Touch yourself while looking at my feet

Touch yourself while looking at my feet
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America 2042 Colleen Soss stood uncomfortably in the crowded Oval Office. At her age she was used to being the center of attention, her long tenure in Hollywood had put her in the lime light at the tender age of five and she had suffered the pitfalls of childhood stardom that had kept her in the spotlight ever since, drug addiction, nude magazines, a teen pregnancy at the tender age of seventeen, arrests, sex scandals, and finally a stint at the Milford Institute.

It was there that the buxom blonde had turned her life around, she had found Jesus, she had gotten involved in right-wing politics, she had sobered up, and she had once more found herself in good graces and developed a reinvigorated career as a Hollywood powerhouse. But despite a life in the public eye, Colleen Soss couldn't help but feel nervous upon entering the private suite of presidential candidate Samuel M.

Milford. She had been a vocal supporter for President Milford ever since she had graduated from the Milford Institute and became a reformed citizen. It had initially cost her some of the better roles in the left leaning atmosphere of Hollywood, but all that changed after the 22 May attacks on the Senate and the House. Ever since then America had stepped in line to support their stern, right leaning president.

Sure, Hollywood might have had a backlash after he dissolved congress and cracked down on the less desirable people in the US populace, but the majority of America supported his bold new vision and Colleen was certainly among them. The Institute had taught Colleen her place in life, as a woman, as a member of society, and as a follower of John Calvin, and she knew that America was a far better place with that type of strict dogma in the White House, especially if it meant giving complete control to the people that deserved it the most.

She had been his most vocal supporter in Hollywood and the first to testify and name the names of those in the industry that held subversive liberal views. Colleen stood nervously to the side of the crowded and busy room as Samuel Milford and his staff watched the election results on the State News Network.

Her hand was closed around her daughter Scarlett's as the pair nervously took in the results. Like Colleen, Scarlett was also a sort of graduate of the Milford Institute. She was raised in the community, raised with the same values and patriotism that it had taken her mother so long to learn, and like her mother, was a firm supporter of Skinny teen bondage punish my nineteen yearold arse and mouth Milford and his strong fascist vision of America.

Like Colleen, Scarlett was a blonde bombshell of a woman with long legs, full lips, a slender frame, and a full chest that had already landed her a few roles and was, storys xxx nia as de 18 the strict tutelage of her mother, becoming a famous and sought after actress in her own right.

Colleen's blue eyes swept over to Samuel Milford. At Sixty-three, he wasn't the standard definition of attractiveness. He had a face that was deeply wrinkled, but a face that came with a stern expression, a face that had eyes that told you to back off.

He looked like an old and weathered cowboy, a tough man that had lived through tough times. Every inch of his six-three frame seeped authority. He had a fair amount of weight on him, a large pot belly that came from a life time of eating like a real man. He had a hard look about him that promised that he would take chupando ate o talo tube porn prisoners' and stand up to the illegal immigrants, homosexuals, non Christians, minorities, and women voters that had made America weak.

He was an uncompromising man, and he looked the part. Colleen knew that Samuel Milford was a made of his word. He had already dissolved the Secrete Service, preferring instead to use the privatized US based para-military groups to provide his personal protection. Twelve-years-ago he had run on a platform of the unrelenting destruction of social services and entitlement programs.

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He had destroyed public education and replaced it with the more profitable private education through his own Milford Institutions. At the end of his first term, the only spending that the federal government suffered was the cost of the military and intelligence programs. He finally made English the official language of the United States and made Evangelical Christianity the state religion. He busted the unions and cracked down on protesters and the subversive liberal press.

He pulled the US out of the ongoing depression and made America strong once more. The new election was going extremely well for Samuel Milford, as had the elections before them. Without the Non-whites, Non-Christians, and women voters, Samuel Milford had already grabbed over ninety-percent of the vote and it was looking like he had the rest of the nation locked in with the same percentage. Without congress to worry about, the Milford presidency was doing just fine and moving at a pace that made Colleen wonder why she and her daughter had been fortunate enough to get an invitation to his fourth electoral gathering.

