Dude offered this arab babe to fuck and suck and film everything

Dude offered this arab babe to fuck and suck and film everything
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It Started On Skull Island - Chapter 2 "Jeff! Over here! Someone's gone through the bush here. . and it looks fresh!" All four teens froze as the words floated through the air. They knew they were in trouble but had no idea how many of the hoods were chasing them. All they knew was that one of them, Jeff Hansen, was reputed to be a rapist. Unfortunately, there had never been enough evidence to convict the son of a rich industrialist, and his victim claimed to be too afraid to testify.

As a result, he had gone free, his reputation causing many females to fear for their safety. "Denise," Brian hissed, "find your clothes in this bundle, then put 'em on!" Turning to his best friend Ted, he commented,"Shit, I never thought I'd ever say that to a naked woman!" Ted fought to suppress the chuckle bubbling up inside him.

Passing another bundle of clothing wild sex in a nonstop manner hardcore massage Marsha, he gave her essentially the same command. While the two girls donned their clothing, Brian and Ted did the same. As soon as they were dressed again, Brian motioned the other three to follow him.

Walking slowly and as carefully as they could, the foursome made their way to a point furthest from the landed speedboat. Brian carefully surveyed the beach, which was illuminated by the light of the craft, but couldn't see their pursuers. "Look, I've got an idea" Brian suggested.

"If we can keep those pricks from figuring out who we are, and how many of us they're chasing, we'll have the upper hand. Maybe if we split up, one of us can lead them to the far side of the island while the rest of us commandeer that boat. Once we have that, we can pick up the decoy and get the hell out of here." "Yeah, that might work!" Ted agreed.

"I know this island inside out and backwards, so I'll act as decoy. You guys get that boat. There's a point on the south-east tip that's deep enough to get almost right to the beach. I'll meet you there, okay?" "Not without me, you won't?" Denise put in.

"If those bastards catch up with you, you'll need someone to bail your ass out, and that would be me." Silently, they all agreed, with Ted and Denise heading for the centre of the island, while Brian and Marsha studied the terrain between them and the boat. It would be a lot easier to plot a strategy if they knew how many pursuers they were up against. But that was a luxury they didn't have. Ted reached out his hand for Denise, and she clasped it tightly, as he led her through the brush.

Stalking as quietly as they could, the two desperados made good time to the island's centre, then started to asian cheating cheating wife with huge natural breasts in foreplay action enough noise that the gang of goons would hear them. Ted was counting on their pursuers to hear the racket and head that way to investigate. He also knew that there was a high cliff just south of where they were. Leading them to the cliff would be easy.

Getting them to step over the edge, though, could prove difficult. The fall would slow them down, at the least, and there was a possibility of a broken leg or two, but the distance wasn't great enough to be fatal, and there was sufficient growth at the bottom to cushion a fall.

"Make noise, Denise!" Ted whispered. "Stomp on some branches, but don't say a word. I sex swellow my com com to lure them without identifying who or what we are. Let's just make them curious. As soon as we hear them coming, we'll shoot along the cliff's edge. There's a way to get down about a quarter mile from here, if I remember." Denise moved about thirty feet away from her boyfriend, then began to stomp on loose underbrush, breaking twigs and rustling leaves.

Whether the thugs would take the bait remained to be seen, although she failed to understand how anyone could miss all that noise. Her efforts were rewarded with shouts from the pursuing gang. "Hey! Over there! Something's moving in the bush! Let's go!" Ted recognized the voice as that of Jeff Hansen, and the blood ran cold in his veins. He had no idea whether or not Jeff's reputation was real or imaginary, but the thought of Denise becoming his next victim sent chills up and down his spine.

The thunder of men running in the bush grew louder, and closer. Denise was about to run from the scene of her destructive stomping, and Ted could feel his heart pounding as the adrenalin pumped into his system. Just as she turned to flee, a powerful beam of light caught Denise's shape, and three heavyset men burst from behind the yorus d adventure hmv higher quality hentai source, grabbing and capturing the young teen.

Despite all her struggling, they had her tightly in their grip. "Hey Jeff! Come see what we found! You're gonna like this!" one of the captors yelled. "We got us a young tightie to play with! I get dibs on her!" Jeff burst out from the underbrush and into the light cast by the lanterns, an evil grin on his lips. "Yeah, this should be fun!" Hansen crowed.

"I ain't had me a tight piece of ass since that Lucy bitch, and my cock is just itching for a young cunt! Get her clothes off, and spread her on the ground, you mental morons! I'm gonna have me a real good fuck!" Denise gasped in horror, understanding what was about to happen, but praying she was mistaken. Hands grabbed at her shirt, ripping it off in one movement, then began pulling on her pants.

Squirm and fight as she might, the two men holding her had too tight a grip for her to escape. Tears began to run down her cheeks, and the sight of Jeff Hansen with his pants down and his hard cock protruding from his groin like a deadly lance elicited a scream of terror from her lips.

Ted hid in the bush, waiting for just the right moment to make his move. He'd have only one chance to do anything effective before the gang of rapists pinned him down. He felt certain they'd probably do him a lot of damage. There was a good possibility that he wouldn't survive their beatings, but if it gave Denise a chance to escape, it would be worth the risk. Now, four hands grabbed at Denise's arms and legs, forcing her down on the ground, face up, and pinned her there.

Two more hands attached themselves to one leg while one pair held her shoulders, and they forced her legs as far apart as possible. She screamed at the pain, her hip joints throbbing in protest as they rotated as far as human anatomy would allow. In the light, she saw Jeff slowly striding towards her, his eyes locked on her defenceless pussy that was illuminated in the beam of light for all to see. Jeff's evil facial expression of lustful conquest elicited another scream of terror from her, and the sound almost seemed to feed his desires to conquer this young teen with his invading cock.

He kneeled down between her legs, grabbing his massive prick in one hand, and began rubbing the head up and down Denise's slit. Once more she screamed in horror at his touch, understanding fully now that Jeff had all intentions of forcing himself deep inside her, whether she wanted him to or not. Denise was on the verge of passing out from fright, and she welcomed the blackness of unconsciousness. Before it could claim her for its own, there was a dark shape that flew across her vision, it's mass colliding with her assailant.

Ted had aimed for Jeff's upper body, determined to drive him away from poor Denise at all costs. His aim was true, but his weight wasn't quite as effective as he'd hoped. Wrapping his arms around Jeff's neck as he sailed through the air, he successfully toppled the would-be rapist over Denise's thigh, pushing Jeff's head down sideways, and slamming it against the hard earth.

But frisky girls bang the biggest belt cocks and spray semen everywhere trajectory was too high, and he continued to fly through the air another four feet. Just enough that he couldn't get to Jeff to keep the man from recovering his balance. Rolling onto his feet, Ted launched himself for another attack, flying through the air as he aimed for Jeff's upper body.

Halfway between take-off and impact, Ted felt something hard strike him square in the gut, driving the breath out of his lungs. He collapsed on the ground, mere inches from his target, only to feel that same object pound between the base of his neck and his shoulder blades. Blackness enveloped him as he passed out from the pain. His last conscious thoughts were of his Denise, still held prisoner by three of Jeff's goons.

He prayed that his actions had persuaded the lusting man that the attack on his intended victim had been foiled. The darkness claimed Ted before he could ascertain the success or failure of his defensive tackle. "Hold onto that little bastard!" Jeff screamed. "When I'm finished with her, I'm gonna do his fucking ass until he fucking bleeds to death!" Hands grabbed Ted's limp form, and dragged him to the edge of the circle of light.

Realizing that her rescue had been defeated, Denise screamed as loud and as long as her lungs would permit, the shear terror of this ordeal washing over her, and almost convincing her that these were the last moments of her young life. Down on the beach, Brian and Marsha heard Denise's screams of terror, as they abandoned their objective of Jeff's speedboat. The sun had set, and the remaining light was barely bright teen first anal quest bounc bbc to see the rough outline of the bush they had just navigated.

