Asian petite likes to get drilled hard

Asian petite likes to get drilled hard
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My wife and I have been together for 15 years. We have always had a great sex life. 5,6, even 7 times a week. Then things just started to slow down and get into a rut. No real reason why. Maybe just age. I'm 40 now and wish I had the sex drive I had 20 years ago. Sometimes it's a challenge for me to get hard even though I'm mentally as horny as a teenager.

Shannon is 36, thick and curvy. Curly brown hair just past her shoulder.

Deep blue eyes. Perfect big nipples on her triple D's. Clean shaved pussy mounds, nice round ass, beautiful shaped legs and feet. I love every inch of her. She has a couple toys but rarely uses them unless we are together. She use to have a rubber vibrating dilldo that was 9 inches long and thick.

Whenever we would get into this one position, her on her back and me on my side fucking her in a scissor position, she would start to work that thing in beside my dick while I was slow fucking her pussy.

It made it so tight, and felt incredible vibrating against my dick. She loved it stretching her to the limit.

I could tell that she would be fantasizing about having two real dicks in her at one time. She would cum harder, bucking and almost culioneros las culona mas rica en porno alexis texas, every time.

I believe I'm going to make her fantasy come true. I've been talking to an old friend that lives a few hours away. She has never met him and wouldn't have to worry about bumping into him around town. Afterwards she would never have to see him again if she so desired. His name is Adam and we met around 20 years ago through mutual friends. He has roughly the same build as I do.

6' 2", 220ibs, short brown hair, bluish green eyes, and his dick is 8 inches long and almost as thick as mine. He has had a vasectomy and with his recent doctor's check-up, there want be any need for him to wear a condom. Shannon has been wanting to get away for a while now. Just a day or so me and her. We are going to a cabin up in Boon NC. Adam lives 20 miles from Boon. I've made arrangements to have him meet us in the bar just a short walk from the cabin we will be staying at.

We won't let her know that we have been talking and planning this for a couple months now. Tonight is the night. We get back from dinner and I make the suggestion to have a few drinks at the bar before going up to our cabin. Shannon is wearing a beautiful low cut, black sweater dress that comes about half way down to her knees. Snug fit that shows off all her curves. Perfect amount of cleavage.

I can't keep my hands off of her. I've been fighting the urge to slip that dress up over her ass all evening. My dick has gotten hard every time I look at that body and think about what I have planned for her tonight. After she has a few of them wild tropical mixed drinks she likes, Adam walks up. Hey Mike, haven't seen or heard from you in a long time.

What you doing in this area? And who is this gorgeous young woman with you? Adam, this is my wife, Shannon. We've been together for 15 years now. Guess it's been 16 or 17 years since I seen you last. Set down, have a drink with us. Adam is one of those guys that gets along with everyone. We talk about cars, work, old party days. We get Shannon loosened up and a few more drinks in her. Then I get up to go to the restroom and let him hit on her a little while I'm gone.

How did Mike ever manage to get a woman like you? We used to talk about what our white college girl enjoy toys on pussy webcam live woman would look like and we both agreed, and you are built just like our fantasy woman! I could just lick you from head to toe. Shannon started to laugh and blush a little. Did Michael put you up to this? There is no way I'm built like yalls fantasy woman.

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He has tried to tell me that through the years but I never believed him. I figured he was just trying to make me feel good. I promise, we would set around at parties, drinking with buddies, and talking about what the perfect woman would be. It's you! He found his fantasy women. Just wish I had met you first. I come back and I can see it in her eyes, our plan is working.

For some reason this bar closes at 11 p.m. They just made last call. Adam, why don't you come up to our cabin and hang out a little while? After about an hour of small talk and him making little comments about how jealous he was of me, Shannon said she was ready for bed.

She was letting me know hot teen fucked by her bf on web camera was horny and needed me to take care of it. She didn't actually say this, I've been with her long enough that I can just tell.

Adam ask if he can crash on the couch because he's been drinking. Yeah man, no problem. She always sleeps naked and I love this about her. I watch as she slips that dress up over her ass and give it a little shake. Then she pulls off her dress, bra, and panties. My dick hasn't been this hard in ten years! After we get in bed I tell her I need to go back into the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

The light is off in the bedroom so it's very hard to see anything. When I come back she can't see that Adam is with me. The radio is on in the bedroom to help cover up any noises we may be making with him sleeping on the couch. I can barely see as he slips under the covers at the foot of the bed. Slowly kissing and rubbing from her feet up her legs all the way up to that sweet wet pussy she has. She can't see me standing beside the bed with my dick in my hand slow stroking myself.

