Roommates bf with huge dick bangs teen

Roommates bf with huge dick bangs teen
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It was a few weeks later after Sam and Cian had been in Cian's house. They hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks as Sam had been away in Spain with his family.

The day Sam got back he rang Cian and asked if he wanted to go swimming. Cian said he did and that he would bring Niall along. Cian had told Niall what he and Sam did the weekend he victoria sin sucking the skin off that bratwurst away and Niall wanted to join in next time. The two boys got ready in their room when the phone rang, it was Ben, Niall's best friend, he asked Niall over to his house but Niall declined saying he was going swimming instead and that Ben should come with them.

Ben agreed and told Niall he would meet him at the pool. When Cian and Niall got to the pool Ben was already there. Ben was 13 and the same height as Niall, he had curly brown hair and hazel eyes and was extremely good looking, he was not extremely muscular but had a fantastic sculptured physique.

Sam arrived a short time later and the four boys went to get changed. They were the only people at the pool so they got changed quickly and Niall and Ben went to the pool. As Cian was about to lose the changing room Sam kissed him on the lips and said " I missed you, you wanna sleepover tommorrow night?", Cian said he footsiebabes cum on my perfect little feet sleep over in their house so that Niall could join in.

Sam was delighted and agreed immediately. The boys were in the pool and began to mess about. Sam went up behind Cian when he was standing on the side of the pool, he quickly tugged his swim shorts down and revealed Cian's soft cock to the other two boys.

They all laughed and continued playing. Then Cian did the same thing to Ben, Ben immediately placed his two hand over his penis and pulled up his shorts. Cian told Ben to relax that everyone of them had the same piece of meat.

Ben was not impressed and went into the changing rooms. Niall got out of the pool and chased after Ben when he went into the changing rooms he could not see Ben but could hear the shower running.

Niall proceeded into the communal shower room which was at the back of the changing area.

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It was extremely steamy in there and Niall couldn't see anything. All of a sudden he could hear a moaning coming from the steam.

He listened closely and he knew it was Ben wanking. He walked further into the shower and came across a butt naked Ben. He had his back turned so he did not see Niall approaching, he was wanking and groaning in pleasure.

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Niall got a hard on with the noises his friend was making. Niall then placed his hand on his friends shoulder and turned him around. Ben jumped and quickly turned bright red with embarrasment. His 5 inch uncut cock at full salute, he was nearly hairless with very little pubes. "It's ok dude we all wank" remarked Niall. "I'm sorry it's just sometimes when I see people's cock I like it body and cum hole need stimulation hardcore and russian I wank off" replied Ben.

"Cool dude so you like my brother's cock?" Niall enquired. In the meantime Sam and Cian had returned to the changing room and were listening to the two younger boys. Cian took off his shorts and walked into the showers and interupted the two younger boys conversation. " So Ben you like what you see do you?". Niall removed his shorts also and said "well do you?". Ben stood there in shock and just nodded.

Niall then walked over and grabbed Ben's still pulsing cock and began to wank him. Cian stood there and was playing with his hard 6 inches of meat. Sam then came into the showers and he was fully naked, he began to wank himself looking at the two 13 year old's enjoying themselves. After a couple of minutes Ben came, he didn't shoot but instead dribbled this set off a chain reaction and Sam and Cian both came at the same time. The room soon filled with a beautiful scent of cum.

The boys then washed themselves off and got changed. As they were changing Ben asked the rest of the boys if they were gay.

The boys told him he should sleep over in Cian's and Niall's that night and he would find out. Ben just said he couldn't wait and that he would see them later and waved goodbye to the rest of the group. The three other boys walked home together. That night couldn't come quick enough for any of them. The rest of the afternoon couldn't pass quick enough for any of the guys.

Cian and Niall's mum agreed that Sam and Ben could sleep over. She rang their parents Ben's mum agreed immediately but for some reason Sam's mum wouldn't let him go.

This made the other boys dissapointed but the dissapointment subsided when Ben arrived.

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Ben came in wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. The boys immediately went upstairs and Ben asked when were they gonna do stuff. The brother's responded together telling Ben to slow down cause it was too early in the night to do anything yet.

Cian started playing the computer and the other two boys were just talking. Cian started to get horny and began asking Ben questions.

From all the questions they found out that Ben was unsure about his sexuality and loved wanking to porn. Also they found out that when Ben was at a Summer camp last summer he had a blow job from a girl he got to know. He described the night that they were walking hand in hand on the beach and they sat down on the sand where she began wanking him and sucking him off.

He also fingered her. The three boys were getting horny with the conversation. It got late and the boys went into their room. Cian and Niall had pushed their beds together which made a double bed, they thought this would be a good idea so all them could sleep close together. When they went into the bedroom Cian took off his shorts and so did the other two boys, they then took off their t-shirts.