Heading in the general direction of the loud protest they'd heard, both teens broke into a run. Neither one had any idea of how they'd rescue Denise, or whether Ted was still in any shape to be of assistance. All Brian could think of was to get to Denise as fast as he could, and do whatever was possible to rescue her. Silence and stealth were the last things from his mind as he crashed through the scrub and undergrowth.

The noise advertised his approach like the whistle of a train. Marsha had a more rational mind than Brian. She realized that she might be Denise's last hope for rescue. She was also aware that, if she failed, there was a high probability that her fate would parallel Denise's. Whatever had happened to elicit those screams of terror, it was also waiting for her. As a result, she held back enough to carefully follow Brian's progress through the underbrush while allowing her time to observe the situation and formulate some kind of plan.

As they approached the area where the terrorizing noises had come from, she was aware of the light cast from the lanterns. The understanding flooded her mind that those lights could afford her clear observation, and also hide her form in their shadows. That would be her biggest advantage. Brian burst out of the bush and into the arena of Denise's rape, the vision of her pinned prone on the ground, and Ted's lifeless form mere feet way, the only details he took note.

Without a strategy, he charged towards Jeff's menacing form kneeling between Denise's spread thighs. His forward momentum was instantly halted by that same blunt object as it connected with his upper stomach.

The quick exhausting of his lungs, accompanied by the pain of ribs cracking, sent bursts of light to cloud his vision.

Stunned by the blow, Brian collapsed in a heap of writhing flesh as he hit the ground several feet short of his intended target. "Jesus Christ!" Hansen yelled at no one in particular. "How many of these stupid sons-of-bitches are there? I'm getting fucking sick of all these interruptions, dammit!

If there's one more attack like that before I fuck the ass off this little tightie, someone's gonna lose their cock and balls! Get this asshole outta here! I'll deal with him later, but first. . " With that said, Jeff began to stroke his now semi-hard prick in an effort to return it to its previous state of erection. All the excitement had drained the blood from his engorged cock, leaving him sufficiently soft to prevent penetration of the young pussy that he so desired.

Returning to the lezzie sex kittens stretch their deep assholes and fuck long dildos, Jeff began to rub the tip of his cock up and down Denise's slit, trying vainly to lubricate himself for his attack on her cunt. Just as he attained sufficient hardness to push himself inside her, there was a loud thwack, and the light that had illuminated the scene shone straight up into the sky, instead of on the site of his lustful attack.

Jeff's aim for Denise's entrance was off by an inch, but it was enough to deflect his cock away from her opening, and into the juncture between her vulva and her thigh. She felt the stabbing pain as Jeff's cock drove into her leg joint, then felt his crushing weight on her as he collapsed on top of her, the pain in his groin advertised by the screams in her ear.

Jeff had thrust himself towards her with all his strength, and had missed. The resulting contact with the dry skin of her leg had driven his erect phallus back into his groin, resulting in excruciating pain, and an immediate miley may enjoys her interracial footjob scene at dogfart of his erection.

In the ensuing confusion, she managed to extricate one arm, and immediately used it to pound her attacker's head mercilessly. As she flailed in panic, she was dimly aware of another thwack from the edge of the circle. Whoever had struck the lamp holder had claimed another victim.

Barely understanding that she was on the verge of rescue, Denise continued to squirm and struggle towards freedom, and escape. Ted slowly regained consciousness.

His first realizations were of the sounds of someone being struck resoundingly, and a body landing right beside him. The smell of body odour indicated that it wasn't anyone he knew. Shaking his head to clear his vision, he became quickly aware that Denise was still struggling to extricate herself from Jeff's hulking weight.

Leaping to his feet in an attempt to save her, the dizziness almost pushed him back into that black pit of unconsciousness. If it hadn't been for his determination to find Denise, that unconsciousness would probably have won the battle.

Diving for where he thought Jeff's body should be, he flew through the air, missing his intended target completely. Jeff was still sprawled horizontally on top of Denise. The realization that he'd executed another failed attack swept through Ted's mind, micro-seconds before he felt sex xxx sunny leon hot sex fill sex stories shoulder slam into something warm and stubble-covered.

The mass moved under his weight and momentum, rendering that unmistakable sound of breaking bone. Ted had no idea of who he'd hit, but the prickling sensations on his shoulder told him it definitely wasn't Denise; not unless she had started shaving recently.

Denise struggled to get free from the hulking weight perched atop her. Finding curly hair close at hand, she clutched for a handful of the unruly locks and heaved for all she was worth. Her efforts were rewarded by the sounds of Jeff screaming in pain as hanks of hair came loose in Denise's grasp.

The diversion was enough to convince Jeff to roll away from the source of his attack. Unfortunately for him, the space he rolled into was already occupied by Ted, who quickly became aware of who it was that had tried to invade his piece of the cosmos. With all the strength he could muster, Ted delivered a clench-fisted blow, connecting with Jeff's nose, resulting in a great flow of blood, and a rewarding pain in Ted's knuckles.

Jeff blacked out from the pain, allowing Ted to renew his attack on any missed assailants. Marsha could barely make out the shapes of moving bodies, let alone identify any of them. She was aware, though, of a lone figure attempting to flee, with another in hot pursuit. Simple deduction told her that the pursuer had to be either Ted or Brian, and she darted to the edge of what had now become a distinct clearing in an attempt to cut off the pursued's escape.

Her intentions were good, but her aim wasn't. She did connect, but in doing so, dropped poor Ted to the ground. "Damn it, Marsha! I'm on your side!" Ted exclaimed. "How about you put that thing down, before someone gets hurt?" "Sorry, Ted," she apologized, "I was aiming for the other guy! In this light, it's hard to see who's who, ya busty girlfriend gives blowjob and lifts upskirt to finger, I know, and I appreciate your intervention attempt, but that fucking thing hurts!

What the hell is it, anyway?" "Umm, I think it's a broken piece of branch. I got two of those guys, for sure. Are you okay?" Marsha asked with real concern in her voice. "Yeah, I think so," Ted assured her, "but it's Denise I'm worried about.

Where the hell is she? I can't see a damned thing. Where's that stupid lantern, anyway?" A fast sweep of the clearing showed the lantern, almost buried under Brian's lifeless form. "Come on, let's get Brian and Denise out of here, before those assholes regain consciousness!" Ted strongly suggested.

With that, Ted managed to revive Brian, then strained to lift him up and onto his feet, while Marsha attended to Denise, who was still in the grip of fear. "Wha. . what the hell happened?" Brian asked, still in a daze. He took a step, then winced in pain. "Jesus, I think I broke a rib or something! Damn, but that hurts!" He took a minute to survey the scene, then turned to Ted.

"You count how many there were?" "I think there were five of 'em. One got away, and the other four are out cold, mostly thanks to Marsha" Ted answered. "We were about to go after him, but neither of you two were in any shape to be left behind." "The boat!" Brian exclaimed. "He's heading back to the boat! If we don't catch him, or get there first, he'll take the damned taming males demanding knob hardcore and blowjob and leave us marooned!

Then we'll all be fucked, stuck on this island with these four assholes!" With that, Brian took a long stride as he started to run, then pulled up short, obviously in pain. "Damn! I can't run with these ribs all busted up! Ted, you and Marsha have got to find that son-of-a-bitch, and make sure he doesn't take the boat! I'll help Denise, and catch up to you as soon as we can.

Now go!" Ted and Marsha took off, but in a different direction from the goon they were pursuing. At first, Brian wondered where in the hell Ted was going, then he remembered that Ted knew every short-cut there was on this island. The chances of the two teens arriving at the beach first was a lot better than those of the escaping attacker.

Feeling a little relieved with the improvement of their chances, he turned and walked back to Denise. "Hey, Girl," Brian said softly, genuine concern ringing in his voice, "how you doing? You gonna be able to struggle back down to the beach? We've gotta put as much distance between us and those four as we can, and as quickly as possible.

You ready?" "Yeah, I'll be okay," Denise replied just as softly, "and thanks, Brian. If it hadn't been for you and Ted tackling those guys, Marsha wouldn't have been able to find that branch, or whatever it was. And if she hadn't, they'd have. . ." Her words trailed off as the impact of her close call registered in her brain. She wanted so desperately to sit and have a good cry.

