She sucks dick as ice cream hardcore blowjob

She sucks dick as ice cream hardcore blowjob
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PART ONE: THE WRIGGLING WRANGLER LUCIFER "So." Rachel said as she sat across from me on the coffee shop patio, "you, Lucy Satan, are in love with me, Rachel Johnson." "Yeah," I sighed as I stirred my coffee, "I am." "How…" Rachel said as she searched the brimstone sky, hoping to find the words written there, "how did that happen?" tiny teen anal first time yr old refugee in my hotel room for sex series of chemical reactions in the brain that form endorphins based off compatible immune systems," I replied through a wry smile, "or an immortal goddess finally found someone who could match her; one of the two." "So, hear me out for a second," Rachel said, raising her hands like she was going to say something preposterous, "what if all these tests you and God have been doing, are actually some kind of fucked-up dating service for you?" "That's an interesting thought," I mused as I placed a cigarette between my lips and offered one to Rachel, "I always thought we were doing it because we were bored, and needed an excuse to fuck." "You don't believe in some form of destiny?" Rachel asked as she accepted the cigarette and lit it between her full, pouting lips.

"Oh, I believe in destiny," I laughed as I blew out a cloud of smoke, "I give morons down on earth destinies all the time. Do I believe God and I subconsciously worked out a dating service for myself? No. You, Rachel, are what we call a 'happy accident.'" "Jesus beat you," Rachel said after blowing her own cloud, "he matched you test for test, hot tanned babe gets her pussy banged he won, but you don't love him; quite the opposite, actually." "Jesus is a douchebag," I laughed, "and I don't go for those types." "Is it because he's a man?" "In case you haven't noticed," I said as I inhaled the sweet burn of tobacco, "I like penis.

No, when you get to be as old as me, (which is forever), you stop seeing gender, and look more toward the…inner part of a person." "Their soul." Rachel replied.

I nodded. "And ever since you came down here seven days ago, I've been increasingly drawn to you. I don't know how to say it, because I've never felt it before, but I got the feeling of…sameness with you; like we're kindred spirits." "I was a holy, pious, bitch," Rachel laughed, "I don't know what you saw in me then." "Same thing I see in you now," I replied, "strength, defiance, resolve, an insatiable sexual appetite, a fucked-up sense of humor, it was all there the moment I laid eyes on you.

You didn't know it then, but I could see it. Maybe I loved you the moment I saw you, maybe it was after your bout with Kaitlyn; I don't know." "But why keep me at an arm's length?" Rachel asked as she pushed out her cigarette and leaned forward, "If you liked what you saw, why keep up the façade? God pretended not to be a whore, and now our relationship is strained. You posed yourself as nothing more than a challenger, and that's how I see you.

That, and a fuck-buddy." "Well…" I said, leaning back to think, "I guess…I guess I was scared to be open with you. In my own way, these tests I was giving you was my way of trying to please you, to show you the gifts I could provide.

Courting is not something I've done in a serious sense. Seduction, sure, I'm a master at that, but romance? I'm a beginner." "I've never had a real romance either," Rachel frowned, "that fling with my brother, I thought that was love, but it was you pulling the strings." "Sorry about that." I said, lowering my head slightly.

"Don't worry about it," Rachel said, "it was puppy-love; Jake and I could never have been a thing." "So," I said as I sipped from my cup of coffee, "we've got a whole day before the final test, what do you want to do?" "Shit, I don't know," Rachel said, "you're the queen of hell, what's fun down here?" "Everything," I smiled, "this place is Vegas on steroids and a cocaine enema. Think of anything, literally anything, and we can do it." "Cocaine…" Rachel smiled, "I've never done any kind of drug before." "Boom," I said, and a mountain of cocaine the size of Everest appeared in the distance, "cocaine." "Is coke the best drug?" Rachel asked, her eyes finally showing some excitement, "You know…for partying?" "Well, there's ludes," I said, and a pill popped in front of each of us, "those are pretty fun; if by party, you mean drug-fueled sex." "I do," Rachel smiled wickedly, "but our test isn't until tonight, so we'll need other people to fuck." "People…" I scoffed, "Rachel, we're in hell; even the hottest human in this place is bottom of the rung.

Do you watch hentai?" "What's hentai?" Rachel asked. "Never mind," I said with a dismissive wave, "how do you feel about tentacles?" "Like, octopus tentacles?" Rachel asked, sticking her tongue out in disgust. "Hey now," I smirked as I put the lude on my tongue, "don't knock it, till you try it." "Fine," Rachel said as she put the pill in her mouth, "but I don't think I'll like it." RACHEL The ludes kicked in once we got to the limo parked out front of the coffee shop.

I was hit with a wave of drowsiness that almost sent me sprawling on the sidewalk, but Lucy touched a forefinger to my temple, and the sensation passed. What followed, was the feeling that must've made this drug popular. Every muscle in my body loosened, most notably, the inner tension of my pussy and anus. I was sunk into a state of lustful delirium, and struggled to maintain my composure as I stepped through the car door. We sat awkwardly in the back if the limo, sipping cocktails and exchanging glances as the drug began to take hold of our bodies.

Lucy's eyes shifted to me, and then she scooted an inch closer. My eyes shifted up to her, and I scooted two inches closer. She locked eyes with me; her golden irises disappearing with her dilating pupils, her black, full lips curled slightly in a smile, and her red, pointed nose crinkled with a suggestive smirk. She scooted a little closer; her red breasts bouncing in the black corset that barely contained them, and her thick, crimson ass deforming against the leather of the seat. I scooted a few more inches closer, unable to contain a giggle from my lips.

My white dress hiked up just a little bit, exposing the upper portion of my pale, full, thigh. I raised an eyebrow at Lucy, and let my dress fall further up my lifted leg, until the entire limb was exposed. She scooted even closer, her black thong wedging upward into her delicious crack, her fishnet stockings straining against the seat, forcing the flesh of her supple thighs to protrude from the lacing of her leggings.

Her jessie rogers fucking for school president horns gleamed with her eyes as the shadows gave way to passing sunlight. Her black hair blew slightly from the draft of the open window. I scooted just a little more, and we locked eyes, seeing which one of us would break first. I burst out in a fit of laughter, and we were all over each other in an instant, skin on skin, lips on lips.

"Just a finger…lover!" I giggled as I accidentally spilled my drink all over Lucy's crimson breasts, "Whoops, I guess I'll have to clean that up somehow!" "Hold on, Rachel!" Lucy cackled gleefully as I pulled down her corset and took a beautiful, red nipple into my mouth. "Mmmm, I'm just having a snack, mommy," I said between sucks, "maybe I'll travel south for something more nutritious." "Just," Lucy started before she burst out laughing again, "just suck on it a little bit, no going down on me." "But whyyyyy?" I asked, my body feeling so good under the ludes, "Can't I just have a little taste?" "You can have your fill here." Lucy smirked, and the nipple I was nursing from poured sweet liquor into my mouth.

"Mmmm," I laughed between a moan, "that's a cool trick, Lucy, you'll have to show me how you do it." "Just drink, Sweetie," Lucy moaned as I sucked from her nipple, "and maybe…just one finger." "Two." I smirked up at her. "Fine," Lucy conceded, "but only in one hole." "Which hole do you want?" I asked with a smile, my mouth gently teething Lucy's erect nipple, my middle and forefinger tauntingly tracing the length of her taint beside her shoved-over thong.

"This one?" I asked as my fingers slid between the folds of her pussy, "or this one?" I asked as my fingers circled the spokes of her anus. "My ass!" Lucy gasped, her eyes dilated to near blackness, "Put them in my ass!" "If you insist." I giggled, and pushed my fingers passed the resistance of her puckered sphincter.

Lucy's eyes widened, and her black-lipsticked mouth opened in an 'o' expression. I giggled mischievously as I sucked her tit, and twisted my burrowing fingers deeper and deeper, savoring the feeling of her constricting rim hugging my invading digits all the way to the bottom knuckle.

Lucy's brow furrowed and her head tilted back as a blissful moan escaped her mouth. I stared into her eyes, sucking the liquor from her nipple, corkscrewing my sodomizing fingers as deep as they'd go into her tight, red asshole.

"You know," I smiled playfully, "we already fisted each other, so it's not like adding more fingers would ruin anything for tonight." "Oh, god," Lucy cried, the tendons on her neck standing up as she strained from my added third finger, "just…just put the whole fucking fist in me!" "You greedy bitch." I smiled, and complied.

The fingers that were inside Lucy retreated to the tips. I pinched my hand together and slowly, gradually, pushed all five digits back through her widening rim. Lucy's arms flailed for a moment as she seemed to attempt to levitate from the seat.

Her body tensed in pleasure; her back straightened and then arched, her full, red breasts shot forward in a playful bounce, her torso stretched and flexed, and her thick, red thighs tensed and spread for me. I watched in covetous desire as my fist disappeared, knuckle by knuckle, into the stretching gape of Lucy's anus.

Her mouth yielded a moan that turned to a cry with each inch, her eyes widened and sunny leone xxx sex janwar at the ceiling, a vein in her neck pulsed and stood at attention as the pleasurable strain took hold of her. Her warm insides enveloped around me, the soft heat wetting my invading hand as I slid inch by inch, until my wrist was locked by the fleshy cuff of her constricting sphincter.

"Ahhh, fuck!" Lucy gasped, finally exhaling for the first time since I started. "Remember that thing you did to God?" I whispered as her nipple fell from my lips, "That little wave you gave me from inside her?" "Do you want to wave inside me?" Lucy whispered back, her head tilting forward, her heavy breath breathing into my mouth. "Yessss," I hissed, "Open yourself to me." Lucy smiled evilly as her two elegant, crimson hands reached between her legs and spread her tight pussy wide.

I stared in rapt attention as I began to move my fingers. Lucy squirmed in delight; her hips shifting in a small gyration that seemed to shimmy up her spine and end with a wave of her shoulders. The pink, inner flesh of her womanhood bore four protruding bumps, that were my fingertips. I curved my fingers slowly, watching in fascination as the indentations in Lucy's pink membrane moved with mz sucktion sucking dick from the back motion.

Lucy thrashed and cried out, her legs quivering and her shoulders pinning back. I moved my fingers up and down inside her ass, the indentations in her pink flesh moving with me, sending visible twitches of delight shooting through her insides. Finally, I curled my fingers all the way down, and formed a fist. Lucy moaned an increasing tone of pleasure with each depressing angle of my closing hand. By the time my fingers clenched, she was practically sobbing in delight.

I looked up at her pleasure-stricken face and formed a hungry smile on my mouth, before pushing my fist deeper. I wasn't ready for the intensity of Lucy's orgasm. I'd seen her come before, but I'd never actually made her come. Her pelvis shot forward in an involuntary spasm, sending my fist deeper into the tighter reaches of her rectum. Her mouth shrieked as her head flung backward, her chest heaving in desperate, violent pants. A covetous laugh erupted from my snarling lips, and I rotated my arm.

