Schoolgirl flashes her boobs and screwed for some money

Schoolgirl flashes her boobs and screwed for some money
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After driving all afternoon and into the early evening, Bonnie and I reached Wausau, in enchanting drilling of hot babe s slit central Wisconsin, where the hospital my uncle was born in was located.

I wagered that even if my uncle's family didn't live in Wausau, they wouldn't live too far outside it. After asking for directions at various gas stations, I was finally able to find the hospital.

Once I knew where that was it was time to find lodging for the night. We got a room at a motel not terribly far from the hospital and I dropped Bonnie off at the room. I told her to order us some delivery while I ran down to the hospital to ask some questions. Since we drove up here on a weekend and it was Saturday night, most government buildings or other facilities where we might get more information would not be open, nor would they be tomorrow. This trip wasn't about finding my family on the first try so much as it was about getting an idea about the area and where I might concentrate my efforts in the future.

As far as the hospital went, I was mostly interested in learning how large a white asian teen fucked herself with her dildo masturbation and tight pussy area they usually serviced and maybe see if there were any staff who might have worked there over the last eighteen years. I figured if my uncle and I were born in the same area, it stood to reason I might have been born in the same hospital and maybe, however unlikely, there might be someone on staff who worked here back then.

I didn't have any expectations, as this was such a long stretch, but I was here so I might as well try. ***** On the way to the hospital, I decided to stop at a gas station along the way to pick us up something to drink. At first glance, Wausau didn't seem big enough to have a real 'seedy' part of town, so I was a bit surprised when I noticed some women standing in the empty parking lot adjacent to the gas station. Clearly they were prostitutes, judging by their apparel, but it was unseasonably cold out tonight and rainy meaning it would be a long slow night for them.

My time inside the station took longer than expected, because of a couple of bums trying to buy some whiskey with what change they had between them. After arguing about whether to buy less alcohol so they could buy some cigarettes, followed by a lengthy process of trying to min/max their purchase by selecting a product then rejecting it due to price, before selecting another, etc.

After a few minutes they finally settled on their purchase, I quickly paid for mine and was out the door right behind them. They smelled like some of my fosters did. I never wanted to end up like that, but I digress. As I walked back out to my car, I noticed that the girl's pimps showed up. I say 'pimps' as there were two of them, but I suspected that one was operating under the authority of the other.

There were five girls, two with one pimp and three with the other, but it was the one with the three that caught my attention. Apparently one of the little white girls pissed off her pimp as he was really laying into her. Normally, I wouldn't care about such things, as I would punish my women when they got out of line, but for whatever reason this particular situation rubbed me the wrong way. When I punish my women, I do it calmly and in a controlled manner.

I have wailed on them from time to time, but that was always during a pain session and never during a punishment and I never struck them with a closed fist. A girl should never be beaten when you are angry because you lack personal restraint at that point, as mom and son in walking sex by the fact that you're angry, under the influence of emotion. No, when you are angry, you put the girl on lockdown and you save physical punishment for brunette beach fuck rough rectal hump for lexy banderas birthday you are in a clear frame of mind, after having had a chance to weigh the punishment against the crime.

What the pimp was doing was out of rage, by the look on the girl's faces. The fact the second pimp was standing by, keeping his girls out of the situation, told me that this was more than just an 'attitude adjustment' or 'correctional education'. After slapping the blacked candice dare ass fucked by huge black cock around a few times, yelling at her, the large black dude drew his balled fist back and drilled the little girl upside the head, sending her straight to the ground, drawing cries and pleas of mercy from the other girls.

I heard the hit from where I was standing as it popped loudly through the night air and I thought the girl was dead for sure or crippled at the very least. After a few moments, her pimp standing over her crumpled body yelling at her to get up, she finally started to move.

I was a bit relieved to see her functioning and the fact she wasn't convulsing told me she wasn't suffering any sort of major brain damage from the blow, but when he started to kick her for not getting up quickly enough, I knew she was likely living on borrowed time. Again, I had no business interfering with how a man wants to handle his woman, but this was not a man handling a woman.

This was an animal and animals do not get to handle women. Animals have no impulse control and it was evidenced by how he was beating the shit out of this girl. It was bad enough he let his women sleep with other men, regardless if it was for profit, but he was a bully. He was using fear and pain to keep his girls in line, not confidence and leadership.

He demanded his girls toe the line for him, but did not hold himself to a higher standard as an example. I used my girls as I pleased, but I always kept my girls at the forefront of my mind and everything I did was for them, for us. When I looked at this guy, I saw Robert, if he actually had the size to enforce riley reyes lance hart slut shaming batman more will.

When he struck the little woman, I saw a larger, stronger version of Robert beating Melanie. Although Robert never struck Mel, I'm fairly certain it was because he was a small man and he was well aware of what I did to my last, bigger, foster dad and would probably do to him should he ever step over the line.

As I watched this man, I saw my foster dads, animals, the lot of them, coming home drunk and pummelling me senseless for trivial errors. Not today, Sonny Jim. I put my bag in the backseat and went to the trunk. I retrieved the L-shaped tire iron from there and slid half of it down the back of my pants. Sure, to anyone behind me, it was obvious what I was trying to conceal, but to anyone in front of me, they'd have no idea what kind of suffering awaited them.

I closed the trunk and made my way to the vacant parking lot for some 'correctional education' of my own. I knew this was stupid, they could've had guns for all I knew, but it had to be done before the poor girl wound up permanently disabled or worse. Even though these pimps were lousy owners, their girls would still be conditioned to serve teen hardcore destroyed chop shop owner gets shut down so I was potentially facing six opponents.

However, like any pack, if you can quickly take down the Alpha first, you'll give the rest something else to think about, like maybe how loyal they really are to the Alpha for instance. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my girls had my back, because I cared about them and I wanted good lives for them. If someone attacked me and managed to put me down, I knew they would unleash Hell to protect me, because they loved me and I loved them.

They were property, like the whores these pimps owned, but unlike these guys, I cared about my posessions and they were without a doubt the most valuable assets in my life, they WERE my life. I doubt these girls would say their pimps felt the same way, judging by how they were used and treated.

Intimidation and pain will ensure someone's loyalty right up until the point you need it and that's when they stab you in the back and that was what I was counting on. One of the girls called out to the pimps as she saw me coming across the parking lot toward them. This caused the two of them to turn and start approaching me, but not before the leader kicked his girl in the stomach and stomped on her arm one more time. As soon as they opened some distance on the downed girl, the other two girls with her swooped in to check on her.

The two that were with the smaller pimp stood back, not wanting to get involved in anything. Even though it was two versus one at the moment, I knew enough not to dismiss the girls just yet. A bit of advice for those who plan on getting into a brawl. Pay attention to how your opponent walks. If they step off with their left leg first, it is because they are right-handed. The most common first punch thrown in a fight will be an over-hand or anal dildo teen tits oficer of patrol agrees to help redhaired babe to cross the border jab from the dominant side so anticipate that first.

Even if your opponent is a skilled fighter, if they perceive you as inexperienced, they are still just as likely to open with the same punch as any inexperienced one.

It's their strongest punch and they want to put you down quickly, as most real fights rarely last longer than a few punches anyway. Seeing the two men coming toward me, told me what I needed to know. The one beating the girl was the much bigger of the two, bigger than me. The other was a bit smaller than me, but was clearly the bigger threat. The big one would do more damage if he connected, but he was slow and out of shape, judging by the steam rising from his head in the cold night air after beating on a defenseless little girl.

I hadn't seen the smaller one do anything, but the way he looked and moved told me he was no stranger to fighting and probably pretty good at it. I had to put the big one down first. Not only because he was the Alpha of the group, but because I needed to face the better fighter one on one or they'd make short work of me. My best approach would've been to attack the one on the left first, but since that is where the better guy was, I had to attack the one on the right first instead.

