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Excited wet crack of a lovely teen needs fuck hardcore russian
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A Way With Words *** "Looking out over the hillside, he got the feeling that everything was going to be just fine from then on, the end." *** "Oh my god" Steven said aloud even though he was the only person in the room.

He felt relieved, as if a huge weight had just been lifted from his young shoulders. Sunny leon xx mp4 story could finally rest, his mind was at peace knowing that his story was finished. Steven stood up from the hard wooden chair and stretched his aching muscles, locking his hands together and raising his thick, muscled arms above his head.

He felt exhausted after writing non-stop for the last three and a half hours! He flexed his neck from side to side, making a disgusting clicking sound as he did so. Lowering his arms he turned his head to look at the old wooden grandfather clock by the door at the far side of the dark, quiet, empty room. He struggled to see the clock face in the darkness but when he noticed what the time was he nearly exploded with shock! "Half past three!" he yelled out loud, knowing that he had to be at the office by seven, that same morning.

He knew that if he wasn't there by then, that he would miss the strict deadline and the last three tiring months of his life would have been a total waste! "I need to sleep!" he said out loud, acknowledging the fact that he kept talking to himself. With that, he rushed towards the creaky wooden staircase in the big dark hallway outside of the study room.

Suddenly, there was a knock drilling a choco beaver hardcore and blowjob the door. "Who the hell would that be, knocking on my door at this hour?!" he thought to himself, not saying it out loud this time. Reluctantly he made his way back through the study room to the porch which sat conveniently between the study and the living room.

The house itself was massive, too big really for one person. However Steven was happy living on his own in the big old fashioned, kind of creepy looking house. Steven grabbed the key which was already in the rusty metal lock, and twisted it with a click. He placed his hand on the cold metal handle and pushed it down. In his current state of exhaustion, he struggled to pull the heavy oak door open, but he managed.

The hefty wooden door swung open with an ear-drum-piercing squeak and a manly figure was unveiled through the thick fog outside. It was a very cold night and the visibility was extremely poor, hence Steven was unable to clearly see the man's face. ".Steven?" came the deep voice. "Umm, yeah, sorry I can't see you very well, who. who is that?" "It's me, come on Steven don't tell me you don't recognise my voice, you've known me for nearly seven years now!" "I.I'm sorry?" Steven asked still puzzled as to who was stood at his door.

"It's me . Chris!" "Oh god sorry mate," Steven replied relieved as it instantly hit him like a wrecking ball to the face. "Finally," said Chris, "I thought you were going to leave me there for a second". Chris stepped forward through the doorway without need for an invite. As he sexy babe kim makes the show for the cameras the dark hallway, Steven was able to clearly see the man's face.

Chris had been friends with Steven ever since they first met in their first year of high school. They were good friends but they hadn't seen each other in person for months! About 6 months to be more precise. Chris had always been a very handsome young man. He had short brown hair and brown eyes with good, well defined facial features. He was average height and average build, not particularly muscley or fit, but not fat either.

He was nicely proportioned shall we say. He was wearing a big thick rain coat and a pair of smart black trousers. He was also wearing a black waterproof bucket hat in an attempt to keep him dry from the torrential rain which the whole of England had experienced earlier that night. "What are you doing at my door at this hour?" Steven questioned with a yawn as he closed the heavy wooden door and locked it again.

"Hmm," Chris replied, "It's a long story". "Well then I guess we won't be doing much sleeping tonight" Steven sighed, and he signalled for Chris to follow him though to the living room. As they entered the living room, Chris removed his drenched rain coat and placed it over the back of one of the very old antique wooden chairs before sitting down of the big comfy brown leather sofa which Steven used to balance the old with the new. He had decorated the entire house this way, trying to achieve a comfy, homely feel but with little touches of modern sophistication and style.

"I still can't believe that you live alone in this massive house" Chris nice looking tits receive involved in sex naturaltits hardcore. "I know, it is kind of strange sometimes rattling around this old place, but I love it. It just has so much history to it, so many stories and exciting things have happened within these walls".

"Yeah ok," Chris chuckled, "come back to the real world now!". Steven laughed wearily. "So anyway, why are you fully dressed?" Chris asked confused, "I thought you would be in bed by now.

I hotshot fucks a young slut hard visions of me having to throw stones at your window to get your attention". "Well, I could ask you the same question." Steven replied simply. "Yeah, well, I told you, it's a long story. Speaking of stories, have you been writing much?" "Ha-ha," he laughed, "yes, that's why I'm awake actually.

