D group the dolls may have missed out on their camping trip

D group the dolls may have missed out on their camping trip
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Package Deal 3 (Characters and base plot by Impax) Shellie, 21 yr-old older sister. Lauren, 17 yr-old little sister. Rick, me Shellie's fiancé.

Story so far: Shellie agreed to marry me as long as it didn't bother her younger sister Lauren. Lauren meanwhile had been crushing on me and tried to use my desire to please her to take me for herself. I confessed the situation to Shellie who decided I teach Lauren a lesson by giving her what she wanted.

Shellie forced Lauren to suck me off in front of her and drink it all down or her asshole was getting fucked. She almost got it all, but Shellie had to help out with the last bit. Shellie complemented Lauren on her effort then said with authority, "But, you didn't take it all so I guess Rick is just going to have to fuck the shit out of your asshole." Lauren's jaw dropped.

Then she whined, "But… I tried… I really naughty melons teasing with a wild doll looked over to me, "Well Rick?

What do you think?" Shellie knew I wasn't a fan of butt sex. We'd tried it before but it's always more work than pleasure in my experience. I love the tightness at first, but other than the rim being tight it doesn't really compare to the wet velvet glove of a nice pussy. Shellie likes to get poked there every now and than, and it's fun to do something different, but I always cum in her smooth pussy after she's gotten her itch scratched.

"I suppose I have to do what I promised to do." "Wait!" Lauren jumped to her feet, causing her naked boobs to jiggle beautifully. Nearly yelling and crying at the same time she shouted, "There has to be something I can do to get out of this?" "Really sis?

What? You couldn't even do a blowjob right. I bet you'd find some way to fuck up fucking if he didn't do the work himself!" Shellie laughed and shot back at her. "NO WAY!" she said deter idly, "I know how to fuck! I could fuck him so hard he couldn't even stand the next day." "Yea.

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right." Shellie brushed off her sisters defiant boast offhandedly. "Oh, yea! Watch!" Lauren then with steel in her eyes moved to straddle my lap and take my semi-soft cock, still slick from her sucking me off and rub it against her outer virginal lips. I wasn't very hard anymore after just having cum, but she tried to work my wet member into her virgin pussy.

I tried not to laugh, because it really was turning me on, and I could tell Shellie was trying not to laugh. "Having problems?" Shellie asked after a few moments.

"NO!" Lauren snapped at her. "OK, well I'll be right back," Shellie left the living room and headed into her own bedroom. Lauren then whispered to me, again on the verge of tears, "What wrong? Am I not sexy enough?" Now I felt bad. Here this hot virgin a school principal gets her ass well screwed, trying to lose her virginity to me and I couldn't get hard. "No, it's not that. I just need…" "Lubrication!" Shellie announced as she came back with a bottle of K-Y oil in one hand.

"Your tight little snatch isn't ready for this monster yet. Lift your ass up." Lauren then repositioned her legs so her knees were on the couch and raised her ass into the air some, placing her small, pert orbs just in front of my face.

I couldn't really see what was happening, but I have a great imagination. Shellie popped the cap on the lube and squirted a bit onto her fingers. Waiting a second for it to warm slightly Shellie then reached for the moist slit of her younger sister, who jumped a bit at the cool touch to her sensitive area. As Shellie begins rubbing up and down Lauren's pussy lips Lauren moans so seductively that I just had to jump in. Placing on hand under her cute little tit and the other on her back I lean into her and capture her erect nipple in my lips.

It's tight and hard and I enjoy sucking on it, flicking my tongue over it, and even gently biting it before doing the same with her other aching breast. Soon, between me caressing her back and devouring her tits, and Shellie fiddling her clit with well lubricated fingers little Lauren stifles a scream and loses her balance, collapsing into a quivering pile of flesh on my lap.

"There you go lil' sister. How was your first orgasm?" Shellie says proudly. It takes Lauren a moment to recover, but she then smiles at me before turning to face her sister and pulling her into a fierce hug. Even though she was whispering I could hear her since I was so close, "That was amazing. Thank you." Then their lips meet and Lauren kisses her as she would a lover rather than a sister. Shellie was taken aback by this and I could see the shock in her face as she hadn't expected that, but Lauren is so persistent that soon they are making out.

By now Dumb slut spreads her ass and masturbates had a bit of time to recover and this sapphic display is just too much for lil' Rick to not respond to.

"Oh! Lauren says as my recovered member not poked up between her butt checks as he sat on my lap. "See. He just needed a little time and encouragement. All guys love the girl-on-girl stuff." Shellie said proudly.

"I kind of liked it too." Lauren said smiling. "Yea." Shellie gazed at her sister, then quickly slapped her ass hard with a loud <SMACK> "He's ready now bitch! Show me you can do more than kiss! Fuck that cock!" Lauren winced from the spanking, but nodded as she had to work now to prove she could do something right.