Fortunately, my size did factor into their decision making process as they stopped about twenty feet from me and started calling me out, trying to intimidate me. I knew they were willing to fight, but it was clear that fighting was a last resort for them, because they didn't really want to risk tangling with a guy my lesbian blondes touching bodies passionately in bed tube porn. Had I been a smaller man, they would've kept approaching me, unafraid of me, but they didn't, they stopped.

In that moment, they just threw away the most important advantage they had going for them, the psychological one. The fact I was coming to meet them should've told them their numbers meant little to me and now that they stopped to flap their gums, told me that they knew it.

Their hesitation put the initiative in my hands and that allowed me to set the pace of the engagement. As I neared, ignoring their pointless attempts to impress fear upon me, they began to separate. Should I attack one, I'd be giving my back to the other, but I was fine with that. If I stopped, they would encircle me anyway so my only option was to push through one and keep him between me and the other. I lunged at the big one just as I entered range of his strike, but rather than swing on him like I did against the four drunks, I ducked at the last second.

His mighty fist sailed harmlessly over my head, but without my body to stop his momentum, he found himself off-balance, forcing himself to step into it or fall over. Using this advantage, I stepped past him, turning into him as I did so. Using my left hand to push on him, I was able to keep him off-balance, giving me time to pull out the tire iron. By the time he spun around to face me, I was bringing the iron down squarely against the side of his knee, creating a loud crack and pop in the load-bearing joint.

His left leg buckled immediately, bringing the giant man tumbling to the ground, howling in pain. Seeing the Alpha go down so fast and the iron in my hand as I marched toward him, the other pimp made the wise choice to flee the scene as fast as possible, leaving his women behind to fend for themselves. It didn't really matter though, as when I turned to face them, they had all started clearing out like roaches when the lights come on. There's that loyalty I was telling you about earlier.

I waited a few moments, making sure I wasn't about to get jumped by anyone I hadn't accounted for, before taking a knee beside the pimp, who was sobbing like a little girl, holding his crooked leg. "You're going to take better care of your girls from now one, aren't you?" I asked gruffly, slapping his messed up leg, causing him to cry out. "YOU BROKE MY MUTHA-FUCKIN' LEG!" He cried out. "Yeah, that sucks getting treated like a bitch, doesn't it?" I squeezed.

"FUCK!" He yelled out, "WHAT CHU WANT, MUTHA-FUCKA?" "What I want." I released his leg, "Is your promise to treat your girls better." "WHAT?" He cried out, confused. "I get it. I do. You have to discipline them." I said calmly, trying to appeal to his sensibilities, "But you need to discipline yourself, first.

Understand?" He just groaned, rocking on the ground. "Stop. Beating. On. Your. Girls, UNDERSTAND?" I questioned, forcefully gripping his leg. "GAAAAH! FUCK! YEAH, MUTHA-FUCKA!" He wailed. I looked around, seeing the girl he was beating still lying on the sidewalk in front of the store where he left her. "Oh, and I'm taking that one with me. She belongs to me now, right?" I asked, gripping even tighter.

He just nodded unequivocally. "Good. I'm glad we could have this talk." I said condescendingly, as I patted his leg. I stood up and began walking over to the girl, but stopping after a few steps. "One more thing." I said, turning back to him.

"I'll be around. You know, to keep an eye on you. I trust you'll hold up your end of our little agreement?" I mentioned, reminding him this had been neither a suggestion nor a negotiation. "I'd hate for things to become less. civil." I said plainly, inspecting the tire iron I'd just broke his knee with before turning to walk away. I wasn't really going to be keeping an eye on him, but maybe if just a little intimidation made him re-evaluate his management skills and treat his girls just a bit better, then all of this would've been worth it.

As it was, I needed to get the hell out of here and in a hurry, but I also didn't need to act like an irrational bitch either.

Right now, I'm sure the other guy was going to get a gun or friends or friends with guns and pov glam ho cum covered interracial pornstars back and I'd been exceedingly lucky so far, but I wasn't about to leave the battered girl lying on the sidewalk where I'm sure she'd be punished further for my actions. I made sure to keep my distance and circle around her until I was in her line of sight.

I had no idea if she was armed and the last thing I needed to was to take a knife to the gut because I startled her by getting too close. "Hey, are you alright?" I asked girl in stockings satisfies a hard dick, setting the iron on the ground and putting my hands up as I crept toward her.

This was the first time I was able to get a real good look at the girl and it stopped me in my tracks. Despite a swollen left eye, split lip and bloody nose, it was easy to recognize her facial features by the other half of her face, because they were the same facial features I'd been looking at my whole life. She appeared to be suffering from the same shock as I, as she had completely stopped crying and holding her face when she looked up at me.

"Wha. What is your name?" I asked, tentatively, squatting down near her. "Dana." She moaned, still in pain, but dumbstruck by my resemblence. "My name is David." I said, "David Olsen." I added, tacking my last name on hoping it would mean something to her. Tears began welling up in her eyes at that point and her body started heaving from the explosion of emotion igniting deep within her heart. "David?" She wept, throwing her arms out to me. I quickly pulled her into my embrace and she clamped her arms around me, sobbing wildly against my chest.

The girl was she makes him lick her pussy small tits fingering, around my age, with the same golden blonde hair and crystal blue eyes as I. She was considerably smaller than me, but as I said, there was no mistaking the similarity shared in our facial features. She also had a serious reaction when she recognized my name, plus her name was Dana and mine was David.

This had to be a sister. "Are we related, Dana?" I questioned softly. She was too emotional to speak, but she nodded rapidly in my arms. This changed things.

This was my sister and that man just beat her. I wanted to kill him now. I wanted to pick up the iron and cave the pimp's skull in, but not before I broke every other bone in his body first. This was no longer a matter of a pimp beating his whore, this was a matter of a man raising his hand to MY family. Then I remembered my own thoughts.

I was angry and I wanted to punish the man and this was wrong. I had already beat him and accomplished what I set kat dior gets tied up and fucked to do. Until now, neither of us knew this was my sister and I was emotionally compromised.

To beat him further would invite disaster and quite likely, jail time. I needed to calm myself only krina kpur xxx xix vidyo get back to thinking with a clear head. Regardless of how our paths came to cross, if things hadn't gone down in this manner, I would've just driven off and missed out on my sister entirely. Besides, punishing someone when your angry is just something you don't do, whether it be your slave or some random asshole.

I told Dana we needed to get the hell out of there and she agreed. When she asked me about Dante and Tavian, the two pimps I was guessing, I pointed to the large man wimpering on the ground holding his leg. She said she was fine to move so I helped her up, grabbing the iron and started back to the car.

She took me by surprise when she tried ripping the tire iron from my hand to collect her pound of flesh from the thug, but I was able to pull it away, taking her by the arm and dragging her away from the scene. The motel wasn't far from here, but I knew we were running out of time and I still had to pick up Bonnie. It wasn't enough to leave the scene, we needed to get out of this area as soon as possible, as I was sure they'd be combing the streets looking for us soon.

***** During our brief ride back to the motel, Dana had mentioned that she, our mother and sister lived pretty close to there, in the same apartment complex as Dante and his brother.

She didn't have time to go into details, but she said she wasn't one of his girls. She mentioned that he'd been trying to recruit the three of them to whore for him and he had become more and more demanding, implying violence and rape if they didn't give in. She said she went down there to confront him and offer herself to him if he'd leave the others alone and that's when he started beating her.

As she explained her story, I had no doubt that had fate intervened on my behalf once again. She would probably be getting raped and passed around right now had I not been delayed by the two bums in the gas station long enough for Dante and Tavian to show up.

My blood boiled and I made a mental note to pay this man a visit sometime in the future. If his lifestyle didn't kill him before then, I was sure to. Yeah, fuck what I said about being anger and punishment, sometimes you have to put a rabid dog down. I liked to think of myself as a rational and critically-minded individual, but I've seen enough in my life to believe that there is something out there greater than us.

Some call it God, others call it fate, destiny, karma, even just dumb luck, whatever you want to call it, I was just too fortunate not accept that I was blessed in some manner. All my life, no matter how stacked against me the deck seemed to be, I always managed to draw a winning hand when it mattered most.

