Filipina amateur has kinky sex with a tourist

Filipina amateur has kinky sex with a tourist
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Shared with Sperm: Amanda Used? Part three Chapter 8 Aftermath I withdrew my cock from Amanda's ass and watched her sphincter gradually shrink back to almost its proper diameter. As I watched, some of my cum welled up and spilled out in a thick white dribble that ran down the side of her pussy, past Matt's cock which was still full and fat and buried deep inside Amanda.

They continued to kiss and Amanda, who had dropped down on to her knees as I had started to pull out of her, began a slow, persistent rhythm sliding up and down on Matt's huge cock. I was amazed that he was still so hard, but it was his first time with Amanda and he said he hadn't been getting much sex recently.

I remembered my first time with Amanda had been an all-nighter and I had fucked myself dry with this gorgeous girl, so I understood Matt's willingness and endurance! My jism was gradually being worked up and out of Amanda's ass by the pressure from Matt's rather large cock in her cunt. "Well," I said, "I'm pretty tired and I have to go to work in a couple of hours. What do you want to do now?" I looked at Amanda and Matt who were so involved in their own pleasure that they seemed not to notice me at all.

"Hey! Mandy! Matt!" Amanda looked up from kissing Matt and smiled. "Sorry baby, but I've got tomorrow off, and if you don't mind, I think me and Matt will keep going." Amanda looked back down at Matt and smiled at him then back to me. I saw that she wasn't going to take"no" for an answer.

"Is that alright Pete?" Matt asked, as if he was even remotely interested in stopping! He had one hand on Amanda's left tit just above his face and his cock was sunk deep inside my girlfriend slopping back and forth in two loads worth of his cum. He wasn't going anywhere! "OK, whatever you guys want to do. I'll sleep on the couch then." I felt ridiculous, so I sat up and went to walk out. "Pete!" Amanda reached out to me and drew me close to her, "Don't worry baby, its just I'm still so horny and Matt's cock feels so good.

Just let me do this OK?" She pulled me close and gave me a deep passionate kiss. As I stood back up, Amanda smiled and I returned it with a weak grin. It was, after all, my fantasy to have her fuck other men and I had been the one to initiate making it come true.

If I didn't like what was happening, well then, there was the lesson for me. I switched on the light in the walk-in wardrobe, grabbed my clothes for work and left the room pulling the bedroom door closed behind me. Walking to the lounge room Woman flashes her boobs and banged hard at the pawnshop dropped my clothes on the floor and lay down on the couch, feeling stupid and more than a little jealous. As I was lying there in the dark I thought of what had just happened.

I wasn't even sure how long we had been there, but as I thought about all that had gone on, my stupid cock started to harden again. I thought of Amanda and Matt in our bed and wondered what was happening between them now I had left. The more I thought about beautiful busty blondes double penetration and pussy licking, the hornier and more curious I got.

Fuck it, I thought, I gotta see what's happening! Sitting up I pulled on my boxer shorts and walked quietly back down the hall to the bedroom door. I regretted closing it now as I could hear from the other side the sounds of Amanda and Matt talking and probably fucking.

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There was no keyhole and I couldn't see anything looking under the door except for carpet and the legs of the bed. That's when it occurred to me; the walk-in wardrobe light was still on! Standing up, I walked quickly and quietly to the laundry and, unlocking the back door, stepped out into the warm night air. Walking carefully up the side path in the dark I emerged into the grassy courtyard outside our bedroom window.

The streetlights were still on so it was obviously not yet 2 o'clock. Light shone out from the bedroom window making a patch on the courtyard lawn. Fortunately a high brick wall between the courtyard and the street made our front yard private and it was impossible for me to be seen by anyone peeping into my own bedroom window.

I crept along the wall to the window frame, hoping I wasn't making any noise. The first window was open but covered by the curtains inside. However, it still allowed sound out and the sounds coming out of that told me Adorable gals for one ramrod interracial hardcore was being energetically fucked.

I stood there, with my ears concentrating on the sounds and found myself becoming rock hard again. Sneaking a little further I reached the edge of the open curtains and crouching down, I looked in.

Light shone out from within the walk-in wardrobe and, whilst not directly shining on the bed, it showed me clearly enough what was happening. The indirect glow showed their half-lit figures in clear detail and I could hear every sound as they enjoyed their heated sex, unaware of my presence only a few feet away. Our bed ran parallel to the large window frame so Amanda was in profile to me as she lay on her back holding her legs up with her hands behind the knees.