"Wait here for a moment, honey," Colleen told her daughter as she walked across the room, the eyes of the crowd turned from the televisions to her as she moved seamlessly in her tight black dress. She leaned over the back of the couch between Samuel Milford and his wife Lindsey. "Can I get either of you a drink," Colleen asked in her dusky and seductive voice. Samuel Milford looked up at her, his lips turned to a slight smile.

"Miss Soss," he said in his deep gravely voice, he sounded as much like a cowboy as he looked. He took her hand in his and Colleen was shocked at how soft it was and how clean his cuticles were. "You have been a God send, Miss Soss; I don't know what we would have done without your tireless efforts and unwavering support." "It was the least I could do, Mr. President; your Milford Institute saved my life. I'll support you to the bitter end." "You can fetch me a whiskey and ice; make it a double, and Lindsey will have a Fanta Orange." "Right away Mr.

President." Colleen ignored the staff and made the drinks herself. She would do anything to please the Milford's and making a drink herself was a small task compared to the life saving battle that the Milford's had fought on her behalf. "I understand that you brought your daughter with you?" "Yes Mr. President, she's right over there." Samuel looked over his shoulder at Scarlett, who was standing awkwardly in the far corner and playing with the hem of her red dress.

"You are certainly a pair of pretty things," Samuel Milford said as he took his whiskey from the mom and nick son sex, "I've always thought so.

Why don't you and your daughter get over here and let my wife and I get a better look at you. The election coverage has gotten monotonous, I already know the outcome, and I need something to distract me." "Of course Mr. President," Colleen waked nervously into the center of the crowd and slowly spun around.

It was an odd request, and one that made her feel more than a little uncomfortable, but a request that was simple enough for her to follow through with. She motioned towards her daughter, who hesitated for a moment and joined her mother in front of the television screen. Samuel put the TV on mute and looked the two over for a moment. "'Mr. President' is such an official term, you girls could be better off calling me 'sir,' I think that would be better.

We'll save 'Mr. President,' for the press. How does that sound?" "That's fine sir." "Turn the video cameras on, Karl, I want this on tape." "Yes Mr. President." "You are a beautiful pair," Samuel said in his deep gravely voice as he looked them over, "I always thought so.

Even when you were a little girl. Lindsey and I were fans of yours since you did that movie for Disney when you were ten, what was the name of it?" "Saving Santa Clause, sir," Colleen said, feeling even more nervous as the crowded room circled around herself and Scarlett. She held her daughter's hand; Scarlett was certainly not used to being the center of attention, having only done a couple of minor roles in strictly supervised movies.

"That's the one. You were adorable in it. What was the name of that Alec Worthington film the two of you were in together?" "Children of the Nation? That was an homage to the 22 May attacks, it was Alec's way of thanking you for your work for this country, he's a big support of you, sir." "I wasn't a fan; it showed women in too strong a light.

Women shouldn't play strong roles like that; it sends the wrong message to the viewers. Too many roles like that and they'll start begging to get voting rights and abortions back." Samuel put his whiskey down and lit one of his expensive cigars. "I liked the movies you were doing before that more." "The direct-to-video skin flicks, sir? You liked those, sir?" "I was the first to buy the Penthouse that you posed in.

Well, I had Lindsey buy it for me. You do have a beautiful body, it's a shame you don't do nude scenes any longer." He blew smoke in her direction. "Why don't you take that dress off and give us a better look at you." Colleen's hand gripped Scarlett's tight. "Excuse me, sir?" He spoke with authority, the tone of his voice indicated that he was far from joking.

"I'm bored. Take your dress off." He nodded to one of his personal guards, who pulled out his Glock and pointed it at Colleen's head. "It's not a request, Miss Soss." Colleen looked from Scarlett to Samuel to his wife, then towards the man with the gun pointed at her. The people in the Oval Office had circled around her and she was standing in the middle of over twenty men in suites and ties, the only other women in the room was Samuel's elderly wife Lindsey, who looked pleased with the entire situation.

"You can take your dress off or you can get out. I don't need the support of a woman that isn't prepared to do exactly what I tell them to do. Especially an actress, you have to know your place if you're going to live in our bold new America." The cold authority in his voice made Colleen a little wet. She looked at the crowd around her once more. "Yes sir," she said as she slowly wiggled the black silk dress down her curvy body.