In my short life up to now, I'd found my way into Melanie's life, which led to finding Bonnie and Audrey. Now, on a whim, I'd driven hundreds of miles and while making a random stop at a gas station for beverages, I stumbled across my sister. I'd just saved her from a terrifying situation that I managed to come out of unscathed and now I'm about to meet my mother and other sister for the first time, hopefully saving them as well.

If that wasn't enough, Melanie and Audrey were in New Mexico so she could file for divorce from her husband, and they just happen to find a divorce attorney, who happened to have an axe to grind with Robert offering to let my women stay in her own home.

At only eighteen, I had already found more love and happiness than most others could ever dream to find in their whole lives and life was really only getting started for me. I knew as long as I kept my eyes on the prize and kept driving forward, never giving up, continuing to improve myself to be a better man, there was nothing I couldn't overcome.

We took the long way around and approached the apartment complex from the opposite direction one would normally take if coming from the gas station. I reasoned that if they were looking for us, that would be the route they'd most likely be looking for us. So far, the strategy was paying off as we didn't have any issues getting there.

Now, the only problem would be getting back out safely. I would've loved to leave the car running with Bonnie at the wheel, in case we needed a slender teenage looker has her asshole drilled escape, but if these guys recognized my car, there was no way I was going to leave my Bonnie alone to deal with it.

The complex was series of government assisted apartments lining either side of a long drive that connected to the same road at two locations, in a sort of semi-circle. This meant we could come in the least likely entrance the thugs would've used, park near a different apartment building and approach on foot.

With a little luck, they would never see my car and we could be in and out before anyone knew we were there.

Even though it was Summer, the unseasonably cold weather and rain worked to our advantage, keeping people inside that would normally be sitting outside if it was nicer. We entered the building from the back and quickly made our way up the steps to the top floor. No one said a word and we did our best to minimize the sound of our feet ascending the steps.

Dana already had her key out and was opening the back door as soon as we got to it. I ushered the two girls inside and closed the door behind me before turning to see two other startled women in the living room. "What the-" The older of the two said, getting up from the sofa. "Dana, what happened?" She gasped in shock at the battered state of my sister. "Mom, I'm fine." Dana assured her, "We have to get out of here, now." She told her.

Mother and other sister stood there dumbfounded, that is until I stepped forward. It had been eighteen years since she last saw me and I was only an infant, but mother's never forget their children, nor the resemblance I had with Dana. She knew who I was immediately. She broke down, falling to her knees, her hands clenching one another against her chest.

"Uh, hi, mom." I said awkwardly, the revelation causing the other girl to go into an emotional shock of her own. I felt bad for the two women who had no idea what was going on, but we didn't have time to explain.

I sent Dana and Bonnie to get a couple of garbage bags and pack them full of clothes for each of them and any valuables or cash stashes that might be tucked away because we weren't coming back any time soon.

Meanwhile, I tried to bring my mother and sister back to reality and functionality again. I was a bit surprised that my mother and sister didn't look quite as much like Dana and I did.

Deborah, our mother and Danielle had strawberry blonde and red hair respectively and both had green eyes. Deborah was smaller than Mel at 5' and Danielle was hardly taller at 5' 1", unlike Dana who was an average 5' 5". Deb and Dani were incredibly small chested, sporting tiny A cups compared to the much bustier Dana who was packing away D's. I could see why Dante wanted these women though, as they were all very beautiful, delicate and with their pixie-sized frames, especially mom and Dani, they could've easily been mistaken for children from a distance or dressed to look like them, which is what I figured he had in mind for them.

I had no idea how a woman as small as my mother could give birth to any children, let alone, someone like me who had to have been a large baby. I went over to my mother and sister and tried to help them to their feet. While I was able to get them up, I was immediately swarmed in their embrace as they clung tightly to me.

This was not the homecoming I wanted, but since Dana and Bonnie were busy, I figured I could spend a few minutes holding them back. After about ten minutes, the other two returned to the living room each holding a black garbage bag loaded with busty good looking milf solo masturbation bigtits webcam. By now, Deb and Dani had calmed down enough to get their coats on and follow us out the back door.

They still had no real grasp of the situation, but I was in command and they followed my instruction. I was just about to exit the apartment when I heard a group of guys hollering outside the front door followed by loud banging as they slammed their fists against it demanding to be let in. I eased the door closed and started making my way down the steps while the girls were near a full sprint as they exited out the back of the complex.

I was just about to exit the building myself when I heard a couple of the guys who'd gone around the back of the building start hollering. It was on now. Mom and Dani screamed as the men rushed them, but in their haste, they didn't see me coming out and charging them in return.

Bonnie told them to keep running and stood her ground. I'd never seen Bonnie fight, but it was clear she was not one to triffle with. I guess it can get pretty rough and tumble in hick bars, because she squared up like a fighter, not like some average barfly. As I've mentioned before, Bonnie was a bigger girl, but she wasn't all fat, she was quite strong as well.

Her readiness to brawl gave a moment of pause to the two dudes who were clearly expecting all the women to run and cower. The thud of my feet on the soggy, wet grass as I barrelled toward them caused the two guys to look my way right as I plowed into both of them.

I couldn't hit both of them at the same time, but that was fine. By railing most of my force into the first dude, I'd knocked the wind clean out of him and still had enough momentum take the second guy to the ground with me. Bonnie seized the opportunity and ran up, kicking the second guy right in the head, taking him out of the fight as well. With the two of them out of commission for the next few minutes, Bonnie helped me up and we soon joined the rest at the car. I'd left the car doors unlocked for just such an occasion, confident no one would try to break in in the short time we'd be inside.

This paid off as everyone was already packed inside by the time Bonnie and I got down there. Despite having two large garbage bags full of clothes on their laps, the girls were small enough to fit in the back together without much trouble. I fired up the car, threw it into gear and was soon speeding out the way we came in. We had no reason to drive anywhere near here anymore so Dana navigated us directly away from the complex, on the quickest route out of town.

We still needed a place to stay, but once we were safely out of town, we could take any roundabout course we wanted and re-enter town on the other side, far from where these guys would be looking for us. However, mother suggested another smaller town about twenty miles away that was already in our current direction of travel. I agreed and we made our way North. ***** After about a half hour of driving, we pulled into the motel mother told me about.

I went in and paid for two adjoining rooms and we were soon parked and unloading. I needed two rooms to have enough beds for everyone to sleep, but we gathered in my room to talk. We'd passed a McDonald's on the way in, so I sent Bonnie out to buy us all some food. I was dead on my feet, but I was also starving and I wanted some time with my family to decompress and bring everyone up to speed. "I suppose you want to know why I gave you up for adoption?" My mother reservedly asked, once the four of us were alone and calmed down.

"I have my suspicions why." I answered, "I'm guessing it had to do with the same reason Uncle Bill was forced to move away?" I asked. As you could imagine, it's not easy to broach the subject of incest and dom/sub relations to someone you're intimate with, let alone, complete strangers or worse, family.

I was operating under the notion that dominance and submission could be hereditary and that my father sent Bill and I away for the same reasons my women and I decided to give up any sons for adoption and train our daughters to serve. However, that was only speculation and while Bill and I were similar, as were Bonnie and Audrey, and the fact my girls all shared similar views about incest, that didn't mean my family would.

I had just found them after all this time and I didn't want to be disowned because I said the wrong thing. So I decided to hint to my mother that I knew why Bill was forced to move away and hope she picked up on it. "Yes, it can be difficult raising boys." She said cryptically, "But that doesn't mean I didn't love you or want you." "But," I interjected, "We can sometimes clash with our fathers, challenge them, if you will, and disrupt his happy home, his leadership?" I asked, passing my own cryptic message back to her.

"Yes." She smiled warmly, "That's precisely it." "So where is father?" I asked. "He passed about five years ago." She lamented. "And you've been on your own since then?" I asked, rising to my feet. "Yes." She answered, lowering her head. "It's difficult without a head of the household, I take it?" I took a step toward her.

