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Ferrari blaque fucked by monster dick redzilla reality amateur
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For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and first fuck after baby was born deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has long thick brown hair that flows down below her shoulders. Her breasts are large, full, and natural with just a hint of sag.

Each breast is tipped by large round light-brown areola that forms big beautiful circles around her protruding hard nipples. Her tight stomach is flat and her ass is hard and round. She always keeps her pussy shaved, except for a small area of hair above her clit.

Her pussy lips are equally amazing. They are long, but not too long, and distend and open like a flower when she gets excited. I, on the other hand, am a tall, thin, average looking guy, but I always keep myself in good shape. My best attribute was my cock. I am over nine inches long and am very thick, all the way to the bulbous mushroom-like head.

What my wife, and other women, always appreciates the most is that it never really goes soft. It stays around seven inches, even when `flaccid', and hard enough to penetrate all but the tightest holes. This story is true, with some alterations like names and dates. I also took some liberty to combine some experiences so the story would not drag on. Everything two saucy bimbos and one stiff cock she does and everything that happens in this story has happened to her, in the way it is presented.

Enjoy: ***** Right after our son was born, I decided that it was time to build a group. A group of like-minded individuals that would enjoy Carole as much as I do. I would invite only friends with money and position. My thought was that it would be much more reliable and safer than just free-ranging her. I was sure we could work out some deals, maybe work in some wife swapping. I had to be selective and be relatively sure they would join before the opportunity was presented.

That was the hardest part, finding the right men. The very first recruiting session was a poker game. I invited over four friends for a game night.

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They all arrived around eight o'clock that night. Carole was upstairs with the baby as I invited them in. We sat around the table, drank and chatted. Robert, who was the oldest in the bunch at thirty-five, was a very successful businessman who owned several different businesses in the area. He was short and thin and wore glasses. He was married, but I knew he played around. John, on the other hand, was a tall muscular man who owned a series of gyms across the state.

Probably the wealthiest of all of us, he was single and enjoyed the finer things in life…including fine women. Frank was a banker.

A very intelligence guy of medium build and looks, he was married but I knew he was screwing his secretary. And lastly, there was Tom. He owned a huge boat, yacht, dealership on the bay. He too was married, but there always seemed to be bikini chicks on his boats whenever we went out with him. The game we were playing was just penny poker, not to make money, but to just have fun.

I knew the men through business, but we were getting to be good friends. We were several hands shameless cfnm girls getting laid in harcore porn party and several beers down when Robert asked, "So where is your beautiful wife?" "Upstairs with the baby.

She should be down soon," I replied. A few minutes later she came around the corner.

All the guys, including me, stopped everything and stared. Carole looked amazingly sexy. She had only given birth a couple months before, but she had worked very hard to flatten her stomach and lose the weight.

Her outfit highlighted her success. She was wearing a pair of tight white shorts. Her ass and legs were very shapely and the shorts showed it. Her stomach was exposed because she was wearing a Hooters half-shirt that barely covered her huge tits.

The pregnancy had made Carole's 34 d-cup tits grow to a very large an f-cup. She was still nursing the baby, so they were still full of milk and still real teen orgasm squirt fuck proving papa wrong huge. The shirt hung over the front of her full tits, covering her big areola, but was short enough to show a lot of under-boob.

She wasn't wearing a bra. From the side angle that I had on her, I could see the curvature of her heavy tits from her chest all the way to the front of her shirt. I was in awe, as I am sure the other guys were too, that even though she had grown to that size, they were still firm enough to hold themselves up like that without a bra. She smiled at us and said, "Hi." When she lifted her hand and gave a little wave, the shirt lifted and gave us all a quick little glimpse of brown areola.

"Hi, baby," I said, giving her a quick kiss. "Can you bring us some more beer?" "Sure," she said with a big smile, turned and walked into step mommy lisa ann and cassidy klein kitchen. We all watched her ass as she left the room. "Oh, my God," Frank said. We all knew what he meant.

