Lovely babe lucia denvile gets boned and facialized pornstars hardcore

Lovely babe lucia denvile gets boned and facialized pornstars hardcore
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I like to spend my holidays at home most of the time, but from time to time I take trips around european cities and go sightseeing.

On one of these vacations I travelled to Paris and treated myself to a stay at a more fancy hotel than I usually do, just because I fell in love with the interior.

It was an old place, with lots of scrollwork, nice stucco ceilings and golden inlays in almost all surfaces. It even had a waterfall in the lobby and a great room.

I stayed there by myself, but had taken a double bedroom, because the prices were almost identical to a single one and I preferred the large bed.

I found that a lot of people stayed in high-class establishments that weren't yet outrageously expensive, who liked to give the impression of being richer than they really are, and so I met my fair share of "aristocrats" and "businessmen", "executives" and "managers" on that trip.

One of them was Rosa.

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Rosa was an older woman, maybe in her late 40s or early 50s, with permed brunette hair and a nice round face. She dressed fancy, but without taste, usually wearing white pants and colourful blouses, some scarves and large gold and pearl jewellery. She was short, almost a head shorter than me, but about the same size, which made her look much heavier than me.

Her hips were wide, but her butt was nice and tight and round for her age, while her breasts, though still large and impressive, had given in to gravity and were hanging a little lower than they once had.

I know this because the first time I met her was in the hotel's sauna. I was relaxing there after a few minutes in the pool when she walked in. It was already late, about 11 PM at night, and the pool was vacant, so I thought to have it all to myself. Well, she might've thought the same, as black dick penetrates a hairy pink slit looked at me surprised.

I smiled and leaned back onto my towel, sweating as I was closing my eyes. She entered the sauna naked, but still wearing her jewellery, and sat down opposite of myself, taking an awful long time to put down her towel and some lotion and oil she had brought with herself. "My name," she said suddenly. "Is baroness Rosa de XXX." (I actually don't remember her last name, and even if I did, wouldn't post it here, though I'm sure i was fake to begin with.) I raised my eyebrows, looking at her as this seemed a weird way to address strangers.

"Nice to meet you," I said. "I'm Anna." She spoke english with a heavy accent, either eastern european or from some romanic country, I couldn't be sure. She nodded and tried to look regal, but obviously putting up a front.

"I'm charmed," she said, "I had not thought anyone to be here at this hour, as it is my usual time to bathe, and there rarely is anyone here then." I shrugged. "I'm a night owl," I said, catching her staring at my pubes and breasts. "But I can come back later if you'd like some privacy," I offered, acting like I didn't notice. "Oh goodness, no," she said, raising her hands.

"I didn't mean it like that, it's just. being accustomed to solitude, I rarely get a chance to engage in conversation with other guests, so this is a refreshing change, I might say." She sat down and looked at me. "Coming from a family such as mine, it can be difficult at times to make new acquaintances." I didn't take the bait and ask for her family history and instead just nodded. "But I am delighted to meet a nice young lady like you," she concluded finally.

I laughed. "I'm hardly a lady," I said. "Oh, but you seem nice enough, and you've got some. royal features. Trust me, I know these things," she said, looking at me ominously. I laughed again. "So what brings you to Paris?" I asked. "Ah, this is just my escape from my dull chores and the strict confines of my life," she sighed. "I, too, need some reprieve at times." If I wasn't sure what she meant by that, it became clearer when she got up and bent over, trying to straighten an already perfectly straight towel, making sure I could get a nice look between her legs at her rosy, sweaty labia and curly dark pubic hair that clung to it damp.

She stayed in that position longer than necessary, then straightened up and turned around, acting embarassed. "Oh my," she said, as she saw me looking at her.

"I hope I wasn't baring myself." I shrugged, smiling. "It's alright," I said. "We're all women here, and I've seen enough pussy in my life." She didn't know what to respond, but giggled. "My," she said finally. "Aren't you the cheeky one?" French milfs et teen avec les voyeurs au bord de route laughed.

Her posture was just too funny, and didn't otherwise match her behaviour at all. "Ah," I said. "I just know what I like, and pussy is part of it." She looked, seemingly uneasy. "Oh," she said. "So, you find me. attractive?" I bit my lip and didn't say anything right away, letting her dangle from the rope she had made for herself. "Because." she said after a moment, clearing her throat, "I think you're a very attractive young woman, if I may say so." I smiled. "And you haven't even seen my pussy," I joked.

She blushed. I sat up and turned towards her, lifting my legs up under my chin as I sat on the bench, knowing she could see between them that way.

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"I thought you weren't looking for. 'company'," I said, watching her try hard not to stare too obvious between my legs. "Oh," she said softer, "I do get lonely, and I'm just a woman after all." She smiled. "And I don't get many occasions. I think people are afraid of me due to my. status." I leaned forward, letting an arm drop between my legs and running my fingers along my labia absently.

"Well," I said, "I don't mind any of that as long as you're down for some mouth full of muff." She stared at me with wide eyes, then placed her hands on her ample breasts and asked: "Would you do that with me?" I stood up and walked towards her, placing my hands on her shoulders as I slowly brought our bodies closer, feeling my breasts rubbing hers as my hands moved down her shoulders and arms.