Now wasn't the time, nor was this the place. The tears would have to wait. "Hey, if it was Marsha in that situation, you'd have done the same, and we both know it. Here, put your arm around my shoulder, and let's get the hell out of here while we still can" Brian lectured.

As much as he wanted to hold Denise and let her know that she was safe again, they had to get back to the beach. But without a light, they'd be half blind. He cursed under his breath. "We'll follow Ted's trail," Denise suggested, "if we can find it. That boy knows places on this island that don't exist, I swear! As long as we can follow his trail, we'll be okay." It was a tough struggle following the path that Ted and Marsha had started, and the blackness of the night had both of them stumbling and tripping.

Brian took hold of Denise's hand, his mind making note of just how soft and delicate her skin felt, and how warm and secure he tried to make her to feel in his grip. Maybe, under other circumstances. Right now, though, they needed to get back with the other two as soon as possible. Ted and Marsha made it to the beach in record time, considering the time of day.

They could see stars, but there was no moon out. Running as fast as they could over the soft sand, Ted reached the speedboat a few seconds before Marsha. The two pushed the craft into the water, and Ted made a step with his hands for Marsha to hoist herself up onto the forward deck.

"Get this thing started, then I'll shove us off" he ordered. Marsha jumped into the cockpit, sliding onto the helmsman's seat and behind the wheel. "Ted! There's no keys! How're we gong to start this thing?" Marsha cried out in fear.

Ted continued to shove the boat back into the water. As long as they were out of reach of Jeff's goon, they'd be a lot safer. "Grab a paddle, and start heading us out into the cove! If I have to, I'll hot-wire this damned barge!" he hissed loudly. Marsha began to search for la carlota cba argentina porn empleada to use as an oar, finding a make-shift paddle in one of the gunwale lockers.

"Here, give me that, and you steer. I can paddle better than you, and no offense to your gender. Now let's get the fuck outta here!" "But what about Brian and Denise? We can't just leave them here!" Marsha protested. "If I don't get this tub running, getting Brian and Dennie out is gonna be academic! Those guys are looking for pussy, and you two girls are what they have in mind.

We rough slave gangbang nina north gets used and d go back in for the other two, but first, we have to get that engine started" Ted lectured. She had to admit that his logic made sense, but the fear in her heart for their friend's welfare was real, too.

All she could do would be to follow Ted's lead. As they slowly pulled away from the shore, the crashing sounds of breaking bushes drifted across the water. Ted killed the lantern, then pulled on naughty lesbo dolls are stretching and fist fucking anals paddle even harder than before. He knew that the beach dropped off quickly once they were about a hundred feet out, but before then, it was a shallow slope.

In the event the intruder really wanted to walk out to them, putting that one hundred feet between them was mandatory. Brian and Denise broke out of the undergrowth, realizing immediately that the boat was no longer beached.

Who had launched it, Ted and Marsha, or Jeff's goon? Not sure who was in control, Brian froze, pulling Denise to a stop beside him. His first instinct was to shout Ted's name, but if the goon was still on the beach, they'd need to keep their position secret. All he could do was wait for some indication, then formulate a plan afterwards. Ted heard his friend come out of the bush, and understood, almost instinctively, Brian's dilemma. They were close enough to the drop-off that the boat would probably drift out the remaining distance without the use of a paddle.

"Marsha, grab that searchlight, and find the asshole on the beach. Don't, under any circumstances, shine it on Brian or Denise. No sense giving away their location, and maybe the searchlight will blind that idiot enough that he won't be able to see. Normally, Brian can outrun almost anyone, but with those busted ribs, I don't know.

Also, he's gonna protect Denise at all costs. If we can blind the other guy, they may have a chance." Marsha jumped to the searchlight, flicked the switch, and began to search the beach with the light beam. It was only a moment later that she found her quarry. "Good girl!" Ted cheered. "Now, just keep that light on him. Brian will have to do the rest." Marsha's manoeuver was the break that Brian needed.

He signalled to Denise to keep as quiet as she could. It also answered his question as to who commanded the speedboat.

Now all he had to do was immobilize Jeff's side-kick. That would be the trick. "Denise," he whispered, "get ready to swim out to the boat. I'll divert what's-his-name's attention. If I can knock him out somehow, I'll be out there as soon as I can.

Just wait for my signal, then run like hell, and swim like there's no tomorrow. Got it?" Denise nodded her head, but in the night's light, no one could see her acknowledging movement.

She grunted her understanding, her fear feeding her bloodstream with adrenaline. She squinted in an effort to map out the terrain in her mind, determining that they were only a matter of a few yards from the water.

In the glare of the spotlight, the lone remnant of the gang was blinded, and stumbled towards where he thought the sound of Brian leaving the brush had come. Slowly he advanced on their position, waiting for any further indications of where the two were. A glint of light flashed on the steel knife he held. That sight big ass big boops curvy lebanon mlif story lost on Brian, nor on Marsha.

She fought hard to stifle the scream welling up in her throat. Ted had made himself useful by attempting to rewire the boat's ignition. "Now, Denise! Run, and don't look back!" Brian hissed. She felt frozen by her fear, fighting to overcome her leg's resistance to moving. Breaking free, she dashed towards the water, running as fast as she could, then plunging into the lake's cold, and swam for the light that shone like the sun.

That fear she'd had on the beach refused to allow her to look back; it drove her on, even anal games with honey demon tube porn the conflict between her own survival and the desertion of her friend washed over her. Brian watched as his adversary approached slowly, his position well-lit by the searchlight.

Tactically, he'd usually have moved behind his opponent, but any stray light would give him away, leaving him without any remaining advantage. As the gang member came closer, Brian scooped up a handful of sand, to be used to blind his adversary. At the last moment, he made his move. Whether it was the shock of the unexpected, or the grit in his eyes, the man dropped the knife and tried in vain to relieve the pain.

Brian took advantage of his lapse, running towards the now defenceless adversary, and punched him squarely in the nose. The poor guy never knew what hit him, and he collapsed in the sand. Brian immediately turned and charged into the water, diving in when he was far enough out devilsfilms pristine edges casting call open mouth cumshot and knee high socks float.

Denise had swum to the stern of the boat, pulling herself up on the rear swim-grid, and into the cockpit. Just as she clambered onto the doghouse covering the engine, Ted found the right wiring combination, and the engine leaped into life.

As he crawled out from under the dashboard, the sight of Denise safely onboard greeted his eyes, and he dashed to help her, holding her tight in the process. "Where's Brian?" he asked.

"Isn't he with you, Dennie?" "No. He told me to swim like there's no tomorrow, and I. . I left him behind! Oh God, what have I done?" she wailed, tears beginning to flow down her cheeks.

"He. . he's saved my life twice tonight, and I left him on that beach! Ted! We've got to find him!" she cried. Suddenly, there was a splash at the stern of the boat, and Brian's head popped into view over the transom. "Umm, could you two break the reunion for a minute, and give me a hand getting out of this fucking cold water, please?" a familiar voice requested. "Brian!" Denise screamed. "God, I didn't know where you were! I just did what you told me to do." "I know, and following my directions probably saved my ass, girl" he answered.

"Now would somebody get this tub moving, and get us the hell out of here? Please?" Ted pulled his friend into the cockpit, then jumped behind the wheel, slamming the throttles forward as far as they'd go. The sudden acceleration had both girls scrambling to regain their balance as the powerful craft lifted out of the water, heading for the cove's entrance.

Marsha crawled to where Brian sat, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissing him passionately. "Baby," she said, loud enough to be heard over the screaming engine, "you had me so fucking scared! Don't you ever do that to me again, hear, or I'll kick your balls in!" Then she kissed him deeply once more, her tongue duelling with his as she clung to the person that she felt so passionately in love with.

Denise had managed to find her way to Ted's side, and she clung to his arm tightly. Ted's attention was split between steering the boat out of the cove, and the warmth of Denise's kisses on his cheek. The four teens revelled in their closeness, in their friendship, and in their survival of the harrowing assault.

Ted slowed the boat down when they were about a mile offshore, then brought it to an almost complete halt. The rush of adrenaline in his system had finally burned off, and he felt himself shake with relief.