John asked with a grin, "Does she play strip poker?" "Yeah," I laughed, "but she is a terrible player. She always loses." "Well, that's not a bad thing," Tom said.

"Not with those big babies bouncing around anyway." Everyone laughed. Carole came back in the room. We all watched her as she traveled around the table giving everyone a new beer. When she moved, those big tits moved under that shirt.

It was incredibly sexy. The game continued and Carole hovered around the table bringing us more drinks and snacks. When I deemed the group intoxicated enough, but not too much, I started intentionally losing each hand. If it looked like I had a chance to win, I would fold, otherwise I would stay in and lose as many pennies as I could. Eventually, I was broke. "You want a loan," Frank, the banker, joked, as the next hand was dealt. "No," I said with feigned indignity.

"How about this. How much do you think Carole's shirt is worth?" She came over and stood next to me. "I'll bet a nickel," Frank offered, footjob is about to end up with jizz a smile. "Okay," I agreed. "Everyone put in five cents. If I lose, she loses her shirt." Pennies flew onto the table and the cards were dealt. John won the hand.

"Damn it," I cursed, looking at all the faces around the table. They were all smiles. I turned to Carole and held out my hand. She looked around at all the men's faces before looking back at me. Then she slowly, almost seductively, lifted her shirt up and off. There was a collective gasp around the table. She looked fantastic. Such a beautiful woman with oversized swollen tits standing topless in front of us. Wonderful. "Okay, okay, okay," I brought the attention back to the game, well kind of.

"I still don't have any money. How much for her shorts?" "Nickel," Frank said again. I won the next round. Which I thought was perfect. So for the next several minutes, I played with my fifteen cents as Carole walked around topless still bringing beer to us. There were several times that she intentionally rubbed her big tits across one of the men's arms or pushed them up against their back as she put another beer on the table.

Soon I was broke again. "Same deal," I offered, to which they all readily agreed. This time, however, I lost. Carole had to drop her shorts to the floor. She wasn't wearing any panties. "Jesus, you are beautiful," Robert told her. He took her hand and pulled her over towards him. When she was right in front of him, he looked her young nude body up and down. Her ass looked spectacular from my vantage point and I am sure her smooth shaven pussy looked amazing from his.

"So beautiful, and you are such a great sport." Carole smiled at him and said, "Thank you." I pulled her back over to me. "Now what?" Tom asked. I paused, looking thoughtful.

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"How about the same deal with the winner getting her to sit on his lap for a round?" The guys couldn't get their money in fast enough. Thankfully, I won the next round. While she sat on my leg, I had gently played with her left tit, which began leaking a little milk. The guys were all disappointed they hadn't won, they all wanted to be the guy playing with her. It didn't take me long, however, to lose the fifteen cents again and have her up for the prize. Exclusive mommy teaches how to blow, the fortunate winner, pulled her over to him and she sat down onto his lap.

I took the cards, shuffled them, and passed them out. Robert didn't even pick up his cards. Instead, he had turned Carole's face to his and they were kissing. I looked at my hand and then threw it down, folding. "Fuck," I said, standing. "I gotta take a leak." I walked off. I took my time. When I came back into the living room I stopped, still out of sight of the other guys.

Robert had his pants down around his ankles. Carole was straddling him, facing him, and ecstatically riding his cock. She was really into it. She was bouncing up and down on him, grinding her pussy into him. "Oh, God, yes," she purred. Her head fell back as she moaned in absolute pleasure. She arched her back and leaned back, putting her hands on his knees behind her. Still she grinded into him. In this position, she was basically presenting her big wonderful full tits to him.

They bounced in front of his eyes as she fucked herself on his hard cock. He took full advantage of the presentation. His hands were all over her tits. When he squeezed, she leaked milk. She quickly reached orgasm. When she came, she cried out, "Oh, fuck, oh, God, oh, yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Even from across the room, I could see her body quake with orgasmic pleasure.

Her body quivered. She was covered with goose bumps. Her nipples hardened and milk dripped faster out of them. Robert pulled one of her nipples up to his mouth and sucked it hard. She shuddered visibly. She stopped moving for a second and looked down at the man sucking her tit.

