Novinha do zap chupando e depois dando a buce

Novinha do zap chupando e depois dando a buce
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Jane had been living with her younger brother Ben for almost four months before they started fucking. It wasn't something she'd planned on happening; she'd never fantasized about him before although after they started she couldn't imagine it any other way, couldn't imagine wanting anyone else.

But Ben was the one who seduced her. Jane was a curvy young woman of twenty-four when Ben moved in. She'd been paying her own bills for six years, moving out of the house as soon as she graduated high school and working as a barista to get through the MRI technician program at a technical college cross-state.

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On graduation she was able to find steady entry-level work. She had a boyfriend, Park, who she had been dating for about five months, and the two-bedroom apartment she shared with one female roommate was in a good neighborhood.

No one could say she wasn't a successful adult. When her roommate announced she was moving out to live with her own boyfriend, Jane sent out feelers looking for another female roommate to take her place.

(She wasn't sure she wanted to move in with Park just yet.) But a week later, Ben called. He'd been offered a job in her city. sex games by a naughty floozy hardcore blowjob like I'll be living near you for the first time since we were kids," he'd said.

"Actually, I'm in the market for a roommate," Jane had said. "Do you want to try living together and see if we can get along?" And he had. --- It wasn't like Ben had moved in with Jane planning to have sex with her. Not at all. True, he wasn't entirely innocent of her. When they were younger, he had been curious about her body as she went through her teens. He'd peeked in on her a couple of times—changing or in the shower. And there were a few times, both while they were living together and after she moved away, that he found himself thinking about her while jacking off.

But he didn't think about that too much, and on coming to live with his sister, his state of mind was entirely brotherly, at least consciously. He was simply a twenty-two year old new graduate who needed an affordable place to stay. And that was how they lived, each carrying on their separate adult lives with only normal, minor roommate conflicts.

Although Ben found himself jacking off over Jane again a few times, it wasn't real to him until the day he accidentally saw her giving her boyfriend a blow job. Ben had come home during his lunch hour, which he didn't usually do, and Jane and Park never saw him, but he saw them. The door to Jane's bedroom was wide open. Park was laying on his back on the bed and Jane was bent over him, sucking and lipping the head of his cock and jacking his shaft with one hand.

Park was groaning with pleasure. Jane was naked. This was the first good view of his sister's nude body Ben had had in nine years. It had a powerful effect. He stared at her hungrily, at her breasts swaying back and forth, at the shape of her thighs, at the shape of her lips over that other man's cock.

Blood rushed into Ben's shaft and gave him a throbbing hard-on. His mind was filled with lustful feelings about Jane and murderous urges toward her boyfriend. He had to get out of there. He rushed silently out of the apartment and sprinted down and out of the building without meeting anyone else. He fumbled with the keys to his car until he managed to unlock it.

Then he sat in the passenger seat and masturbated like a pervert, his need too urgent to care that anyone could walk by and see him. He came in less than a minute, all the time thinking about his sister's body, thinking about those lips wrapped around his cock.

He cleaned up and drove back to work. He went about his work as normally as possible, but found himself staring off into space, his mind going back to his sister.

He went out for drinks with a buddy so that he didn't have to go home so soon. When he did get home, the sight of Jane and her chirpy "Hi Ben, how was work?" was enough to drive him into his room as quickly as possible to masturbate again. He slept fitfully.

When dawn came, though, he felt energized and clear-minded. A few things were clear: He had to have Jane. He needed to fuck her like he'd never needed anything in his life. And he needed her to dump her loser boyfriend. The fact that she was his sister only turned him on more.

He felt a flush of excitement and trepidation when he thought about how he could convince her. He needed to take a couple of days to pick his moment. --- On Thursday night, Jane had a fight with Park. On Friday morning, she asked Ben if he'd like to go to dinner with her that evening.

"I just need some space from him," she said to Ben as they drove to the Italian place. "It'll be fine in a couple of days." They had wine over dinner and talked about other things. Ben had a second glass and encouraged Jane to follow suit.

This made them both slightly drunk. Then he insisted on being the one to drive first time punjabi sex blood pain. Jane half-noticed that Ben was touching her more than usual: on her arm, on her shoulder, around her waist. They got home a little after nine. "Coffee?" Ben offered. "Yes, please," said Jane. "With whiskey?" "Why not?" Ben added a generous splash of whiskey to the coffees.

He sat next to Jane on the sofa, with their legs and sides coming. Her touch electrified him. It was all he could do not to pounce on her, shove her skirt up over her head, wrench those thick thighs apart, and fuck her like an animal. But he didn't want to scare her. He sipped his coffee.

He started rubbing her arm. She looked very relaxed. "Jane?" "Yeah?" "I love you," he said. "I love you too," she answered. "Let me show you something," he said, and leaned over, and kissed her on the cheek. Then, quickly, he kissed his way along her jawline and up to her plastic surgeon tricks innocent teen into fucking him. He started sucking on her earlobe.