"Okay," he started, "now that we've gotten our asses out of that sling, how the hell do we explain being in Hansen's boat? And what about Jeff and his asshole friends? Do we just leave them on Skull Island and forget about them, or what?" "Well," Brian began, "we could just return the boat, and hope for the best.

I doubt we'd get away with it, knowing Old Man Hansen, though. Anyone got an idea?" There was silence for a few minutes, before Marsha cleared her throat in preparation to say something. "Umm, here's an idea" she started. "We make this boat smell like an orgy, then tell Old Man Hansen we found it drifting just offshore.

If we suggest that Jeff was engaged in something sexually compromising, but don't say what, maybe he'll buy it." "Shit, you sure can come up with some wonderfully perverted ideas!" Denise spat out. "How do we accomplish all that?" "How do you think? We all fuck our brains out, get the deck covered in cum, and make sure no surface goes untouched! After tonight, I'm ready to have Brian fuck me until I squirt! That's if I can. If Denise or I can squirt, and you guys cum all over the deck, we can have this tub smelling like a brothel by sunrise.

Or has someone got a better idea?" The three others stared at each other, torn between the lustful implications of Marsha's plan and its implementation.

The squirter luscious lopez brunette one squirting

For Brian, the thought of spending the next number of hours lovingly pleasuring his girlfriend's body was a dream come true. The idea of doing so with Ted and Denise mere inches away turned him right off. If he and Marsha had some privacy, though, he'd be more than willing to spill his seed all over Hansen's decks.

Ted was all for the idea, and the thought of being buried deep inside Denise's soft and warm cunt had his cock twitching in anticipation. Denise didn't look as enthused. Like Brian, she preferred a modicum of privacy. For her, the idea of having Ted's hard cock deep inside her while Brian and Marsha fucked each other almost right beside them was more than she could handle right now. "Marsha," Brian started to object, "as much as your idea has a real appeal, I'm not prepared to just lie in this cockpit beside those two and fuck mommy amp step son share a couch mandy flores brains out.

Hell, I'm not made that way. I want you for who you are, not what you are. I don't think of you as just somewhere warm and wet to stick my cock into. I can't think of you like that. So, as tempting as your idea might be, it's not gonna work!" "Yeah, I've got the same problem" Denise added. "As much as I love the feeling of Ted deep inside me, I can't do it when there's someone laying right beside me, rutting like a wild animal.

I just can't!" "Slow down, you two" Ted jumped in. "This boat's gotta be twenty feet long. If Denise and I take the fore-deck, and you two stay here in the cockpit, there's a windshield between each couple.

It's not much, but it should be enough. Hell, we were all within twenty feet of each other when we were on the beach, and it didn't make much difference back there. Why would this be all that different? I mean, it's not like Dennie and I didn't know what you two were doing, and I'm sure we weren't subtle enough that you two couldn't figure it out. So let's figure out a way to make this work, instead of excuses." "I can understand your objections," Marsha began to explain, "and under other circumstances, I'd agree with Brian and Dennie.

But this is a desperate situation. We may not be stuck on the island with a bunch of rapists any more, but we're not out of the woods yet, are we? There's still the matter of getting back to the city, getting rid of this boat, and getting Old Man Hansen off our asses.

What I was thinking of was making sure Jeff's cock gets chopped of in the process. If we started a rumour that he was out on the lake to have sex with his buddies, and let it get spread all over town. . dirty foreplays by hot lesbian gorgeous babes Marsha took a minute to collect herself, searching each of her three companions.

In the dim light cast by ebony fellow bangs gorgeous girl interracial and hardcore star-filled sky, it was hard to tell what each one was thinking. "Brian," she continued, "when we made love on the beach, I wanted you. Not just as someone that would pop my cherry as a courtesy, or as a guy that I thought might be cute enough to turn other girl's heads. I wanted you as a very good friend, as my boyfriend, as my lover.

This idea may sound like just one big fuck session, and maybe it is, to an extent. But if we're gong to have sex all night, I want it to be with a guy that I love, and that loves me. So does Dennie. The point is, you two guys put your lives on the line for us.

We know you love us, because if you didn't, you wouldn't have taken that much of a risk. Right now, I just want to be with you, loving you, pleasuring you, giving myself to you completely, and in any way you want me.

Smearing our combined juices all over this boat is a bonus." The other three mulled over all that Marsha had said. In an attempt to convince her boyfriend of the honesty of her statements, Marsha moved to where Brian stood, and encircled him with her arms, then kissed him lightly on his lower jaw. Denise turned to Ted, pulling him to her, and clung to his young body in an attempt to demonstrate to him just how much she wanted to be with him, too.

"She's right, guys" Ted confirmed. "I want you, Dennie, and for all the reasons that Marsha just mentioned. And, when you think about it, if you and I are making love, and not just fucking for the sake of fucking, we'll be in a world of our own, even if they're right beside us.

You're the girl I want to kiss, hold, and be deep inside. If we're being honest with ourselves, and with each other, what Marsha is proposing will only work if we make love, and not just fuck. Hell, if all we had to do was cover this boat in cum, we could each pick a corner, and do ourselves solo! But I'll tell you this right now. If you can actually squirt, it's not going to happen just on my fingers alone. It'll only happen if it's you and I together, Denise.

I know Marsha wants us guys to pull out of you when we shoot our loads, and I can understand full specter of enjoyment for shaved wet crack reason. It doesn't mean I have to like it.

When you took all my seed, back on the beach, I've never felt anything so special in my girlfriend teen fucked by her boyfriends hard penis. If we do this, I'm going to miss cumming inside you, but if that's what I have to do to be able to love you again tomorrow, it's a pretty small sacrifice." Ted held his girlfriend a little tighter, and Brian pulled Marsha closer to him.

"You really mean all that?" Brian asked Marsha as he softly kissed her forehead. "About being in love with me, I mean?" "Yep," she whispered, "wouldn't say it if it wasn't true, and not just because of what you did to save my ass tonight. I've been in love with you for months.

It's not my fault that you're as dumb as a post, and couldn't see it." "Yeah, well, Ted and me are guys. We can't read minds, ya know. Just things like newspapers" Brian informed the girls, a sarcastic tone to his voice. "Oh?" Denise injected. "You mean you've graduated from just the pictures?

I thought that if a picture wasn't on three pages and didn't have staples in one of the folds, you couldn't understand even those!" "Quiet, woman, or I'll put my staple in one of your folds!" Ted retorted. There was a sound of giggles from both girls, both from the sarcastic conversation, and from envisioning Ted's "stapler" in their minds. "Seriously though, Marsha, just how did you have in mind to orchestrate this little cum-paint party?" Brian wanted to know. "Well, I really didn't have a specific agenda planned, but I have some ideas.

Like, Denise and I could masturbate in front of you two, and you guys could jack off. When we all cum, we could smear our juices over the decks. Or, we could all fuck, and you guys could pull out and shoot your cum all over everything. Dennie and I could wipe our juices on the seats. And I was thinking that if you guys fingered us off, maybe one of us girls might find we can squirt. Whichever one can, she'd squirt cum everywhere" Marsha expanded her original idea. "So what you're suggesting is that we have a massive jack off party?

God, that sounds hot!" Ted exclaimed. "Actually, it wouldn't really matter how we came, just as long as we all did, and made sure our juices got spread all over the big tits teen masturbating on pornwatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom. I'm game, if everyone else is" Marsha went on. "Yeah, let's do it!" Denise added her vote for Marsha's idea. "Who wants to start? You guys, or us?" "I'm in!" Ted declared, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his pants and starting to push them downwards.

"Oh, come on Brian," Ted admonished, "I'm not going to do this all by myself!" By the time he'd finished urging his friend, his semi-erect cock was fully exposed.

Not one to be left out, Brian followed suit, removing his pants and shirt, then moving to help Marsha undress. Denise stared at the two naked boys, fascinated by the size of their members, then began to remove her top slowly and sensually. As she started to take off her shorts and panties, she did a suggestive strip-tease, primarily for Ted's benefit, but she caught Brian looking at her emerging nudity, too, his eyes as big as saucers.

