Church going bailey brooke wants to sin and getused in every way

Church going bailey brooke wants to sin and getused in every way
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Laura and I had been together now for nearly 7 months at the time of this story. A lot of our friends say we are inseparable, and made for each other. We like the same movies, the same music, and share other similar interests. She is a gorgeous girl, and one that all the guys want. Though we'd had sex prior to this time, nothing had happened like this. It was our first Christmas together, and she was determined to make it a memorable one. There was a light snow outside the window as we lay against each other on the couch covered by a blanket.

The television was alive and filling the room with sound as we stayed inside the house to keep warm. I was against the back of the couch and Laura lying in front of me, our hands clasped together under the blanket as we watched the monotonous of the television screen. Her parents were away for the day and it was only us at the house, but because of the snow outside we didn't want to go anywhere. After a few more minutes, Laura turned around and faced me, her dark brown eyes looking back at me, her brown hair grazed down across her face.

She playfully pulled the hair from her eyes, a small laugh to her smile, as she looked at me. I could tell from her face that she had something in mind, although I was thinking more she wanted to watch The Notebook or something like that. She let out one smaller laugh before she finally spoke.

"Wait here for a few minutes, then turn the television off and come upstairs to my room alright?" "Um, alright," is all I could muster out, figuring I was in for a boring movie or something of that sort.

Laura crawled out from under the blanket and stood up to her full height, which was only 5'3". She stretched her arms up a little, her athletic young body hidden under her sweater and sweat pants. She leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, and quickly ran out of the room.

My eyes returned to the television for a few minutes, my mind confused about what was going on. The hand on the clock above the piano moved to a position in slender teenage looker has her asshole drilled five minutes had passed.

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I stood up and picked the blanket nimble cutie zoey rides a fat schlong off of the floor and put it on the couch. I walked out of the room and into the hallway, the cold wood floor pushing up against my bare feet.

As I reached the stairs, I noticed there were no lights on upstairs, but I shrugged it off and made my way up the stairs. I reached the top and noticed a faint illumination under Laura's door. Softly I walked up to the door, and gave a faint knock, not wanting to just barge in.

"Come in," was the soft, faint reply. Rolling my eyes slightly, I turned the door knob and stepped in. A lamp in the corner of the room was casting a low glow, but it didn't take long for me to notice Laura. I found it hard to breathe as my eyes adjusted to the light and the sight that was before me. Laura was lying on her side, her womanly curves accentuated by her pose.

The skin of her slender legs was highlighted by the light, and only a small black thong covered her womanhood. A matching black bra with lace draped over her midriff covered her upper body, and her smile lightened up the room brighter than the lamp.

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As I stood there speechless, her elegant legs swooped around, and she stood up, walking towards me. The contrast of her pale skin against the dark lingerie was breathtaking, and her dark eyes and hair only added to her appeal. She bit her lip softly as she stood right in front of me, a hand rubbing against my arm as she looked up at me.

"Do you like your Christmas present?" she asked in her soft voice. My eyes could only continue to wander up and down her gorgeous body, her soft, pale skin shining in the light, the clothing accentuating her tight, athletic body. My beating heart filled my mind, and my breathing only quickened. "I'll take your silence as a yes," she said with a laugh, stepping closer. She stood only inches from me, her hand slowly rubbing up my arm and around my neck, pulling my head down.

Our lips met, hungrily pressing against each others. My body relaxed into her kiss, our mouths opening and tongues softly dancing. My hands rubbed across her back, where there was no lace covering the skin.

Her soft, warm skin felt great against my hands, and our kiss became more passionate. However, just as quick as the kiss began, she pulled away, taking a step back. She turned and walked towards the bed, my eyes fixated on her beautiful ass, watching the skin of her ass and thighs move just slightly as she walked.

She walked with an sunny leone new 3xxx download sexiness, her head turning and gaze meeting mine, her soft giggle drawing a smile from me as she motioned me with her finger.

I walked towards her, as she took my arm and playfully threw me onto the bed, twirling me around to face the ceiling above. Her playful smile and lustful eyes only added to my fire as she knelt down, slowly crawling up my body. My eyes never broke from hers, her sexiness radiating as she slowly moved up my body. Her lips softly kissed my chin, redhead girlfriend cockriding after blowjob forwomen amateurs moving up to my lips, our kiss once again rekindled.

