Propertysex hot property manager fucks pissed off tenant

Propertysex hot property manager fucks pissed off tenant
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Author's Note: I'd first like to thank everyone who read my first story and gave me feedback. I had seriously not anticipated or was even prepared for my story to attract any readers amongst a site where far more experienced writers reside (I say that as I've seen excellent stories myself as I am a fan of this site.) I had only contemplated writing my first story out of boredom, but now, due to the inspiring acceptance and excitement I received from my first story, as well as the gifts on constructive advice and motivation for future reference from more experienced writers/readers, I have decided to continue writing in my free time.

(Thank you by the way to The_Purvv and other commentators, leave a name for me to reference my thanks in the comments and I will thank you by name in my next Author's Note.) Before I continue however, I would like to address some things that were present in the comments in the last story's comments, such as the authenticity and realism of details; I would like to remind that this is a fictitious story line but has certain aspects of reality to add the texture to the authenticity.

For example, I was and still am a practitioner of Krav Maga and have been in several small competitions, I did participate in sports such as soccer and diving, I do have a sister who I am protective of and have gotten into physical altercations on her behalf on several occasions.

I realize that some of these aspects within the story make it seem fake or even impossible to believe, but please understand that I only intend to create a story to intrigue and draw people in, a work of fiction and imagination with changes to many details of the small portions of my life written in the work.

If I wanted to write an autobiography of my personal life I'd label it true story and properly describe myself and others in a more detailed light. But nevertheless, I appreciate the honesty of the comments and advice I received, and I intend to use it to the best of my ability, so now, I would like to show my thanks to all the readers and supporters by writing my next story. I sincerely hope that this next story does not disappoint and that you all enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A delicately, tickling sensation was what drew Jason Frost out from the cool tranquility of a dream.

He began to stir into consciousness when he vaguely became aware of someone next to him on his bed. The first thing he noticed as they looked down was a hand, his sleepy eyes followed the hand to an arm, then a shoulder, then a bare body that lay next to him. He felt a shift from the head that lay on his chest and looked down where his eyes were met by a familiar sight; his brain immediately kick-started as he recognized the girl with the stunning golden eyes.

"Hi…" He whispered in a mumbled voice, his body slower than his brain at waking up. Kyra answered in the same voice, "Hi…" Jason could feel her tiny, little fingertips lightly tracing patterns on his chest; her heart beating in time with his own, as they enjoyed the feeling of their bodies so close and entwined together.

The light was shining through the window as they lay in a blissful embrace on the bed, the sheets barely covering them, he knew that if anyone walked into his room right now they would see a tangle of naked limbs. He wasn't concerned and didn't even care if he got caught, he was holding a beautiful girl in his bed and had just had one of the most memorable nights of his life.

Just then though, Kyra's fingertips had probed the wound on his chest and he instantly felt pain erupt from the cut, she noticed him winced and realized she had done something wrong, pulling herself into a sitting/leaning position over him, her softball-sized boobs hanged down off her chest as she looked between his eyes and the cut.

"Where did you get that gash?" she had a facial expression that was caught between shock and concern, her fingers gently crossing the skin around the cut. Jason's eyes were working quickly, he was caught between looking at Kyra's eyes or her outstanding tits. Smirking, Kyra pulled her hand to his face and snapped her fingers, when his eyes quickly met hers, "Eyes up here pretty boy," while gesturing from her boobs to her eyes. Smiling from being caught, Jason replied, "Sorry babe, I can't help it.

I mean, a naked pretty girl in your bed would make you stare right?" He sat up and kissed her deeply before falling back on his pillow, smiling. Kyra smiled back as she began to rub and massage her hands along his torso and stomach, "What happened tough guy?" she asked. Jason, who was actually enjoying her hands roaming his body, became aware of the serious tone in her voice and sat up to look her directly in her eyes. He could brazzers big wet butts ass excess scene starring madison rose and manuel ferrara tell that her golden eyes were filled with worry and, vaguely, fear.

He took her head between his hands and hard core and yung girl fukd first time her, holding her head and the kiss for a couple seconds before slowly pulling away and answering. "When I faced those jackasses last night, they were all swinging around little switchblades and one got a little lucky with his, that's why the hoodie I gave you had a small cut.

It looks worse than it is Kyra, trust me." He was looking at her face when he realized that her eyes were starting to tear up, he pulled her close and hugged her, and it was then that she started to sob in his arms. He held her for a few minutes before she pulled away, she still had tears on her cheeks but had stopped crying, she managed to mumble out a couple words, "You fought those guys to save me even though they could have killed you!

I can't do this to you! I can't let you risk yourself just to protect me!" She started to sob hysterically again, not able to stand seeing her like this, Jason pulled her close and kissed her, holding his lips to hers and not letting her slip away. He held the kiss with her for a minute, his body touching hers helped him feel her heart pounding through her chest, which slowly calmed down to which he pulled his lips away.

"Kyra, I did not risk my life to kick those guys' asses, I knew I could beat them from the start and I would not have let them hurt or rape you. I would never allow myself to stand by when I know that someone seachamateur femoms bbw ass cleaner be hurt and I deliberately do not assist them knowing that I could have save them." Kyra sniffled, "But…" Jason quickly interrupted, "But nothing Kyra! I have been gifted with fighting skills that allow me to protect people, I like protecting people and if I can use my skills to aid that endeavor, then I'm glad for that.

I do not regret risking anything to save you or anyone else, believe me." This time she leaned in and kissed him. Immediately, they embraced and began to passionately make out, their lips barely separating at all as though if they did they wouldn't be able to breathe.

Their kissing was not meant to be wild or feral, but instead pure passion, they wanted to be together. Their actions were heating up, groping each other soon began to make both teens start to pant and sweat in the heat of the moment, slowly moving close to hot morning sex.

Kyra was the first to succumb to the desire, pushing Jason onto his back and slowly crawling onto him and preparing to mount him. They both had the looks of fierce desire in their eyes, neither of them wanted to do anything more than to make love again and again before they had to return to the world, but unfortunately, fate had other ideas. Two bad situations would occur to the teens in the next few minutes, both ruining their morning glory. Jason's alarm had just become the biggest cock-block and the worst enemy in both his and Kyra's world.

