Girl crying and squirting during sex

Girl crying and squirting during sex
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Chapter 1 I'm excited, nervous. My fantasy is coming true tonight, something dreamed about forever. I'm lying on the bed waiting for the knock on the door hoping that the real thing will be just as I imagined it to be.

The knock comes. I take a deep breath and push myself off the bed; I walk to the door and turn the handle. The door opens towards me and there, in a long black coat is the women of my dreams. It's the first time I have seen my lover with blond hair, it frames her blue eyes and deep red lips. Before I can speak to puts her finger on my lips.

No talking. She walks forward and pushes me back into the hotel room. We stop in front of the large mirror and she undoes her coat and lets it fall to the floor. My eyes take her all in. She stands in just stockings and suspenders, six inch black heels give her legs a shape and longness that adds to her perfection.

Her beautiful breasts, firm and luscious, nipples erect. As my eyes wonder down her incredible body I notice that she has gone the whole way, her pussy now smooth. She comes closer and she brings her lips up to meet mine, just brushing them at first until her tongue lightly flicks out caressing my lips and then entering my mouth.

I reciprocate slowly and then with more intensity. Our saliva mixing, tongues going deeper and deeper. One of my hand cups her breast, rubbing her nipple with my thumb. My other hand moves to her ass, squeezing, cocks in a single asshole penetration and deepthroat her beautifully formed cheeks.

I feel her hands on the bulge in my jeans which is trying to burst through the fabric. She begins to undo my belt. Now the button. She pulls down the zip, moves her hands to the sides and begins to pull down my jeans. They fall down to the floor. As she pulls down my boxers she breaks off the kiss and moves down towards my throbbing penis. Her hand touches my cock slowly caressing the shaft and then down to my balls, a slight squeeze.

I tremble with excitement. Now she is on her knees. Please follow my dream, do it just I as I told you. She flicks the end of my dick with her tongue and then runs it down the entire length of the shaft. I shiver in anticipation.

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She looks at me with her deep blue eyes with an intensity that I haven't seen in her face before. I am so turned on, how long can I last before my balls explode?

While one hand continues stroking my balls the other starts to gently pull back my foreskin. I feel the pleasure of her finger over the sensitive pulsing head.

I encourage her to take my cock into her mouth by stroking the back of her head, moving it closer. She takes the hint and moves in. I feel her warm breath and then the hotness of her mouth as she takes three quarters of my dick between her lips.

It feels totally unreal, more intense than usual. Every time that she has sucked my cock has been mind blowing, this is just another level of pleasure.

Her head goes back and forth a little bit deeper each time. She has never managed to take all of my seven inches in her mouth but this time there seems to be a determination to take my full length down her throat. With my hand still on the back of her head I pull her towards me, she responds by moving her hands onto my ass pulling me closer.

I look down feeling the pleasure as her mouth finally swallows my entire penis and I feel it hit the back of her throat. I start to increase the speed and intensity of the thrust in to her mouth and feel the tingling of my orgasm and my body starts to tense.

I close my eyes, concentrating on the electric feeling over my entire body. My knees are starting sex is what horny ebon awesome cutie needs hardcore blowjob buckle as my balls start to rise.

She senses my climax beginning and moves her hand to the base of my cock, it begins to move in the same direction as her mouth, wanking me. The pleasure is such that my legs are shaking and I have to hold her shoulders to help me keep my balance. Her mouth stops moving, enveloping half of my cock, her right hand moves slutty riley renee gets her pussy banged and filled with cum up and down the other half of the shaft.

My semen explodes from the end of my dick into the roof of her mouth, I cry out as the pinnacle of pleasure covers my entire body.

Her hand never stops, her mouth taking every trickle of cum as it pumps out the end of my piss hole, her tongue starts to run over the hole increasing the intensity. As the spasm of pleasure starts to fade she sucks my cock deep again ensuring it's clean, all of my cum has been licked off and as she removes my pulsing, still hard cock from her mouth, there is only the sheen of her saliva covering the head. "Holy shit, that was unbelievable." "As good as you thought it would be?

Did I fulfil your expectations?" She begins to raise herself from her knees, eyes looking straight at me. "You will never know how much more incredible that was. I just hope the rest of our night will be as true to the fantasy." I reply looking at her hopefully. "I quite sure you won't be disappointed." There is a confidence in her voice but I know she's still apprehensive of going the "whole way." I lower my hand and begin to touch her cheek, brushing her long blond hair away from her face.

Her mouth is slightly open in anticipation. Our lips touch, tongues entwining once more. For the first time my hand goes down to her cunt. I caress the most recently shaved part of her body, across the smooth mound. I start to touch her clit, lightly at first. She pushes her hips upwards to give me easier access to that sweet part of her. My hand moves from her clit to her wet pussy, my fingers moving up and down her slit covered in her juice. I feel her breathing become more rapid, small moans leaving her throat as our tongues continue to caress each other.

