Horny hot milf gets pounded hard by a big dick driver

Horny hot milf gets pounded hard by a big dick driver
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Kate realized that having two jobs made it very hard to find time during the week to date By Thursday, she couldn't wait for the weekend to come around. Most of the day on Friday, she was so horny that each encounter with a client had her daydreaming about what he or she would be like in bed.

Kate chastised herself for letting her sex drive so completely control the rest of her life. Saturday, Kate ran all of the errands she had been putting off during the week and then started to plan the rest of the weekend. Kate wanted to meet someone who she could enjoy, both sexually and maybe in real life too. Just going out to get laid was getting old. Kate remembered seeing a sign for a festival in the next town.

She decided to check it out. Dressed very casually in her best fitting jeans, no panties (which she never amateur teen gets her sweet pussy fucked, and a little cami that accentuated her shape, she drove over to the festival grounds. After a stroll around to see all of the booths and the carnival games, Kate headed for the beer garden. There was a polka band playing on a small stage and a bar on the other end. There were several dozen people at the bar and small groups occupied a few tables.

Kate headed to the bar and ordered a beer. The young man sitting two chairs down started talking to her and moved his beer to sit next to Kate.

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He introduced himself as Jim. Jim apparently liked to talk and began to tell Kate all about himself. Here and there he would ask Kate her opinion about something like hunting or fishing. Jim enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors.

Kate explained that because she was almost always working, she didn't get to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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Jim suggested they buy a few beers and go for a walk. He wanted to show her something. They left the bar and Jim led Kate down a path behind the beer tent. Jim explained that he had grown up around here and knew of a little place back in the woods. After walking and talking for a few minutes, the woods opened up into a small clearing with soft grasses and a small stream running through it.

Jim and Kate sat down. Kate started to think Jim was going to talk her to death. Then Jim turned and asked Kate if she had ever made love outside. She had to confess that she hadn't. Jim moved closer and took Kate in his arms and began to kiss her deeply. Kate could feel the warmth start building from her cunt upwards.

Jim took off his flannel shirt and laid it out like a blanket. He took off Kate's cami and laid her down on the shirt. Jim suckled both of her nipples gently and kissed a trail down her belly. He undid her jeans and slipped them off too. Kate lay on the grass totally naked. She noticed a cool breeze that was in great contrast to the warmth she filth makes adorable hottie jump on cock feeling.

Jim picked up the trail of his kisses on her belly and found Kate's clit.

His fingers found the moisture beyond. His tongue was probing and licking her clit. He stopped for a moment and removed his boots, socks and his jeans. Now both of their totally naked bodies were pressed together. Kate realized that Jim was very well endowed and that he was obviously hard and as heated as she was. Jim moved between Kate's legs and began to put his huge tool into Kate's wet pussy.

Kate did not seem relaxed enough to take his mass. Jim repositioned and moved his fingers back to try to relax her cunt enough to take him.

Jim worked his fingers in and out, first two then three. He was kissing her mouth and her tits the whole time. When he thought she was ready he moved back between Kate's legs. Jim pushed his great mass into Kate. Kate seemed to whimper just a bit at the size. Sex tow girl one boy noticed that unlike a bed, the ground did not give at all when Jim pushed into her, making every thrust seem deeper and harder.

Kate wrapped her legs around Jim to keep him from pushing too hard and started to totally enjoy the way he felt inside her. Jim grabbed Kate's legs and pushed her knees almost to her shoulders. He started pumping frantically in and out of Kate's totally stretched pussy. Kate orgasmed, then again and again. Jim rolled Kate over and fucked her doggie style, hard. Kate was oblivious to her surroundings and hadn't slutty brunette is down for some anal pornstars cumshots that another man had entered the clearing.

He took off his clothes and knelt down in front of Kate. He was not as large as Jim was and Kate began to suck his cock.

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Watching Kate give this wonderful blowjob made Jim finally let loose and fill her with his hot cum. Jim introduced the second man as Paul. Jim pulled out and started rubbing Kate's tiny asshole with his fingers. Back and forth to her pussy making sure it was well lubed. Kate stopped sucking and told Jim there was no way he was putting that huge cock in her ass. Jim told her he wasn't going to and that Paul was there for just that reason.

Jim practically lifted Kate while Paul repositioned himself on the makeshift blanket. Jim positioned Kate and slowly pushed her down until Paul's cock entered her anal opening. Jim suckled her breasts as her ass became more relaxed around Paul cock. Then Jim put his fingers into Kate's cunt. Kate started to gyrate on Paul's cock and Jim moved to enter her pussy. Kate heard herself moaning as Jim was pumping in and out and Paul had grasped her hips and was moving her up and down.

Kate's orgasm started beautiful busty blondes double penetration and pussy licking chain reaction, Jim filled her pussy with hot cum as Paul filled her ass with his. The three collapsed and lay on the grass spent. Kate had to admit that sex outside was exciting as the breezes became noticeable again. Jim led Kate to the edge of the stream and pulled her along as he waded into it.

Paul followed and they all sat down in the stream.

Kate let the cool water cool down her body. Kate, Jim and Paul splashed water over each other.

When they had all cooled and cleaned up a bit. They returned to the grassy area and dressed. Jim left the flannel shirt on the grass because it was drenched in all of their juices. They enjoyed a beer and returned to the festival grounds. Kate said her good-byes and actually left her phone number with Jim.

Kate thought this time she really wanted Jim to call her again as she headed to her car and drove home.