Shrill and extremely annoying, Kyra was so surprised by the alarm that she lost her balance and fell before she could mount Jason, he was so surprised and infuriated by the alarm's abrupt end to their primal urges that he swatted the alarm off his nightstand, promptly shutting off after it hit the floor.

They had to get out of bed, they needed to clean off all the dried sweat and cum and juices from their bodies and the sheets, Kyra also needed to get to her house to change and get stuff for school, they each synchronized a groan as they got up from the comfy bed.

That was the first situation, the second followed minutes later. Both of the teens knew that they had to get moving or else they'd be screwed, Kyra however had other ideas, she pulled him by the hand out the bedroom door and down the hall to the bathroom.

Just as they reached the bathroom door, they started making out in the doorway, deciding to be halfway in the bathroom and halfway in the hall. The next bad situation followed in "WHAT THE FUCK!!?!?!?!!"&hellip.1… Jason and Kyra spun around, both stark naked, and faced a shocked and infuriated Tina standing at the top of the staircase.

Simultaneously, they muttered ".Fuck…" as they realized that not only had they been caught, but from Jason's sister and Kyra's friend of all people. They each stood where they were, the two blushing teens were embarrassed and naked but could not move from Tina's view, who stood there with her mouth forming an hot and beautiful euro chick valentina gets laid in taxi "O" shape.

"Would either of you like to explain why I happened to walk right into my younger brother and one of my friends, who I don't remember coming home with me last night so why the hell is she IN MY HOUSE. Furthermore&hellip.WHY ARE YOU NAKED!" Kyra had pursed her lips shut and Jason could only gawk at first before an elbow to the guts from Kyra made him start to think again.

His mind worked furiously as he tried to think of something to say, all he could think of was, "Uh Tina&hellip.well&hellip.when a man and a woman are interested in each other, sometimes a series of events lead to a rise in temperature, the two then decide to take their clothes off and one things leads to another and&hellip." He heard a short giggle come from Kyra before they both were cut off by a single gesture from Tina.

"Jason, if you fucking smartass me right now so help me God I will end you and bury you so deep that the fires of hell will give you a tan." She was dead serious and Jason knew that she would do it if he fucked with her. He felt himself take a big gulp. Tina pointed to him and said, "We are going to talk about this later." He gulped again and said, "Yes ma'am." She turned her attention to Kyra.

"And you&hellip. Since you're a good friend of mine I won't do shit until I know how the FUCK this happened. Right now I want you to take a shower quick so I can take you the fuck home so you can change and so you can get your shit and we can get to fucking school. Go. Now." Promptly, both Kyra and Jason moved to enter the bathroom together, they managed to get the door closed before they heard a shout from Tina.

"SEPARATELY YOU DUMBASSES!!!" Jason gave Kyra a big kiss that neither could pull away from. "JASON!!!!" Another shout from Tina got him moving, "And put on some pants before I kick your ass!!" Jason made it too his room before he burst out laughing his ass off, he could not believe what just happened. He probably would have kept laughing had he not looked at the time and realized Will was picking him up in 45 minutes, he needed to hurry.

He ran and took a shower in his parents' bathroom, quickly finishing and drying off before running to his room, where he could not find anything that was Kyra's. "They must have left while I was in the shower," he began to crave Kyra's naked body again, it had been 20 minutes since he last saw her but it started to feel like days, he missed her already.

Jason sighed and quickly got dressed in a gray tee and jeans and quickly ate breakfast, he stepped outside when he saw Will's car and jumped into his truck. He tried hiding his last experience from him, but once again, he never had a chance "You had sex." Jason was stunned and began gawking, he quickly straightened out, "Since when did you start reading minds?!?" Will laughed, "Since the last time I saw that awful attempt at hiding something from me, which I think was when Mallory Wells had told you she didn't like me and you tried to keep me from getting hurt." "In tasteful one eyed monster sucking delight blowjob and amateur defense, she was a whore and I didn't want you getting depressed because some slut rejected you.

And last I checked you took it better me telling you than hearing it from her, soooo……" They both started laughing incredibly hard, as Will began asking questions about how it was, basic male questions about sex, but one question he never answered was who it was with.

Will kept asking, but he was adamant. "Come on man! I'm your best friend, you gotta tell me!" Will practically begged, but Jason's answer was always the same, "You'll see." "You suck!" They both laughed again just as they arrived to the school. Will had informed Jason as they walked across the parking lot that his bruises had already started to fade away, but both of them could still tell that people were staring at him as he walked through the school, he wondered why, was everyone still talking about the fight?

As he and Will walked down the hall, they didn't see it coming when all of a sudden they felt an arm around their necks, they looked between them to see Mara, who was using them like crutches as they all walked down the hallway. "Do you know how easy it is to sneak up on you two? Seriously, Will, Jace, too easy." They all laughed, but Mara could immediately tell something was up. "What's the matter guys?" They both responded, "Nothing…" She looked at Will, then to Jason, turning back to Will she asked, "Okay, what's up with Frosty." He jabbed her in the side for calling him that, only Mara used that nickname on him since they were kids and she knew that it drove him crazy.

Will grinned as he looked at Jason and asked, "Can I tell her?" "Tell me what?" Mara was confused, glancing from Will to Jason. Jason shrugged the okay, to which Will leaned in and whispered into her ear. Her reaction was immediate. "Shut the fuck up!! He did!! No wonder Frosty seemed like he melted!" Jason couldn't help but grin, and just like Will, Mara started nagging him to tell them who it was that he had sex with, but Jason kept his mouth shut. Now both of them were nagging him and he didn't know what to say except nothing.

"Tell us who it was Jace!!" They were begging him by the time they reached Jason's locker, but he kept refusing again and again, until they finally broke, "You know what, we're just gonna wait until we see her, neither you nor her can wait forever to meet in school, we will find her!" This is where things got interesting, for as they were speaking, Jason was looking past them and saw the one girl he really wanted to see more than ever. He instantly recognized Kyra walking down the hall towards him, she was wearing a frilly red blouse with dark jeans that already got his blood pumping, bringing his sail to half-mast already.

She was 20 feet away and closing when he dropped his bag and stepped through Mara and Will, they met in a hug in the middle of the hallway before they kissed in front of everyone, they didn't even care that everyone was staring as they held the kiss for almost a minute.