"Quite." She went to her knees, followed by my sisters, who had caught on to where we were going with this. "So why haven't you found another man then?" I asked her, stepping before her and my sisters who now knelt before me. "Because we already belong to one, my Son." She looked up, smiling. I looked back down into my mother and sister's eyes as they looked back up into mine.

I reached down behind my sister's heads and pulled them against each thigh before nodding to my mother who closed her eyes and rested her face against my groin. I felt an arm of each sister reach behind my legs to hold hands and doing the same with our mother. She, in turn, held her daughters around the waist as the four of us shared this moment of family bonding. They nuzzled their faces and cheeks against their new owner as I towered over them, making us whole once again. I gently stroked their heads as I closed my eyes, taking this moment in, the only breaks in the silence being when one of the girls sniffled back her tears.

After we broke our embrace it was time to get down to brass tacks. We returned to our seats and I had mother tell me what happened to our family. My family's history got complicate real fast as my mother explained our immediate family tree to me.

My father died five years ago at the age of seventy-six. He was one of three children, two boys and a girl. Their names were Travis, my father, Theodore or Theo, his brother and Margaret.

Travis was forced to raise his brother and sister when their parents died shortly after his fifteenth birthday. Over the following years, Travis and Margaret fell in love and were married when she was sixteen and Travis was nineteen. She used their mother's maiden name and were married in another state to keep the authorities from finding out.

This did not sit well with Theo, because he wanted his sister and it drove the japan friend long time sex story apart. Travis and Theo were both strong dominant men and probably would've ended up hating one another anyway, regardless of their shared interest in Margaret, but the fact she belonged to Travis and not Theo only exacerbated the matter.

Theo vowed to take everything from my father and spent the rest of his life trying. It was at this point that Bonnie had returned with our food and an ice pack for Dana. I told her that the secret was out and she was happy. Happy that our family was finally complete, but also happy that she could call me 'Daddy' and not 'David' in front of them. I told them I'd share my side of the story afterword and mother went back to telling her tale as we ate.

Mother said that while Theo was a strong dominant man in his own right, he paled in comparison to his brother, which only infuriated him more. She explained that Margaret gave birth to fraternal twin daughters, Joan and Joyce. However, tragedy struck when Margaret died in child birth, leaving Travis to raise his daughters alone.

Travis had planned on claiming both of his daughters, but decided to give Joyce to his brother to help mend the strain between them. Theo accepted Joyce as his daughter and eventual wife and things seemed to be fine between the two of them, but it was all an illusion. Theo's rage could never be satiated and he still schemed to bring sunny playgirl poses on cam softcore and amateur brother down.

Theo didn't want to wait as long as Travis to sire a child with Joyce and she gave birth to Uncle Bill about six years ahead of Joan. However, giving birth so early caused problems with Joyce, preventing her from having any more. Theo was once again upset with his brother.

Not only did he have to be given his wife from him, the girl he was given bore him a son and left her unable to bear any more fruit. He felt cheated, despite everything Travis had done for him, even surrendering his own daughter to him and Theo's own hand in black cocks fuck white pussies and assholes interracial sex tube porn his niece. Travis kept trying to close the gap between his brother and himself, but Theo simply wouldn't have it.

In fact, he ended up giving custody of Bill to Travis as he couldn't stand the idea of competing with another male. He turned bitter and abusive toward Joyce after that and had her locked up most of the time.

She was reduced to little more than a cum recepticle and whipping post. Travis offered to take her off Theo's hands, but of course, Theo rejected him. Mother said that Travis admitted that giving up Joyce was the biggest mistake of this life. I lost quite a bit of respect toward my father, knowing he could give up one of his women to another man and even more when he realized his mistake and did not correct it.

Mother explained how their lives changed when she turned sixteen. Theo, already crazy as a loon and drunk as a skunk, finally snapped completely. Police reports would later show that he murdered his wife in their home before paying a visit to his brother.

It was later in the evening, after she had gone to sleep and her parents were downstairs in the kitchen. Theo bust into the home and levelled his shotgun at Joan, cutting her down before she even had a chance to get out of her chair.

He turned the double-barrel on his brother and fired, clipping Travis in the side. Wounded, but filled with rage and fear for his family, Travis attacked his brother before he could get reloaded and beat the life from him.

Travis survived the attack, but lost a kidney, half his liver and a lung from the shotgun blast. He was a broken man after that, both physically and mentally.

He lost his beloved Margaret long before her time and two daughters to his insane brother because he tried to be amicable with a lunatic. About six months after Joan was laid to rest, mother said she offered herself to our father. She said she expected him to claim her by then, but he was just the shell of the man he used to amala paul xxx story sex stories. Still though, he was the man of the house and she'd been raised to be his so his she was determined to be, even if she had to do it herself.

She finally talked Travis into making a woman of her and nine months later, she gave birth to Danielle. It was around this time that Bill's dominant tendancies started to become an issue. It started out innocently enough. Travis was unable to keep his good paying job after the injury and had to take a job packing boxes in a warehouse for barely above minimum wage.

They were forced to move out of their nice home in the country into an low-end two bedroom bungalow. Even though he'd been moved out for a few years now, Bill wanted to contribute to the family, but because of his dominant nature he started making decisions without consulting Travis first.

He also started taking it upon himself to giving duties to my mother. Mother said she thought he was only doing what he thought was best, but she also admitted that it was not his place to interfere in her "husband's" family. She convinced Travis to send Bill away and they'd make due on their own. A few years later, mother was pregnant with twins, Dana and I. When the ultra-sounds confirmed I was a boy, she had to once again convince Ravishing japanese babe luna fucked deep in her gentle throath to part with me.

I'll admit, it was difficult hearing mother tell me it was her decision to give me up, but I understood and agreed with it regardless. I saw a lot of Melanie and Audrey in mother. She was totally committed to the man who ruled her, believing she was born to be his, that it was her destiny and she embraced it wholly.

She was so dedicated to Travis that even when his life was in ruin, she was willing to stand by him no matter what, even if he was no longer the dominant force she used to know him to be. The last thirteen years of his life, Travis continued his downward spiral into nothingness. Still though, mother stood by his side as devoted and loyal as ever.

It broke her heart every day to see him like that, but she did find some solace in being there for him for every day he had left in this world. Her biggest regret was that their daughters would never know his touch like she did, but now that I had returned to their lives, hopefully that would change.

When I asked about the differences in everyone's appearance, mother explained that we got them from Margaret and Travis. Margaret had red hair and green eyes, while Travis had blonde and blue. Furthermore, since Dana and I were twins and I was a big baby, it made sense Dana was bigger than the other two women, but it still surprised her at just how much bigger than Dana I was when we were born.

In fact, she said I was so big that she had to have a caesarean section in order to get me out because I wouldn't fit down her vagina. I think my mother had a mini-orgasm when I quipped that I was concerned if I'd fit now.

Mother asked if I wanted to her to strip so I could find out and was disappointed when I told her, no. It wasn't that I didn't want to make my mother, but I was too tired and I had a lot on my mind. I told them I already had three pregnant women and now I had three more. I was only eighteen and in a span of less than a month, I effectively had a harem and unless I got back to work on Monday, I wouldn't have a job to support myself, let alone, any of them.

That's when all of them chimed in offering to take up jobs to help support our family, to which I had to cut them off. Finances were only going to be part of the problem. I had Mel and Aud in New Mexico trying to work through a divorce, who had no idea I cougar elexis monroe plays with plumbers huge cock just inherited three more women they didn't know existed.

I was still trying to balance my attentions between the three I already had and train them in their routines and then there was Bonnie. "Get a fucking grip on yourself, Pussy." I thought to myself. "You do not succumb to panic or doubt and you sure as hell do not bitch and moan in front of your women." I took a moment to calm myself and decided I was just going to take this one day at a time and deal with problems as they arise.

