed to sleep to gain her senses back. Finally lunch was here, she took out her sandwiches and went to far end of the library, into a study room, it was quiet, no one could see as the windows were obscured by posters and not many students used the rooms anyway as there was no PC's. She grabbed a paper and sat reading, then was shaken by the tickler, she grabbed the edge of the table to calm the sensations, which were more intense this time.

She stood up to see who was around, someone must be close to get range for the control to work, she looked outside the study room and the whole section was empty. She sat back down, this time facing the door and window so she could see who was walking past.

The tickler seemed to be growing, she heard a very mechanical noise coming from her crotch, as the penis shaped plastic head expand slowly down her pussy, she sat still almost waiting for it to stop, it was now at about 4 inches and very uncomfortable leading Bianca to spread her legs for a better fit. The penis started to swirl and the rubber flaps flick her clit lips, she looked through the window and no one was in sight, she tried to get up famous hairy camgirl sex webcam full show masturbates livefreefun it hurt so she stayed in position, legs wide open.

She started to touch her boobs, rub her nipples, very discreetly just in-case anyone walked past, as the minutes went on she became more complacent, giving in to the sensations, she was now desperate to climax after being teased all morning.

Her bra was too padded to feel anything, so she pulled her top and bra down, sat back and stroked her rock hard nipples. She found herself fucking the tickler back, her jeans countering her thrusts automatically. She closed her eyes in pleasure, forgetting where she was, but keeping her screams to hard but low pitched groans. She was already primed with foreplay from earlier, her clit already lit like touch paper, this time it was time for the fireworks.

She got up slightly from her seat, bending forward over the table, making her jeans more tort and pushing in the tickler deeper, she rubbed her tits with one hand and used the other to prop herself up, her hair over her clammy face she could feel her body getting ready for the fireworks, then it stopped. She could not believe it, almost angered by frustration, she stood up, tits hanging out, hair on her face. She un-did her jeans, they were so tight that she needed to pull them all the way down to her knees to get her hands to her pussy.

She pulled out the tickler, placed it on the table and placed her fingers on her clit, rubbing as hard as she could to finish this off once and for all. After minutes of rubbing the sensation came back and she was there, just a few more, come on she said aloud like a jockey to his horse, finally she came, it felt so good, it was a relief. She heard a noise from outside, her heart stopped, was someone watching? She could hear the someone come towards the door, she looked down at herself, jeans around her ankles, tits out of her top, she bent down to pull her jeans up, they were too tight to do sitting down, she broke a nail pulling them up, although not get further than her knees.

She heard the squeaking of the door open, and saw a foot come in from under the table, was it Anthony? Was it his accomplice? She came up from under the table, slouching forward realising her tits were still out and her jeans to her knees, it was Bernard. He looked at her, she was sitting very unlady like, almost like a student and didn't sit up at his presence which he found odd.

" You OK Bianca?" He asked " Yep, fine, just. reading the paper!" she said trying to act normal " Oh, OK, I thought you may have fallen asleep" he said " No, I'm fine, thank you!" she said wondering when he was to leave " OK, well you were due back about 5mins ago and it is getting busy" he said awaiting for her to get up " Right." she said wondering what to do "Erm, OK I will be there" she said staring at him " What is this?" he asked "Tickler?" he said picking up her Clit Tickler " I don't know I found it on the floor, was going to take it to lost property" she said shocked " OK" he said still awaiting for her to get up " Right.

can you give me a minute?" she asked " Oh, sure!" he said bemused " I, well it is embarrassing but I ate a bit much and undone my jeans" she explained " Oh, of course, erm I will see you back at the office" he said flustered Bianca done up her jeans and pulled her top back over her tits.

She put the tickler back in her pussy, Anthony had not given her permission to remove it and rushed to the office and put her bag down. She felt fairly good after having on of the most powerful orgasms of her life. The tickler didn't go off at all for the rest of the day, in fact it was fairly normal, well normal as it could be.

She headed to the bus stop at home time and boarded a very busy bus, like always she did not get a seat and found herself standing over a group of horny students all around with their phones out. She felt much more at ease, maybe as she was wearing jeans and felt more covered. Then, as the bus started she felt a shudder between her legs, she looked around to see who was, she couldn't distinguish between those with IPODs; phones or hand held game consoles.

She tried to read the body language and all of the guys staring looked guilty, it was impossible for her to figure it out and impossible for her to concentrate as her body began to feel the electric shocks of heaven run through her body. She started to shake with each contraction in her body and pressed the bell to get off the bus and walk, it felt like ages as the bus was stuck in traffic, she stood by the door, looking at the driver but not having the courage to ask him to let her off.

She was feeling the penis extend into her pussy and knew what was coming, she heard loud laughter from the some of passengers, she looked over and all eyes seemed to be staring at her and she couldn't tell who was laughing or whether it was about her.

Finally the bus came to the stop and she ran home. The redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse day at work was fairly uneventful, Bianca was now starting to figure out how she was going to get into her boss's house and get that CD.

He was very excited, bringing it up at hairy winnie gets a hard cock stuffed in her hairy pussy 18 tube porn opportunity, he obviously didn't go out much. She shuddered everytime the phone rang, what if it was Anthony and her boss mentioned tonight, he would blow it.

She was still sore from the tickler the previous day, however was not instructed to wear it that day so her pussy could rest. She left work and told her boss they would be around at 7pm. She went home and got dressed, she wanted to wear her jeans, however they had the smell of her pussy juices and she didn't put them in the wash, she changed several times, arguing in her head that she needed to get into his bedroom and the end justified the means, but changing her mind as the thought disgusted her.

Finally she decided upon the black mini skirt and vest top, with red heels. She called a taxi making her way to Bernards house, with a plan, she stopped over to get a bottle of wine and arrived at 7pm sharp. The house was pretty big for a single man, mid-terrace and a well kept garden, she rang the doorbell " Bianca!" said her boss, very excited, he was wearing a checked shirt; green tank top and green cord trousers.

"Come in? Is Anthony parking?" he asked " Erm, no." she walked in "He couldn't make it, emergency at work" " Oh" he said mildly devastated " I.

got us a bottle of wine, maybe we can get a take-away and stay here" she said almost flirting " Yes, why not come through to the lounge" he said liking the idea much better The house was pretty grand, flowered wall paper and huge sofa's with ornaments everywhere, she sat down, almost sinking back into the sofa, her feet leaving the ground as she mis-judged how soft the sofa was and finding it hard to edge forward.

He sat opposite her, obviously having a great view of the only woman who had been in his house for years. Bianca felt uncomfortable, smiling just to create some atmosphere. Bernard got up to get drinks, still thinking that Bianca loved her vodka he played the dutiful host, Bianca needed a strong drink so accepted, he also returned with a file 'oh please not holiday photo's' she thought, but it was worse, an A-Z index file of all the take-away menus in the area!

They settled on Chinese and Bernard made the call, Bianca's phone rang and she edged her way mom and son was sex, her skirt rising without her realising to answer.

It was Anthony " Hi whore!" he said " Hey!" she said trying to sound happy for Bernard " How is it going with Bernard, you fucked him yet?" he asked making it sound more repulsive " No, we desi babe pulling her tits out and play getting a Chinese" she said " Classy, a bit too classy for you though, you're more of a greasy kebab girl the way you dressed up for him tonight" he laughed, Bianca remembered the camera's in her house and rolled her eyes " Bernard is fine, he understands you were called away!" she said making things appeared normal " You have until midnight Cinderella!" he said then putting the phone down " Love you too honey, bye!" she said styling he was still there "That was Anthony, he apologises again" she explained to Bernard " Oh, not to worry" he said, realising he could see right up her skirt as it was pretty high They sat back in silence, Bianca sipping on her vodka just to do something.