Her skin was soft and sweaty, I guess we both were, and all she did was look at me at first. When I reached between her legs though, my finger slipping between her labia, playing with the entrance to her pussy, she began to moan. "Can I lick you?" she asked. I smiled and kissed her as my finger slid deeper inside her.

She tasted sweet, like lemon and strawberries, and cheap lipstick, and her tongue flicked fast and greedily against mine. When I pulled back I brought up my finger, covered girl with tan lines get drilled roughly some whitish clear sticky fluid and held it out to her.

"Well, start here then," I said. She took the finger in her mouth and sucked it until it was clean, as she was running her hands down my chest to my tits, eager to touch them. I came closer and she started licking from my finger to my hand, tasting my sweaty, salty skin as her tongue travelled further towards my shoulder.

Her hands kneaded and weighed my tits, obviously enjoying them as she licked my skin, eager to please. I gasped and threw my head back, lifting my arm to brush my wet sweaty hair out of my face when her tongue travelled to my armpits and licked my sweaty hair there. Not many girls have a thing for that and try to stay away from them, but Rosa seemed to be right on the level with me and was licking my pit lovingly, looking up at me for approval.

I smiled and moaned: "Mmmh, you know just what I like." She smiled happily and I finally pushed her gently down on her back, making her lay on the bench as I spread her legs and dove between them down onto her damp, sweaty muff.

I began to lick her, probing her puffy ava taylor getting the pounding of her life with my tongue. Despite the sweat she had the best pussy taste I've ever had in my life.

Something about her smell turned me on so bad that I started fucking her fast with my fingers right away, while I sucked on her sweet little clit, clenching it between my teeth.

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She squirmed and moaned, squeezing her own tits and rubbing her nipples. "Yesss, fuck me, pleaseeee," she moaned loud. "Your cute and shy blonde fucked by her fosters pussy needs that, huh?" I asked, going faster and deeper.

"Yesss," she said again, grabbing onto my wet hair as I pulled out my fingers to lick them clean, enjoying her juices soo much. "More, put them back," she begged. I pressed all four fingers tight and slowly, but firmly, pushed them into her hot, wet cunt. She groaned: "Aaaahhrrrrr. Yesss, don't stop. Fuck me harder." I pushed them inside up to my knuckles. "God, I am so horny!" she exclaimed as I began to fuck her hard and deep.

"Yes, deeper! Harder!" she begged as her juices ran down my hand and dripped off my arm. "Ohh, I'm running out! Goddd, that's hot!" I looked into her eyes. "Still harder?" I asked. "Yesss," she replied.

"Give it to me, slap my ass!" I shrugged. "You asked for it, then," I said and squeezed my thumb along with my fingers into her sweaty, juicy cunt, slapping hard on her butt as I did. "Yesss, my cunt. stretch me wide!" she said, drooling out of the corner of her mouth. I twisted my hand, going deeper, forcing the knuckles past her labia.

She screamed. "Aaahrrrrrr. Oooohhh goooodddddd." I hit against her cervix. "Ohhh fuckkkk! Fuck me!" she continued to yell. I clenched my fingers to a fist inside her and began pounding her oozing, wet, horny cunt with all my strength. "Yesss, fuck my cunt!" she screamed. "I'm so horny!" She didn't seem to get enough of it, no matter how hard I treated her. "Mmmh, you're not finished yet, you whore?" I yelled back at her.

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"Yesss, I'm a whore," she groaned. "I'm a horny, dirty whore. Don't stop, please! Your fist is so big. so big!" I rammed it up her hungry fuck hole over and over, and finally squeezed a finger of my other hand into her ass as well. "Oh yes, fuck my asss!" she said, trying to jiggle it around my finger. "Tell me what I should do for you!" She looked at me all horny.

"What you should do for me?" I asked, looking down at her. She nodded. "I'll do what you tell me!" I straddled her face with my legs, making sure my hand remained inside her as I did, then said: "Open your mouth." I looked down between my legs and saw her open wide.

Closing my eyes and biting my lip, I pushed and shot a stream of piss down at her. "Mmmh, you filthy pig, what are you doing with me?" she gasped, amazing brunette fills herself with big toys swallowed, gagging slightly. "Filthy pig?" I hissed. "Just you wait." - "I'm sorry," she said hastily. "I do everything you want." I squirted some more pee out, letting her drink while my hand was burrowing inside her.

"Yesss, piss on me," she moaned finally, enjoying the treatment, swallowing what she could and then sucking the rest out of my cunt.

"Now," I gasped. "Shove your hand in." "Oh yesss," she moaned and pushed her stubby little fingers slowly all the way up my snatch. I came, shaking, trembling, my pussy running out, feeling her lap at my juices as they emerged as I fell on top of her, gasping for air.

She pulled her hand out and licked it clean, sucking the rest of my cum off my pussy. I finally pulled my own hand out of her as well, and lay down next to her, wrapping my arm around her and holding her tight. "Hmm, I needed that," I purred. "Me too," she said. "I've been dreaming of getting dominated by a much younger girl, and I love doing everything you tell me to. I'm really like a whore when I'm horny, I can't hold back." I laughed. "I noticed," I said. "And I'm glad we enjoy the same things.

"Oh yes," she said, smiling. "This may well be an enjoyable vacation, after all."