First time squirting on bad dragon dildo

First time squirting on bad dragon dildo
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Background My name is Emma, although everyone calls me Em, I'm now 21 years old, but this story wild sex in a nonstop manner hardcore massage when I was younger. My brother's name is Matt, and is 23, I was 4'9" athletic body due to being in gymnastics since I was in school, I had blonde hair, although this changed a bit over the years, and have blue eyes.

Matt was 5'6" or so, and was a bit of a nerd (OK, he still is), he has always had dark brown hair, the same blue eyes as me, and a massive 10" dick. This isn't going to be an instant sex story, it all builds up to it. Chapter 1 Life is full of surprises It seemed to me like it was going to be another boring Tuesday at school, period 1 and 2 went by in a flash, and before I knew it, I was out to lunch, I met up with some girlfriends in the quad, we sat around discussing the usual stuff, boys, teachers, what we were going to do this weekend, after a while, our conversations split, and I was talking with my bestie Jess.

"OMG you won't believe what I saw last night Em!" I raised a curious look, "I saw my brother with his head between his girlfriends legs" she said with a startled look. "What do you mean by between her legs? Was he looking for something? Had she been bitten?" "No silly, she had no clothes on, he was licking her slit" I thought about this for a moment "eww, really? He does know we pee from that area?" "I know right, but she was loving it from what I saw, haven't you ever felt yourself?" acting cool, and like I kinda knew what she was referring to, I confidently responded "Of course I have, haven't you?" "yeah, it was alright" right then, the bell rang, we all said our goodbye's and headed off to our classes.

All through 3rd period, I couldn't help but wonder what it actually felt like, finally it got to 4th period, and I asked the teacher for a hall pass to go to the toilet, fortunately the toilet was close by, and I was in a stall with the whole toilet area to myself. I whipped my undies down, and hiked my skirt up, spread my legs a bit, and started to feel myself, at first I thought, 'this is alright, I don't know if I'd let someone else do this, but its alright' I kept rubbing for a few minutes, and I started to get wet, I thought, this doesn't feel like pee, so I kept going, I continued rubbing for a few more minutes, and actually started feeling warm and fuzzy, until someone came in the toilet, that was when I realised I'd been away for 15 minutes, I cleaned myself up, and headed back to class, emboldened with what I had discovered.

Finally I got home, I knew I would have the house to myself for a little while, Mum and Dad didn't get home till around 6, and Matt wouldn't bother me, he'd probably play on a computer or something. I went to my room, closed my door, took my skirt and underwear off, and my hand dove straight back to my slit. I played with myself for what felt like an eternity, I heard Matt come home, and he wandered straight to his room, after what felt like half an hour, I was still playing, and started to feel a little nub rise out of my slit, each time I touched it, I could feel a kind of electrical surge go through my body, so of course, I focused on that, after a little bit, I must have let out a moan, and Matt with his super hearing, heard it.

I didn't even hear my door open, Matt just stood there watching me for I don't know how long, but I screamed "GET OUT!!".

"sorry" replied Matt, before walking away. I was as red as a tomato from the embarrassment, and stayed in my room until Mum called out saying dinner was ready. I came to the dining room, and avoided eye contact with Matt at all costs, after dinner, Mum and Dad announced they were going to watch a movie, this was likely going to be one of Dad's action movies, and I didn't feel like watching that right now, instead I excused myself to bed, as did Matt.

I went to bed, and tried to forget what had happened, but the harder I tried, the more wet I got downstairs. After about an hour in bed, I heard a knock on my door, I said "Come in", Matt walked in, and said "I'm sorry sis, I didn't mean to stare or to scare you" "why did you come in?" I asked, "Because I heard a noise from you, I wanted to make sure you were OK, when I saw what you were doing, I got turned on instantly, I'm sorry" "What do you mean by 'you got turned on'?" I questioned.

It was at this point, my day changed. "my stuff got hard, and maybe, I, wished Sex xxx school girl com m could do that for you" I looked at him and timidly said "why?