Lucy twisted with me, as though I was controlling her from the inside. Her legs pivoted against the floor while her spine warped in the direction of my rotating invasion, her face pressing against the back of the seat, her mouth wide open as she screamed her ecstasy into the upholstery. Her anus twitched in convulsions around me, their tremors intensifying in a crescendo on pace with her increasing pulse; the beat of which I could feel thumping faster in her tender depths.

In a final throe of pleasure, Lucy's back wrenched in an arch, her head pressing against the window, her face staring her shocked climax into my soul, and then she sprayed the nectar of newbie lesbian girls get their slim cracks licked and poked orgasm all over my tits, soaking my dress to the skin and showering me with her delight.

I laughed in absolute glee and took a moment to taste her on my tongue, before slowly pulling out. She prolapsed, of course, but wouldn't let taste me her there. "Tonight," she said as she pushed her delicious inner flesh back into her anus, her lips curled in a promising smile as a moan escaped their thin part, "tonight, Rachel." I frowned at her and sucked her flavor from each of my fingers, making sure our eyes were locked as I tasted the sweetness of her insides.

She licked her lips in delectable hunger, and our mouths met in a passionate embrace. Lucy's reptilian tongue snaked from her parted, pressing lips and entwined with my human tongue.

God, nobody kissed me quite like that. The seduction behind it… "Lucy," I whispered as I parted from our kiss, "can you eat me out, please?" "Later," Lucy replied with a coy smile, "later, we can do everything to each other." "Why can't we just take the test now?" I asked.

"Because we're on a date," Lucy smiled, "and fucking on the first date is in poor taste." "I just fisted your asshole." "And it was great," Lucy smirked, "but catching a few fingers, even the whole hand, isn't the same as sex." "This tentacle thing better be worth it," I said with pouting lips, "or our next stop will be the dog kennels." "I'm not doing that again." Lucy shuddered.

"I thought you loved me?" I teased.

"Don't push it, Hon," Lucy sneered back, "or I'll pull a few favors with your friend upstairs, and we'll add a new bitch to our breeding stock." "I think she owes me a few more favors than she owes you," I said, climbing onto Lucy's lap to resume my lustful nursing, "do you think we should let her join us?" "Do you want her to?" Lucy asked. "After this tentacle thing," I smiled, "I think we'll take our mutual friend to The Chapel." "That's cruel," Lucy said with raised eyebrows, "you know she's most definitely watching us right now." "I know," I giggled, "I'm just giving her a heads-up that she needs to be ready." "You little sadist." Lucy smirked.

"Takes one, to know one." GOD Rachel was right; I was watching them with great interest. I knew she was angry with me, but I didn't think she'd suggest The Chapel. Well, this is what I get for leading her on. I sighed, went to the bathroom, and disrobed in front of the mirror.

My tan body was as beautiful as it would be until the end of this universe; full, perfect breasts, thick, toned thighs, an ass that perched perfectly above my legs and creased in two, smiling folds where the two parts met.

My golden-blonde hair was curled slightly with the humidity, framing my pristine features with a riley outline. I opened the nearby drawer and pulled out the two biggest dildos I owned. I bent in front of the mirror and sighed. Nothing prepares you for The Chapel, but at least I could do a few things to make it easier. Was I excited for it? You bet your ass I was. When Lucy said I was a masochist, she was putting that lightly.

"Hey, Anna," I called to Rachel's slave, "I need your help for a while." Anna Patterson came crawling from the living room; her trim, tan body roped in a leather slave outfit. Her petite breasts crisscrossed with leather strappings, her ass held taught by the studded bracings that kept her spread open, exposing the bejeweled plug that was always in her asshole. Her temples bore two, blue horns, her face bore two, blue eyes and her straight, platinum hair bore a headband with two dog ears attached.

The collar etched with the nametag "Rachel's Bitch" was ever the reminder of her subservience. Was this justified penance for her crimes? The fuck if I know. All I knew, is I needed a pair of extra hands, and she volunteered for this whole thing. "Yes, God?" Anna asked in a completely normal voice, her submissive tone gone now that Rachel was.

Two days ago, the mortal had been shaken to the bone with the realization that Lucy and I were real, and that we were also friends with the girl she once tormented. Now, Anna regarded me as she would the mailman. "Hey, Sweetie," I smiled warmly to her, "can you help me with something?" "Anything!" she said excitedly as she noted my bent-over nakedness, and the two toys Lovely vanessa enjoys fingering her twat outdoors had for her to play with.

"Great," I grinned, "I need you to put these all the way inside me, and I need you to make it hurt." Through my shrieks of delighted agony, my sobs for more, and the smacking of Anna's hand against my thick ass, I watched Rachel and Lucy's date progress, hoping with all my heart that Rachel would fail her test, and fall in love with Lucy. There was no one I loved more in the universe than my sister, and her finding love for the first time filled my heart with glee.

I didn't need another messiah; the first one did enough to fuck up earth. I needed another immortal, someone I could take with me when this universe ended, and the next began.

Rachel would make a fine goddess. RACHEL When we stepped out of the limousine, I was not only high as fuck from the lude that was making my bones feel like jelly, but I was also drunk off my ass from the cocktails, and the contents of Lucy's magical breasts. It seemed we had stopped at a theme park, and my double-vision barely made out the words "The Wriggling Wrangler" written across a neon sign. "Wa da fack is da riggring ranggrer?" I slurred at Lucy.

"The Wriggling Wrangler," Lucy said as she put a hand to my temple and drained some of the drunkenness from me, "is what we'll be doing now." "This is the tentacle place?" I inquired as we struggled to ascend the steps, "The 'hat-thai' place?" "Hentai," Lucy corrected, stumbling over herself, "there's a Kraken-" "What the fuck?!" I cried in terror. "What?" Lucy laughed, "You don't want to fuck a piece of Greek mythology?

What did you think was in there when I told you about tentacles?" "A squid, an octopus?" I said, "I figured I'd just sit in a comfy chair, close my eyes, and pretend the L.A. Lakers were running train on me." "Oh, Honey," Lucy laughed as she held the door open for me, "this isn't a suburban mall, this is hell! I have a reputation to live up to!" I didn't know what kind of mall Lucy thought we had up there, but I supposed she was making a massage-chair joke.

Either way, I was walking into a situation I was not prepared for, and it scared and excited the hell out of me. "You ready?" Lucy asked, eyeing me down as she put her hand on the door knob. "Yeah," I said, smiling, "let's get weird." Lucy opened the door, and shit got weird. "CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE!" a voice boomed in the large theatre room we walked into.

The IMAX screen displayed four options: Attack on Olympus, Japanese Prison, Pirate Shipwreck, and Space Invasion. "What the fuck is this?" I asked as I sat down in the front row of the theatre. "You choose your scenario," Lucy explained, "and we get teleported to a dimension where we can act it out.

Which one suits your fancy?" I palmed the touch screen on my armrest, selected 'Japanese Prison,' and read the synopsis. You are a teenage prisoner in a maximum-security prison, where mad scientists have been working on creating the perfect weapon. Unfortunately for them, the weapon they've created has broken free, and seeks the wombs of Japanese virgins to impregnate. Not recommended for claustrophobics, or actual Japanese people.

"I think I'll pass on that one." I said. "That's God's favorite." Lucy replied. "What about yours?" I asked. "Pirate Shipwreck," Lucy smiled, "I always play the captain, and throw my crew overboard to hold off the Kraken while I make my escape attempt. It always gets me in the end, of course, but it's fun to be a dick." "Have you done all of them?" I asked.

"Attack on Olympus is new," Lucy said, "I haven't gotten around to that one yet." "Is Space Invasion good?" I inquired. "That was the first one," Lucy replied, "came out in the eighties when Star Wars was huge. It's a classic." "I think we'll do Attack on Olympus," I said, "I'm not a big Star Wars fan." "We're no longer dating." Lucy laughed, "Get the fuck out of here." "Star Wars is overrated and the prequels are better." I smirked, remembering the arguments I'd get into with my brother.

"Fucking millennials." Lucy sighed as she tapped the portion of the screen that said 'Attack on Olympus.' A countdown counter appeared on the IMAX screen with the message "TAP 'ESCAPE' TO OPT OUT…PUSSY," written across the bottom. I sat back in my seat, my heart beating rapidly in my chest, the lude still working its magic on my relaxed body.

I gave Lucy an excited, lip-biting smile, and she returned it before everything changed. I was in a white robe atop a Mount Olympus. Below the cliff I was perched upon, clouds blanketed the earth, offering only a glimpse of fertile farm land in the few gaps that appeared. I was Aphrodite, goddess of love. I'd always been Aphrodite, ever since I could remember.

There was no Rachel Johnson; I'd never heard of her. My body was concealed beneath the robe, but I knew that it lived up to my amorous reputation. My breasts were large, bronze and perfect, my stomach was toned with lean muscle, my hips were wide and carried a beautiful, supple ass, and my thighs were glorious bronze trunks that bore a trimmed canopy between them. I glanced vainly in the mirror (as I was always so narcissistic to have one with me), and examined the face that sculptors would try to replicate for centuries.

My high cheekbones, strong chin and subtle brow structured me perfectly, and the green irises, narrow nose, and 'Angelina Jolie' lips that decorated it, made me the most beautiful creature in the heavens. The wavy, black curls that framed my gorgeous face and complimented my darker complexion, only served to enhance the exotic nature of my beauty. "Greetings, sister," the voice of Athena said behind me, "where are the others?" "Picking sides in the war of Troy," I said as I turned, "I thought you'd be with them." Athena was dressed in her usual battle-ready attire; golden helmet, breasts plate, and a spear and shield strapped to her back.

Ever the "reluctant" warrior, Athena's faux-pacifism was displayed by the parchment she favored in her hands, not the weapon she really liked to use.

Her stoic face was beautiful, but not in the way mine was. Her features could be described as 'handsome,' but in a feminine connotation. Her jaw was strong and broad, her blue eyes large and intelligent, her pointed nose guarded with the helm that she wore, and her lips full, but not to the exaggeration of mine. Her straight, black, hair was sheared near to the scalp on the sides of her head, and left long on the top; the traditional hairdo of an Amazonian. Beneath her armor and robes, was the trim, cut body of a warrior.

She had a six-pack, a well-muscled back, and thighs that could crush your head. Despite her musculature, her body was feminine; narrow shoulders, petite, well-shaped breasts, and glutes that bore a thin layer of delectable fat over the strong muscle beneath it. "Nay glamorous looker flashes huge arse and gets anus poked asstomouth and pornstars she replied, "I have no interest in such things." "Liar." I smirked.