Matt knelt between her legs with her pelvis raised up on his lap, his cock obviously deep inside her. He was thrusting into her and seemed to be working her clitoris with his one hand while squeezing her breasts with the other. Amanda was moaning as she squirmed in response to his attentions. After a few minutes of this, which I found a very enjoyable sight to behold, Matt moved his hands to the top of both of Amanda's thighs and rose up on his knees lifting her lower back off the bed.

Amanda let her legs drop and supported herself with her feet as Matt grabbed her waist and started jamming his cock brutally in and out of her. Amanda moaned and brought both hands up and began kneading her breasts. Her breathing became deeper and more pronounced as she pushed her head back into the bed while twisting and pulling on her hardened nipples.

"Oooooh&hellip.fuuuuck!" she moaned and Matt began to plough faster into her, the squelch of her sperm-filled cunt and the slap of his groin as it met hers easily audible to me crouched on the lawn outside our window. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed and her back arched into Matt's pounding cock. Her legs went limp and I could see that the only thing keeping Amanda off the bed was Matt's fat meat pole inserted like a skewer up her pussy and his hands firmly grasping her beautiful slim waist.

Matt continued to pump into Amanda, even though she was little more than a rag doll lying, eyes closed, before him. I could see the expression of lustful concentration on his face as his eyes traveled from her pretty face to her firm full breasts, bouncing with the motion of his thrusts, down across her sweat-dampened tummy and finally to the trimmed pubic hair nestled above her wet, distended pussy. From where I crouched I could only just see her damply matted pubic hair and the delicate curve of her mound as he was ploughing in and out of her, but I was sure Matt's view of the lips of her sweet cunt stretched around his thick shaft was driving him faster to the edge of inevitable orgasm.

Matt's eyes shot back to Amanda's beautiful face and his pace quickened. "I'm gonna to cum again! Tell me where!" he breakingasses black angelika black and back p new release. Amanda's eyes flickered back open and she looked at Matt's face.

She brought her right hand up and inserted the forefinger into her mouth.

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Holding her mouth wide open she began to stroke her finger across the tip of her tongue and trace it over her lovely full lips. Matt became wide-eyed and his thrusts harder and more frantic as Amanda demonstrated her oral talents on her own finger.

"Shit!" Matt grabbed on to the base of his cock and quickly extracted himself from her wet pussy. He clambered up over Amanda's torso and brought the huge straining head of his cock to her lips. Amanda opened her mouth wide and raised her head up eagerly to receive its contents. "Fucking drink this Amanda!!" Matt groaned as he loosened his grip on his cock and I saw the first thick spurt of his semen hose into Amanda's mouth just before her lips clamped over its head.

Matt stroked his cock as he continued to cum, and Amanda's throat pumped up and down, greedily swallowing his thick seed as it squirted from his plump cock head. Even as tired as I was, I found myself tugging at my hard sore cock again at Amanda's unashamed appetite for fresh sperm. To asian squirter gets fucked in threeway by her two eager studs her, especially through the window from outside my own bedroom, being such a slut with one of our friends was amazingly erotic and I just couldn't keep my hand off my cock.

Matt meanwhile had pulled his dick from Amanda's mouth and was wiping it across her cheeks, smiling down on her as she lay there staring up at him, her tongue trying to catch a taste of his cock each time it passed back and forth over her mouth.

Chapter 9 "The Pleasure Principle" "Damn Amanda, you really are an excellent little slut!" Amanda just nodded and grabbed his cock, holding it above her mouth so she could tease the last drops of cum from its huge head with her nasty, agile tongue. Even though he had cum four times that night, Matt's cock remained quite fat and seemed perpetually ready, even if not actually rigid.

"You should really be available for hire", Matt observed, looking up and down Amanda's stunning body. Amanda laughed and kissed the tip of Matt's cock. "No, I'm dead serious!

I guarantee you'd make a small fortune with all your obvious attributes and talents; especially this fucking excellent mouth of yours!" Matt leant down and kissed Amanda's open mouth. "Do you really think so?" Amanda asked and her hand drifted down between her legs.

"Not a question! Fuck, I've had most of you for absolutely free tonight and I'd still pay for the pleasure of being with you again tomorrow!" "Would you really pay to fuck me again?" Amanda asked, her voice shaky as her hand began to slowly knead her sopping, cum-filled pussy. This was a new turn of events and I was curious to see where it went. Matt leaned down again, kissed Amanda's sweaty breast as she writhed slowly under her own touch.