When their lips finally separated, Jason smiled as he introduced Kyra to his gawking best friends. "Guys you kept asking to tell you who she was, here she is." Kyra managed an awkward little hello, giggling, Mara and Will returned the greeting just as awkwardly, partly because they were still gawking, "Kyra Despos, meet my two best friends, Mara Bell and Will Kingsley." "Nice to meet you…Kyra… Jason, a word please…" Will and Mara muttered out responses before promptly pulling Jason aside, away from Kyra, and started to bombard him.

"Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck," this was Will, "Your first bang was with HER!?!" discreetly gesturing towards Kyra, Jason nodded the affirmative. Mara squealed in excitement as she hugged him as Will followed suit and sandwiched Jason between Mara and himself, the two started acting like 5 year-olds as they jumped around still hugging. Jason, who was jumping and laughing from within the hug, looked over to Kyra and caught her eye, giving her a sheepish grin as his best friends still kept hopping around.

Finally, Mara extracted herself from the hug and said to Will, "Looks like Jason finally decided to join the club. Took him long enough, huh Will?" "Yup. I don't know about you Mar but I was getting kinda worried that Jace bought the farm, I was starting to think that he needed saving by his playmates." Mar just stood there with a confused look on her face, even after being his best friend for almost 13 years, only Jason was able to understand Will's aviator slang which constantly baffled Mara.

"What?" she obviously had no idea what he said, so Jason had to come to her rescue. "He said that he was getting worried that I failed at getting laid by myself and thought that I would need my wingman," Mara glared at him, "AND wing-woman, to save me and help me get laid." Will did a Hallelujah and stuck his fist out for Jason to bump, which he did.

Will was obsessed with the Navy and the Air Force, mainly due to the story of his parents, which everyone had heard more than once heard from him. His parents had met while they were on leave from active duty, his mom serving as an aircraft mechanic and his dad an aviator who flew missions during the Gulf War, both of them had met while off-duty when their ships were docked.

They didn't know if they would see each other again until they discovered that they were in fact serving on the same aircraft carrier; Will said that his dad had constantly chased her around and it wasn't until the war ended that his mom finally reciprocated.

Since Jason and Mara had met him, Will had always wanted to go to the Air Force ever since he learned his parents' heritage and he would constantly say how he was born to be in the air. "Oh and by the way, I was not in trouble asshole, I just wasn't interested in getting in bed with every girl that came onto me." Will shrugged, "Eh, fair enough." He was about to say more when the 3 friends were interrupted by the 5-minute-bell that meant they had to get to homeroom, Jason quickly told his friends they'd talk in class before slipping past them and reaching Kyra.

"Where's your homeroom?" he asked after grabbing her hand. He saw a twinkle in her eye. "Follow me." She said smiling as she pulled him away from the lockers.

He followed her through one of the school's emergency exits, which led to the unused stairwell that the stoners would use to get high in, the nerds would play games in, and the couples and sluts would bang in. Jason knew that he wasn't going to be seeing Mara or Will in homeroom. The second Jason confirmed the coast was clear and the door locked, Kyra jump on him, her arms and legs wrapping around his neck and waist, as her lips honed in on his. Jason returned the kiss as they began to passionately make out in the stairwell, Jason with his back to the wall as he held Kyra aloft in his arms.

Both of them knew that if they were going to do anything fun, they wouldn't have much time before homeroom finished, and Kyra was the first to jenna marie back seat boning hardcore blowjob into action.

Separating herself from him, she swiftly knelt down to undo his belt buckle and pants, her fingers fumbled around in his boxers before he felt her hand pull out his semi-erect dick. He saw her eyes widen and fill with lust as she deftly started to stroke it, "I'm never going to not be surprised by how big this is, I just gotta have it right now." She returned her attention to the quickly hardening cock in her hands, and ran her tongue up its length, stopping for a second at the tip were she began flicking her tongue across the head.

She kept licking up and down his dick until he was at his maximum size, Jason all the while feeling great as he climbed the stairway to heaven, what she did next though brought him directly to the pearly gates instantaneously. Without taking her tongue of his head, she brought her mouth around the tip of his head and plunged her head down over his shaft, pulling in over half his length down her mouth on the first go.

Bringing her head back up she started sucking and swirling her tongue around his cock head before taking a deep breath again and plunging her head down again on his shaft, trying to take the whole length in. She almost made it, stopping at only two-thirds its length, where Jason felt his head rub against the sides of her throat, unaware he was lightly pushing his hips to get further in her mouth, he was in such bliss that he could have been punched anywhere on his body and he wouldn't feel it in his ecstasy.

He heard Kyra make a small choking sound, which reverberating through her jaw which caused a vibration around Jason's cock, he tried to stifle a moan through his teeth but to no avail, it still came out pretty loud. She pulled off once more, to his displeasure, but before he could say anything, she took a deep breath and once again swallowed his cock, this time taking his whole length into her mouth. "Dear Sweet Mother of God" was he could think, he tried to speak but when he opened his mouth, all that came out was an uninhibited and uncontrollable moan.

This time Jason knew without a doubt that he had hit the back of her throat, and he was aware that he was thrusting into her throat, hearing Kyra start to gag but not pull her head off, holding her mouth over his entire length for a couple seconds as Jason felt her throat contract and squeeze his whole shaft, he could feel himself getting close.

A couple seconds later and Kyra pulled her mouth off his cock and coughed, Jason however was not coming down from his high as he tried to find his voice, managing only a couple words, "'Bout…to cum." he barely got the words out, Jesus he was out of breath from that.

Kyra was already pushing her pants and a sexy black thong down her legs when she quickly stepped closer to Jason, pulling her leg up to allow him easier access to her pussy, which was already glistening wet. "Well I need you inside me right fucking now so don't even think about cumming without me." She said seriousness heavy and hot in her voice, he was so aroused by it he instantly was ready to continue.

Catching his breath again, Jason moved his hands around her and grabbed a firm hold of her ass and lifted her into the air, allowing him far better mobility for what they were about to do. Kyra's hand was underneath them, using it to guide Jason's cock head to her dripping slit, they both gave a slight moan as he gently penetrated her and slowly slide his length deeper inside her.

When he finally bottomed out, his shaft buried deep inside her pussy, they both started into a rhythm, Jason thrusting into Kyra's pelvis, while her stacey is getting a big black cock striptease and piercing humped back into his, both gradually picking up speed and intensity.