The sounds of our breathing grew audibly louder as our kiss increased with passion. Her legs straddled my lower body as our tongues playfully danced with each others. In only a few moments my hands had come to the reality of the situation, and were slowly sliding along the skin of her thighs.

Her kiss felt like lightening, sending shocks of pleasure through my body. My senses were on high for only her, tasting her, taking in her sweet scent, feeling her soft skin, hearing the slight moan to her breathing. Slowly my hands crept closer to her ass, and to show her approval she softly rocked back and forth on me. The heat of the moment became too much for me, and the fire within me grew hotter.

My hands reached the skin of her perfect ass, softly kneading it with my fingers and palms. Her lips broke from mine and rested against my neck, small moans escaping as my firm hands played with her ass.

The sound of our heartbeats was growing louder, our lust building up to unparalleled heights. She began to rock against me a little faster, the warmth between her legs seeping through the fabric of my pants. I felt myself growing harder, my storm stirring under the heat of her womanhood.

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She leaned to a sitting position, looking down on me, a wink in her eye as she smiled at me. Her fingers softly pulled my shirt up to my chest, leaving it on only at the shoulders. Her fingertips softly raked the skin of my stomach, which instinctively flexed.

She giggled softly, before leaning down and kissing my stomach with just the softest tip of her lips. I took a hard breath, eyes rolling in my head slightly as she teased my skin with her lips. The softness of her lips was soon replaced by the warmth of her tongue, as she drew a line from my stomach to my chest. My breathing was heavy at this point, my own arms trying to pull out of the shirt to give more skin for her tongue to explore. Her hands reached out to each of my arms, pinning them down against the bed, her tongue tracing up my neck towards my left ear.

Her warm breath tickled my ear, but her words sent shivers down my spine. After a small kiss, she whispered, "I want you in me. I have been waiting for us to be alone. I need you to love me, to touch me; I need you to fuck me." Without giving me any chance for a reaction, she sat back up, her hands reaching behind her back. With my arms unpinned and eyes never leaving her, I quickly removed my shirt, throwing it to the side of the bed.

She smiled and shook her head at me, as I heard the friendly sound of her top being unclasped. The straps became loose, falling down her shoulder, and she used one hand to keep the top pressed against her chest. Slowly she withdrew each arm from the straps of her top, continuing to keep her chest from being shown.

My breathing had stopped by this point, the echo of my heartbeat in the room. She bit her lip softly while looking at me, before giving a small smile. Her hand slowly pulled away from her top, which fell with a soft land onto my stomach.

The glow of the light from the lamp illuminated the pale skin of her bare breasts, lighting them for my eyes. Her small, round breasts softly rose and fell with each breath she took, her pink nipples hardening under the cool air of the room. She reached down, taking my right hand into hers, and pulled it to her lips. Her smooth lips kissed my fingers, brushing against them, before she lowered my hand.

The next sensation was the warmth of her skin against my palm. My fingers could feel the round contour of her breast, with her hardened nipple pressing against my palm.

She laughed quietly as she saw the look on my face and the exhale of my breath. While my hand explored the skin of her breasts, she resumed her grinding, though this time with more force. My fingers rolled her nipples, traced her skin, and a variety of other games that teased each of her breasts in turn. Her moans were no longer whispers, and she was radiating heat from between her legs. My own hardness was straining in my pants under the warmth and pleasure of her thrusts.

My hips began to rise instinctively with each grind, which was much to Laura's delight. After only a few more moments, her hands took hold of mine and threw them down to the bed. Her eyes were alive with fire and lust, as she began to move down my body. "I can feel your hard cock, but I need to feel it inside me!" Her hands hungrily pulled at my sweat pants, sliding them down my legs leaving me only in my boxers. She used her tongue to trace from my ankle up to the base of my boxers, her hand rubbing my bulge through the fabric.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head when I felt her warm mouth engulf the tip of my cock through the fabric, her teasing almost too much. Her own lust overcame her as she removed her mouth and pulled my boxers down, revealing my hardened cock to her. "I need you nice and hard baby, so you can fuck me so good like you always do!" She leaned down, the warmth of her mouth engulfing the first few inches of my cock.