"What are you doing?" Jane demanded. "Stop that." "It's okay," he breathed between kisses. "It's all right.

Just relax." "Ben, what the hell? You're drunk." She pushed him away, but didn't jump up or run into her room. "Jane, I'm crazy about you," he said, kneeling on the couch. "You've turn me on more than I've ever been turned on in my life. Let me convince you." "I'm your sister," she said. "We're adults, aren't we?" he said. "Yeah, but—" "It doesn't have to be wrong," he said.

"You're on the pill. I'll make it good for you. However you like it. Just let me show you." He leaned in again to gorgeous teen spreads her legs for shlong her, on the lips this time. She didn't pull back. She let him kiss her lightly all over her lips, murmuring "It's okay" over and over again. He took her in his arms and slowly ramped up the intensity of the kiss.

Soon he felt her relax and respond, tentatively kissing him back. When he thought she was getting into it, he trailed a hand down to her breast, caressing it, rubbing a thumb over her nipple, feeling it stiffen.

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"Touch me," he whispered, moving her hand to the swelling of his groin. Jane felt shock turn into confusion turn into arousal, but she was still conflicted. She needed reassurance. She let him put her hand on his bulge and stroked him timidly through his pants.

"Ben, help me," she whispered. "Tell me it's all right." Ben looked her in the eyes and said "It's all right. It's going to be all right." "Are you just going to fuck me and leave me?" "No," he said.

"I want this to last." "What will we tell Mom?" "No one ever has to know but us. I swear." "Kiss me," she said, and he did, passionately, intensely. Now with an urgency they both felt, they tugged off both of their tops and Jane's bra.

Jane straddled him and they embraced sitting on the couch. Ben kissed his way down Jane's neck, along her collarbone, and down to her breasts, kissing them, tongueing her nipples, as Jane ran her hands through his hair. "Ben, stop for a second," she said.

He looked up at her. "What is it?" "You said I could have it however I wanted it." "Any way you like it." She hesitated, took a deep breath and said "I want it…nasty. Really nasty. Make me feel…dirty. And…I want you to be in charge." As she said it, stumbling over the words, she blushed hotly.

A huge grin broke across Ben's face. He reached up her skirt and rubbed her pussy with one finger, through her underwear, feeling the dampness there. "That's just how I like it too, Jane," he said. "Why don't you say that again for me? Say, 'I want to feel nasty.'" "I want to feel nasty," Jane whispered. "Louder," he insisted. "I want to feel nasty," she said, louder, then gasped on the last word as he slid a finger inside her pussy.

He withdrew it again after a second and sucked her juices off his finger. "I bet you'd like to give me a blowjob, wouldn't you?" he said lazily. "Yes." "Say it." "I want to suck your dick," Jane said.

She matched her actions to her words and slid off the couch to kneel in front of him. Together they unbuckled his belt and tugged off his clothes. He grasped her hair, which was in a ponytail, and pulled her head to his dick, which was mostly erect. She grasped his shaft with one hand and gave the head of his cock a few long licks before taking it in her mouth and sucking, bobbing up and down.

Ben moaned. This was his fantasy come true. His sister with her lips stretched around his cock, sucking him off obediently. But he also felt a little irritated remembering that she had done this to Park a couple of days ago. He wanted to know that she was his now. "Look up at me while you suck me," he commanded.

Jane raised her eyes to gaze at her brother as she continued working his cock. She could hardly believe how fast everything was happening. She was breaking every taboo, and it was turning her on more than she thought possible. She was soaking wet. She was sucking off her brother. She tried to get as much of him in her mouth as possible, until she almost gagged. It felt hot to try to please him. Ben pulled her off his cock by her hair. "How many cocks have you sucked?" he said.

"Eight or nine," she said, a little breathlessly. "I thought it must have been a lot, you little slut. You're a pretty good cocksucker. Is it different when it's your brother?" "It's hotter. I never thought it would be like this." "Do you like your brother calling you a little slut, too?" "Yes." "Do you like me being in charge?" "Yes." "That's good. Keep sucking." She took him in her mouth again, pressing her tongue on the bottom of his shaft as she bobbed up and down. She also cope dancing disrobe and oozing puss striptease hardcore pumping his shaft with her hand.

Sucking cock had always been a secret dirty pleasure for her, making her feel like a bimbo. Making guys appreciate her. And Ben was definitely appreciative. She was soaking wet from his dominating attitude. And her own brother! She felt like the filthiest girl in the world for enjoying this as much as she was. He was talking. "You love being nasty. You pussy juice drips out of hot blonde want me to treat you like a lady.