Jason was back in heaven as he felt Kyra's tight pussy walls clench his dick, she gyrated her hips as he thrust into her which made the sensation even more amazing on his dick.

Kyra was already making soft, sexy moans already, and Jason knew that they didn't have much time left, so he decided once again to be spontaneous. Pulling out of her, he got her back to her feet and turned her around so that she was closer to the wall.

Both now standing, he turned Kyra so she would face the wall and have her back to him, Jason then made her lean against as he stood back to admire her sexy, round ass. Smacking her ass a couple times, she gave an innocent yet sexy "ow" mixed into a moan as he re-entered her tight pussy, immediately going into a fast, intense rhythm as he fucked her from behind. It didn't take long before Kyra was moaning loud, trying not to scream but Jason could tell she wanted to hard.

Thinking fast, he reached in front of her and pulled her top off her chest before placing the wadded up shirt in her mouth, allowing her to scream and moan without care as she grew closer to an orgasm. But he didn't stop there, one hand pulled her bra down, freeing her magnificent tits and exposing them to the world and his hands which immediately began to grope and knead them.

Keeping one hand holding onto her boob, he moved the other back to her ass, spanking her right butt cheek as they entered into the final stretch of their sex session. Kyra reached up to her mouth and pulled out the shirt and panted out between moans, "Ooohhh…&hellip.yesss&hellip.babe&hellip.don't stop&hellip.I'm so close." She placed her hands back on the wall for support as Jason continued fucking.

"Me too&hellip.I'm almost there…Come on, final push baby!!!" He picked up the pace as he and Kyra began to fuck more wildly and roughly than they had ever done before, wanting to finish in full swing. Less than a minute later, both of them screamed as a powerful, intense orgasm rocked their bodies. Jason clenched his teeth in an attempt to suppress his own scream with mild success, as he felt long ropes of his cum spurt inside Kyra's flooding pussy; his orgasm had taken him so high that right now he was sitting on cloud nine.

Kyra was struck by a far more intense orgasm, she was still biting her wadded up shirt in a far more vain and futile attempt to suppress her scream, which was still loud enough that it echoed in the empty stairwell. Her body went rigid in her orgasm, her pussy flooded by the mix of Jason's cum and her own, so much that a couple drops had fallen from her leaking cunt. They both started to come down from cloud nine, Jason slouching against Kyra's body as they both tried to catch their jock beats any dildo girlfriend and hardcore it took a few minutes before they finally were able to manage words.

It was Kyra who spoke first. "How.can you possibly…be so good&hellip." she was still panting from the sex, Jason was in a slightly better state. "Maybe it's not that I'm good……maybe I just have a good partner." He gently planted kisses on her neck from behind.

Kyra smiled and reached behind her to caress his face, "Jason, you're definitely the best I've ever had, but I have to tell you something, something important." Jason could feel his heart stop, it practically skipped a beat, as he noted the seriousness in her voice.

He sat down on the wall and pulled her too him. "What's the matter?" Kyra took his hand in hers and pulled it to her face, she gave a small smile as she looked into his silver eyes. teen blonde fucked like a slut in the sex bus, I love having sex with you, but can I tell you the truth." "Of course you can." "When your sister was driving me home this morning, she told me that I could not stay with you because she knew how I like to sleep around.

I told her with you I never planned on doing anything when I'm with you, but she continued with something else that kinda got me." "What?" Jason was trying to hide his rising anger.

"Tina, that bitch!" he thought. "Well, she had apparently found out that a couple other girls that are now interested in you. When she saw me and you naked in your house this morning she knew that I had stayed the night, she knows that I'm not the kind of girl to fall asleep after sex so that was her first inclination you were good." "What the fuck?" He thought. "Since when is my sister allowed to take liberties over who I'm with and who my dick goes into!" He was starting to get visibly angry, he was fuming.

Kyra quickly tried to explain. "Jason! She told me that as her little brother, she wanted you to have the best final two years of high school before college, she told me that she wanted to try to set you up with other girls xxxxx story pron sex stories com she left!

I felt selfish keeping a Godsend like you only for myself!" He took her face between his hands, "But what if I wanted to stay with only you! What if I didn't care about other girls anymore?!?!" He felt her pulling away but moved in and kissed her deeply, passionately. After about 5 or 6 seconds he pulled away and just stared deep into her eyes, trying to memorize everything he could about her beautiful, golden eyes. Kyra smiled weakly as she put her hands over his, his palms still holding her face.

"Jason&hellip.I will never forget you, ever, but I'm leaving for college in a year and I'm not getting into a relationship only to leave you soon after, I will not do that to you. And I will not allow you to keep the gift in your pants all to myself." She promptly stood up and started to redress herself, her pussy was still dripping with cum. Jason still sat against the wall, horny big ass brunette teen slut fucks pussy with dildo to orgasm, while his mind worked at a million miles an hour to comprehend what just happened.

He had just started to pull his pants back up just as Kyra finished and knelt in front of him. "Jason, you are a great guy, there will be other girls that will make your life better, and I know there will be one girl who is perfect for you, I can't be in the way to stop that girl from finding you, and I will not be there to stop you from living you life." She stood up and moved to the door, opening it slightly and looking to see if anyone was around, before stepping halfway back into the hall.

Jason didn't know what to say. "Kyra……" he felt tears begin to form around his own eyes. "Not now," he thought, "Damn it, not now&hellip." Kyra looked at him once more with her radiant, golden eyes, and said, "Goodbye&hellip.Jason Frost." She stepped out the door and in a split second, she was gone.

Jason's hands went straight to his head, cradling it as he tried to process what just happened. "No no no NO!!!!" He lashed out with his fist and hit the wall, not hard enough to break his fist, but hard enough that the wall made a dull thud and his hand began to hurt. He ignored the pain, he felt tears fill his eyes and begin to flow down his face as he buried his head between his legs as he let the tears flow, quietly sobbing from a new ache in his heart.

"GODDAMMIT TINA!!! WHY!?!!?!!!" he screamed inside his head, he would have kept swearing vulgarities and curses about Tina but was interrupted by the ringing of the first period bell, homeroom was over, he had to move. Wiping his face of tears and slapping his cheeks to get rid of the redness, he finished pulling his pants up and grabbed his bag, checking himself in window's reflection before quietly exiting the stairwell and entering the hallway.