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You know that Teen aidra fox in the easiest test pee from there right?" He responded with "because it didn't look like pee you were rubbing in, it looked and smelt amazing, and I'd love to taste it one day" "I should get some sleep, and so should you bro, lets talk about this tomorrow" He slowly walked out, and closed my door. My mind raced around him for a little while, until I fell asleep Chapter 2 The next day I woke up with only 20 minutes to get ready for school, so I rushed everything, it was going to be a cold day, so Mum had fortunately left my pants out for me, but I didn't have a clean pair of undies, I figured I would try being like a guy and go commando for the day.

School came and went in the blink of an eye, and before I knew it, I was heading back home. I had almost completely forgotten about what Matt and I spoke about last night until I saw him get home at the same time as me.

We both walked in the house, and went to our separate rooms, not saying more than a quick "hey". I sat in front of my computer and started watching some YouTube videos until I heard a knock. My heart-rate quickened Immediately, before I tried to calmly say "come in" I look over and see Matt walk in and close the door behind himself "hey" he said "Hey bro, whats up?" I said back as I looked him up and down.

"I was, umm, wondering, if you were, umm, going to, you know, touch yourself again? You, don't-have-to-tell-me, if you don't want to" he said nervously. I was taken a bit aback from that, but responded "Maybe, why do you want to know?" "well, I was hoping I could watch, or help, or join in" he replied timidly "How would you join in? You don't have a slit like me" he swiftly replied with "Guys do the same thing, but we get hard, instead of wet" This intrigued me, I never thought about how a boy might do what I was doing.

"OK, you do you, and I'll do me, deal?" He beamed back and said "Deal!" we both went to his room, seeing as how he was the lucky one with a queen bed, I took my pants off completely, he was clearly shocked that I didn't have any undies on "Wow, do you usually go without panties?" he asked, I had to think for a second, 'panties cum on eugenie bouchard tribute 6 undies' "No, just today, I didn't have any clean ones" "That's soo hot sis" I smiled and got on his bed, he passed me a towel, I looked at him funny and asked why he gave me a towel, "its so you don't wet my bed, a couple of the guys I know have always said to put a towel down when a girl is on your bed" I didn't question him, and sat on the towel, and started playing, he sat next to me, and pulled his penis out and started rubbing it up and down in his hand, I couldn't believe how it went from as floppy as a hot dog to as solid as steel fairly quick, I had started getting wet, and found my little nub, and started playing with it, I started breathing heavily, as did Matt, but he shocked me by asking "Do you stick your fingers in?" I kept playing but said "no, why would I?" "Apparently it feels amazing for girls, some of the girls I've watched in videos put all sorts of stuff in it, even this" he said referring to his penis.

"Ok, I'll try a finger" I slowly slipped a finger inside myself, and wow, I never thought something so 'OK' feeling could turn into an amazing feeling.

I slid my finger in and out, and around and around my hole. I started to moan louder, and Matt joined in, I heard him say "sis, watch, I'm about to come" not sure what he meant, I watched him beat his penis, until white stuff spurted out the hole.

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This distracted me, and I pulled my finger out, feeling happy I got to see what I did, we layed there for a few minutes, I finally reached over and got a little bit of his stuff on my finger, I don't know what possessed me to do so, but I put it to my mouth and tasted it, "hmm, its salty, but with a weird texture" Matt watched in awe while I did this and eventually smiled at me.

"Thanks for sharing this with me sis, can we do this again?" not sure how I'd go for a second time today, I said, "how about tomorrow?" "Deal, I cant wait" he replied with a huge smile. Chapter 3 The surprise After dinner that night, I was exhausted, so I said an early good night and went to bed, I stripped down to my silk nightie and a pair of panties, I had some really vivid dreams that night, and when I woke up, it felt like something was different, I slayed there for a minute, trying to work out what it was, and then it hit me, my panties were gone!

And there was something happening between my legs. I look down, and Matt is between them, then it hits me, it felt like a million butterflies were released in my belly, that all of a sudden, started to electrify every part of my body, I went stiff for what felt like forever, and then my whole body relaxed, and I let out a deep deep sigh combined with a moan.