You want me to treat you like a whore." She didn't stop sucking him to answer, she just intensified her eye contact. He smirked. "This is just the beginning. You're going to learn how to deepthroat. You're going to be sucking my cock so much from now on.

Fuck yes. Keep going. Keep using your hand. I'm close. I'm going to shoot my load down your fucking throat." As he spoke, he held her in place with one hand by the hair, and gripped her throat with the other, choking her, but only slightly. She couldn't bob up and down, but she kept sucking, and she jacked him off faster, and within five seconds, he spurted his cum into her mouth. She slurped it down as it came, swallowing like a good little slut even as he choked her.

At last he released her and leaned back with a satisfied sigh. "That was the dirtiest fucking blowjob I've ever had," he said. "I'll never get over being sucked off by my hot sister. Tell me what you liked." "I liked you calling me names," Jane said, "and the choking at the end.

I like you being in charge. And I like feeling filthy." "You like to be degraded, huh?" he said. "Yes," she said, blushing again. "We can definitely do more of that," he said with a grin. "I know exactly what we're going to do next." He stood up suddenly and grabbed her by the hair again. "Your bedroom or mine?" "Yours." He pulled her up. "You're still wearing your skirt and your underwear.

Take them off." Jane pulled off her clothes in one quick motion and stepped out of them. Ben steered her into his bedroom and made her sit in the middle of his bed.

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He knelt on the bed beside her and put one hand lightly on her throat. He ran his other hand over her large breasts, down her stomach, and to her trimmed pussy. He slipped a finger inside her lips. "I'm so wet," she whispered. "Yes, you are," he said.

"You're wet for me." He pushed her by her throat to lie down on her back. "I'm going to make you cum, and you're going to say some things for me.

Don't you dare contradict me. Just say what I tell you to say. Understand?" "I understand," she said. "Good." He applied a little pressure to her throat and she felt a thrill of anticipation. "Tell me what kind of a slut you are." "I'm a nasty, dirty, filthy, bad little slut." He ran his finger gently all up and down her slit.

"Good. Tell me who you're letting touch your pussy." "My brother. I'm letting my brother touch my pussy." He added another finger, spreading her lips wider, but not penetrating her cunt. Just rubbing her pussy. "Good. Tell me you like it." "I like it." "You like what?" "I like letting my brother touch my pussy." "Good.

Tell me you also like me choking you." "I like my brother choking me. I like letting my brother choke me while he touches my pussy." She let out a little moan. He increased the pressure on her throat a little. Just enough to make her cough. "Good. I knew you did.

I want to know something else too. Tell me you're going to break up with your boyfriend." She didn't hesitate. "I'm going to break up with my boyfriend." He let his fingers focus on her clit. Still slowly rubbing with two fingers, just in a smaller area.

"Tell me you're going to break up with him tomorrow." "I'm going to break up with my boyfriend tomorrow." "Good. Tell me who your boyfriend is now." "You're my boyfriend now." "And who am I?" "You're my brother." "So who's your boyfriend?" "My brother is my boyfriend now," she said.

"Good." He didn't increase the speed or pressure on her clit. He could tell slow and light was working for her and he knew better than to change it up. "Tell me how it makes you feel when your brother calls you a whore." "It makes me feel so hot," she moaned.

"Good. Tell me you don't think I should ever call you 'Jane.'" "I don't think you should ever call me Jane." "Tell me you want me to call you a whore." He gave her throat an extra squeeze, making her cough again, then relaxing the pressure a little.

"I want you to call me a whore." She squirmed on the bed. "Tell me you want me to call you a slut." "I want you to call me a slut." "Tell me you want me to call you a piece of trash." He kept his pace steady, just rubbing up and down, up and down, never varying his stroke.

"I want—I want you to call me--a piece of trash!" She was thrashing around. "Tell me you want me to call you a bitch!" "Call me--a bitch!" "Good! Tell me you're going to come!" "I'm going to come!" she gasped, and came, lisa ann big boobs sipping, covering Ben's fingers with juices, her whole body spasming and jerking. Ben kept stroking her with his fingers as she rode it out. Then slowly the orgasm subsided, leaving her breathing hard and her pussy twitching.

Ben removed his fingers at last and sucked on them, tasting her. He got up and rinsed off his fingers, came back to the bedroom, and turned off the lights. Then he lay down next to her and took her in his arms, spooning like any couple. After a minute, he said "I think tomorrow while you're breaking up with your boyfriend, I'll buy a dog collar for you," he said.

"You can wear it a little tight and always feel cum on my stockings creampie and brunette little choked. What do you think about that, little slut?" "I want that," she said. She felt a glory inside her, realizing that tonight had been just the beginning of a long and increasingly nasty sexual exploration.

She thought of a couple of taboo fantasies she'd never been brave enough to bring up with any of her boyfriends before. But, she thought as they drifted off to sleep, what was taboo when you were already fucking your brother?