Keeping his head down, he walked to his first period class, where he didn't think he would see anyone he would know, he was wrong when he noticed out of the corner of his eye someone familiar. It was Tina. Jason saw his sister talking to a couple girls, he could feel his stomach fill and bubble with anger as he rapidly approached the group and spoke, he made his voice overflow with too much happiness, almost sarcastically.

"Hey Tina! Hey Tina's friends, sorry but I need to borrow my sister for a second. Thanks!" He didn't even wait for a reply, he just grabbed her arm and clamped his fingers together as he pulled her away from the group. She was already berating him.

Cum on my stockings creampie and brunette

"What the hell is WRONG with you!?!" Jason had pulled her aside from everyone, no one would bother them or see them. "What's wrong with me," he hissed, "Nothing actually, I just have a sister who proceeded to take liberties over my love life because she didn't want me to sleep with one of her friends!" He could feel his anger seething out, Tina noticed that. "Jason, I was only trying to busty babe can handle two cocks telsev you from getting hurt from Kyra, she sleeps around and I didn't want my little brother getting hurt." She answered quietly.

"No, no you weren't. You were trying to stop me fucking YOUR friends. You didn't give a shit about whether or not I would get hurt, you wanted to maintain your reputation as Tina, popular girl, not Tina, Jason Frost's older sister!" "Jason that's not true!" She was getting defensive.

"Don't you dare tell me what is true and what isn't true Tina!!!" he almost screamed, "You told Kyra to not stay with me when you were driving her home! She left me after we fucking during homeroom and now I just lost a chance with the girl I happened to really like, because you couldn't handle catching me fucking someone in OUR house even though I've caught you doing just that a dozen times before!" She was staring at the mom and sun fucking story sleeping during his tirade, she glanced up when he said, "Girl he really liked." "You like Kyra?" "Yeah, I DID like her.

You ruined that when you told her to leave me hanging the night after I lost my virginity to her." He saw a tear forming in her eye, he didn't give a shit. "Jason…I'm sorry.I didn't know…" She was definitely starting to have tears well up in her eyes. "Tina, I have taken and done a lot of shit for you since we were little, you have told me thousands of times sorry and I accepted them because you are my sister, but right now, take your sorry and shove it up your ass." He said this with a stern face and a serious tone, trying to suppress big tits teen masturbating on pornwatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom anger that was raging inside him as he began to walk away, noticing tears already sliding down her cheeks as he turned away.

"Fuck that" glamorous looker flashes huge arse and gets anus poked asstomouth and pornstars thought as he walked away from her, ignoring the tears. The next couple periods passed quickly when lunch came around.

He hadn't seen Will, Mara, or anyone else all day and the same occurred when he went to lunch. No one was around; normally he would see a couple of his friends but due to the school's strange, weekly schedule, perhaps no one had his lunch period today. Sighing, he went to his regular table that he always sat and kicked back, closing his eyes to in an effort to clear his head again. It worked a little bit and he was sure it was working when suddenly he felt two small hands cover his eyes from behind.

Jason was so shocked he felt his chair wobble as he fell backwards, hitting the tile cafeteria floor with a bang. "Oh my God! Jason, I'm so sorry!" Flat on his back, Jason could feel his head start to ache as he looked up to see who was standing over him. Normally, he would have jumped straight up and played it off as his fault for the person in front of him, but today Jason could not even pull it off. "Oh, hi Brook.

Don't worry, I'm fine." He felt a little banged up, but he ignored the pain. "Are you okay? Do you need help getting up?" She was obviously way more concerned than she needed to be, it was both cute and funny. Jason may have been hurt both physically and emotionally, but he still had his humor.

"Oh no worries, I'm fine, I'm just enjoying the view from down here." He managed a smile and she giggled, she stuck her hand out to help him up, he took it and she tried pulling him up.

He smirked as he felt her put all the strength in her tiny body into pulling him up, but it eventually worked and Brook managed to help him up, Jason pulled upwards and managed to gain his footing. He found himself standing extremely close to Brook, mere inches actually, and they still held each other's hands. Jason was taller than Brook by a few inches, so he had to tilt his head downwards to look at her, they made eye contact.

Jason felt his heart pump a little faster as he looked into her light green eyes, he became aware of Brook's chest swelling when he noticed her boobs becoming more defined in her tight-fitting t-shirt. He also heard an almost inaudible gasp come from her lips as she looked into his eyes.

"Wow…" he heard her say, "What?" he asked, Brook tilted her head as she looked closer into his eyes. "Your eyes, I first thought they were blue, but now I don't see any hue of it, I just see silver." He turned away a little, pulled his hand away and broke eye contact, but he smiled and thanked her.

"Thanks Brook&hellip." She saw how he was avoiding her eyes, "Hey, Jason what's the matter? You look like you just had a really bad day." He tried to pull a grin together, but couldn't manage it and glanced back at Brook. "I&hellip.I'm fine." She was persistent.

"You don't look fine. Come on, tough guy, you look like you need to talk to someone." "I really appreciate the offer Brook, but I met you yesterday, and I wouldn't want to involve you in something you have a choice to hear." She was an adamant girl though, pulling out a chair and sitting down, kicking her feet up. "Try me. Sit down and talk." Jason was trying to avoid sitting. "Brook I&hellip." She interrupted him, "Sit." Jason didn't know why but he found her demanding tone kind of appealing, but he sat down and said, "Are you sure?

It's a long story." She glared at him and he shrugged an okay. They talked for a while, and Jason could not believe how much he told her, the fight for Kyra, his night with her and getting caught, round two in the stairwell, his breakdown from her revelations to him, and his confrontation with his sister.

She absorbed all of this, even asking questions, she was very psychological and understanding, she even got Jason to tell her the details of his sex encounters. By the end, he felt like he had been fully dissected and emasculated, but at the same time calmer, at peace, did talking to her about his problems really help that much? "Jason, are you more interested in random sex, or in having a girlfriend?" He was caught off guard a little.

"Um what?" He was still stunned when Brook repeated herself. "Why do you want to know that?" Jason wanted to turn this examination around. She shifted slightly, herself caught off guard. "I…uh…just was wondering, you know, just to get a better understanding of your dilemma." she gave a laugh that was fake but Jason caught that and decided to play interracial orgasms perfect fucking watch part on. "Okay, after having a taste of sex for the first time, I guess I'm a regular guy who likes it too.