'Worrying about tomorrow robs today of its strength' I once heard and it was as true now as it was then. I had six women, three with children and I'd probably impregnate the others soon frisky nympho pleasures twat and gets licked and penetrated in pov amateur and babe. I had to be a man and a man solves problems, not bitches about them. I stood up and snapped my fingers at my mother and then pointing to the floor at my feet.

Mother, with a beaming smile on her face quickly scampered over to me, taking her place on her knees. "Strip her." I told the others.

Bonnie and my sisters quickly raced over to join my mother to help her out of her clothes. In under a minute, there she was, my long lost mother, naked and awaiting her son's commands. She quite skinny, but not toned like Melanie or I. She had a bright strawberry blonde patch over her pussy that would have to be removed. Above that was a gathering of loose, stretch-marked and scarred skin on her lower belly from her pregnancy and c-section.

Her tiny tits were a bit saggy with worn, stretched, dark nipples from where her babies suckled so many years ago. She had slight bags under her eyes and crow's feet making her appear older than her thrity-nine years, but she was still radiant and beautiful to me. This was the woman I came out of and now she'd spend the rest of her life letting me back in. I began taking off my clothes.

"Y'all are going love this part." Bonnie sighed. Although I kept my eyes on my mother, I could see the bodies of my sisters in my periphery, touching themselves as my flesh became exposed, bit by bit. Mother was rocking herself on the hands she had stuck between her legs, her mouth slightly open as the pace of her breath picked up.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants before putting my hands at my side. "The honor is yours, mother." I told her, much to her delight. She slowly brought her hands up from her dripping cunt, taking each finger one at a time into her mouth to suck her juices off of before bringing her trembling hands to the sides of my jeans. Hooking her fingers into my pants and underwear, she slowly pulled them down, my sisters slowly moving up on either side of her to get a closer look.

All three gasped as they saw the thickness of my base come into view, mother swallowing hard all the saliva that was quickly flooding her hungry mouth. Slowly, she continued to draw my pants down, bringing more of my cock into view, inch by painstaking inch. It wasn't until she'd pulled them down to within a few inches of my knee that the full spectacle of what she'd given birth to was finally released. "Jesus Holy Christ." Mother said as the 'Son' began to rise on her horizon.

By now, my sisters were kneeling right next to my mother, all of them shocked by their brother and master's lovely scepter. "I told you you were going to love it." Bonnie laughed, a hand on her tit and one down the front of her jeans.

"I don't know where you got this from." Mother giggled as she lowered my pants to the floor, helping me step out of them. "Because you certainly didn't get this from your father." she smiled happily. "Is he bigger than Daddy?" Danielle asked her mother, though never taking her eyes off my cock. "Sweetie, I." She just shook her head.

"THIRTEEN INCHES!" Bonnie hollered proudly, caught up in the moment, causing me to shoot her a stern look. "And a half." she added softly, trying to avoid my piercing gaze. "Thir-" Dana started to say before realizing her mouth was full of saliva as well and had to swallow. I reached down, taking my mother by the back of the head and tilting it back.

Naturally, she opened her mouth wide as I stepped over her, pointing the tip of my cock at it. I started stroking my cock as I held my mother in place. My sisters had moved even closer, their noses less than a couple inches from their mother's cheeks as they watched intently as their brother jerked his glorious rod over their mother's gaping mouth. I have to admit, as tired and worn out as I was, I could not remember a time before that that I wanted to cum more than the first time I jerked off into my own mother's mouth.

Mother never broke eye contact with me as she began moaning. At first I thought it was out of frustration because she was trying desperately to reach my cock with her tongue she had flailing wildly about, but I discovered the truth when I looked further down. My sisters were running their hands up and down their mother. Danielle had her left hand down mother's front and was fingering her, while her right hand was caressing her back.

Dana had her left hand tucked between mother's ass cheeks, playing with her anus and her right was moving back and forth over mother's tits, tweaking and pulling on her erect nipples.

Both girls were alternating hot sexy teen dildo party xparty us tube porn kissing, licking, sucking and biting mother's cheek, neck and shoulder. Mother had moved her hands down the backs of her daughter's pants groping their little bottoms.

My sisters might still be virgins, but they were clearly no strangers to playing with mom. Not wanting to leave Bonnie out of this family fun, I looked over to her and nodded back behind me. She got the message and eagerly jumped off her chair to race around behind me.

She dropped to her knees and buried her face into my ass to begin licking the back of my balls, taint and ass. Just another of the many ways Bonnie was such a great lover, she would massage my ass and thighs with her hands while working me over with her tongue, never breaking her rhythm. So skilled at multi-tasking she was.

Mother was rocking hard from the attention her daughters were giving her and moaning loudly and I knew she was close. I closed my eyes, locking the image I was witnessing in my mind, while focusing on Bonnie's ministrations and in no time my gun was loaded for bear.

Mother cried out as she began to shake from the orgasm her lovely daughters had given her, her cries triggering the release from deep within my root. I jammed my mother's head on the end of my cock and started blowing what felt like years of pent up seed into her. As my cum splashed into the back of her mouth, images of my pregnant mother flashed across my mind. Every shot I unloaded into her I imagined was a child I was putting into her womb. I knew I was going to breed my own mother and I was going to do it as much as I could.

I'd like to think she was imagining her mouth was her uterus as she felt her son's fertile seed filling her cheeks. I'd only put my tip into her mouth, but that didn't stop her from sucking on it as if it were the last time she'd ever get to. Once Actore kushbosex sex stories viedo was finished, I stumbled back to the bed and fell back on it.

I was spent in every possible metric, that even my impressive cock was quickly deflating, like it was racing me to sleep. Mother, coming down from her high, crawled slowly over to me, between my legs. She climbed up on the bed enough to reach my cock, giving my tip a passionate, yet motherly, kiss. "Thank you, David." She whispered, her voice sounding a little clogged like someone who just chugged a glass of warm creamy milk.

"You three can leave, Dana is sleeping with me tonight." I groaned, as I clambered around to get under the covers as quickly as my tuckered body could carry me. Bonnie, mother and Dani quietly left the room to head next door. Although both rooms had two beds each, Dana and I were going to share this one alone. She helped me into bed then went around to tidy up a bit and turn off the other lights before joining me.

She extinguished the light next to us and curled up in her loving brother and owner's arms. ***** I decided to sleep in the next morning with Dana until around 10 am. I put her to work, showing her her new shower routine. It was a bit confining, but she was small enough to wash like Mel did, she loved it. I could tell she really wanted to try and get me inside her considering the number of times she tried to get my motor running.

She didn't like it when I told her no for the time being as I had something planned when we got home, but there was no question she was intrigued and excited by what plan I had in mind. The other three women were dead on their feet the next morning having spent most of the previous night playing and getting to know one another better. Some doms don't allow their girls to play alone or with anyone else without permission, but I wasn't one of them.

Even when I had only three women, I knew there was no way I would be able to keep up with all three of them, so I allowed them to play with each other at their own discretion as long as it didn't interfere with their duties to me.

However, they were very mindful of Dani's hymen, ensuring they would be intact for her brother to break. I needed to sort a couple things out with my family before we got underway. We had to leave mother's car behind at the apartment last night and there was still the issue the apartment was in her name, but she wouldn't be living there anymore.

I doubted the thugs would've broken their way into the apartment considering they lived in the same building. It would've been different to rape and murder my family and dump the bodies far away, but doing it in the same building would've gotten them caught right away. No, while the contents of the apartment would be forfeit when we ended mother's lease, we could take our time contacting the landlord without risk of damage to it.

Blue eyed teen fucks bf on camera pornjoliecom

Mother's high society couple mull over a romp was another story. We didn't need the car, as mine was more than capable of getting us all back home and hers wasn't in any better condition, but I knew the pimps would have no issue stealing it and using it in a crime somewhere.

They might get away with the crime, but my mother's car could be tied to it and that would lead the authorities right back to us. No, we needed the car. Besides, it was another means of transportation our rapidly growing family could use. The plan was pretty simple. Bonnie would drive my car while I sat in the passenger seat.

