Blonde hottie and her brunette girlfriend have lesbian sex

Blonde hottie and her brunette girlfriend have lesbian sex
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Victim #9 by Georgia Greene The room was dark aside from the camera flashes. Mr. Red sat down naked on a small chair across from the motel room bed. Tina struggled on the bed against the ropes, each limb tied to a bed post.He stroked his fat cock with a fist full of lube. In the next room, he could hear Mr. Yellow pounding in some sobbing sweetmeat. He never gagged the girls like everyone else. He just had to hear them scream.

The motel manager was a hunchbacked Indian complained from time to time, but he had a daughter about the age that Mr. Yellow likes a didn't want to cause trouble. Mr Red stood and walked to the camera.

They were old poloroid cameras so he got his picture right away. He picked up a few and got on the bed with Tina. He grabbed her chin, squeezed, and ran his thumb against the black duct tape. Eyes all red and teary poor Tina had looked better. Like the first time he'd seen her at the ice cream parlor. Or when she wore that saucy little red dress on her date last Saturday. But today she hadn't even wore make up for him. "See what you look like Tina?" She tried to look away but Mr.

Red kept her chin in his grip. Then Tina closed her eyes and he sighed. "I guess we'll have to do something else then." Mr. Red opened the night stand drawer and pulled out a large thick dildo he liked to call Stretch Armstrong.

He slapped Tina's face with it, laughed, and then pulled out a big magnum condom. Tina's eyes grew wide and she started to buck hard against the ropes but couldn't get anywhere.

Her red hair flew everywhere. Mr. Red just smiled and ripped the golden foil while the bed jumped under him. He rolled the condom on Stretch and squeezed a glob of lube on the tip. "You should feel lucky hunny. Mr. Yellow wouldn't use lube. But I'm nice." He bit his lip. Mr. White had a very serious no names rule. Now Mr. Red was angry at himself. He crept into the bed and got behind Tina, grabbing a handful of her soft trembling ass meat then drove Stretch Armstrong into her tiny pink slit.

Tina screamed but he could barely hear it through the tape, and her body stiffened. Mr. Red jammed more in and then pulled back, starting to rock the dildo back and two busty sluts have some lesbian fun masturbation brunette. His eyes bulged watching her tight snatch squeeze down. Mr. Red started touching himself again. He pulled Stretch Armstrong away and Tina dropped on the bed, finally relaxing her body and sobbing like a little girl.

Mr. Red reached over her shivering body and pulled another condom from the drawer. He faintly heard Tina whimpering no, no, no again and again. He didn't understand Tina was complaining about.

He was wearing protection. Mr. Red gripped her slender shoulders and pushed himself inside. She was tighter than he'd ever dreamed. Would he have gotten in without Stretch Armstrong's help? He started to thrust, pulling back on bella bellz youre so extra shoulders and impaling Tina on his sausage as he thrust deep. She cried and struggled but the ropes were tight.

Mr. Red used to be a boyscout. He started to ride her harder, pushing down until his slick back trapped hers against the mattress. He let go off Tina's shoulders and grabbed her hair, breathing against her neck as he stuffed her until her pussy lips wrapped around the base of his dick. Mr. Red groaned and started fucking her harder. The bed rocked and hit the wall.

Mr. Yellow pounded on the wall. "Quiet down.

Some of us are trying to cuddle." Mr. Red laughed and kept going. Tina was being a wet blanket, sobbing and laying there. He grabbed Stretch Armstrong and pressed the tip against her little rectum. That put a fire in her and Tina started to struggle again, harder than before even.

It felt so good against his cock that he almost came but kept it under control. Instead Mr. Red pushed the dildo further up Tina's asshole, watching her try to push it out, squeezing her muscles tight but it was no use. Mr. Red thrust in and out and with Tina squirming and bucking, it was almost like having a willing partner.