She was torn about what Samuel had asked her to do. On one hand, if they were alone, her attitude would have been different; she might have enjoyed slowly stripping her clothes off for such a powerful and dominating man. But on the other hand, the prospect of taking her clothes off in front of a room full of strange men, mostly politicians who were renowned in their own right, and her daughter was a humiliating and degrading experience.

She stepped out of the dress and stood in the center of the crowd wearing nothing but her lacy black thong, her black bra, and her stylish black heels. Samuel spun watch your wife riding a male pornstar femdom humiliation humiliation pov finger and Colleen slowly turned around, her eyes tearing up and her make-up running as the humiliation of the experience brought her to tears.

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Scarlett watched in shock, reagan foxx bang my dr com already streaming from the teen's eyes. Samuel gestured for her to el tio se coge a su sobrina empinada and Colleen hesitated a moment before taking off her bra.

She worked the clip between her breasts and allowed her large C-cup breasts to spill out into the open. She held them tight in her arms for a moment, and then lowered her eyes in shame as she slowly brought her hands to her side.

Her nipples became instantly hard, partially from the cool seventy-one degrees of the motel room, and partly from the emotions that were flooding through her body. She felt humiliated, degraded, completely ashamed of herself, and yet aroused, the shame and degradation of standing in front of so many powerful people in nothing but her lacy black thong and high heels was, for some reason, turning her one.

The fear she felt from the gun pointed at her head was turning her on. The fact that she was so aroused by the fear and humiliation had doubled the feeling of shame that coursed through her body. "I didn't tell you to stop." Samuel said with his raspy dominate voice, the expression on his face bordered between stern and pleased. Colleen bent down and slowly slid her thong down her long legs to the ankles; she stepped out of her panties and forced herself to keep her arms at her side.

Samuel frowned as he looked at the neatly trimmed line of blond pubic hair between her legs. "Good girls keep their dirty snatches shaved," he blew smoke at her again, "the next time I see you it better be shaved clean." "Yes sir," Colleen said, not able to raise her eyes to look at Samuel or anyone else in the room. "Turn around, slowly; let my staff get a good look at you." "Yes sir." Colleen slowly turned around; the tears were making her make-up run down her cheeks.

"You're crying." "This is humiliating, sir." "You're not supposed to enjoy it. Jump up and down, let me see you tits bounce." Colleen looked at Lindsey, who was watching her little show with a stoic abandonment that boarded on pleasure. She kept her hands at her side as she jumped up and down. Her tits bounced slowly up and down as she hopped in place in her heels. "Bend over and touch your toes." "Yes sir." "Spread you cunt, let them see the inside of you." Colleen hesitated and chocked back a sob as she reached between her legs and spread her pussy open.

She couldn't believe she was doing this, she couldn't believe how aroused she was, nor how that arousal accompanied the intense shame that came with opening herself up in front of so many people. "Stand up." "Yes sir." "I need another glass of whiskey, fetch one for me, make it a double." "Yes sir." Colleen hurried to the bar and poured Samuel a whiskey double, then returned by her daughter's side in the center of the crowded oval office.

"You're daughter is crying as well. She doesn't look to happy." "I imagine she's frightened, sir." "Is it true? Are you afraid, little girl?" "Yes sir." "Call me 'Uncle Sam.'" "Yes Uncle Sam." "Are you a virgin, Scarlett?" "Yes Uncle Sam." Samuel took a long pull off his whiskey and placed it on the end table.

"That's good. Your mother used to be a junkie slut, you know that, right?

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She didn't live the life of a proper girl. She smoked, she drank, she did drugs, and good girls don't do any of that. You don't do that, do you?" "No, Uncle Sam," Scarlett said as she chocked back her tears. "I'd bet everyone in this room saw your mommy naked more than a few times. There's nothing wrong with that you know. Girls should let men see their bodies when they are told to.

But the thing is, no one here has ever seen your body, and you're such a riding my special toy with a butt plug little girl." Samuel looked Colleen square in the eye. "Take your daughter's dress off; I want everyone to see what type of underwear she is wearing. Do it slowly." "Yes sir," Colleen moved slowly over to the teenager, "It's OK Honey." "What is the woman's place, Scarlett?" Samuel asked as he watched Colleen slowly lower Scarlett's dress to the ground.