I move my hand back to her clit and with my first two fingers gently sunny leone real sex fucking it in a circular motion.

She breaks off our kiss, tips her head back with a look of ecstasy on her face, eyes closed only thinking about the heat of her cunt, my fingers increasing in pressure and speed. I concentrate on her face, determined to give her as much pleasure as she gave me.

Her moaning becomes louder and I know her first orgasm is arriving. Her hips buck with more force almost dislodging my hand from her soaking wet pussy. At last it hits. "Keep…going. Harder…Harder. Yes. Yes." She bucking now.

My left hand is pushing down on the curve of her back trying to force her onto my right hand to make as much friction as I can to increase the pleasure. As the orgasm washes over her and starts to leave her body I move us towards the bed. I turn her around and ask her to lean on it. "Hands down with your ass in the air." She does as she is told without a word in reply.

I stand behind her looking at the most perfect ass I have ever seen. Her buttocks, soft, smooth, are in the air, her back arched in a cat like way. I can see her pussy winking at me as her body still spasms from her climax. I move closer, my hand reaches out and I gently move my fingers across the expanse of skin, my touch light so as not to ruin the perfection. She gives small twitches as my caresses tickles her ass.

I slowly start to move my hand closer to the crack until my finger touches the back of her inner lips and caresses the beautiful virgin hole of her anus. As I continue to move my fingers across her holes I lower myself and start to lick her ass cheeks. She loves being licked anywhere on her body, so I take my time moving to her inner thighs, higher and higher until I reach her crack "Lick my cunt, stick your tongue in me." She's almost begging me.

I move deeper into her crack. My tongue searches out her vulva, caressing, my nose touching her rose. I lick furiously, flicking my tongue between those sweet lips. She is so wet but I drink her all in, thrusting my tongue as deep as it will go. I stop for a moment and turn my body so my back is against the bed, I am now facing her clit and can move up to completely take the engorged clitoris into my mouth. My tongue caresses it, I gently nibble at it, I pull it with my lips. Each time her legs shake with pleasure and a moan leaves her mouth.

I move my right hand up and with my fore finger I gently rub her anus, she starts to tense. I move it to her cunt, her juices covering my digit with its sweetness. It goes back to her ass and starts to probe that most beautiful of holes. I push it in, only to the first knuckle, but big juicy ass jada stevens gets fucked pornstars hardcore starts to take effect.

The rocking motion of her lower body increases in speed and she grabs hold of my hair and pushes my face harder, deeper into her cunt. At this point I can hear the short, intense breath leaving her body. I push my finger all the way into her ass.

She lets out a scream of pleasure. "I want your cock in me now! Fuck my ass!" This is what I have waited for. I get up, my cock seems harder than it has ever been. I pray that the excitement won't make me come in the first thrust into her ass. I'm shaking. I stand behind her taking in the beauty of her asshole. I rub the head of my cock against the soaking wet pussy, the head now glistening.

I place it at the entrance and slowly, slowly start to part the sides of her hole. All I want to do it push in with all the force I can, her ass flat against me, but I resist, this is the first time she has let me put my dick in this most secret of holes. I don't want to fuck this up; I want her to enjoy it.

"Ok, try a bit deeper, yes.good. I'm ready.Gently started to go in and out…God that amazing." My hands wander to her swinging breasts, tweaking her nipples, feeling the weight of them in each hand. She moves her hand to her pussy, rubbing her clit back and forth, her middle finger pushing deep into her cunt. She starts to push back. I hold onto her hips, keeping myself steady and let her take it at her own pace.

Each time more and more of my cock disappears inside her. A bit more. A bit more. She's now managed my entire length. I can see it, thrust in, out. Excitement is fever pitch within me now. I begin to pull her hips towards me, harder, faster. Her ass slapping against my thighs. "Babe, slow down!" she cries. But I'm caught up in the intensity of my orgasm. I can't stop pumping hard in her ass.

I am an animal possessed, eyes closed, face contorted, pleasure immense. I cum, spasms cover my body. Wave after wave. Never ending. I start to come back to reality, sweat covering my torso. I pull my cock out of her ass. It's starting to go flaccid, worn out by the tight hole, that heavenly hole. She turns to me, anger now in her eyes instead of love. "You fucking asshole! I told you to be careful!" "I'm sorry babe, you turn me on so much I just couldn't control myself.

You know how much I've wanted that. Look I'm really sorry." I put on my best "I didn't mean it" face and hope for the best. It doesn't work. "How would you like it if I fucked your ass?" Fuck! I wanted this to be the start of something, maybe an ass fucking once a week, and because I got so excited and hurt her ass it could be the last time. A thought enters my head.

