Tattooed brunette babe chloe carter gets fucked hard and nice by her chatmate deepthroat squirting

Tattooed brunette babe chloe carter gets fucked hard and nice by her chatmate deepthroat squirting
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Fbailey story number 533 Snow On The Roof, Fire In Her Crotch I was the new kid on the block, so to speak. I had retired from one company with a thirty-year pension but just couldn't sit around doing nothing all day long, so I went to work for another company.

Anyway I impressed the boss during my interview and was hired on the spot. He sent me off to Florida the following day to straighten out a problem that had arisen. I went in cold turkey. Well the problem was so obvious that I couldn't believe that no one there had seen it. When I checked in with the boss I told him that heads should fly.

He agreed and told me to handle it and stick around until I felt things were running right.

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He also told me that his wife was coming down for a vacation and that I should show her a good time…on the company's money of course. The following day I was at the airport to pick Helen up. She was several years older than I was, I being fifty-two and she being about sixty-two. However, she looked much older with her white hair. It was absolutely beautiful, just pure white. She herself was very beautiful too in her silk business suit.

Helen asked me if I had fired anyone yet and I told her that I was getting up my nerve to do it on Friday. She had me take her right to the plant where she called a meeting of the department heads and their managers. Helen announced her displeasure with the way things had been handled and promptly fired the three men that I had mentioned during the ride over.

The only problem was that she had fired the department head and katya rodriguez laptop was broken pornstars and hardcore of his managers from the same area. I needed to find a replacement for one of them immediately. Helen accompanied me and together we started interviewing the employees in that area.

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By five o'clock we had agreed on one woman to take over as manager temporarily to see how she could do. Helen insisted that the new manager join us for dinner. Helen reminded Ruth that she had stated during the interview that she would sleep with the boss to secure the promotion.

Then she asked Ruth to prove it. Since I had a rather large suite that was paid for by the company, Helen suggested that we go there and get started. The two girls went into the bathroom to clean up. Well they sure took their sweet time about it but when they came out nude and very happy I just smiled at them. Helen said, "Ruth passed my 'sleeping with the boss' test, now it's your turn with her." Ruth was younger and very pretty but I could not believe how good-looking the boss' wife was.

Even her pubic hair was pure white. I said, "I think that I should pass the 'sleeping with the boss' test myself first." Helen smiled and asked, "Between the two of us you would rather sleep with me?" I looked at Ruth and then said, "Well to tell you the truth since Ruth has already said that siberian mouse custom teen babe masha msh 45 would sleep with the boss, me, and the fact that she has already had sex with you, I figure her for a sure thing.

No offense, Ruth! You on the other hand Helen, I may never get this chance again and I don't want to miss it." Helen replied, "In that case would you like a threesome with me and Ruth?" I slipped my arms around the waist of both nude women and headed them toward the big bed.

They sat on the candy sweet vyxen receives an anal pounding tube porn and watched me undress. Then I went into the bathroom to take a shower, after all they were both clean.

When I came out a few minutes later Helen was lying on top of Ruth in a sixty-nine. I walked over with my cock swinging between my legs. I leaned in and gave Ruth an upside down kiss, then I sucked some of Helen's love juice out of her pussy.

Then I kissed Ruth again telling her how tasty our boss was. Ruth said that she knew that from the few women that she had tasted before. I climbed up on the bed, straddling Ruth's head and then I slipped my cock into Helen and dangled my balls over Ruth's face. My cock went from Helen's pussy to Ruth's mouth several times until I felt the urge to climax.

That was when I held onto Helen's hips tightly and pounded into her. The feeling was wonderful and soon I was cumming inside her. Helen was bucking up at me as her own orgasm struck.

She cried out how wonderful I had made her feel. Just as soon as I pulled my cock out Ruth clamped her mouth onto Helen's pussy to keep anything for going to waist. As we rested from the exhilaration, Helen thanked me several times.

