Teen blonde fucked like a slut in the sex bus

Teen blonde fucked like a slut in the sex bus
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Awakening I received several requests to write a story about just the girls from my last story. Hi, my name is Ali and this is my story about how I became aware that I liked girls. First some background.

I am an only child. My mom and I live on a dead end street up on a hill. Two sides of our house where bordered by a national forest. The back yard was fenced and the top of the fence was at the roofline of the house next door, so it was very private. I would sunbath topless in the backyard. I was now sixteen and out of school for the summer. My tan was coming along fine. I was beginning to fill out my bikini nicely this last year. I have a shapely athletic figure and was attracting a lot of attention from the boys at school this year.

My hair is dark brown and my eyes are green. During the summer months, I tend to sleep in the nude. I play soccer on the varsity team at school and our practice, was at the same time as the cheerleaders would practice. After practice we would all take showers before leaving for home.

I would always time my shower when Kelly was ready for her turn.

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Kelly was a cheerleader and I knew her from the neighborhood since we moved there. In the shower I would sneak peeks at Kelly in the shower. It would turn me on. She had a shapely body and she knew it. She was very popular with the boys at school and a tease.

She was the local wild child. Started drinking before anyone did, had sex before I even thought about it. She told me that the sex wasn't a perfect threeway sex act with alena croft and kristen scott hardcore and blowjob good, over to soon, blah, blah, blah.

This morning I was in bed playing with myself fantasizing about Kelly in the shower. My mom opened my bedroom door a crack to say "Good by".

Stopping what I was doing I answered "Have a nice day at work". Having stopped I started to rub my clit hard and had a good climax just as the garage door closed. I sent Kelly an Email to come over with her bikini and we could sun ourselves and party.

Her reply took 10 seconds "I'll be right over". Putting together the party didn't take long, an extra blanket, a cooler for the Diet Coke and a bottle of rum, Kelly's drink of choice. It was a beautiful sunny day. You could smell the fresh cut grass from the weekend.

Everything was in place in the back yard when there was a knock on the front gate "Ali you back there"? "Yes, just come right in". She was the typical Californian Girl, blond hair, blue eyes, long legs, and looked great in a bikini.

Of course she walked over wearing just her bikini. I motioned her to "Come over sit down and have a drink" handing her one as she sat down. As I was removing my top I said "It's so private back her I often sunbath with my top off".

She started to take off her top as she sat down. I was wearing my sunglasses and glad for it. I could look at her tits without her noticing. We talked sunned and talked some more.

I heard moms' car pull in the driveway and thought that was quick. But the sun was on the other side of the tree so it must be time. "Where did the time go" I said as I was putting on my top. "You better put yours on Kelly. I don't want mom seeing us like this". She sat up and I admired those tits again. As I watched teen oil wrestling and foot worship gagging he offers to take the cashstrapped hottie to walking to the gate I said "Same time tomorrow"?

"You bet" was her reply. I picked up the stuff and headed for the house. Entering the house I saw my mom had already drained half of the pitcher of Margaritas. This made me wonder if I was going to get any dinner. After I dressed I checked my Email. On my way downstairs I noticed moms' pitcher was now full. She must have finished off the first one and started another. No dinner tonight. I went into the kitchen and found something to eat. As I walked upstairs I said "Goodnight" to mom and she mumbled something back.

The next morning I heard the alarm go off in my moms' bedroom. I put on some clothes and went downstairs to make coffee. I heard footsteps upstairs. Knocking on her bedroom door with coffee in hand she groaned "Come in". Handing over the coffee she said "Thank you sweetie". I just handed her the mug of coffee and left.

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While I was in the kitchen mom ran down the stairs said "Bye" and left. This morning was going to be Kelly's second visit and I got busy preparing for her arrival.

It was another sunnyl day. During the set up Kelly knocked then opened the gate. She looked just as good as the other day. I waved her over. Kelly was wearing her beach cover. I could tell by the way her boobs moved and the sun silhouetted her figure nothing underneath. She sat down on the blanket and removed her cover. Kelly looked at me and I could see tears forming in hear eyes.

Concerned I said "What's wrong"? "Nothings really wrong, it's just that the end of school was kind of shitty and I've been depressed. I had such a good time yesterday and seeing your happy face just set me off". Dos xxx storys six girls rolled down her checks and we hugged. This was the first time I had hugged a naked woman before. Her warm curvy body felt good against mine. She hugged me hard "Thanks Ali".

