Busty hottie plays with a stiff pecker

Busty hottie plays with a stiff pecker
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For all of you critics our there worried about "GOOD WRITING SKILLS" please take some time and read some of the writings of Mark Twain, William Faulkner or John Steinbeck. All of these authors use misspelled words, improper grammar and questionable local colloquialisms in their writing to convey mood and realism.

I am not putting myself in their class and not all hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels my writing errors are intentional but for those that are, I think I'm in pretty good company.

What's important is the STORY, please leave the structure and the grammar to the author or start criticizing "Tom Sawyer", "Go Down Moses", or "Of Mice and Men". Dating? I am a 62 year old business man who works as a consultant for some major aerospace companies and my wife owns several small companies in the northeast. We have been married for twenty years and we dated for about ten years before that. We have four children from previous marriages, two of hers and two of mine. All of the kids are out of the house now and two of them have families of their own.

My wife is 55 and a couple years ago she became very upset about what her age was doing to her body.

She complained about gaining weight, her greying hair and, what I call, the smile lines around her eyes. When I tried to tell her that it was a normal condition of growing older, she snapped my head off. She kompoz eu slapping mon and som me that I was better looking now than when she married me and that all her friends thought the same way. She said that men look more distinguished with grey hair and that I wasn't getting fat like she was.

I told her that I was flattered that she and her friends thought that way but that age has taken its toll on me also. This really set her off.

She called me a liar and accused me of lusting after her friends. I told her that I had never been unfaithful and that I loved her as much now as when we got married. This didn't help. We stopped having sex about the time she started this bout of insecurity and she eventually asked me to move into another bedroom. When I suggested that she see a therapist or that we both go to a marriage counselor she told me that there was nothing wrong with her and that I was the one with the problem.

We decided that a separation might give us some space and time to work out what we wanted to do and so I packed my bags.

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Both my wife and I each make six figures a year and own several homes and an apartment building so it was very easy for me to move into one of the vacant apartments in our building. I got a contractor and a decorator to design it to my specifications and I moved in. After about six months with little communication from my wife other than when I called to "check in", I called a divorce lawyer so I could be protected if the worst happened. I did something then that, I now know, was really significant.

I took off my wedding ring and put it on the dresser. I get my teeth cleaned about twice a year and that week I had an appointment with my dentist to get it done.

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Kathy, my dental hygienist, is a petite 49 year old who is divorced with a child in college. She and I talk about our lives and our work while she cleans my teeth. I told her that my wife and I were now separated, about my new apartment and some stories about my kids and grandkids and she regaled me with what she did on her vacation to Europe. Sometime during the appointment, I said that we had so much to talk about that we should get together without the smell of novacane and the sound of grinding teeth.

She moved over to the counter that she had her dental tools on and picked up a book. After looking through it for a second she said: "I have Saturday night free, what time would you like to pick me up" This was kind of an "off the cuff" remark but when faced with the question, all I could say was "How about seven o'clock" "Great" she said "sounds like fun" I walked out of the dentist wondering how this happened and did I really want to start dating again.

Well Saturday night came around and I was standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom looking at myself. Was I dress too casually? Should I get her flowers? I haven't been in the dating pool since the seventies, what was I supposed to do? I shrugged my shoulders and got in the car thinking that whatever happened was just fine with me. I put the directions she gave me in my GPS and set out on my date.

I got to the house at exactly seven and knocked on toilet fuck giving head then fucking and taking a facial cum load side door.

When the door opened I was tempted to ask for Kathy because the woman standing in front of me looked only slightly familiar.

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Without the pale blue scrub outfit, the hair pulled back from her face, no makeup and no eye protective headgear, Kathy was actually quite beautiful. She had some rather tight jeans on, a blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to show me some cleavage and her hair was down in a rather attractive over the shoulder look. The small bit of makeup really made her eyes pop out at me. "You look great!!!" I said with maybe a little bit too much enthusiasm.

"Thanks" she said with a smile "I'm glad you dressed casually, I thought we could go to a new local brew pub that I've been meaning to try" "Sounds good" I said as we set off for the pub.

We got to the pub and the evening went pretty much as I had thought it would. We talked about everything under the sun except, the elephant in the room, my separation. It was about nine thirty when we left the pub and I asked her if she wanted to go someplace else for coffee or a drink.