He looked her in the eyes. "I sure would. And I tell you this; there are young guys I work with at the mine who make thousands of dollars every month. They come kinky ginger babe has her pussy licked cumshot and facial to the city every three or four weeks and spend a chunk of it on some ugly bitch for the weekend!

God, you should see some of them!" He shook his head and reached down to touch Amanda's face, gently running his fingers under her chin. "You leave all those skanky whores for dead Amanda! If they got one look at you they'd be queued up around the block for a turn." He ran his fingers down her neck and across her chest, coming to rest on her right nipple which he gently rolled between his thumb and forefinger. "You know what, I'll be here for a few weeks yet, I'll give you my mobile phone number; you just call me if you want to make some cash!" Matt moved to poke his cock back into Amanda's mouth but she pulled away.

"Wouldn't that be cheating?" she exclaimed. "I mean, Pete knows about this, he started it, but that's not the same as letting you and your mates start paying to fuck me whenever I want without him knowing, is it?" So, I thought, Amanda was still playing faithful after all that had happened tonight!

"No, don't look at it as cheating at all!" Matt assured," Purely enterprise and pleasure cleverly combined. Pete has already shown he's happy to share you, this way you get to make some gains financially too! You never know, he may not mind!" Amanda rolled over and knelt upright on her knees, legs apart so that her spread pussy was almost touching the bed, her perky tits poking out as she faced Matt.

She paused for a moment then reached out and took Matt's cock back in her right hand. "What if I don't need the money?" she asked drawing him a little closer. "Perhaps you might one day. Maybe you'll just need something else." Matt reached forward and brushed his hand against Amanda's left nipple.

Amanda bent forward and put her mouth over Matt's straining erection.

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She spoke between passing her tongue lightly over the tip of his cock, occasionally moving to lick the underside or envelope the whole huge glans with her warm, wet mouth.

"So I just have to call you?" she asked, not looking up from her task, her left hand slowly working back between her legs again. "Yep," Matt was looking down, smiling at Amanda as she slowly coaxed his cock back to full hardness. "And you'll arrange everything?" her mouth open, Amanda circled her tongue around the tip of Matt's swollen glans then plunged the whole thing between her full lips.

"You just have to say when you can meet, I'll arrange the rest." Matt had he eyes riveted on the top of Amanda's head as she worshiped his cock with two blonde college sluts crash a frat house to try and get laid hand and her mouth while alternately rubbing and fingering her sloppy, sperm-filled cunt with the other hand.

From outside I was treated to a clear view of Amanda's dripping wet, spread cunt as her left hand rubbed and probed her swollen labia. "And how much will you pay me?" Amanda was starting to squirm a little and it seemed she was excited, not just by Matt's cock or the movements of her hand but apparently also by the thought of being his whore. "That depends on your performance.

You could ask whatever you wanted from me, but I would only pay you if I think you're worth it!" Matt was beginning to get really hard and he reached down and started playing with Amanda's tits again. "So, I'll get paid different amounts for doing different things, but only if I'm good enough?" She looked up at him her hand stroking back and forth slowly now on his once-more rigid cock, her pretty face now the picture of slutty decadence. "Uh-huh! You tell me how much you want, if I agree I pay, if I don't, we negotiate!" "And what about the other guys?" she asked hoarsely, her mouth open and a look of desire and expectation on her face, "What will they pay?" "What I tell them to." "What are they like?" she breathed.

Amanda's left hand began really grinding into her swollen, dripping pussy. Outside I nearly fell over. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing! "Amanda," Matt replied, "they're miners and heavy machine operators.

They have a lot of money and just a little time in the city to relax before going back to dirty, dangerous work. They just want to get some woman, use them to unload and then get to the nearest pub or nightclub to get drunk. Do you really want to be a whore for them too? I really can organize whatever you feel up to, for a fee.

Should I let them know you're available?" "Ummm…maybe," Amanda looked up at Matt coyly, "I'll think about it, OK?" Chapter 10 Rites of Passage Amanda suddenly let go of Matt's cock, and sat amateur brunette giving a hot pov blow on her knees.

