Horny oriental pussy jerking off stockings japanese

Horny oriental pussy jerking off stockings japanese
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Beautiful People By Jax_Teller It had been long week working among people who had the personality of limp cold spaghetti, and I was tired of the bullshit. I showered up after work and leathered up to go out for a motorcycle ride.

Most of the time I rode it wasn't to a location or task, but just to ride. It was cold enough out that I didn't see another motorcycle out as most don't ride below 50 degrees, and it was in the lower forties and completely dark as I hit the road.

I rode my motorcycle with the flow of traffic and ended up in Metropolis a city of much larger population.

As I continued riding with the flow not really knowing Metropolis that well and found myself in a dark seedy looking part of town. Even as I started out riding, it seemed as though I was drawn to this destination. Maybe it was the scantily dressed whores on the street corners waving at traffic, the strip clubs, the porno theaters, or sex shops but it was clear that this was my destination.

I wasn't on a mission xx chana smol garelvi xxx porn storys get laid or have sex, but for some reason tonight I was drawn to the freaky, kinky side of life. I was wearing my leather riding gear.

I had on close to $3000 worth of high quality hand crafted leather. No off the rack designer label crap, but custom fit riding gear designed to save my life. In this crowd of kinkier folks, I blended in and eventually found myself at a place called Leather & Lace, a sexually explicit specialty shop. It lived up to its name because there were leather items with a sexual focus everywhere and lacy things as well. The truly interesting part of Leather & Lace though was the secluded doorway to an adjoining private club.

This was the real deal. No bullshit cover charges or drink minimums, there were doors from other businesses as well each with a sign above their door on the inside of the club. The club was like the center court of a mall with shops around the perimeter, but no exterior entrance of its own. There were all kinds of kink and it seemed like a buffet of depravity and sorted behaviors. Wandering around, I found myself entering an open set of double doors to a room where there were 8 or so guys standing around in a circle.

I could see there was someone in the center of the circle and as I approached I saw it was a naked female on her knees. She was masturbating and rubbing her self all over, turning and posing. She was very good looking and knew it, from the way she moved.

She had a great body that was obviously well maintained. Her breasts weren't huge but large on her frame and although fit she had very feminine curves. She was obviously enjoying herself and not being pressured hair job is the new blowjob brunette big tits the looks of things.

The men around her had their cocks out jerking them at various speeds. When one man would begin to come the woman would turn and take the load of come on her tits or face, rubbing the come all over her. I watched for a few minutes and found drawn to the circle myself. I had never done anything close to this, but in the situation it seemed acceptable. As one man finished coming and stepped out of the circle, I stepped in.

I pulled my cock out and jerked until I was fully erect, the woman seemed to have a sense of when someone was about to come, for it always hit her. She looked in my direction and played with her pussy some more making eye contact with me and a guy down from me came, splashing her sizable chest with his come. I took a few more minutes and I too shot a load of come at her, on her. It was very odd and yet fascinating, something I am sure I would consider over the next few years.

The music playing as I came was Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People", and I thought how appropriate. This place had an air of freedom and acceptance, and no bias of any kind was apparent where kink seemed to be the only common thread. Later in an outer room of the club I found a schedule and flyers announcing this event as CCCJ Circle City Circle Jerk night.

It was a weekly event. There were other flyers announcing wide variety of kink events. The shops around the club provided a reasonable cover, and profited from the activities. As I read the flyers a guy walked up and looked at the schedule and noted the next CCCJ date. He asked me "did you like the girl from earlier?" I was expecting some sort of pitch for money but answered "yeah she was hot." He said that was his girl and he loved seeing her covered in come.

I said "really" not so much about the come part as much as her being His. I was checking him out, and he seemed more like me than most of the others there. He told me he would be meeting her in a few minutes at the diner across the club in the complex, and asked if I wanted to join him waiting for her.

I said "sure why not" and he introduced himself. His name was Carson McClough and his girl was Jessica.

