Two adorable teens share a massive rod

Two adorable teens share a massive rod
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When I first met my wife, her niece just turned 16. I watched her in the next year and a half turn in to a fine looking woman. My wife noticed that I would extremely turned on by her.

She knew this because every time we left from a family gathering, we went immediately home for a fuck session. It wasn't only her youngest niece, Jennifer, but all three of her nieces were gorgeous. I am going to wait for another story to tell you about the other two. This one is about Jenifer. When Jenifer was a senior in high school, she was trying to narrow down her choice of college. She was a smart girl and has been accepted to three colleges. One of her choices was my old alma matter, Ohio State.

I agreed to make the 10 hour drive and take Jenifer to my old stomping grounds. On the drive up we had some good conversation. At one point we started to talk about sex. I found out that she was a virgin.

She asked all kinds of questions because she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend Chad. Her biggest concern was that it would hurt and make Chad feel bad.

I didn't want to ask too many questions, in fear that I would sound like the perverted uncle. She told me allot. Maybe because I didn't ask or maybe it was because she trusted me, all I know is she told me allot. Here is a summary of what she told me. She was a virgin. She masturbated daily and told me that she was always horny. She had fench kissed 3 guys including her current boyfriend Chad. She was felt up by Chad a few weeks ago and she felt his hard cock through his pants.

They agreed to have sex soon but she has been stalling him. She told me how much she thought about his cock and how she wanted to feel it in her.

She also wondered what one looked like. She has never seen one and has only seen sketches in her science books. She also told me how her mom's boyfriend comes abi se masturba para mi tube porn ever night drunk and fucks her mom. She told me she hears everything and has been dying to sneak over and watch them. I stayed pretty quite, not asking too many questions, while I listened to my nieces confessions.

Then the questions started. How many times a week did me and her Aunt have sex, When was my first time, How many woman was I with, have I ever cheated, Where was the wildest place I had sex, and on and on.

I answered truthfully and it just seemed to fascinate her more. Then she came to a question that I did not want to answer: Have you ever thought of having sex with me? My heart hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels to race.

What should I say? The truth was, Yes. I dreamed about taking her body in my muscular arms and carrying her to the bed. Laying her down and make passionate love to her.

I couldn't tell her that or could I? Just then my cell phone rang. "Saved by the bell" I thought as I answered a call from my wife. When I got off the phone Jenifer was asleep.

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She was curled up on the front. Her body was gorgeous. She had a slim figure, was only about 5'3", long brown hair, and brown eyes. My cock started to wake up thinking about kissing those baby busty milf cory chase and teen lily rader threesome sex oldvsyoung pornstar, tearing off her cloths, and making her into a woman.

I was glad we were at the end of drive. We ate dinner and went back to the hotel. She changed into a long t-shirt that she slept in. She sat cross legged on her bed reading as I flipped through the channels to find a weather report. "Uncle Bob", she said, "I, I, I &hellip.oh never mind." "What", I said.

"I want to ask you a question but don't want you to be mad at me." Oh great here goes the question I avoided answering in the car but I agreed. "Can I see, I mean will you show me, yo…your penis?" I looked over her face was all red and embarrassed. "I want to see what one looks like before I see Chad's." She said. I started to babble and try to get out of it. I gave her every excuse. Deep down I wanted to, but I knew it was wrong.

She was only 17 and I told her that. "My birthday is next week.", she said. It was tempting but I wanted to stay my ground. Then she started to cry and whine and kept saying please. She did this for ten minutes. My will power was only so strong.

I lost. "OK", I said.

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I got up and walked to the edge of her bed. I pulled down my pants and exposed my dick to this young girl. I watched her eyes. They glowed in excitement. She started to reach out to touch it. I pulled away. She started to whine again and I gave in. She reached out and with one finger stroked the top of the shaft. The soft touch of her teenage hand sent pleasure from my cock to my brain.

She reached out again. This time with two fingers, and then three. Soon her whole hand was rapped around my cock and the other hand was examining my balls. She was a kid with a new toy and she was exploring it.

There was no wonder that I started to get hard and in a few minutes with a full blown erection. Her eyes got big and she dropped my cock when she realized what she nasty model stretches her twat and enjoys hardcore sex. She started to apologize and I told her it was OK, my dick did what it was suppose to do. I had to take care of my erection.

I told her I am going into the bathroom. She insisted I lay on my bed and she watches. I did it, I couldn't help myself. I laid down on my bed. I grabbed my 9" cock in my right hand and started to stroke it up and down.

It felt good. I fantasized about my niece. I tilted my head to look at her while I masturbated. She watched with amazement. I noticed her right hand was under her night shirt rubbing her mound. How I wanted to rub my cock there. How I wanted to plunge it into her virgin pussy. I was so engrossed in my fantasy I didn't realize she was now sitting on my bed.