Whatever Matt had been doing, he slowed off, and stopped, before climbing up me, and whispering "Morning sis". I don't know what made me, but I reached for his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss, it was my first boy kiss, and it was full of passion, although almost empty of technique, we sinful brunette chick tanya attacks pecker with mouth for a few minutes, experimenting in each others mouth, until we broke apart.

I said "Good morning, what did you do to me?" "After I went to bed last night, I went researching how to make a girl feel good, I read about what I just did, and knew I had to try it" "really? What else did it say?" "Well, it said to get pleasure for both of us, I could put my dick inside you and copy what I do when I play with myself" I go back to yesterday and remember how big he was "but I'm too small, you've seen hot busty webcam teen sucks big dildo little my hole is, I could barely get my finger in, let alone you" "Actually sis, your hole expands, I had my tongue inside you, and that's fatter than your finger, yes?" "I suppose, I'll have to think about that though, lets get ready for school, its finally Friday." Chapter 3 Rainy day events We were in a flurry getting ready for school, I barely heard the phone ring, when I got to it, "Hey Mum, what do you mean flooded?

Ok hang on, I'll check, wow, yeah it is flooded, what should we do? No worries, talk to you later" "Hey Bro!! No School" He came down and said, "What do you mean?" "Look outside, we're flooded in, the school has closed" he smiled and went back to his room.

At about midday, I knocked on his door and asked "Hey bro, want a sandwich?" "Sure, whatever you're having sis" as I close his door, I couldn't help but notice the tent in his boxers, for some reason, I got wet thinking about it as I walked back to the kitchen, and started to rub myself as I walked, and while I was making lunch, I got out a banana, and was about to cut it into pieces, when I had a devilish idea.

I slid my pants and panties down, and ran the banana all along my slit, coating it with my juices. I pulled my pants back up started chopping it up and placing pieces on each sandwich, after I had done that, I took it in to my brother, and asked if I could watch him play a game, to which he said OK. He seemed to enjoy it, and I had a huge mischievous grin on my face, when he finished I asked "how was your sandwich?" "Good, I loved the sauce, but couldn't work out what it was, can u tell me?" I turned bright red!

"Well bro, the 'sauce' as you called it" "Yes?" "It was my juice" "It didn't taste like juice sis" "no, silly, my juice, you know, from my slit, I rubbed the banana along my slit and got it all wet" "Fuck sis, that's the kinkiest thing I've ever heard of! What made you do it?" "When I asked you if you wanted lunch, I saw your penis hard, I don't know why, but I got wet from that" he looked at me with an intrigued look, "My hard dick made your pussy wet?" "i guess it did" "have you thought about what we talked about for us both to feel great yet?" I had, but didn't want to admit it "Not really bro, but I was wondering if you could do that thing to me again?

It made me feel very light and electrified" "I gave you an orgasm sis, and I've got an idea, I'll do it for you again, if you give me one in return" "I don't know how to do that bro, but if you can teach me, I'll try my best" "OK sis, lets get to bed" I climbed onto his bed, and put the towel below me, I took all my clothes off this time, as he took his shirt off.

I spread my legs, but he spread them a bit more, and before I knew it, his head was at my slit, licking up and down, side to side, and around and around. He got me soo wet, I could feel his tongue probe at my entrance, and after a few minutes, it flexed its way inside me, but only a little bit, I started to feel more and more butterflies flying around in my belly (little did I know till later, this was the start of an orgasm), Matt caught me completely off guard and moaned against my slit, this vibrated my slit, my little nub, and all the way inside of me, that's when I felt it, all the butterflies darted all over my body and electrified me right to my core, I shook, screamed and moaned all at once.

I sat on a cloud of euphoria for ages as Matt climbed up and kissed me. I don't know when it happened, but as I came down from cloud 9, I could feel something hard against my slit, going up towards my cookie licked and banged hardcore and blowjob, I then realised, "Matt did you take your boxers off?" this was the first time I had called him by his name in a while.

"Yeah I did, I'm sorry if it was too soon, but it feels nice resting against you" "I would like to feel it inside me, but not right now, maybe when I'm a bit older, is that OK?" "Absolutely sis, anything you want". We layed there for a while, his dick, never getting soft, it did feel nice, but I did agree to give him an orgasm.

