Pure xxx films corrupt police woman with huge tits

Pure xxx films corrupt police woman with huge tits
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I took my wife, Susan, out to go dogging last nig had said that she wanted to try it but, up to now only given one bloke a blow job and been stopp "servicing" two other men by an inconsiderate p who parked right opposite us and put her off.

We pulled into a car park brother and sister blair williamson is well known for locally and there was one other car present. I p next to it and the chap got out after a few minut looking at Susan. He stood by the side of the car soon scared off when another car pulled in, clim into his car and just sitting, looking across at he second car (a man on his own) saw that there w woman in my car and pulled up the other side o Before anything could happen more cars pulled on seeing Susan, parked up around the car park "I'm scared now," she whispered, "Let's go." I pulled out of the car park and drove about a m another car park, also known for dogging.

I pull the far end where there is a pair of parking spac each other but separated from the rest of the ca bushes. "We'll wait here for a minute or two and see wha happens." I told her. A car came from the direction of the car park w in and pulled in, followed in the next couple of by all the other cars from the other car park. It quite as scary as the other car park as it is more lighter (Susan is not too keen on the dark!).

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A couple of the guys got out and walked up to th where we were and back to their cars again. "Why don't they come up and talk to me, or at l their cocks at me?" asked Susan. "They're probably as scared as you are," I replie expose themselves and you report them they wi deep doo-doo!" I reached up and flicked the interior light on, th straight off again. It was lit for less than half a s the effect was immediate!

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Eight guys were lined alongside the car looking at Susan through the just a couple of seconds! She sat there, looking out at them as she finishe cigarette. When she'd finished she tapped me o this was usually her sign that she wanted to go. "Do you want to go?" I whispered. Her answer was to put her hand on the window flicked the ignition key on and she put her wind Five hands came through the open window and feel her up, caressing her shoulder, tits and bell back in the seat and one hand felt down to her f although she was wearing her trousers still.

She lifted up her bum and slid her trousers and down to her ankles and lay back again. A hand her fanny and within a few seconds fingers were in and out of her.

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I could tell she was well turne the wet slurping noises that the fingers were m they flashed in and out of her, now very juicy, lo She reached up and unlocked the door and ope little. Bodies moved and the door was opened t the way. She reached out to the nearest cock an it into her mouth, the owner sighing as monster black pole for a sexy whore suck She is a really good cock-sucker and doesn't like a drop of cum either, not that the chap had cum though!

She let that one go and took another on mouth, giving him a "taste" of what was availabl she moved onto a third one. As she took it in he she gasped. "That's a nice big one!" she exclaimed as she low mouth to it. Three of the guys decided that they weren't goin look in as there was no room for them to get clo they went back to their cars and drove away. After taking each of the five remaining cocks in for a couple of minutes each, Susan asked if any wanted to do anything else.

One of the guys spo that he would love to fuck her and there were m of agreement from the rest of them. He quickly condom as Susan removed her trousers and pa she stood outside the car leaning in, onto the se guy see jenna licks on kates pussy while sniffing the condom on slid his cock into her an away for a couple of minutes then he thrust in S grunted as he filled the condom with his spunk.

out and thanked her and was followed by anoth who was a lot taller, the first guy having been q "You have got a condom on haven't you?" I aske "Yeah," was the reply as he tried to line up with juicy fuck tunnel. "Damn, I can't get the right an it in!" Susan asked if he wanted her to turn over to whi replied yes. She lay across the front seat but the still couldn't get his cock into her in a position th comfortable so he got off her, pulled the condo Susan sucked him until he shot his hot spunk do throat.

She swallowed every drop, as she always she hates to waste tasty sperm! The two guys who had cum walked off leaving th there with their cocks out. Susan want around t turn giving a few minutes of head to each. Susan apologised for the inability to fuck at the car as i difficult through window i spied my sister masturbating in living room get it in due to height differences (all guys were taller than her and she had had the d with the other guy, who wasn't as tall as they we them suggested that we move back to the other and go to a picnic table at the edge of the wood She pulled her trousers on and we followed the to the other car park.

Susan got out and followe guys down to the table, I followed them once I h parked the car and got some condoms in my po case anyone wanted to fuck her but hadn't got o By the time I got to the picnic table, you know t benches attached to sit on and a table to eat off, was naked and was bent over dad and son fucking fat mom table being fu rather energetically, from behind by the bloke w she had commented on! She was panting and e the odd low moan, showing that she was enjoyi One of the other guys was stood to one side wit out watching the action, the other was stood a li away, watching and wanking.

I turned Susan's h toward the closer guy and motioned him to com table. He got the idea and knelt on the bench. S his hard member into her mouth and sucked it was being fucked from behind at the same time. After about 5 minutes "Big-Cock" (his stamina w something else!) pulled out and turned Susan ov was on her back and bent to lick her.

He did this minutes, sucking on her large, yummy, clit and g all juicy, then he re-entered her, fucking her fac The force of his thrusts had her sliding on the ta much that she couldn't keep the other bloke's c mouth so she let him go (thankfully one of them a large overcoat on the table so she had a bit of "comfort").

The third bloke was still just standin watching all the action and still wanking, well, w floats your boat! The chap who Susan had been sucking played wi breast that was his side of the table and I played other whilst "Big Cock" rammed her for all he wa Eventually "Big Cock" pulled out, apologising for able to cum as the normal-sized condom was "s his massive cock.

Yes it really was that thick, I lo could see where the band at the base of the con cutting into his hard rod. He took the condom o Susan sucked him until he came, swallowing his most of it, she told me later that he came so mu some leaked out and ran down her chin! Susan then moved on to the guy she had been s while bent over the table but, unfortunately, he "gone off the boil" and couldn't get it hard again she was trying to get him hard with her mouth a pulled into the car park and stopped.

A couple o later a man came around the bushes with his ha trousers. He saw Susan naked on the bench and straight up to her. He got his hard dick out and to her. She stopped trying to revive the flaccid c was in her mouth and moved on to this hard on had been virtually shoved in her face.

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She was a little disappointed when the man sho after just a few seconds of mouth work but she s swallowed it all down. The man put his dick awa walked off, not even saying "thank you"! I almost him to bring him back to, at least, say thanks bu honesty, I was too dumb-struck to do anything. Susan then took the last guy in her mouth. She all for quite a while but the guy just couldn't cu end he slid his rampant member from her mout stood sideways on to her, stroking his cock furio watched her stroke her tits.

When he eventually load it spurted out with such force that it landed five feet away! "Good job that wasn't in my mouth," quipped Su when we were on the way home, "It would have the back of my head off!" With everyone (except me) sated or unable to co (poor chap), Susan got dressed and we stayed at picnic table for a while chatting.

"Big Cock", who was well into the dogging scene, advice and pointers on what to do or not to do a basically, agreeing with what I had said to Susan the dos and don't s of dogging and it's etiquette. while we all said mason clutches her cheeks with both hands good-byes and returned to We drove home and I had the best sex session Susan for a long time.

It seemed that a new spar been lit in her as she fucked my brains out with condom in site.

There was a smell of condom when I licked her and sucked her lovely large clit orgasmed but I don't mind the smell or taste of in fact I have quite a thing for rubber