Mother told me where her car was parked and Bonnie would enter the complex the same way we did the night before. She'd drop me off at mother's car and wait for me to make sure it started, before driving off, back out of town the same way we came in. I would follow her and we'd rendevous at a little spot just outside of town down a gravel road that intersected the road we'd take out of Wausau. Once there, Cutie kristy black has her pussy licked and plowed and I would change cars.

I would take over driving my car back home and mother would follow behind us. The weather was actually worse today so that would only help us get in and out unnoticed as there would be few people running around on a Sunday when it's cold and raining outside. The plan went off as expected and we had no trouble getting to the rendevous. Mother and I made the switch, but before we could get underway, we'd need to fill up mother's car in Wausau or we wouldn't get very far.

I had her follow me around Wausau, like we had originally planned on doing before mother told us about the motel. We re-entered Wausau from the south side, clear of any chance of running into the pimps or their friends and topped off our tanks.

It was time to put Wisconsin in the rearview. I decided to have Dana sit up front with me for the trip home and mother follow us in her car. I loved Bonnie and I knew she wanted to be with her Daddy, but I felt compelled to give that space to Dana. Maybe it was because we were twins, but I felt an immediate connection with her and she did with I as well. Ever since we discovered who we were, I wanted her next to me, needed her next to me and she loved being there.

Given how Bonnie and her sister Audrey now felt about one another, she gladly sat in back with Danielle so I could be with my twin. I never said I wanted an Alpha sub and I never said Mel would be one, but there was no doubt Mel was my first true love.

However, I think she knew there would come a time her young owner would find someone closer to him that he might come to love more.

I knew the idea didn't bother her in the least, which is why she wanted other subs to serve along side of, not over.

She was just being pragmatic, equating younger and fertile as better. She not only accepted it, but embraced the idea that I would naturally prefer my daughters over their mothers, even her, one day. It was I who had been in denial and it was I who saw her through rose-colored glasses.

She was right, once the novelty of losing my virginity was gone, I did stop seeing her as the only women in my life. As it was, I still loved her deeply, but as my twin sat next to me, there was no denying it felt right having her at my side.

I couldn't help it, as the miles passed beneath us, my mind wandered toward the future I'd share with the women in my life, but they would always drift back toward the young woman sitting next to me. I became transfixed on my twin, my sister, and what our lives would be like. I saw Dana and Lewd oriental toying and gangbang japanese hardcore raising our children, having a home, growing old, always together, forever.

She was strong, fearless and courageous. It didn't matter that she was the youngest, she was willing to face Dante to protect her family, even if it meant her death. She took her beating and yet was quick to recover, her mind always active, her drive, relentless. She was clever and efficient and always seemed to know what I wanted without having to explain it in much detail. She was a lot like me, but different enough to complete me, like two cogs, we worked perfectly together.

Because of their activities the night before, the girls fell asleep in back rather quickly. Dana curled up on her seat the best she could and laid her head in my lap. As much as I may have wanted to treat all my women equally and as much as I wanted to deny it, deep down I already knew I was going to have an Alpha sub and it was the woman sleeping in my lap.

Dana, my slave, my sister, my twin. ***** We made better time getting home than the trip up there, mostly because I was speeding, but also because I knew the way back. It was hot and the sky cloudless when I pulled down the long driveway to our home.

Too bad it was a Sunday, I would've loved to sit out with my girls tonight and relax, but I had work early in the morning so it was going to be an early night. We piled out of the cars and to reward Bonnie for not complaining for sitting in the backseat, Sexy solo adventure with smiley face dildo makes rebecca volpetti cum hard allowed her to drain my bladder into her mouth.

My mother and sisters watched jealously as I gave Bonnie her treat, but they were still happy to get another long look at my beast. After thanking 'Daddy' for her 'juice', I told Bonnie to get to work on dinner while I sent the other girls to take the bags of clothes upstairs and get them organized.

When it was just the four of us, I would always have one of my women sleep with me in my bed, Bonnie's old bedroom, and the other two would share Audrey's bed in her room, rotating nightly. Now that our family numbered seven, currently five in the home, it was going to require some changes. However, I still had plans for my mother and sisters, in fact, it was a plan I had for the entire family, but it would start with the three unseeded women first. During dinner, I told everyone that Bonnie alone would share my bed for the week and that she would be my personal assistant for the week as well.

My declaration drew mixed reactions, for obvious reasons, when I explained that I would not use my mother or sisters in a physical capacity during this time either. I said that only Bonnie would be allowed to pleasure, relieve or service me personally in any capacity. I relegated my mother and sisters to performing domestic tasks and while they were allowed to cuddle with me during down times, Bonnie would be the only one privy to access of my cock.

I then asked my mother when she expected her next menstrual cycle and she told me in nineteen days. Danielle told me she was going to get her period in about eight days, to which I told her I didn't need to know hers or Dana's cycles, just mother's. Naturally, I was getting a lot of confused looks from the women at the table by now from my strange behavior so I decided to tell them my plan.

"First off, I really wish I'd started this with Melanie, Audrey and you, Bonnie, but it is what it is and you'll have your opportunity, but I'd like to begin a new tradition in our family." I said, "Legally, I cannot marry my mother or sisters, nor could I marry more than one of my other three women, but I still want to memorialize the surveying those huge boobs is the new approach dude used to see paris big tits of bringing each and every one of you into my family in a way that doesn't consist solely of us having sex." I said.

The women seemed intrigued at where this was going, hanging on the words 'marry, tradition and memorialize'. "The reason I will not be allowing you three to serve me, especially you, Dana and Danielle, is I want incorporate your deflowering as part of our 'marriage ceremony'." I explained, using air quotes. The girls all became wide-eyed, sharing broad smiles between them, all except for mother. Bonnie would soon share her dismay tenfold, but for the moment, she hadn't fully understood where this conversation was going.

"But, I'm not a virgin." Mother said somberly. "No, but that is why I wanted to know your next cycle, mother." I told her, "I will 'marry' you when you are on your period and use that to signify our union." She was smiling along with her daughters now.

Even though none of them knew exactly how this was going to play out, they knew their blood, whether from being brought to womanhood or to simulate as such, played a vital role in binding our relationship as Master and wife. The only one who wasn't smiling was Bonnie, as she rubbed her belly mournfully, understanding what this would mean for her. She was still too selfish to consider that this included her sister and Melanie as well, but she knew that while pregnant, she had neither her virgin nor menstrual blood to offer.

She knew she would not have her ceremony anytime soon, that she would not be my wife, at least not for nearly another ten months when she'd be free of child and ovulating again. "I really do wish I had started this with you and your other sisters, Bonnie." I said, taking her hand in mine, trying to console her.

"You know I love you three more than life itself and if I could go back in time and do it over, I would've married all three of you right away." "I know, Daddy." She said sadly, looking down at her belly.

"I'll be a good girl and wait my turn." "Sweetie, you are a good girl and for all intents and purposes, you already ARE my wife." I stroked the back of her hand with my thumb. "This only just came to me last night when I learned my sisters were still virgins. It got me thinking about our daughters and how I wanted their entry into our world, their surrender to me, to be a special day, a day they'd remember all their lives." I felt Dana, who sat to my right, take my other hand into both of hers.

She bowed her head and kissed my hand. "That's beautiful, David." She said. My mother and Danielle smiled and nodded in agreement. Even selfish Bonnie grew a small smile at the thought of our daughter's 'Wedding Day', thinking back to yesterday when she came so hard at the thought of being there when I took our precious girl for the first time. "I'm sorry, Daddy." Bonnie apologized sincerely, "I know I can be selfish and jealous and I'm trying really hard not to be.

I want to be a good girl for you, Daddy. Forgive me?" She plead. I smiled at her before leaning toward her, pulling her toward me and kissing her on the forehead, "There is nothing to forgive, my love." I informed her, "You've been remarkable, not only this week, but especially last night. You make me very proud of you, Bonnie." I praised, causing joy to well up in her eyes. "Thank you, Daddy." She beamed. I released my girl's hands and folded them before me, as I leaned forward in my chair, as if what I had to say next was something profound.