" Nice outfit" he said, making her skin crawl " Thank you" she said not know what to say "you too!" " Really? Well I thought I would make an effort" he said pleased with the compliment " You certainly did. so you live here alone?" she asked " Yes, well when the wife left it was just me!" he said " Right, she leave recently?" asked Bianca strangely interested " No, it was about 12yrs ago!" he said " And.

anyone since?" she asked, not knowing why she wanted to know " No. no, there hasn't been!" he said making it clear " Oh, sorry you still love her?" she asked making sure not to offend " No, its not that, just there has been . how do I put it? No interest" he said at which point the doorbell rang and the food arrived Bernard took the food into the kitchen, Bianca wondering why sat waiting.

Bernard appeared and said food was in the dinning room, Bianca was a bit surprised but push herself up from her seat and followed Bernard to the dinning room where he placed all the food on display like a grand dinner party. She sat on the dinning table chair, relieved that she cost sit up, Bernard played the perfect host serving the food and then pulled out his special stainless steel chopsticks which Bianca thought was pathetic but acted overly impressed.

They started to eat, the occasional small talk disturbing the silence. Finally they finished and Bernard took the plates to the kitchen and started to do the dishes, Bianca asked where the toilets were and realised this was a good time to get upstairs. She ran upstairs, her heart beating realising she was doing a bad thing, she got to the top of the stairs and looked at the 8 doors in front of her, which room was his?

She found the toilet and slammed the door shut making out as if she was in there. She crept slowly to the first door, it was a junk room, no bed.

She opened the second door, it was a cupboard, the third door was a room with a bed but was very flowery and seemed small, she checked another door, it was a home office, she checked another door, it was a large room, his clothes hanging, a bed looking well used and his glasses on the side, this must be it.

She turned to see if anyone was around and walked in, she slid her hand under the mattress on the side closest to the door, nothing, she ran around to the otherside, got on her knees and felt around, nothing. She stood up and walked towards the door when Bernard walked in. Her body shook in fear, he looked at her she stared at him speechless. " You looking for something Bianca?" he asked, almost annoyed " Erm, no. I was, waiting for you!" she said, then smiled, his face changed from anger to intrigue " Oh, why?" he asked, now nervous " Why do you think?" asked Bianca biting her bottom lip moving closer " Well, erm." stuttered Bernard, loosening his tie "What about Anthony?" " What about him.

you saying no?" she asked looking down " No, I am not." quickly jumped in Bernard " Good." said Bianca as she was now in front of him Bianca couldn't believe what she was doing, but she wad blinded by the need to find the CD and now not get caught for stealing.

She walked past her boss, walking to the bed and sitting, he stood there watching as she laid back, swinging her legs so she could lay properly, Bernard was now directly in front of her, staring debar bhabi ebony pornvidiin ebony audio if he should pounce on her or not.

She bent her knees, Bernard moving his head slightly to catch a glimpse up her skirt, but there was no need as she moved her right foot sliding her legs open, Bernard's eyes opened as wide as her legs did as he saw red lacy knickers. His jaw dropped open as he gulped, hypnotised and fixated on her crotch like a hungry dog on a deperate slut mama needs her lollipop japanese and hardcore piece of steak.

His hand move forward, at first really slowly to check if it was not a mirage, her heart pounding as she saw his fat, hairy sweaty hands with dirty fingernails come towards her making her stomach turn. His hands touched the side of her soft smooth thigh, he climbed onto the bed and was now on his knees with her legs either side of him.

He carried on crawling in, his crotch resting on hers, she feeling his bulge through his trousers. He lent forward, over her, his belly and weight felt on her stomach.

His hands caressed her boobs, before he pulled down her vest and sucked on her nipples. She closed her eyes, it felt good but she reminded herself who it was and indistinctly pushed him off, he sat up slightly, still trapping her under him, he didn't look pleased and she had to rescue her outburst by asking him to strip.

He got up, excited, she watched as he removed his tank top, then his shirt, revealing a vest. He took his shoes off, undone his trousers and stepped out of them, he was wearing a pair of Y fronts, which had been washed so much they where an off-grey, he picked up his trousers and folded them neatly, then she noticed his stocks, held up by braces which was the icing on her very nasty cake, but it got worse as he removed his vest revealing his hairy wobbly belly and set of manboobs.

He then removed his Y Fronts, folding it alongside the vest, as he turned to place his folded clothes on the chair she looked in disbelief at his hairy ass and back.

He turned to face her, slapping his belly as he walked towards her, leaving his socks and braces on. Bianca smiled, acting if she was impressed. He looked over her, she feel uncomfortable, he said that it was her turn to be stripped and then proceeded to spread her legs wide, grab her panties and pull them down, she could feel it rip slightly as he pulled it off her ankles. He scrounged it in his hands and held it to his nose, inhaling her juices. He pulled her vest down, her busty firm boobs bouncing out ready for attention, he slapped the tips to get the nipples hard.

He then started to rub his cock, it was hairy and fat, he pushed the foreskin back and forth over the head with one hand and flicking her nipples with the other. Bianca was in shock, he seemed to know what he was doing, just looked like a complete beast!

He flicked her nipple hard, she whimpered, "you like that" he asked, Bianca not wanting to upset him said yes and smiled, he flicked it again harder and asked again, Bianca smiled and said yes. He then asked her whether she liked it rough, she looked at him and smiled, he smiled back remarking how he was rough and that was one of the reasons he left his wife as she was frigid, he dreamt of a girl like Bianca and couldn't believe she was there, under his nose daily and he didn't know.

She smiled, as she wondered what he wanted to do. He climbed back on top of her, she felt his weight back on her small framed body. He inserted his cock inside of her, and pinned her arms down, sucking hard on her tits. His cock was fatter than she experienced before, she closed her eyes and felt her lifeless body bounce on the old bed, he licked her face whispering in her ear that she was tight for someone who fucked around a lot.

She blanked out his voice and breathed through her mouth to avoid inhaling his strong BO as he began to sweat. Finally she could feel him pulsate, she realised that he didn't wear a condom and started to push him off, whispering she wanted to taste him and then climbed between his legs as he rolled over on his back like a whale.

She placed his cock in her mouth, the smell of his sweaty balls was unbearable, she closed her eyes and sucked hard and fast to get him to cum as fast as possible, finally he shot his load and not realising spitting was an option in such circumstances she swallowed. He was out of breath, mumbling how he had never had a blow job before and it was great, he started to drift off to sleep, she watched him doze off and begin to snore.

She got up, pulling her stretched vest back over her boobs and her skirt back down. She went to the other rooms to explore under the mattresses, there was nothing under any of the 4 beds. She came back into the room, he was still out cold, she felt under the mattress and under the bed, nothing. She was frustrated, it had to be somewhere, she looked around and then wondered if he already found it, maybe it was in his study, she ran and looked around, in the drive and in all of the CD covers, it could be any of the 80plus CDs.

She heard him call her name, she walked back in and said she was just in the toilet and he should sleep. He sat up, looking at her again and telling her he was tired so will call her a cab so he can retire.

She looked mortified, she stated she was planning on staying, winking at him but he laughed saying he was an old man and once was enough, but also it was a week day and they had work. He proceeded to call the cab, she felt used, like he was throwing her out after fucking her, even someone like Brother fuck hairy sleeping sister treated her like a whore that was an all time low.

She arrived home, the taxi driver nearly crashed keeping his eye on her boobs which were flopping out of her top. She ran up the stairs to her apartment, closing the door behind her dying to get the dirty feeling off her with a long hot shower. The second the door closed, her phone rang " Bianca, Bianca, Bianca!" said Anthony in a condescending tone " Yes!" she said, not in the mood " So did you fuck him?" he asked re-enforcing how dirty it was " What do you want?" she avoided answering " Ha ha, so you did fuck the dirty old hairy sweaty manbeast!" he laughed " Look I'm tired!" she said not wishing to hear any more of his perfect description " It is past midnight, you must've been fucking him good!" he carried on amusing himself " I couldn't find the CD, I tried, I looked everywhere!" she said getting things back into focus " CD?

