Fulfilling beautiful chicks hungry needs hardcore blowjob

Fulfilling beautiful chicks hungry needs hardcore blowjob
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Jake awoke to his mother grinding viercly into his morning wood. "Morning baby." She moaned out. Jake now wide awake grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed with each buck of their hips. His mother moaned louder now brunette asian tasting and rubbing fat cock just as Jake was about to cum she pulled out and let his twelve year old sister get on. She was tight but that's what Jake wanted. He took control and moved her into the doggie style position.

He entered her pussy from behind and fucked the hell out of it until he blew his load all inside of her.

There was no worry of pregnancy due the fact his mother had put her on birth control. She moaned loudly as his hot cum entered her even hotter cunt.

She orgasmed seconds later, her cum spewed out and coated Jake's leg. He pulled out of her and laid down on his back, panting heavily. His mother walked next to him, still naked, and helped him up.

"Go up stairs and shower. Were having company over in an hour or so." Jake nodded and walked up the stairs. He showered, and didn't even need to jerk off, then walked down stairs to see the company his mother was talking about.

His aunt Beth and her eleven year old daughter Jodi were chatting on the couch with his mother and sister.

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They saw him coming down the stairs and got up to greet him. His aunt was athletically built with smaller breasts than his mother, but a succulent ass.

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Jodi was smaller in the chest and ass, but looked delicious in her Catholic school girl outfit. His aunt hugged him tightly, her breasts squished against his chest. He tried to fight the urge of his growing erection, but lost all control as her hand groped his crotch.

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His eyes widened but then realized the fun his mom had mentioned early. He grabbed her ass and pulled her in closer, he then inserted his tongue deep into her mouth. She returned the kiss deeply, then unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock through.

She then unlatched from the kiss and began to suck on it madly. Jake looked around and looked at his other family. His mother and sister were entwined in each other, passionately fingering and sucking each other.

His cousin however was standing and looking at them, confused. Jake pulled his aunt off his cock then walked over to his cousin. He took her hand and led her over to a low standing table. "Here bend over. This is gonna hurt a bit." He said as he laid her over the table and removed her white panties. She nodded and he looked back at her mother who was stripping down and joining the all girl sex party. Jake took his throbbing, lubricated cock, and placed it on the puffed lips of his cousin.

Then in one quick motion and shoved half his length into her hot snatch. She squeled loudly with each thrust, but soon began to moan even louder. Jake thrust harder and harder before pulling out of her and turning her over. He ripped off her white blouse and latched onto her left undeveloped breast.

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He sucked furiously then shoved two fingers into her snatch. She moaned with ecxtasy as he fingers plowed deeper. Her nipples grew larger with each suck. She then let out a loud moan and came all over his hand. He let go of her nipple and began to lick up all her juices. She then went quit and he realized that she had fallen asleep. He gently placed her on the floor then joined the incest threesome.

His mother was first to shove herself onto him and fuck him till he came. Then his sister while his mother made out with him. His aunt was busy waking her daughter and beginning to finger her pussy. He came into his sister, then let go of his mother. He moved behind her and placed his semi-hard cock at the explicit and sensual wang riding pornstar and hardcore to her ass.

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"Do it baby! Fuck mommas ass!" He did just that as he shoved it deep into her tight hole. He thrust deeper and deeper, grabbing her swaying tits for support. That gave him an edge and he plowed even deeper. She moaned loudly as she entered climax. But Jake wasn't about to let her cum without having some more fun. He pulled out and got behind his sister, who was at the time eating out his aunt.

He placed his dick at her curvaceous latina has her orgasmic snatch plugged pornstars and cumshots and shoved it in. She yelped from shock but then gave in as he plowed into her. He looked back at his mother who was finger fucking herself until she came and passed out on the couch. Jake drove deeper into his sister until she came loudly then passed out.

Jake was now tired but not done. Though his mother, sister, and aunt were done; he wasn't. His cousin Jodi was still lying on the floor in a doggie style position as he mounted her. He did her pussy to lube up his cock before pulling out and driving hard into her tight asshole.

She whimpered and tears beaded down her face, but she bucked hard against him. He blew his last load into her ass before passing out on her and slept that night with his dick still in his ass.