Niall and Cian watched intently as Ben began to remove his shirt, they watched as he slowly revealed his perfectly sculped, smooth skinned body. Cian lay on the bed and Niall joined him. Ben was standing there wearing just his boxers which had a checkered design on them, the boxers were very loose fitting voyeur ass younger girls 2 tube porn comparison to the other two boys boxers.

Cian told Ben to come join them on the bed, Ben walked towards the bed and lay down between the other two lads. Ben brushed his hand accross Niall's boxers which were concealing his ever throbbing cock. Ben then turned his attention to Cian whose cock was quite visibly hard through his tight white boxers. Niall took Ben's silky hand and placed it under the waist band of his boxers.

Ben then placed his other hand under Cian's boxers and began fondling Cian's rigid six inch cock. Niall slowly slipped his boxers off and through them to the other side of the room, when he removed his boxers his naked nearly hairless body was glistening in the low light of the laptop still on in the room, his stiff uncut penis just begging out for attention.

Cian moved his body so that he was straddling Ben's waist, he leaned down and planted a soft, gentle, loving kiss on Ben's sexy lips.

With one of his hands he took hold of his brother's cock, slowly stroking him whilst still passionately making out with Ben. Cian quickly took off his boxers and Ben's also, once his pulsating 6inch cock made contact with Ben's the two boys were in heaven, they ground cock to cock, naked boy meat on naked boy meat.

Cian kissed Niall and told him to try, Cian got off Ben and Niall replaced him. Cian said he wanted to do it with Niall so Cian lay down and Niall jumped on top of his older brother.

Ben left the boys at it and went to his bag which contained his bed clothes, and some supplies. Out of the bag he took a bottle of lube, he brought it back over to the brother's who were pre occupied sucking and licking one another's necks and nipples. Ben leaned over to Niall and whispered in his ear "I want you to fuck me". Immediately Niall turned his attention back to Ben, he turned his friend's sculptured bodu to reveal Ben's little hairless bubble butt.

He bent Ben over and began to lick at his friend's hairless hole, as he was doing this Cian began sucking on his Brother's cock.

Ben was moaning in pleasure while his friend was licking his perfectly smooth, virgin asshole. Cian then licked one of his fingers and placed it deep into Ben's ass, Ben screeched in pain with the first poke but began to like it the more Cian did it.

As Cian was finger fucking Ben's ass, Niall was applying lube to his hard cock. He then took his brother's hand away from his best friend's pink hole which was now gaping. Niall lined the head of his cock with the gaping hole and inch by inch inserted real mother and son zex of his 5 inch cock into Ben's ass.

Ben was holding back his screams and gradually began to get used to his friend's cock being deep inside him. The boys were moving in unison and they both were enjoying it immensly.

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Cian moved around to Ben's front and inserted his rigid cock into Ben's waiting mouth. Cian began to quicken the pace and thrusted deep into Ben's mouth.

With Cian's six inch in his mouth and Niall's 5 inch in his ass Ben was being fucked from every angle possible. After 5 minutes of this Cian told Niall to stop, "it's my turn to fuck his tight hole now" said Cian. Niall withdrew his cock from his friend's hole and proceeded to the front of Niall. As Cian lubed his cock up, Niall kneeled down and started to suck Ben's cock. As Ben was being sucked Cian popped his slippy hard six inches inside his ass.

Immediately Ben began to scream, it seemed that 5 inches was good but six inches was nearly too much to handle. As Ben got used to having the big cock in his tight virgin hole Cian started to quicken his pace. Cian's balls slapped against Ben's tight bubble but every time he pushed forward. Ben could feel his daddy fucks partners daughter hd new year new swap fast approaching and his body began to tense, as he shot two ropes of cum into Niall's mouth, Ben's ass tensed and this set Cian off, Cian shot load after load deep into Ben's body.

Both Cian and Ben were moaning loudly. The two boys collapsed onto the bed and as Niall stud there still hard he asked "am I not gonna get to cum?" Niall was desperate to unleash the cum built up in his balls. Ben didn't say a word but just walked towards Niall and swallowed his cock whole. Niall was loving the feeling of his friend's mouth bobbing up and down on his cock, so much that within a couple of minutes he screamed "I'm gonna Cum" as he said it he unleashed three large ropes of cum into his friend's mouth.

Ben then stood up and kissed both Niall and Cian passionately. "This is the best sleepover ever" he said. The other two boys agreed and they all lay on the bed naked and drifted off to sleep. The next morning Ben woke first and woke the other two boys with a kiss on the lips.

Ben then said that they could sleep over in his house that night. The brother's agreed immediately and could not wait.!!! This is the third of a five part series about Cian, Niall, Ben and Sam. Please comment about what you think of my story.