"Ok, why don't you?" "What! Fuck you up the ass!" "Yeah, there that vibrator you keep in your bag for "emergencies"." She pulls a face at the "emergencies", but I can see she's becoming interested. "You want me to stick that up your ass?" "If you want to yes. I mean, will it turn you on?" Please. Please let it turn you on. "I don't know." I can see the wheels turning, she starting to warm to the idea. "Look you can do me, make me feel like you did. Although you will have to lick my asshole as well and use lube." She waits for a moment, then- "Ok, fuck it." She moves to her bag, opens it and removes a gold 6 inch vibrator.

She twist the bottom, I can here the vibration. I start too harden at the thought of it going in my ass. Whenever she touches my asshole the tingling feeling I get is wonderful. My fantasy of fucking her ass is "normal." Most men would like to do it.

But having my asshole licked, fingered and maybe fucked is not a manly fantasy to have in a hetrosexual relationship, and one I have not expressed before. But it's one I have any way. This could turn out to be a better night than I expected. I lie on the bed in anticipation. "Now remember start of slowly and gently." She nods her head to one side as if to say "Maybe" and then lies on the bed next to me, her high heels close to my head.

She moves the vibrator onto the head of my penis, it tickles, but immediately my dick responds getting completely erect. She moves it across the back of my cock. Up and down. Up and down. Her free hand massages my testicles for a moment her middle finger out stretched, touching my anus lightly. "Suck my cock." She turns to me. "After what you just did, you must be joking?" "Just suck my fucking cock." I look at her in a serious way.

She stares at me hard, then her face softens. "OK. But I expect you to do your part." She crosses her leg over my body then moves back and sticks her ass in my face. I can smell the scent from her cunt and see the sperm dripping from her ass. She moves her hand onto my dick.

"You want me to suck your dick, fine, you need lick my ass clean." I immediately stick my tongue in her ass and lap everything up, tasting my own cum. I continue to delve deep into her asshole as she moves her head down to meet mine.

My cock sinks into her mouth, all of it disappears at the first attempt. The vibrator touches the entrance to my anus. The pleasure is immense. I continue to tongue her holes, going from front to back. In my excitement I want to consume all of her.

I start to bite the fleshy part of her inner thighs, her lips, her clit. Her excitement is building, thrusting her ass faster and faster in my face. I feel the vibration of her moans around my cock.

Suddenly she removes it from her mouth, her tongue darts to my asshole. Licking, probing. The feeling is electric. Then nothing. Then I feel the pressure of the vibrator. She has wetted it with her mouth. It's at the entrance to my hole, hundreds of vibrations a minute turning me on. She's concentrating on pushing it in. A moan leaves my lips. She keeps pushing, the side of my anal wall parting in a way I have never experienced. The pain, the pleasure. Both intense, but amazing, both increasing.

I forget about licking her. Just lost in the moment. I feel her mouth on my dick again. Her head busy, taking the whole length of my cock down her throat. Now the vibrator is being thrusts in my ass. Deeper and quicker. My breathing becomes laboured, the pain overtaking the pleasure. "Slow down babe." I manage to get out. "No way, I'm giving you what you gave me." The only way she will stop is by my orgasm.

I can feel it building. Her mouth encouraging my balls to explode. The pain is receding now, pleasure overtaking. I manage to stick my tongue into her cunt, probing, deep, deep. Before I know it I can feel her tense, her orgasm is imminent. We both buck together, cumming at the same time. She concentrates on wanking me with her free hand the other still thrusting the six inch metal tool into my ass.

I cum. Sperm covering her chest dripping from her breasts. Her moans overwhelming her. Her cunt contracting with the explosion happening with in her. She takes out the vibrator and collapses on top of me. Both of us spent. Both of us satisfied. Anal virgins no longer. Chapter 2 "So when do you want to live out your fantasy?" She turns her head to look at me, a smile creeping across her lips. "I need to ask Jane if she would be willing to join us." "Are you sure she'll be up for this?" "I've known Jane since uni, she always had a crush on me.

You will be the problem. I need to persuade her to turn heterosexual for the night." "She doesn't have to.

If she only wants to fuck you then that's fine with me. As long as I can watch and have some fun with you" "I know it's ok! This is my fantasy not yours and I really want to be there when you fuck someone else, I want to lick your balls as you enter her. I want to taste her juice off of your cock. I'll convince her." Chapter 3 The doorbell rings. The adrenalin is pumping through my body hoping that teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy goes well.

I take a deep breath and open the door. I see Jane, looking amazing. Her smile, her eyes, so beautiful it almost takes my breathe away. It takes me a second to remember my manners. "Come in. Give me your coat." "Thanks." I hang it up.

"Fancy a glass of the usual" "Yes please, umm best make it a large one." "Nervous?" "Like you would not believe." She steps closer to me and kisses me softly on the cheek. "Although I have been waiting to get hold of you for a while now." I flash her a quick smile thanking her for the compliment. We both walk into the lounge. He meets us, drinks already poured, he hands them to us. "Hi Jane." "Hi." She's still unsure about this, the tension could be cut with a knife.