The entire scene reminded me just how much my wife loves to fuck. I don't mean she likes to make slender teenage looker has her asshole drilled. I don't mean she likes to have sex. I bangkok blowjob and rough face fuck facial compilation xxx one ring to rule them all she loves to FUCK.

She craves that absolute shameless wild no holds barred fuck. Carole started slowly grinding on his cock again. It wasn't long before she was moaning again and mumbling, "Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me." Again, she came. This time it was less intense, but it lasted longer, and this time it didn't stop grinding for quite a while, cumming the entire time. Carole is one of those few women made a sissy by mother in law can have multiple orgasms.

One of the many reason, I think that she loves to fuck so much. She can continue to orgasm for minutes at a time and, after a short recovery, can cum again, and again, and again. It is so wonderful to experience, or even just watch. The expression on her face is so great. That look of total pleasure, almost one of total wonder. One of submission to the feeling, to the pleasure, to the sex. She is completely unable to hold anything back when she is in that moment.

She loses focus, becoming a slave to the orgasm. I decided to walk back to the table. Carole saw me. The look on her face was one of being totally lost in the pleasure.

She wasn't there. She was floating. Her body continued to shudder. Her nipples continue to drip. She stopped crying out, instead she just continuously gasp for air. Her eyes were wide and her mouth dropped open. Just sunny leone full story how tuse condom that moment, Robert groaned, "Fuck." Everyone at the table knew he was cumming inside her.

She didn't stop grinding as the man emptied his balls up into her. She loved the feeling of the man shooting his hot cum into her. When he was done, he leaned back into his chair. Just at that moment, Tom, who had dropped his pants during the action, grabbed Carole's hips and pulled her back. She stood up, pulling off Robert's cock and continued rearward towards Tom.

Tom guided her back until she had straddled his legs and then pulled her down onto his stiff cock. "Oh, God, yes," Carole moaned as Tom's long hard cock pushed its way up into her wet pussy. Carole immediately started to move up and down on his long thick shaft. I watched her face as it changed. It only took a minute before Carole was cumming yet again. Tom had a firm grasp of her hips and guided her up and down on his cock.

Carole's quivering pussy set him off. He shot his load up into my wife's pussy. Tom waited a minute, enjoying the moment, before pushing her up off him. She stood there, not moving, waiting to see what, or who, was going to be next. She smiled at Frank as he moved up behind her.

He turned her slightly, so she could grab hold of the table. He bent her forward. Frank then mounted her from behind. His cock slid easily into her wet pussy. This is always amazing to watch. When the guy pounds into her, her big tits swing beautifully from the impact.

This time it was quite a sight because she was so huge. Those big dripping udders were so wonderful to look at and watch bounce and swing. After several minutes of fucking, she had been pushed further onto the table. She put her elbows down on the table to get a better grip. When that happened her tits rested on the table, her nipples rubbed across the table. By then, Frank was really going at it. He was pounding into her hard and fast.

That position, or any kind of doggy really, would not make Carole cum without extra stimulation to her citreous, and Frank was not playing with it. Carole needed a break anyway, so she didn't try to rub it herself. That position did, however, drive him to the brink. He added the third load to her already squishy pussy, and then stepped back. He stood there, looking at her still bent over in front of him.

He gasped for air, trying to catch his breath. Again, Carole didn't move after Frank pulled out of her. She just stood there, bent over the table, legs spread, and dripping cum. She looked over and saw John standing there, just looking at her. He was still fully dressed. He didn't move or speak for over a minute. He slowly pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his taught muscular stomach and chest. He dropped his shirt onto his chair and slowly walked lascive anime babe with big tits sucking cock to her.

Running his hand over her bare ass, he smiled down on her. Then, with a quick slap, he swatted her ass. "Stand up," he said.

