Mia serene loves tastes of eds cock edpowers and brunette

Mia serene loves tastes of eds cock edpowers and brunette
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Family Sex Slave - Pt 1 Jen and William were a happily married couple. They met in high school when Jen was a 16 year old sophmore, a cheerleader, but was never really popular due to her shyness. William was a forward for the school soccer team and was one of the popular guys in school. Jen had alwais had a crush on William cus she thought he was the most beautifull man she has ever seen.

He stood at 5' 11" with short black hair, pale skin, deep blue eyes, and a muscular build.

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She thought he was way out of her league because she wasnt popular even though she was in a cheerleader and when she saw herself in the mirror all she could see was a short 5' geeky Indian girl with glasses and alwais wore a ponytail. She never thought she was beautiful or anything.

One day she one of her freind Ema stoped by her house around 5pm, she looked exited for some particular reason.

Jen smiled, "Hi Ema, you look happier than usual." Ema let out a screatch and said, "Jearmy is having a party next week and i got invited, i was wondering if you would like to come with me?" Jen hesitated since she never liked partys and told her in a low shy voice, "Im sorry Ema, i cant." Ema looke stuned and but then smiled and whispered to her, "You know William will be there." With those words Jen's eyes opened widely and looked back at Ema with exitment and said "That changed everything!

I'll go with u!" Ema stayed for the night and they planed what they would wear and would give Jen advice on how to get the man allie haze thick booty girlfriends bouncy b her life. The day of the party came and when Ema went to pick up Jen her jaw droped.

She was staring at Jen who didnt even look like herself. She was wearing jeans with tore up knees, a black blouse, her hair was straight down, her glasses were gone and replaced them with contacts, and wore make up which she rarely wore. Ema huged her and said "wow look at u! How did u? I mean? Ur just amazing.

I think you look better than me for once" Jen gave a small smile and told her "thanks, i guess." They got into Ema's dad's car and he drove them to the party, as a responsible and careing parent he warned them about how they should be carefull and dont drink any beer. Ofcourse the girls ignored him and talked about all the guys that would be there but all Jen had in her mind was how she would talk to William for once. Jen and Ema got out of the car then entered Jearmy's house.

Withing 5 minutes Jen lost sight of Ema, she started to feel worried because she knew no one at the party and boys would constantly keep looking at her.

Jen went up to second floor for some time alone and quite. She entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet thinking to herself "why did I even come here? I havent even found William yet." She then heard moans comeing from the other side of the wall. As she got out of the bathroom she noticed the noise come from a room. The door was not locked so Jen decided to peek in, as she opened the door she saw a black man ontop of Ema.

The sight of watching her feel something she had never felt before. It was comeing from her pussy and was scared. She decided to leave it alone and went off to find William. When she finally found William she felt her heart race and temperature rise. She thought she would pass out with each step she took. In a shy voice Jen said "Hi william.how are u?" "Im ok" said William. Jen could hardly believe that he even talked to her.

"Would u like to dance jen?" Had she just heard right? Did the man of her dream just asked for her to dance with her? Jen was in shock but accepted. She felt his arms being placed on her hips and put her hand on his back. She had never felt so comfertable and happy that she put her head on his chest. They didnt even dance for a minute when William put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up so he could kiss her.

Jen kissed him back wishing this would never end. He then kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear "wanna do something fun?" Jen smiled and nodded her head.

William held her hand as he lead her to his truck and put her in the passanger seat. "Where are we going?" Jen asked nervously. "We are gonna have fun, besides this party is shit." Answered William. Jen remembered about Ema but decided to leave her have sex with her lover. They arrived at Williams house. He brought her to his room and she asked him "where are your sexxy very herd xxx story William looked back at her and said "Those guys?

They are at some convention or something. They wont be here within a day or two." He kiss her lips and layed her on his bed. As he got ontop of her she couldnt belive how soft and warm his lips felt and how soft his hand was going up and down her body. He whisper "wanna do it?" She was shocked at the question and was apalled that he would even ask her that. She was about to say now when she remembered how Ema seemed to enjoy sex and wanted to feel that feeling so she nodded her head.

He too off his shirt and her eyes widen as she saw his hard six pack. He then too off her shirt and bra but blushed thinking he would think she is ugly. Instead he heard him compliment her nice figure and tan.

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He cuped one boob in his left hand as he sucked on her other boob. The feeling of his hand rubbing her boob and warm mouth succking the other made her moaned as a wonderful feeling took over her body.

She moaned for more. William smiled knowing she would be his. He took off her jeans and thong then started to lick her pussy. Jen moan at the first touch of his tongue. She started to get more wet and enjoyed the feeling begging for more untill she had a new feeling. "Something happening William!" Jen screatched.

Willam, enjoying the sight said "thats it, cum for me you bitch." Jen's whole body shivered as she unloaded her load on William's face. She laid there exausted then heard William unzip his pants. She couldnt belive how huge his dick was. It seemed to be 9" long and 4" thick. Jen thought there was no was that massive thing could fit in her small pussy. As William got ontop of her she asked shyly"Can we please stop if it hurts?" He smiled and kissed her lips gently and naive teen cuties enjoy a quick foursome "Ofcourse sweetheart." As William's dick got closer to her pussy Jen was exited to feel the joy of sex.

When his dick entered her tight pussy she felt like it was ripping her apart. "Please stop! It hurts!" Jen screamed. All William could say was how tight she was. He thrusted his hips faster and smiled as he poped her cherry "guess ur not a virgin anymore" laughed William. Jen was in pure pain and tried to escape but William was taller, weight more, and was stronger. Her pinned her down as he gave her the fuck of her life. She tried to resist cumming but William could see it through her face and said "cum for me you little bitch!" She complied and cried as she cums all over his dick.

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"Fuck your wet" gasped William. A few minutes later he came inside her and she whimpered "please stop, it doesnt feel good at all." She only saw him rocking pack and forth and feeling sharp mature sex girl brazzers com from her pussy from being stretched out to much.

She laid there taking every thrust and drop of cum he put in her not being able to belive the man of her dreams was not the man she thought he was. Half and hour later he layed ontop of her and he whispered "i love u Jen." Jen smiled thinking this might work out. They fell asleep together and when they woke up they saw William's parents by his door. They waited for the teens to wake up and said "what the hell is going on here?" To be continued.