Adam slips the cover up so I can watch in the dim lit room. He spreads her legs and slowly starts licking the full length of her pussy. From the entrance to her hole, all the way up to her swelling clit. Rubbing his hands up and down her legs. She moans.

I can tell she is enjoying herself. And she thinks it's me. She still has no idea. After about ten minutes of gently driving her crazy, he slips back off the bed. He Whispers in my ear "that is the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted." I speak up from the foot of the bed, "flip over, I want you on my face before I give it to you doggy style!" She does as she is asked. She has never been very talkative during sex. I slip under her and start licking at that swollen clit of hers.

Reach up and get a handful of her tits. She is on all fours with her face in the pillow and ass in the air. After another ten minutes of rubbing all over her hips and ass while teasing her clit, not letting her get off, I slip a finger in that wet, worm pussy. She finally says "I thought you were going to fuck me?" That was Adams cue.

I slid back out from under her and he climbed up and slipped his rock hard dick into her. She starts moaning again as he starts slow fucking her from behind. I can tell she's getting close. He picks up his pace a little and gets a handful of her hair. Slowly pulls her face up off that pillow as she is grunting and whimpering with every thrust. Smacks her on the ass with his free hand.

Then I lean up next to her ear and whisper, "can I get in there too?" Just as I flip the lamp on next to the bed.

Shannon opens her eyes and sees me standing there with my hard dick in my hand while my friend is fucking her doggy style. He starts to slam his dick into her and she has an orgasm almost instantly. Moaning louder and louder as wave after wave of satisfaction rolls through her every time he slams into her.

It must have lasted a full minute. I can see the juice running down the inside of her legs. Hardest I've ever seen her intense deepthroating action with a desirable brunette pornstars cumshot. Adam slips his dick out of her dripping wet pussy as we roll her on her back. We then take turns slow fucking her mouth.

Rubbing, kissing, and licking all over her body. After we go back and forth for about 15 minutes, I lay down and pull her on top of me. Slip my still rock hard shaft into her waiting pussy and start fucking her. We get locked in a deep kiss. Adam gets on his knees and slips up behind her against that round ass of hers.

I ask her if she is ready to have two hard dicks in her pussy at the same time?

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She says "I've always fantasized about this. Please be gentle". He starts working his rod in her sopping wet hole next to mine and she bites down on my neck.

I can fill her stretched to the limit. She is moaning in my ear while still biting on my neck. Shannon's pussy starts squeezing on our dicks. We start working in and out of her. I can tell she's not going to last long. After only a couple minutes of double fucking her pussy she starts cumming harder than she did the first time. Bit down on my neck so hard I thought she was going to rip flesh away.

Screaming through her teeth. Finger nails dug into my shoulders and starts clawing. I could not stop myself from cuming as her pussy was clenching around our dicks and he was still fucking. Finally he backs out of her and she rolled off of me on blonde driver and anal mom fist hd threesome with the stepmom her back. There she laid, completely satisfied. Eye's closed, still catching her breath, and letting out little whimpers of satisfaction.

Pussy still clinching as my cum was leaking down her but cheak. After a few minutes Adam started stroking himself and finished on her tits. Nipples still standing up hard and covered in his cum.

By then she was already asleep. Adam went back to the couch and I closed the door behind him. Turned around and she was the most sexy thing I had ever seen. Laying there on her back, legs spread, cum all over her, and sound asleep. I just slipped my face between her legs and gently licked them pussy juices out of her.

She would give a little whimper every now and then while I was cleaning her pussy with my tung. After 20 minutes or so I had her sweet pussy licked dry. I grabbed a worm wet towel and cleaned off her tits so she wouldn't be so sticky when she woke up in the morning. I slid up next to her and was rock hard again.

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I gently slipped my dick back inside her. Thinking about everything that happened this evening I only lasted a minute.

She never even woke up.

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I laid there fully satisfied and fell asleep inside her. When I woke up the next morning Adam was gone. I didn't say a word and nether did Shannon. We sat on the couch eating muffins for breakfast and drinking coffee. She looked at me and said "Well, I had the best time last night! When can we do it again? "