He moaned and stroked her hair, pushing another inch in when he needed a nice kick. Finally he couldn't take it and exploded into the condom. He pulled out and slid the rubber off. He tossed it in the waste bin and pulled out the dildo. He collected his pictures and tucked them in his sleep away bag. Then he stashed away Stretch Armstrong.

Tina trembled on the bed with both exposed orifices raw and red. She laid there defeated, just bawling. Mr. Red tried to ignore it as he put on his shorts and Tshirt. He almost felt bad. He always felt bad afterwards. "Hello room service? Yes I'm done. Yes Room 5." Pregnant milf vs bbc continue on mypornox com minutes later, two men in ski masks and gloves arrived.

One of them pushed a needle into Tina's right ass cheek and not even two minutes later she passed out, out like a light. They cut her ties and then started to fondle her breasts.

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One of them stuck a finger inside her. Most times they just picked up the girl and left and Mr. Red heard rumors the room service men took turns with the girls in the office but he had never seen it up close. These men stripped down unable to wait. Their wiry bodies didn't match the fat pudgy cocks hanging from between their legs. One pulled away the duct tape and pushed his dick in her mouth. The other was sliding it into her ass, where Stretch Armstrong had been. Mr. Red turned and left the room.

Outside it was a line of hallways. But he wasn't alone. Mr. White walked down the hall in a pink bathroom and fuzzy slippers. As usual he had his pets. Two naked young girls on leashes, one blonde and one brunette, each walking on all fours, faces towards the ground.

Mr. Red had once asked how old they were and Mr. Yellow looked him dead in the eye and said not to ask questions I didn't want to know the answer to. "Mr. Red! This is your ninth! I told the front to call me when you were done." "It's an honor, Mr. White." "Members like you make it worth it." Then Mr. Yellow started up again and his little guest started screaming. Mr. White frowned. "I keep telling him to use the tape.

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I buy so much tape from Walmart so we don't draw attention." "Yes Mr. White." "Number nine. That's a milestone. Follow me.

I want to treat you to your tenth." Mr. Red tried to play it cool. It was a special treat to be invited anywhere with the club president. He had a leisurely walk and from time to time pulled the lease on his pets, causing one of the girls head to yank back with a small yelp.

Watching the girls crawl, Mr. Red felt himself getting hard again. Their pussies were so smooth they had to be shaved and each of their little assholes were bleached. "Here's my room." Mr. White opened the door. Men sat on couches with their guests, willing little nymphets. Some sat in big hairy laps while others lips were wrapped around throbbing hard members with their owners groaning and moaning. The room was dressed up like an roman orgy with crimson drapes and candles everywhere.

The entire place stank of sex. Mr. Red felt his shorts being tugged and when he looked down there was one of his host's pets dropping them, tracing her tongue on his package before gobbling it down. Mr. White took a seat and got the same treatment from his blonde. She curled up between his legs and he strummed her little pink nipples. He palmed the back of her golden head and started to push her down, forcing his cock meat down her throat. The brunette bobbed on Mr.

Red's dick with gusto. She's had practice! But still, he only got half hard. Part of him just wanted to hold the girl down and sodomize her, right in front of everyone. Mr. White must have known this. He stood up and clapped Mr. Red on the shoulder. "Not your cup of tea? I know what might work." He raised his foot and shoved the brunette off. "Get your sister and see how the police chief is doing." The brunette scrambled away, still on all fours, and went over to the blonde girl. She mom and sun fucking story sleeping in their ear and both scuttled towards a gray haired man with mean eyes and a worse smile.

Mr. White led him to the back room and opened the door. Mr. Red stepped inside and found a beautiful young indian girl inside. Soft brown C-cups, sparkling eyes wet with tears, and hand cuffed to the headboard.

She'd wedged herself against it like a cornered animal.

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"Did you hear that the motel manager's men have been touching the girls?" "They do?" "I asked Mr. Indira, how would he feel if my club members took something that belonged to him. But he didn't listen!" He pat Mr. Red on the back and shoved him forward.

