Sexy asuka gobbles a hard cock and is fucked hard doggiestyle

Sexy asuka gobbles a hard cock and is fucked hard doggiestyle
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It seemed like a good idea when getting dressed for work that morning to wear the blue dress. It had been a few days since my husband and I had had sex because of a disagreement. While getting dressed that morning, I thought, shit, I'm NOT going to be the one to make the first move but he can't resist this dress and dang it! I'm horny! So I throw the blue silk dress over my head and the bridal white lacey thong and bra. I figured I would meet him half way. Once he saw the panties he'd know Fast love sex with 2 wanted it.

Here I am with all these plans of great make-up sex not knowing what the day would hold for me. My day started with my clients being late, very nervouse and uptight, they had a lot riding on that day. I really get to know my clients and as of yet haven't had one I didn't like. My forte' is calming and comforting traumatized people. For some reason these people just were'nt having it this day. Our court case which was suppose to be called early morning was post-poned until late afternoon.

I had to do some major juggling ie. phone calls to accomodate that change. I won't bore you beyond measure with the details, suffice it to say by the time I was headed for home, the last thing on my mind was the "make-up" sex I was thinking of only hours before.

I walked in my door to see my husband sitting at the dining room table in direct line with the front door. That wasn't a good sign, he's usually in his recliner watching some mindless television program. I actually stopped just inside the door thinking hmmm. what the hell? "You're late", he tells me, "'What's up?" I can tell by his voice and the look on his face he's pissed all over again. WTF? Before I get the chance to make up my mind if I'm going to answer or just walk back out the door he says "Come over here." I'm not sure what made me do it but I just walked over to him in a whipped demeanor.

Damn it! I was too tired for more shit! I'm standing in front of him with my arms crossed and right leg extended like "What the fuck do you want?" He burned holes through me with his eyes and the next thing I know he reached over with lightning speed and smacked my ass Hard!

I was so stunned I didn't make any movement besides the jerking of my pelvis from the smack. I'm sure my mouth was trading compeers daughters camping sneaky father problems open but nothing came out.

When I finally regained my senses I said "Well, you mother fucker!" My husband is fast, being well trained in the martial arts and in my dumb founded state I made that remark still standing within arms reach.

He smacked me again, only harder! My husband is hispanic and he takes very seriously being called a mother fucker or son of a bitch. Whirling around on my heel to leave he grabbed my arm. (I told you he was fast!) He stops me dead in front of him and says "Take your panties off!" I'm THINKING "Not in this life time you bastard" "Take them off or I'll take them off and you won't like it." He has my undivided attention at this point and I see his face soften but know he still means buisiness and it starts to arouse me.

Just a little. I started working the thong down my thighs slowly because there's a mixture of still being pissed and arousad. He reached over and smacked my ass again saying, "If I take those things off of you I'm going to fuck you in the ass, your pussy will never feel this dick" I don't mind anal, he likes it but nothing is as good as getting my pussy filled with his rock hard cock. I drop the panties to my ankles and leave them resting on the baby blue heels I wear with this dress.

"Is that good enough for you?" He fucking smacked me again! "Don't talk to me like that. Bend over the couch and pull your dress up." This is a different twist for my husband, we've done a little spanking and I like it but there's never been a submissive/dominant flavor to our relationship. I'm okay with it to this point but I'm thinking he'd better not push his luck.

I bent over the couch and pulled my dress up. The next thing is I hear him undoing his belt buckle, unzip his pants and pull cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star dick out. He was enjoying himself, he was very hard. He walked around to the side of the couch and turned my head towards his cock, poking me in the cheek, "Suck it.

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Suck it good or I'm going to ram it up your ass." I was hot at this point, I was wetter than hell but I did want to make sure I got some of that in my pussy so I started licking. My husband isn't circumsized and he loves it when I pull all of the foreskin to the end of his dick and start running my tongue inside the foreskin rimming the head of his penis. I did that for a few minutes before I began to take the head of his dick in my mouth and working it up and down. Usually my husband is pretty passive when I give him head, he just lays back and enjoys it but in his new role he grabs each side of my head taking my hair and pushes himself into my mouth roughly.

I'm gagging to keep up. He seems to just be getting harder the more I gag. I started playing with myself, my pussy was aching to get something into it. SMACK! I got it again and my husband put his fingers into my freshly shaven pussy and played for a second and then started fingering my ass as if warning me I'd better behave.

I sucked. Hungrily. My husband withdrew his dick from my mouth abruptly with a resounding pop and walked around behind me. "Pull your pussy apart for me" No problem. He stood at the back of me rubbing my warmed ass and gently massaged his dick, rubbing it against my pussy, my ass. Up and down but never entering me even slightly.

He did this for so long I'm getting impatient and start wiggling my legs to let him know of my impatience. He smacked me again and started pushing into my ass.

"No, dang it! You can't leave my pussy like this!" I was so overcome with emotion and passion I was begging and starting to tear up because my husband can be a very stubborn sometimes. He stopped, reconsidering and started pushing into my pussy instead. Just a very lttle at a time. I'm pushing backwards, bucking a little but he just held my ass in place with his one hand still working his shaft with the other.

He played that way too long and just when I'm getting pissed and am going to go grab a vibrator, he pulls one out. A small, short fleshy sort of plug and sticks that in my pussy, working it back and forth before he pulls it out force sex girl 15 yr rams it into my unsuspecting ass.

It was small so it felt good. He works my ass for a few minutes and then plows me buried to the balls in my pussy.

OMG!! My knees buckled and I started to come. I felt as though I might lose consciousness. "Fuck me!

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Dammit, fuck me hard!" He can really slam my ass, but he added another new twist by leaning to the side somewhat and smacked me soundly while he was drilling me. I thought I would never stop coming! Once he started the light spanking it set him off. I love and appreciate so much when he empties himself into me that it sent a new set of spasms through my whole body. My husband slowed as he was finishing ejecting the last of his jism into my extemely satisfied hole.

He's still almost rock hard so he begins all over again thrusting firmly and just as his pelvis nudges my ass cheeks he rams me so hard he picks my feet up off the floor a little. THAT drives me nuts! I wasn't sure I'd be ready to go for another orgasm just yet but Mmmmm it felt so good. I was getting use to it and we had the rythm in sync. I can go again now". I'm lost in pre-orgasmic thought when he quickly withdraws from my pussy and he starts pushing into lara introduces her man to a little shemale action ass.

He slipped a couple of times giving me a second to realize what is happening and then he's in, balls deep. Damn it! I wasn't ready for that so my ass is puckered tight. I'm thinking I'm in trouble at this point because I can't take anal for very long anyway and for my husband, to go for a second nutt he can go for a couple of hours easy.

GET THE LUBE I squeel at him. For once he listened without paddling me.

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He brought the lube back and put the tube right up to my ass hole and gives it a good squeeze. Hmm.that felt good the coolness soothing cougar in high heels pornstars and hardcore poor aching butt.

He takes a handfull of lube and starts to grease up. He played for awhile. I love to watch my husband masturbate himself it turns me on! He begins the re-entry and it felt better than it ever had before. I started slamming my ass into him taking him by surprise. I'm not usually very active with anal because it just hurts so bad. When my husband realized I was going to fuck him hard with my ass he started picking up the speed, he LOVES anal.

He pulled yet another vibrator, big 9 inch one and stops long enough to begin to shove this big black dong in my pussy. Son of a gun! When he gets back into my ass I go nuts. I was screaming nothing intelligible and I'm driving my ass/pussy with my whole body weight into the two pleasure rods.

I am never gonna stop. I'm going to have to faint from exhaustion before I stop. This could be my last letter! lol