Though I was already fully hard, I wasn't going to argue with her. I looked down, watching her head bob up and down, her warm mouth coating my shaft in her saliva.

Her brown hair tickled my stomach as she treated my cock to the comfort of her mouth for a few more moments. "Baby, please, you have to let me fuck you now!" I heard myself exclaim, surprised at my own assertiveness. Her head immediately raised, a soft 'pop' noise heard as my cock left her mouth.

She sat on the side next to me, quickly removing her black thong. Through the glow of the lamp I could see her neatly trimmed womanhood, and already the light glistening off of her juices. Her arms reached around me as she regained her position on top of me. Our looks were full of lust and desire as we looked at each other, our naked bodies the only image in our vision. I moaned out as her hand reached my cock, softly stroking it as she positioned it at her opening. I almost lost grip of reality at the feel of her warm, moist lips against the tip of my cock.

My hips pushed up slightly higher with each inch of me she took into her. The feel of her perfect ass resting against my thighs let me know that I all 7 inches of my cock were now fully in her, and I could already feel her pussy walls milking at my cock. She leaned her head back, throwing it to the side to make her hair move out of her eyes. The sight was as breathtaking as it was sexy, only enhanced by the beginning of her thrusts. Her moans began to grow louder, her back twisting with the natural arc of her spine.

My hands rubbed from her stomach up to her breasts, softly cupping them as she moved. Her eyes looked down into mine, hand running through her hair as she began to thrust harder. "Mmm baby, you feel so good in me, I love your fucking hard cock in me!" Her words became more like roaring thunder, growing louder and louder as she continued to thrust on top of me.

My own words of encouragement filled the air, as well as the sound of her juices seeping over my cock. I could feel the skin of her ass rubbing against my thighs as she began to thrust harder and faster. My hands dropped to her thighs and eventually gripping her ass, my eyes fixated on her upper body as she radiated in her pleasure. She had one hand in her hair, combing through it as her other rested on my chest. Her eyes were looking down into mine, piercing through me. Her mouth only opened for a moan to escape; otherwise she was softly biting her lip.

Her stomach flexed as she leaned back to complete the arc of her back, pushing her chest up high into the air. Her small breasts softly moved with the rhythm of her thrusts. I knew I wasn't going to last long with the amount of lust that had built up between the two of us. She was extremely wet and warm, allowing me to slide into her with ease. Our moans and words filled the air as we both grew closer, as she leaned her face nearer to mine.

I took advantage of the situation, my arms grabbing hers, and rolling her onto her back. I never came out of her as I positioned myself on top of her.

"Yes baby, fuck me like this 'till you cum!" was her reply before being drowned out in a series of moans. I got the blackmail kidnap rep sex vidios quickly and began to thrust my cock in and out of her. Her body moved under mine, away and back towards, with our skin rubbing continually. The sound of my cock pushing in and out of her filled the air, her juices continually flowing onto my cock.

I felt her body tighten underneath mine, her back arching her towards me. Her mouth fell open and her voice rang out in pure ecstasy. I felt her pussy clamp against my cock then release with a flood of juices, and her orgasm rang out robber fuck my wife anal the room.

Watching her writhe in pure orgasm brought me to the johny sins and cheat wife of mine, as I felt my balls begin to tighten.

Several more thrusts brought me to the brink, and as soon as I removed my cock I felt myself begin to cum. Stream after stream of my cum began to cover her stomach, causing it to flex and tighten. After my orgasm passed, I collapsed down next to her, breathing heavily into her ear.

The pure passion of the moment was finally beginning to wind down, and we were able to recapture our breaths. I felt her move for a few moments then lie back down after cleaning herself, looking into my eyes. I wrapped her in my arms, pulling her close to me, her soft, warm naked skin pressed against mine.

Our lips pressed together, our tongues dancing a final time. She broke the kiss, still breathing in a slightly forced manner. "Merry Christmas baby," she said, before we locked our lips again.