I rolled over so I was on top, and reached down, and started stroking him, albeit awkwardly at first before I decided to sit next to him, this seemed to be better for both of us, his hips started to gyrate in time with my strokes, after only a few minutes he said "sis I'm going to come" I quickly rosa kawashima on her knees servicing a large wang hardcore action pussy licking him "Is it when the white stuff comes out?" "Yesssss" he replied, Girl plays with her ass and hairy pussy really wanted to taste it some more, so without even thinking it through, I put my mouth over the end of his penis just as he started to spurt.

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I was not expecting it to come out so fast, or for so much to actually come, I nearly choked, but swallowed the first lot, and just left my mouth there until I couldn't feel any more come out. "Holy fuck sis! Where did you learn that?!" "I just wanted to taste some more of your stuff, I didn't realise it would come out so fast, so I had to swallow it, but, I think I like the taste and texture of your stuff" "Well sis, you can have it whenever you want, I'm always happy to give it to you" I smile and say "Goodie, I'm going to go back to my room now, thanks again bro" as I get off the bed, Matt, comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me, "Thanks too sis" he whispers, as he kisses my neck.

I grab my clothes and head back to my room and contemplate what we've just done, I jump onto the computer and get lost in time with YouTube videos and chatting to my friends.

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Afternoon turns into night, and Mum and Dad call, saying they cant get into our neighbourhood because of more flooding. I go in to Matts room and tell him, he smiles and says "so we've got the house to ourselves for the night huh" I smile back and head back to my room, Matt eventually goes downstairs and starts making some burgers, he called me when they were ready, we both talked about what we had done, and came up with some rules, the first being we could enter each others room without knocking,clothing was optional when Mum and Dad weren't home, and any time either of us were horny, we could get the other to look after it with no questions asked.

Chapter 4 Movie choice After dinner, Matt asked me if I wanted to watch a movie, and knowing it wouldn't be one of Dad's action movies, I said sure. Matt put a USB drive in to the media centre and selected a video, it started out with a girl in the frame, she was pretty, but she had a leaking tap, so had to call the plumber to come fix it, Real mother and son zex thought it would be a bit boring, but sat there, with my legs over Matt, with his hands on my thighs.

The plumber eventually arrived and fixed the tap, but the girl couldn't pay for the services, that's when I realised, this is porn, I'm watching porn! I kept watching the screen, and even got wet, as it turned out, Matt was getting hard, I could feel him get hard under my legs, so I moved them around, so he could get harder between my legs, as a result of that, he started feeling up my inner thighs which only drove me wilder, my slit was soaked and he didn't even touch it!

I grabbed his hand and shoved it right on my slit, he started rubbing and manipulating my lips with his fingers, I started to breathe heavily, he obviously sensed this and picked up the pace. Before long, he was sliding not one, but two fingers in and out of me! This sent me over the edge, I clamped down on his intruding fingers, and held his hand right where it was. We stayed like this for a few minutes before I looked down at my legs and honey spreads long legs girlfriend and homemade he had orgasmed too.

We looked back to the screen where the 'plumber' had just finished inside the girl. "I wonder what that feels like" I let out, Matt quickly replied with "only one way to find out" I smiled and said "one day". We finished off the video before heading our separate ways to bed. The next day I woke up to Mum calling me, saying they will be home shortly, the storm cleared last night when I went to bed, and the flooding has gone.

They got home at around 11am, Matt had woken up at 10:30 and stumbled into the bathroom while I was having a shower, I didn't even hear him till he opened the door, he walked in, put his arms around my back, and kissed me, we made out for a little bit before I said "Mum and Dad will be back in a few minutes" that unfortunately killed his hard on, and he got back out of the shower and said "I'll go get some morning tea sorted for us all then" he disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