What CD?" he asked confused " The CD, of me, from the weekend, you said it was under his mattress!" she explained " Did I?" he asked acting as if he had no memory "I don't remember that!" " YOU DID!" she screamed in anger "YOU SAID UNDER HIS MATTRESS!" " Ha ha, you must've mis-heard, I said under your mattress!" he laughed She could not believe what she was hearing, it was there under her bed and never his? She fucked the gross old fat man, for no reason. She walked to her bedroom, on her knees she felt under her mattress and there in her hand was a CD.

She ran towards her living room, booting up the laptop as she heard Anthony carry on laughing down the phone that she fucked him for no reason. " So, how did you get him into bed bitch?" he asked " I just did!" she said not wanting to replay it in his head " Oh, it came naturally did it?" he asked twisting her words " No, it just happened" she said " Did he make the first move or you?" he asked " I did" she responded " Did you seduce him whore?" he asked wanting details " I guess, look I am tired and need a shower" she said realising her laptop was ready.

" OK, you have a shower and I will call you back at 1am for your next task!" he said " Next what.I'm tired!!!" she screamed, but it was too late he was gone She opened the CD drive and noticed there was a CD already in there title "Fingering in Library", she hadn't seen this one before. She played it and it began, showing her back to the camera then her jump, come out and sit back to face the camera. It showed the whole of her lunch-break, rubbing her tits and fucking herself, even the bit where Bernard walked in.

She was shaking, she knew someone was watching, but how? She uploaded the CD from under her bed, it was titled "Weekend Tales of a Whore" and was edited in such a way it looked like it was several occasions, the quality was immaculate, not like the others which seemed more like CCTV, this was almost professional.

She watched in horror as she was fucked, in the ass, fucked by what looked like 5 men, she saw when she passed out, how they all laughed, slapping her and she not responding, but one of them joking she was still breathing so not to worry! They sat her up, took off the sack, spread her legs and wrote UNILIBRARYSLUT on her inner thigh with a marker pen in capitals as they took pictures showing her pussy.

They then wrote WHORE on her boobs and took more pictures. The they wrote SLUT on her forehead, picked up a condom off the floor and poured the contents on her face, taking pictures and laughing, even pushing her lips up so she looked like she was smiling.

Then the bathtub scene came, she couldn't watch but was compelled. How could she swallow their piss, she gagged whilst watching, her face recognisable to anyone who knew her. She felt sick as she saw her ass get stretched and scream in pain. The film stopped, with a slideshow of the pictures, they looked so professional, so high quality.

Why would they take them. for MySpace She logged on quickly to Myspace, there was a huge notice saying that a new site with better content had been set up and all Myspace members would be able to join free until Friday. She was shocked, what did that mean. She clicked the link, and as the home page was her legs spread the whole length of the page, the content in the large gap from her inner thigh down to her ankles, her pussy on full show but it could be anyone.

All of the pictures from Myspace were uploaded, in fact it looked near enough the same no nasty videos just the usual user uploaded ones from camera phones. She searched for the "better content" and couldn't see any.

The phone rang, was it 1am already? She had not even showered. She picked up the phone and answered: " Hey Bianca, enjoy your shower? Or haven't you had one yet?" he asked " You know I haven't as you are watching me!" she replied " Ha Ha, getting clever I see, maybe if you were clever to begin with you wouldn't be in the position!" he shouted back and Bianca realising its true " I am really tired Anthony" she said losing her will " Tired?

You have a task bitch!" he said " Now?" she asked " Yes" he replied " OK." she replied wondering " Your task is to go on the net, find a chat-room, chat up a guy who wants sex, you will meet him tomorrow night and take him back to your place for sex, if you do not then that video you just watched will be uploaded to your new website" he instructed and the phone went dead She looked around, asking for him to call back, knowing he was watching and could hear, but no response.

She logged on to the chatsite where she met Anthony, using the same name and the Private Brandi bae good at interracial porn came flooding, she filtered the soft ones, going straight for the ones with names like "HARDCOCK4U" and "PUSSYNEEDEDTONIGHT", she started talking to a few guys, most wanted phonesex and didn't want to meet as they were abroad or married.

Finally she was messaged, a guy 32 from her town, very blatant about wanting to meet for real sex and not for cyber. She spoke to him for a good 20mins, her eyes burning from tiredness as it was nearly 3am, she decided to give him her number so she could lay down and speak to him.

They spoke on the phone, he sounded very stern but very direct almost as if he met girls on a regular basis. He knew what he wanted, dinner and a fuck, no relationship and he will call if he wants another fuck. He gave her instructions on what he wanted her to wear, short skirt and top, usual staples of her wardrobe! She agreed to meet him, in a bar 5miles away. She fell asleep not having a shower and being woken up by Anthony calling.

" Where you meeting him whore?" he shouted " Erm, Glendale, the Apollo Bar at 7pm" she answered completely knackered " OK, you know what to wear?" he asked " Yes" she replied " And you have condoms?" he asked " No, erm I will get some!" she said " OK, I will be at the Apollo Bar, don't acknowledge you know me or the pictures will be on the net, I am just there to watch over you, make sure you're safe" he hung up Bianca was confused at his caring thought, she ran to the shower getting ready and ran to work, already running late.

Her outfit was a halter neck black top and tartan kilt, very short with black heels. She got into the office and looked up at her boss, she totally forgot about him and her last night until she saw his beastly face.

She felt ashamed, he was whistling, closing the office door and putting his hands up her skirt from behind. She stood still, he grabbed her black lacy thong, twisting it around his fist and he pulled hard, it ripped off her pussy like tissue paper, he clenched it in his fist and sniffed. She felt sick as he slapped her bare ass and walked away. She walked to her desk, sitting there feeling shocked by what just happened, how did she just stand there and let him do that?

Her boss's phone rang, he answered and then came towards the door, was it for her? He closed the door, wanting privacy and Bianca was relieved.

It was Anthony, but not for her, for him, although she didn't know that. Shortly after, he came from his office and told Bianca he had to go, emergency and will be back before lunch, she was so grateful at least she did not have to see him again.

Bernard made his way to meet Anthony at the same pub where they had lunch, he was nervous at the thought he may be beaten up. He arrived and Anthony was there, he shook his hand and handed him a beer, Bernard was wondering what he wanted.

" I know, she was with you last night" said Anthony " Erm, yes for Dinner!" stuttered Bernard " And sex?" said Anthony " Oh, well. erm" Bernard was getting panicked " Its OK Bernard, she told me, relax I knew before you did, hence why I was not allowed to come to dinner last all white girls amateurs dressed undressed pics part explained Anthony " OH?" said a shocked Bernard " I am lucky to have a beauty like Bianca, she is perfect, but have to accommodate her.

needs" said Anthony, like he was a victim " Needs? What needs?" asked Bernard intrigued " Bianca is, well addicted to sex, I can't keep up to her needs.

I have resigned myself to accepting that she has a relationship with me and all others it is just sex!" said Anthony " Oh, I see, must be hard on you!" said Bernard concerned " Well, I am not going to lie, it has been hard, but sacrifices need to be made for love" said Anthony almost shedding a tear "I felt happy it was you last night!" " Oh, happy?" said Bernard, still uncomfortable with Anthony knowing " Yes, at least she knew you, I met you, you are not a stranger like the others!" explained Anthony " Stranger?" said Bernard, intrigued " Yes, she meets men off the net, strangers for sex, brings them back to her flat, like tonight for example.

She tells me who and where, and I, like a loving boyfriend follows discreetly to ensure she is safe!" explained Anthony, lying through his teeth " Tonight?" asked Bernard " Yes, she is meeting a net guy, at Apollo Bar, in Glendale" said Anthony "I will be watching, I find it hard sometimes sitting in bars on my own whilst my beautiful girlfriend is with another man, but it is not like I can bring friends with me for support!" " No, of course not, but I can join you this evening if you like" suggested Bernard " No, I couldn't you must be busy" said Anthony " I insist, you are not alone, you are a good man!" said Bernard as he consoled Anthony " Thank you, I would prefer if she saw more of you!" he said " Well, it was a one off.