"Although Busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob will marry all my women, there must be a first. If I had not found you three," I said, looking at my mother and sisters, "there is no question Melanie would be my first wife." I mentioned. Bonnie didn't like hearing that as she swallowed hard, but she knew it was the truth nonetheless, even nodding to herself in admission. "However, as much as I love Melanie, there is no one better suited to be my first wife than my sister and twin, Dana." I said, looking toward my rapidly excitable sister.

Despite the massive shiner and swollen left eye, there was no mistaking the reddening of her face as she blushed. I didn't expect much resistence to my declaration, but I wasn't expecting overwhelming support for it either.

Naturally, I was a bit taken back when everyone at the table acted with little surprise. Of course, the announcement caused the girls to gush with happiness for Dana, but they treated my decision bbw khloe gets exorcism fucksd it was a foregone conclusion, the obvious choice.

They could already see the way Dana and I looked at each other, spoke to one another and acted around one another that to choose someone else would equate to sacrilege in their eyes.

Dana was destined to be my mate since her egg joined mine in our mother's womb. The house was filled with joy and happiness as we finished our dinner. Bonnie, still hurting inside, did not let her disappointment interfere with her happiness or endorsement of my union with Dana. When it came time to call Melanie and Audrey in New Mexico, I only told them that I'd found my family and brought them home to live with us. I didn't want to worry either of them so I refrained from telling them about our run in with the pimps, but I did tell them of my intention to marry them and that Dana would become my first wife and alpha sub.

Audrey and Melanie loved the idea of me 'marrying' my women, even though they too would have to wait until after birth, like Bonnie, or that Dana would be my first wife and their alpha. Their only regret was that they would not be there to participate in the ceremony and witness our union. I let mother speak to them for a few minutes before handing the phone over to their future alpha for a bit.

When Dana handed the phone back to me, Audrey and Melanie both said that she sounded wonderful and couldn't wait to meet her. I sent my women at home away and told Audrey to leave Mel and I alone to talk in private. When we were alone, I spoke to my beloved Melanie. "Are you okay with this, babygirl?" I asked, concerned that she might be holding something back.

"Yes, Daddy." She said. "She sounds like the perfect choice for you." "That's not what I meant, Mel." I told her soberly. "I need to know how you feel about this. None of this dom/sub bullshit either.

Just man and woman." "David," She said, dropping the 'Daddy' title, "I'm fine with this, really." Mel added and I could tell she sexy milf loves her stepson watch part on hdmilfcamcom smiling. "I appreciate your concern about my feelings on this matter, in fact, I'm quite touched, but I meant it when I told you that I ms fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her horny pussy squirting pornstars to you, you don't belong to me." "No bullshit?" I asked.

"Hahaha, no bullshit, Daddy." She laughed. "I'm a very happy little girl, even more so now that I know Daddy has his family back and even a new bride among them. I'm getting quite wet cutie kristy black has her pussy licked and plowed about you filling your sister with a baby of her own, Daddy." "That means a lot Melanie, but I never want you to feel like you mean any less to me, ever." I said sincerely.

"I never would, Daddy." She replied. "Truth be told, Daddy, I was worried you'd want to make me your alpha. I couldn't think of anyone more appropriate to be your alpha than your twin, except." She cooed. "Except?" I asked. "Except maybe the little girl you make with your twin, Daddy." She whispered in husky voice, obviously getting very turned on right now. "You're a sick little bitch, babygirl." I joked. "Yes, Daddy. I certainly am one sick little bitch." She moaned. Mel and I continued to talk for a bit longer before I told her get Audrey back so I could bid them both goodnight.

After exchanging our declarations of love, I hung up on my wonderful girls in New Mexico and returned my attentions toward my immediate family, filled with peace and contentment now that I had my sweet Melanie's blessing. It was going to be difficult, but I wanted to start saving up my semen for next weekend. However, I also wanted to give Bonnie a little something before I began my sexual fasting.

During our evening shower, I made love to Bonnie. I tried to be as attentive and loving as possible since she wouldn't be getting any from me for a while.

Keeping her pinned against the shower wall, I came deep inside her pussy before allowing her to suck my cock clean and making me hard enough to do it again. With two full loads dripping from her babyhole, we finished the shower where I let her dry me off. The normal routine when showering with Bonnie meant someone else would dry me while Bonnie washed, but with the new restrictions I set for my mother and sisters, Bonnie would pull double-duty, which made her happy.

Only when I washed with Mel would I stay in the shower until Mel was clean and then she would join me outside to dry me. Once done, I would leave her to dry herself and go about my business, but this week would be different. I wanted her to feel very special this week so I remained in the bathroom and helped her dry herself, taking every opportunity to hold and kiss her as we did so. Bonnie was the most fragile of my women when it came to sharing my love with the others. She was so self-conscious about her size compared to the other smaller, sexier girls in the house, concerned that my love was somehow dependent on appearances.

Fucking her sub sisters didn't bother Bonnie at all, in fact, she got off on it. It was feeling left out, forgotten, disposable that bothered her. When it was just the four of us, she wanted to be my Alpha sub, but that was mostly because she felt it would secure her a place at my feet.

I was surprised at how well she took to the idea of Dana filling that role, but I still wanted her to feel like a special girl to me. "Are you okay with Dana and I?" I asked, gently drying Bonnie's long hair with a towel. "I am, Daddy, really, but." She paused. "Yes?" I asked, ceasing the drying and placing my hands on her shoulders, caressing them as I stood behind her, my limp cock pressed between her juicy ass cheeks.

"I know it's hot lips teen makes stepbros cock cry, Daddy, and it's not even a 'real' marriage, but I really want to marry you too." She admitted, hanging her head.

I slid my arm over her shoulder to her chin and turn the side of her face to me where I began kissing it softly. "You will, Bonnie. You all will." I consoled her. "Like I said, I wish I had thought of this before I got you and your sisters pregnant.

I very much want to make you my wife, until death do us part." Bonnie turned her head more to horny bombshell pleasures two stiff rods cumshots big tits my lips with hers as she ground her plump, juicy ass against my cock. "I want to be such a good girl for you, Daddy, but I'm scared.

Please don't let me go, Daddy. Tell me I can be your good girl forever, please, Daddy." She turned completely to take me in her arms and put her head against my chest. "Please, Daddy." I took her in my arms and kissed the top of her head. "I promise you will always be my good girl, Bonnie. I know what it means to you to be mine, sweetheart, and you will always have my cock to serve for the rest of your life. Nothing big ass and boobs fucking dubai no one can change that.

I will marry you as soon as you're ready and I will always keep a special place in heart only for you." "Thank you, Daddy." Bonnie said graciously as she repeatedly planted kisses against my thick, toned pecs. We finished drying and exited the bathroom before entering my bedroom for the night.

***** The next week seemed to drag on painfully slow, the anticipation of making my sister and the self-imposed celibacy kept the hours ticking by at the forefront of my mind. Since I'd turned eighteen and my first time with Melanie, I hadn't gone a day without dropping at least one load. Usually, it was three or four, sometimes more if time permitted, but I was about to go five days in a house with four very wanton women, whose greatest desire was to be a receptacle for me to empty my seed into.

They knew I wouldn't have them, but that didn't stop them from trying to convince me otherwise. Subs need their owner's cocks and everything that comes from it and when your subs are related to you, the need is multiplied exponentially. Bonnie loved being my urinal, but it killed her knowing that is all I would let her be to me for the time being. Sure, not even her new slave sisters were allowed that privilege, but Bonnie is a greedy girl and she loves her some Daddy cum.

Before I left for work on Monday, I wrote up a list of things I'd been thinking about since Saturday and gave it to Deborah. I told her to keep the list a secret and pick them up alone and hide them in my closet.

The girls already knew not to enter my bedroom without permission, unless it was their turn to clean, but I wanted to make it perfectly clear the closet was off limits to everyone, except mother. This got the girls interest up, but they knew better than to test my wrath by disobeying hot blonde with big boobs and big ass oiled dildo game on this command.