Oh well here goes nothing, I down the wine in one. They're sitting either side of me. Jane is kissing my neck, her hand caressing my leg slowly going higher up my thigh, she stops short of my pussy and she returns her hand down towards my knee.

He's kissing me, he tastes so good his tongue expertly probing. I can already feel my panties soaked through, the juices of my pussy flowing with the expectation. He moves his hand to my breast, gently pinching the nipple I give a slight moan.

I feel a hand, soft on my cheek. Jane turns my face breaking the kiss. She looks at me, mouth open. She move her head closer, her tongue darts into my mouth and I taste the wine, the sweetness. She kisses me with such passion, caressing my face, sucking my tongue. My hand goes to the bulge in his jeans.

God how I love his cock. He moves my hand, unzips his fly and pulls out his cock. He places my hand back. I start to pull back the foreskin, he moans with excitement.

He turns me onto my side facing Sweeties bang studs butthole with huge strapon dildos and squirt love juice and raises my skirt. He starts to stroke my ass, his hand goes under my panties and I feel him brush my asshole with his finger.

I lift my left leg putting my foot on the edge of the sofa to give easier access. Jane takes advantage of this, her hand finds my clit and rubs it through the fabric of my panties while still probing my mouth with her tongue. I return the favour and my hand finds Jane's pussy. I move her panties to one side and stroke her clit, I can feel her pubic hair soft and short.

We both feel the vibration of each other moans. With fingers touching and stroking my green eyed stunner adriana chechik is a pro cock sucker and asshole, I feel the orgasm start to build.

The intensity is overwhelming. I hear heavy breathing, it turns to load moans. It's me, I'm losing control. I break the kiss with Jane "Don't stop! Harder" I manage to tell them. Jane moves my panties to one side and puts a finger into my cunt, she finds the spot and works it. I can feel a second finger go in. Then I feel my ass being spread, another finger enters for wonderful double penetration.

I remove my hand from Jane's pussy and cover the hand she is using the finger me, I increase the speed and pressure she is using. After a few moments my orgasm hits, wave upon wave of pleasure. My body spasms, bucking, twisting, I have no control. Slowly it passes, my breathing heavy and eyes closed. I still feel the digits inside me but with more gentleness now. I open my eyes and look at Jane.

"I want your pussy, I want to lick you, taste you." Jane looks at me, a slight smile on her luscious lips. She lift herself up from the sofa and xxxxxx 18 sistar story com down her panties. Short, light brown hair marks the spot of her clit.

She sits back down and raises her legs in the air. She begins to start rubbing her clit with her hand. I move forward, softly stroking her thigh with my hand. My tongue follows, licking her white skin. I move closer to her pussy and then reach her inner lips and lick with long strokes which end at her clitoris.

Her hands move to the back of my head and she pulls me closer. My tongue enters her, I can smell the musky scent of her cunt. Jane moans, one hand grabs hold of my hair and tries to pull my head closer almost rubbing my face in her clit. Her other hand goes down to her pubic hair, fingers either side of her clit, she pulls the small hood away exposing her bud of pleasure for me to devour.

I take her clit into my mouth gently sucking it, my tongue firmly licks it. Jane arches her back and cries in delight. I feel him come behind me, my ass is in the air and babe rayna rose flash tits for cash pornstars and hardcore kneels behind.

I feel his lips and tongue around my asshole, his fingers rubbing my clit. I moan in unison with Jane getting hotter by the second. His finger enters my ass again, the feeling is amazing, a second one enters. Fuck this is so good. I start to rock back and forth taking his fingers deeper. My ass empties but the cheeks are spread wide.

I know what to expect. Sexy slim babe cindy gets fucked hard head of his glorious cock nudges the entrance, its cold with lube. He slowly pushes until the whole length of him is in me. "Slow baby, slow" He listens to me this time and starts his rhythm holding my hips strongly.

I move my hand down to my pussy and star to frig myself, I feel another orgasm starting. With each thrust he pushes me into Jane's pussy. It's Jane's turn to start to loose control now, eyes closed, face in rapture. She screams "I've wanted you so much, don't stop, don't…stop." I feel her orgasm hit, a sudden wetness on my face as she ejaculates a small amount of fluid.

This turns me on more and in a frenzy I lick her clean as she comes back down from the intense pleasure. She slides down onto the floor and kisses me passionately. Her hands find my breasts and she twists my nipples hard. The pain increases my climax, my orgasm now reaching its peak. His cock entering my ass and his balls slapping my cunt.

He increases the speed, the feeling is now wonderful not painful and my orgasm seems to last hours. "I'm coming baby." He cries. "I want to swallow it!" He pulls his cock out and I turn around. Mouth open waiting for his juice to enter. He carries on wanking his shaft and lets out a grunt. The cum covers my lips and face.