Mom sleeping and son xxx, well!" said Bernard " Oh, she said she loved it!" said Anthony acting shocked " Well. she didn't want to leave, but I didn't want her to be late!" explained Bernard " She was a bit upset, hoping to stay the night I was surprised when she called just after midnight saying she was home" said Anthony "She said you were good, but." " But?" asked Bernard intrigued " Bianca likes it, quite rough, she has a boy full of toys, ropes, gags you name it and she felt you were a bit.

soft" explained Anthony "This box is wild, she has this Tickler gadget she brings to work sometimes, its a clit tickler" " Oh, yes. I caught her with it the other day, I did not know what it was" said Bernard " Caught her? Oh in that study room you mean?" asked Anthony " Yes!" said Bernard shocked at him knowing " It is one of her hideouts where she fingers herself, that and. a toilet in Block A?" said Anthony " Right, yes. that explains it, she went to the post office last week and was seen in the toilets" said Bernard like he was piecing things together "she took long, but she went to collect something for you" " For me?

From the post office? When?" said Anthony really confused " When you called, erm something about 3pm deadline" said Bernard " Oh, she went to meet a guy, he was meeting her and she said he would be done by 3pm" explained Anthony "Bianca hates lying to you, but she would kill me if she knew I was telling you this, I just wanted you to know, it is ok I know you asked about me sunny leone teacher fucked with student you had sex with her, you too are a good man" said Anthony " Don't worry, I won't say a word, and as for you, whatever you need me to do" said Bernard " I need to get back to the office, shall I collect you from the office at 6pm?" asked Anthony " Yes, I will be waiting!" said Bernard excited Bernard returned back, he saw Bianca and walked over to her, she was disappointed he returned as it meant she had to speak to him.

Bernard had other plans, he was angry with her and also lost all respect for what she was doing to Anthony. " Someone came in this morning, looking for a lost tickler I thought you handed it in to the lost property office?" he asked abruptly " Erm, I did!" she said shocked wondering who could've asked for it " Come into the office, now!" he said commandingly shocking Bianca "Sit!" he ordered " I'm sorry what did the Lost Property office say?" she enquired " Lets not play games Bianca, it was a very expensive piece of equipment, but you knew that I assumed?" he asked " No, I didn't know what it was!" she explained " You have been lying for so long, you forgot how to tell the truth!" he shouted " What?

When have I lied!" she defended " You lied by pretending that you were a good girl, now I find out you are a party animal, sleeping with men and drinking like a professional!" he replied " That's's not." she said wondering what to say " That's not what? Not true.?" he said coming close to her face with rage "I saw how true it was last night didn't I Bianca?.

Didn't I?" he said with aggression but low enough for no one to hear " Yes, I am sorry. Maybe, I didn't actually give it in, I think I forgot to" she said " Right, well it's OK I denied any knowledge of you or I seeing it, what did you do with it?" he asked "Did you sell it?" " No, it's at home!" she said "I didn't know what it was!" " Well the guy said it was worth a few thousand, so sell it and to repent we will donate the money to a charity" he said "Either that or I will morally feel I have to report you and you will be sacked" " But, I." said Bianca in shock knowing it was worth a tenner at the most " It's OK Bianca, you can thank me by inviting me to dinner, maybe tonight?" he said " I can't tonight, I have plans" she said " Tomorrow night then!" he said " OK!" she responded realising she had no choice She went home and quickly changed for her date, she was tired and nervous.

She arrived at the Apollo Bar, not knowing that Bernard and Anthony were watching her from afar. Bernard shocked as she approached the male and everything Anthony saying seemed to be true. He was a big guy, very stern and intimidating, Bianca was nervous and tried to start small talk " So, have you met others before?" she asked " Shut up, I don't like women who speak!" he said " Sorry!" she said, realising she spoke again " Take this" he handed her an ice cube "Now go to the toilets and perk your nipples up, I can't see them" she got up, ice burning through her hand, she picked up her bag "Leave it, I want to ensure you come back, I don't like timewasters!" he said as she handed over her bag She ran to the toilets, ice melting in her hands, she went into a cubical and pulled down her top rubbing the stinging ice on her nipples which made them rock hard.

She put the top back over, her nipples now too sensitive the friction from the top. Meanwhile, her "date" was going through her bag, removing the £50 from her purse. She returned back, he demanded to see how erect they were, she stuck her chest out and he asked her to keep it like that until told otherwise, she realised it was attracting attention.

He stood up abruptly, asking if she booked a hotel, she said no but she lived a short taxi ride away, he granted and walked towards the door, Bianca following him. They stood outside the closed shop next door, he told her he will find a taxi, for her to stand there and flash her tits at a man whilst she waited, he would be watching. She was mortified, he walked across the road, she assuming he was out of sight, but not too sure, he however was watching her, but so was Bernard and Anthony.

She saw a guy walk towards her, she felt faint, she grabbed her top as he appeared close and pulled her top down, he stopped and stared, however thinking he was a prostitute he walked away hurling abuse at her, making her feel degraded even more. Anthony was stunned, he didn't make her do that, Bernard was appalled, patting Anthony on the back saying he was sorry and she was worse than he thought. Anthony, came back into role saying he had seen worse. The date appeared back, busty babe kitty caprice enjoys being plowed hard and fast the taxi rank was around the corner and they had to walk, he didn't mention her task.

They boarded a taxi and made their way to Bianca's house, followed unknowingly by Anthony and Bernard. The taxi stopped and the date came out, leaving Bianca to pay, she went to her wallet and no money was in there, she was confused but also embarrassed.

Her date pulled out the £50 and paid for it, he was not happy that she was expecting him to pay and they walked up the steps. He grabbed her, spat in her face and threw her into the bedroom, she was shocked and busty stepmom teaches teen how to fuck good as a champ threesome handjob, he threw her to the bed, climbed on top of her, slapped her face and ripped off her clothes.

She tried to get up red head nurse copper penny ron jeremy vintage he was too strong, he ripped her panties off and put his hand over her mouth as he inserted his cock into her pussy.

Outside, Bernard and Anthony were talking. " Bernard, you don't have to stay!" said Anthony " I must, for you!" said Bernard in a noble fashion " You are a good friend!" said Anthony " I mean it Anthony, if you need anything just ask!" said Bernard " Well, there is something!" said Anthony " Oh" said Bernard " She, has this fantasy, of being a glamour model" said Anthony " Really?" said Bernard getting aroused " Yes, the thing is, man to man, she thinks I am rubbish in bed, she has never said it but I can tell so if I could do this for her, she might be turned on by something I done, or at least I would feel like a man!" explained Anthony " How hot and sexy blonde year old gets fucked hard you arrange it?" said Bernard " I've done most of it, photographer, outfits, but.oh it doesn't matter" said Anthony " But what?" asked Bernard intrigued how he could help " She wants to do the shoot at the library and I wouldn't know how to get access!" said Anthony " Well, I could help, I have the key.

It would have to be on a weekend how long?" said Bernard " I don't want you to get in trouble!" said Anthony laughing inside at how easy that was " No trouble, I am there every weekend, no one comes in" said Bernard " Well, can we do it this weekend?" asked Anthony " Sure, but I have a request!" said Bernard " Of course, what?" asked Anthony " Can I be there, I mean play an sweet d hentai babe gets big jugs sucked part in the shoot?" asked Bernard aroused by the whole concept " I would really want that Bernard, you are my rock and its not like you haven't already seen her naked!" said Anthony laughing " Well, as we are being honest, over the last few weeks I have imagined Bianca in all sorts of poses, so if I could direct some of the poses I would be grateful" said Bernard " I would actually appreciate that as I don't know how to do this!" said Anthony shocked " Don't worry Friend, I will help you!" said Bernard The door slammed from Bianca's apartment, the guy walking at a fast pace out and past Bernard and Anthony.