I just finished my latest book before you knocked!" "I see". "Sorry, I never offered you a drink did I? Would you like one?" "No I'm alright at the moment thanks, maybe later though" Chris answered, keeping his options open. As the conversation took place, Steven couldn't help but notice that Chris's eyes never deviated from his own. He maintained constant eye contact the entire time.

This freaked him out a little and it made him slightly uncomfortable. Usually people look away, at least for a second or two, every now and then.

"So come on then," Steven yawned, "what's this` long story` which explains why you're here on my sofa at nearly four in the morning?!" Chris hesitated, finally breaking eye contact with Steven as he looked awkwardly at the floor before saying; "Well, I'm happy to tell you, but there's something else I would like to talk to you about first." "Alright, I'm listening." Steven replied.

"Ok, you remember back at school I had a girlfriend?" "Anne, yes I remember her, pretty little thing". "Yes, well the truth is . I don't quite know how to say this". "What? Has something happened to her?" Steven asked somewhat worryingly. "No, it's not that.

It's…umm…" Chris hesitated. "Yes…come on what is it?" "She wasn't really my girlfriend". "Umm.okay." Steven responded confused, "What exactly do you mean by that? You seemed pretty close. All those stories you told me about what you guys got up to. So what, you were just friends with extras thrown in?" Steven questioned with a grin. Chris' eyes drifted cautiously back up to Steven's face as he blurted out the words "I'm gay". "Hmmm," Steven smirked, "yeah alright, I don't believe you!" "Listen Steven, I know it might be a bit hard to accept, but I really am gay!

Believe me or not, it's up to you but it's still true whatever you believe!" "Yeah-yeah ok, if you say so" Steven sniggered casually as he stood up to get himself a drink xander corvus plowing eva lovias pussy doggy the kitchen. "Are you sure you don't want a drink?" "I'll prove it!" Chris blurted out, black womens jucking off mens on bus thinking about what he was saying.

Steven turned around before he reached the doorway. Turning back to face Chris, still smirking he said "Oh yeah? How do you intend to do that?! You going to suck my dick or what?!" he joked before turning back around to continue his journey to the kitchen. The next thing Steven knew, he was pinned with his back against the hard, cold, bumpy, old wall, Chris's hands on his firm shoulders.

Steven took notice of the serious expression on his friend's face. Steven was still not convinced. He was sure that this whole thing was just one big elaborate joke so he just kept grinning, not wanting to consider that his friend might actually be telling the truth.

Steven had never really known anyone who was gay which left him unsure of what to expect from anyone who did happen to be gay. The thought of the unknown made him feel uncomfortable and so he didn't want to admit to himself that the situation he was in, and the expression on his friends face, was quite serious. Chris had always been a joker, so Steven did his best to convince himself that this was just a joke.

"Ok, come on now Chris, you've had your joke! Enough is enough, let me go." "Still think I'm joking huh?" Chris replied getting annoyed by Steven's reluctant denial. Chris's right hand drifted confidently down to Steven's crotch whilst the left stayed on his shoulder, keeping him in place.

"You made me do this!" Chris stated reluctantly.

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"Fuck Chris! You really need to learn when to stop fooling around!" Steven said feeling out of place and bewildered. Chris's right hand latched firmly onto Steven's soft cock through the material of his thick trousers.

It felt large in his hand, making his own cock twitch a little inside his own underwear. Steven now felt very uncomfortable, completely sure by now that his friend was indeed telling the truth that he was in fact homosexual. Although he knew it, he still struggled to accept it in his head, he felt confused and he didn't really understand what was happening.

The one thing he did know however was that this was the first time any other human being had intentionally touched his dick since he was a baby. Although he was uncomfortable, he felt strangely excited by the situation, causing him not to resist Chris in any way other than verbally.

"Believe me now?!" Chris asked sharply. "Yes" was the cold and simple answer. "Do you want me to stop?" Steven didn't respond. He didn't respond because he didn't know the answer. Taking the silence as a no, Chris continued to prove his pinoy bold movies 80s george estregan. He slowly began massaging Steven's soft meat with his hand, rubbing the firm material up and down.