When I finished my shower, I went downstairs to greet Mum and Dad, and have some morning tea, Matt made Mum a tea, Dad a coffee, and a hot chocolate for myself and him, the rest of the day went as normal, Dad said he would be staying home instead of going on his business trip to sort out everything that got damaged in the storm. Later that day, Matt cornered me and asked "did you enjoy your hot chocolate?" to which I said "Of course, you know its my favourite drink, next to your stuff" he giggled and said "it had some syrup in it this time" I instantly got wet, but remembered I was expected by Mum to help clean some stuff, "We'll talk about that next time bro" I said before giving him a peck on the lips, and a feel of his soft dick Chapter 5 The next time After our day of fun, we didn't get much alone time where we could really get comfortable, most of our interactions were when Matt would come into my room to wake me up by 'eating me out' as he put it, there were definitely no objections from me, and is still one of my preferred wake-up methods, or when id sneak into his room in the middle of the night and stroke his dick and then suck his juices out.

6 months passed in the blink of an eye, and we were coming up on the end of our school year, and my birthday. Matt and I have gotten into a comfortable rhythm, we both get home as early as possible, as soon as we get thru the door, we start to strip, and head to his room, he starts rubbing my pussy from behind with his hand, and I hold his dick in mine, when we get into his room, ebony teen freak and casting couch teens xxx nothing happens in the temple sans president door closes, clothes land on the floor, we turn around and start making out while heading to his bed, he rubs and 'finger fucks' me(that's what he calls it), and has started playing with my growing boobs, all this is great, and I orgasm every time, but I'm still wanting more.

Today is the day I'm going to ask someone a bit older than I am about this stuff. I get to school about 20 minutes before first period, and head to the office "Hi Mrs Wile, I was wondering if I could see the guidance counsellor today?" "Hi Emma, sure thing, is everything OK?" "Yeah, I just need someone I can trust to talk to in private" "No worries Emma, I'll get her to get you at some point during the day" The day seemed to drag on forever, finally towards the end of 3rd period, I get the request I have been waiting for all day, an older student escorts me to the office.

"Oh hi Emma, Miss Atley will see you now, oh and Michael, can you go to D3 and let the teacher know Emma is here please? Thank you" I walk into the counsellor's office and close the door, "Hi Emma, how are you?" Hi Miss Atley, I'm OK, I need some advise though" I say as I take a seat.

"Whats up my dear?" I shy away a little bit, trying to work out how to best say I'm fooling around with my brother, and now want to have sex with him, "Its about boys, i've been doing stuff with someone outside of school, and I'm wanting to take it further with him" "Ok Emma, do your parents know about this boy?" "Well, they know him, but not what we've done" "I see, and I'm guessing you want this to stay in this room?" "Yes, please, Miss Atley" "Ok, I can keep this confidential, no one will know except for you and I, what is your question Emma?" "Does it hurt?

The boy has a massive thing, I cant even wrap both my hands around it, is there any reason he couldn't get it inside me? If I'm to small, can it hurt him?" "Well, the first time you do it, you may feel a sting as he enters you, this is from your hymen braking, it only happens once, his size doesn't really Matter, anything bigger than 3 inches is enough for you to get enjoyment out of, chances are, he wont know what he's doing the first time, so it'll probably feel a bit weird, but take it slow, don't let him just get inside you and start slamming into you, that will hurt, if you're worried about hurting him from being to small, get him to give you an orgasm first, that'll loosen you up a little bit, and make you more relaxed, otherwise, most guys love a small figured girl.

Ohh and before I forget, make sure you really care about this boy, you are giving him your whole body essentially, make sure he treats you right, and don't let him come in you" we talk for a little bit longer about school and stuff before she gives me a 15 minute early mark, I race home, strip and wait in Matts room for him to get home.

He walks into his room, and sees me on his bed, playing with myself. His shirt comes off as he dives head first to my crotch and starts eating me out, I moan out "Ahhhhh hello brother" I tell him that I want to suck him while he's eating me out, so he climbs up and hovers his dick above me, I suck him while he eats me, and all of a nasty milf is worthwhile at fucking hardcore blowjob he floods my mouth with his juices (Its worth pointing out, I knew semen made babies, but didn't realise I was swallowing his semen).

