Amazing slow to fast sex teen and teacher

Amazing slow to fast sex teen and teacher
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"You know the code word." Sam knelt down on his Mistresses command, legs spread. "On your knee's" she commanded, slapping a whip against her open hand. It hit with a small sound, enticing Sams gaze lovely rino asuka in high heels toying a cock in undies flick to the whip. His Mistress stopped hitting her hand and Sam looked up obediently, his wants apparent.

She smiled at him. Though, not a nice smile. Sam opened his mouth to speak and received a hard slap against his cheek. He took it; hardly wincing. The red mark slowly faded, leaving a pink remnant. "Take off your clothes." She said, turning on her heel. She walked barefoot, wearing only a black bra and black boyshorts.

Black fishnet stockings clipped to the bottom of her boyshorts, making her legs appear longer. Sam watched her hungrily, stripping himself of the wife beater and basketball shorts he had been wearing. He tossed them to the side, knowing he'd be picking them up later.

His dirty blonde hair fell into his eyes and he tried to shake it out before giving up and brushing them aside. His Mistress stepped up from behind him and yanked his hair back quick, making him gasp out in surprise and pain. "I did not say you could move, slave." She hissed, tightening her grip. Sam looked up, apology swimming in his eyes.

"Now you have to be punished," she mused, walking back in front of him, looking up and down his naked body. Hair lightly covered his chest, trailing down to the base of his cock. She tsked to herself and shook her head slowly. Sam looked up at her, his expressions blank. "Yes, Mistress" he said just loud enough, his willingness to cooperate obvious to his Mistress.

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She nodded and made him stand up, watching in approval as he behaved. She grabbed a pair of handcuffs, along with a dainty silver chain with a small key on it. Slipping the chain around her neck, she clicked the cuffs around his wrists; always a little too tight. "Hands up" she said and held open a hook.

He obediently slipped the chain in through the opening. She let go, letting it snap back with an audible click.

He stared ahead, anticipating his Mistresses punishment. She twirled the whip around her hand, smacking it against his naked chest.

She circled him, whipping him across and down his back, each hit harder than the last. He cried out in pain as she whipped his lower back. "Mistress." he said, as she grabbed a whip with a small spikes on the end of the strips. She whipped him hard, drawing blood. Sam squirmed, feeling the sting of the thin strips slap against his bare flesh.

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The whip wrapped around to his stomach eliciting a sharp cry of pain from his throat. He yanked his hands, forgetting they were cuffed up. "Stop fighting!" his Mistress commanded, slapping his face again.

"Mistress. it hurts." he moaned, closing his eyes. She forced a gag into his mouth. "Shut up, slave. No one cares." she said coldly, pulling at his nipple piercings.

He groaned as dull pain rushed to the area. He kept his eyes closed, feeling the pressure loosen as she pulled away. She bit one savagely, tearing. Sam tried to pull away, ending up in more pain. He opened his eyes wide and stopped moving, his breath haggard and shallow.

"Good boy" she murmured, running her hands up his chest. His Mistress looked down to his member and smiled, watching it grow as the pain continued to throb. His breathing calmed down as the pain subsided, but his erection didn't.

His Mistress kissed him on the lips hard, opening her mouth and bidding him to do the same. He obliged and kissed his Mistress back. She bit quick and hard a few times at his lower lip, making him shiver in pleasure. Her own hand traveled down her flat stomach, brushing against her navel ring. Sam watched, his cock growing larger. She slipped a hand down the front of her boyshorts and rubbed slowly, smiling at that chap is good at pussy licking. He swallowed hard and watched her touch herself, biting down on his rubber gag.

He looked away, his face flushed and swallowed again. His Mistress grabbed his jaw, making him look at her. "Watch me. Do not make a noise." She instructed, forcing his gaze down. He watched her wrist flex with each push into herself, his member hard and erect. The silver ring under the head of his penis, his identification, shone under the bright lights in the basement. She stopped what she was doing and messed with the ring. He furrowed his brow in worry, nervous about his Mistress's plans.

She sensed his discomfort and left it alone. Walking to a shelf near by, she grabbed a handful of wooden clothes pins, shifting them in her grip. His eyes followed her, waiting for her commands. She clamped each nipple in a pin, watching in satisfation as he winced, a blush spreading across his face. A low groan escaped his parted lips as the pain washed over him.

She set the other pins down and twisted at the ones he had on. He let out a muffled groan, trying to cover it up.

"Mistress." he moaned as she pulled at them, "Mistress, may I. may I orgasm." he panted out as his face contorted in consentration.

"No, you may not," she snapped and walked away. Sam continued to writhe in pleasure, the pain adding to it as his nipples slowly lost feeling. He tilted his head back and withheld a long moan. His cock was throbbing slightly, barely noticable, except to his Mistress.

She took it in her hands and rubbed him slowly, pleased to feel it throb in her hands. He couldn't hold back and moaned loudly, gasping for breath. He held back his orgasm, clenching his teeth and fists.

As if his Mistress knew his nipples had lost feeling she twisted the makeshift clamps, making him cry out in pain, his cock pulsating harder. "Mistress!" he yelled out, "Please! May I cum!" "Oh god, Mistress!" he moaned in distress, nearing his orgasm. He continued to beg, his breath's harder and i’m the tease tube porn catch.

He swore under his breath as his orgasm built up. "Cum. Now." she ordered, biting his neck hard and still stroking him slow. His eyes closed tight as he orgasmed, his cum spilling out from his Mistresses fingers.

He convulsed, low moans and gasps for breath overtook him. "M-Mistress. thank.

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you." he managed to whisper out as his orgasm ended.