Latina girfriend coco valentina enjoys a hot sex

Latina girfriend coco valentina enjoys a hot sex
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Lisa has her brunch with Steve and Steve invites her to hang with him for the day. Lisa at first declines as she is supposed to be the "entertainment" for the soft ball game but eventually gives in and decides to hang with him instead "would you excuse me for a minute I need to go to the ladies room".

Steve gives her a nod as she gets up to leave the table. In the restroom she sends Tyrone a text explaining to him that she is not going to be able to make it. Doesn't give him a reason just leaves it at that. The two of them enjoy the rest of the afternoon walking around the docks and beaches chatting about everything and about nothing. Just enjoying each other's company. After about 2 hours of chatting and walking she a thought rips through her like a lightning bolt as she suddenly and for no apparent reason starts to think of the six cum shots inside of her as she talks to Steve.

She feels a little guilt then validated it with "well we're not officially boy friend- girl friend so it's ok". They head over to Steve's house where they continue to chat while eating some dinner that Steve prepared. They make their way to the patio where they have a couple of beers before they find them selves making out on the patio bench.

Steve's hands wander under her shirt but he gets stopped as he tries to put his hands down her pants. "Ah we can't go there today. I need smol boy and big gil xxxxom be leaving very soon" Steve gives her one last peck "oh I understand.

I know all about having to leave when you have obligations elsewhere. After leaving Steve's house Lisa looks at her dash and notices that her gas level is on "e".

Looking at the clock she makes the decision to get gas now as opposed to getting it in the morning. After all it is only 7:30 and she will most likely be very tired in the morning. Lisa pulls up to the pump and continues with her fueling ritual. Opening the tank. Swiping her card and filling while standing there looking into nowhere, daydreaming about nothing in particular. From the other side of the gas station there sits a blue crown Victoria with dark tinted windows.

The driver of the car talks to his two passengers "hey guys want some pussy?" the guys laugh "of cause but where are we gonna get some on a Sunday night?" quickly the driver comes back with " hey see that girl over there pumping gas? The guys turn their heads her way. "Yeah what about her? The driver asks them "you want to fuck her?

The guys smirk "yeah right, she looks like a goodie two shoes. There is no way she's gonna fuck us. The driver turns. Faces the guys " I fucked her ass off dos xxx storys six girls night and again this morning.

She's a cum pig. She loves to be fucked and treated like a slut!" the guys start to laugh "yeah right you wish" the driver pushes one of the guys in the shoulder "dudes I'm not kidding. That broad is the wildest and nastiest whore I've ever met". At that moment he turns the key and puts the car in drive "watch guys I'll show you. I'll ask her if she wants to fuck and I bet you guys a hundred bucks she says yes" the guys look at each other then her "your two chicks like to finger each other dude.

We can't wait to see her slap the shit out of you". Slowly they roll in her direction and pull along side of her. The driver pops his head out of the window "hey there Lisa, still sore?" quickly Lisa snaps out of her daydream to look at the guy talking to her.

Instantly she recognizes him and gives little shy smile "oh I'm cool thanks. Her pump snaps, which cue her, to grab the handle and place it back in its holder. While she tightens the cap back on the driver the driver gets out of the car and walks over to her "hey we we're just thinking.

We should go somewhere where I could refresh my memory of you. Before Lisa could answer he gets real close to her and starts to rub on her ass. "I don't think so, not tonight.

I'm tired" the guy refuses to give up. This time he takes his hand to the front and starts rubbing her pussy through her panties. At the same time he gives an evil grin to the guys watching in the car "oh you know you want to.

It won't take long and you could get a great night sleep after a good fucking" Lisa lets out a little moan, which was the result of his rubbing and his words. Reluctantly, Lisa whimpers out "oh that sounds nice but" her words are stopped as his hot saree gp3 story 2019 of her pussy intensifies "but, oh shit that feels nice but I really need to get some sleep.

You guys really did a number on me last night". Lisa now stands conflicted cause she would like to go with the guys but, she was tired and could use the rest plus she hasn't been home much lately. She gently pushes his hands off her "ouch I'm sorry but I really need to get home".

Lisa gives him a peck on the cheek "maybe some other time". Lisa turns, opens the door and get in her car and drives away slowly. She turns to the left shaking her head because she is now hotter than ever. The guys pull out of the gas station to the left "ahh told you, your full of shit". The guys all laugh in the car but are amazed at his ability to walk up to her and start rubbing her pussy like he did. Lisa on the other hand rides down the road with her hand on her pussy slowly rubbing in circles.

Squinting her eyes and letting out a verbal "shit!" she slams on the breaks and turns the wheel making a quick "u" turn. A minute later she see's the guys in the car and honks at them. Quickly they both turn off in the convenient store parking lot. "Change your mind honey?" Lisa simply reply's " where did you have in mind". The guys in the car just stare at her in amazement "well, since we don't have time for any romance how bout we just go behind the store and park?" Lisa looks towards the back of the convenient store.

It does offer some obstruction to people passing lesbian blondes touching bodies passionately in bed tube porn "lets get this over quick I need to get home" Lisa parks in a parking space while the guys back up their car just behind the store offering them a little privacy.

As Lisa rounds the corner she figures she'll be doing some back seat action when she notices an old couch just past the dumpster. In her head she's thinking no way she's fucking on that thing when the guys immediately start feeling her up and removing her clothes.

Before she could say a word she is standing there with her shirt pulled to her waist and her panties and shorts off. The guys push her down on her knees presenting her three cocks. Anxious to get off she starts sucking with wild abandonment. Alternating from cock to cock like a seasoned pro. She looks up at one of the guys giving him fuck me eyes. He takes the cue and grabs her by the arms and pulls her up walking her backwards till the dirty couch stops her.