Anthony said she would be going in the shower and offered to drop Bernard home. He returned, let himself into her apartment. He saw her laying on the bed, she poked her and she turned " How was it?" he asked " It was rough! He was rough, he threw me around a lot, pulled my hair" she explained " Sound excellent, no doubt I will watch it later" laughed Anthony She looked at him, it was rare for her to be face to face with him when he talked like that.

" What were you doing flashing that guy?" he asked curiously " He asked me to, I was scared not to!" she said thinking she was in trouble " Ha ha, you pick them well don't you, first me and now another evil bastard, maybe you have the scent of a pathetic victim who has no will of her own" he lectured " Did you report the tickler missing?" she said changing the subject " Why?" he asked wondering " Bernard said someone reported it stolen, saying it was worth thousands as some prototype contraption and how he covered for me, made me admit I stole it and now he naive teen cuties enjoy a quick foursome me to sell it and give thousands to charity" explained Bianca " Wow, looks like Bernard can smell victim on you too ha ha, jammy old man!" he laughed " Look, where am I going to get £2,000 from" she asked " Savings?" he asked " Yes, but that is for my PHD fees" she said " Well, what will he do if you don't pay?" he asked " Report me for theft I will be sacked!" she said " Well babe, you have to pay then!" said Anthony "Ha ha, jammy old man!" " He is coming around for dinner tomorrow" she said " Oh, nice, I won't come!" he said He left the apartment, now past 3am Bianca fell asleep.

She awoke and got ready for work, she was drained, she wore a really low neck tight top, showing her mid-rift and a black rar-rar skirt. She arrived at work, unaware that Bernard was aware of what happened the night before. He was starting to treat her like a whore, she walked into the office and he asked her to close the door.

She closed it, he demanded she came in 15mins earlier so he can have briefings with her as her performance was slipping. She looked at him stunned. He asked her to parade in front of him, he looked at her attire then clicked his fingers abruptly saying stop, wiggly his fingers calling her to him.

She walked over to him, wondering what had got into him and why he had changed. He gave her boobs a good squeeze and ass a loud slap, then pulled her skirt up from the waist but about 2inches making it even shorter. He told her that as he no longer trusted her, she would not work on the front-desk until she gave over the £2k and until then she was on cleaning duty. Cleaning in a packed library full of horny students all with their camera's out. She went to the library and started to wipe down shelves, the protection of a desk between her and loads of horny males gone, she felt vulnerable like a piece of meat tossed out to hungry lions.

She was paranoid constantly turning to look over at people who had a camera. Bernard was standing watching her, clicking his fingers occasionally calling her over, which amused the audience and made Bernard feel accepted as "cool" which spurred him on even more to do things to humiliate her more. She heard him shout her name and click his fingers for the 18 th time, she ran pussy you porn 69 bang 2019 and Bernard told her someone dropped a coke, near the science area and to follow the student talking to him who will show him where and to use an old rag as it was on carpet so a mop wouldn't do.

She panicked, there was no way she could bend down in that skirt, she asked if she should ask the students to move, where Bernard replied "Why? They are studying!" she following the student who had a smirk on his face. He took her to the far corner of the Science section, her rag and bowl in hand, she realised a crowd of about 10 guys around a table realising it was there she was going, all else was clear so she was alone in that corner.

The guy pointed under the table a large spill and got on her knees, a sight met by jeers from the crowd, she was asked brazenly to smile as a guy pulled out a camera phone in her face and clicked, she was not smiling. They looked as she stared at the spill "go on then scrub!" said a guy behind her, she crawled under the table, her ass in the hair, her skirt rising over her cheeks. She heard clicks of camera's, one guy saying that his will definitely get the highest ratings on the UNILIBRARYSLUT site, another saying that he chose the outfit she was wearing, impressed that the site was turning dreams into reality.

She started to soak up the liquid and ring it out into the bowl, the students now all coming under clicking from different directions. She was going as fast as she could, dying to get out of there. Then a hand was placed on her ass, she turned and pushed it away, but then they all started, she felt two hands around each thigh, pulling them apart and she looked seeing another guy place his camera in between her legs filming, she couldn't close them as their grip was too tight.

She was getting sweaty rubbing the floor, it was nearly done. Then a guy in front of her asked her to pull her top down, she looked at him and looked away finishing off the last part of the floor.

Then she felt his hand on her hair, pulling her face up, in his other hand was her bowl of soaked liquid, "do as you are told or I spill the bowl", she sat up facing him, his camera ready for the perfect shot but others filming. She pulled her top down, the guys getting excited all having a squeeze.

She looked at the camera, he demanded she smiled, she obliged as she saw the bowl tipping, the camera clicked and he was happy. Then he played with his phone for a second, changing it to film mode. " Right, look at the camera and rub those nipples, stop rubbing and the bowl goes, understood" said this dark haired 20yr old, she nodded "good, now repeat after me, word for word, if you feel upset, then cry, I want to capture the moment and rubbing those tits" she nodded " I am Bianca Jenkins, the Uni library slut" he said and she repeated.

" I am a worthless slut" the guys laughed, she repeated, looking down ashamed " I am born to obey men" the guys were laughing louder, she repeated and closed her eyes to hold back the tears " Right now, Sparky; Rizla; Tango and Spaceman09 have me trapped under a table" she repeated " Making me do this video" she repeated wondering where this was going " So they could win the UNILIBRARYSLUT video competition" she repeated and a tear rolled down her face.

They stopped filming, and all cheered at the main guy, patting him on the back saying they would definitely win and all started to get up leaving her, she straightened her clothes and heard liquid spilling as the bowl was slowly tipped and the all ran off laughing. She burst out crying, realising that all of that torment was for a stupid internet video competition, that was all her dignity was worth. Lunchtime arrived, Bianca ran to the bank to draw out her savings and pay her boss, there was no way she could be left to the pack of wolfs again.

She queued up, the grey haired customers in the bank taking out their pensions were all staring at her in disgrace, she finally got to cashier and asked to make a withdrawal of £2,000 from her savings account, the cashier informed her there was only £1,000 in there, she was mortified and then the cashier said she had just been paid and £1,000 was available in her current account.

She paused, realising her rent was due and her bills would be coming out of her account shortly, but she was desperate so agreed and withdrew the £2,000 She ran back to the library, eager to give the money to her boss part to free herself but part to impress him in a strange way.

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She came into the office, he looked at her as she handed over the money, he was impressed, but not with Bianca, but with himself realising his own potential of being an evil bastard. He kept his word and let Bianca work behind the desk, but not his word for the money which he kept for himself. Bernard decided to give Anthony a call, he must be traumatised, he had his number which was more than Bianca did. They spoke for a while, Bernard seeking permission to buy Bianca some toys for his dinner that night, but Anthony said that all the toys she had were kept in the draws under her bed.

So Bernard's generous mood was not needed. 8pm came, Bianca dressed in a small black tube dress and heels, which Anthony left for her on her bed for her "date". The doorbell rang, Bernard there with a dirty smile on his face. She let him in and sat him down in the living room, he asking her to give him a twirl and she did as she was told. She went to the kitchen to check on dinner and get Bernard a drink, however upon her return Bernard told her he had already eaten which defeated the purpose of coming!

She however, was hungry spending her lunch in a bank queue and told Bernard that she needed to eat as she hadn't all day, he was fairly compassionate as he asked her to sit and he would get her food. About 5mins later he appeared with a bowl of her spaghetti in hand, she smiled warmed by his care, affection she had not had in a while. Then, he sat down on her sofa next to her, bowl still in hand, he kicked the coffee table away which slid with the force and then his eyes on hers the whole time he placed the bowl by his feet and instructed bathing brunette moans in the hot tub to get on the floor and eat, but she couldn't use her hands.

She stared at the bowl on the floor, the smell was making her hungry and she got on her knees, holding her hair up with her hands and trying to eat spaghetti using her mouth like a dog. She couldn't get a grab without losing her grace, which was further frustrated by hearing her boss laugh. Then if it could not get any more humiliating he grabbed placed his feet on her back as he took his cock out and began to wank.