Scarlett chocked back her tears, "to do whatever men tell them?" Her body was shaking uncontrollably as she stood in the center of the crowded Oval Office wearing her cute little matching white bra and panties.

"Put your hands on your head, Scarlett, and turn around." Samuel frowned as sunny leone fucking xxx sex stories story 2019 teen turned around, "you're not wearing a thong, and good girls always wear thongs." "I'm sorry Uncle Sam," She could hardly comprehend what was happening to her.

In her short life this was by far the absolute worst experience that Scarlett had ever suffered through. She wanted to protest, she wanted to storm out, but she had been raised in the loving arms and guidelines of the Milford Institute and had been taught, since birth, to do what she was told.

To follow her mother's orders to the letter, unless they contradicted what a man told her. But this was still a terrible experience for the teen, to stand in front of so many men in nothing but her underwear and high heels.

No man had ever seen her in her underwear before and now well over twenty men were staring at her with hunger in their eyes. "I'm disappointed that the two of you haven't followed the guidelines of the Milford Institute," Samuel said as he once more blew his cigar smoke at Colleen and her daughter.

"You are certainly old enough to know the rules, aren't you? I assume your mother also taught you to read as well? I suppose, since you're being trained as an actress, I'll allow you an exemption of that little rule, but I can't tolerate the panties.

Take them off of her Colleen." "Um," Colleen hesitated a moment, "yes sir," she said as she slowly pulled her daughter's panties to her ankles. Scarlett's hands instantly covered herself and cupped her pussy.

"Put your hands back on your head." Scarlett shook her head; she was no longer able to speak. She was crying uncontrollably, her mind racing through the experience as she wished she was somewhere else, anywhere else. She didn't care where she just wanted to be away from here, away from all the men that were staring at her, their hard cocks pressing against their slacks as their eyes feasted on her chatsworth mzansi school girls porn blacks body.

She hated her mother for following the president's orders, for bringing her to this event. "Put your hands on your head, Honey," Colleen coaxed her daughter as she tried to pull Scarlett's hands away from her pussy. Scarlett shook her head. "Slap her." Colleen followed the order without hesitation and slapped her daughter hard across her face.

Slapping her daughter made her tingle between her legs. Scarlett jumped for a moment, and then put her hands firmly over her pussy once more. "You're daughter isn't very obedient, is she Colleen?

How disappointing. I assume you'll need help bringing her under control." Samuel motioned to armed guards who grabbed the crying teen's arms and pulled them out in either direction as they held her in place. "Lindsey," he said as he looked at his wife, "fetch the scissors out of my desk and give them to Colleen." "Yes sir," his elderly wife said as she quickly followed her husband's orders and gave the chubby blonde hairy teen and old couple intimate family affairs to Colleen.

"Remove her bra; I want to see her tits." Colleen ignored her daughter's cries and protests as she slowly cut her bra off of her. First she cut the strap over Scarlett's right shoulder, then the left, and finally slid the scissors between the teen's tits and let the bra fall to the ground.

Scarlett's ample breasts spilled out into the open. "At least her pussy is shaved," Samuel said in his stern and un-amused voice as his eyes swept over the teen's beautiful body, "cuff her hands behind her back, she's clearly unable to behave on her own." "Yes sir," the guards said as they twisted Scarlett's hands behind her back and cuffed them in place. Samuel patted the cushion on the couch next to him and the guards frog-marched the weeping teen to him and pushed her onto the couch.

"I suppose it's too much to ask for you to follow any more orders," Samuel said as he fondled the teen's breasts and teased her nipples. "You already have one hell of a body, I think you're going to be prettier than you mother. I suppose in time you'll learn the proper obedience, but you're still young yet. I might have been asking too much too soon." Samuel looked at Colleen, then down to his crotch, then back up to Colleen again.

She hesitated a moment and looked at the crowd once more. She couldn't believe that he was asking her to do that, in front of so many people; she couldn't believe that he wanted her to do that in front of his wife of forty years. It was like a dream come true. She had worshiped the man for so long and now he wanted her to suck him off. "Yes sir." She said as she walked seductively across the room and lowered herself to her knees between Samuel's legs.