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I take his cock in my mouth swallowing it deep until the whole thing hits the back of my throat. I suck it clean. Jane moves around and starts to lick the cum off my face holding my throat. She cleans me completely. She looks at his semi hard dick. "I want to suck it?" I release his cock from my mouth and stand up running my hands over his chest, we begin to kiss.

Jane takes his cock in her hand and starts to massage it pulling the foreskin over the head and exposing it again. She takes it into her mouth the first time any part of a man has entered her. She starts with the head slowly licking and sucking.

I can see he's enjoying it, eyes close oblivious to me. Jane starts to take more and more into her mouth, she gags but this doesn't stop her. His cock disappears down her throat. I lick his ear and I whisper "I want to lick your ass." "I'm not stopping you." He starts to squat down so Jane can continue to suck his cock and I can start licking his asshole and balls.

My tongue flicks to his hole gently probing. I lick the entrance and then I suck one of my fingers and slowly caress and push in through the opening.

I put in a second then a third. He gasps. I increase the speed, thrusting backwards and forwards. Not long now before he will explode. His dick thrusting in and out of Jane's mouth. My fingers exciting his prostate.

His body shakes, he holds Jane's head and fucks her mouth. Jane is obviously enjoying herself taking every thrust fully. "Ahhh…Ahhh." His orgasm is powerful and seems to continue for ever. Jane takes all of his semen just as I did the other night. Not a drop escapes her. I remove my fingers from his ass with a squelch. He anus girl sex in bath. Jane crawls through his legs and kisses me.

I taste my two lovers in one kiss. He leaves for a moment to refill our glasses. When he returns Jane and I are in the sixty nine position with me on the floor and Jane's ass in the air. She is an expert with her tongue with years of licking pussy she hits all the right spots and soon I'm screaming with pleasure. She flicks my clit with her tongue. Nibbles it with her teeth.

Electric shocks go up and down my body. I so want to do the same to Jane's pussy, but the pleasure is to much. I can't concentrate on licking her. My fingers replace my tongue deep in her pussy.

She begins to rock back and forth taking my two fingers completely. He sits there watching flaccid dick in hand trying to revive it. It starts to grow in his hand and soon it is standing to attention again. He gets up and stands behind Jane, as I look up I can see his balls sway as he masturbates his erect penis. "Have you ever been fucked Jane?" She stops for a moment "Not by a cock, no." He kneels behind her, his balls dangling above my face.

He pulls his foreskin teens bang men butthole with massive belt dicks and squirt ejaculate and moves closer to her cunt. The tip of his penis strokes Jane's lips. He starts to enter her. To my surprise she pushes back and take his entire length in one go, I feel her shudder. As he pumps her hard she moans and groans his balls slapping against her.

I poke my tongue out and try to lick his balls as he thrusts. Three coed girls have lesbian sexual intercourse holds his cock and removes it plumper blonde babe jeniffer nylon tights bang her cunt and forces it into my mouth.

I taste her juices all over his dick, I suck it hard for moment when he sticks it back in her for a few thrusts. Again he forces it back into my mouth. He thrusts it into me then into Jane repeatedly. Jane has started to lick my clit again, nibbling on the bud. All three of us are reaching the peak of pleasure at the same time. He's first with his climax.

He withdraws and cums over Jane's ass. It drips down her crack onto my face. Jane's body is tensing with her orgasm as he now starts to finger her hard as his cock is now spent. I feel my own body tensing as Jane sucks my clit. The volume of our shared orgasm hit's a crescendo. Our moaning in stereo as we cum. Amateur pullout cumshot wife wont it's over. All three of us exhausted by our efforts, satisfied in a way we have never experienced before.

Three bodies connected through pleasure lie on the floor breathing heavy. "I think I need a towel" Chapter 4 I knock on Jane's door. She opens it, a surprised look in her eyes. "Hi" "Hi" She moves back letting me into her hall. There's a nervousness between us. We haven't spoken since that night.

The night I can't get out of my head. "Sorry to just turn up out of the blue. Hope your not busy?" "No, no. Em just having a glass of wine, will you join me?" I nod and follow her into the living room.

"I can't forget last week. The way you touched me, I haven't felt like that before. Don't get me wrong sex at home is amazing as you know but this was different." "Does he know you're here?" "Of course. We have an open relationship, as long as I tell him what's happened he's fine." "Sooo…" "I want you again. I want to feel your touch." She looks at me intensely and then begins to move in closer, she raises both hands to my face.

She kisses me hard, her tongue snaking into my mouth. We hold each other tight. Kissing, just kissing. The passion. I feel myself get wet, so turned on by the feel of Jane's body. The firmness of her breasts, her nipples poking into me. Her fingers start to undo the buttons of my blouse, she removes it her hands finding the clasp to my bra.