"Call me not," Athena smiled, and walked to the cliff beside me, "'tis a glorious day." "'tis," I concurred, "war is in the east, but peace is in the heavens. What have you in your hand, Athena?

Another piece of philosophy for those starved of it in Athens?" "A message from Hermes," Athena replied, "Hades was not present in the skies above Troy today." "He reaps the souls of the fallen," I replied, disgusted, "and greedily gathers his harvest in the underworld." "I don't trust him to be so complacent." Athena replied grimly, "He is taking advantage of our distracted state; mark my words, sister." As if on cue, a tremendous rumble shook the mountainside.

I stumbled forward, barely grabbing Athena's outstretched hand before I tumbled to the earth. The clouds parted beneath us, and a roar the likes of which I'd never heard erupted from the puffy chasm. Massive, swinging tentacles smashed into the side of the cliff, sending the rocks erupting from their beds. Athena drew her spear and hurled it at an outstretched tentacle of the beast, piercing its gelatinous flesh, but not affecting its movement.

She summoned another spear and repeated the useless attack with similar affect. "Athena, we must flee!" I screamed into her face. "Never!" the stoic goddess cried, and brandished a sword, "Fly to Troy and tell Zeus of what has happened; they must be warned!" Athena charged into the mass of wriggling tentacles that bore down upon her. She hacked through them like they were butter; sending bleeding masses of green flesh spraying onto the plateau.

I slowly retreated from my sister, watching as she stripped the leviathan of its limbs. Sunny leon xxxporn storys 2019 screamed her war cry and rushed further into the fray, covering the heavenly mountain with crimson blood, leaving the tendrils of her foe amputated and still writhing.

She was winning; she was taking on the Kraken by slut spreads her legs and gets nailed, and winning! I rushed over to her side, my sandals slapping against the hard rock as my breathing began to increase. She turned to me, the bloodlust rising in her insane eyes, a manic grin spread across her face.

I smiled to her, and as her back turned from me, I pushed her over the edge. She managed a shocked expression of betrayal and dismay, and I gave her one of smug victory. Her arms flailed in the air as she descended to the wriggling mass of tentacles that were climbing up the mountain. She disappeared for a moment, and then I saw her again. Her armor and helm had been stripped of her, leaving only the tattered remains of her white robe.

Her entire body was constricted with a single, thick tentacle that bound her legs together at the shins and thighs, pinned her arms to her sides with a wrap around her waist and breasts, and threateningly draped around her neck where the tentacle thinned out at the tip, which was playfully tickling her ear. Despite her compromised state, she remained combatively stoic; her expression level, and her lean, tan limbs straining against her binds.

She stared at me with a look of pure hatred. "Aphrodite, you cunt." She said coldly, not a hint of fear in her voice. "What a cruel thing to say to your sister." the easy, calm voice of Hades said as he emerged from below. I smirked at Aphrodite as I strutted to my conspirator and lover. I tilted my head upward and accepted Hades' hedonistic kiss; his tongue sliding into my mouth, his thin lips pressing against my full ones. I guided his hand to my large, supple breast, and peaked out of the corner of my eye at my captured sister.

Her fury grew on her face as the full magnitude of my betrayal was revealed. When I felt that I'd taunted her enough, I broke from the kiss, smiled at my lover, and strutted to Athena.

"Sister," I smirked from the corner of my mouth and stopped inches from her face, "today is a very special day for you." Athena didn't respond, she just kept her cold gaze fixed on me.

I regarded her defiant silence with a curt nod, and continued the monologue. "Today is the day of your rebirth," I said, my fingers extending to her face, "the day you cease to be a god, and become my mindless harlot." "You will die for this, Aphrodite!" Athena spat, "All the beasts of hell will not save you from our father's wrath!" "What is Father without his weapons?" I asked as I addressed the Forge of Thunder with a nod, "And what could you be with them?" Athena's face finally showed a crack of fear.

Of all Father's children, only she was blessed with the ability to wield Zeus' bolts, the very instrument that could kill him. "When you are my little whore," I whispered as my hand caressed her cheek, and then slid down her neck, "broken of all thought but the compliance of my will, you will take up our father's arms, and you milf cory and teen piper goes pussy licking and fingering strike him from the sky." "Never," she croaked, "I will die first." "You will not," I smiled as my hand traced between her breasts, down her torso and then slid beneath the tatters of her robe, "I will command you to kill him, and you will say 'yes, Master.'" And with that, my fingers slid into the tight, virgin slit of my sister.

Her head reared back, her mouth opening wide to yield a desperate cry of pain. I grinned up at her, and then withdrew, taking a moment to lick the blood of her purity from my fingers, before dismissing her with a wave. The great leviathan unwrapped the tentacle that bound her legs together, and replaced the member with two more, ava addams kimmy granger all night rager of which wrapped around a leg at the ankle, knee, and upper thigh.

The tendril that still bound my sister's arms to her side snaked its tip between her breasts, and then tore the robe from her body, exposing her beautiful, muscular, nakedness to me. Her tan, trim body gleamed in the sunlight, her rippling muscles shining with strain. The tentacle that wrapped her upper body selected a single arm to subdue about the pit, elbow and wrist, and then another tentacle did the same to her free arm.

Athena was forced into a spread-eagle position, suspended in the air, her defiant façade now broken, and the fear readily apparent on her face. I waited for her to beg, and she did. "Aphrodite, please!" she cried, "I will join you willingly if you let me go!" "You were always a terrible liar." I smiled, "I await the breaking of your mind with rapt anticipation." Athena opened her mouth to say something, but it was immediately occupied by a prying tentacle.

She bit the member off and spat it out, and the beast retaliated. Two tentacles ascended from the void below, slowly wriggling their way into the sky, and between Athena's spread legs. She screamed in horror, her muscular body straining to free itself. The tentacles playfully danced between her legs, tickling her inner thighs as they neared their destination.

Athena gave me one last look of begging mercy, and then it was over. The tentacle destined for her slit teased Athena's clit with its tip. Athena's horror-struck mouth cried out, but the tone changed from terror, to pleasure in seconds. The other tentacle gently tickled the spokes of tight, pink rim; circling her sphincter with its tip, prompting her to unclench for what was to come.

Athena couldn't stop herself from moaning. Her head fell in shame at her display of lewdness, but her mouth still vocalized her desire. "It won't stop, Athena," I said to her, "it will torture you with its teasing until you beg it to penetrate you." "I'll never!" she cried, though the cry was etched with want.

"There's no trophy for suffering, Girl," Hades said next to me, "give in to what you want." Two more tentacles ascended from below, snaking up the lines of Athena's pelvis, traveling up her muscled torso, and then wrapping once around each breast. The tips of the tentacles opened to reveal toothless, sucking mouths. Each mouth clasped gently around Athena's nipples, and the tentacles that bore them began to tenderly squeeze the breasts they surrounded.

Athena's head titled skyward as she was nursed from. The sucking mouths secreted their aphrodisiac venom into her body as they drank her godly nectar, prompting her slit to glisten with the fluid of her arousal.

Athena's arms and legs ceased their flexing and straining; the tightened muscles relaxing as she slowly lost her will to fight. The tentacles at her sensitive holes continued their torturous, gentle caresses, bringing Athena the pleasure of foreplay, but not the satisfaction of penetration.

Her moaning tone turned to a constant wine of unfulfilled desire. The last bit of her pride left her, and she stared at me with a defeated, desperate look. "I…" she whispered. "Yeeeessssss?" I asked in a drawn-out, knowing question.

"I want it to fuck me," she said, her head dropping in shame, "please, Sister, tell it to penetrate me!" "She cannot command the Kraken," Hades said, "but I can, and I will give you what you want, Girl, when you submit to me." "I submit to you!" Athena screeched, "I bend the knee, I kiss your foot, I give you my sword and shield!" Hades smiled, and then vocalized some inhuman sound.

The Kaken stopped moving altogether, and then obeyed its master. The tentacles teasing Athena's tender orifices flexed, and the drove in, corkscrewing their way into the goddess's virgin asshole and pussy, not stopping even after they'd filled her. Every muscle on Athena's body stood at attention; her thighs flexing into striated trunks, her abdomen stretching with the violent arching of her back, the tendons in her neck protruding from the silky skin that covered them.

Her full lips tore apart to yield a screech of ecstatic relief, her blue eyes widened to trembling orbs, her black hair whipped back as her head reared to the sky.

The tentacles fluctuated in waves as they moved in and out of her widening holes, prompting her body to gyrate in a perverse belly-dance in the air. Athena's eyes sweat tears of joy as her lips peeled into a blissful, open-mouthed smile. "Have you ever seen a woman in the throes such pleasure?" I asked my lover, "It would almost be worth the mental slavery to experience such a thing." "How could I deny the goddess of love such an experience?" Hades asked me as his hand traveled to my backside, "Would you like to join her?" "I couldn't," I sighed, "I need my mind to be my own if I am to sit beside your throne." "And I needed your allegiance to unlock the gates of Olympus," Hades said, "but I don't need your mind anymore, only your body when I want it." "Hades!" I cried, whipping my head around, "don't-" Four tentacles whipped from the edge of the cliff and wrapped around my wrists and ankles.

I gave my betraying lover one last look of horror before I was brought alongside my sister. Her eyes were rolled back into her head, her tongue hanging from the side of her stupidly-grinning mouth, her face a portrait of mind-breaking euphoria. I cried in terror when I saw the writhing mass indenting from the flesh of her lower abdomen, where the invading tentacle was filling her womb.

Her anus was gaping wide; a thin sheath of prolapsed, pink flesh protruding an inch from her defiled rim. Her juices flowed freely from her desecrated slit, the clear fluid running down her twitching legs and dripping from her toes. This was to be my fate. I thought I would be queen of Olympus, but I would only be the prize whore in a harem of goddesses. What a fool I had been. "Athena," I cried to my sister, "I'm sorry!" "Why are you sorry?" Athena asked me, her voice full of uncharacteristic merriment, "Join me sister; there's nothing better in this world." "Athena…" "That's not my name anymore," Athena giggled, "I have no name.

I am just…Whore." The tentacles that bound Athena's arms released her, and she pet them lovingly, before guiding them down to her depths. They pierced her in her already occupied ass and pussy, and she screeched out in delight; her abdomen now distended and deformed with the invading tendrils, and her asshole stretched to ruinous levels.

Small, pink suction marks dotted her arms where the tentacles had taken hold, and she took a moment to examine them, before laughing manically and belting out another note of euphoria to the sky. Athena had xx chana smol garelvi xxx porn storys, and only Whore remained. Two tentacles came snaking up my legs, wrapping around my shins, my thighs and then stopping at my pelvis.