I hugged her back. Bending my head down a little I kissed her gently on the lips. She just laid down and said nothing for a while. I was panicking. Had I moved to fast, did she like it, hate it? A million things ran thru my mind. Wanting to break the silence I said "I'm sorry, it just happened". "That's OK" was her reply. What did that mean? We sunned and made small talk. The car pulling into the driveway got us moving.

Kelly put on her cover and walked to the gate. Turning she said "Same time tomorrow"? Relieved I said "Yes"! We ate dinner this night. Not much was said during the meal, which had become the norm lately. After dinner my mom settled into the couch with her pitcher of Margaritas. As I walked up the stairs I told mom "Goodnight". This morning was different. It was with some apprehension I got busy preparing for Kelly's arrival. During the set up Kelly knocked then opened the gate.

She was wearing another cover. She took it off and laid face down on the blanket. After a while we started making small talk. Today was much hotter than the previous day. A short time later Kelly said "I need to cool off can we go inside"? "Sure" and I got up and started to walk towards the house. I could see we were both covered with beads of perspiration. Kelly said "I really need a shower.

Do you mind if I take one here"? A plan started to form in my head, "My shower is not working well. Lets both use my mom's shower. It's a big his and hers". As we both got into the shower I started to get a tingling sensation between my legs. I turned on the water and looked at Kelly. I have never been this close to her in a shower before. Soaping up I turned my back to her to rinse.

She came up behind me and said "Your not the only one with a secret". Then she started to rub her beautiful tits on my back. She whispered into my ear "Here let me soap up your back". She reached around me with one hand and caressed my boob. Her other hand was rubbing my clit. She kissed my neck and I started to cry. What a relief, all the tension I felt just drained out of me.

I could not have wished a better outcome. The shower spray was like electricity on my skin. This orgasm was different; it slowly built to a climax. I turned around and kissed her with passion. Her hand grabbed mine as it was going down her body.

"You just watch. I know you like to watch". Stepping back one hand was on her boob and the other was between her legs. The sight before me was like a scene in a movie. The beads of water glistened on her tanned skin. Her curvy full body undulating before me was a sight to behold.

The lustful look she was giving me was driving me crazy. She started to moan and her hand rubbed faster. Trembling, she started to scream. In the bathroom it seemed loud but I didn't care. Still looking at her I said "Boy do I need you right now". Her arm drew me near "Baby just dry off and lay down on your bed I'll be right there".

She came thru the bedroom doorway and slowly walked to the bed. God she looked sexy right now. She slipped into bed and was over my body kissing me, her tits rubbing on mine. My skin was like it was on fire, so many sensations. She slowly trailed her tongue over my boobs on her way down between my legs. Parting my legs slightly I sighed. Her tongue went to work on my clit and I shivered at her touch. She inserted her little finger in my pussy withdrew it and slipped it in my ass. Then she inserted a finger in my pussy as she licked my clit.

I propped myself up on my elbows. The sight of her shapely raised ass came into view. She saw me staring and wiggled her ass for me. That sent me over the top. Grabbing her head, I started thrusting my pelvis into her face. I was moaning loud as I exploded. As she got out of bed I asked, "Where did you learn to do that"? "From the internet" was her reply. She went to the bathroom to clean up. Walking back with a wet washcloth I reached out to take it. She waved her hand at me "No sweetie let me do that for you".

I started to cry. While she cleaned me I stroked her silky blond hair. We kissed and lay on the bed for a while not talking. That's when I noticed a shadow in the hallway outside my bedroom door. Then I heard the front door open and my mom yelled "I'm home".

I told Kelly what I thought just happened. She shrugged saying "She doesn't sound mad or anything". I put on my cover and went to the door "Were up here". Kelly put on her cover, kissed me and left out the front door.

Mom said "Did Kelly leave? I was going to ask her if she wanted to stay for supper". "Maybe tomorrow" was my reply. I went upstairs and Emailed Kelly about the dinner invite. She replied "Sure". That night I heard moaning coming from my mom's bedroom. I went to my mom's bedroom door to listen. The bed was creaking and she was moaning. Then I heard amateur teen gets her sweet pussy fucked "GRRR". I quickly went back to my room smiling to myself.

The next morning I was at the table when mom came down. "You look pretty good this morning". She just smiled at me and left for work. I was already on the blanket when Dominant man wrestling that was the commencing of her rude drooly face fucking walked thru the gate carrying a bag. "What's with the bag"? "Just some of my things for later" I told Kelly about what happened last night. Kelly asked "Do you think she was turned on by what see saw"?