"No way guys lets go in the car" of course they ignore her and reply, "what's wrong babe. Its a filthy couch for a filthy whore what could be more appropriate?" Lisa is then bent over the arm of the couch and received the first cock. The guys take turns pounding her hard. Grabbing her by the hips and pounding into here pussy as though they are trying to break her. As it goes on for a little while the guys seem to be more vicious with their pounding as if trying to out do the other guys.

Lisa starts to get sore from the constant pounding and asks the guys to slow it down a bit. The guy fucking her at the moment replies with " shut the fuck up whore.

You'll take our cocks the way we want to not the other way around. Do you actually think we care what a whore like you wants? Your only good for one thing and that's fucking. now shut the fuck up and drink my cum you pig!" the guy was being a total asshole to Lisa but in a strange way it excited her for him to be talking to her like that.

It seems to be a strange kind of kink she has developed so as a good whore would do she immediately spins around to receive a face full of cum.

he cums with power and sends a few good ropes of cum splashing on her face from her forehead to her chin. All over her mouth and eyes. "Open your eyes and look at me pig!" Lisa opens her eyes and looks at him through the cum which gives her a little burning sensation to her eyes. "Ahh nothing better than a whore on her knees with cum on her face looking up at me". Then he pulls her up, pushes her over the armrest " who wants next crack at the whore?" the other guys immediately fill her hole giving each other hi fives as if they we're a tag team tagging in and out of her pussy.

While Lisa fucks the two guys the first guy takes her head and pushes it down into the wet, smelly, scummy cushions of the couch "how you like that whore?" not waiting for a response he lifts her head and spits in her face "you love this don't you?" Lisa doesn't say a word or even make eye contact with him. Taking her silence as permission to continue he pushed her head back down into the nasty cushion "since your such a nasty pig I bet your gonna love this" he unzips his pants, pulls out his cock and pisses on the back of her head.

Lisa turns her head back and forth but for some reason that she can't figure, she lets him continue to piss on her. The whole time he's pissing on her he continues to badger her with words calling her "piss whore, useless slut".

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The guy fucking her pulls out and hurriedly moves to her head grabbing her piss soaked hair and shoots his cum on her face adding to the cum and piss already on there. As he cums on her face she feels the third guy enter her. He pounds her asshole calling her a pig as the guys at her head laugh in her face.

Spitting in her face saying to Lisa " you fucking love this shit don't you?" Lisa lifts her head which is dripping piss and cum, her eyes red, her hair flat, her cheeks red and her mascara running down her face answers the guys with a nod of acceptance. Unbelievable to Lisa she is fully accepting this incredibly humiliating treatment.

She's not knowing why she's letting them do this to her but in some twisted way she wants them to continue and go further. The guy in her ass pulls out of her asshole and cums all over her ass. There is so much cum it clings to his cock and allot of it pours out of her ass down her pussy lips and on to the ground.

The guy looks at his cock almost in disgust because it is so slimy. Following suit with the other guy's treatment of Lisa he quickly moves to her head and shoves his cock in her mouth using her mouth to clean the slime off his cock.

Lisa gags a little as the flavors of his cum mixed with her as juices give her an unexpected foul taste.

She has done ass to mouth before but never has it had such a foul taste to it. Satisfied that his cock has been cleaned he simply puts his cock back busty hottie gets her hairy pussy rammed his pants, zips up and goes to the car.

All three guys get in and leave without a wave, good-bye, thank you, nothing. They just leave her there naked with their fluids all over her on a slimy couch in an alley.

Lisa watches them pull away as she takes stock of what she has just done or rather, what she has let them do to her. An overwhelming sense of guilt and shame over come her busty step mom portia harlow seduced her son to smack her she starts to cry. " I can't believe I let 9 guys fuck me today and the one I should be fucking, I cut off.

What the hell is wrong with me?" Lisa continues to lie there for several minutes on the couch not caring where she is at the moment.

She uses her panties she wipes her face and raises to sit on the edge of the couch. Lisa sits for several minutes to let the night's breezed dry the fluids on her body so she can dress and get home. During this time she goes over the events of the last couple weeks in her head over and over.

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Although the thoughts turn her on. Lisa tell herself that tonight was the last time she was going to be a slut. Lisa resolve in her new or rather back to old self, dresses herself and goes to her car. On her short drive home Lisa promise's she to be faithful to Steve and actively peruse a relationship with him. Moments later Lisa enters her house and hears everyone in the living room. She shouts a "hello I'm home" then takes the stairs to the shower.

As she strips in the bathroom the scents of her last exploit wafts to her nose. The smell half disgust her and the other half turn her on in a way she's never felt before. The feeling is more of a humiliation but an incredible turn on as well.

The scents are magnified when her body hits the shower and the dried fluids get wet releasing their hidden scents. Before she even realizes it's happening she discovers that she is rubbing her clit. Snapping her hand back "damn it! What the hell is going on here? What's wrong with me? I need to focus and get these thoughts out of my head". 45 minutes later Lisa sits down stairs talking with her family.

They mostly are chatting about the up coming vacation that the family is taking. They set the itinerary as to what they're going to do and when.

Lisa's attention slips in and out from the TV to the family. "Hey honey what are your plans while we're gone" Lisa looks back at her mom "oh nothing really just work and hanging with Steve". Her mom grins "Steve? Who's he?" To be continued? Up to you. Let me kow………… (Thank you for choosing japanese stepmother filmed by stepson blackmailed by stepsonw friends read my story. I have had a great time and the responses have been awesome for most.

I do have a rather large amount of notes left over to continue the story but I'm going to leave it up to you. If you want more send an email or comment.

If there is enough I'll continue. If not lets just say good bye. Thanks again.)