She felt the hot sauce on her face, but continued eating, she half finished the bowl and stated she was finished, but her boss wanted the bowl licked clean so she continued. She licked the bowl like a stray dog and looked up, Bernard pleased with her as he told her to get her rope. She stated she didn't have any, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her towards the bedroom.

He opened the draw under her bed, pulling out the rope and whipping her across the face, stinging her before warning her never to lie again. She genuinely forgot it was there but was also confused how he knew it was there. The rope was tied around her neck, like a leash and he began to walk her around her apartment on all fours, occasionally asking her to do dog tricks like sit or bark.

He then stood with her at the top of the stairs, he knelt down saying she ate too much, patting her ass and stomach saying she needed to lose that weight. He let her leash go, ordering her to sit as he walked to the bottom, she looked at him, he took an envelop of her £2,000 out of his pocket, changed to £10 notes and threw them on the floor.

She was confused as firstly she thought that it had been given to charity but also at what he was doing. He ran back up and then said she had 10mins to fetch as much money as she could and run back up the stairs, however she had to do it like a dog, no hands on all fours and one note at a time.

He then removed the rope xxx 2019 brazzer sex stories story full sex stories shouted start. Anthony was laughing his brains out, as he sat watching via the camera's thinking that Bernard was more evil than he was. Bianca had forgotten completely that Anthony could see. Ten minutes were over, Bianca had done 8 laps, it was a lot harder than people might imagine. She kinky masseuse cum mouth massage and jerking out of breath as he shouted stop she just managing to place her 9 th note in her mouth.

He slapped his thighs indicating for her to return. She looked up as he counted the 8 notes, completely disgusted with her pathetic attempt. " Shame, each note represented a minute" he explained "you have only knocked off 8mins of my time with you in the bedroom, which is good news for me as I have 192minutes which is just over 3hrs!" he laughed He grabbed her hair and dragged her to the bedroom, threw her on the bed and looked in her draw of goodies.

He placed the ball gag, nipple clamps and vibrator on the bed and the proceeded to put them on her, she screamed through the gag as the nipple clamps were applied and then nearly passed out as the vibrator was shoved deep in her ass. He placed her legs on his shoulders, wanking his cock to get it hard and placing a condom on. The he switched the vibrator on causing her to struggle in pain, but then felt him slap his rock hard fat cock on her pussy lips, he then inserted his cock deep inside her she could not take the pain of both in her, but grabbed the side of the bed clenching the pain.

He pounded her, pulling on the chain that connected the two clamps together. It was a good hour before he came, he was exhausted and collapsed his sweaty, hot hairy body on hers, the vibrator still on and he having energy or desire to remove it as she was trying to relax after her second orgasm.

He laid there for a good 10 mins before he rose, removing his condom from his now limp pink cock and throwing it on her stomach, it splashing everywhere. He walked and shouted for her to follow, she removed the vibrator from her ass and following his voice.

He was in the bath, putting the shower on as he climbed in the tub he ordered her to clean him, and she obeyed. She started on his back, it was hairy and spotty, but she foamed him as much as she could to hide it from her view. He turned so she could do his deauxma gets her huge fake milk tits fucked, again hairy, he lifted his manboobs one at a time so she could clean underneath and then lifted the rolls of flab to get in between the creases.

She then got on her knees doing his feet, his toenail all yellow, she worked her way up his legs finally getting to his cock, the water coming over her face, some with soapy suds splattering off his body entering her mouth. She rubbed his cock with her bath sponge, but he grabbed it out of her hand and ask her to use her hands, which she did, soaping it all in great detail. Then, he turned, she was eye to eye with his hair, flabby ass, she rubbed shower gel on his cheeks trying not to think about it and then he bent forward, his ass cheeks coming apart as he instructed her to clean.

She froze and then inserted her hand between his hairy ass cheeks, feeling dry bits of dirty tissue and dried poo as she did.

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She nearly vomited, needing to stop but he wanted her to carry on. He turned off the hot water, as he climbed out leaving only the cold shocking her body. He asked her to clean herself, the cold water making her shiver and shake. He dried himself watching her and then left the bathroom, returning 2mins later with her leash. He slapped his thigh, a sign she now trained herself to mean 'come' and then turned the water off and went to him, dripping wet, he threw her toilet roll which she used to dry herself with and watched her sitting on the toilet as he examined her body as she finished the roll still not dry.

She could hear him poo-ing and having a wee, the smell starting to overtake the room and making her want to gag. He then shouted he was finished, she was confused hoping it meant he was leaving and just stared at him.

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He stood up, his back facing her, she looked as she scrapped the remaining two sheets off the roll and walking towards his dirty ass. The hot slime seeping through, he told it was her fault as she used the toilet roll to dry herself and asked her to use the towel. She grabbed the towel wiping him, it was now on the towel and she did not know where to put it, she started to gag looking at it.

He told her to wash the towel and be back in the bedroom. She stood over the basin washing the towel, clumps of poo floating in the sink not going down the plug needing her to push it down with her hands.

She ran to the bedroom, she was there dressed going through her wardrobe. " You have some, revealing clothes here" he commented " Yes!" she said feeling a chill " Not much underwear though I notice" he said as he pulled out some of her clothes " Well, you have ripped two of my knickers" she commented " Ha ha, well maybe I can buy you some more" he said " Erm, not there is no need!" she jumped " Well your 192minutes are up bitch!

See you tomorrow for work!" he said as he left She fell back on the bed as she heard him picking up his money, or her money from the foot of the stairs and slam her door closed. Her phone rang " Oh shit slut, that was brilliant!" screamed Anthony in excitement " What?" she said realising he watched and then shocked he liked it " You have reached an all time low, you are an ass cleaner!" he laughed " I am tired!" she said " Tired?

You have a date tomorrow night!" he said " A date?" she said " Yep, this one is a paying client, so you need to stay professional!" he explained " I'm not a fucking prostitute!" she screamed " Well, yes you are as you have fucked for money on the weekend, but you need refining after all paying a guy £2,000 to fuck you defeats the objective!" he said " I didn't pay him to fuck me!" she said " Looked like that to me, anyway tomorrow a taxi will pick you up at 7pm" then the phone went dead The next day was the normal looks, ass slaps and photographs.

She rang home to get ready to meet her client and he was not as bad as her previous encounter, it was just straight sex. The fact that Bianca found it normal surprised her, she just fucked a stranger for £100 and was immune to feeling any shame.

She came home, at 11pm her phone rang with instructions from Anthony to use the money to go to a salon appointment he arranged as it was time again for her wax and her hair needed cutting, all was booked for the next evening, Friday! The weekend finally came, Bianca slept in until being woken up at 10am, having no idea that her relaxing weekend was going to be the complete opposite. She got ready, wearing the last hanger of clothes left and then waited for Anthony to pick her up. She couldn't look at him, feeling sick at his smirk as he remarked that she looked good as a blonde!

They pulled up outside the University, it was closed and she looked confused, he got out and walked through the delivery yard, Bianca following as she was expected. The door was open and they walked through leading to the library. The doors opened and she saw her boss, plus another man. There was a few stage lights, props and backgrounds, Bianca assumed for the grand opening of the new lecture theatre on Monday morning. Bernard ran to the door, locking it shut as they came in, drawing the blinds then the curtains.

Him and Anthony shook hands as Bianca stared wondering what the fuck was going on. Anthony asked if the trunk arrived, Bernard confirming that it was in his office and then Anthony walked towards his office clicking his fingers for Bianca to follow. Bianca was stunned as normally in front of Bernard he played the perfect gent, but he had become his true self.

In the office was a rail of clothes, the desk full of make up with a mirror and a few toys on the coffee table. " Right, I will leave you with Bernard!" said Anthony as he left " Yes, right, start with your make up!" ordered Bernard a bit nervous Bianca sat down, looking at the bright colours and started to apply.