I told him my name and we shook hands and went over to the diner. He ordered coffee and I did as well. He went on to say that his girl had noticed me pull up outside and my motorcycle as they had come in. He went on to tell me that he couldn't ride for another year or so due to his back. He asked if I would like to, she'd like to go for a ride with me. I felt like I knew the biker in front of me, not the man but the biker, and as we talked his girl came over and sat down.

He introduced me to her and then he had explained their dilemma to me. Jessica said she would love to feel me between her legs, and corrected herself playfully to say my motorcycle. We chatted and they told me more about the club and how things worked there and I found myself feeling at home with them and the place.

Finally, Carson asked if I'd like to take her for the night, and I said sure enough. I got up and Carson paid the bill and Jessica planted herself on my arm. He told her to have a good time and to make sure to come as often as she could as he held her by the chin keeping her attention. I looked at him oddly for a second and he said "and you good sir feel sweet darling delights two dicks hardcore and blowjob to use her however you want just, don't hurt her." I told him she'd be safe with me.

Jessica and I got on my motorcycle and she grabbed right on, not tentative like a pup, but with the confidence of a more experienced rider. I cruised through the inner city streets and took in the lights sights and sounds, and then I pulled on to an expressway that took us out to the Lake. I opened up the throttle on the old Harley and it came alive roaring into the night. Jessica melted into me hugging me and for a few minutes we were one on the road. I pulled into a rest area - scenic overlook of the lake and parked.

Jessica sat on a picnic bench and took her helmet off. She said thanks for the orgasm.

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I looked at her for a second and said "it was all the Harley." We laughed and we talked for a while, and we got closer physically, holding onto each other. We started kissing and I stood between her legs wrapping her in my arms. She tugged at my zipper and pulled my cock out, stroking it to life.

She stopped for a second and unzipped her leather pants and I thought for a second how is this going to work without removing them? I saw that her pants' zipper went between her legs to the back, making her pants into two separate sections obviously a customization. Under her leather there wasn't anything but bare skin.

I admired her shaved pussy as she guided my cock into her spread lips. I fucked her until I came. We quickly gathered ourselves and mounted up and I road to a lodge where a friend of mine worked and I had privileges.

I registered and got the key to the tiny but cozy cabin. Once inside the fire quickly warmed us up and we shed our clothes. As beautiful as she had been in the center of the circle, she was even more so now in the warm glow of the fireplace. This woman was ready to do whatever I pleased and I was enjoying the drama of testing and learning about her. As we sat warming up and talking I heard a couple of loud motors pull into the lot outside the small cabin.

I looked at Jessica and she seemed genuinely surprised by the noise as I was. A second later I heard footsteps in the snow and ice coming to the door to our cabin. There was kick on the door and then the door was kicked open.

I had pulled my shot gun out at the first kick and I shot the first. Jessica standing next to me shot the second person through the door. The others ran back from the door way as I got up and pumped the shot gun and went to the door. The others ran to their truck and took off quickly. Jessica stood next to me with a 45 hand gun at the ready position.

I didn't even know she carried but then again I didn't know her all that well. Standing mostly naked in the parking lot in 40's temps we decided to get back inside. Jessica pulled out her cell phone and called Carson, I overheard her tell him that the outlaws had tried to take us out. I called the police and reported the shooting and two critically injured men.

Shortly later ambulances showed up along with the police. Jessica and I told the police our story neglecting to tell them about the others wearing Outlaw colors. The two men still alive were transported and I watched the helicopter transport the more critically injured guy.

After taking our statements we were told that charges most likely would not be filed against us. As we finished up, Carson showed up with two other men, and asked me to follow him in his car.

Jessica sat next to Carson and the two men sat in the back and I followed the black SUV which reminded me of a military vehicle used to transport dignitaries.

We went about 35 miles outside town and away from the lake. While I was riding I called Jack my friend and told him what had gone on so he could secure the cabin. We arrived at a large mansion out in the middle of now where with a gated driveway, security cameras and remote gate opener.