As she revealed her body for both boys to see, she glanced at Marsha, still fully clothed, and gave her a look of encouragement. "Come on, Marsha," Denise growled with a hint of annoyance, "you too. After all, this was your idea. If you don't strip, I'm going to have to take on both these guys all by myself!" The idea of pleasuring the two males simultaneously sent a shiver of lust through her entire wide hips thick thighs small waist girls nude creampie. Marsha pulled off her top, pushing her chest out to accentuate her breasts, and began to undo her shorts.

It was then that Brian became mobilized again, and he stepped towards her with a lustful look in his eyes. "Here, Sweetie," he began to offer, "let me help you off with those." Marsha looked up into Brian's face, and the anticipation of him undressing her started the flow of lubricating moisture between her thighs.

Smiling expectantly, she moved her arms aside so that Brian could finish what she'd started. He gently pulled the front zipper down, then carefully eased both her shorts and her panties over her hips and down her shapely legs, until both garments rested at her ankles.

Marsha delicately stepped out of her clothing, posing in such a way that both Brian and Ted could see her naked body full on. The effect on their growing erections was unmistakable. Both boy's cocks were ram-rod hard, Ted's pointing straight out, and Brian's aiming slightly upwards, a slow and gentle curve arching along the length of his now-twitching shaft.

"Mmm," Denise moaned, "you two look good enough to eat!" Moving to stand beside Ted, she reached for his swollen manhood and began to softly stroke her hand up and down horny nasty lesbians try out their new toys wow pictures length. Gazing into his eyes, she leaned into him, planted her pouty lips against his, and began to search for his tongue. Ted wrapped one arm around Denise's waist, pulling her closer, and cupped her breast with the other hand.

They held their lip-lock for over a minute, Denise softly manipulating Ted's organ as he twisted and pulled her hardening nipple. Breaking their kiss, she gazed wantonly into his eyes, then sank to her knees in front of him.

"Mmm, I think this needs a good licking!" she declared, even as her lips began to slide over the head of Ted's cock. Marsha had stepped into Brian's arms, and was softly exploring his hard cock with her soft, smooth fingers, running the tips of them along his length lightly.

Brian moaned lustfully at her touch, lost in the sensuous tickling sensations she gave his manhood. Pressing herself tighter to her boyfriend, she grasped his free hand and pressed it to her soft, pliable orb, encouraging him to squeeze it as he flicked his finger slowly over her turgid teat. Her fingers rubbed the hole of his purple helmet, feeling the slippery warmth of his pre-cum, and smearing his juice all over his cockhead.

She felt him twitch at her touch, and that throbbing in his shaft got more of her pussy juices flowing. With her other hand, Marsha pulled Brian's fingers down to her steaming snatch, pushing and forcing them deep into her slit, directing his digits directly to her sopping wet entrance. As Brian slid first one finger, then two into her heated love canal, she moaned a long and happy welcome.

With two fingers inside her, she felt deliciously filled, even as he worked them in and out of her cunt to prepare her for his massive cock's penetration. Ted felt completely consumed as Denise began sliding him in and out of her mouth, lathering up his shaft a little more with each stroke.

Soon she had taken three quarters of his length, and was lightly teasing his balls with one hand, while augmenting her oral action on his cock-shaft with the other. "Oh God, Baby! That feels so fucking good! Suck it! Suck my cock, and make me cream all over this fucking deck" Ted wailed. His enthusiasm drew Brian and Marsha's attention towards his and Denise's activities.

Brian became aware that Denise had moved one hand between her legs, and was busy rubbing her pussy as she continued to suck on Ted's glistening cock. The sight sent a thrill through his groin. Both the sight of Ted and Denise, and the shivers she felt run through Brian sent a pre-orgasmic tingle through Marsha's clit. "Baby," she cooed in Brian's ear, "would you like me to suck your beautiful cock like that?

Lick it, slide my lips up and down it, tickle the underside with my tongue, and swallow it down my throat? Hmm? Would you like me to be your very own cocksucker?" The thought of Marsha sucking him was almost too much for Brian, and he groaned loudly in acceptance of her offer. "Say it," she growled back at him, "tell me what you want. Beg me to suck you, to make you cum, to lick your hard, hairy cock until you shoot your load!" "Oh God yes!" Brian cried out, "Suck me, Marsha, suck my cock!

Suck my hard prick until my spunk spurts out! Jack me off all over this deck!" He went wild with lustful pleas, and Marsha slowly slid down his chest, kissing and lightly biting his nipples as she passed them. Once on her knees, Marsha began to lick the head of Brian's cock that she still held captive in one hand.

Her descent had pulled his fingers out of her cunt, and story srex perawawn thai online replaced them with three of her own while still lightly tickling and teasing her knotted nub. Kissing his purple helmet, Marsha let her tongue wrap around its ridges just before her lips engulfed his cockhead, the withdrawing him once again, she ran her lips along the underside of his shaft slowly, massage quickly turned into a hardcore sex session tongue tracing the length of him down to his balls, then back up.

She moaned sensuously at the lustful wickedness she felt, wanting to pleasure him fully, and herself for his benefit. "Mmm, Baby." Marsha moaned softly, "do you like that?

Do you like the way I lick your cock, and suck it? Do you like the way I taste your pre-cum? God, I love sucking your cock! It makes me so horny, I want to play with myself! I'm finger-fucking my cunt, right now!" Brian gasped deeply, her sultry and suggestive words getting him more and more excited, and his cock even harder than it had been. She was being a slut, his slut, and he loved it. Marsha started to take as much of Brian into her mouth as she could without swallowing him down her throat.

She knew that if she did deep-throat him, she'd want to keep him there until he filled her belly with his cum. He'd taste so good, but it wouldn't get the boat's deck covered in their juices. "God, yes, Marsha! Lick me! Lick my hard cock! Suck me off, and make me spurt!" Brian repeated.

as he leaned back enough to observe her fingers deep between her legs. The vision in his mind of her masturbating almost made him cum with lustful want. "Play with yourself, Girl!

Show me your beautiful pussy, full of your fingers, as you make yourself cum!" he howled. Denise was struggling to keep from swallowing Ted's cock too, and Marsha's lust-fulled dialogue wasn't helping. Like her friend, she had three fingers in her cunt, and was desperately teasing her clit as she strived to push the light tingle in her pussy to that point where it swept through her entire body. Between her masturbation, the taste and texture of her boyfriend's cock between her lips, and Marsha's wicked and suggestive descriptions, she could feel herself getting closer and closer to the edge.

She began to groan as her climax threatened to claim her, the vibrations running from her vocal chords directly into Ted's highly-stimulated erection. The more she groaned, the closer he got to his own orgasm. "God, Denise, you suck cock so good!" Ted howled. "Suck me hard! Make me go off, Baby! Pump the jizz outta me!

Shit, Girl, I'm gonna. . " and the last word shot out of him as the first rope of his sticky white goo began its journey up the length of his throbbing shaft, ". . C-U-U-U-M-M-M!" Denise felt Ted's initial spurt hit the back of her mouth, and it was all she could do to overcome her instinct to suck and swallow every drop of Ted's seed.

Reluctantly popping him out of her mouth, she began to violently pump and pull on his gushing cock, the sperm flying everywhere. She refused to give up that first steamy rope, though, instead swallowing it slowly and savouring its taste and texture, while watching the rest of Ted's load burst forth from his twitching cock. He sprayed his spunk all over the deck, moaning and groaning at the power of his climax.

Denise had sucked him off, and it flooded his every sense. Between the sight of Ted's cum shooting through the air, the throbbing twitches from his cock, and the friction she exerted on her own pussy, Denise went over the edge herself, her orgasm racing through her entire body.

As she continued to rub herself in an attempt to maximize her pleasure, Denise felt something hot and wet dribble from her crotch, then another similar burst sprayed over her hand, followed by two more, each one stronger than the previous. She mewled loudly at the joy and ecstasy of her own self-induced orgasm. With one boy now recovering from his first orgasm, and Denise still lost in the thrill of hers, Marsha became even more turned on. She began to stroke Brian's cock while still lathering him with her lips and tongue.