She grabbed my hardened shaft and again poked at her virgin pussy with it, finally getting the tip between her cunt lips. She pushed and wiggled, only getting the head in while grunting and groaning as she twisted and jittered on top of my pole. After a few seconds Shellie had had enough and pushed down on her sister's ass, forcing my manhood though her too-small hole, ripping away her sensitive maidenhood.

Lauren shrieked and finally did cry a few tears as the pain of it tore through her. I'd never taken a virgin before and was unsure if I'd just hurt her for real, but Shellie was at her shoulder already comforting her sister who now sat, firmly impaled more than half-way down my cock which now kinky and nasty woman in fishnet gagging and cum swallowing a bright red trickle of blood running down it.

"It's OK." Shellie said soothingly before reaching down to diddle her clit again. Lauren twitched and jerked in the pain and pleasure, soon jerking enough to allow the rest of my length to enter her ultra- tight hole. As I sunk in deeper though, instead of cry out in pain Lauren moaned and jerked in pleasure.

She knows that wellhung black stallion is watching her and wantonly plays with her sexy body to make

The two emotions warred on her face, but with a little persistence from her sister, Lauren was soon gently riding my cock. Her face was wet from tears, but contorted in pleasure. She speed up a little and Shellie moved out of the way. With her eyes shut tight Lauren proceeded to fuck herself on my cock, the first to ever enter her, and I could tell the pleasure had finally won out over the pain. It was wonderful and while I longed to grab her hips and fuck her like there was no tomorrow, I waited and just let her take things as she wanted for her first time.

She was methodical, moving around until it felt just the way she liked, and her gentle rocking slowly became more grinding as she worked herself up. Her hips began twisting forward and back, now barely thrusting at all, and then she sex is the best medicine coast to coast again, went rigid as her spasming pussy quivered around my now rock-hard cock for about five seconds, then collapsed onto me again, panting and groaning.

I placed my arms around her shoulders and held her, my throbbing member still lodged deep in her cunt, as she caught her breath. As she came back to herself she looked up at me her sister spoke up again, "That's it?" Shellie seemed unimpressed, "What about your MAD fucking skills? Rick still hasn't cum!" Lauren looked embarrassed, but I decided to help her with her mission and placed my hands on her hips and thrust on her.

This seemed to wake her up and she straightened up and we began to really fuck. We finally really got into it. I began to bounce her lithe frame up and down, juggling those cute and tiny boobies of hers, while she began working me for all she was worth.

It was really starting to turn me on now and I could tell I was getting close to busting a nut. I saw Shellie move behind Lauren but didn't see or care what she was doing as I fucked her younger sister with wanton abandon. Then another hand pressed down on Laurens ass, holding her still and fully engorged with my massive cock. Quickly I felt something pressing on my cock, but not directly, and Lauren shrieked again. This time with shock as I realized that whatever was pressing on my cock was doing so through the membrane wall that separated her asshole from her vagina.

It was hard and I soon realized it was a small thin vibrator as it came to life buzzing in Lauren's ass, vibrating my cock through Lauren's thin fleshy wall.

Lauren, while briefly in shock and pain, almost instantly began to convulse as she screamed and had her biggest orgasm so far. The double stimulation was fantastic, but being unable to thrust only got me so far.

I wanted to cum so bad, but couldn't just yet. Shellie then gloated over us behind Lauren, "Pathetic. You came twice on that cock and still haven't gotten it off, even with my help." She then winked at me knowing I was close.

"Rick, show her how to do it right." The buzzing vibrator was still lodged in her ass, making her already tight pussy even tighter. I twisted around and pushed her back on to the couch, staying lodged in her as I moved to a missionary position. Once she was on her back I grabbed her thin hips and gave her about four or five quick thrusts before it was too late.

I felt my cum, that was already bubbling in my balls, finally boil over and explode out of me. My cock -cannon fired blast after blast of my love lava into her young womb, instinctually planting my seed as deep into her fertile ground as I could. She was almost a lifeless stick figure now, limply groping my arms and back, pulling me into her as I came. "Oh… it's so hot!" she breathlessly gasped. More and more just flowed out of me that I didn't know when it would stop.

It seemed like it took me forever. Then Shellie touched me and kissed me and I was pulled away, dribbling cum from her sisters bloody and cum filled cooch. I heard the vibrator get shut off and saw Shellie then walk her sister to her room to get some rest. When Shellie came back she snuggled up to me and kissed me tenderly. We didn't talk and soon I fell fast asleep, utterly content and satisfied. ---------- Epilog: We did get married, Shellie and I, about three months later in our new home in Montana.

The wedding was a small affair as we didn't want it to get complicated. It was just me, Shellie, and her bride's maid; a smiling and happy little sister who was already showing a growing belly from the child growing within. Lauren did end up join us in our wedding fucks neighbor while wife in the kitchen cams, but I was under strict orders now. I was not allowed to cum except inside my wife until I got her pregnant as well.

I guess this is just one of those little things a man has to do to keep his wife and her sister happy. I'm happy too.