The suctioning nodes of their undersides left pleasant warmth where they sucked my flesh; increasing my blood flow in that spot, and unknotting the tensing muscles. I did not have the warrior spirit of my sister, but I was the queen of love; I could resist this temptation, I knew I could. Another tentacle slinked up my spine, passing through my supple cheeks before it did so.

I shuddered in terror and arousal as it tickled my rim with its sucking nodes, before slithering up my back and unhooking the clasp legal age teenager surrenders to a biggest cock girlfriend homemade held my robe.

The white cloth fell from my body, billowing in the air as it descended to the clouds. I was spread-eagle and naked in the sky, four tentacles binding my wrists and ankles, two tentacles nearing my erogenous holes, and one more slowly wrapping around my neck. There was no teasing for me. The two tentacles that had wrapped about my shin and thighs aimed for their targets, and drove in.

My head flung skyward and my back arched in delight. A single scream erupted from my mouth, and my mind began to melt. They plunged into me, deeper than any man or beast had ever ventured, but yielding no pain as they went. The smooth, warm, wriggling things corkscrewed their way into my anus and womanhood, gently breaking my inner tightness and stimulating every inch of my insides.

The tentacle in my ass ran through my rectum and into my colon, touching dormant nerves that had never been awakened busty babe can handle two cocks telsev. The tentacle in my cunt filled every vacant part of me to perfection; the sucking nodes passing over my inner spot and compounding the pleasure with each inch.

My cervix was reached, and then penetrated, sending a bolt of pleasure ripping into my pelvis. My womb sang out in delight as the beast filled it with its filth; defiling the sanctity of my motherhood in a beautifully invasive sensation. I managed to stay myself, Aphrodite, for a bit longer than my sister. All my sexual experience, all the men, may gets slammed in the doggy position and beasts I had lain with, all amounted to fifty more seconds of sanity before I was gone.

And then I was no more. I am Whore. I am filled with the evil that delights me. It wriggles inside my depths, sending my body into a frenzy of ecstatic spasms the likes of which I've never felt before.

My hands are released, and I will struggle no longer. Small, pink circles are left where the beast has gripped me, and they tingle with warmth.

My womb is filled as the one inside my womanhood keeps its depth, but thrusts in and out of me faster and faster. My clit is bombarded with a constant gradient of sucking nodes, sending hot fire deep into my belly. My ass is gaping wide. Another tentacle beckons to enter, and I reach back to spread myself for it, staring endearingly over my shoulder as it penetrates me alongside his brother.

They deliver their drives in turn; one corkscrewing into my ass, while the other retreats. Clear lubricant spills from their nodes and wills them to enter me without pain, and the over-stretching of my rim only serves to please me.

My ass is ruined, gaping and prolapsed, but the aching pleasure that is being shot into my colon is unlike any I've felt before.

Wriggling, writhing, pushing gently deeper inside me. My head lifts to the sun as my back is willed into an arch. I sing out my pleasure; the throbbing, tremoring feeling that expands in my nethers. Two more tentacles come to play. I stroke my new toys with a mother's love, before guiding them to my bronze breasts. Their tips open, exposing two, sucking mouths. I giggle in delight, and bring them to my nipples.

They suckle from me, feeding from my milk and sending their warm, tingling toxin deep into my bosom. It fills me with a rush; blonde babe sofi goldfinger blows hung fake agent every nerve in my body, swelling my chaotic pleasure to new heights. My nipples become engorged and red, more sensitive than they've ever been as the sucking parts seep delightful tingles into my chest.

My eyes well in tears of joy, and another tentacle comes to play. This one wants to be in my mouth. I smile in loving acceptance, and open wide. It enters me, and I tenderly suck from it as it does. It burrows down my throat, quickly, but not aggressively.

It tastes like a man. I hum a moan of lechery and softly stroke it as it goes deeper inside me. My throat succumbs to a feeling of erogeneity, a new sensitivity awakened within it. There is another whore with me.

She is strong and lean, and her hair is black and shaved on the sides. She is smiling at me, beckoning me to come join her.

She is filled like me, but her mouth is unsullied. "Come," she says to me, her smile warm, and her eyes dulled, "come be with me, Sister." I do not think I am her sister, but I do want to play with her. She is a stranger to me…no…she is my sister! My sister in this world of pleasure, where the beast is our father, lover and god.

Yes, I will call her 'Sister.' My mind tells the beast to let me play with the beautiful woman. I can see by the way she looks at me, that she wants me to play with her.

I'm guided to her, my body writhing in rhythm to the evil that propels quickie offer for pretty beauteous girl hardcore and european, the same evil that propels her.

We meet, the tentacles leaving our breasts so that they may press together, our engorged, red nipples toying with one another. The member leaves my mouth so that I may kiss her. Her tongue is warm, wet and soft. She toys with it in my mouth, and I slide mine into hers.

Our eyes lock, the ecstasy written across them. I feel what she is feeling, and she feels what I am feeling. Two minds, sharing the same sensation. Our breasts squish together as our pelvises meet. Our clits rub one another's as the tendrils that defile our slits swell the flesh of our lower lips. I reach behind her and grasp a handful of thick, muscled ass, as she reaches behind me and sinks her fingers into the full softness of mine. We spread each other, exposing the gaping, ruined holes that we derive so much pleasure from.

Our lips still lock, our spit flowing down our chins. Our noses press into each other's faces and our eyes close in bliss. I could be like this forever. And then it comes. The wonderful, wriggling members of the beast begin to accelerate. Our bodies are forced together in a symbiosis of jiggling, tan, flesh. Our eyes flash open, and the intensity of our rising climaxes is written across them. Our kiss stays firm and passionate, our tongues moving with increased ardency, our lips sucking with desperation.

Fixating gazes of rapturous lust pass from green iris to blue, and our mouths muffle exaltation as the quaking, rumbling sensation blasts from the defiled reaches of our bodies.

My gaping ass shoots bouts of aching felicity deep into my colon, my filled womb sends an expansion of ravenous pleasure into my pelvis, my clit rubs against hers, and it brings through the delightful pings that scorch into my depths. We sing out in euphoria, our minds disappearing, replaced with a single, primal sensation that seems to burn through the marrow of my spine.

Higher and higher the feeling reaches, faster and faster we are sent there. Our bodies are slick and jiggling to an impossible cadence, cum on eugenie bouchard tribute 6 vision blurred with the speed of our ascending lust. The feeling builds and builds; impossible pleasure quaking though the reaches kristen scotts wet tongue licking and eating pussy naturaltits and tribbing our erogenous depths, and expanding; expanding outward to every blaring nerve and neuron.

The screaming has long since passed, our mouths cannot vocalize a thing, can't yield even a single breath. And then… …it comes crashing down in a wave of release. Spurts of our juices splash upon each other's bodies, the great bubble bursts, and the warm, dopamine-induced catharsis rushes through us.

Those blue eyes I'm staring at; they're gold. And that tan skin; it's red. And we're not in Olympus, but hell, and I'm not Aphrodite, but Rachel, and that's not Athena, but Lucy. I'm back. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.

"Holy fucking shit!" I exclaimed as my breathing returned to normal, "That was…the greatest orgasm of my life." "Yeah," Lucy panted, "it's definitely up there for me too." "Is it always like that?" I asked her.

"It depends on who you go with." Lucy said, regaining control of her breath. "What do you mean?" I asked. "If you go with someone you don't care about, it's not as good," Lucy said, "so when God and I go in, it's always great. With you…at least for me, anyway, it was even better than that." "You're such a romantic." I teased, but there was affection behind it.

"You betrayed me in there," Lucy smirked, "you little bitch." "I figured you'd backstab me," I chuckled, "so when we did the character stats at the beginning, I put everything behind 'deception.'" "And I put everything behind 'honor,'" Lucy groaned, putting her head in her hands, "because of a misguided sense of chivalry. God, I'm bad at this dating shit." "You're such a sweetheart," I giggled and touched her shoulder, "hey, Lucy; there's little pink circles all over your skin." "And yours too." Lucy said, pointing to the suction marks on my arms and neck.

"I thought it was all a simulation." I said, examining myself. "Nope," Lucy replied, "we were really there, in an alternate dimension; I told you that beforehand.

That dimension is one-square lightyear of Greek mythology. It's got a billion adventures you can choose from, if you were so inclined to do so. There's an arcade down the road where you can play all of them, but the Kraken is my favorite." "Is hell an alternate dimension?" I asked, "Is heaven?" "You catch on fast." Lucy smiled, "Think of the universe as a long hallway, and dimensions are the doors and rooms on the sides.

The rooms are small, and don't have any doors and windows of their own (save for the one that leads to the hallway), but they do exist in the same building. The thing is, everything in the hallway must follow hallway rules; gravity commands all, and light is the speed limit. Because the hallway must be stable, or the building falls down." "But the same rules don't apply to the rooms," I said, "You can do anything in there." "You got it," Lucy said, "as long as the hallway is stable, the side-rooms can follow their own rules, or no rules at all." "Couldn't you just make a universe with no rules at all?" I asked.

"God tried that a few times," Lucy frowned, "what a fucking mess that was." "Speaking of God," I smiled, "I believe our next stop is The Chapel." "Let's get some lunch first," Lucy said, "I'm famished after that." PART TWO: THE CHAPEL LUCIFER Rachel sat across from me at the diner.

Her beer was half finished, and the bacon cheeseburger she was eating with gluttonous abandon was almost gone. I snacked on some fries and looked at the noon sun from the window. It burned in the hole I'd left in the brimstone cave to feed the plants of the hermaphrodite garden, but it would soon pass to an early dusk, and the hellfire torches would light up the endless cavern.

"You know," Rachel said though a mouthful of beef, "I don't know how you're going to top The Wriggling Wrangler." "I told you you'd like it," I smiled, "but Rachel, it's just a game." "And what you've got between your legs is better than all that?" Rachel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Modesty isn't my strong suit, so I'll just say 'yes,' and we can move on." I chuckled. "Pride cometh before the fall, Lucy." Rachel smiled, and left it at that. "How did you find out sex stories pics of new syles romance fucking The Chapel?" I asked her, leaning forward with great interest. "My first night here," Rachel said, finishing her beer, "I left the hotel to look for a place to pray. God didn't tell you?" "She'd know I'd be pissed," I frowned, looking up at the sky, knowing God was listening, "you could have been taken and ruined right there.

This is hell, Rachel. Also, why would you pray, when God was in your fucking hotel room?" "Force of habit, I suppose," Rachel said, "and God was protecting me from any real danger. Anyway, I come across this place that looks like a church, and I go in to see the preacher-" "That was naïve," I laughed, "you should have known…" "…that you'd make a mockery of the church by making a chapel the worst place here," Rachel finished, "I know.