She did. He turned her to face him and he took a long look down her nakedness. "You have a great body," he told her. He cupped his hands under her big heavy full tits and lifted them up slightly. "These are wonderful," he said. He squeezed them both lightly, making them drip more milk. Then his hands moved down over her stomach and onto her pussy. "I like that you keep yourself clean shaved like this," he said as reluctant mature wife suprise threesome fingers danced over her clit.

Her body shuddered slightly from the touch. "I like to be able to plainly see the entire pussy. Especially when it is being fucked." He lifted her up and sat down onto the table and then lowered her down onto her back.

She lifted her head up off the table and watched his hands as he unzipped his fly and brought out his cock. I could see on her face that she was happy with what she saw. He moved her on the table fantastic some with beauteous babe smalltits hardcore that her ass was on the edge of the table and then he moved up between her legs.

He dropped his cock down her stomach. "You like what you see?" he asked. "Yes, Sir," she answered. "I knew it when I first saw you. You like the cock, don't you?" "Yes, Sir," she admitted. The talk excited her. Her anxiousness was plainly obvious. Everyone watching could tell she wanted it bad. "Just like I thought," he said.

He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it right across her clit. "You want me to fuck you with it?" "Yes, Sir. Please." "Then beg for it," he said. "Beg for my cock." "Please," was all she said. "Come on, you little bitch, you can do better than that," he taunted, as he ran the cock head up and down between her pussy lips, but didn't penetrate her.

"Tell me how much you want me to fuck you with my cock. Say it. Beg for it. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you, to use you, you fucking slut. Say it!" Just then he pushed the bulbous head of his cock into her for just a second and then pulled it back out.

"Oh, God, yes," she started. "Please, oh God, please fuck me. Please give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Use me. Please. Please." "More," John said, pushing it further inside her. "Please, please, please," she begged. "I want your cock inside me. I love to fuck. Please fuck me. Use me. Fuck me hard." John rammed into her. "Ahhhh," she cried out in joyous surprise. John reached down and gathered up her legs and pushed them up into the air.

He took her ankles in his hands, spread her legs apart, and started to slam into her. She squirmed and moaned as he fucked her. Man, what a hot sight to see.

He held her legs up and apart like he was going to make a wish. His thrusts were powerful and fast. Her entire body was recoiling from the impacts. Her tits moved in waves, recoiling from the assault on her body.

She was moaning out loud, mumbling unintelligible things, but every now and then you could make out a "fuck me" or "please" or "cock." When he finally came, it must have been a huge gush. Her eyes shot open and she looked down at him. She mouthed, "Oh, my God!" as naughty lesbo dolls are stretching and fist fucking anals started to squirt out around his cock. His pounding didn't stop, he continued to thrust into her as cum streamed from her pussy.

Eventually he stopped and stepped back, pulling his cock out of her. With a smooth move, he pulled her off the table and he pushed her to her knees. He stepped back up and pushed his cock, still drenched with the cum of four men, into her face.

She immediately took it into her mouth started sucking. He starred down at her in wonder, enjoying her immensely. When he regained his composure, he started stroking her hair letting her continue to suck his shrinking cock.

"That's a good girl," he said. He looked over at me and said, "Shit, that's a hell of a slut wife you got here." I shiny stockings over high gloss pantyhose tease proudly back at him and nodded. Carole disappeared into the bathroom to clean up, I got into the details with the guys. "So here is the deal," I started.

"I knew when I married her she was a sex addict. The girl is an absolute slut. In order to really control her, I had to send her to training. She is now my slave, a total submissive. But she still can't say 'no' to sex and still has a need for more men.

What I am looking to do is build a group of friends who I can trust. Carole is going to be the prize we will all share. I mean, on occasion we can also work some business deals that would be mutually beneficial to each party and I will use Carole to say, sweeten the deal." I smiled. "You said you sent her to training?" Robert asked.

"What kind of training?" "She spent a month with a Master Slave Trainer. She was trained in all aspects of being a submissive slave and obedience as well as all aspects of sexual performance." "A month? Really?" Frank asked, a little shocked.

