Sexy cougar victoria daniels gets impaled by hung lover

Sexy cougar victoria daniels gets impaled by hung lover
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The day was long, the week was slow, the Fridays dragged by. I had no guts to make another attempt. I just walked around with this feeling of emptiness. Of course I did, I did not have Garret inside of me. My ride was cut short, I had wiped out, been clipped and took a jump into the water without finishing the wave. Sure I had my own self-pleasure and a willing finger to boot, but it left no memories for me to hold onto. "Kaori?" It was Friday, but I was not thrilled.

My only plans were for a six pack of dark ale and a chick flick. Not one of those sappy romances, but an action film full of shirtless men. "Yeah? Going out again?" "You know me too well." He smiled and placed his hand on my shoulder from behind. Its strength kneaded my stress into a longed for, but elusive, calm. "Where to?" Not that I cared, it was more small talk to give myself time to enjoy the attention he was giving me. "A new bar just opened up down the street.

I think it's called Jack's." I felt his touch soften and climb up my neck. "Oh Garrett, that feels so nice." Seriously nice. "Such a tease!" He slid his fingers back down to my shoulders then pressed them down to just above fantastic some with beauteous babe smalltits hardcore breasts before retreating.

"Mmm, now who's teasing?" I wondered if he would dare. I wanted him to take the chance. "Oh Kaori, if only I had the time." The touch of his fingers traveled like a rolling wave crashing on the sand, down my chest, over my sensitive and highly aroused points.

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All the way over, cupping them firmly before white girl groped in bus and circling around them.

"Garrett!" Did I literally moan his name? Sinking into the sofa, clinging on to the almost ticklish sensation left by his touch, I sighed. "One of these days Kaori, I am not going to be able to resist your overwhelming hotness." His lips pressed against my cheek, a kiss good night, or good-bye, depending on how you want to look at it.

I turned for one last glimpse. Something caught my eye, as he bent over to slip on his shoes, his shirt rose and his pants shifted down exposing a pink and white stripped pattern. 'My panties!' He was wearing my panties. "See ya!" He was out the door.

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The feeling stirred in me, a sensation of fear mixed with desire. I had forgotten about my unintended souvenir, but seeing them peek out from under his jeans was hot, confusing almost, sexy, scary, all sorts of feelings that contradicted each other. All coming together to create a tingle down below that started to get me wet. I had my doubt about what I saw, but tried to comprehend what it meant if in fact he was wearing my panties.

Three beers and only two orgasms later, the conflict of what I saw vanished. I moved to my bed and into my second pair of panties that were quickly becoming too wet to wear as well. But the alcohol was lulling me to sleep. I did not make it to number three. I heard the door, but it wasn't until someone had knocked over something and it shattered on the floor that I woke. They were loud. "Damn, Garrett is not as light as I thought." The girl was obviously having problems carrying him. "Hey, muscle weighs.

. " Garrett's speech was slurred and faded. "Yeah, we know. Let's just dump him and get outta here." Joe was there. "Hey, is that girl here? Rachel?" She spoke again.

"Probably sound asleep if she hasn't popped her head out after you knocked over that plant." Joe didn't sound amused. I was surprised she remembered my name, even if it was wrong. Not sure why Joe liked to call me Rachel. Guess long haired blonde brooke summers gets fucked by lexington steele couldn't say Kaori.

Not really that hard, but I didn't mind. Kind of became our little thing. "Let's strip him and throw him in her bed." What was she suggesting? "Seriously? How drunk are you?" Joe the protector. "Hmm, that might be Facebook worthy." Kent you ass.

What are you thinking? "Wait, we agreed we would leave her out of it." No matter how much Joe drank, he was always a gentleman. "We can make it so you don't see her face.

And look, she's probably passed out." I had left my empty bottles on the table.

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Crap. "Yeah, c'mon Joe, why you always protecting her anyway? She your girlfriend or something?" I swear, if I ever meet this chick I will give her a piece of my mind. "Fine, but you better make sure nobody can tell it's her.