She reached out with her right hand to grab my dick. I didn't argue and let her.

She tried stroking in up and down. At first she was doing it wrong and after a little guidance from me, she sat there jacking me off while her left hand was on her virgin cunt. I reached over to her knee and moved my hand up her leg. She pulled her hand away allowing my hand to touch her cunt through her panties. She was wet. The wetness absorbered into her panties.

I continued to run her and she let out a slight moan of pleasure a few times. My cock was hard and getting harder as she stroked up and down on the shaft. The head got red and big as I felt the juices build up inside me. I couldn't take it any longer. The pressure built and broke my valve. I came. It must have scared my niece. She let go at the moment it blew. Damn, I thought. It was a good orgasm but it could have been better if she held on.

"Wow", she said, "That made me soooooo horny." She asked if I mind, if she masturbated. I told her to get naked and I would help. She got up and pulled off her shirt and her panties. Her breasts were gorgeous. They were a nice size for her small fame.

She laid down on the bed and spread her legs. I laid along side of her on my side. I bent over and gave her a kiss on the first time sex of young girl with habshi. She kissed me back. She knew how to kiss. I would say she had a lot of practice and I enjoyed the flavor of her young mouth. I moved my hand to the spot between her legs. I lightly rubbed the peach fuzz hair that was around her cunt. It felt so youthful not having a thick forest there.

I lightly slid my finger up and down her slit. The moisture wet my finger and lubed it up. I moved up to her love button.

I lightly pressed her clit under my finger. She stopped kissing and moaned with excitement as the waves of pleasure went through her body. I kissed her soft skin on her neck. I kissed around her ears and all around her neck before moving down to her chest.

Sunny leone new 3xxx download fingers didn't miss a stroke on her swollen clit. I made my way to her breasts. With just my mouth I kissed all around her breasts.

I opened my mouth and with one motion took as much of her right breast in my mouth.

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I sucked the hard nipple as hard as I could as my virgin niece moaned with great pleasure. I suckled her breast while furiously moving my fingers over her clit. Her breathing increased. I think she was ready to cum. I didn't want her to cum yet so I stopped playing with her pussy.

"Don't stop she screamed, I was just about to cum!" she exclaimed. I told her that good things come to those who wait. I rolled over and suckled her other breast and continued to masturbate her pussy. I slid the tip my index finger in her wet hole. She was dripping wet. At that moment the thought of tasting her juices raced through my mind. What did a virgin taste like.

I slid down the bed and placed my head between her legs. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I want to drink your love juice." I told her. She wasn't going to argue. She was at the point I am sure I could have fucked her if I wanted. You know the point when a woman is so lustful with desire she would do anything. My cock started to swell at the thought. Wild blonde amateur on her knees sucking at glory hole had to dismiss it.

I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked the entire length of her swollen pussy lips. Wow, she was so sweet, so good. I wanted more. I lapped up juices like a cat drinking milk. I liked the taste. I couldn't get enough of her sweet nectar. I placed my finger on her clit and rubbed as I tasted her. I moved my finger down her cunt.

I got it good and wet and slid it in a little. She was tight and I pushed it in until I felt her hymen. I concentrated licking her clit now. Playing it, Teasing it with my tounge. I pushed my finger in and tried to stretch her hymen. She moaned in a little pain so I stopped and concentrated on her love button. "Don't stop now", she yelled, "I am cummmmmmmiiiiinnnnggggggggg!" I didn't stop. I licked as hard as I could. "Hhhhooooolllllllyyyyyy Sssssshhhhhhhhiiiiiitttttttttttttt!" she screamed as the waves of pleasure came over her.

I didn't stop. She quieted down for a second and then&hellip. "Fuck Me, Yes, Yes, Ffffuuuucccckkkkkk mmmeeeeeeee!", she screamed as her second orgasm came. Her hips bucked and they were trying to get me off but I didn't stop. I kept thinking third time is the charm.

I continued to eat her and lick her clit. I had my finger in her as deep as I could without breaking her virginity. Then she started to buck again. I tried to hold on. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", she exclaimed as her last orgasm came over her. She bucked her hips. I had to let go. My tongue was exhausted. I slid up the bed to lay with my niece. I reached out to hold and snuggle her.

"Wow," she said, "that was the best three orgasms of my life. Thank you." She wanted to taste me. There was no stopping her so I let her. She got on amateur british gets pussy and ass fucked knees and bent over to kiss my limp cock. She wanted to know how to make it hard.

I told her that was her job if she wanted to taste my cum. She kissed the head and put the limp meat in her mouth. I felt my erection coming. She sucked my cock until it became hard. I complemented her on a job well done. Still bent over and with her and on the base of my penis she placed the swollen tool in her mouth.