So, I go through the doors, and I see what's going on there, and I book shit back to the hotel as fast as my feet could carry me." "God let that all happen, huh?" I smiled, "Did she get a good laugh at your expense?" "She did," Rachel chuckled, "I was traumatized, and she had to sedate me with pretty thoughts of puppies and rainbows just to get me calm." "And now," I said in a low voice as I leaned to Rachel, "you want to get back at her for all her deception, by making her a member of my twisted little congregation?" "Time to baptize the bitch." Rachel smirked back.

I laughed at her crassness, and marveled once again, at how much she'd changed. I took a peak into her soul, and was both alarmed and excited at what I saw. "You know, Rachel," I said, leaning in even closer, "your soul is starting to metastasize with corruption again. If you don't watch it…" "I don't care," Rachel said, inching her face closer to mine, "it's not about being good or evil, it's about whether or not your pussy is good enough to keep me here." "Holy shit," I smiled, our lips now just an inch apart, "you belong here, Rachel." "With you?" she smiled back, her eyes full of challenge.

"Oh, Rachel," I said, inhaling her breath, "tonight can't come soon enough." "Are you going to make me fall for you?" Rachel whispered, our lips grazing, "With your perfect, little, pussy?" "You know I got more than that going on," I whispered back, my forked tongue flicking across her lips, "I'm going to wipe that smug little bitch right off your face." "Do it," she hissed, her schoolgirl flashes her boobs and screwed for some money now pressing against mine, her back arching with need, "take me now.

Or are you chicken shit?" I like to think of myself as someone with a lot of self-control, but in that moment, with my hormones bleeding into my eyes, and Rachel's seductive defiance, I couldn't help myself. She got the better of me, and she knew it. My arms flashed across the table, and my hands clasped the back of her head. Our mouths met in a passionate embrace; tones of our mutual desire humming through our locked lips.

Rachel climbed on the table, over the edge, and straddled my lap. I pushed her down, forcing her back to bend over the edge of the table as she was lain flat on top of it, her legs still clinging to my own, her face a portrait of defiant lust. I hiked up her skirt with a violent shove, my hands practically shaking with need. My head fell between her legs, and my full, luscious lips wrapped around the beautiful bump that hit beneath tasteful one eyed monster sucking delight blowjob and amateur hood of her lower folds.

Rachel cried out in glee, and I revealed part of what I had planned for her that night. I sucked her clit until she was engorged, and then I made the change. Her body morphed into the figure she most desired; the hermaphrodite. Her soft belly toned with muscle, her arms and legs thickened, her breasts grew larger, her ass grew fuller, and the clit between my lips swelled into a massive cock.

Her pale skin turned tan, her brown eyes blue, and her auburn hair so blonde it was almost white. God, she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. "So," Rachel gasped, "this is what you were going to-" Yeah, I give good head.

My forked tongue snaked around Rachel's girth and slowly stroked her as my black lips descended her length. Her vocalized realization ceased in her mouth as a moan interrupted her. Inch by inch, I took her in, sucking her like she'd never had it before. My lips milked every bit of her, all the way down to her base, and I stared into her glazed-over eyes with a satisfied smirk strewn across my defiled mouth, my nose pressing into the soft flesh of her pelvis.

"Oh, fuck!" Rachel screamed. The other patrons at the diner were staring at us, but we didn't care. I ruled the fucking place, and if I had it my way, she'd be helping me do it soon. "Mmmm." I hummed knowingly as I slowly ascended her length. Rachel cried out, her head pressing into the table as her back arched. Her arms spread to her sides as her hands clenched into fists. Her pelvis shot forward, pushing her length into my soft throat.

She throbbed wildly in my mouth, her new balls pulsating in my massaging hand. Just one suck, that's all it took. Rachel reared back her head until her crown was driving into the table, her long neck stretching in a striated extension of protruding tendons.

She let out a scream of delight, and blew her load down my throat. I drank greedily, moaning as my lips continued moving up her shaft, savoring the delicious flavor of her seed. She panted, her beautiful breasts heaving under the bodice of her dress, her diaphragm flexing in recovering inhalations.

I slid my mouth the rest of the way up her; cleaning the vulgar member she had between her legs. I got to her dome, rotated a little, and then pulled out, a glistening string of saliva and cum bridging my lower lip and her tip.

I rested her throbbing manhood against my cheek and stared at her; my eyes half-mast in lust, my mouth curved in a wicked grin of victory. "For all your talk," I teased, enjoying her throbbing warmth on my face, "you sure do come fast." "Just the first nut," Rachel said, recovering in panting breaths, "you know I've got more in me." "I know," I smiled, and kissed the tip of her still-hard member, "and you better, Honey, because if I'm disappointed in you, I'm sending you top-side." "Threats and extortion," Rachel smirked, her face flushed and he chest still heaving, "I guess two can play at that game.

But you just love me too damn much, don't you?" "Don't test me, bitch." I smiled. "The irony of you saying that to me," Rachel laughed breathlessly, "would make a hipster cream his jeans." I burst out laughing and let go of Rachel.

She laughed with me and pulled her skirt over her new manhood, not at all concealing it. I helped her off the table and we made our way out of the diner, and sexy diamond kitty plays w her favorite toy The Chapel, where we had a meeting with a mutual friend. GOD At first glance, The Chapel looks like any other church.

The ceiling is angled with oak wood beams, the room is lit with stained glass windows, and the sanctuary is lined with uncomfortable pews that face an elevated stage adorned with a podium. Organ pipes line the wall of the front of the church, and a row of chairs sit in front of them for the choir. If one were to take a closer look, they'd see Lucy's dark sense of humor all over the place. Every cross is turned upside down, the bibles in the pews are just the book Jack wrote in The Shining (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…), the stained-glass windows are decorated with perverse blood-orgies, and the pipes for the organ are all shaped like-you guessed it; dicks.

I sat in the front pew, awaiting Lucy and Rachel's arrival, with Anna at my side. Both of us were clothed in the large, black robes of the clerics, but what we had on beneath them was much more interesting. "God," Anna whispered to me, "what is this place?" "A place of worship, so hush." I said. "Who the fuck are you praying to?" Anna laughed.

"I don't know," I sighed, "but the image is pretty poetic, isn't it?" "It would make a great album cover," Anna said, "preteens would think it's deep." "You know," I smiled at Anna, "ever since you became a sex-slave, you've become a much better person." "It's therapeutic," Anna responded, "I like having someone just…take charge of me. Use me, abuse me, control me. I didn't know I wanted it like this, until it was forced on me. Now, I don't want it to stop." "We're the same, you and I," I smiled at her, "and Rachel's very much like Lucy." "Does Lucy really love her?" Anna asked, "Did the devil fall for a mortal?" "Hard to believe, isn't it?" I chuckled.

"She's different now, but before this whole thing, Master was an introverted, pious, weirdo." Anna said, referring to Rachel, "I know you custom-made her, and she's your prize child, but it's the truth." "And you were a vindictive, insecure, cunt." I responded, "But you changed.

People change, Anna. Well, not really; people are who they're born to be, but experiences make them realize things about themselves they didn't know before. You didn't know you liked being a submissive whore until you tried it, and Rachel didn't know she liked being a domineering, confident woman until she tried it.

Who knows what the world would be like if everyone tried everything?" "Everybody dead." Anna replied. "Yeah," I sighed, "probably. Go back to praying, Anna; they're here." "How bad is it going to get?" Anna asked me, fear and excitement in her voice. "Really bad," I responded, "Rachel is fucking pissed at me. You don't have to-" "But I want to." She interrupted, her eyes brimming with anticipation. The back door of The Chapel creaked open with an ominous wine of rusted hinges.

I bowed my head and muttered prayers under my breath, playing the part of the pious mother. A procession of hooded cougar alessandra miller gets doggystyled and creamed entered in a row of single-file brooding dread. Their faces were concealed beneath their black hoods, and they faced the floor as they chanted their Latin verses in unison. Slowly, they filled out the pews of the sanctuary, their feet making no sound as they sat in somber reflection beside Anna and I.

The chanting verses of satanic prophecy ended, and there was silence in the room. The organ blasted a single, diminished chord that sounded like someone just punched the keyboard to see what would happen. And then, Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' began. Lucy's theatrics once again were on full display, and filled me with a feeling of impending doom.

The clerics stood up and began singing a droning tune of baritone harmony. I pulled out the hymnal, paged to the lyrics and stood up and joined them, pointing my finger to the spot of the song we were on so Anna could follow along.

We reached the last verse of the song, and then the bishop and her nun walked to the podium. RACHEL We were backstage in The Chapel, the sounds of the clerics singing lyrics to Moonlight Sonata echoing in the hall (I didn't know there were lyrics to Beethoven's somber first movement, but whatever). Lucy handed me the outfit I would wear. naughty japanese cutie gets smothered with cum you could be the bishop, it's up to you." She said.

"No," I said, "I don't have the charisma to pull that off, and you know all the lines." "Nun it is." Lucy said, handing me a latex one-piece. "These…" I said, looking at the black latex outfit, "are not robes." "You put the robes on over them," Lucy said as she began stripping off her corset, thong and leggings, "and then take the robes off once shit starts going down." I slipped on the black latex one-piece and examined myself in the mirror.

The hermaphrodite body I bore was the one I was the most comfortable in, the most myself in. It reflected all the desires of who I wanted to be, and as the corruption of my soul spread, who I was becoming.

My toned arms and legs showed their curves beneath the black, shining material. My amble bosom seemed to burst from the outfit, and was teasingly revealed through a cutaway the shape of a cross.

The inner portions of my tan cleavage were shown on the vertical strip of the cross, which started at my neck and descended to my navel, while my nipples and areolas were exposed in the horizontal strip.

I turned around, and noted that a large, triangular cutaway was on the other side; exposing the lean muscle of my back from the nape of my neck, to the small of my back, angling from my shoulders and narrowing as it came down.

My perfect, firm (yet supple), ass was formed beneath the shining black material, and a cutaway had been stripped from my crack; exposing the inner portions of my tan cheeks, and if spread, my anus and pussy as well.

My cock and balls were nestled in a neat pocket at the front, with a flap that could be torn off when needed. The latex outfit covered me everywhere else: from just below the chin, to the tips of my toes.

I put on a pair of thigh-high leather boots, and presented myself to Lucy. "Well?" I asked, twirling on the heel of my boot, my white-blonde hair whipping around, "do I look ravishingly evil?" "Stop teasing me, Rachel," Lucy said as she zipped up her identical outfit, though hers was red, "or we're never going to do what we came here for." "Oooo," I cooed as my eyes met the bulge bursting from the front of her shining latex, "I see you made some modifications for yourself." "Yeah," Lucy said as she slipped on her priest robe and pope-hat, "but mine's bigger." "Is that what we're doing now?" I laughed as I put on my habit and headpiece, "Are we going to start buying huge trucks and sports cars as well?" "I've got an F-250 Superduty with a lift kit," Lucy laughed, "just so that everyone knows I definitely don't have a small dick.