"Wow, so you sent her to be fucked for a month by some ebony slut rachel raxxx bends over for white cock I corrected with a smile. "So you are asking if we want to be in the group you are forming?" Robert asked. "Yes," I said. Just then Carole returned from the master bathroom. She looked so beautiful. She was still completely naked. Her thick long brown hair flowed down to her shoulders, framing her wonderful smiling face.

Her big brown puppy-dog eyes looked wantonly at me, and then at the other men. Her big full swollen tits stuck out from her chest, presenting themselves, just asking to be played with and sucked. Her nipples were red and swollen.

Her stomach, while still not back to pre-pregnant shape, was tight and almost back to being flat. Her pussy looked a little red, with swollen lips that were still slightly parted. Her face and body had the glow of a recently fucked woman, but she also had a look like she was ready to continue. She wore a nasty little grin. African chick gives head and rides cock outdoors. From my chair, I looked up at her and then snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor next to me.

Immediately, she moved over next to me and got down on her knees. With her knees spread wide apart and her sitting on her heels, she brought her hands to a rest on her thighs. She arched her back, pushing her tits out even further.

As per her training, she kept her head up, but looked down at the floor. Her posture was perfect. I reached into the drawer of the end table, next to my chair and pulled out a leather dog collar and a leash. I wrapped the collar around her beautiful neck and buckled it. "Very nice," John said. "Perfect," Robert agreed. I leaned forward in my chair, admiring my naked wife, and then clipped the leash into the D-ring of the collar.

I handed the leash up to John. "You can take her in there," I said, pointing to one of the guest bedrooms. John, smiled at me and then pulled on the leash. On her hands and knees, Carole followed the big man, crawling behind him into the bedroom. The other three men followed them in. I got up and went to get several more beers. When I got in the bedroom, I handed out the beers to the three men watching. Carole was on her back on the bed. Her feet were up in the air.

John pulled her legs up against his chest as he slowly fucked her. He looked down at her face as he slowly slid his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Carole moaned continuously, "Oh, yeah." Her toes curled into that telltale sign of extreme pleasure. After several minutes in this position, John pushed her legs down next to her torso. He put his hands behind her knees and pushed them down flat onto the bed next to her chest.

With her knees basically next to her chest, she had to rearrange her big tits. She pushed them up and out of the way of her legs. Robert saw an opportunity for some fun and climbed on the bed above Carole's head. Robert took hold of her feet and pulled them the rest of the way back, folding her completely in half. Robert crossed her ankles behind her head.

The move caused Carole to have to bring her arms up over her legs (I guess behind her knees, hard to describe) and made her have to lift her head up. It also lifted her ass up off the bed, giving John a different pussy angle to plunge down into. She was now looking directly down her body and at the man's cock that was fucking in and out of her. When Carole's ankles looked like they were going to stay in place, Robert let go of them. His hands moved down to her chest and he gathered the huge tits up into his hands.

Bringing them together and squeezing at the same time cause a long squirt of milk to shoot out. Squeezing his thumbs and first fingers together, squeezing the nipple, Robert continued to work them. Milk shot out like fountains, sometimes reaching a foot or so up towards the ceiling. Carole's face showed the extreme pleasure she was experiencing.

Her eyes went wide when she saw milk shoot up into the air. At the same time, between her tits, she could watch John hammer in and out of her. The sensations were too much for her.

She started cumming, a long and instance orgasm. While still making the milk shoot up in the air, Robert started aiming where the milk would land. After a couple of missed shots, he arched a blast of milk onto Carole's face, hitting her on the forehead. "Open your mouth," he instructed Carole. After a couple more misses that landed on her face, he successfully arched a stream perfectly through the air and right in her mouth. Then he got another idea. "Suck it," he told her, pulling her right tit up to her mouth.

Carole sucked the nipple right into her mouth. "Drink it," Robert ordered. Immediately, she started nursing from her own tit. I wasn't sure if this act drove her into orgasm or if she cumming from the big cock in her, but she was obviously cumming hard.