His orgasm triggered my own and before long, we were both out of breath, laying next to each other. "Fuck sis, your extra horny today, shame Mum will be home in half an hour, otherwise id say, lets go again" it was a shame, I was ready for Matt to put his dick in me "Yeah it is bro, but, its my birthday on Friday" I say with a wink and smile, "I hope you have gotten me something nice" "Ohh I do sis, I think you'll love it" I smile and say "I hope so, I'd best get back to my room and change out of my clothes before Mum gets home" as I get up, I purposefully leave my clothes off as I walk out of his room, and shake my hips to each step.

Chapter 6 The birthday present Its all of a sudden Thursday, tomorrow is my birthday, lets get thru the next day and a bit, my brother doesn't know it yet, but I have a plan that's going into place right now, he didn't get the chance to eat me out today, and he wont tomorrow morning either, I get to school, and it goes like any other day, my friends are trying to coax me into going over to one of their places on Friday night, but I'm using the "family" excuse to get out of it for this weekend.

Before I know it, school is finished and I'm back home, I get home at the same time as Matt, he starts the normal ritual of taking his clothes off, but I don't "Is everything OK sis?" "Yeah, its that time of the month though" I say acting sad, "Aww that's OK sis, I wont push" I smile, "I've got some homework to go skinny wench is up for some anal brunette cumshot, so I'll be in my room, OK?" "No worries sis, I'm here if you need me" the evening goes by uneventfully, I go to bed, and fall asleep almost Immediately The next morning, I wake up to someone cuddling me, I roll over and see Matt squashed on the bed next to me, he smiles and whispers "good morning birthday girl" followed by a deep passionate kiss.

"Mmmm good morning, we should get up and get ready for school" I say, as I trail my fingers down his skinny arms, he sighs "okay" we both get up, and I see his uniform anais hills n kora lesbian foot toe fetish se the end of my bed right next to mine, I smile and start undressing, before getting into my uniform, he watches intently before he starts getting changed, I notice the tent in his boxers, and come over to him and whisper "i might take care of this after school if I'm feeling better" as I grab his dick.

He smiles and lets out a slight moan "OK sis, only if you're feeling better".

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I grab my socks and head to the kitchen for some breakfast, Mum was home and had made waffles for me, "Hey sweetie, Happy Birthday!" "Thanks Mum, ooh waffles, my favourite" I ate them all and said my goodbyes as I headed off for school.

I manage to get thru the day relatively easily, and before I knew it, I was heading home, as I walked in the door, both Mum and Dad jumped out and shouted "Happy Birthday!" while I was happy to see them, I really wanted to see my brother, nevertheless, I was happy, and after getting hugs and kisses from both of them and eventually Matt too, I went upstairs and started on some homework, afternoon quickly turned to night, and then baise en exterieur pour karina une milf beurette tres chaude turned into birthday cake, and before I even knew it, we were watching a movie, Matt and I were on one lounge, Mum and Dad on the other one, after a while, I layed back on Matt, and his hand ended up under my shirt, on my bare boob, every now and then, he'd twist or tweak my nipple, each time, sending tingles down my spine.

Eventually the movie ended and I said thanks to everyone for the presents and dinner, and I proceeded up to my room. I layed in bed for the longest hour, while I waited for everyone to go to sleep, of course, by everyone, I really was just waiting for Mum and Dad.

Finally! Silence, I crept out of bed, took busty pornstar chicks fucked by a doctors huge bbc panties off, and left my loose fitting nightie on, I quietly but hastily walked over to Matts room, listened in to see if he was still up, no sound, I gently opened the door just enough to get in, then closed it just as quietly.

I got to the edge of his bed, my heart pounding, I had never done anything like this, I pulled his blanket back, and being a warm night, he was in just his boxers. I hooked my fingers in the hem and started to pull them down and off him, next I took his soft dick in my mouth, and started sucking him, it took a little while for him to get hard, but I eventually got it, feeling emboldened by this, I figured I should get a bit wetter than I already was, so, I played with myself while I sucked on Matt.

After a few minutes, I finally felt I was ready for the next step, I climbed up on the bed with Matt, and he whispered "why did you stop?" he nearly scared me to death, but I coyly whispered back "I want my birthday present first".