C'mon, let's start the sermon." I lowered my translucent veil, gave Lucy a devilish smirk, and followed her through the door. ANNA Lucy came out in robes and a large, pope hat that bore an upside-down cross at its peak. Master followed behind her, though I hardly recognized my master at all. Her hair was now whitish-blonde and thick with waves, her brown eyes now a brilliant blue, and her pale complexion now a tropical tan.

Though her features were dulled beneath her translucent veil, she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. This must be the hermaphrodite form I've heard so much about, I thought, and if that's true… My eyes narrowed as they searched Master's robes. Through her steps, I could see the imprint of something large resting between the folds of her robe. My mouth watered, and my eyes rose to meet hers. Master saw what I had been looking at, and she gave me a promising smile.

I would have it inside me today; Master would make sure I did. I noticed a similar bulge protruding from the front of Lucy's robes, but her gaze did not meet mine. No, her eyes were smiling down at God, who shifted uncomfortably next to me.

I placed a hand on her thigh, and she clasped hers over mine and squeezed. I stole a glance at God's face, and was excited to see the fear written across it. Whatever was going to happen, it was going to be great. "Brothers and sister," Lucy said, "we convene today to administer the baptismal rites of two new members." "And so, they shall be washed." The congregation said in unison. "Jehovah Allah Yahweh of heaven, and Anna David Patterson of Phoenix, Arizona, please make yourselves known to the congregation." Lucy said.

I stood up, and so did God. "The sinners in our flock." The congregation said in unison. "Yes, sinners indeed," Lucy said, the hint of a smirk on her face, "come forward, sinners." "To reap the sin of Eve." The congregation droned. "And to pay the price of Adam." Lucy finished, and beckoned us forward.

Our heels clicked loudly against the wooden floor as we made our way up the aisle. I couldn't see the faces of the church goers beneath their black hoods, but I could feel their eyes on me.

We walked up the three steps to the stage, and then stood with our hands folded in front of us, facing the congregation. "…and they shall be pacified with the sin of their bodies. Amen." Lucy finished. "Amen." Said the congregation, and then everything went fucking nuts. GOD The sunbathed, colorful, light that streamed from the stained-glass windows blackened.

The droning of the church organ stopped with a final note of Beethoven's classic, and the room became as silent as it was dark. For a moment, it felt as though I was in deep space, with not a star on the horizon.

Red torches erupted from the sides of the sanctuary, brimming the room with a scarlet, hellish glow. The deep, grooving beat of drums blasted in my ears, accompanied by the chug of a distorted guitar, and the drive of a bass that rumbled in my chest.

A pained, guttural growl erupted from the death metal band that appeared in the choir section, and flash pots blinded the room in a strobe-light affect. The congregation stood, their hoods removed, showing the demonic features they'd concealed. Massive demon males with horns protruding from their brows tore the robes from their bodies, while voluptuous demon females got on their knees for them.

A red pair of hands gripped my own hood, and I was disrobed in a single swipe. My body was laced in leather bondage. A choker constricted about my neck, connected to two straps that encircled and squeezed my breasts, then crisscrossed my abdomen, and connected to a leather thong that dug uncomfortable between the soft lips of my womanhood.

Anna wore a similar outfit, and we gave each other fearful glances before we were taken by the two avenging hermaphrodites. "Hey God," Rachel whispered as she cuffed my hands behind my back, and then shackled my ankles to the floor, "you ever see that movie 'Saw?' Well, we're going to play a little game." Rachel and Lucy showed us the torturous instruments of their sick little game.

Two, ten-inch tall, chrome cones were presented to us, their bases measuring out at six inches. Lucy and Rachel made a show of emptying a bottle of lube on to each of them, prompting the crowd to cheer as they realized where those things were going.

Anna, now also shackled to the floor, gave me a gaze warped in terror. Rachel brought my legs into a squatting position, and then placed the cold point of the lubed cone against my tight sphincter.

She chained my cuffs to the floor with no slack given, forcing me to stay in my back-arching upright position; the endurance of my thigh muscles the only thing that would save me. Anna was chained in a similar fashion, and I could see her pale legs already shaking with strain. "So, here's the game," Rachel smiled at us as she took off her robe, revealing her black latex-clad glory, "which ever one of you sits first, loses." "What do we get if we win?!" Anna screamed, regretting all the gym days she skipped.

"If you win, you won't have to sit." Lucy responded, now in her red latex. "But it's not just a contest between you two," Rachel said, "Lucy and I have made a wager of our own. Sound familiar, God?" "We won't force you to sit," Lucy continued, "but we'll be doing everything to make you want to." "You'll be my partner," Rachel said as she circled me like a predator with trapped prey, and then cupped her latex gloves over my mouth and whispered, "and you better sit first, or you'll see how sore a loser I can be." "Are you two ready?" Lucy asked us.

Anna and I nodded, our faces etched in submissive fear. "Ladies and gentlemen," Lucy announced to the crowd over the blaring music, "God and Anna's mouths are now open!" "But your cunts belong to us." Rachel smirked. She crouched between my legs and stretched to me; her latex-covered body sliding forward like a feline with her ass perched in the air and her head lowering to my depths. Her blue eyes never left mine the whole way down. Lucy knelt and dipped her head between Anna's trembling thighs, and then looked over to her sadistic paramour.

The bubble butt teen small tits creampie poor jade jantzen exchanged nods, and the torture began. Two gloved fingers pushed my soaking, leather, thong to the side. I looked down to see a pair of smiling blue eyes looking up. Luscious, pink lips sucked my erogenous petals as a warm, wet tongue slipped delectably between my folds. I moaned and tilted my head upward just in time to see the procession of demons heading my way.

Large, red, muscular males with their rigid members swaying between their legs were accompanied by curvy, beautiful women of a similar hue. They seemed to shift forward in the blinding strobe of the flash pots, bringing them closer to me with each blast of white light.

And then they were on me. A strong hand gripped the crown of my head and pushed my closed lips open. A massive, foul cock buried into my throat, and I couldn't help but tremor a moan of masochistic delight. Rachel's tongue curled upward and slid methodically along my vaginal ceiling, negating all oral foreplay and going right for the inner spot. I muffled a note of approval and stared up at the broad chest of the man violating my throat, watching as his crimson abs flexed with each merciless drive into my pouty lips.

My angelic, beautiful face was defiled until it was nothing more than streaming tears and running spit. I went from captured beauty, to shameless sex slave in mere seconds. Pained gurgles of lecherous mirth rose from my stretched esophagus in wet, guttural tones. My head was thrust forward so hard my vision blurred. I couldn't breathe or move, and that just made what Rachel was doing to me so much better.

Finally, the demon came in a spout of deliciously-foul viscous seed, and I sucked super sexy babe parties and sucks cock dry; my crying eyes staring my thanks into his black irises. He grinned, and then rotated my face to serve the next man. Rachel's tongue worked my pussy into a delighted bout of torturous tenderness. Her soft invasion contrasted the violation of my throat in a beautiful display of sexual duality. Despite her gentle movements, her intent was far from comforting.

Her blue eyes were purple in the red torch light, and they gleamed with sadism. The feeling she was providing me was slowly building, and I could feel my legs begin to shake. My stamina was infinite, but my pleasure threshold was low.

The streaming tingles of my pussy began to beckon my legs to convulse involuntarily. I cried my alarm around the man fucking my mouth, and then gave way two inches. Cold metal pushed inside me, stretching my rim pleasurably and filling me with what I wanted.

I cried out in glee, but part of me was wary to stay in control. That was just two inches, and it wouldn't feel that nice further down. You're tougher than I thought, Rachel prayed to me, I think I'll need to change amateur milf with big tits fucks a big cock shaved curvy. I looked down to see that Rachel had two demonesses pleasuring the holes she'd left available for public use through the bottom cutaway strip of her latex.

Her back was arching in pleasure as the demonesses' snake-like tongues writhed inside her; their full lips pressing against her rim and labia, and sucking gently; pulling her delicious, pink flesh outward from her inner reaches. Rachel dismissed them with a wave, and they crawled away with dejected postures, disappointed they could no longer service the beautiful hermaphrodite. "Remember this?" Rachel asked me as she ripped off the flap that concealed her beautiful cock, "I put it in your ass last time; do you want it in your pussy?" I did, but I knew it would be the end of me.

Oral sex could get me going, but penetrative sex could ruin me completely. I shook my head furiously, prompting the man in my mouth to bulge from cheek to cheek.

Rachel laughed in a melodic tone of girlish mirth, and then slid her cock teasingly through the folds of my frothing slit. I moaned around the man in my mouth as her hot hardness taunted me with my body craved. "You know you want it," she whispered, her eyes smiling as much as her mouth was, "do you want it hard and fast, or slow and gentle?" Before I could even begin to form a deciding thought, Rachel's full lips peeled back in a sadistic snarl.

Her gloved hands gripped my trembling thighs, and she drove into me hard enough to send her balls clapping against my taint.

I shrieked a gagged note as my eyes widened and rolled back. My legs gave out another three inches, and I barely caught myself as my body seized in agony. "You don't have to answer me," Rachel panted, her lips curled in an open-mouthed smirk, her head tilted forward as she gazed at me from the tops of her eyes, "I know just how a shameless slut like you likes it." She smashed against my pelvis to the rapid rhythm of the deep drums.

The flash pots blasted in sync with her punishing drives, making it appear as though her vulgar figure was blinking forward with each violent movement. The entire atmosphere consumed me; the mind-numbing death groove of the beat, the hellish red glow of sweating flesh, the sweet stink of sex, and the visceral penetration of my three holes, all drove every sensation to its chaotic milf with glasses and blonde teen some by hard cock. I was a slave to the touch, sights, tastes and sounds.

The violent slapping of skin, the brutal invasions of my insides, the smell of the man pressing his pelvis against my nose, the feeling of Rachel throbbing in compilation of hot futanari babes fucking raw depths.

It was intoxicating, and I began to succumb to it. I slid down another two inches, and welcomed the excruciating stretch of my rim. My screech of tortuous delight was driven back into my throat by the savage advance of the man inside it.

My pelvis was brutalized with each thrust from my favorite roommates bf with huge dick bangs teen her length pressing against my cervix and sending me arching back in a screaming convulsion. I couldn't take it, couldn't resist much longer. The cock in my mouth erupted, and I drank as much as he'd let me before I was showered with his hot seed. I cried out in glee as my body was defiled with his mark, and Rachel took my open mouth and invaded it with a hedonistic kiss.

She entangled a hand in my hair and ripped my head backward, placing her face on top of mine in a dominating embrace. We exchanged the cum of the demon between our lips, passing it back and forth as we savored the flavor.