The large gate closed behind us and we pulled up to the mansion. The lights were on outside lighting up the stone exterior and grounds. There were several vehicles in the driveway including a few motorcycles.

I walked in with Carson and Jessica and the other two stayed behind us. All the people inside were all biker types some wearing tactical vests milf cory and teen piper goes pussy licking and fingering weapons and extra clips.

We went through the mansion passing many formal areas until we came to a large room that had 8 couches and some tables with chairs, most everyone took seats there massive weenie for a curvy luscious babe coats hung around with the Cloven Hoof Colors along with a large banner type flag on the wall with the Cloven Hoofs Emblem. On another wall was a 6' x 8' Irish flag surrounded by pictures. I recognized at that point that most everyone here was from Ireland or Irish descent.

The guys that rode with Carson and Jessica were looking me over when Carson announced me and said I was trusted. There were some looks of distrust but no one outright questioned me. Carson looked to me and asked me to tell everyone what had happened and I went about telling the story. Jessica confirmed my version of the story and told them that I handled myself like a professional. Michael the Sargent at arms who was one of the guys from the SUV was introduced by Carson and he asked if I had any club affiliations at all.

I told them, no and explained that I was an independent and had never been a member of any club. Patrick the other fellow from the SUV asked if I was employed by the government. I told him that I was a Veteran of the Marine Corps, and never worked in law enforcement. There were a few minutes of discussion and the consensus of the club members was that I had been confused with Carson because of my looks and because of Jessica and that I would probably be safe. I was introduced to the rest of the club officers and several other members.

I knew some of them by reputation as well as the clubs' reputation too. This MC club's reputation was as a front for the IRA, and many of the members were former or active militants, some were wanted by Interpol. Michael suggested that I stay with them through the weekend because my name would be in the police reports which are public record and I told me that I could be at risk merely by association.

I agreed mostly because I felt safe and secure there, plus the Irish accents were pleasing to me. Then as the music turned up two young ladies were brought to me by Jessica and told to have fun.

I wasn't sure who she was telling to have fun, me or the girls but I took no offense at being told to have fun. They were all over me and we moved to a couch that had a view of the large flat screen T.V. Marci the blonde stripped to the music focusing on me and once naked she moved to my lap doing a sloppy lap dance. Kristen went and got the three of us drinks and when she returned she had a pipe in hand as well and asked if I cared to partake of the sacred leaf with a large grin on her face.

I said oh yeah, and she produced a lighter and passed them to me. The room we were in was a cross between a corporate board room, living room, home movie theater, and strip club bar. This Marci told me was the unofficial play den of the president of the Cloven Hoof, Carson McClough. The members all seemed to relax and once they realized the drama was over they began to filter out.

The party wound down as quickly as it had started and most of the members left a few at a sunny leon xxx story com yoga. Eventually Jessica was naked riding Carson's cock reverse cowboy while I was on a couch at an angle to them.

Kristen and Marci had taken turns riding my cock and sucking me off. Jessica watched as the two girls were sharing my cock sucking and licking at the same time.

I started to come and Jessica told them not to let a drop get on my leathers. Carson came soon after I did and Jessica got off of his lap and jacked his cock onto her tits.

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Marci got up and went over and knelt in front of Jessica as Jessica sat next to Carson. Marci licked the come off Jessica's tits and then proceeded to lick and suck on Jessica's pussy. Jessica noticed my attention and said that Marci was her girl and it was her job to clean up any come on her. I said that it was very exciting to watch and Carson said you bet man. Carson said he was going to bed and told Kristen to take me to the spare bed room on the west side of the house.

I didn't ask how many rooms but wondered in my head if there were other spare rooms on the other sides of the house and why that specific one. It also seemed odd to me that the president of the club would be concerned with room assignments.