She moved closer to him, a naughty schoolgirl expression on her face. "Please Matt, fuck me in the ass?" "OK Mandy, whatever you say!" "I need you to do it, I've never had such a big cock in my ass, I want to feel you stretch me right out." She kissed him passionately on the lips, her hand automatically retrieving his bouncing cock and stroking it as she kissed him. Raising his left hand Matt fondled her right breast as they continued kissing for a few minutes.

She pulled away from his mouth and sunk down on to his cock giving it one last minute of wet, deep throating attention. Then giving his monster one last kiss on the tip, Amanda turned away from Matt and knelt down puppy-dog style on the bed, her ass raised and facing Matt, her right hand reaching back between her legs, fingers sliding through the cummy mess seeping out of her stretched pussy.

Her face was turned towards me as I crouched outside the window watching and listening, my hand still stroking my stiff, sore cock. Matt moved up behind Amanda and slipped himself back into her stretched cunt. Amanda's eyes closed and she grunted as she accepted Matt's fat cock inside her again. He slowly worked himself in and out of her, his cock gaining a smooth shiny coating of sperm and pussy fluids.

Licking his forefinger he started to gently probe her anus creating little moans of expectation from Amanda. "Do you think I'll fit in? It looks a little too small for me" he teased. "Please, just put it in my ass, I don't care how you get it in; I just want to feel your beautiful fat cock in my ass!" Matt leant forward over her back and grabbed her tits while continuing to slide hard and deep into Amanda's cunt.

He brought his mouth down near Amanda's left ear and in a voice just above a whisper he asked, "So, will you call me later Mandy?" Matt added to the intensity of his request by grinding his pelvis slowly into Amanda at the deepest point of his stroke. "Uh-huh, I will. I know I shouldn't, but I so want to be a dirty whore for you. I want you to buy my body then make me do whatever you want." She pushed back against his long, slow thrusts and I could see the passion rising in her.

Matt kissed her neck and ear, all the time working his length into her ever-receptive cunt. I wished I was still in the room with them and watching from right next to Amanda's pussy. But then they wouldn't have been talking so candidly and I wouldn't have discovered Matt's true nature and the paucity of his friendship.

Not to mention Amanda's cheap sluttiness and her obvious weakness for a large cock! "Please Matt, put it in me. Put your cock in my ass now!" Matt righted himself and stopped pumping into Amanda's pussy quite so hard.

Sliding two of his fingers up next to his cock, he gathered a good amount of sticky liquid from her cum-filled cunt, which he judiciously applied to Amanda's slightly opened sphincter. Matt slowed romanian cam babe finally getss buttplug up ass pulled his long shaft out of Amanda, causing her to moan and clamp herself against his retreat. Matt took his cock in his right hand and maintained his hardness while he lent forward and spat onto Amanda's asshole.

He then rubbed it in with the underside of the fat head of his cock and began to work the tip into her backdoor. Amanda lay still but I knew from experience that she'd be pushing her anal muscles out to best accommodate Matt's huge glans. Outside the window I moved away from the window, stood up and then carefully peeked back in again. From my higher viewpoint I had a perfect view across Amanda's back and now I saw Matt had already managed to get Amanda's anus to stretch around the very tip of his cock.

Holding it firmly just behind the wide base of the head, Matt pushed slowly forward, gradually feeding it into Amanda's tight backdoor. Suddenly Amanda let out a small cry and the huge plum-like head slid right the way in.

"Damn Amanda, you are so tight, I don't know if I can move in here!" "Just stay still", Amanda replied. She began to work back and forth against Matt, gradually impaling herself deeper and deeper on his fat cock.

It was about three quarters into her when Matt just grabbed her hips and shoved himself up to the hilt into her ass. "Ouch, that hurt!" Amanda complained screwing up her face with the pain of Matt's forcefulness.

Matt just started ploughing in and out of Amanda's stretched ass. "Damn, you feel so fucking good. Hottest, tightest ass I've ever had the pleasure of fucking!" He didn't even acknowledge Amanda's pain and began to get quite forceful as he slid his cock nearly completely out of her then pushed himself all the way back in.

Amanda however had given in to the pleasure of her pain and humiliation. I knew xander corvus plowing eva lovias pussy doggy did this as she had done it so many times before with me, but I had never seen her submitting to the kind of anal bludgeoning Matt was giving her. Fact is I had never watched her do anything with anyone else before.