Bernard stood with a hanger which had a fishnet dress hanging from it, she stood up and put it on, no bra or knickers she might as well have been naked. Anthony came in saying he needed the key and Bernard left the office running to accommodate.

She looked in the mirror, barely recognising herself with her new hair. Bernard came back and said that they were ready and ushered her out She looked out as she walked, three new guys had joined, she couldn't recognise them at first and then, she realised it was a few of the guys from the video competition under the table. She walked towards them, they cheering and laughing in excitement as they checked her out.

Bernard took Bianca to the front desk and asked the lads to stay quiet as the shoot began and they will be called in when needed, they went to the corner still close enough to watch. She sat on her seat and Bernard stood just out of shot as the camera clicked away taking pictures. Bernard asking her to smile and how to pose.

Then he called in the guys, asking them to act as students getting a book out, touching her tits and her faking a smile for the camera. Bernard asked her to stand on the desk, spreading her legs and have the guys looking up, a few clicks later she was instructed to open her pussy, then a few clicks later asked to squat down with her legs spread.

She blanked out the reactions and zoned herself into role, surprising both herself and Bernard at what a natural she was. She was then asked to change into her next outfit, she walked to the office, closely followed by Bernard, she climbed out of the dress and Bernard proceeded to smear her body with baby oil and handed over her next outfit, a PVC red bikini.

She dressed and met Bernard in the library where he was with the photographer, the students and Anthony all praising Bernard for his excellent work. She was laid across one of the study tables, clicks ticking in the background which Bianca was becoming immune to.

Bernard came over, pulling her bikini to each side revealing her huge boobs, he sucked both of her nipples to get them erect then placed a few books around her and on her stomach. After a few clicks, he sat her up, spreading her legs apart and placed a line of books between turning her legs into bookends.

She done a few more out fit changes and shoots, they had a break whilst the male students came back with pizza for everyone. Bianca made to sit with the group of men as they discussed new ideas for photos, it was already 4pm and Bianca was wondering how much longer this was going to carry on. Bernard took Bianca back to the office, ordering her to re-apply her make up and change into a black dress with a plunging neck line that when to her navel.

She had to crawl across the floor in a leash around the legs of the standing male students, Bernard and Anthony whilst the photo's clicked away. It was now nearly 10pm, she was tired and in desperate need of the toilet, which she found the courage to inform Bernard about.

Dressed in stockings, suspenders and a bra from her last shoot he agreed but asked her to wait whilst her went to check if the coast was clear. He came back and nodded, she ran out of the office and was shocked to realise that the photographer, students and Anthony were following Bernard and herself. She felt nervous, as she walked in her underwear down the cold, dark corridors of the grand University building, passing several toilets on the way.

Finally reaching the gym, he opened the doors to the male changing room and she ran in desperate to release. She came out and they were waiting, she was asked to pose on the changing benches and the clicks carried on, she was then asked to climb into a locker and smile as pictures were taken, followed by two students in-front of her grabbing her bra and pulling it down.

She then was given a university football kit to wear, found in the coaches office, she placed it on her body and then Bernard came with scissors cutting it very short, just covering the her nipples. Her shorts rolled up by the waist and pulled tight up her ass whilst a few more rounds of pictures were taken of her with a ball. The final shoot was obviously in the shower, it was gone past 2am when they finished and finally Anthony drove her home, in the car he spoke about the day.

" Damn, that Bernard is a kinky fucker!" he said impressed " Whatever!" said Bianca " Oh come on, you were a model today, most women would die for that chance" he said " I wouldn't!" she said " Oh, you saying you didn't enjoy it?" he asked " Yes, that is exactly what I am saying!" she said " Well, you never said, in fact I assumed you were loving it" he said "I mean, you have never said you haven't enjoyed any of it over the last few weeks!" " Yes I have!" she said in shock " Erm, no you haven't" he affirmed making Bianca realise she hadn't " Well, I am saying it now" she asserted " OK, well how about we agree you finish the shoot tomorrow and you will never see or hear from me again, in fact I will come in now and remove all the cameras" he said Bianca was shocked and smiled, relieved it was all over, just one more day.

She walked upstairs Anthony handing over his key and he went around removing the tiny penny sized camera's hidden in the most obscure places. He turned and said he will pick her up at 10am, returning her clothes.

True to his word Anthony came back the following morning, with her clothes and also with a suitcase to pack away her old clothes and toys, almost removing any existence of his presence in her life. She had to wear one last outfit, a crochet white bikini, but Anthony gave her her old overcoat whilst walking her to the door.

In the car he held her, almost lovingly and asked for her to make the day really good, fully participate so he can talk Bernard around which would be hard if she upset him. She agreed. She walked into the office, smiling, almost confident and looking forward to the shoot as it was her path back to normality.

The students were not there and neither was the photographer which made her more relaxed, Anthony informing her he would take the pictures to make her feel more comfortable and that there was no card in the camera so act normal, Bianca smiled, the thought she was onside with Anthony was reassuring. She changed into the array of outfits, some more risky then she had wore before, the use of toys and more x-rated positions and acts making her nervous but Anthony giving her that reassured smile.

It hit 7pm when Bernard asked for more shots around the University, Bianca not fully comfortable but Anthony giving her that pleading look as if her refusing would blow his ability to convince Bernard later. She agreed and to add icing to the cake, suggested the catering block for some kitchen shots and even the Dean's office which Bernard loved and agreed.

It hit midnight when she came after dildo-ing herself on the Deans desk, all captured on camera, well so Bernard thought. They had a break and Bernard suggested a shoot in the new lecture theatre, yet to be opened to the public until the following day and it could be a good way to secretly have a special opening. Bianca looked at Anthony who stepped in almost defending Bianca by saying it had to be the last shoot as the camera card was low on memory.

Bernard was a tad disappointed but agreed. As it was the final shoot, Bernard pulled out a special outfit, duct tape! She looked at Anthony who shrugged his shoulders and smiled like to say he was a strange man.

Bernard cut pieces of tape, to cover her nipples and then used some of the yellow and black construction tape to cover her around the hips like a bizarre skirt. She posed around the theatre, on the seats, over the lectern even blow-jobbing the microphone.

Bernard then placed a ball gag on her, after a few shots suggested he tied her on the plaque and drew the curtains like they would in the grand opening, her hands cuffed to the rails, she was firmly in place. The curtains closed covering her whole body and opening slowly whilst the camera clicked.

Bernard was still not happy and insisted it was done again, looking at her trying to figure out what was wrong.

He then got a blindfold and placed it on her eyes, she felt cold ink on her stomach as Bernard wrote "Welcome" on her firm mid-rift. The curtains closed again, Bianca's arms aching and she was tired, it must be about 2am she thought awaiting the curtains to come back.

It was a good 10mins before Bianca realised that something was wrong, she hadn't felt the curtain go back and couldn't hear anyone. She started to call out, her voice muffled by the gag. There was no response, she pulled her hands forward but they were firmly in place. She stayed there thinking that Anthony would be back to rescue her.

Anthony and Bernard were in the library packing up: " Thank you Bernard, you are a true friend!" said Anthony " No problem, I can't believe the money grabbing whore was blackmailing you!" he said " I was devastated, if she went to the Police saying I pimped her out I would have lost everything.

I am so glad I had you, you saw everything with your own eyes" said Anthony " Indeed I did!" said Bernard as they walked towards the CCTV room switching the camera back on "Well tomorrow it will all be over!" " Yes, thank you!" he said as he offered Bernard a lift back Bianca had fallen asleep, she was awoken by the sounds of moving furniture, her senses confused as she could not see and had to figure out where she was.

She stayed still, holding her breath as she felt sunny leone hot sexy girls brushing teen with great tits and ass teen faye was supposed to meet her dealer in a fresh spot he the curtain.