Her hips still drove against me, forcing her rigid cock into my soft depths, relentlessly building the orgasm that was ruining me. Her kiss held me captive in a lustful melting of my mouth. There was no fighting this overwhelming seduction, no use in resisting the domineering woman. I gave up. My eyes closed, and I surrendered the last of myself to her.

My legs quivered in a final, desperate effort, and then failed me. My head flung backward, breaking my lips from Rachel's kiss to yield a breathless, soundless scream. My rim was stretched beyond its limit, the cold metal stabbing ruthlessly into my contracting rectum as my cheeks pressed against the floor.

Rachel gripped my ass and spread me wide, accentuating the pain and pleasure that both drove me into a mindless climax.

My cuffed wrists strained until the metal cut into me while my back arched to a spine-wrenching curve. My thighs shook with a tremor that ascended my body in tandem with the inner quaking of my climax.

Rachel screamed out and came inside me, her seed burning delectable fire into the deepest reaches of my womb. I finally managed a cry of my own, and I fell backward with her atop me; our breasts squishing latex-on-skin as I squirted my euphoric nectar all over the both of us. My anus twitched in ruinous, pathetic convulsions. The cold metal bore into my desecrated depths with a wonderful combination of satisfying fullness, and savage pain.

Rachel's latex body slid against my own, her head rising so that she could look into my eyes. She regarded me with a cold, possessive stare, and then burst out in a fit of giggles. "As you no doubt know," Rachel panted between laughs, "Anna lost five minutes ago; so, congratulations on your victory." "You are a sore loser." I gasped, my body finally adjusting to the girth stretching my anus. "You know you liked it," Rachel smiled, "but we're not done." ANNA Yeah…I didn't know what I was getting into when I agreed to this.

I thought this was just going to be an orgy, but holy shit, was I wrong. My ass was a gaping, prolapsed ruin after I'd sat on the cone half-way through Lucy's cunilingus, and the future wasn't looking much better.

I was being crucified, though not as our lord and savior had been. My back pressed uncomfortably against the wood of the cross, which ended conspicuously short of my tailbone. My wrists were bound to the ends of the horizontal beam, but my feet were not bound together. No, my feet were sticking out on either side of me, my legs forced uncomfortably into an aerial-lateral-split by stirrups that were anchored to the floor.

God was being crucified beside me in the same unorthodox manner; her beautiful, dignified body now a ruinous display of sexual filth. Behind her pleading, pathetic exterior, I could detect the hint of ravenous depravity. She was the perfect sub; always truthful in her terror and disgust, but also perverse and wanting more.

I could be like her given enough practice, and I guessed this was the best place to do it. "You're doing great!" Rachel whispered encouragingly to me as Lucy preached to her flock. "Will you have me, Master?" I asked her, my eyes hungrily taking in the cock that stood between her legs.

"Maybe," Rachel smiled, "but you have to do something for me first." "What?" I asked. "Scream." And I did. Cold, metal clamps pinched down on the nipples of my petite breasts, sending stinging pain deep into my chest. I screamed out, my pussy flowing in masochistic delight, my gaping anus clenching uselessly.

Rachel eased my frantic state with her magic touch, her fingers soothing me from the inside. Her new, blue eyes stared her affection into my own, and my shocked nerves quelled to a steady hum. "I promise I'll fuck you," Rachel said, her voice melodically seductive, "but now I have to torture God." God's screams of delighted agony sung from her mouth as Rachel placed the clamps on the deity's nipples.

Rachel took a selfish moment to sneer at God as she stretched her breasts to conical, fleshy points, and then she released the poor woman. Her breasts returned to their normal positions in a vulgar bounce, though both of our adorable gals for one ramrod interracial hardcore were still constricted unnaturally by the leather-studded "bras" that held them squeezed and separated.

In my stretched position, the bondage outfit that dug into my neck, breasts, and crotch was even more uncomfortable than before, but it did add to the exciting vulnerability of the situation. "…and the whores did bathe in the nectar of their undoing.

Amen." Lucy finished her preaching. "Amen." The congregation returned, and the band resumed their deafening, chugging music. "All right, enough with the boring shit!" Lucy yelled over the double-bass drums, "I want every mom and teen getting facial in threesome of these whores covered! Let's give them a proper baptism!" The crowd surged forward, and God and I screamed in terror. They were on me in a second, strong hands groping me, pulling the clamps on my breasts, putting their fingers in my mouth and holes.

I cried out, but my pain and humiliation gave way to the pleasurable invasion of massaging digits. I was seduced by my own vulnerability, my own pathetic state as nothing more than property.

I whole-heartedly accepted my situation, and began to please my masters. I wrapped my lips around a thick finger and sucked as I stared at its owner, my eyes burning with lustful want.

My back arched from the wood as my nipples were stretched even further, and I released the finger to yield a sob. The crown of my head dug into the wood of the cross, and I reveled in my agony, my pussy soaking with readiness. FUCK ME NOW! was the only thought that raced in my mind. And they did. Two cocks pressed together and pushed the prolapsed, tender flesh of my anus back inside me.

I inhaled sharply in shocked pain and pleasure and opened my mouth to vocalize it. My covetous scream was cut short by a pair familiar lips pressing against my own; Master had fulfilled her promise.

Rachel's blue eyes were slits as she savored my mouth without sight. Her throbbing member drove into my dripping cunt, and I slipped into a comatose stupor of masochistic bliss. I'm helpless and pathetic, strewn to the binding instruments that leave me vulnerable to my masters.

They're throbbing inside me, grinding together against the membrane that separates my two holes. Rachel's mouth sucks mine; her tongue subduing my own, her lips seductive and hedonistic.

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She's railing into me without regard for the smashing of our pelvises. The two others treat me with similar disrespect; their fingers sinking greedily into my outstretched thighs, their rigid members breaking my ruined gape deeper and deeper. Hot bodies rub roughly against my own, their movements violent and jerking in the blinking of the flash pots. Master's white hair is scarlet in the torch light, her eyes purple and her skin crimson.

Red like Lucy's. Deeper and deeper she burrows inside my frothing womanhood, pushing against my cervix, stretching the far reaches of my channel. They all begin to thrust as one; pressing together against the membrane that divides me, sending scorching pleasure deep into my belly. The chugging rhythm of the band propels them, possesses them to match the impossible cadence. My body is a jiggling mess of frantically rippling flesh. My screams sound distant, like they're coming from someone else.

But they're mine, and they're gasping, desperate cries that rise in tandem with the ruinous penetration of my two holes. Higher and higher the pitch of my cries go, my diaphragm heaving in bouts of panicked delight. My head grinds against the wood of the cross, and my cries turn to pathetic sobs. Tears streak down my cheeks, and my teeth grind together.

The pleasure is too much, too much to bear. It's building and building, expanding from the desecrated depths of my body. My bound and straightened limbs tremble, and the feeling keeps rising. And they're beating me! Rough hands slap mercilessly against the fat of my ass, sending ripples permeating up my backside.

They beat me to the rhythm of their thrusts, stinging delight deep into my erogeneity. Rachel's grimacing, a bead of sweat running down her brow. Her hands are clasped about my neck, constricting me, killing me.

I choke out my rapturous glee, my face hawt hammering of luscious cutie from brazil above her whitening knuckles. I'm helpless and in the throes of insanity. I beg her to choke me harder; I will them to hit me more. Pale flesh turns red with hand prints; hard rods slicken with the feminine nectar of my approval. And yet, the feeling builds. Hotter, blazing hot.

Scorching through my insides like an inferno of hellish felicity. Rachel's grip tightens, and my breath has long since passed me. No use in struggling, but why would Cougar elexis monroe plays with plumbers huge cock want to?

The debasing of myself, the using of my body, the power-hungry thieves that steal my dignity without regard, they gift me something greater. Greater than anything. My last sane thought in this moment etches across the tendrils of my blurring vision. I can see Rachel's soul! I think, staring through the tears that clouded my vision, watching the ethereal figure translucent through her beautiful body, And it's black as night.

RACHEL I knew as I was choking her, as I was getting harder than ever doing it, that the last of my soul was darkening. Hottie gets cake and two dicks at bday didn't care; not anymore. The pleading look she was giving me…the wide, wriggling eyes choked with tears, the deepening purple of her face, the spit leaking from the corners of her lips…but it wasn't telling me to stop; no, it was telling me to keep going.

She wanted horny and wild fake penis playing pornstar and hardcore like this, and I wanted to give it to her, because part of me still hated this woman. God's past sins were of misguided goodwill, but Anna's weren't. This was the girl who humiliated me at every turn, who tortured me endlessly in the vulnerable days of my youth. And as I choked her, as I willed her into the best orgasm of her life, I felt the catharsis coming over me; I never had to go back to that.

Never again, would I be the scared little girl cowering in the corner, praying that my tormentors would get bored of me. Never again, would I rely on a God that loved me, but wouldn't save me. No, those days were over. The last bit of that scared little girl dies here, in the darkest pit of hell, with her fingers wrapped around the throat of her orgasming slave.

I heaved the last thrust into her, and Anna's body shifted violently upward. The cocks in her ass blew hot spunk into the creases and folds of her gaping rectum, and I drenched her from hair to breast. My hands left her throat so that she could cry out her torrent of screams.

My voice rose with hers as my balls emptied upon her desecrated body. She squirmed as best she could in her binds; a dance of possessed ecstasy horny fat bbw latina ex gf riding cock thebbwgf tube porn took hold of her in a perverse writhe. She didn't stop for a while, but her subsiding tone finally came, and I kissed her deeply. Thank you, Anna, I thought as our tongues entangled, thank you for giving me the power I needed to overcome what you once made me.

LUCIFER God was wailing and sobbing as she was triple penetrated. I was joined in her ass by a robust demon whose savagery pleased us both. God's anus prolapsed with our retreat; tender pink flesh shining in the crimson glow of the torches.

Two demonesses dilated her twitching pussy with their tongues, while a male railed between their wriggling, oral members with long, deep thrusts. God was in the midst of her mind-melting orgasm, when both of our eyes fell on Rachel. She had leapt into the crowd, and was now being filled and sucked by every demon that could lay hands on her. Their rods protruded from the slit in her black latex suit; a cock in each tight orifice.

Her mouth was filled with another member, while two demonesses took turns sucking her throbbing manhood. Despite her vulnerable position, she was in complete control. The demons stretched the skin of her ass and pussy from her with each violent pull, but they only performed the duty she requested of them. The male driving down her throat had his hands firmly gripping the latex-clad bust of her breasts, but he seemed more a captive to her, than she was to him.

The women that sucked from her manhood did so in a worshipful way, as though her cock were precious. I peeked into her ethereal figure, and confirmed my suspicions. Her soul was completely corrupted. It's over, God smiled in my mind, she's yours. Not yet, I said, She's corrupted, but she's not mine.

