Hot ramming of a taut cum hole

Hot ramming of a taut cum hole
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"Cassie? Have you seen my boyfriend's shorts?" Cassie jumped up from the bed, startled, and called out to her sister. "Have you looked in the laundry room?

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That's the only place that I can think that they would be." She heard her sister stop in front of her door. Time ticked slowly by as she waited for Becca to walk away, and finally, after an eternity, she did. Cassie sighed with relief, and settled back down onto her small twin bed. Smiling at her small ruse, she grabbed the shorts Becca had been looking for, and inhaled their smell deeply, rubbing her small cunt at the same time.

She had been using the cum stained shorts for days as a means to climax. The smell of his sperm always made her insanely horny, more horny than you would think a small girl of eleven could possibly get. Cassie was pretty, with a small, cherubic face, beautiful green eyes and full lips, which were complimented by beautiful teeth that she showed at every possible opportunity.

Straight, auburn hair framed her tan skin perfectly, and even at such a young age, her face managed to turn heads. Her body was a different story. While it wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, it was still underdeveloped. Her breasts were only the slightest bumps on her flat chest, but they were perfectly shaped, with sensuously erect nipples.

Her legs were gorgeous, tanned and slender, with just a hint of shape to them, giving her an unlikely sexy appeal. But her pussy was the crowning jewel. Without a hair to be seen, it was a mound of flesh so perfect and pristine, if a man saw even a glimpse, he would be hooked for life, no questions asked. Cassie's fingers traced the outline of her pussy. She smiled as that warm feeling spread up through her legs, slowly pushing them farther apart.

Cassie let it happen. It gave her greater access to her little pussy, which made her gloriously happy. She eased just one finger in, pushing it slowly into her canal, reveling in the way her muscles sucked it in. She then eased another one in, then another, and another, pushing them farther and farther into her until she met the baise en exterieur pour karina une milf beurette tres chaude. Cassie knew that one day she would have to penetrate it and be done, but it just hurt too much, and she put her fingers inside so it would feel good, not for it to hurt!

So she recoiled at that point, and drew out her fingers slowly. By now they were wet with her juices, and she spread that lubrication all over her tits.

The warm liquid felt great on her now moistened nipples, and she sighed with passion at the way acting sexy made her feel. But she wanted to feel even better, so she reached down, and pumped her pussy with her slender fingers.

After around ten minutes, her legs contracted and her pussy muscles clamped down on her fingers tightly. A shiver spread through her body, and glorious pleasure pierced her through her vagina. She shoved her sister's boyfriend's cum soaked underwear into her mouth to muffle her screams of ecstasy. Her tight little ass lifted itself into the air, and she tweaked her nipples with a fury. Then, she felt a hot feeling jolt into her vagina, and without knowing what it was, she let go of her passion and released the feeling.

It manifested in a stream of hot cum, pouring out of her virgin pussy and soaking her bed. Cassie's naked, nubile body writhed around.

She could tell through the haze of happiness in her mind that she should be trying to get a hold on her body, but it shivered uncontrollably, electrified by the feelings in her tight pussy. After a while, she finally began to slow down. Her legs stopped shaking, and her ass lowered down onto the now soaking wet bed. Sighing contentedly, Cassie took the boxers out of her mouth, rubbed them against her pussy for good measure, and turned to clean up.

But there, standing on the other side of the room, was Becca. Cassie gasped, and looked at the incriminating evidence of the boxers sitting in her hand. Fortunately, Becca wasn't here to get retribution.

Smiling at her sister's sheepish grin, Becca walked over to the bed and sat down. "Well, now I know what happened to Mike's boxers, don't I?" she grinned teasingly. Cassie laughed, relieved that her sister wasn't angry at her, but then realized just how much clothing she had on. She jumped up quickly, her face maroon with embarrassment, and started to run for the closet.

But Becca caught her arm quickly and pulled her back onto the bed. "Just where do you think you're going, my little nympho?" Becca grabbed Cassie by the shoulders and shoved her still naked, 11 year old body down on the bed. Wide eyed, Cassie struggled for a bit, but then noticed the gleam of lust in her sister's eyes. "You know, one gentle deepthroat oral stimulation smalltits and homemade is never enough for me," Becca began.

"I always need two or three to really get me off.

But I can never do that with just my hands." The glint became a flame of passion. "I always need someone else." Then, the flame all consuming, Becca began to strip in front of her nubile sister. She took off her top first, a flimsy little camisole that revealed almost everything underneath. It pushed her blonde ringlets of hair up and over, until they danced at her shoulders, a shower of pure gold.

She looked strikingly similar to her sister, apart from the hair, but more grown up, more sultry and sexy. While Cassie sex xxx dod and girls storys an innocence about her, Becca had maturity, and more than a hint of wild, unconstrained passion.

She pulled off her bra next, and let her perky breasts spill out. They weren't massive, but large b cups, just perfect for a hand to cup them. Running her hands sexily down her tanned, curved body, she reached the main attraction.

Slowly pulling her panties off, she revealed her shaved pussy, a sight that not only tied her sister's in beauty, but possibly surpassed it. She pulled her panties the last bit of the way off her bronzed legs, and tossed them to the floor.

Then, without warning, she had shoved Cassie's legs apart, and placed her tongue at the entrance to her vaginal canal. Becca lapped at her sister's cunt with reckless abandon, forcing the lips apart with her tongue, kissing the inside of her thigh.

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Cassie was surprised at her sister's forwardness, but became too enamored with the pleasure between her legs that she couldn't even begin to tell her off. At first, it was about as pleasurable as Cassie's own ministrations, bringing her closer to orgasm, but not at any great speed.

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But Becca knew of one thing that Cassie didn't know. Her clit. After she realized her sister's pussy juices were flowing, Becca made a choice. She knew that Cassie was a virgin, but was too afraid to break her own hymen. So Becca began working harder and harder to bring Cassie to orgasm. Her tongue sped up, but not inside her sister's pussy, but near the top, exactly on top of her erect little clit. There was an immediate reaction from Cassie. Her hips pushed up into Becca's face, silently urging her on.

Somehow, she had gotten the boxers again, and had them stuffed in her mouth. After it cab driver carmel anderson has her pussy stretched getting clear that her sister would reach orgasm soon, Becca put a finger into Cassie's pussy. Then another. Then another until finally she had her whole fist pumping into her sister's hot little canal. After one final lick, Cassie reached the point of no return.

Her legs closed around her sister's head and liquid spurted out of her wildly, only to be caught in Becca's waiting mouth. But in the passion of orgasm, Becca slammed her fist once more into her sister's spasming pussy, breaking through her hymen.

However, in the blazing fires raging in her cunt, Cassie didn't notice her innocence tearing to pieces. Gradually, the orgasm calmed down, and Cassie smiled gratefully at her sister. Becca kissed her passionately, their naked body's entertwined as their tongues meshed in each other's mouths.

After an eternity, Becca broke off the kiss. "I think you're ready." Cassie looked at her quizzically. Becca grinned, and the fire returned to her eyes. "For your first cock."