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X art the red fox jake
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Panties for Sale? Chapter 6 I felt her get up. Many of the candles had gone out and for a while I dozed as I could feel her move about the room. After a time I woke up enough to see her moving around in one of my shirts that she had liberated from my bag. An off-white button shirt that was cutely three sizes too big for her as the shirttails hung past her bottom. That's the magic that is woman.

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I was surprised to feel my desire at seeing her shapely legs as she walked around, accentuated by just the shirt. It made her graceful, delicate and cute and I wondered if I could cum a fourth time.

I smiled with one eye open. I hadn't cum three times in a matter of hours like I had last night since I was thirteen. I knew full well I couldn't again. Probably not all day Saturday.

Or could I? I wasn't sure. My smile dropped a little. Then what was I going to do about it? She solved the problem for me when she came back and sat on the sofa.

I don't think she thought I was awake as she picked through the pile of panties we left behind from the night before. She was going through the ones that I had brought back with me. She took her time going through them and jessie rogers fucking for school president settled on a white lace boy short.

I knew that one well. I was aching to touch her, cum or no cum. Daintily she slipped them over her feet and stood up to finish snugging them up. She admired her flat stomach and turned once or twice to check how they looked around her then she let the shirt fall back down and looked over at me.

"Hi." She smiled. "Hi." I answered. "How long did we sleep?" "You slept most of the night away, mister. It's later then it looks because it's really over-cast outside." She sat back down and scooted down the sofa to be closer to me where I lay in the blankets. She tucked her feet under the covers. "And it's chilly out there." she said. "Hey-ey-ey!" I cried as she touched her toes to my side.

She laughed as I scooped her feet up and gave them a hug, leaving them more or less on my chest. "Good morning." I said to her and she smiled. "Good morning." "You look beautiful." She smiled, again for all the world a little shy. "My toes are cold." She said with a smile. I took one of her feet and slid it down to my waist under the blanket and her eyes went wide. "Oh wow, really?" "Yep. But I'm afraid the six gun is out of bullets for a while, little lady." "Still pretty hard iron!" She quipped and we laughed happily.

I closed my eyes and moaned, loving what she was doing with her toes. "What do you feel like doing today?" she asked. "Staying in and making you cum like crazy." I said without opening my eyes and she gave me a little cock pinch with her toes.

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I wasn't too surprised when her other toes touched my lips and I happily laid there kissing them. "Your breath tickles." I nibbled one little toe and she giggled. I opened my eyes, taking up her foot and beginning to massage her lightly. "It's really cold out huh?" "Yeah.

Some big branches are down." The doorbell rang. "Oh shit!" She jumped. We both did. In fact we collided. She shot off the sofa as I sat up and her leg caught me square in the chest. It wasn't very hard but it had momentum enough to knock me right back down. She almost fell right on top of me as she stumbled, but she managed to keep her balance as the doorbell rang again. She fumbled with a bathrobe that lay unnoticed on the end of the sofa as I sat back up.

"What's going on?" "Someone's at the door!" she whispered as she pulled the robe on and tied it quick. One belt end whopped me in the face. For a moment I was disoriented and as she darted past me the end caught on something and nearly pulled her down on top of me for a second time.

She was spun around with a little squeal and I had to grab her to keep her from falling. Even now my brain registered the flash of her long bare legs. Giggling she backed away, holding the robe belt with both hands, both of us fighting not to laugh out hottie angela white gets doggystyled and creamed. "Hold on a second." I whispered.

"It's caught!" she whispered back. With a little tug she yanked it free and raced away. Her feet slapped on the hard wood floor as she made for the hallway and still adjusting the robe she ducked around the corner, headed for the front door. I caught one last glimpse of her shapely calves and then she was gone. I lay back and stared at the ceiling, smoothing my hair back with both hands.

What the hell was going on? I heard her open the big front door. I decided to stay where I was.

After all, I was at a loss for what to do. What could I do? There were pillows, towels, blankets, food, panties and clothes spread all over the place not to mention the coffee table covered with all manner of little odds and ends. I sat up in the blankets and turned my head to listen as I heard some little old man launch into a excited inquiry and her immediate flood of reassurance and polite evasion. Again the little old man's voice rose and again she immediately calmed him down.

Was he going to burst in here with a shotgun? Even now you could hear more rain on the windows and she bustled off her unexpected visitor with a warning about getting cold and what not. Someone shuffled down the front walk in big boots, saying something about the wind and then the front door was finally pushed shut.

I rolled my eyes and flopped back down, spread out like I was knocked unconscious. I heard her walk softly down the hallway and then she was standing in the living room entry.

I opened my eyes and craned my head back to look at her. "Omigawd I am sooo sorry!" She laughed, seeing me splayed out. "I don't know what just happened but I got my ass kicked." She was laughing hard but silently, hugging herself and bending over as she laughed. I sat up rubbing my chest as she straightened up and came walking into the room still giggling.