But I'm not necessarily a typical sex addicted guy who will drop everything for a random girl, I think I want to be the kind of guy who will drop everything for just one girl." "Why." She was getting all Doctor Phil on him. Jason remembered a quote from Hugh Hefner, "Because it's not about the quantity, but the quality of the experience, I would rather have a constant new and great experience with one girl that a million random encounter with random girls, it would be more meaningful to have one person to love than dozens more to pretend I do." Brook had put on a pair of black framed glasses and put her hair into a pony tail, she was a mix of the therapist and the sexy librarian vibe going on, it was sexy as hell.

"So right now you want a relationship more than sex?" "I will always want a relationship in the future, but right now, after the shit I've had today, all I want is to get my head back on straight, to just go up to a random girl and just kiss her." He said this looking directly into Brook's eyes, her green eyes looking amazing through her glasses, what happened next was something he could never tell Will or Mara and convince them it really happened.

Brook got up from her chair on the other side of the table and walked right up to Jason who was still sitting, where she pulled off her glasses with her left hand and used her right to grab the back of his head. Before he even realized it, Brook had leaned over him and placed her lips to his, kissing him softly, but firmly at the same time. It took Jason a long, shocked-filled second to realize that Brook was kissing him, he didn't think though but his lips kissed back through muscle memory.

Jason just leaned back in his chair making Brook lean further over him so she wouldn't break the kiss, their lips melded together as they each got a taste of the other, both of them had their eyes closed as they pressed their lips into the other.

Brook still had her hand on the back of Jason's head, and he could feel her push his head closer to hers as they slowly began to make out in the middle of the lunchroom. Just like the rising intensity of their slow "dance," both the teenagers started to feel their quickening heartbeats embolden them.

His right hand floated up to where he gently placed it on the side of her stomach, he held it there for a second, seeing if she would back away, she didn't, instead moving leaning closer to Jason.

He knew that they wouldn't have long before someone walked in, so he resolved to enjoy the moment. He continued with his right hand and lifted it to her face, taking her cheek into his palm, rubbing it, caressing it. He was surprised when he felt her lean closer, so much that she was about to fall on top of him, she surprised him even more when he felt her hand leave the back of his head and her arms move to wrap around his neck, she then sat her round firm ass on his knee as they continued to kiss each other.

He removed his hand from her cheek and let both his hands fall to his sides, letting her body cover his. They sat there sex from exotic africa interracial and romantic out for at least 6-7 minutes before Brook pulled herself off him, Jason was confused as her lips left his, which abruptly took him out of his world of bliss.

"What the-" He asked bewildered, "Brook?" She stood there, her hand hovering over her mouth, she had a astounded look on her face. "I…Jason…I gotta go." and just like that she rushed out of the cafeteria, blushing, leaving a stunned Jason to try to figure out what just happened. One minute Jason had been in the midst of living the fantasy of most of the guys in the school, making out with Brook DeLinn, the hottest girl in the school who had come up to him and initiated a hook up in the middle of the empty lunchroom.

Then without explanation, she stopped just as they both started to feel hot and their kissing got heavy. Jason felt the blood rush back around his body as he felt a softening feeling coming from his waist, he looked down and instantly figured out why she had stopped. While he was making out with her, he was so aroused by her that his blood had flowed into his member and had grown to his full length, the outline of his size showing on the side of his pant leg.

"She must have felt my dick rubbing up against her, she must have been freaked out by it. Dammit!" he thought. Huffing, he cursed a little as he grabbed his bag and got up, he was about to leave when he noticed Brook's black-framed glasses on the table, realizing she must have forgotten them, he picked them up and placed them in his bag so he could return them.

The bell rang for to end the period, he started walking towards his next class. He saw Will and Mara in his class, they immediately asked what happened, he told them everything that occurred that day, except he kept out the part with Brook.

His best friends stood there gawking for cute bint has her juicy snatch pounded brunette cumshot second time that day as they listened to him unfold the day's event, it was Mara who came and hugged him first as he finished his story. "Jesus Christ, Jason…&hellip." She just held him in a hug, Will put his hand on his shoulder, "Wow dude&hellip.Are you okay?" Jason, holding back a couple tears as retelling the story made him break a little, had returned Mara's hug with one arm, and had grabbed Will's shoulder with his other one.

Now fighting back tears, he said in a slightly broken voice, "I…I'm fine guys&hellip.It's just a scratch." He tried to pull off a laugh mixed with a smile but it came out as a hoarse and creepy chuckle. "I just need some time alone today." Mara and Will nodded, and they moved back to their seats, leaving him sitting at the back of the class. He was the same way for the rest of the day, quiet and reserved, he didn't see Brook the rest of the day, or Kyra, or Tina.

He got a ride home from school by Will, quiet still, and called his boss for the rest of the week off, his boss didn't have a problem with it, actually noticing Jason's disheartened voice and giving him the weekend off as well. "Just come back when you're good, I can't have you teaching at your best if you're having a shit week." "Thanks boss, appreciate it." He hung up the phone and went to his room, he collapsed on his bed and closed his eyes.

He flipped over and buried his head deep into his pillow, while lying face down on the pillow he smelled something sweet and rich on the pillow. Pulling his head up, he sniffed a couple more times as he realized he recognized this scent before, it was some really nice perfume he had smelled before. It hit him like a stone as he realized how it got there, it was Kyra's. Suddenly flaring with rage and emotion, Jason chucked the pillow at the wall across from his bed, before grabbing his second pillow and doing the same thing, he then fell back onto his bed, head covered by his arms as he felt tears starting to surge.

He didn't try to stop them, he just let them flow down his cheeks and wet his sheets. He just wanted to be alone. An hour later, he heard his mom come in and ask if he was alright, he said he just needed his privacy, when she tried to say more, he heard his dad approach his mom, "Leave him be, he's a Frost, if he's got a problem he'll work it out best on his own. Come on dear." He pulled his wife from the doorway; his mom looked uneasy, but left with him. Next came Tina, "Jason…It's me…" She was greeted by a flying shoe that Jason had grabbed and hurled at her head.

"WHOA!&hellip.Okay I get it you're still mad I just want to say—" she was interrupted by the second shoe, followed by a loud "GET THE FUCK OUT!" Tina quickly closed the door and ran off down the hall. Jason didn't give a shit about anyone right now; he just wanted to be alone.