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She told us that her husband was ten years older than her, at seventy-two years old, and that he no longer had erections. He tried Viagra once but couldn't handle it. I was the first man that she had been with in several years and she liked it. Helen informed me that I had also passed her 'sleeping with the boss' test.

After ordering room service and eating I was ready for round two. I had Helen get on her back with Ruth over her. My cock then went from Ruth's pussy to Helen's mouth. Helen enjoyed it just as much as Ruth had. Ruth was a much better lover than Helen was but of course I wasn't going to tell them that. All too soon I was filling Ruth with my hot cum and Helen was clamping her mouth over the opening and trying to devour every drop. That night both women slept with me in my bed.

Our boss was in the middle with Ruth and I on the outsides. In the morning Helen begged me to make love to her and only her. Ruth kissed Helen and played with her breasts while I made love to Helen's pussy. I ate it, I played with it, and I fucked it. Between the two us Ruth and I gave Helen the experience that she had been looking for.

Her orgasm was intense and it lasted a good time longer than her self-induced orgasms had. Helen told her husband that she was having such a good time that she was extending her trip.

For the next two weeks Ruth and I continued to satisfy Helen at night and still manage to do our jobs during the day. I fired a couple more managers and promoted some very capable women into their positions. The problem with that branch of the company was simply that it was highly male dominated and that stunted their growth.

I fixed the problem and immediately saw an increase in production and creativity. Helen went home to her husband while I spent an additional week in bed with Ruth. During that time I assured her that she was my favorite in bed. She laughed and said that she already knew that and so did Helen.

I had not been fooling either of them with my comment because my cock told them what I liked best. When I returned to the home office I was in for a treat.

I had been given a vice-president position. I was to be in charge of three walks around in public with a butt plug stuck in her ass our companies in the southeast and I would be stationed in that Florida plant with Ruth. Ruth trained her staff to take over for her, and then she resigned to be my wife. Helen was her bride's maid, her husband was my best man, and we took our vows at sunset on the beach of a Caribbean island.

Ruth wore a white bikini and Helen wore a pink one.

In our wedding photo Helen's white hair was all a glow with the setting sun directly behind her. Helen joined Ruth and I in our marriage bed that night. She had her husband's permission. He took me aside and promised me a nice bonus if I made love to his wife and made sure that she enjoyed it.

He apparently did not know about our affair but had given his permission for our threesome. What a guy! That night as we were lying in bed Helen said that her husband really wanted her to have a wonderful sexual experience so Ruth and I gave her one. My cock slipped in and out of her mouth and her pussy along with Ruth's mouth and pussy. At one time my cock was going from one pussy to the next. Later both women were using opposite ends of a double-ended dildo that Helen's husband gave me.

He asked for the dildo back, unwashed of course, and with a photograph of them using it. The women told me to give him the dildo and the picture. Helen's pussy gripped my cock whenever I pulled it out and she really held me tightly when I came in her.

She wanted to be able to tell her husband that she had a wonderful time and to thank him for being so understanding. I was expecting some kind of payback when my boss asked me if Ruth might join him and Helen in a threesome so that he could watch them share that double-ended dildo in person. When I mentioned it to Ruth she was all for it. For some reason I was the one that was slightly uncomfortable with it, even though Ruth had allowed me to have Helen in our bed on many occasions.

The following morning my boss returned Ruth to me with his deepest appreciation. After he had gone Ruth told me that Helen and her making love had gotten him hard enough to put his cock naughty lesbians have some fun together homemade licking one of them.

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Then she told me that he had picked Helen. He had used what was probably his very last erection to make love to his wife. It didn't stay hard very long and he hadn't cum but he sure enjoyed himself.

Ruth thanked me for letting her go with him.

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After that I let Ruth join Helen and her husband about once a month but Helen joined us in bed more often. Life was good to us. The End Snow On The Roof, Fire In Her Crotch 533