Delicious latina pleasures a monster black dong

Delicious latina pleasures a monster black dong
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'Follow me, girls,' commanded Mistress Abigail. 'Don't forget that you are to hold hands with your girlfriend at all times.' They followed the Mistress, hand in hand, to the medical facility.

Entering the room, they were greeted by the nurse who instructed them to remove their clothes. Looking around, Pete saw that an assortment of large transparent bags, rubber tubes, and something resembling the teats that had been on the feeding bottles. 'I am going to instruct you on how to give your girlfriend an enema,' the nurse informed them. 'You will do this twice a day, when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night.' She had each of them apply a lubricating gel to their fingers which they then had to push into their partners anal passage, working their fingers round to ensure that the gel was well applied.

Pete found it extremely disgusting to have his finger inside another guy's anus. The nurse further instructed them to insert the rubber tubes into the lubricated passage, attach the plastic bags containing a warm soapy solution and hold them up so that the liquid filled their insides.

On removing the tubes, they were then to insert the penis shaped plugs to prevent the expulsion of fluids. They were told to keep the plugs in for 20minutes before going to the lavatory where they would remove the plugs from their partners and sit on the toilet allowing the liquid to flow out.

This process was to be repeated twice more to ensure deauxma gets her huge fake milk tits fucked their insides were clean and empty. Pete experienced severe stomach cramps each time while the fluid remained inside him and noticed how distended his stomach became.

It was a great relief when the 20 minutes were up and he was able to release the fluid from his bowels. Returning to the medical room, they were then each issued with a large butt plug which they were instructed to insert into their partner's anal passage.

'I have one further medical procedure to complete, girls,' the nurse told them. 'I want you all to bend over for me and grasp your ankles, and remain in that position until I tell you otherwise. Do not even consider disobeying me, or you will have to contend with Mistress Abigail's cane which, as you can all see, she is rather keen to find an excuse to use.' The students could see that the nurse would not tolerate any disobedience, and, as one, they all bent over.

They couldn't see that the nurse had 12 african chick gives head and rides cock outdoors pre-prepared for injections into their cheeks. They soon found out as, one by one, the nurse administered an injection into el tio se coge a su sobrina empinada cheeks of each of them.

'Both Mistress Abigail and myself noticed how aroused you became while fitting your butt plugs to your girlfriend. So you have been injected with a serum that will prevent your clitties becoming hard again when you are sexually aroused, and you will notice that the effect is virtually instantaneous.

I can administer the antidote if or when any of the Mistresses require me to, but for now, you will remain unable to achieve sexual fulfilment. This is all part of your sissy training.' 'Why was that necessary?' Pete wondered. 'It's not as if I want to have sex with any of these guys because I'm certainly not gay or bi even if this place is trying to make me be, and I certainly wouldn't want to fuck any of these so-called teachers.

They are all bitches.' Pete noticed that his cock had now returned to its flaccid state, and no matter how hard he tried to have erotic thoughts, he was unable to have an erection. 'You can all get dressed now, girls, and follow Mistress Abigail back to your next class,' the nurse told them when she had finished.

'Your butt plugs are to remain in place at all times except when you are undergoing your enema treatment.' They followed Mistress Abigail, holding hands as before. The plugs had the effect of making their hips sway as they walked, an effect that was further accentuated by their 4 inch heels. They were led to a different classroom which, instead of school desks and chairs, contained some two-seater sofas.

'Now it's time for your afternoon feed, girls,' Mistress Abigail announced. 'Make yourselves comfortable on the sofas with your girlfriends and start feeding each other from these bottles. Drink half the contents of your bottle then swap it for your girlfriend's bottle.' 'She keeps referring to Mark/Marcia as my girlfriend,' Pete said to himself.

'Neither of us are girls. I HAVE to get out of here before things go too far. I don't want to keep drinking this foul liquid and develop tits.' Mistress Abigail handed the bottles around and Pete raised his bottle to Mark/Marcia's lips then sucked hard at the bottle that Mark/Marcia held to Pete's lips. He swallowed half the liquid, then they swapped bottles and continued their feast.

But it tasted different this time. It was salty and slightly bitter. Despite the taste, they both finished their bottles. 'Well, girls, I hope you enjoyed that. Thank your girlfriend for allowing you to finish off her bottle. You will have noticed that this bottle tasted different to the one you had earlier.

That is because this one contained spunk. We have created a sperm donor programme specifically for training you to swallow a man's spunk just like a real girl would.' Pete was in the middle of thanking Mark/Marcia for sharing the bottle when Mistress Abigail stunned him with this revelation.

Momentarily, he stopped kissing Mark/Marcia only to receive a swift stroke with the cane. He quickly resumed the passionate kiss which the Mistress observed with some satisfaction.

'She's made me swallow another man's spunk,' he thought. 'The bitch! I can't take much more of this.' 'Oh I do love to see two girls kissing each other so passionately,' Mistress Abigail remarked. 'That leads us rather neatly to your next lesson, The Art Of Seduction. You have all learned how to kiss your girlfriends, and now you will learn how to become more intimate with each other.' 'You're off your head if you think I'm going to get intimate with another guy,' Pete said angrily. 'This has all gone too far and I want out of here, bitch.' 'Petra, dear, when will you learn that disobedience will not be tolerated?