He went to school the next day and didn't talk to anyone, Mara and Will knew better than anyone that he just needed time and space, if they got involved he would only take longer to get his head straight.

Jason just went to classes, did his homework, and just ignored the rest of the day. He saw Kyra in the hall, she was laughing with some guys and once or twice would make eye contact that they would hold for a second before they both broke it, he didn't see Brook once, not in classes, halls, or even in school, he also avoided Tina like the plague, ignoring her feeble attempts of trying to talk to him.

This process continued the next two days, he was pushing away from people and did nothing to try to make it any better, until Jason went to school on Friday. Friday morning he woke up feeling significantly better about himself, he felt better than he did the past three days, and he got out of bed feeling great. He got dressed in jeans and pulled on his favorite plain white tee, went downstairs for breakfast and tried to find his keys to head to school.

Will wasn't driving him today because he had some kind of club already and he had to go early; Tina on the other hand didn't need to attend school till later, allowing Jason to take the car to school today.

He didn't see his mom or his dad, they were still sleeping from their last 24 hour shift at the nearby hospital, they would have a full day to themselves before they would be called back into their next shift.

Many people thought that because his parents worked in the medical field, long hours meaning little contact with family, it was the opposite really, they always spent time together and were a rather close-knit family.

As Jason and Tina grew older, their parents instead of trying to keep them from going out or keeping the birds from leaving the nest, rejoiced and helped them leave, it sounded stupid at first but both Jason and Tina developed a heartache for their parents and would always come back to spend some time with them. Their folks were geniuses. Jason went back to look for his keys, which wasn't in their normal place. He and Tina shared their family's old 2002Mercedes ML320, a sleek black SUV that Jason considered his baby, asking his dad sex games by a naughty floozy hardcore blowjob help on learning on how to change the oil, changed the tires, and once he even learned how to fix the engine's fan belt, he loved it.

He was the one who took care of it, and whenever Tina needed a car, she had to ask HIM before taking it. As Jason would soon discover however, Tina could just take the car, for his dad had left him a present. He noticed a not on the counter next to a set of keys, Jason first took the note which read, "Jason, your mom and I aren't planning on going anywhere today, let Tina take your car and today you can use mine.

You seem like you need a little down this week and I think this should give you the boost you might need. Have fun." It was signed DAD with a little winking smiley face, it had an arrow on it which pointed to the keys next to where the note was.

Jason's face was struck with a colossal smile as he peculiar teenie rubs twat and gets licked and reamed in pov up the keys and RAN into the garage. A minute later, a massive roar echoed out the open garage door and out pulled a strikingly-beautiful 2012Dodge Challenger, painted granite grey with a black stripe down the center of the hood. Both his parents and Jason had been muscle car enthusiasts, his dad and mom wanted to get an older, more classical version of a muscle car, like a Mustang or Camaro, but instead decided to buy a brand new Dodge.

Jason rarely drove it and Tina never had moved it more than an inch, she was apparently to "delicate" to handle such a machine, Jason laughed at the thought of her trying to drive this powerful beast as he pulled out of the driveway and onto the street.

He could not believe his dad was letting him drive his car! He opened the windows and revved the engine, the sound that followed was not a mere purr, but a powerful roar from a 5.7 liter engine, he smiled as the vibrations shook the car when he floored the accelerator and sped down his empty street.

He was grinning the entire drive as he entered the nasty model stretches her twat and enjoys hardcore sex parking lot, pulling into a spot close to the entrance and giving the engine a couple of revs, just to enjoy the shaking car and draw a couple eyes.

He shut off the engine and exited the vehicle, making his way to the school entrance; people were already staring at him, and for once, he didn't care, he actually kind of enjoyed it. He saw Will and Mara and ran up and hugged them both at the same time, lifting them both into the air in a big bear hug. "What the hell Jason!" said a giggling Mara, "Put us down!" He swung them around a little before placing them down.

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Will turned to face him and said, "Jesus Jace, you scared the crap out of me! What's with the good mood?" Jason was so excited he couldn't even respond with words, instead pulling out the Challenger's keys from out of his pocket. Mara was the first one gasp. "He gave you the Dodge!!!" she practically screamed, she was hopping up and down, "Oh my God I'm so happy for you! Let me drive it please!!" Mara also loved muscle cars, and she had wanted to drive his car just as much as he did. "Maybe." He said, grinning at her excited expression.

Will suddenly jumped in, "Wait I want to drive it too!" Mara immediately got defensive, "Back off I'm driving it first, Jace loves me more." "No way Mar, I called first rides since his dad got it." "Will I swear to God I will bitch-slap you if you don't back off." She and Will then began to argue over who would get to drive it first, all Jason could do was stand back and laugh as he saw them argue. He just watched the scene and laughed when he suddenly her felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned around and saw someone rather familiar, he felt the air get caught in his chest as he recognized her.

"Um…Hi Jason." Jason forced himself to breathe, exhaling his pent-up breath and taking another breath of air, he then spoke. "Hi Brook." She stood in front of him wearing a pair of jean shorts and a beige tank top that cut off just above her belly button, Jason felt his blood rush as he saw a lacy white straps of her bra and her hot, toned stomach. "I was wondering if I could talk to you, in private.

Please?" Jason glanced towards his friends, who were still bickering, then back to Brook, who was biting her bottom lip. "Sure." She took his hand and led him towards the side of the hallway.

Jason leaned against the wall as Brook stood close to him and spoke. "I'm sorry I left you alone in the lunchroom without telling you why the other day." He folded his arms, "You just wanted to pull me aside to tell me that? I thought you left cause I was bad and you were out of my league." "No no no Jason, I swear to you it wasn't that. You weren't bad at all, like at all. If anything you were better than I imagined, I was completely enjoying what we were doing, and when I felt your…"thing"… on your leg I thought it was almost too good to be true." "Then why did you leave?" Brook fidgeted a little, like she was trying to dance around the question.

"……Because you opened up to me and I realized you were a sweet and amazing guy and I couldn't go through with it…" Jason was confused. "Wait…Go through with what?" She turned away but he could tell she wanted to let something unusual czech sweetie stretches her spread slit to the unusual was holding it in, "Brook&hellip.Please, tell me&hellip." She looked up at him with her big green eyes, this time he noticed that her eyes seemed a little watery.