She gently pulls it forward exposing my tits. Her hungry mouth envelope my rock hard nipple. Kissing it, caressing it, biting it. Her hand cups my other breast pulling at my other nipple.

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A moan escapes me and I feel the beginnings of an orgasm, God she hasn't even touched my clit and I am starting cum! Her mouth leaves my breast, she raises her head. "Stand up" I do it. I am in her power. She stands behind me her hand gently move over my back.

Tickling me, I twitch slightly. Her hand finds the button and zip of my skirt. She undoes them and I hear the fabric rustle as it hit's the floor. Now her hands are on my ass. Squeezing, rubbing. "Your body is amazing. I want to touch every inch of you, lick you, fuck you." "Do it" My eyes close, feeling her touch. I feel my panties being pulled down, her fingers find my hairless mound.

She lightly brushes my clit, electric shocks flood my body. "Put your fingers in me" I manage to say. "Not yet, patience." Her tongue licks my neck, it moves down my back leaving a cold trail in it's wake.

She reaches the small of my back her hands running up and down the backs of my legs. I feel small bites on my ass, her hand now parts my cheeks, her tongue licking my crack. "Turn around" I move the 180 degrees, my pussy now staring at her.

She strokes my abdomen then up to both breasts at the same time, squeezing, pinching, loving. Her lips brush my pubic area, tongue flicking out to lick.

It finds the spot. "…god." My legs start to tremble as her tongue works it's magic. Now her hands have moved down my body down to my pussy.

I open my legs enough that she can stroke my inner lips. Her finger probes the slit. "Don't stop, put your finger in…please." In it goes.

Then two. I have to put my hands on her shoulders to keep myself up. The pleasure building, unable to stand unaided. She's licking with more energy now, sucking my clit, fingers hitting my G-spot. All I see are colours, body shaking the orgasm hitting me hard. She doesn't stop. I'm screaming now "Fuck me, fuck me." Time stands still, will the orgasm ever end? The wave finally starts to wash over me and I begin to return. Jane has stopped licking me and looks up into my face. "I take it that was good?" "Un-fucking-believable" "Well we haven't finished yet" I smile down at her "You better believe we haven't." I bend down to kiss her tasting my own juices.

"Sit down I'll be back in a minute," I take a sip of wine as Jane re-enters the room naked, almost. My eyes go wide as I see the enormous strap-on. Ten inches of black rubber swinging back and froth as her hips swing from side to side. "You are kidding?" "Trust me this will be more amazing" She stops, the dildo just inches from my face. "Well… are you just going to look or are you going to suck it?" I take hold of it in my hand. It feels cold and strange. I lick the end then slowly encircle the head with my mouth.

It's so big and I can only take a few inches into my mouth. Jane's hands hold the back of my head with some pressure trying to get me to take more of the giant cock. "That's it baby, suck it. Go as deep as you can." I pull back to get a breath then take it back in forcing as much in as I can. She starts to rock my head the prick smacking the back of my throat. I notice that my fingers have started to rub my clit, my fingers soaking, the tingling starting again.

"Keep sucking babe. That's good." I look up at herher eyes are intense, looking at me. I keep going, one hand frigging myself the other on her ass kneading the firm flesh. "Now it's time. I want to take you from behind." I get up and move to the table leaning on it with my ass in the air. I have never taken anything so big in my pussy. "Take it slowly." "Don't worry, I'm a professional." She moves behind me, black cock in hand. I feel the snake slap my clit as she levers it up and down once, twice.

She moves it up and down my crack, across my pussy and asshole. My juices coating it in my natural lube. Tiny boobs blond babe nailed by pawn man feel it nudge against the opening of my cunt, I tense slightly.

"Just relax, trust me this will feel wonderful" I take a deep breath and try. It slides through my lips, entering me slowly. "Fuck!" She stops. "Is that good fuck or bad fuck?" "It's a good fuck.

Keep going." The feeling is amazing as it slides in, filling me. She starts to withdraw, the soaking wet cock squelches as it leaves my hole. Her hands on my hips she pushes it back in, deep.

"Oh God yes!" She starts to thrust now harder and harder the black rod slamming into me, faster and faster. I flick my head back and I feel her grab hold of my hair, pulling it hard. "Yes…Yes. I'm cumming. Don't stop…Harder!" She increases the rhythm Faster.

Faster. I explode, my body contorting. My legs buckle but she holds me up, the dildo still in me. My face is on the cool surface of the table, beads of sweat dripping. She withdraws from me I feel a final twitch. "Can I have some now?" I turn my head and look at her.

"Absolutely" It feels strange having this huge cock attached to me, stranger still having Jane giving me a blow job. Strange but very erotic. Jane is licking the immense shaft up and down her hand moving in a wanking motion. Then her mouth opens wide, the black tool begins to disappear from view.

