Und wieder spritzen tube porn

Und wieder spritzen tube porn
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This isn't something I ever thought I'd write out, let alone let anyone else read, but it naked and stranded teen is given a lift and sucks a dick as payment really occurred to me that anyone would want to, or that there was anyone else like me. Hell, I didn't even know I was like this before Monty.

I've been dog sitting for several months now just as a way to make a little extra money on the side. I've always loved dogs and it's nice to stay in other people's big fancy houses for a few nights, away from the real world.

I'd housesat for this particular family a couple of times before, so I already knew and loved their magnificent Rottweiler, Monty. He was about four years old and absolutely gigantic, at least 125 pounds with a soft, gleaming coat and expressive brown eyes. He liked to sit and watch me, his brow lifting and furrowing to follow my movements around the house. Of course he wasn't all grace and beauty, at times he would sit and sloppily smack his thick tongue over his massive balls. At first I was a little alarmed by those things most people neuter their dogs these days and those testicles just hung their, huge and low, swinging between his legs as he swaggered around the house.

It was my third night at the house, a Friday, and I was feeling pretty bored and a little stressed from a long week at work. I stripped off my clothes and just put on a little pink bathrobe before settling on the couch with a glass of wine.

I was just surfing through the hundreds of cable stations when I came across a porn channel. I lingered there for a while, swirling my wine. I've never been too into masturbating, but I was so wound up that I found my free hand wandering down between my legs.

I'd just gotten waxed the day before so it felt wonderfully smooth. Maybe it's just because I'm young (I'm 22), but I always get very wet very quickly, and even though the porn was cheesy bad lighting, pulsing music, absurd groaning I was dripping in minutes.

I slid out of the bathrobe and spread it across the sofa so as not to get any mess on the upholstery and set down the wine so I could use my other hand to play with my nipples: small, pink, and quick to harden.

I rolled them between my fingers while my other hand rubbed my clit quickly in a circular motion. My breath quickened and I was about to climax when Monty distracted me with one of his noisy lip-smacks. I hadn't even noticed him while I was totally engrossed with playing with myself, but he was standing quite close and his head was tilted as his big wet nose wiggled in my direction. I laughed. "Smell something new, Monty?" I asked.

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He looked at me quizzically and I laughed again. Without even thinking I held out a slick, juice-coated finger in front of his nose.

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He sniffed deeply and then smacked his lips. I held my hand a little closer and, to my surprise, he took a small lick. He seemed to think about the taste for a long time, and sniffed my finger again. Intrigued, I dipped my finger back into my pussy for more and found that it was warmer and wetter than before. I felt my fair skin flush with embarrassment. Was I actually turned on by a dog? Monty hesitated again, but not for long, before sliding his big sloppy tongue along my finger.

Even that sent a quiver between my legs. What are you doing? I thought, withdrawing my hand.

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He started panting and his warm, musky breath fell across my thigh. I hadn't orgasmed yet and I needed to, badly. My dripping juices were starting to soak through the robe. I grabbed the wine and downed the rest of it in two swallows before taking a few deep breaths. Listen, I'm not a bad-looking girl, not by a long shot. I'm thin, I have nice tits, long slender legs, a good soft ass, and a long tumble of wavy black hair.

But my life had been a little crazy and I hadn't been fucked in upwards of six months. I was a little desperate and didn't even realize it until I was laying there, my knees spread, with this huge dog in front of me, his tongue lolling.

I put my fingers in my pussy again, three of them this time, and held them out to him. He licked it up eagerly now, sending drool down my palm.

I did it again, this time holding my fingers closer to my pussy so he had to step forward to get it. The huff of his breath touching my bare cunt made me pant a little. I did it yet again, but this time I put my fingers right against my skin, and as he took that last step forward and started to lick, I slipped my fingers away and let his tongue find the source of that wet treat. I couldn't help feeling nervous that he might bite or hurt me.

You can't tell a dog how you like it. But that thought fled from my mind as soon as his long wet tongue went sliding up my ass and into my pussy. He figured out where my juice was coming from and quickened and focused his licking, dipping his tongue right into my slit with a rapid smacking sound.

I cried out audibly and gripped the sofa, my back arching as he worked. His beautiful brown eyes found my blue ones for a moment as I moaned, but he went right back to work, lapping up all my juices as fast as my body could make them.

I had to wonder if this was anything other than a little dessert for him. Did Monty understand that this was a pussy, meant to be fucked? I leaned to the side to look between his legs and saw that his dick was only just peeking out of its furry sheath. I rubbed him behind the ears with both hands and guided his mouth more firmly into my crotch. "Oh, Eager busty teen loves getting her butthole filled up I whimpered as his tongue sloshed all over and inside me, his drool mixing with my own fluid.

"You deserve some of this," I said suddenly.

I lifted my foot and stretched it back between his legs, gently placing his sheath between two of my toes as I started to slide it up and down. I had no idea if that kind of thing would do the trick for a dog, but a minute later he paused his licking and looked back at his own cock, which was sliding out bigger and bigger by the second. It was at least ten inches long and immensely thick, shiny and red and swinging down like his big luscious tongue.

He started to thrust his hips in place, at nothing. He wanted to fuck as badly as I did but didn't know how. I slid myself down further on the couch so that my crotch was against his neck and his head was over my small pale waist. I wished just then that I'd had more wine, but I wanted it so badly at that point that I new I couldn't stop now.

I pat my chest, "Up, Monty," I said. He heaved his front paws onto the couch, straddling my body, and his massive dick was poised between my legs. I just had to shift myself a little to get it just right.

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He was still panting and trying to thrust, and his cock kept hitting my thigh and then my ass. He must have known he was close because he started to speed up, so that when he finally found his mark, he rammed deep, deep into my pussy faster and harder than anyone ever had before.

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Just as I cried out in mingled pain and pleasure, he was already sliding in and out of me again and again in mad thrusts. He moved his front paws a little further forward, bringing him that much closer so that he slid in all the way and I could feel his soft hairy sheath slamming against my smooth skin as he pounded me and his big balls slapped against my ass. I knew this wouldn't last long and I was right on the edge of an orgasm. Without even thinking I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his shiny black back, pulling him into me so far that I could feel him slamming into parts of my body I'd never felt before.

Both of our juices were running down my ass and he grunted heavily as my hips tipped inward and my abdomen contracted. "Oh fuck fuck yes, good good boy," I cried as I came all over his mad, racing red cock. My legs tightened even more around him, pulling him into me, and before I knew it his fat knot, maybe the size of a tennis ball, was ramming against me and forcing its way into my pussy.

I screamed in surprise, pain, and pleasure as it pressed against my clit, hot and firm, before finally forcing its way inside me, stretching my cunt like nothing else before or erika sawajiri sex scenes from helter skelter. I rolled my hips just a little to feel the full wonder of that knot inside me as he calmed down, his work down.

Just that gentle movement over his knot, stuck in me, sent a second orgasm racing through me and I whimpered again. He waited patiently for several minutes for it to go down, occasionally bending down to lick my face as if to say, "good job" to his little bitch.

As I waited, I was already thinking of other positions and places he could fuck me, wondering what would happen if I tried to suck his cock, wondering what dog cum tasted like. Before I knew it I was cumming again, rubbing my clit furiously while my pussy was still full of his huge cock. "Thank God your owners aren't coming back for a month," I said with a deep, satisfied sigh.