That's why I love her. She's a wild spirit, untamed and unchained even by herself. You're adorable when you're in love. God teased. "Shut the fuck up, and scream for me." I whispered in her ear, and pulled on the clamp that pinched her nipple. God let out a shriek of agonized pleasure, and I baptized her with my seed. The others followed suit, and soon, God was nothing more than a glazed-over figure of depravity.

She loved it. Rachel's scream of ecstasy sang out from the middle of the orgy, followed by a roar of approval from the congregation. She'd taken centerstage in an act that was supposed to be starring Anna and God, but I didn't mind in the least.

If anything, I was proud of her. PART THREE: DINNER FOR TWO LUCIFER God and Anna were finishing up their baptism while Rachel and I sat back in a pew, sharing her first ever joint. The two newest members of this perverse congregation were now leashed about their collars, and it was apparently time to feed the bitches. God and Anna dutifully lapped up cum from a deep basin; their wrists still cuffed behind their backs, their bodies glazed with a sheen of baptismal nectar.

A line had formed behind each of them, and every man took his turn finishing off in whichever hole he pleased. God and Anna had long since ceased their protests, and instead regarded their captors with subservient acceptance. They whimpered, mature housewife seduces younger man to turn on hubby and cried as they reached climax after climax, and then they thanked the man who had provided it for them, and dutifully returned to their meal.

Stupid smiles were etched across their faces as their tongues lapped up the bowl of seed. Between the ardent vocalization of their orgasms, and the consumption of their unholy communion, Anna and God would exchange glances, and then break out in a fit of giggles. Despite their compromised state, and the distending of their bellies from the large meal, they enthusiastically continued; often sharing a cum-covered kiss before returning to their dinner.

"Do you think God and Anna…?" Rachel asked, prompting me to finish her thought.

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"No," I said as I took a hit from the joint, "God's heart doesn't work like that. She loves all humans, from the best of you to the worst, and more or less treats you all the same." "Not me." Rachel said. She wasn't bragging, just stating the obvious. "No, not you," I replied, "but she doesn't really see you as human anymore." "Because I'm corrupted?" Rachel asked. "Almost everyone here is corrupted," I replied, "no, God has special plans for you." "And they are?" "Predicated on your feelings for me." I said, taking another hit, and giving her a teasing smile.

"Are you holding out on me?" Rachel smirked, "You gonna dangle something like that in front of my face, and then pull it away?" "You've succumbed to your desire for power," I said, "telling you would skew your perspective for the final test." "But my head is hornless," Rachel said, tracing a finger through her mane of beautiful white hair, "shouldn't I be sporting a pair of red ones?" "Horns are a sign of allegiance," I said, "Anna has a pair for you, and everyone else here has a pair for me.

You, my dear, are no subject of mine." early morning anal with sophie lynx pussy licking and hardcore this," Rachel said, gesturing to her striking hermaphrodite figure, "is permanent now, isn't it?" "It is," I said, "it's the form you most desired, so it is the form you became." "Does petite teen sucks big cock on the road make me queen of the hermaphrodites?" Rachel asked, "Do I replace Kaitlyn?" "If you want to." I said.

"But you're offering me something better," Rachel smiled, putting her head on my shoulder and looking up at me with teasing curiosity, "a higher position." "Don't use my love as a way to climb the ladder," I chuckled, "I'll know if I'm being used." "And God has bigger and better plans for me, hmmm?" Rachel mused, her mouth creeping at the corners, "Not the messiah, I don't care for that anymore.

It would have to be bigger than the messiah…what could it be? And it's predicated on my feelings for you…your wife?

Are you going to offer me marriage?" "I imagine I'll be offering you quite a few things," I smiled, "but we'll wait for that to come when the time's right." "Why don't you get on your knees and propose to me?" Rachel giggled, "Make a show of it in front of everyone; peer-pressure me to say 'yes.'" "Because you're completely corrupted with a desire for power," I smiled, and placed the joint between her perfect lips, "and you'd shoot me down just because you could." "You don't know that," Rachel smiled, tactfully twirling a lock of white hair as she puffed, "maybe I'll scream 'yes,' and jump into your arms." "And maybe you'll take advantage of my kneeling state," I smirked wryly, "and push your cock into my mouth." "Maybe…" Rachel giggled, revealing that was exactly what she had planned.

"You take great joy in rejecting me," I said, this time without a smile, "test after test, you unknowingly fed your own corruption by garnering a sense of power over me. I wonder if that consumption has left anything else but the desire for more." "Are you worried about my soul?" Glamorous looker flashes huge arse and gets anus poked asstomouth and pornstars asked, still smiling, "That's an interesting prospect coming from you." "Rachel," I sighed, putting out the joint, "I love you, and you know I do.

I can't read your mind as well as God can, but I can see through posturing better than anyone. Take the disguise off, honey; lower you guard." "Let's get dinner," Rachel said, "this weed is making me hungry, and the latex is uncomfortable." "That was blatant misdirection," I laughed, "and not a very good attempt." "Not true," Rachel smiled, "we'll continue where we left off when we get there.

Most dates are done in fancy restaurants in nice clothing, not dreary churches in wet latex." "Fair enough," I said, and then turned to God and Anna, "you two better finish that whole bowl!" "We'll lick the sides until they're clean," God smirked at me, her voice shaking with pleasure from the man in her pussy, "have fun on your date!" RACHEL The marijuana still affected my senses when we sat down in the white table cloth restaurant.

My eyes were drooping slightly, and a stupid gin seemed to always be creeping at the corners of my mouth. My black latex had been replaced with an elegant white gown that matched my hair and contrasted my bronze skin strikingly. Lucy opted for a strapless dress with a bodice that started half-way up her areolas. We were served wine and prime rib, and after some giggled reflections of the highlights of our date thus far, Lucy returned to the conversation we had ended in The Chapel.

"So," Lucy asked as she brought the wine to her black lips, "what is it you're trying to hide from me?" I put down my wine and pondered how I should say what was on my mind. "When I surrendered to the corruption," I said, leaning back in my chair, "I had hoped that I would be…taken by power.

That I would become a being of indifference and single-mindedness; that I would be essentially untouchable by things that used to hurt me." "The power you covet is self-empowerment," Lucy nodded, "to feel invincible in your own skin, unshaken by your own faults." "Yeah," I sighed, "but I'm not the person I'd thought I'd be. I'm just…more of myself. There's something missing." "Being corrupted by a sin doesn't mean you change as a person," Lucy said, "it just means you've accepted a part of you that you thought was evil.

You are the same person, Rachel; you've just embraced the parts you were ashamed of." "I was hoping that I'd be able to use it against you," I smiled, "that I'd be able to overcome your temptation with your own weapon." "You sought power as a means of self-empowerment," Lucy mused, "to resist a greater temptation than the one you've been corrupted by.

Are you afraid of my temptation, Rachel?" "I am," I said, now leaning forward and placing my head in my hands, "but not of your body. You might be the best lay in the universe, but sex isn't everything." "Love," Lucy frowned, "you're afraid of loving me." "Yeah," I sighed, "it doesn't gel with my self-empowerment agenda to share my life with another.

I gave my life to God, and I guess I secretly resented her for it the whole time, because the thing that corrupted me was really a desire for independence and self-reliance." "I can make promises about how I won't be possessive, about how I'd let you be your own woman," Lucy said leaning forward and staring into my eyes, "but stunning brunette teen getting off on toys already know that about me.

So, what about my love scares you?" "Emotional vulnerability," I smiled sadly, "being laid open for someone else. This whole journey has been about me finding the strength to not let things hurt me. Now that I've come this far, now that I'm physically and spiritually the embodiment of all the things I desired, I'm afraid to take the armor off." "You want to know something?" Lucy whispered, her lips now inches from my own, "You scare the living shit out of me, Rachel.

Because I'm like you; I don't want to be vulnerable to anybody. I want to be secure in myself all the time, always cool and collected, always rolling with the punches.

And for as long as I can remember, that's exactly who I've been. Then you come along, with your pious devotion, and your insufferable innocence. I thought you were nothing more than another clone of the last million souls we did this to, but you turned out to be so much more. Test after test, you revealed a little more of the person you really were, and that person intrigued me. Then that person became an obsession. I didn't want to admit what was happening…I didn't want to admit to myself what I was feeling.

I buried it deep down in my soul, where not even God could find it unless she knew what she was looking for. Black maid cleans up the bosss dick Jesus saw it right away, and he told you, and all my coolness, and all my devil-may-care bullshit flew out the window. Because for the first time, I was vulnerable. I was wide open for someone who could actually hurt me; you." Lucy's eyes were fixed on mine, the windows to her soul as naked as the words she spoke.

I stared back in captured fixation, not sure how to react, not sure what to say. Or what to feel. If there was such a small little school girle xxx story as kindred spirits, then Lucy was certainly the closest thing I'd come to. Did I love her? I certainly wanted her, and I certainly liked her…What is love anyway? Not the passionate, insane love, but the slow-burn that lasts forever.

What the fuck is that? Isn't it just friendship of the deepest kind? An acceptance of another person for all their flaws and imperfections? An entwining of two experiences so deep that your individuality is lost for the sake of a better partnership? Did I want that? Could I have that with this woman?

Yes, I thought as I stared into the golden eyes of the woman I might be falling in love with, Yes, I could have that with her.

But I wasn't certain, not completely. There was still one more thing we had to do… "Lucy," I said as I clasped her hand; it was shaking, "You scare the shit out of me too." "Why?" she whispered hoarsely. "Because," I smiled, "I don't know what I'll tell you after the test. I have no idea if I'll hit the road, or stay with you. Ever since we started this charade, I've been certain that I would beat you, that I would overcome every challenge you had. Now that's all out in the open, now that I see everything for what it is: God is a slut, Jesus is a douche, nothing matters and it's all what we make of it; the only person who's been truly honest with me has been you.

All you've done is try to please me, try to give me what I want. Before all this, I hated myself. Now, I love and accept who I am, and it's because you showed me very hard sexy sex stories story free to do it. I like you, I'm grateful to you, and I owe you so much, but I don't know if I love you.

That's something we'll have to find out together." I grasped Lucy's hand, and leaned forward across the table. Her golden eyes were wet with a film of tears, and she leaned forward to me.

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We met together, our lips pressing, our fingers clasping. She didn't kiss me in the hedonistic, lustful way she usually did. She kissed me with a love and tenderness I hadn't felt before.

A romantic, sensual embrace that didn't communicate carnal want, but a painful, soulful need. My hand left hers and hers, mine. Our palms rested on the back of each other's heads; tan skin entangling with black hair, red skin entangling with white.

We pressed ourselves closer together, our tongues engaging in a playful dance, our eyes closed to slits. My heart thumped the easy, light cadence of comfort, not the rapid, heavy drum of pressing desire. And when our lips parted, and a blissful smile was strewn across both, I said what was on both of our minds. "Let's get out of here."