Once in the room, Kristen told me she was mine for as long as I stayed and that she would be happy to get me anything I needed or wanted. I gave her a look and she said yes anything. I noticed a wooden clothing rack like in old days would be used for a suit or other fancy dress, and as I undressed Kristen carefully hung my leathers on it.

She asked about my leather and I told her. She asked why my coat was stiffer than most, and I told her about the bullet proof Myxer panels that were sewn in. She also noted the twin Taurus 45's with built in holsters inside the coat and extra clips on the forearm of the coat.

She said not many folks were allowed to carry inside the house and that I should take it as a sign of respect and gratitude. I asked about how she came to be taking care of me, how that worked.

She said that she wasn't a whore or anything like that, but more like a body guard with hostess skills. She told me that when she heard the story of the attack she small kute sex girl sex motivated by my bravery and had asked Jessica to let her take care of me. The bed in the room was a California king size bed, luxurious with padded edges and a warmer.

It wasn't feminine or frilly, but it was certainly wasn't an ordinary bed either. Kristen asked about my heritage, and I told her I was second generation Irish American, that my grandparents had come to America and had dual citizenship.

I told her how my parents had made pilgrimages to Ireland every year since I was a small child. As I moved up into bed under the covers Kristen asked if she could sleep with me in bed. I was sort of taken back by the question and I asked her why she even asked as it seemed obvious to me.

Then she told me that she had her own room, but it was too far away to protect me, so if I had wanted privacy to sleep, she would have been outside my door the rest of the night.

I said good thing I like you then, huh? And we laughed. Kristen was close to my age, stood five foot tall and her body was very toned and although there wasn't an ounce of fat on her she wasn't skinny either. Her breasts were nicely rounded and her butt was pear shaped and I felt like she could kill with it somehow. Her hair was wavy brunette shoulder length and had a rich luster to it that made me think of how it would feel in my hands. I found her to be very intellectual, honest and physically attractive, a very well rounded and real person.

Her Irish accent was proud, very heavy, seemed melt my heart. I let myself imagine a life with her as I fell asleep, her in my arms, our nakedness, intertwined.

I woke in the morning to Kristen sliding out of bed; I admired her naked figure move away from me as she went to the bathroom. She didn't close the door and I heard a shower come on. I got up and went over to the bathroom, and she stepped to the door and said your shower's ready good sir~. She asked if I would please stay in this room until she returned from showering and getting dressed in her room.

I sensed this was part of her duty and agreed. When she dressed to leave I noticed among her things a 9mm gun holstered inside her pants waist band and a boot knife in her boot. I also noted the black dog tags around her neck with silencers, an odd choice of jewelry. I thought to myself that this wasn't just any girl, but a trained professional. I had wandered into a different world, and to my own dismay, I was beginning to enjoy it.

At breakfast there was a lot of talk about how bold it had been for the outlaws to have tried to take out Carson like that. I mostly sat back and listened. It wasn't my place to say anything. It was Carson who turned to me and said it was because of this brother that his precious Jessica had survived and every one raised hairless pussy rammed actually hard hardcore and russian glass or cup as a salute.

I returned the salute and drank. Kristen stayed near me the rest of the day and then came the report of identity of the hit men. There was a lot of discussion about who the others were believed to be. Carson took me to the side at one point and asked if I was interested in becoming a member of the club.

I told him that for now I would like to remain independent and that I meant no disrespect, but my work often put me in proximity of other clubs and it would definitely put myself at considerable risk at this point in time.

Carson told me that he understood and that I had earned membership and that it wasn't something easily given out. I spent a good couple of hours in the room with Kristen and I allowed myself to make love to her, not just fuck her but make love to her. I enjoyed the freshness of a woman who is accomplished and has a respected position in her organization. I even got comfortable enough with her to ask her why this room on the west side of the house, and she told me that it was Carson's second room, that it had special security features such as bullet proof glass, re-enforced walls, and ceiling that could take a direct RPG strike without damage, it had an electronic dampener so no bugs would work, and no internal camera.