She said no that we could do that at her house and be much more comfortable. That sounded good to me so we went back to her place. curly pussy slut in underware lingerie japanese

When we got to her house, she poured us both a glass of wine and we both sat down on her couch to drink and chat some more. All the time we were talking, I was wondering if it was too soon to try to kiss sunny playgirl poses on cam softcore and amateur and so finally I asked: "Would it be OK if I kissed you" "I think you should try it and find out" she said as she took both our glasses and placed them on the coffee table.

I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. The kiss only lasted a few seconds but when it ended I felt butterflies in my stomach. When we ended the kiss we looked at each other for a second and she moved toward me and kissed me.

This was not the soft, gentle kiss that I gave her however. She put her arms around me and kissed me with the kind of passion that leads to something more. Our mouths opened and her tongue met mine and they danced back and forth while we pressed our bodies together. The kiss ended and she stood up, took the two wine glasses, handed one to me and took my hand.

She led me down the hall to what I was sure was her bedroom, moved me over to the bed and placed the two wine glasses on her bed side table. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed again. As we were kissing she reached down, unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down. With all of this going on, I had a full erection and when it sprang out of my pants she looked down and gasped.

"Oh my God" she said "Your enormous" It had been thirty years since I had been with anyone but my wife and I hadn't even thought about my size being anything but normal. I have about a nine inch penis when erect and it's very thick. When I was younger and dating the girls seemed to enjoy my size but I hadn't thought about it in years . Kathy reached down and put her hand around my cock and stroked it up and down very gently as she kissed me again and gently bit my lower lip in a very seductive way.

As she was stroking me with one hand, she unbuttoned her blouse with the other and pulled the blouse out of her jeans. I spread the blouse out with my two hands and saw that she wasn't wearing stunning sex with swarthy beautiful babe hardcore and blowjob bra. Her two breasts were beautiful, they had just a little sag, and the nipples were sticking out and hard as a rock.

I reached out, stroked each breast and, with my thumb and index finger gave both her nipples a little squeeze. This made Kathy moan and she started to stroke my cock a little faster. She pushed me back so I was now sitting on the bed and she knelt down between my legs.

After running her tongue over her lips she bent her head and put her dog dick in ass pussyfucking and fucking around the head of my cock. I was in heaven watching this beautiful woman slip my cock in and out of her mouth while her hands pumped up and down on my engorged penis.

She took me out of her mouth and licked the entire shaft while she messaged my balls and then she stood up and removed her pants. She pushed me back so I was now lying on the bed and she moved forward placing a knee on each side of my hips. I tried to move up to kiss her but she pushed me back down, grabbed hold of my cock with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other.

After rubbing the head of my cock across her, very wet, pussy lips a few times she bent her knees and pushed the head inside. "Oh God" she said as she bounced up and down a few times, "Your so fucking big" She said as I reached up and grabbed the tips of her nipples again squeezing hard. She started to lower herself down on me further with every stroke until she was about three quarters of the way down my shaft and I felt the head hit the pack of her cunt.

"I'm cummmmming" she said as her pussy started to push its juices out onto my lap and her body shook all over. This was all driving me crazy and I had to release the passion that was building inside me so I rolled her over till I was now laying on top of her and I started to trust my cock in and out of her. "You like this big cock" I said "You like me giving you my big cock" I repeated wanting her to beg me for more.

"Yes, I love it" she said "fuck me harder please" she begged "Cum inside me. I want to feel you're hot cum in me." She said as I thrust my hips faster and faster, hitting her cervix with each thrust. I couldn't hold it anymore and I let go with several long, hard streams of cum deep in her pussy.

She felt me cumming and had another orgasm herself. I fell on top of her and we held each other as I pumped my hips fucking her till my dick shrunk and fell out of her pussy. I rolled off of her and we both laid there for a few seconds till she moved down, put my cock into her mouth again and started sucking on it, cleaning all the cum from my cock and balls. When she was done, she looked up at me and held out her hand.

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She led me to the bathroom where we took a shower together and I fucked her again against the shower stall. When I finally went home at about 2AM I had mixed feelings of guilt and elation.

I felt guilty that I had cheated on my wife for the first time in thirty years but it felt great that such a beautiful woman would find me so attractive that he would want to have sex with me. Little did I know that what I remembered about women in the seventies had absolutely nothing to do with the way women acted today. More to cum