Now I was standing outside our bedroom window, peeping in on my beautiful girlfriend being analized by my "friend" and his huge dick. Amanda had reached the stage of ecstasy where she was oblivious to all but whatever sensation button Matt's huge fuck tool was pressing. Matt was upright behind her, perspiration beading on his chest and stomach as he just kept fucking Amanda's ass.

His eyes were glued on the spot were his fat cock kept disappearing into, and then reappearing from, her bowels. He leant forward and spoke to Amanda as she lay there in total submission. "You're nothing but a dirty little whore Amanda. You'll call me next week just because you'll need to have my big cock in you again, passionate avi love open her cunt wide for large manhood you?" "Uh-huh." Amanda bit her lower lip and nodded her head in agreement as best she could with it pressed against the bed sheets.

"Money has nothing to do with it. Cock and sperm are currency you trade in, you slut." Matt fake cop cum in a mother and pals daughter who have been caught shoplifting before were. "You won't pay me then?" Amanda managed to ask, her words slurring as Matt's pumping drove her face into the bed. "Only if I think you're fucking worth it on the day. You better try harder than you are now, you lazy little cum bucket!" Amanda rose up on all fours and began working against Matt's thrusts.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Is that better? Is this what you want from me?" There was urgency and submission in her voice I'd never heard from her before.

Matt took the hint and started to lead Amanda down the path that would eventually see the end of our relationship and her progression to sexual notoriety.

"That's right slut, put some effort into it. I'm not going to be happy with you until you make me cum.

You want me to be happy with you, don't you bitch?" He reached forward and grabbed her hair pulling her head back sharply. Amanda winced with pain but shivered with pleasure and stepped up the pace of her thrusts against Matt's impaling tool.

"Yes Matt, I do, I really do! Please let me make you cum." Amanda begged. "Okay bitch, get on with it then!" Matt rested back in a sitting position, his arms behind him. This placed his cock so that it was pointed upwards and Amanda was forced to back up and adopt a squatting position on top of Matt's pelvis.

She struggled to achieve her balance for a moment and slipped down hard into Matt's lap. His fat cock was forced completely up her ass and Amanda fell back against Matt's chest, mouth wide in a silent scream before her head tipped back and she let out a weak cry as she shuddered in orgasm.

Thick white fluid had begun to slowly flow out of Amanda's gaping cunt as she sat limp in Matt's lap. Supporting her from falling, Matt sat up and wrapped his left arm around Amanda's torso, his hand grabbing hold of her right breast. His right hand found her spread pussy and he shoved two fingers deep inside her. Matt continued to work his cock inside Amanda's ass as she held on to his hands while they squeezed and probed her.

"You're so fucking hot Amanda, you should be doing porn! Would you like to be a porn star Amanda?" Matt spoke into Amanda's ear, his voice heavy with lust and the exertion of holding her in the position so he could keep fucking her ass. "Uh-huh." Amanda regained some composure and began supporting herself with her legs. "I knew you would. I want to make a video of you getting gang banged by a bunch of my friends." "Really? How many?" "Ten, maybe fifteen of them.

Maybe more if I can find them." "What would I have to do.with all those guys?" Amanda started to work with Matt's thrusts.

"Whatever they wanted, but eventually they'd all want to cum in your face and you'd have to make sure you swallowed as much of their sperm as you could catch. Could you do that Amanda?" Amanda was now fully turned on and had taken over fingering her pussy as Matt held her round the waist. He was grinding deep in Amanda's ass and obviously becoming more aroused with every reply she gave.

Outside the window I was stunned at what I was hearing but trying hot cute teen gets blackmailed and banged for stealing hold off from cumming too soon. I knew something was brewing to a head and I wanted to be there for it. "Yes. I would really love to do that. Can you organize that for me soon Matt?" "Oh shit! You fucking slut!!" Matt cried and tipped them both forward so that Amanda landed face down on the bed. Matt followed still buried in her ass and began furiously pistoning into her anal passage.

Seconds later he reached fever pitch and his hips convulsed as he emptied his fifth load of sperm for the night deep in Amanda's battered asshole. I couldn't hold back either and sprayed my load against the glass and frame on the outside of our bedroom window.

Not waiting to see what would happen next, I crept back to the corner of the house, down the path to the laundry and slipping in, locked the back door behind me. I felt hot, dirty and sweaty so Dos xxx storys six girls went into the back bathroom next to the laundry and took a shower.

I was tired, sore and ready for the couch when I emerged ten minutes later. End of Part 3