Sensual chick is geeting urinated on and blasts wet snatch

Sensual chick is geeting urinated on and blasts wet snatch
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It was Monday morning and Manuela Arbeleaz was heading to her job on the price is right. She had just pulled out of her driveway when her car stalled and wouldn't restart. Cursing she got on the phone and called a tow truck then she called work telling them she would be late.

Then she called a taxi and was soon picked up and taken to work. They worked late on the price is right finally finishing around eight that night. Stepping out of the studio she started to reach for her phone when she saw the city bus pull up at the studio gate. Oh well let's try it I've never ridden the bus since school so she ran to catch the bus which once she had discovered it was standing room only.

She found an open space and holding onto the straps hanging from the ceiling stood waiting for the bus to get to her stop. At the next stop a blind man with his guide dog stepped onto the bus and filled the open space next to her. The blind man grabbed the strap and waited patiently for his stop. As they rode along the dog started sniffing at Manuela crotch actually sticking his head under Manuela short skirt.

He started licking at her panty covered pussy as she tried to push his head away but to no avail. The dogs attentions soon brought her to climax and her moans brought her to the notice of the other passengers.

One young man said out loudwow he sure likes her pussyyeah another said but he can't get to her completely. Then a thirda young woman said we should help him.

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Four of the people around her pulled her panties and skirt off of her then removed her blouse and brawhen she started asking for help they stuffed her panties into her mouth and tied a handkerchief around her head thus gagging her. Shaking her head violently nothey forced her down onto her hands and knees and urged the dog to mount her. When the dog mounted her and shoved his cock deep into her cunt the surrounding passengers started recording the show.

Slamming into her like one girl five man xxxx story living jackhammer her muffled screams could still be heard on the bus. One of the watching young men avoiding his mother hands started watching him pound hercan I be next. Listening to all the comments Manuela fully crying now had tears streaming down her face over her gag.

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The dog finally freed himself from her after twenty minutes of fucking her and being tied together. Some of the other passengers restrained the young mother and urged her son to take his place between Manuela legs. Sticking his teenaged cock into Manuela's dog cum soaked cunt he fucked her until his ejaculation and her orgasm.

The next person a young teenaged girl knelt down between her legs and thrusting her hand into Manuela's pussy started fist fucking her while the passengers continued to stream this live action sex show directly to a porn website on the internet. Then the blind man saidnow that my dog has had her can I take a turn.

Go head he was told so he pulled out his already hard cock which was a good fourteen inches long and about three inches around stepping up to her he placed the broad head of his dick on the entrance to her vagina and slowly pushed into her sliding inch by inch deep into her womb.

Once he was balls deep he started pumping into her as rapidly as he could. Hardcore double anal punishment and after cumshot desperate arab woman fucks for money agonizing screams muffled by the gag could still be heard by the nearby passengers as the blind man continued to ravish her defenseless pussy.

She sighed in relief as he ejaculated until he moved to her asshole and shoved into her. He laughed as he saidsorry no relief for you honey I took a Viagra earlier I'm good for awhile as he fucked her asshole finally finishing and leaving it and her pussy gaping open moved to her head removed the gag but before she could scream shoved his still engorged cum and shit coated penis into her mouth and down her throatalmost dislocating her jaw.

Fucking her face until he ejaculated for the third time he stuffed his cock back into his pants he zipped up his pants he patted her on her head sayinggood bitch well done. Sniffling she was mom and son dad sleeping allowed to stand up when one of the passengers saidwe know who you are and we were careful not to put your face on the internet so unless you want to become a viral porn celebrity you will do what we tell you. Still sobbing Manuela saidokay what do you want?

The young man who seems to have become the leader responded withyou will ride this bus every night from now on and do what ever we want with enthusiasm.

Sobbing Manuela bowed her head in defeat and in acceptance of her fate. The blind man said fine then this is our stop follow me and she followed himhis guide doghis teenage son and daughter and his wife off the bus and down the block to his large home.

Entering he told her to completely disrobe leave he clothes folded neatly on the table by the door. Once she had done this he placed a collar around her neck and followed the family into to living room. Everyone went about their business, the mom and daughter started dinnerdad sat to listen to the news on the television with his guide dog. The son sat to watch television and asked his father if he and his sister could throw a party tonight so their friends could play with the new toy. Hearing this Manuela said please master no don't do this starting to sob she begged and pleaded to no avail.

She blonde girlfriend takes bfs huge dick in ass bowed her head when the father said yes I believe that will break her in perfectly. The son and daughter high fived each other celebrating the event about to happen. That evening started a new chapter in the life of Manuela Arbeleaz.