How do women look so sexy when they walk in a robe to big for them? "Was that Elmer Fudd? She walked over to me, keeping an eye on the drawn curtains that overlooked the front yard.

"Mr. Linther. He's a sweet old man that's worried about everything in the neighborhood. I suppose he saw some branches down in other yards and wanted to check group of girls sucking and fucking cocks in the bedroom me. He knows I'm here alone." She stopped next to me, crossing her arms and I tapped her cute little toes with a finger. "He thinks he knows." I looked up at her and she smiled that dazzling smile again. That smile alone was having more to do with my early morning erection than anything else.

Until she put one dainty foot on my chest and pushed me down. I looked up the shapely length of her leg as she untied her robe and tossed it away, again dressed in just my button up shirt. "Awww did I hurt you?" She said with mock seriousness. "A little." I teased. "Do you need mouth to mouth?" She purred as she stepped up over my chest. I looked up at her as she brushed her hair behind one ear, intoxicated by the line of her thighs going up between her legs where the rest was hidden by my shirt.

But not for long. She reached down and the held up the shirt tails, allowing me to see her white lace panties.

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"Look what I have on." She said. I tickled the back of her legs and she squealed again. "Don't! Mr. Linther will hear us." "We need another thunderstorm because I'm going to make you scream." It was during times like this that our playfulness died off to replace by excited, nervous silence.

Her giggling died away and she bit her fingernail again. "Really?" She asked, lifting her toes to my lips. I swallowed hard as I took her foot and gently kissed it, setting it down and running my hands up the back of her legs.

Not to tickle this time. But to caress. Before I could say anything else she sat down on my chest, quickly, as if to do so before she thought too much about it. Her round warm butt cheeks nestled in on top of my chest as she kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs her thighs and folded her legs back over my biceps. She was half sitting, half pinning me down.

Popping a few buttons along the bottom of my shirt so it opened up over her lap and firm tummy, she then ran both her hands back through her hair and smiled that famous smile.

I admired the smooth curved of her panty covered pussy and cute little belly button. Again she looked a little uncertain, but thrilled at the same time. Teasing herself to see how far she would go. I couldn't lift my arms with her legs pinning them down but I could raise them up and run my hands over her butt.

I did so, slipping my hands up under the back of the shirt. I felt her squirm. "I feel sexy like this." she said in an unsteady voice.

I dared to let my fingers play up under the hem of her panties, caressing her butt cheeks. She went to say something more but changed her mind and looked down to fiddle with the buttons over her breasts. I could see her nipples poking through the shirt. Her ass was so warm on my chest.

Long minutes passed like that. She kept glancing at me but was clearly enjoying the attention I was giving her between her legs and how my hands were up under the panties now, massaging her bare ass. She was biting her lip a little.

I was enjoying myself. Lace is an invention that someone should be given a medal for the way it looks on a woman. I could see the shape and outline of her pussy through it. And this close I could smell her and I wasn't mistaken what that scent was.

She was warming to my admiring her, to touching her ass.and she was getting turned on. "You're so soft and you smell incredible." I said and she blushed a little. Still more minutes passed. I looked up at her. "And I love how you taste." She didn't say a thing and she didn't look at me. She just bit her lip again.

The top button of my shirt fascinated her. I moved my shoulders a little for comfort, shifting myself enough under her so that it moved her forward on my chest, bringing her panty covered crotch all the closer. I thought she would stop whatever was happening right then and there but she actually lifted up, let me get comfortable, and then settled right back down with her thighs alongside my face and tiny boobs blond babe nailed by pawn man pussy inches away.

"I'm glad." She said in a tiny voice. She was high enough now on my chest she could feel my breath on her panties. She reached down and ran her hand back through my hair and slipped her legs off my arms. I responded by taking the shirt tails of my shirt and with one quick tug popped the remaining buttons off and they rattled on the floor like beads. She gave a small cry, her face looking a little frightened.

I brushed the it back, caressing her hips and running my hands up to her bare breasts. She still look worried and was breathing heavier, her smaller breasts rising and falling as my hands closed over them. She shut her eyes and moaned lightly but then opened them again and looked me right in the eyes. I don't know how we so quickly fell into this and I didn't care. For a moment she held her hand alongside my face as I caressed her breasts. And then I lowered my hands back around to her panty covered ass and pulled her forward.

She didn't resist. She just leaned over my face and let it happen. Slowly her warm lace covered pussy brushed up against my lips and then pressed in even more. I felt the soft petals of her pussy open slightly. The scent of her aroused pussy was rich and silky.

You could feel the heat and warmth and wetness from her hot sex. My nose felt the touch of her hardened little clit. Going slower like this I felt every detail. I breathed in deeply and parted my lips to eat her pussy right there through the panties. The she was gone. She shoved herself back and away from me onto my chest, leaning back on one hand and gently pressing the other over my lips. She looked very distressed. "We can't!" she whispered and threw her leg up and over my head, rolling over onto her knees and standing up quickly as I sat up.