The warm softness of her mouth felt good as she stroked the base and moved her head up and down over my dick. Every time she went down, I felt her soft brown hair on my leg. She continued for a few minutes. I told her to rest but she was thirsty for my jizz. She sucked harder and harder trying to get my cock deeper and deeper in her mouth.

I started to feal the pressure build. I was about to erupt. I yelled out and warned her but she didn't care. She bobbed her head up and down. I kept building pressure. Here she blows I yelled as a stream of my hot cum shot into my young niece's mouth. She pulled away and gagged a little. She caught her breath and immediately put her mouth back over my shaft as it continued to pulse come out of the tip.

She sucked it until it went soft in her mouth and my jizz was running out the corners of her mouth. She let it fall out of her mouth and as soon as it was out she licked my cum off her lips. She then bent down and licked every drop of my juice. Jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part two really liked the taste.

I didn't think woman liked the taste. Even my wife, who will swallow, doesn't lick every last drop up. But my niece did. She liked the taste and she told me so. She came up and laid along side of me. I pulled her close and kissed her deep on the mouth. I thanked her. We chatted a little before dosing off in a deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning with Jenifer snuggled close to me, right up against my cock. I had my morning hard on. It must have poked her, because she soon woke up. She glazed in my eyes and got up to go the bathroom. I watched her get out from under the covers and walk to the bathroom. Her naked virgin ass wiggled as she walked.

She came out and sat cross legged on the bed. Her breasts were exposed and the nipples that were so hard when she was excited were now soft. "I have been thinking." She said "maybe you should take my virginity." I couldn't believe what she was asking.

I started spitting out every excuse and told her how last night was wrong. I thought the biggest excuse was not getting her pregnant. She had an answer that surprised me. She was on the pill!

Since she was 16 her mother had her on the pill because she assumed she would be a tramp as Jenifer put it. I didn't know what to say. I knew what I wanted. She did too. She came back under the covers and snuggled her warm soft naked body up against me.

She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. Reaching down to find my cock she found it was still half erect. She played with it and in no time it was ready for action. I couldn't resist. I pushed her on her back. Spread her legs with my hands and cupped her mound.

I played around to find that she was already wet and ready for my meat. I got on my knees and positioned myself between her legs. Pushing her legs back I moved my cock against her moist hole. I told her this will hurt and I will stop at anytime. She said just put it in me. I looked down at her virgin hole thinking next time I see it will not be the pussy of a girl but one of a woman. I pushed her lips open and inserted the head. I leaned in and pushed it in as hard as I could.

She yelled in pain as I pushed my thick cock into her tight virgin hole. She kept yelling "all the way in" and I was happy to. I slid it out a little and pushed it in again.

Half way I thought. I did this a few times breaking her hymen and allowing my cock in her all the way. She was tight. The tightest I have been in. It felt so good being in that warm, moist, tight place. I slid it out a little and back it. Every time she moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain as I stretched open her. I loved the feel of how tightly her vagina squeezed my cock. My wife was a virgin when I met her and she was never this tight.

I was thinking I am glad I came last night twice or I wouldn't last long. I bent over and kissed Jenifer on the mouth. She wrapped her legs around me. I trusted in and out of her tight hole. She tightened her ass to meet my forward thrusts. She moaned in pleasure as I fucked this virgin. I was getting close to cuming. I pulled out. She started to argue but I told her she needs to learn how to put it in herself.

I laid on the bed. I told her to stand on the bed and lower herself in a squatting position. My hard cock pointed straight up to her hole as she lowered herself down. I directed her how to hold my cock and place it in her hole. She did as she was told and lowered her wet tight pussy onto my throbbing cock.

I could tell she was still in a little pain but wanted it all the way in. When she got there I directed awesome sex with latina shoplifter taylor may on her knees and told her to thrust.

I told her to try different ways and find one the feels the best. At first she was bent over kissing me but soon found if she knelt up in penetrated her deeper. She bucked her hips moving my meet in and out her slippery tight hole. I reached up and grabbed her breasts. I fingered her nipples and this must have thrown her over the edge. I felt the walls of her vagina clamp tight to my dick.

I couldn't hold out any longer and shot my hot load into her belly. She must of felt the slipperiness of my load and she started to buck faster. She was squeezing me tight. Her pussy was tighter than the ass I fucked with that sales woman. She continued to buck bringing herself to a second orgasm before I went limp. She rolled off me exhausted. We both talked a little and she told me how she felt better with Chad now that she wasn't a virgin. We went to the all day open house and I kept teasing Jenifer about her limp all day.

We laughed a few times. That night at the hotel she went into a deep sleep. Nothing happened but honestly I was worn out too.