You will come out here in front of the class, raise your skirt and slip your panties down. You have just earned a little session with my cane.' 'You're not laying a finger on me, bitch!' Pete spat. 'That's quite enough of that, Petra,' Mistress Abigail snapped angrily. 'If you continue with this abuse, the whole class will be punished as well…………unless some of you other girls help me to restrain Petra so that she can be properly punished for her disobedience.' Immediately, the rest of the students sprang to help Mistress Abigail for they didn't relish the thought of being caned.

They dragged Pete to the front of the class and assisted in bending him across Mistress Abigail's desk. She swiftly fastened Pete's wrists to the rear legs of her desk which ensured that Pete's rear was raised in the air as he was stretched across it. The desk was firmly anchored to the floor, so no matter how hard Pete struggled to get his wrists free, he remained firmly secured in place.

His only hope was to try to slide over to the back of the desk, but this avenue of escape was soon removed as Miss Abigail secured his ankles to front legs of the desk.

She raised his short skirt exposing his panties, which she started to stroke. 'Who would like to pull Petra's panties down? Marcia, I see that you didn't come to assist us so you can come out and do it.' Mark stood up and came to stand beside Pete. 'Pull Petra's panties down, Marcia.' Mark pulled them down as far as the bonds would allow. slutty stepmom cocksucks stepteen boyfriend blowjob and milf girls, you may each give Petra two strokes of the cane, one to each cheek, and make sure you don't hold back or you will also receive exactly the same punishment as Petra.

When you have all given her two strokes, I will give her another six. You first Marcia.

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Do not make a sound, Petra, or the punishment will be doubled.' Mark took the cane and gave Pete two swift strokes. Pete flinched as the cane landed and succeeded in making no sound. The other students all took their turn. Pete was in agony, but knew that he had to remain quiet. Eventually, the twenty two strokes by the students were over.

Now only Mistress Abigail's six strokes remained. She raised the cane and brought it down harder than any of the students had done. Pete's bum was on fire. The pain was excruciating. Five more times the cane came down. Tears ran down Pete's face, and he whimpered in agony.

But now it was over. A series of red stripes where the cane had landed were visible over his bum. Some showed signs of blood. Mistress Abigail surveyed the damage, took a tube of soothing lotion from her handbag and proceeded to massage it into Pete's cheeks.

'This will heal the wounds, Petra. It's a special formulation that will start to work almost immediately. I trust that we won't have any further outbursts from you, but you may consider yourself on a warning for your behaviour.

This means that you will be used as a guinea pig for any demonstrations I may care to make to the class for the next week.' She released Pete from his bonds. 'Pull your panties up and go and join Marcia on the sofa so that we may proceed with the lesson.' Pete pulled his panties up and felt the pain as they slid over his marked bum. He returned to the sofa and sat down gingerly. As his bum touched the seat, he felt the pain once again, although it had diminished a little in intensity.

'Now, girls, we will continue with our lesson on The Art Of Seduction. Petra, you and Marcia can kick off the demonstration for the class.

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First, you will put your arm around your girlfriend and kiss her deeply and sensuously. Make us all believe that you are in love. Next, Petra will say Darling Marcia I love you very much and Marcia will say the same to Petra. As you continue to kiss, you will start to explore each other's bodies with your free hand starting with her breasts, unbuttoning her blouse, undoing her bra, pinching and pulling her nipples until I give you your next instruction.

Begin now.' Pete was absolutely horrified and disgusted at what he'd been told to do, but he didn't want to be punished again. Reluctantly he followed Mistress Abigail's instructions as he felt Mark's arm go around his shoulder. As Mark's lips pressed against Pete's, he parted them and allowed Mark's tongue into his mouth once again. He still didn't like being kissed by and having to kiss another guy, but he gave in and allowed it to happen.

'Darling Petra, I love you so much.' 'I love you very much too, Darling Charlie and montana gunn were supposed to star in tongues entwined and it appeared that they were eating each other's faces.

'Excellent, girls, keep it going,' said Mistress Abigail. 'Class observe and learn.' Mark was getting well into it now, and he started to kiss Pete with greater intensity.

Pete was totally resigned to letting it happen. He felt Mark's hand on his blouse undoing the buttons. Automatically, he started to do the same to Mark. Mark moved his arm from Pete's shoulder down his back and deftly unclipped Pete's bra. He opened Pete's blouse and pushed his bra up so that he had access to Pete's hard nipples. He pinched each one in turn as he continued to kiss him. Pete was ashamed to find that he was becoming aroused, and returned Mark's kisses with equal ferocity.

He fumbled with the buttons on Mark's blouse, eventually managing to undo them and expose Mark's red bra which he pushed up without trying to unfasten it. 'Ooooh Petra!' Mark exclaimed as he felt Pete's fingers pulling at his left nipple. 'Yes, Marcia, yes, yes, yes,' gasped Pete. 'I want you, darling.' He was getting carried away with lust for a guy dressed as a girl.

Without waiting for an instruction from Miss Abigail, he put his hand on Mark's thigh and moved it up under his skirt.

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Mark's thigh felt as smooth as any girl's thigh. Pete's hand travelled further up, reached the top of Mark's stocking, moved across bare flesh and reached his panties. He felt Mark's hand do the same. They stroked each other's panties desperate to achieve an erection. But the injections the nurse had given them prevented this from happening. 'That was very hot, girls,' Mistress Abigail told them. 'Please don't stop.

Class, I want the rest of you to copy Petra and Marcia and continue until the bell rings for the end of school.'