She takes more and more down her throat, gagging but not stopping. It take a few attempts but at last it vanishes only to reappear a second later.

She gives a flick to end of the cock. "Fuck my face, fuck it hard." She grabs my hands and moves them to the back of her head. Once again the rubber cock vanishes and reappears. I hold her head and start to thrust into her mouth pushing half the cock in, then withdrawing it. "Much harder! Fuck me like you mean it!" I thrust hard and feel the resistance of her throat.

I keep going, deeper sunny leon sexy xxx mp4 story her mouth at speed.

Her hands are behind her back to give me complete control. I hear her gag, snot coming from her nose but I don't stop. Her hand comes up and she pushes me, I slow down and pull out. She coughs and wipes herself clean. "Much better." She takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. She lies on the bed and raises her legs, I can see her pussy lips glistening in the light. "Now I want you to fuck me. I want it hard and long and in both holes, if you know what I mean?" I move towards her holding the enormous cock in my hand aiming straight for her gash.

I nuzzle it against her clit moving it up and down, the friction making her sigh. "Fuck me, just fuck me." I push it into her slit gently not wanting to hurt her. "In deep, push it all the way." Her breathing gets louder as the ten inches of rubber disappear from view. Her eyes shut as she concentrates on the pleasure. "Remember deep and hard." I start up a rhythm trying to slam her pussy hard. But this is new to me and I can see that she wants more.

I push down on the back of her thighs, her ankles now around her ears. I have more leverage, I use all my weight and push the cock in as far as it will go. She screams in delight. "Yes. Right there…Harder." I thrust with all my worth trying to make her orgasm as intense as mine. The cock sliding in and out he juices dripping.

Her eyes closed, moaning loader and louder, the pinnacle almost there. She grabs my shoulder bringing me closer. Her tongue darts out and into my mouth. I feel her moans in my throat and continue to pound her cunt as hard as I can.

She finally lets me go as the orgasm hits. I still fuck her until the moment of ecstasy passes then withdraw the cock and start to nudge her asshole.

"You still want it in both holes." "Yes… I want all of you in me…make teen trying way with old man and milf cum again." The black cock is still wet from her ejaculation, I start to push it into her small hole.

She pulls her legs back even further towards her head her arms are through her legs with her hands placed by her asshole spreading her anus slightly apart so this monster of a dick can enter her. I push deeper into her anal passage. Deeper and deeper until my pubic area is touching hers.

I start to withdraw slowly and just as I see the head of the penis I force it back into her, hard. "Oh my God! Do that again, slam my ass I want all of you inside me." I repeat the action.

"Yes… Yes don't stop." I begin to speed up, my sleeping sexmother best king sleeping mother start to get tired but there's no way I'm stopping. She continues to scream "Fuck me." Her hand moves to her clit and she start to rub it furiously increasing the pleasure.

All of a sudden amongst all of the screams of pleasure it happens. She squirts all over my belly. Copious amount of her juice flowing out of her released by the pleasure that I have given her. It turns me on even more. As the flow subside along with her orgasm I feel the need to lick her dry. I drop to the floor, my tongue flicking out trying to grab every drop of her cum juice. As I lick her clit and sink my tongue deep into her cunt and asshole her body spasms.

I hear her quietly say "That's the most intense…Just unreal." She grabs my hair and pulls me up. "Kiss me." Our lips meet. We lie on the bed holding each other. Chapter 5 They both come into the room. Another threesome, again her fantasy, but a new one. She wants double penetration from Jane and myself.

She leading Jane in by a fucking huge dildo, a smile on both their lips. I stand up as they get close. She starts undoing my shirt where as Jane starts to pull down my shorts. She takes my semi hard cock in her hand pulling back the foreskin. A drop of pre cum is on the end of my dick, she sees it and lower herself onto her knees.

Her tongue comes out and pokes at my small hole, licking the pre cum from my cock. She raises my dick and takes one of my balls into her mouth, gently sucking it, caressing with her tongue.

She moves onto the next one. My cock is rock hard now, I feel another mouth take my length. While Jane continues to suck my balls I see my dick disappear into my lovers mouth.

She takes it's entire length in one go, practice does make perfect. I feel her moist lips come all the way up to my pubic bone her tongue sliding against the underside of my penis.

Two sets of lips, two tongues licking and sucking. Jane now lays on the floor and tells my lover to sit on her face. She follows the instruction, my dick still in her mouth hitting the back of her throat as she moves. As she sucks I feel the vibration on my cock as she begins to moan with ecstasy as Jane sticks her tongue deep into her pussy. As her excitement increases so does the speed at which she suck my cock.

Faster and faster her head moves completely enveloping my shaft each time. She starts to finger my asshole. My orgasm is making my entire body tingle as I start to cum. I hold her head and force her to take my entire length, my bellend hits her throat just as I explode within her. She doesn't fight it just stays there swallowing all I have.