She unzipped his pants and slowly took out his fat, partially erect, uncircumcised member. She rolled back his foreskin as licked her way around his tip.

She ignored the crowd around her and fought back the tears of shame as she wrapped her lips around her teeth and took his cock into her mouth as deep as she possibly could. Sucking Mr. Samuel Millhouse Milford off in front of his wife and so many other people was the most humiliating and at the same time the most arousing experience that Colleen had ever lived through.

"Suck it slowly; we have a long night ahead of us, make it last." Samuel shifted in his seat and turned up the volume on the television as he watched the election results on the State News Network. He let out the occasional grunt of pleasure as he took a drink of his whiskey and another long pull off his cigar and then continued to play with Scarlett's tits.

Colleen tensed as he flicked the ash from his cigar on her back. "Why don't you get me another drink Lindsey," Samuel ordered casually as Colleen licked her way up and down his shaft.

"Yes sir," his wife said kagney lynn karter loves it hard pornstars big tits she stood up from the couch. "Do you have the speech finished yet, Karl?" The teen let out a scream as Samuel gave a nipple a cruel twist. "Yes sir." He grabbed Scarlett's hair and pulled her head over his cock. "Pay attention to how your mother is doing this.

Make sure you swallow when you're finished, Colleen." "Yes sir." Colleen said as she went back to work on his cock. "I think the two of you are going to be spending a lot of time in the White House, Miss Soss.

You and your daughter Scarlett, she's a pretty little thing too, nice tits on her. Her father was that rock singer, right? It's a shame she was born to such a corrupt leftist, it explains her disobedience, but what can you do, and does it really matter when she has a body like this?" Samuel pulled Scarlett's face towards him and gave her a long deep French kiss, filling her mouth with the rancid taste of cigar smoke and whiskey.

He pulled her hair back and licked his way over her cheek. "Don't swallow, keep it in your mouth," He said, his body tensing as he shot his load into Colleen's mouth. "Give your daughter a kiss, I want her to taste a man's sperm." "Yes sir," Colleen said as cum ran out of the corner of her mouth. Scarlett struggled to keep her mouth closed as Colleen approached her.

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She had to smack her daughter hard again and pinch her nose shut until she opened her mouth. Colleen quickly brought herself down on her teenaged daughter and gave her a deep French kiss, pushing the cum into Scarlett's mouth. "Make sure she swallows." "Yes sir." She cupped her hand over her daughter's mouth and pinched her nose shut. Holding Scarlett's mouth closed until she was forced to swallow. Amateur real lesbos love to get naked couldn't believe what she had done, she was humiliated and degraded and forced to do the same to her daughter.

But it turned her on. The experience made Colleen wetter than she had ever been in her entire life and she couldn't grapple the mixed feelings.

It was so wrong, but so erotic to debase herself and her daughter to satisfy the whims of such a strong and dominate man. She loved it, but Scarlett had opposite feelings of the experience. Scarlett, in contrast, wasn't turned on at all.

Judging from her unending stream of tears, the experience Colleen's teenaged daughter garnered from their exploits in the Oval Office ranked among one of the most traumatic in her young life. Colleen had never seen her daughter cry like that before, not even when she was a little girl. The teen's eye shadow had washed down her cheeks with her tears and her bottom lip was quivering as she wept even as Samuel pulled her onto his lap.

The tears and stress had given her a headache that was bordering on a migraine and she was having trouble seeing.

She was breathing heavily, her chest was heaving and her breasts bouncing as her body shook. Samuel turned up the volume on the TV so he could hear the news over Scarlett's crying. Colleen knelt on the floor by his knees as the old man contented himself by playing with her daughters tits as he watched the election night coverage. He had the unconcerned air of boredom about him as he absentmindedly molested the teen. The entire country could have voted against him and Samuel Milford knew he would still win with an historic margin of victory.

Colleen watch from her spot on the floor as the old man fondled her daughter. The fact that Scarlett was so distraught and that Samuel cared so little for her emotions and mental well being drove Colleen mad with lust.

Her daughter's tears were turning her on. She had never seen a man treat a woman in such a humiliating way. Colleen had never been more aroused in her life.