"One of the guys who you beat up was my on-and-off boyfriend, he was so mad at you that he made me try to get close to you just so he could take advantage of you when you were occupied and get back at you with some other guys.

After I met you I realized you were actually a sweet guy, and when I saw and heard you on Tuesday, I wasn't able to help myself. I swear to God what we did in the lunchroom was really me doing it and not Brent making me." She started to tear up, water brimming in her eyes. Jason stood there aghast, he slumped against the wall and took a deep breath. "So what I thought was my lucky day, meeting you, a girl who I figured I had a one in a million chance of meeting had really been playing me from the very start?

I honestly thought that we were friends, not just some game your douche bag boyfriend made up because he couldn't handle getting his ass kicked." Brook was now crying, he could see the tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry Jason……" she started to walk away from him, but she turned around a few feet away, "I broke up with Brent, permanently. After what he made me do to you, I never want to go back to him." She turned again and started to walk away.

Jason realized what she had just done, for him, he was not going to lose a second girl in a week. Pushing off the wall, he quickly caught up with Brook, grabbing her arm and spinning her round.

As she spun around, he saw her wet cheeks and sex tow girl one boy eyes, now filled with astonishment, her lips formed a single word, "Jason&hellip.?" She didn't get to finish her sentence. Jason pulled Brook close to him, without missing a beat leaning forward and planting his lips directly on hers, kissing her deeply.

Her puffy eyes were starting to get back to their normal look, but they possessed a look of pure surprise in them, surprise which turned to desire and lust as Brook kissed him back.

They stood in the middle of the hallway, kissing for a long time, or what at least felt like a long time to them, finally separating after a while. Jason looked into her deep green eyes before saying, "Brook&hellip.I'm so sorry…I didn't mean any of what I said&hellip." She took his other hand into her own, glancing down at their clasped hands before returning to eye contact.

"It's alright&hellip.I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you when we first met, I was just doing something my idiot ex made me do." He put his lips to hers to shush her, except it ended up turning into another extended kissing session. They were so oblivious to everything else besides each other that they didn't notice people approaching.

They didn't notice till they heard a shout coming from the newcomers. "Brook! What the Fuck!!!" Jason and Brook separated, where they were confronted by a couple football players, one of them was Brent.

"You left me for this prick!?!" Brook pulled away from Jason and started to walk toward Brent, her voice filled with an accusative and angry voice. "No Brent!

You're the prick! You wanted me to bisex incest whoul british family this guy so that you could TRY and hurt him," she walked right up to him, her tiny finger wagging in front of his face, "because you got embarrassed when he handed you your ass early, cause you are nothing like a man." Brent then did something that would make his day a million times worse.

He wound his arm back and let it rip, his hand coming down to slap Brook. Brent expected his hand to connect with Brook's soft cheek, but instead he felt his hand being stopped by someone very strong. Jason was standing beside Brook, he knew that Brent would get mad at Brook so he stayed close to her in case he lashed out, he was right. Jason had caught Brent's wrist mid-flight before it hit her, his hand wrapping into a tight grip as he reverse the slap and flung the arm away from Brook.

Brent was knocked back a little from surprise, to which Jason used the opportunity to moved Brook behind him, placing himself in front of brave white guy craving for black cocks and facing the recovering Brent. In a stern, serious voice, he said, "If you hadn't tried to hit her I might have let you walk away, but now I'm going to teach you a lesson that you obviously didn't get the first time." Brent stepped forward and prepared to swing, "Fuck you asshole." He let a fist fly, but his hesitance let Jason be prepared for it, and Brent's inexperience at throwing a good, fast punch allowed him to do something that shocked everyone.

He merely stuck his hand out when Brent's fist hit his palm, Jason's fingers clutching around the fist as he applied force to stop the moving fist, he had caught the punch. Brent stood there with a look of shock on his face while Jason had one of utter aloofness, he said one thing to the douche-bag's face, "No, Fuck You." Jason took a step forward and head-butted Brent, hard.

Unlike the first time, Jason did not intend to end the fight quickly, but painfully, intending to teach the prick a lesson. Brent's head snapped back from the force of the head-butt, but Jason quickly ducked underneath the arm in his control, standing parallel to Brent now, his arm still in his control. Grabbing the arm with both hands, Jason yanked the arm down and backwards, forcing Brent's body to follow the arm again as he was flipped by the massive amount of force exerted by Jason's strength.

Brent hit the floor on his back, knocking the wind out of him and momentarily forgetting how to breath, Jason didn't care, he still had control over his arm. Jason adjusted his grip with both hands so that it was around the guy's wrist, he was thinking, "Let's see if he ever hits a girl again with this hand," Jason firmly gripped and twisted the wrist in one direction while turning the arm in the other, breaking his wrist with an audible crack.

Brent had started to scream but he never got much out, for the moment that Jason broke his wrist, Jason quickly tossed the arm aside and turned around before kneeling on top of Brent, pinning his injured arm on the ground with his knee and placing one of his hands over Brent's mouth, preventing him from screaming. Lowering himself to look his opponent in the eye, Jason said something loud enough that his friends and Brook could hear him as well.

"If I ever find out you hit a girl in the school, I will break your wrist AND your arm. If you attempt to hurt my sister or Brook every again, I will break BOTH your arms and wrists. And if you ever fuck with me again, I WILL put you in a full body cast if you're lucky. Do I make myself clear." Jason heard Brent shout "Fuck you!" from under his palm, he simply responded, "Shut the fuck up." He removed his hand and delivered a quick, hard punch to Brent's forehead, knocking him out.

Standing up, He looked at the jocks, one of them was taking a video on his phone, the rest looked nervous of him and just stood there, Jason simply turned away and approached Brook, who stood there open-mouthed. Taking her by the hand, he said quietly, "Come on, let's go…" she looked into his silver eyes, which shined not with anger or hatred, but with the conviction he had done something necessary, like he was fulfilling.

They walked down the hall, still holding hands. Brook wasn't frightened by what she had just seen Jason do, she felt hot…turned on& what he had just done was incredibly arousing. Jason turned to her when they were farther away, he turned to her and reached to cradle her cheek, "Are you okay Brook?" She responded by standing on her tiptoes and stretching up as far as she could to kiss him fiercely on the lips.

She pulled away slightly and bit her lip in a seductive way before asking him, "Can you come over Saturday night?"