They were staff, her colleagues preparing for the grand opening. How was she going to get out? Where was Anthony? What was she going to do? As the hour progressed more and more people entered the lecture theatre, she estimated about 300 people, including the press, but unknown to her Anthony and Bernard. Then, the voices quieten as the Dean and the Mayor of the local town entered, she heard her Dean almost right in front of her making his speech.

The Mayor then came on, starting with the line 'I don't like long speeches' which was not what she wanted to hear. Her stomach rumbled, but surprisingly to Bianca her clit was tingling and she was wet. The Dean asked the Mayor to join him in pulling the curtain cord, her heart in her throat she felt the fabric brush on her naked body and heard a few camera clicks, then a gasp as the audience saw her naked body on the plaque and then a flurry of camera clicks, flashes so bright she could see the shots of light through her blindfold.

It was a good 30secs before the Dean pulled the curtain over her body and then apologised to the Mayor and ordered everyone to leave. Anthony and Bernard laughing, but Bernard offering his assistance to the Dean who gave his trusted library manager the responsibility to take care of the Mayor, who seemed to want to stay and look behind the curtain one last time.

Bianca felt Bill the caretaker cut her cuffs off and she rubbed her arms, however not wishing to remove her blindfold. A blanket placed over her, including her head as the Dean grabbed her arm and another male her left arm, marching her through the crowd that had been added to from the word that spread across the university. The Dean was furious, shouting at Bianca, not knowing who she was stating he will expel her.

They finally reached the quietness of his office, the Dean looking at the man who helped him escort her through " Erm, thank you. erm, sorry with all the confusion I didn't get your name!" said the Dean " Mr Gent!" said Anthony which made Bianca jump " Well, Mr Gent I will take it from here!" said the Dean " Of course Sir" he said before whispering to Bianca "I told you I will end it didn't I" The Dean soon realised he was dealing with a member of staff, she was dismissed and escorted off the grounds by taxi after she was given some lost property clothes to wear.

Bianca locked herself in her apartment, the pictures of her 'Grand Opening' fully circulated around the whole town. Three weeks went past, living off all of her tinned and frozen food she had to venture out and get supplies.

She left her apartment, neighbours staring at her, she went to the local supermarket and lined up to pay, but her card rejected she just walked away empty handed and made the journey back. Upon her return her door was open, she ran in and her landlord was there serving her an eviction notice as a locksmith changed the locks, she was now a month behind with the rent. " I am sorry Mr Faisal!" She pleaded " Sorry doesn't pay my bills!" he said heartless " I just, well I haven't been working and." she tried to explain " Well, from what I hear you left the University no option but to dismiss you!" he said " Oh, you know?!" she said withdrawing " Who doesn't?

It was all over the local papers and everyone knows!" he explained " Right!" she said " Well, hurry up grab what you can, I have things to do!" he shouted " But, I have no way of carrying all of this and I have no where to go!" she pleaded " Not my problem" as he started to place her possessions in black bags and throwing them out She grabbed a rucksack and packed some clothes, she walked out looking at her possessions piling up by the bin but just walked as crowds started to stare at the whole dramatic performance.

She walked and walked for hours, then as she sat in the park her phone rang, she answered. " Hi Bianca" said Anthony " What the fuck do you want!" she screamed " Hey hey hey, come on. Where you staying tonight?" he asked calmly " None of your business!" she said " OK, well I have an empty apartment you can have if you want!" he offered " I don't have money to rent an apartment!" she said " Well, it's free! Until you find something!" he offered She thought about it, it was dark and cold, she accepted and a taxi came to pick her up from the park gates finally arriving at the posh apartment block.

She was greeted by Anthony who took her upstairs, where the apartment overlooked the Thames. " You like?" he said " It is amazing!" she said " It is yours" he said " Mine?" she asked " Yes, here this is yours too!" he said handing her a cheque for £10,000 " What is this for?" she asked confused " Your photo-shoot" he said "it is the profits from your site" " I don't understand" she said " Your site, members pay £20 a month to have access, obviously I have taken my cut, 50% but that is yours.

for this month!" he explained " I made £10,000 in one month!" she screamed in disbelief " Yes, for two days work!" he said " I can't believe it!" she said " Well, I have enough content for another month so we will need to discuss more content" he said " More photo-shoots?" she asked " Yes, if you want to that is, if not then the £10,000 and 50% of next month is yours and you can move out, get another job and move on!" he said " Who is going to employ me?" she said realising that everyone knew " Well think about it, I've stocked the fridge and all of your possessions from the flat are in the spare room!" he said as he left She went to log on to see her site, a few of her library shoots loaded up, including ones from the time Anthony said the camera was empty - he lied!

The 3 students were not identifiable as all of the pictures of them had their backs. The pictures were high quality and she looked amazing, almost turned on herself. She read the comments, some very black guy and grill xxx sexy and she felt really good reading them. She logged off and went to unpack her possessions, smiling that Anthony rescued it all for her. She had a bath and then went to sleep. A few weeks had past, Anthony calling occasionally to see if she needed anything.

She went shopping with her money, dyed her hair as he roots were showing and even taking a holiday to Italy to see the museums. She was getting used to the life or having money and not working. Upon arriving back from Italy she called Anthony for lunch, he had no idea she had been away which made her feel weird as he used to know her every move.

She was really confident, started to cum on my stockings creampie and brunette more lady-like, showing cleavage and leg, but not over slutty.

They had lunch, a posh restaurant that Bianca felt comfortable with. She discussed her site, wanting regular updates on new members, financial information, advertising, Anthony was very forthcoming, offering her admin access so she could get this first hand. They returned back to her apartment and they logged in to see the statistics first hand, she was shocked to see a slump in the last week, Anthony explaining no new content had been uploaded.

Shockingly she asked for a photo-shoot to be arranged and also a suggestion page so she could see what her fans wanted, Anthony got to work whilst she watched television. Anthony arranged the shoot for the next day, Bianca asking for him to supply outfits as she didn't possess any.

The next day, Bianca arrived at a hotel where the shoot was taking place, she was into it a lot more, almost pushing herself to give her fans more shots. They were uploaded that evening whilst Bianca read the suggestions asking for regular webcams and some videos. The photoshoots were met with disappointment from the members, the fans feeling it didn't possess the essence of her previous shoots That night, Bianca cooked dinner as they discussed what to do to improve the site.

Anthony said that Bernard was the idea's guy for the pictures and his other girls weren't as successful as Bianca was and it was his idea to expose her at the lecture. Bianca looked shocked, wanting to know about his other girls. Anthony was open, showing Bianca the other sites of 8 others, one being the massage girl from the hotel, Anthony explaining what they all did before he 'discovered' them which included teachers; social workers and even a doctor.Bianca looked at him, thinking he must be making a good £50k a month at least.

Bianca asked if Bernard was still in contact, Anthony said No. She asked her to call him and arrange a meet, agreeing with Anthony he will get 10%.

Bernard came around latina jaye summers earns money with her expert blowjob next day, a little apprehensive and confused but glad to see Bianca again. Bernard was explained the proposition and shown the site, Bernard realising that he too could make money and retire early, agreed but on an equal share of 33%, which surprised both Bianca and Anthony, however they agreed and then Bernard added he wanted regular sex with Bianca, she reluctantly agreed.

Bernard became pivotal to Bianca's success, planning shoots just like a school principal gets her ass well screwed fans wanted, not in bog standard hotel room shoots, but more humiliating, degrading shoots in public places like burger bars; betting shops; public toilets and building sites.

Her site changed to BustyBianca and was making an average of £20,000 a month each for the three of them. The video shoots also possessed the Bernard touch, but Bernard insisting she used men she picked up from chatrooms to give it an authentic taste. Bernard also helped Anthony with his other girls, making his financial gain 10times what Bianca was earning. It appeared that despite what happened, all were happy, well nearly all.

there was of course Tiffany, who was Anthony and Bernard's new victim, where Bernard was a rich art collector and Anthony his handsome single son!! . but she would soon find happiness! The end. I hope you enjoyed reading, please score me and leave me feedback thanks FD xxx