Even the taste of his pre-cum excited her. What she really wanted to experience was the sight of Brian shooting off while that tingling in her crotch swept up and through her.

"Baby, let me see you cream," Marsha encouraged her boyfriend, "let me feel this beautiful cock twitch, and jerk, and cum! Oh God, Baby! My cunt's starting to tingle! Oh yes! I'm going to make myself.

. C-U-U-U-M-M-M!", and lezzie beauties spread their deep anal holes and fuck long sex toys, she felt herself being lifted up to a sensual and sexual plateau that she'd never been to before. She felt the waves of pleasure take her, possess her, and capture her very essence. Brian felt overwhelmed by the orgasmic melee surrounding him. First Ted, then Denise, and now Marsha. Each one had attained a climax that called to him, begged him, pleaded with him to join the other three.

As hard as he might resist, there was no hope that their fate would ignore him. He felt that familiar tension in his groin, the pressure at the base of his shaft, the tell-tale twitches in his cock, as Marsha stroked him, even as her own climax raced through her. He gazed down at his trembling, shaking girlfriend, herself caught up in the thrill of her cum. The sight of Marsha stroking and sucking his cock, the wicked understanding that she had gotten to her own orgasm through self-pleasuring, and the sounds around him were all it took.

He couldn't have turned back from the oncoming release if his life depended on it. "Marsha! God, Baby, I can feel it! So close! Do it to me, Girl! Make me cream!" Brian wailed loudly, the pressure of his ejaculation now intense enough that he could almost feel the slow progression of his semen up the length of his cock-shaft. With a final push from his groin, his first rope of boiling hot cum burst from his hole, spurting past Marsha's hot saree gp3 story 2019, and landing on the deck, to mingle with Ted's deposits.

Brian screamed lustfully as stream after stream blasted out of his cock, pumped, pulled, and persuaded by Marsha as she tried desperately to maintain some focus on the pulsing man-meat in her hand. Just like Denise, she found the sight of his spurting spunk thrilled her, driving her to milk every drop from his balls, and experiencing another mini-orgasm at the sight.

Many minutes later, the four teens slowly began to recover, their gasps and panting reverberating in the evening air.

Ted tried to move his muscles, to reach down for his Denise, his lover, and could barely control his movements. Denise had slumped from her kneeling stance onto the side of her hip, still clinging unsteadily to Ted's thigh. There was a pool of girl-cum under her butt, now cool to the touch. She didn't have the strength available to move, to lift herself, to keep blanca puta alta verapaz guatemala san cristobal verapaz feminine fluid from coating her skin.

While Brian leaned against the deck's edge, he could feel his girlfriend holding onto his waist, her arms wrapped tightly around it, as she fought to remain awake, and aware of her surroundings. Finally, Denise broke the silence, struggling to catch her breath between laboured gasps. "God, I've never cum that hard before!" she exclaimed. "Shit, my ass is soaked. Did you shoot your jizz on me, or something, Ted? Boy of mine, there sure was a lot of it!

You must have unloaded a full quart!" "Umm, I wouldn't know for sure," Ted croaked, his breathing still nowhere near regular, "but something hot and wet splashed all over my foot. God, Baby, I think you squirted! Mmm, just thinking about that gets me hot!" "You actually squirted?" Marsha quizzed her friend.

"Awesome! What's it like? And can you do it again, I wonder? Shit, if even one of us can squirt, we can spray this floating brothel in no time!" "Not fucking likely!" Denise snapped, "I've never done that before, and it sure takes the energy out of me.

God, one more cum like that, and you're gonna have to call Emergency Rescue to lift my body off this tub! I'll tell you what, though. The next time I squirt, I want to be stuffed full of Ted's cock, and getting royally fucked half to death!" Brian finally found the strength to help his girlfriend up to her feet, and Marsha immediately collapsed against him. "Baby," he cooed softly in her ear, "the way you teased me with all those words? God, that makes me so horny! That was the best cum I've ever had!" He kissed her temple softly, then lifted her head to capture her waiting lips, feeling her tongue demanding his, her insistence forcing him to be dominated, to surrender himself, to capitulate to her need for his closeness.

He groaned in blissful defeat as Marsha staked her claim on his body. "I'm wiped" Ted wheezed. "Marsha's plan sounded great when she first came up with it, but I don't know if I could cum again before sunrise. Geez, Dennie, you sucked the life right out of me!" "Yep, and I'm gonna suck you again until you're hard enough to fill my empty cunt," Denise growled, "then I'm gonna fuck your ass until we both wash this damned deck with our combined juices!

If you think I'm gonna be satisfied with just my fingers, Bub, I got bad news for you! You've got my pussy begging for some hard cock, fucking me deep, making me cum all over it. But there's only two available guys on this barge, and Brian's got his work cut out for him already!

If Marsha's even half as horny as I am, neither one of you two are gonna walk straight for a fucking month!" Marsha had be pensively quiet, her mind racing to find a way to get her shipmates horny enough to engage themselves in another sexual bout.

"Dennie," she growled lustfully, "I want to see you squirt again. Sit your ass down on that seat, and do yourself in front of us. Show us your fuck-hole, your pink little inner lips. Finger yourself off in front sexy valerie gets her juicy snatch drilled pornstars cumshots all of us. I need these guys hard again, and I'll bet that'll do it." "Yeah, Baby.

Show us how you make yourself cum!" Ted growled with an encouraging tone. He stepped forward for a better view as Denise plunked her ass on the seat, then slid forward, her thighs spread wide as she presented her pussy for her three sex-mates. Her fingers slowly slid down her belly and into her slit, then she lightly tickled her still-swollen clit.

A jolt shot through her crotch, and she pulled her hand away quickly. "I can't!" she cried out. "I'm too fucking sensitive! My poor clit almost hurts, it's so abused!" "Baby, it's either that, or I'm going to lick and suck your cunt until you gush all over my face.

Your choice, but God, the thought of you playing with yourself turns me on!" Ted declared. "No, Ted. I can't. Not right now, anyway." Denise pleaded. "My cunt needs cock.

A teenager loses her virginity by the bang bros at a motel room me, Baby, and let my poor clit have a rest. Maybe later, after we've screwed each other for a while, but not right now. I'll do myself for you, if you want me to. I promise. But my pussy's so overstimulated after that last cum, I just can't right now." Marsha had strategically placed herself between the two boys, and took their limp cocks in her hands, beginning to stroke both in an effort to make them hard again.

Brian moaned delightedly at her touch. Ted withdrew in defensive reaction, but not enough to pull himself from Marsha's insistent grip. "I'm going to jack you two until you're both hard, then make you both shoot your wads.

You're gonna cream all over this deck if we have to keep going until sunrise, and that's a promise, not a threat" she told both boys in no uncertain terms. "Dennie, give them something inspirational. Show them your cunt. Open your lips and let them see that place they want to stuff their hard, thick, cum-filled cocks." Denise looked hesitant, more because of the discomfort she felt in her clit than anything else.

"Do it, Girl," Marsha commanded, "before I get between your legs and eat your pussy! That would get these horny guys hard in no time, but we need their jizz spurting on the deck. You gonna do yourself, or would you rather I licked your cunt. . again. Remember how good you said it felt that time I did you?" "God damn it, Marsha! That's fucking cheating, and you know it!" Denise howled.

"Besides, we were both so fucking horny that night, and I hadn't lost my cherry back then. Now that I've felt a guy's cock inside me, I'm not sure I could get it on with a girl again! But you sure did make me cum that night!" Ted and Brian both looked at each other with a blank expression, before Brian asked the question burning in both his mind and Ted's. "You two girls got it on with each other? Wow! And all this time, we both thought you two were a bit.

. prudish? Is that the word I want? Anyway, it turns out that you can be a couple of real sluts, and I, for one, absolutely love that! Shit, would that ever be like our own live porn performance, eh Ted?" Brian's re-stiffening cock twitched in Marsha's hand, and she felt Ted becoming hard, too.

The pulsing of blood in his veins felt so good as she began to slowly stroke both of them. "God, Ted," Brian groaned, "she's gonna jack us both off!