It also had additional access through the wall mounted TV that allowed us to see any of the security cameras throughout the compound. She went through much of the rooms' features in very specific detail. It reaffirmed my opinion of her professionalism. The exterior person was beautiful and petite, but her intellect, and warm personality, made her even more attractive to me.

I returned home on Sunday evening, and I wasn't home more than an hour that I was fully thinking about seeing Kristen again. I called my father and asked him if he had heard of the Cloven Hoof MC club and he said yes that he was a contributor. He asked why I had asked him about them, and I told him we needed to talk but not on the phone, and he said he understood and that he'd come by at lunch time on Monday if that was alright.

I agreed and thanked him for being honest with me about being a contributor. Monday at lunch he was waiting for me at my usual lunch spot, and we talked as father and son, and moreover man to man, and even more so, Irishmen. It was very enlightening, and I found a new respect for my father beyond the respect I already had.

He seemed proud that I had found a young lady worthy, and Irish, and proud that I was considering aiding my countrymen. I realized at that moment, to pretty gf takes big cock in her ass and caugth on cam pornstars and hardcore, that I was seriously considering joining the Cloven Hoof.

Later that day after work I called Carson and asked him if we could meet and talk club business. He asked me to come out to the compound whenever I wanted that I was welcome there, and we'd talk then. I told him I would be there in an hour.

This time I rode up to the gate and noted the fortress of an entrance was now guarded. The huge gates slowly opened showing the weight of their massive construct. I rode up to the mansion and Patrick met me as I parked my Harley and shook my hand. He led me to the door put in a security code and opened the door, I recognized him as the brother of Michael the Sargent at Arms, he took me directly to Carson's office and left, it reminded me of a military operation.

Carson greeted me and said he was glad I was back so soon and gave me a brothers' hug. I told him I was considering the offer of membership. He said "did some checking did ya?" in his obvious Irish accent. I said "Aye" and he said "yeah we heard from your father, a good Irishmen." I chuckled slightly to myself, not realizing just how connected my father was.

Carson said today he had a question for me first. He asked if this change of mind was because of Kristen being a member and not allowed to see anyone not affiliated. I told him straight away that I had not realized she had that restriction in the first place, but that even if I was just an assignment to her, I still wanted to serve the cause. Carson looked me over in silence for a second and said you are now a full member, as a heritage, and that because you had already proven yourself, you will not be required to pledge or wait the usual trial period.

Then he said "you used the term serve, do you mean that?" I said "yes I will use my talents to serve the Cloven Hoof, this chapter, and the greater cause of the mother land." He said "well then young man let me enlighten you.

We need more young warriors like you, talented and proven, and as for Kristen, she volunteered for the protection detail and whatever beyond hot sexy french babe in hardcore anal threesome with hung studs is for her to say." He told me that on Friday I would be formally initiated in presence of the full membership and be granted the privileges and colors of the club.

I thanked him and he came around the desk and I stood to meet him and he gave me the brotherly hug, and said "one more thing young man" as we separated and I shook his hand, "Kristen is waiting outside the door for you, go to her brother." Kristen was indeed waiting for me outside the door and lunged into my arms and we kissed.

It was a kiss right out of an old black and white movie, like a romance novel, her body melted into mine as the kiss went on, and as we parted she seemed to almost fall away.

She took me by the hand and led me to her room, once inside we sat on the edge of the bed and we talked. It was as if we both had found our missing part, the one thing that kept us from being complete, a mate. I asked her to court me, Date by modern definition, but I wanted her to know that I had greater intentions than just living for today. I held her hand and began to kiss her, and we lay back on the bed. I moved her hand over her head and held it there as I found the other and moved it to the first, holding them with one hand.

I felt the curve of her breast through her shirt and slowly unbuttoned the shirt and slipped my hand inside to grasp her bare breast, cupping it and holding it as a new life in my hand. Her nipple hardened at my touch and I Kissed her on the mouth, our tongues twisting and twirling around.

Life was good. End of Ch.1