"I don't know why I did that!" she said. More upset now than she had ever been since this whole encounter had begun. She wasn't the only one asking that as I stood up myself, at a loss for what to do. She folded her arms defensively and stopped in front of the sofa, reaching out to slap the curtains open a little so she could see outside.

As it rained she stood there with her back to me. Part of me wanted her so badly it actually hurt but neither did I want to ruin anything. She was acting very upset and I needed to do something.

The test would be if she allowed me to touch her. I walked over to her and put my hands on her shoulders and she didn't flinch. Relieved, I came up behind her and gave her a partial hug, running my hands down to her waist. "Don't start making love to me." She said in a whisper.

"I'm not." "I'm sorry I did that to you." She said a little louder. "We didn't do anything." "I don't mean to tease." She turned to look at me, her voice stronger.

"You're not." "What would you call it then?" she turned to face me a little more. I turned her to face me straight on now and gently took her arms apart. She stood there in front me, just now looking down and seeing my hard cock pointing right at her. She didn't move as I slipped my shirt off her shoulders. She was shaking. "Don't." she said. "Trust me." I smiled. I tossed the shirt aside and we stood in front of each other naked now except for the lone pair of panties she wore.

"This could happen right now you know." she warned. She was still shaking when I reached out and hooked my finger in the waistband of her panties. I pulled her just a little closer and she looked up at me, her eyes afraid. "Remember what these are." I said and she looked down at me holding her panties out away from her.

"Remember where they've been." I said, taking up her right hand by the wrist. "Remember what's been done." I smiled, my own voice thick. I snaked her own hand down under her panties and she looked up at me, a wave of relief, desire and understanding washing over her face. "Remember we agreed." I said as I let go of her arm and wrapped my hand around my cock. She took one look and immediately moaned, reaching up to steady herself with one hand on my shoulder.

I did the same back to her and together we stood still and started masturbating just inches apart. After a few moments she buckled first, her knees dipping, and together we sank down to the floor, now kneeling in front of each other. It was such a charged moment I felt goose bumps all over my arms and legs. She tried to keep looking into my eyes but soon dropped her head, her hips bucking against her own hand.

She leaned forward and propped her head against my chest, watching me jerk off right at her, seeing my cock, feeling it's heat so close to her body, the wet tip.just inches from her own wrist and how her panties were held out by her hand. It made her masturbate even harder watching, knowing, seeing right then what we were doing to and for each other.

I leaned my own head down to her ear. "Your fingers are my lips." She started grunting then, a soft little gasp of pressure, lifting her head and leaning backward with little jerks of her body. Her hand dropped off my shoulder and I looked teacher pussy worship behind student. She had made a fist under her panties and as she leaned back far enough to prop herself up on her free hand I realized what she had done.

She had gripped her own labia in her clenched fingers and she had begun to tug it lightly, filth makes adorable hottie jump on cock what it would be like if I was pulling and rolling and sucking on her pussy lips with my mouth. I was fascinated by this motion, watching her clench it lightly and give another small tug before rolling her fist around. Taxi diver fucks teen anal in public made the same little gasp each time.

Finally she let go and pulled her hand out of her panties, leaning back now on both hands and arching her body at me as she started to cum.

It was too much for me and on impulse, officially breaking one of our rules, I reached down and tugged open the waist band of her panties just as my own cum exploded, splashing onto her just above her shaved crotch and rolling down in thick white drips under her panties. I leaned forward and let it spurt, letting it go right down against her. She shouted in delight when she felt it, leaning back so far it would have made a gymnast proud. Her breasts were right up in the air, her hard nipples straining upwards.

She was thrusting at me with her lap and for one ultra-horrible moment, I almost shoved my cock into her crotch in return. With a snap I let her panties go and sat back on my feet with a gasp. The motion of letting czech first time anal beauti waistband go brought her head up and with a groan she fell forward into me. I caught her in my arms as she wrapped hers around my neck but the momentum pushed us both over and we fell back together on the floor.

I was on my back, breathing hard, with her on top of me. She was still quivering and even sobbing a little, thrusting a hand down between her legs and grinding her panties into her pussy as she lay her head on my chest. I knew for the first time how it felt to give a woman a continuous orgasm.

Her lap thrust forward convulsively as she rubbed her wet crotch. I held her while she came. Finally she stopped. She drew in a shuddering breath and slowly brought her hand up onto my chest. Blinking back tears she looked right up into my eyes as we lay in heap together. "That is. The most. Incredible orgasm. I have ever. Had." She gasped. A few tears rolled down her cheeks and she laughed, wiping them away.

"And to think." I sighed, catching my breath. "It's not even noon."