"I don't know how much see saw of me. She probably saw your ass waving at her". She laughed. We talked for a while. She then crawled over to me and kissed me. I parted my lips a little then she sucked my tongue into her mouth.

She continued to suck on my tongue in her mouth and it felt wonderful. Her hand was busy massaging my tit. So many new sensations, I squirmed as her hand left my tit and traced a line to my clit. My tongue was still in her mouth when I climaxed. Arching my back I twitched as wave after wave washed over me. I rolled Kelly onto her back and kissed her.

My kisses traced a line down to her left tit as my hand was playing with the other one. Then I moved my hand down to her clit.

She was very moist. I was glad to see this. I sucked on her tit as I rubbed her clit. She was starting to arch her back. I rubbed her clit a little faster now. She screamed thru clenched teeth as she shivered. I moved on top of her kissing and holding her.

We both had worked up a good sweat out there in the sun. "Maybe we both should take a shower before my mom gets home". "You read my mind" We gathered up the stuff and went into the house. I lagged behind so I could see Kelly's ass move as she walked. She looked over her shoulder saw me staring and smiled. I was soaping up Kelly in the shower.

I paid special attention to her tits, ass and between her legs. I had a finger in her ass and was rubbing her clit when she came again. She grabbed me and kissed me hard. Then she pushed me up against the shower wall. Her soapy hand went between my legs and started to rub. I didn't think I could come again so soon. I was wrong. I stiffened and screamed as I had a wicked beauty adores licking balls hardcore and blowjob climax.

Kelly left the shower first and headed for my room. When I entered my room she was dressed and drying her hair. She was wearing a white tank top and white short shorts.

The tank top was short barely covering up her tits and she was not wearing a bra. As I was getting dressed I heard my mom's car pull into the garage, pretty good timing. By the time we made it down stairs my mom was cooking dinner and sipping on a Margarita.

Entering the kitchen Kelly remarked "Hey Mrs. B". When mom saw Kelly her mouth fell open. I must admit she did look stunning. The white top and bottom really set off her tanned skin and figure. "You girl's sit down at the table it's almost ready". Kelly sat down at one end of the table and my mom sat at the other end.

Kelly was stretching and moving her upper body around displaying her tits. I was staring at her when I noticed so was mom. This continued all thru dinner. My mom drank a lot while eating. As we started to clean up, my mom assumed her usual position on the couch drink in hand. Kelly looked at me "You can go upstairs I'll finish up here".

I was walking up the stairs when something told me to linger. I saw Kelly drop the wash cloth on the floor. Bending over to pick it up you could see her bare tits peeking out from under her top.

Looking at my mom her mouth was slightly open and she was staring at Kelly. Kelly walked over to my mom and removed her top. Now my mouth fell open. She bent down towards my mom saying "You can touch them. I know you want to". My mom's hands slowly moved up to caress Kelly's tits. Kelly sweetly said "We are almost out of rum. Can you please pick us up a bottle"? Kelly stood up and my mom didn't move. As Kelly walked up the stairs I swathed her on her butt.

"Your shameless". "Well we needed another bottle of rum, didn't we"? She put on her top and cover kissed me and left. That night I heard mom's bed creaking again. It wasn't just a coincidence. She was turned on by Kelly. As I woke up I was full of anticipation. My heart was beating a little faster than normal. I felt flushed. Looking in the mirror I didn't notice anything different but I sure felt different. When Kelly walked into the yard I was joyful. Then it hit me. I was starting to have feelings for Kelly.

I decided to tell her. "Kel I think I'm falling for you". "Ali I found myself getting more excited as I walked to your house". I reached out for her and we hugged and kissed and hugged some more. We sunned ourselves holding hands. After a while Kelly rolled on top on top of me and kissed me. She then pivoted around in a 69 position. I rolled up a towel to elevate my head a little. My tongue went to work on her clit. I grabbed onto her full ass cheeks with both hands.

Clutching her cheeks I thrust my tongue into her pussy and worked in and out. Then I went back to licking her nub. This again was a new experience for me. I was thrilled, it just felt so right. Kelly was licking me and rubbing a finger on my ass hole. I just could not take anymore and came hard. I was still trembling when I went back to licking Kelly. She grabbed hold of my legs arched her back a little and climaxed.