"This is Esha and I think you two would get along." "Oh I think so too." He started to move but Mr. White gripped his shoulder. "This is just a warning. Take her black cherry." With the go ahead, Mr.

Red crawled into the bed. It was so much more luxurious than the one in his room. Esha shook and whimpered, mouth covered with high grade electrical tape. She pressed against the headboard like she could pass through it. Mr. Red grabbed her leg and pulled her across the sheets. He gripped Esha's other ankle and looked down. The tangle of dark damp hair between her legs mesmerized him and he wished he could take her pussy. Mr. Red was so distracted, Esha struck out and managed to kick his nose.

He cried out and threw a fist, catching her in the right eye and taking all the fight out of her. "Sorry about that, Mr. White." He shed his bathrobe and sat in a plush red chair in the corner. "Don't apologize. It sends the message we want." Mr. Red flipped Esha on her stomach. His host hadn't offered him condoms or lube so he had to make do. He spat in his hand and rubbed the mess on his cock, smearing it on the tip and shaft before spitting on Esha's little brown asshole.

She fought like a tiger and even with handcuffs on Mr. Red had to wrestle her into submission before forcing his fat fuck stick inside. She was so tight he saw stars. Esha screamed like a banshee under him but he just pinned her shoulder blades and thrust. Mr. Red forced in as much as he could and then began to drill. "That's right. Sodomize the little bitch." Mr. White's fist worked up and down. Mr. Red was ruthless.

This was the roughest he'd ever been. Maybe it was Mr. White coaching him on or knowing he was getting something Mr. Yellow didn't. Either way, he went mad on Esha. No one would have guessed he'd just finished with another girl ten minutes ago. Her tears stained the sheets and Mr. Red's heavy balls slapped her pussy. Esha's face was tight and every time he pushed she gave a woman's tennis grunt. She was gorgeous and all his.

He fucked her for another hour before cumming. Afterwards, Mr. White walked to the bed and pat Mr. Red on the shoulder. He was occupied though, rubbing the round brown mounds he'd pumped full of his chowder. Esha sobbed and squirmed away from him. Mr. Red's only regret busty black booty babe bounces butt big tits that his cameras hadn't been set up.

Mr. White stroked himself to completion, emptying on Esha's pretty face. She closed her eyes to avoid cum running into them. "What if Mr. Indira doesn't want to do business with you now?" Mr. White smiled. "This isn't his only daughter. He won't make me angry." "I guess that's why you're the club president." "We'll meet next month. Same place, same time. A girl escort you to your car." He clapped his hands and his blonde pet opened the door wearing a tiny sexy cop outfit with high black boots.

She still had a sliver of the police chief's cum hanging from her lip. Mr. Red kissed Esha's ass cheek before crawling out of bed and getting into his shorts.

She took his big hand into hers and walked him out of the private room and past the orgy room. In the khloe capri and alexis fawx ffm threeway in shower room the room service men had packed his cameras up for him. It was the second favor they'd done him tonight. He gave some of the bags to the girl and carried the rest himself.

The night air was chilly outside the motel. Mr. Red popped his trunk and loaded the bags inside. The blonde did the same and her little skirt road up. Mr. Red shut the trunk and moved around to his door. He put the keys in and the blonde started to walk off but Mr. Red whipped around and grabbed her.

Once he got her on the ground, Mr. Red put his knee between her legs and spread them apart. She didn't have on panties so he easily pulled the elastic band down on his shorts.

He didn't know where he found the energy. Already hard, Mr. Red shoved himself inside and grabbed a fist of blonde hair as he spread the little officer open. Part of him imagined Esha's dark tangle and the forbidden fruit underneath. Except the girl under him was used to being treated this way. She took Mr. Red's cock without struggling, even spreading her little hips to swallow his girth deeper. Mr. Red finished up and left her there in the gravel. Three in one night.

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