I start to relax and let go of her head, my dick is sucked clean before being removed from her gorgeous mouth. She still moaning with the effect of Jane's tongue. I look into her eyes.

"I want to see you fucking Jane." She start to slide down Jane's body until her ass hit's the enormous dildo. She raises herself onto her haunches, grabs the black dick with her hand and finds the entrance to her cunt.

She starts to lower herself, stops halfway and then raises herself back up. I can see that the pleasure she is getting from taking that massive dildo is immense. I feel my cock start to harden again, her being fucked is such a turn on.

She lowers herself again, this sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock more of Jane's rubber cock is taken inside her.

Jane moves her hand to rub her clit as she bounces. Her eyes are closed as the pleasure begins to consume her. Her moaning is louder now she starts to scream as the orgasm hits. Still she rides Jane. This huge cock filling her.

Her tits bouncing, eyes closed, forcing her leg muscle to carry on moving her up and down, her ass slapping Jane's thighs. I pour some lube into my hand and spread it over the head of my dick. I move behind her, cock in hand wanking it back to full hardness. She has slowed down, the last remnants of the orgasm leaving her body. With the rubber cock still inside her she moves from her feet to her knees and leans over.

Jane meets her by raising her head. They kiss passionately. This is want she wanted this night for. I crouch down behind and tickle her ass with the lube left on my finger. I push it into her asshole, a moan of pleasure escapes her mouth. I remove my finger and replace it with the end of my cock, it slowly enters her. "Oh…Oh. Yes push it into my ass. I want both of you to fill me." She starts to moan louder and louder as my thrusting increases.

Jane is trying to fuck her with the dildo but is finding it difficult to match my rhythm. My lover doesn't care, my thrusting gets faster and harder which leads to the strap-on to fuck her with more energy, increasing the ecstasy and volume of her orgasm.

I begin to slow down and hold the shaft of my cock, I don't want to cum yet. I move my lover off of Jane. "Jane, I want to suck your cock." She looks at me with disbelief. "OK. Why don't you lay on the floor?" I do so.

She lays on top of me in the 69 position. My cock quickly disappears down her throat. Wow that woman certainly has a talented mouth. I move her rubber cock into my mouth, I can taste my lover all over it. So sweet. I try and take the cock back as far as I can, the feeling is strange almost playing girl with tan lines get drilled roughly female role.

It turns out to be not as erotic as I thought it would be and I stop. Letting the pleasure of Jane's mouth excite me. After a few moments she stops as says "That's not fair I'm doing all the work." She stands up and removes the strap-on.

She passes it to my lover and then she begins to lower herself onto my still hard cock. To my surprise it's her ass I enter. She shudders as she swallows my cock in one go. "Holy fuck" escapes my mouth.

4gp king sex stories story melayu she rides me I feel some one stand over me. My lover has put the strap-on on. "I want to fuck you Jane." "Then fuck me." Jane lean back as far as she can, arms back and legs forward, my thighs taking her weight. With black cock in hand she straddles me, lowers herself and starts to enter Jane.

"Fuck!! Oh my God that amazing." Jane screams. I stop thrusting so she can concentrate fucking Jane with the dildo. As it enters her Jane moves back on my cock as it withdraws she moves back once again swallowing my length.

To see my lover fuck another woman is so horny. The cheeks of her ass clenching, the sweat rolling down her back into the cleft of her buttocks.

I put a hand on either cheek, squeezing the luscious flesh. I start to gently help her thrust into Jane pussy. "Push me harder baby." I increase the power and hear a noticeable change in the volume of Jane's moaning.

Obviously this is working as the moaning changes to "Yes…Yes." at the top of her voice. All of a sudden I feel her stand up. Beautiful blonde makes him eat her cunt see through her legs that Jane is frigging herself furiously.

Within a few seconds I feel a wetness on my chest as she cums. A fountain of her juice explodes from her pussy it hits my face. "Holy shit." As Jane's orgasm finishes she is unable to sit up any longer, she slides to the floor my erect penis slips out of her. My lover kneels down and licks my chest working her way down to my cock.

Again I feel the warmth of her mouth. I hold her head steady and thrust deep into her mouth, fucking it hard. Her hand moves to my ass and I feel a finger penetrate me. As I tense on the brink of orgasm, she raises her head and starts to wank me with one hand while the other one continues to ass fuck me.

I tense my body, balls rise, I spurt my load over my stomach.

Still she wanks me until my dick returns to it's soft state. I feel her fingers on my stomach, mixing the cum of Jane and myself.

She then lower her head and with tongue out starts to lick my body clean. Jane has now moved over the other side of me and takes a lick of our combined juices. I hear her make a slurping noise as she take a mouthful. She reaches over and pulls my lover her towards her.

They kiss. Cum and saliva mix dribbling down their chins. What a fuck!