You take of his clothes while we hold him." Joe you disappoint me. Wait, that means they will be coming in here. I had to make a decision and fast, pretend to sleep or wake up in shock. "Damn!" Kent sparked. "What? Oh no way!" Joe was surprised, but what could have him so shocked.

"Garrett wears girl's panties?" The girl gave it up. I remembered, I saw them, now just say the colors.

They were mine. "This is so going on Facebook." I could hear them laughing. "C'mon, help me carry him. You go and open the door and make sure Rachel is sleeping." I had to make a decision. The door creaked and opened. I sealed my eyes and relaxed as much as I could, trying to remember if I was wearing: a shirt and a pair of panties. Oh wait, I had taken off my shirt. Too late, they were in my room. "Whoa! She's topless." "What, you look surprised Joe, haven't you seen tits before?" "Yeah, but.

. " "Okay, stop drooling and let's get this done. Let's put him on his side next to her." I felt the weight hit the bed, felt the heat from his body press up against mine. "Here like this." I felt his hand land on my exposed breast. "No, like this." It moved and landed on my panties.

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With a bit of maneuvering, his fingers were placed between my legs and into my wetness. "Ooh, let's see if this will work." His head slid over my chest. I couldn't believe it, they were trying to get his mouth to look as if it was suckling me.

After several failed attempts they settled with his head cuddled on my shoulder. I have to admit, his breath felt nice against my skin. "Perfect." Joe was satisfied. "Not quite." The girl had something else in mind. She grabbed my hand and slid it under the panties and wrapped it around his growing hardness.

"Mmm." She stroked him for a bit before releasing, leaving my hand gripping Garrett.

"Did it feel nice?" Kent teased. "You're just jealous." She shot back. That was it for the discussion. I heard the camera snap some shots and the snickering between frames. "Let's go." The last words uttered before the door closed and clicked.

I knew once the front door hit the jam they had left. It gave me time to realize what had happened, what I was doing. I squeezed my hand just to make sure I had not imagined it. So hot and solid. Nope, this was real. Garret was in my bed with his hand between my legs and my hand under the panties he decided to wear.

Now what? "Mmm, Kaori." He mumbled. "Garrett?" His hand moved, more like came to life. His fingers searched, scanning my panties for the top edge. Once they found it, they slid underneath and made their way back, instantly exploring my wetness. "Mmm." Now his mouth searched. What they couldn't manage, he succeeded in. The wet texture of his tongue electrified me as it found its target. "Garrett?" Still no response, at least not verbally. My hand held firm and decided to stroke him.

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But just as I resolved that I was going for it, his fingers found my nerve center and interrupted my train of thought. Seconds later, the rush of my orgasm hit. "Damn Garrett, you really sexy teacher facial in class how to make a girl feel good." But just as quickly as he came to life, his attentions stopped. "Garrett?" By now I had pushed him onto his back and managed to prop myself up. Sure enough, he was wearing my panties, now marked in dark wet spots from his excitement.

I so wanted my panties back, just to wear. But if I took them back, he would know. Sliding them off was easy, exposing him, freeing what I had longed for. It had been over a month and my depravity was taking control. I immediately mounted. All the frustrations of work dissolved as he slid into me, pushing the tension away. Oh how I had missed him, missed having him inside of me, missed feeling his warmth, his presence, everything about him.

I moved, bringing back all the sensations of ecstasy that had been suppressed. I could see the wave set coming and the swell was huge, building in size and speed. Everything was blurring, the alcohol had not cycled trough my system and the intensity was making me light headed.

The room spun around me, spiraling me as if I was the center of all the energy present. But not just me, it was more focused.

A point inside of me where Garrett and I were joined, deep within me, near my womb, that was the center. The force built, the wave grew with no sign of cresting, at least not yet. So much potential waiting for the transformation to kinetic. The wave curled, I felt the swell inside, the crest of the wave was forming, Garret exploded inside of me, pushing me onto the turbulent face, the energy converted, the wave tunneled and the roar of the crash filled the room.

I screamed as it enveloped me. I shuddered in both fear and excitement. Again and again, following the bursts that came from Garrett. Pushing me faster and harder until everything collapsed inward, taking me with it.

My mind overloaded. I passed out.