He swiftly got down between my legs and started eating me out better than ever, before I knew it, I could feel my orgasm building, and I start moaning "ohh Matt, Oh fuck, Matt, yeah, fuck, Matt, Matt, Get-in-me, Matt, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck" I orgasmed hard as his tongue worked its magic on me. I settled on cloud 9, as Matt climbed back up and started kissing me, I reached down and started stroking his dick, I eventually worked his dick down to the entrance to me, he Immediately stopped making out and looked straight into my eyes, he then whispered "what are you doing?" I did not respond, I simply pulled the head of his dick, into my hole and let it sit there, 3 inches of him was inside me, I had never felt so full, as I did up to that moment.

I looked back to him and said "my birthday present" we stayed like that for only a few moments, before he slid in a bit deeper, and cuddled me, "I don't want to hurt you, but this feels amazing" I responded with just a moan, he kept pushing until half of his dick was inside me, then withdrew until the tip was barely inside me, "ahhh, put it back in" he slid back in further this time, and then pulled out, each time he went in, he would go a bit deeper, and just a bit faster, soon he was sliding in and out of me effortlessly, kissing me and letting me moan into his mouth, we kept this up for a while until his hips got sore, so I got on top, I slid right down his dick on the first go "Ohh, I think I like this position, play with my boobs like you did earlier" his hands reached up and twisted and tweaked my nipples, even busty blondie comes for enjoyment hardcore massage they weren't very big, (16B), they were giving me some amazing sensations aside from what was going on inside of my pussy, I started to bounce up and down, and gyrate on his dick, feeling all the new parts of me I didn't know about.

Before long he said the magic words "Em, Em, I'm about to come" I didn't stop, and then suddenly, I felt his dick start spasming randomly inside of me, followed by a warm feeling flooding my insides. As soon as I felt that, it triggered my orgasm, I orgasmed hard on Matts dick, and collapsed on top of him, we both were breathing hard, as we came down, after a few minutes he managed to whisper "you let me come inside you, that was amazing!" "is that what your dick was doing?

I had no idea, but yes, it was amazing, we need to do that more often" I slowly let his dick slip out of me, and when I did, a bunch of his stuff came out of me, I looked down and admired how my slit had really changed, I told Matt "you've transformed my slit, look" he peaked down and smiled "i suppose I have" we fell asleep shortly afterwards with him spooning me. In the middle of the night,i felt something poking my back, I reached back and realised it was Matt's dick, it was hard again!

Rather than fully wake us both up, I slid back and put it back inside me, I loved that feeling, and fell back asleep for a little bit, a few hours later, the sun was coming up, and Matt was still inside me, I reached over and carefully put my nightie back on, trying not to wake Matt, or let his dick slip out, not easy, but just in time, as I layed back into him, he reached under my shirt and held a boob in his hand, Mum peaked thru the door, she must have thought I had a nightmare or something as she simply whispered "aww, my poor baby" yes Mum, I'm your poor baby with a dick inside her and her brothers hand on her bare boob.

I was just starting to drift back to sleep when Matt started moving slightly inside me, "Oh my gosh, he's fucking me in his sleep" I let out quietly, I didn't move, but enjoyed the feeling, within minutes though, he stopped, but shoved himself all the way inside me, and squirted, it wasn't quite the same as last time, but was still a nice feeling, having liquid flood me.

We laid like that for another hour until Matt woke up, realising he was inside me, "Sis, I'm sorry, Xx chana smol garelvi xxx porn storys didn't realise I ended up inside you again last night" I smiled, "its OK, I put you in me, you kept poking me in the back with it, so I figured id just make us both happy" "it made you happy?" "it did when you squirted in me again, I think I love it, also, I think Mum thinks I had a nightmare, that's why I'm in here, if she asks" "OK sis" he responded slightly confused.

After this night, we continued to have sex as often as we could, it wasn't until my next birthday that I found out that when a guy squirts inside you that it can lead to babies, as soon as I learnt that, the next day I got the pill. Matt and I still have sex as often as we can, even though I've had sex with other guys, he is still my favourite.

This is the first time I've written a story like this, so any creative criticism is welcomed, I am considering writing part two to this that goes into more detail. While this is a true story, the names stated have been changed to protect the people involved