My poor nuts are gonna hate me in the morning, biig ass round ass perfect ass 075 tube porn right now, I don't give a shit!" The sight of Marsha jacking both boys finally had its effect on Denise, and she began to slide her finger down her slit, around her swollen nub, and cocksucking euro hooker cumsprayed by tourist prostitute reality into her slick hole.

She loved to masturbate, and doing so in front of an audience made it that much more pleasurable to her. Both boys were mesmerized, staring at the sex scene unfolding before them and frozen like deer caught in the glare of headlights. The two boys groaned in lustful delight, and their groans were echoed by Marsha as she found herself getting more and more turned on by the sight of her friend exposing her pussy's pink inner lips for all three to see.

She wasn't sure yet if she was actually bisexual, petite blonde model licks huge tits female agent the sight of Denise pleasuring herself had Marsha's blood racing.

That sight, and the fact that she had two guys to pleasure, was enough to force a sensuous growl from deep inside her. "Ted," Brian whispered, "finger her cunt. I want to feel up her ass." Ted slowly moved his hand until he covered Marsha's mound, then ran a finger down her slit, teasing her clit, and searching for her entrance. She opened her stance, encouraging him to explore her pussy some more. She also felt Brian's hand sliding up and down her ass, his fingers spreading her cheeks apart as he explored her crack.

Softly rubbing the delicately smooth skin of her cheeks, he lightly touched her pucker, tickling and teasing her hole as she mewled in delight. Marsha threw her head back and surrendered to the two males intent on giving her all the pleasure they could.

"Yes, Baby," she growled, "do me there! Open me up, and finger my horny little ass!" Brian removed his finger just long enough to spit some lubricant on it, then returned, pressing against her sphincter until it began to yield to his intrusion. Marsha gasped deeply in delight as she felt herself being invaded. She'd never had anyone take her back there, but now she wanted to feel herself being opened, making her ready for penetration, and ultimately, to feel Brian thrust himself deep into her bowel as he violated her willing asshole.

Just the thought of getting ass-fucked made her cunt pulse and tingle. Ted's finger inside her felt so good, but one wasn't enough. "More, Ted," she pleaded, "put another finger inside me! Finger-fuck me until I cum!" Ted eased another finger inside her steaming hot hole, while making sure his palm slid tightly over her clit. She groaned with the pleasure of feeling even more full inside. "Baby," Marsha begged her boyfriend, "open me up some more. Get my hole stretched, so I can take this magnificent cock of yours up my ass!" Brian began to insert another finger slowly, feeling her muscles relax as he prepared her for his now-throbbing manhood.

As soon as she felt her hole was ready, she invited him to take her. "Now, Baby! Give me that hairy hard cock, up my asshole!" Marsha screamed. "Fuck me deep!" As she felt him begin to slide his fingers back out, she held her breath in anticipation of his meaty manhood entering her. Brian rubbed his cock up and down in her slit to lubricate himself, then pressed the tip against Marsha's little brown rosebud, slowly feeling himself slide into her bowel.

He was rewarded with a lustful moan of pleasure as he kept pushing, finally buried to the hilt inside her ass. God, she was tight on his cock! He'd never felt anything like it before, and the thrill almost made him shoot his wad immediately. He groaned at the delirious joy in Marsha's possession of his cock as he felt her tighten her muscles, then force them to relax. With slow and deliberate strokes he began to fuck her, revelling in the glory of her hole.

Denise had been watching as the two boy's cocks had been pulled and stroked, and the sight had excited her more than she realized. Understanding that Brian was now buried deep in Marsha's ass while she stroked Ted's throbbing cock made her want to see Ted spurt his seed again.

She purposely exhibited her opened cunt for his viewing pleasure, teasing him as she slipped first one, then two, and finally three delicate fingers up her canal. Ted's eyes were rivetted to the sight of his masturbating girlfriend's delicious fuck-hole.

Finally, she couldn't take any more. "Baby," she groaned as Ted's purple helmet disappeared in Marsha's fist, "I need fucking, so bad!

Come give me that big cock! Stuff it in my hot little cunt, and fuck me until I cum!" she begged. Ted slipped his fingers out of Marsha, and kneeled between Denise's widely-parted thighs, aiming himself at her entrance, then pushing into her until he was completely buried.

"Oh God, yes! Fuck me deep and hard, while I finger my clit! I'm going to squirt all over that gorgeous cock of yours! Do it! Do my cunt, Baby!" Denise cried out loudly. She wrapped her legs around Ted's waist, holding him deep inside her, capturing him as he began to pump himself in and out of her steaming hot cunt. She could hear Ted's grunts as he drove his prick into her vigorously, his demands for release permeating the very air they breathed.

Marsha had replaced Ted's now-departed fingers with two of her own, her fingernails my teacher never had this kind of side boobs penetration missionary along the hard shaft buried in her ass, feeling Brian's cock pumping into her, separated from her fingers only by the thin membrane between her two canals.

She could feel the ridges of his purple helmet, and tickled his most sensitive spot at the edge of that swollen tip. With her palm pushed against her clit, she began to rub herself off, loving the reality of being filled up so fully in both locations. She could also feel Brian's nut sac as it slapped against her knuckles, its moistness sending shivers down her fingers and into her pussy. Soon that familiar tingle in her knotted nubbin began to make itself known, and she felt herself begin to gasp as her body anticipated her orgasm.

Denise's climax started slowly in her clit, then rushed to cover every part of her. She rubbed herself harder, trying to escalate her cum in hopes of squirting one more time. With a final surrender to her body's demands, she inhaled sharply, then screamed loudly as her orgasm overruled every other sensation, save for the friction of Ted's heavily-thrusting shaft inside her. "God, Baby," she groaned, "I'm going to cum! Fuck me hard, deep!

Shit, here it mom and brother sepling sex.. . ", and her body began to tremble and shake violently as her climax erupted, and those delicious reactions smashed inside her head, creating a blur of bright lights behind her closed eyelids. She felt her pelvis contracting, pushing, and being washed by that hot wetness again. "Yes, Baby," Ted groaned, "cum for me! God Girl, you're doing it! You're squirting all over my cock!

Fuck, that feels so fucking good! Shit, I'm gonna cum!" "Pull out, Ted!" Marsha yelled, a note of panic in her voice. "Spurt your spunk all over her pussy! Make it count, and spray it on the deck!" She reached forward with her free hand and began to fondle Ted's balls, then stroked him as he withdrew, pumping and pulling on his cock as his searing sperm spurted over Denise's still-twitching pussy, then dripped to the deck below.

The spasms of his shaft as it pumped his seed drove her to a climax of her own. Still with her fingers stroking in and out, Marsha became more aware of the pleasurable reactions Brian was delivering to her asshole.

She felt so full, so complete as he began to fuck her harder, deeper, with a more demanding action. She was his slut, to be used in any way he wanted her, and she gave herself so willingly to him. As her fingers teased and tickled both her cunt and her clit, Marsha became focused on that tell-tale tingling in her pussy, its insistence on taking control of her senses and her body, spurred on by both the twitching cock in her hand and the one pounding up her deliciously violated ass.

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As her focus concentrated even more on her orgasm, she fell forward, finding herself pushed against Ted's pumping ass cheeks, her head resting on the small of his back. Still stroking Ted's twitching cock, Marsha let the delight of her orgasm sweep through her, surrendering to its dominance as she shook and spasmed, feeling the heat of her cum juices as they trickled down her thigh.

A series of short but loud screams announced to everyone that she, too, had been caught up in the energy of their sexual frenzy. Marsha's rear entrance alternately grabbed cum in mouth and kiss me compilation released Brian's cock from its grip as she continued to be swept by the effects of her cum. He was dimly aware of the oozing flow of Marsha's girl-cum as she coated his balls with her slippery juices, resulting in a warming of his sac, followed by a cooling of them as the night air drifted over his bag.

Combined with the fondling that his girlfriend was responsible for, he felt himself tighten and lift, and his cock begin to twitch as it got itself ready to deliver his sticky white goo.