Her juice was flowing and I licked up ever bit of it. She turned around and we kissed deeply. I just felt so content. "That was great" as I hugged her hard. "I enjoyed that too" while she ran her fingers through my hair. I held her head in my hands and looked into those blue eyes. She was smiling and that made me happy. We kissed again then sunned ourselves until I heard a car pull into the driveway. Kelly put on her cover blew me a kiss and left.

I picked things up and went inside. Passing by the sideboard I noticed a new bottle of rum. During dinner not much was said between me and my mom. She did comment "You look good today". I just smiled back. Next morning I told Kelly about the rum. "See it worked" Thinking about this I realized that Kelly probably got the things she wanted using her looks and body. A short time later I heard a car pull up.

"Put your cover on Kel I'll go inside to see what's up". My mom came thru the front door saying "Hi. I'm going on a last minute business trip. I need to pack so follow me upstairs and we'll talk as I pack. My plane leaves in five hours so I need to get going.

Will you be all right"? "Sure mom. Kelly's' over can she spend the night"? As she was running around the room, "Sure, actually I'd feel better if she was here. I'll be gone for the next three nights. I think there's plenty of food around and here's a copy of my itinerary".

She handed me the paper as she left the room. Following her down the stairs she said over her shoulder "Just try not to break anything. OK sweetie, Have a good time" and with that she was out the door.

I ran outside to tell Kelly the news. She squealed and we hugged. After we had something for lunch we went upstairs to shower. She went right to my mom's shower. Kelly was already in the shower when I arrived. I looked at her blurred figure thru the shower glass. I couldn't help feel how fortunate I was to have her in my life right now.

We played slowly in the shower. Soapy hands rubbing and probing. Kelly grabbed my hair and kissed me. We where rubbing each other between our legs. We climaxed at the same best of moms teaching teens vol full movie bang and just held each other tightly. We toweled off and went to my bedroom. Kelly sat down at my computer "Look at this Ali". I walked over and saw that she was at a lesbian porn site.

"You are a perv", I joked and poked her with a finger. "This is where I learned to do some of those things". I started to get the bed ready. As I slipped into bed Kelly removed her cover and joined me. She leaned over and kissed me good night. I then rolled onto my side my usual sleeping position. Kelly spooned me as I drifted off to sleep. The next mourning I woke up. Kelly was still asleep. Slowly I lifted her arm that was around me and slipped out of bed.

I went to the kitchen and put out some yogurt and fruit out on the counter. Kelly walked around the corner.

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She was naked. "Kell put your cover on and we'll sit down and have some breakfast". "I just wanted to come and say good morning". She kissed me and grabbed a banana on her way out. For a moment I just watched that shapely ass sway out of the room.

After she rounded the corner "You lisa ann e sophie dee be eating that banana".

She was laughing as she walked up the stairs. We ate breakfast and went outside. Today we were more casual and relaxed versus the other days. We talked zrazzers milf office full storys lot today. Holding hands we talked about our relationship and how it was progressing. Before we knew it the sun was behind the tree. "Kelly we better go inside and get something to eat. We totally forgot about lunch". "I am kind of hungry now that you mention it".

Jane sat in a hotel bar sipping a drink. She was trying to wind down from the last two days. Even though she had to put it together in a last minute fashion, the presentation she gave today went well. Tomorrow would be just a few sales calls and then home. She sat there and thought about when she fondled Kelly's breasts. Why had Kelly turned her on so much? The last time she though about a woman that way was in college with her roommate. At the time she had dismissed it as experimentation but now she was not so sure.

There was an attractive woman at the presentation that she kept making eye contact with. "HI Jane I'm Amy from the meeting today. Can I join you"? As Jane looked up she realized that it was the same woman she was just thinking about. "Sure sit down" Amy sat down with her drink "I didn't realize we where hairy granny fucked on the pool table at the same hotel".

Jane thought this woman looked even better in her casual fitted dress. She was in really good shape. The conversation flowed well. They found out they where both from the LA area.

Amy put her hand on Jane's arm and left it there. Leaning over she said "Would you like to continue this conversation up in my room"?

Jane felt adventuresome "Let's get out of here it's getting crowded and noisy". "My thought exactly". Jane was walking slightly behind her and noticed Amy's toned leg muscles as she walked.

In the elevator Amy took Jane's hand. When the elevator stopped she led Jane to the right down the hall. Amy opened the door to her room and motioned for Jane to step inside. Amy set the mood by diming the lights. She walked up to Jane and kissed her on her cheek and neck. "I just want you to know Amy that I haven't done this in a while". "Don't worry I am not going to do anything that would not want me to do. Just say no or stop OK"? Now Amy put her arms around Jane's waist "Let's get more comfortable.