The sight and the feeling was too much for John. He started to moan and gasp for air. His body trembled as he shot his load up into my wife. "God damn, you are a hot piece of ass," he gasped, after he finished. Robert took hold of Carole's feet, pulled them out from behind her head, and released them completely. She unfolded. Blonde hottie and her brunette girlfriend have lesbian sex took hold of the leash and told her to turn over.

With one swift move, Robert pulled her up onto her hands and knees. He lined himself up behind her and shoved his cock in with one thrust. Carole gasped loudly from the sudden intrusion. Robert pulled back on the leash as he started fucking her hard. Frank took the opportunity to get up on the bed and move in front of her.

Carole took his cock into her mouth. The view from the side, where I was, was amazing. Carole's big heavy tits swung violently under her as the two men got into a rhythm. Robert thrusting her into her from behind pushed her forward, pushing her mouth onto Frank's cock.

The action continued for some time until Robert got that look on his face. I knew what was happening. Carole was squeezing her pussy around his moving cock. Robert slapped her ass and said, "Oh, fuck yeah, keep doing that." I was impressed with her concentration. While she was squeezing the cock with her pussy, she was also deep-throating the other man. What a fantastic sight to watch as she went to work. It only took another minute or so before Robert shot his sperm into her. Gasping for air, he stumbled backwards off the bed.

At the same time, Frank pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth and laid down on the bed. He pulled her up on top of him. Straddling him, she mounted his cock. She bounced up and down on him Tom, the last man in line, watched her ass move up and down in front of him. Then he looked over at me with a smile. "Go ahead," I said, nodding. Tom climbed on the bed. He pushed Carole down flat against Frank's chest and put the head of his cock right at the entrance to her puckered ass.

The two men held her still. Carole let out a small squeal of pleasure as Tom pushed his cock right up her ass. "Oh, my God," she groaned as the two men started fucking both her holes. Fucking her like this is amazing and it wasn't long before both men reached orgasm. Luckily for Carole, they both came at the same time. I say 'luckily' because they both swelled inside her at the same time, diving her over the edge as well. The three of them came together. I took the men back out into the living room and Carole went back into the master bedroom to clean up again.

As soon as we were in the living room, all four of them told me they wanted in the group. We all shook hands. I guess we were too loud, because we woke the baby. Hearing him cry, Carole came out of the bedroom and went right upstairs. A couple minutes later she returned with the baby in her arms. She sat down in the rocking chair and breastfeed him right in front of us. What a wonderful sight. The five of us watched as my son sucked on my naked wife's tit.

The men all got dressed and got ready to leave. On the way out, John stopped next to Carole. "What a lucky boy," he told her, watching the baby suck on her nipple.

He smiled, and then leaned down and kissed her. The two of them exchanged tongues for a minute before he broke free. "Don't worry," he said with a laugh, "we will do this again real soon." He reached down and squeezed her unoccupied tit. The men all left. The baby was very tired and after his feeding, he went right back to sleep.

I was in bed when she returned from upstairs. She climbed into bed with me. We kissed. "Did I do okay?" she asked me.

I smiled, "Yeah, you did okay." I kissed her again. Then I pushed the covers off us and rolled over on top of her.

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I pushed her legs apart with mine and pushed my cock up into her still wet used pussy. I pushed an extra pillow under her head so she could look down her body. I pushed myself up onto outstretched arms as I started a slow deep devouring soft perky bra buddies smalltits hardcore. We both watched my big thick cock move slowly in and out of her.

She crossed her arms under her tits, boxing them in. With each thrust, her tits moved. The huge things looked like jello as they moved in waves. I started fucking her harder and faster. "God, I love you," she started cooing.

My big dick was making her cum yet again. "Oh, God, yes," she cried out. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." I started pounding into her as hard as I could and continued to until we both came, both of us reaching an amazing climax. When I was done cumming, I fell onto the bed at her side.

She rolled onto her side and then slid down. Taking my spent cock into her mouth, she sucked the remainder of cum out of the long shaft. With her tongue, she cleaned me up and then left the bed to clean herself. We both slept well that night.