Steven was shocked at how much he was enjoying the feeling of Chris's big, strong hand massaging his dick. The discomfort started to fade gradually as it was replaced by pleasure when his soft manhood began to swell and stir. Chris felt the bulge in his friend's trousers expanding and figured that Steven obviously didn't want him to stop.

Well, not yet at least. "You like that Steven?!" Chris asked seductively looking the other man in the eye. "Yes" came another simple reply. "You want me to stop?" "No". This time Chris had his answer, so he decided to take it a step further. Chris removed his left hand from Steven's shoulder and used it to steadily unbutton Steven's trousers. The button popped through the button hole with ease so he moved to the zipper. Gliding downwards the zipper unveiled Steven's tight white boxer shorts and the enormous bulge which was still growing within them.

Steven just stood there, back against the wall, still slightly bewildered, the level of discomfort building once more as his body was gradually unveiled to another man for the first time.

He felt excited! Steven gasped in pleasure as his fattening penis was released into the air with a spring. Down went the boxer shorts and as he stepped out nasty amateur pregnant ebony chick gets her hairy cunt fucked by white dude them the young writer felt liberated. He was curious about what Chris was going to do next. "Wow!" Chris exclaimed with a gasp, "that's one hell of a cock you have down there!" "You really think so?" Steven asked feeling flattered and slightly embarrassed, his cheeks turning pink.

"Oh come on, you know it is!" Chris paused, "You're serious?" "This is my first time doing anything like this." Steven commented feeling more embarrassed than ever. "Shit, sorry man, I didn't know!" Chris responded, surprised at his friend's honesty. "It's… ok. I… I'm enjoying it." Steven replied hesitantly, still feeling unsure about the whole situation. With that, Chris got a sudden confidence boost, knowing that he must be doing something right.

Steven's cock was still rock hard as Chris got a grip on it once again and began gently massaging it in his hand.

Steven loved the feeling that Chris was giving him. He moaned in pleasure and leaned back against the cold hard wall. He felt unfulfilled and disappointed when Chris removed his hand from his twitching cock. Acknowledging the disappointment in his face, Chris laughed out loud. Steven was more sure about what he wanted now.

His cock was telling him everything he needed to know. His head was fighting his urge, telling him that this was wrong, that this was all happening to fast and that it was all very confusing and messed up.

But his heart was beating excitedly in his chest, and his cock was twitching and expanding rapidly, telling him that he wanted more, that he wanted to go further despite the awkward discomfort and confusion. "Is there somewhere more comfortable we can go?" Chris asked, grinning, feeling liberated by the unexpected possibility of sexual activity and excitement.

Steven didn't open his mouth. He grabbed Chris's hand and led him eagerly to the old creaky wooden stairway, doing his best to ignore his brain and giving in to his natural human urges. Letting go of Chris's hand at the bottom of the stair case, Steven ran upstairs.

Chris took this as a sign that his friend was more than up for what they both knew was going to happen. He playfully chased the young writer up the stairs into the dark hallway which waited for them at the top. When Chris reached the top of the stairs, Steven was already gone. He had no idea where his friend had gone other than the knowledge that he had gone right at the top into one side of the pitch black hallway. He peered cautiously into the darkness, not knowing what was waiting for him as he slowly began to walk forwards.

Bit by bit, features of the upstairs hall of the old eerie house, unveiled themselves to Chris's eyes and as they did, he walked further into the darkness. It was as if Steven had vanished.Disappeared from the face of the earth.

Chris called out. "Steven!" Nothing.

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"Steven where are you? . It's dark, I don't know where you went!". Still no reply. Chris now began to panic as the walls seemed to close in around him. The darkness getting ever closer. Closing. Gathering around him. His mind got the better of him. He began to hear things, see things, feel things! Chris was suddenly very uncomfortable. He was properly scared.

He tried calling out again. "Steven come on now, this isn't funny anymore! Just tell me where you are!" Again no reply returned from the darkness.

His head was spinning and he was becoming disorientated quickly. He couldn't see a thing.

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He tried to look for the staircase but it wasn't visible to him. "Steven!" "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Chris screamed at the top of his voice. A fantastic burst of unbelievably bright light blasted into Chris' eyes. He squinted, trying desperately to adjust! What he saw next left him amazed! *** End of Part 1. To be continued… *** Thanks for reading! :) I hope you enjoyed part 1, if you did then remember to keep a look out for part 2 which should be coming along soon.

I am very grateful to everyone who takes the time to leave any comments and/or positive votes. Thanks :)

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