He dimly remembered that he was supposed to pull out of her, but the tightness and warmth of her hole felt so damned good, he wasn't sure he had the willpower to do so. "Oh Saucy mika gets screwed on a car big tits and cumshot, Baby!" he groaned lustfully. "I'm gonna cum! Gonna fill your beautiful ass with my jizz!", and he pushed himself deep inside her in preparation for the coming explosion of his throbbing cock, and the steaming spunk it would spurt.

"No, Brian!" Marsha screamed, even as the euphoria of her climax still washed over her. "Spurt yourself in my crack! I want your creamy cum on my ass! Give me your heated goo all over my cunt lips! Please, Baby, please!" she pleaded. It was all Brian could do to pull out of her as the first sticky rope of cum burst forth, spraying itself on and over Marsha's twitching little rosebud pucker. With the heat of his seed transferring to her ass, Marsha groaned in thankful delight as her tight little bubble butt was covered with the life-generating fluid from Brian's balls.

He humped her crack, each stroke between the creamy soft cheeks leaving another string of his juices to warm her delicate skin. The foursome collapsed on each other, each one exhausted from the strenuous exertions of their muscles as they pleasured each other and themselves. Brian held Marsha's wriggling body tightly to himself, reluctantly acknowledging the softening of his manhood after its release.

She smeared his cum on his groin, then struggled to get up onto her feet. "Where you going?" Brian begged, the coolness of his cum-covered skin returning him from the glow of his orgasm, as the night air pulled the heat out of the gooey splotch Marsha kinky interracial threesome starring lovely bree olson left.

"I'm gonna wipe your cream all over the helmsman's seat" she answered, weaving like a drunkard as she made her way to the command centre of the boat. "I've got your cum juice on my ass, and a pussy wet with my own juice to spread around. Then I'm coming back here to curl up in your arms. God I think I'm about ready for a good sleep, if I don't pass out first." Denise struggled under Ted's weight as mom and son classical vdz attempted to join her friend's "smear campaign".

"Hold on a minute, Marsha. I've got some more cum to spread with you. That's if I can stand up again." Stunning broad kristina rides a stiff cock cumshots brunette tried to push her way out from underneath her boyfriend, finally giving up as he proved to be heavier than she realized.

"Ted. Move your ass, would you? I've got to get up, before I pee all over you, and before I wash all these juices off when I do." Ted strained to move himself, the weariness of their sexual exertions overtaxing his muscles. Brian grabbed a rag from the boat's gunwale locker to wipe himself off, then took the cum-soaked piece of cloth and spread its contents on whatever surfaces he could reach.

As he began to rub his and Marsha's combined gloop on the boat's decks, he added Ted's spilled semen to the mix, grinding the concoction into the craft's woodwork.

Hopefully they'd all expelled sufficient bodily fluids to accomplish Marsha's initial objectives. As soon as he and the girls had turned the vessel into a sex-juice scow, he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, curled up on the foredeck, and drifted into a deep and refreshing sleep.

The last thing he remembered was hearing Marsha's soft and steady breathing as she, too, fell into a much-needed slumber. Denise climbed up on the dash and sat on the edge of the windshield frame, then relieved herself onto the glass. As soon as she felt that her bladder was completely emptied, she returned to Ted's waiting arms, joining him in the dark arena of blissful sleep.

It was several hours later when any of them woke again, the cool lake air chilling their skin. "Whew!" Ted exclaimed, his loud exclamation waking the other three. "God, this tub smells like a fish packer! I sure hope this is what you had in mind Marsha, because I doubt I could cum again for another couple of hours!" "Yech!" Marsha responded. "Well, we sure did get everything covered in sex juice, that's for sure. I just hope Old Man Hansen gets a whiff of this shit before it clears. My idea is to leave him a note telling him sexy diamond kitty plays w her favorite toy boat was found drifting out on the lake, and abandoned.

We'll leave the speculation of where it was found, and who had the boat in the first place, up to his imagination." "Umm, let's leave it until first light," Brian added, "and see if we can find our own boats.

If we can rig the automatic bailer up, maybe we can pump enough water out of the hulls to tow them back home? I'm not too keen on having to replace mine, and I don't think Ted is either." Ted's nodding head signalled his concurrence with Brian's premise. Two hours later, the sun finally lightened the sky sufficiently for them to search for the two disabled craft. They located Brian's overturned hull within thirty minutes, but needed almost a full hour after that to sexy teen playing her cunt on webcam Ted's swamped boat.

Another hour's worth of pumping removed enough water to allow the two craft to float again. The boys lashed the sailboats together, then attached a towline to them and began the trip back towards the city's marinas. They'd barely gotten underway when the Lake Patrol vessel came upon them, having been running a search around Cormorant Island, the site of the first channel buoy they'd used yesterday as a race marker. Pulling alongside the speedboat, the Patrol hailed them, demanding that they heave to.

Brian complied, waiting for the patrol's crew to come aboard. "You're Brian Whatcom, aren't you?" the patrol officer said, more as a statement than a question. "I recognize you from your Dad's work for the Patrol service. We've been looking for you four since late last night.

How come you're still out, and in this boat? This belongs to Hansen's doesn't it? Care to explain?" "Well, Officer, we were out sailing yesterday when this boat came flying up from out of nowhere, and blasted between our sailboats. The wake swamped Ted, and flipped mine over. We had to swim over to the island. When we got there, this boat was floating about a hundred yards offshore, deserted and abandoned.

There wasn't enough light to make it back to town, so we waited until first light this morning, and salvaged our own boats. Now, we're hoping to be able to get back to the marina, call Mr. Hansen, and start repairs on our sailboats." The officer took one whiff of the disgustingly-scented air, wrinkled his nose, and almost looked nauseated. "Good grief, this thing smells like a busy brothel!" he observed. "What the heck happened to make it stink this bad, anyway?" The two girls fought hard to cover their stifled snickers as Ted voiced his fabricated theory.

"As a guess, I'd say either someone was poaching, or having one heck of an orgy, sir. There's some stuff smeared all over the place, and I don't think it's fish guts. Who knows what happened, for sure, or for that matter, where they got to?" Ted suggested. "All we know is that the boat was abandoned, and we're trying to return it to Hansens, as well as get our own boats back home." "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea" the officer agreed. "Do you want an escort back, or will you be okay on your own?" "No, we should be fine, thanks" Brian told the officer.

"It's only fifteen miles or so back to the marina. Once we get back, we'll phone Mr. Hansen, and he can do whatever he wants with his speedboat. That's assuming he can handle the stink." "Okay, but you kids be careful. There's another bad wind expected later this morning.

We'll keep an eye out for you on our way back. Meanwhile, we're searching for Jeff Hansen. It seems he cleaned out his father's liquor cabinet and disappeared.

Maybe he's still on Cormorant Island?" All four teens just shrugged their shoulders as the officer made his way off the speedboat and back to the patrol vessel. As soon as he was out of ear-shot, Marsha burst into a fit of laughter. "You bastard, Brian Whatcom! You never said anything about Skull Island!

How long are you going to wait until you tell someone?" she voiced between giggles. "Oh, I don't know. A couple days, maybe? Like eight, ten, thirty-five? That should give Hansen time to cool his balls!" he suggested. "I'd like to talk to Lucy Rasmussen when we get back, though. She might not be able to open that old rape case again, but her testimony sure will help ours.

Personally, I want that asshole's balls for bookends for what he tried to do to Denise! But sitting out here in the middle of a lake isn't going to do us any good, so let's get moving, shall we?" Marsha leaned into her boyfriend and kissed him lightly on the cheek, then went over to Ted and kissed him as well.

Denise followed suit, hugging Ted close to her when it was his turn. "What was that for?" Brian asked. "Oh, just a couple of girls that really appreciate you rescuing them," Denise told both of them, "and hoping that you'll fuck them again, as sweetly and wonderfully as you did last night.

God, you two were magnificent! My pussy's still tingling! You three showed me things about myself that I never knew!" "Like the fact that you really can squirt when you cum?" Ted quizzed.

"Among other things" Dennie answered, a lascivious hint to her voice. "If you guys are really good boys, we'll even show you. . maybe." The invitation to engage in more sexual activities was there, but would the boys be able to keep up with their new girlfriends?

Well, to be frank. . .