Kick off those heels". Both girls did while Amy was looking into Jane's hazel eyes. Amy took a step back unzipped her dress shrugged and it fell around her ankles. Jane noticed how fit Amy was. She had shape to her arms and a flat stomach.

Jane felt embarrassed. She had let herself go the last few years and put on a few pounds. Luckily she thought to herself most of the weight went to her breasts and butt. It must have showed on her face because Amy put her arms around Jane "You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are a beautiful intelligent woman". Amy unzipped Jane's dress and hot strippers in lingerie have some fun it over her shoulders where it fell to the floor.

Amy then unclasped Jane's bra and took a step back. She then undid her own and took it off. Jane did not move.

So Amy took off Jane's bra. The two women looked at each others bodies. Jane had to admit to her self that she was getting turned on. Amy took Jane's hand and led her over to the bed. As Jane slipped into bed Amy was right behind. Amy held Jane's head in her hands "Is it OK if I kiss you"? "Yes and by the way forget about how unsure I was just a minute ago. You can do anything you want to me. This just feels so right". Amy was glad that she said that.

She was afraid that she misread Jane's flirty looks at the meeting. The timing couldn't have been better. A long term relationship with her partner had just ended. Who would have thought that she would meet someone in an out of town business meeting? Amy decided that she really liked Jane and was going to try hard he nails her old pussy from behind give her the best orgasm possible.

She kissed Jane softly but with passion. Jane kissed back. Amy started to play with one of Jane's nipples. Jane let out a sigh. Amy kissed her neck and slowly moved her mouth down to Jane's tit. She licked the nipple and took it into her mouth and sucked. Jane responded by running her fingers through Amy's hair and her breathing became rapid.

Amy reached down and took off Jane's panties.

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She then positioned herself between Jane's legs. She started kissing Jane's leg behind the knee working her way down her leg almost to her twat. Then she repeated this on her other leg. Jane was squirming on the bed. She was getting really turned on. Amy licked Jane's slit "Ohhh" Jane responded. Amy used her thumbs to part the lips. All was now exposed and ready for her. With a flat tongue she licked her slit from her vaginal canal to her clit.

She picked up the pace when Jane's thighs clamped around her head. Jane was having a feeling build in her like she never felt before. She started to moan loudly. Then she tensed up and had the biggest climax of her life. Amy moved up and started to kiss her. She could taste herself on Amy's mouth but she didn't care.

She now wanted to reciprocate and give Amy a big orgasm. Jane pretty much repeated what Amy had done but paid more attention to behind Amy's knees. She felt that if she had done that to me she must like it also. She was right. By the time she reached Amy's slit it was very moist.

She tried hard to give back a little of what she experienced. Amy screamed and her juices flowed. Back in each others arms Jane tenderly asked "Was it good"? "It was very very good".

After a while Jane asked "Can I spend the night? After this I don't want to be alone tonight". "I would like that very much. I'll set the alarm 15 minutes early so you could get back to your room in time". Jane woke up in a haze. Was it all a dream? No it wasn't Amy was still sleeping beside her. Sex xxx dod and girls storys was early.

She got dressed and left Amy a note. She left her room number and home number on the pad and signed it, Love Jane. She had packed a swimsuit and decided to take a dip in the pool before getting ready. When Jane got back to her room she noticed the message light on the phone. It was Amy. She thanked her for the wonderful evening and said she would call when she arrived back in town. Amy also left her home phone number. When Jane pulled into her driveway it was late.

She looked in on the kids as she walked teenagesex story village government school, they where asleep in Ali's bedroom. As she lay in bed she thought about the last week. How it had been filled with such life changing events.

Jane slept in that mourning as it was Saturday. She looked out the back window at Ali and Kelly sunbathing in the yard. They didn't have suits on. She decided that she wouldn't say anything about it. Dressing in her running suit she went for a run. When she returned there was a message that Amy called and a number.

She called back and extended an invitation for Amy to come over for dinner that evening. "I would be glad to". Jane walked out to the girls in the back yard. "Hi girls, there will be someone joining us for dinner tonight. Kelly would you like to stay for dinner"? "Sure thing Mrs. B". As I looked up at mom in her running suit, I couldn't help think, what has gotten into her this morning.