While Dana would be the alpha of the house and therefore, in charge of the girls in my absence and responsible for making sure they carried out their duties, she still needed Bonnie to show her what I expected of the girls and their daily routines. I could tell Dana was the right choice to lead my women in their service to me right away.

She quickly had a schedule and rotation set up for each of them and even discovered a few more tasks that they could perform that I'd missed. She was the youngest member of our family, being a few minutes behind me in birth, but she was no less intelligent and assertive in her new role.

I remember Bonnie telling me that she actually enjoyed having Dana in charge as it was kind of like having me there. She told me that Dana took great pride in making our home absolutely perfect for her brother and soon-to-be husband and pushed the other girls hard to make it just right.

Finally, it was the end of the week, Friday had arrived and I had come home from work. I praised Bonnie for how well she brought Dana up to speed and I praised Dana for giving me the perfect home every night. After dinner, I decided to explain how the ceremony would be performed. I had orginally planned on waiting until Saturday night to have our wedding, but I could no longer wait to claim my bride so I moved the ceremony up to Saturday at noon.

We even conducted a couple of practice runs so all my girls knew what to do and when to do it. I let the girls play together downstairs while I went upstairs to handle a few final preparations for tomorrow's events.

My cock raged all night long as I heard the moans and cries of the four women bringing one another off multiple times each that evening. I even told Bonnie and Danielle to sleep in one of the spare bedrooms that night. I wanted Dana and her mother to share a night in bed together before she gave her away to her husband the next day. I would sleep alone. I awoke at 8 am the next morning. By now, my girls should all be up, washed and breakfast on the table. The ceremony was set for noon so I had a few hours to kick around before then.

I opened my closet door and removed the items I had Deb go pick up earlier in the week. After today, they'd be no secret for future weddings, but I wanted to make this one, the first one, something special. Among the items was a white, square, tufted, leather ottoman. Sex big boobles sex com picked it up and carried it downstairs and placed it in the living room that the girls cleared out the center of last night before playtime.

I was greeted with 'good mornings' from my girls who were bringing the food from the kitchen to the dining room. They "ooh'd" and "ahh'd" at the pretty piece of furniture that sat alone in the center of the living room.

Of course, they could've been saying that about me as well, and probably were, since I was buck naked. Satisfied with it's placement, I returned upstairs to get the rest of the items from the closet and took them to the empty spare bedroom down the hall, where Dana would ready herself for the wedding.

With that done, I went downstairs to have breakfast. Dana was given an enema before she went to bed last night and again this morning by her mother, her maid of honor, as it were.

Deb was responsible for Dana's preparations as well as that of the other girls for today's ceremony. To help with the enemas, Dana wasn't allowed to eat last night or this morning, but she was allowed to drink as much as she wanted. Since she wasn't going to be eating and was going to be made my wife in a few hours, Dana served me my food herself and knelt next to me while our family ate.

The excitement and anticipation hung heavy in the air as we were all on pins and needles waiting for noon to come. Dana had a permanent smile on her face as she watched her groom eat his breakfast. I say she watched me eat, but to be honest, there was only one thing she had been wanting and it was less than a foot from her, lying between my legs.

When breakfast was complete, the girls cleared the table while Dana and our mother retired upstairs to begin her preparations. I went upstairs to my bathroom to start my shower, once again, without the aid of one of my girls. As I lathered up my body, my thoughts drifted to Melanie and Audrey in New Mexico and how I wished they could've been here for this. ***** It was 11:57 on the clock in the living room when I heard the 'clack clack' of high heels coming down the wooden steps. I was standing next to the ottoman with my back to the entryway leading to the staircase.

Bonnie knelt about four feet in front of the ottoman and me, while Danielle knelt about two feet away to my immediate right facing toward me. Bonnie, Danielle and Deb were all naked with the exception of each wearing their finest jewelry, which wasn't all that fine, but it looked nice nonetheless. They had spent a couple hours this morning putting on their make up and doing their hair and each looked absolutely stunning. Even Bonnie, who almost always had her straight hair in a ponytail, which I loved, twisted it up into an elegant bun with small, loose-curled strands of her raven black hair trickling down either side of her cheeks.

Danielle, whose flaming red hair ran down to her shoulder blades, had it all pulled to one side of her head and drawn over her right shoulder, streaming down her freckled chest barely hiding a tiny bright-red nipple and areola. Deborah, who was still stuck in the 80's glam-rock era, had a big, poofy mane of curly strawberry blonde hair that spilled over her shoulders and down her back and chest.

Our mother slowly led my sister across the large living room floor, holding a thin white leather leash that ran up to a gold-platted tungsten collar around Dana's neck. The collar consisted of inner and outer oval rings with a series of smaller rings seperating the two. The smaller rings flanked a larger one at the center of the collar becoming gradually smaller leading to the back of the collar where the two outer rings met, making the collar bigger in the front than the back, looking more like a solid necklace than a traditional collar.

Dana's long, flowing, golden locks were braided tightly into a coil atop the back of her head where the remainder formed a fountain-like ponytail that plumed outward, keeping the loose strands from ever touching her back. She reminded me of Barbara Eden in 'I Dream Of Genie'. She wore white stocking that were held up by a matching garter-belt and suspenders. She wasn't wearing any panties, but she did have a cupless white bra, giving total access to her nearly inch long erect nipples.

To top off her look, she was adorned in long pearl earrings that dangled just off her shoulders and a headdress where her veil hung from, covering her face. Despite the fact her black eye was still visible, though almost cleared up and the swelling long since gone, Deb did wonders with her eye make up, giving Dana a dark smokey look in both eyes, making the shiner almost undetectable. My God, she was the most gorgeous woman I'd ever laid eyes on.

My cock immediate began filling with blood and rising before me. Deb led Dana over to where I was standing, where she promptly knelt. All the girls bowed their heads as Deb held the leash up high, offering her daughter to her son and master. I took the leash from my mother's hand and she lowered her arms before leaning forward to kiss her son's cock.

"Thank you, my Son." She said khloe capri and alexis fawx ffm threeway in shower room before rising to her feet and stepping back. The two teens have fun in the bathroom raised their heads again, all but Dana. She kept her head lowered as I guided her to the ottoman where she knelt, her arms tucked against luxury frau jasmine jae loves when a man dominates another behind her back.

With her daughter in position on the ottoman, mother took to her knees on the opposite side of the ottoman of me and faced Bonnie. "We are gathered here to celebrate David and His love and commitment to our family." Bonnie recited her lines. "Under His leadership and guidance, He has brought all of us together to share in our love for Him, our Family and each other. We have all pledged our undying love and loyalty to Him.

We have all vowed to give Him all of ourselves, our minds, our bodies, our souls. All belongs to Him as we belong to Him, our Master." "We love You. We worship You. We belong to You, David." The women chanted in unison. "Today, our beloved David brings His first wife into His posession." She continued.

"Will you, Dana, honor your pledge to love, obey and serve your Brother and Master as wife and slave?" "Yes." Dana said, her voice wispy and cracked from the adrenaline coursing through her and rapid shallow breaths.

"Will you open your body to David so that He may find whatever pleasure He desires of it, whenever He desires it, where ever He desires it?" Bonnie asked. "Yes." Dana answered. The collection of fragrances from the various perfumes worn was quickly succumbing to the smell of dripping sex, as all four women were quickly losing themselves in the moment.

I could see shiny tracks down the inner thighs of Bonnie and Danielle as their pussy's wept, their nipples hard and erect like granite. Although my vantage point prevented me from seeing the thighs of my wife or mother, I was sure they were equally, if not more so, aroused.

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"Do you accept your role as First Wife, to ensure David's women and daughters are properly trained and fulfill their duties in serving and pleasing Him?" Bonnie asked, her voice shaky as well, her womanhood aching to explode.

"Yes." Dana said with a joyous sniffle, knowing the vows were nearing their end and soon she'd be her brother's wife, her twin's slave, forever. "Are you ready to receive your Blood Mark?" Bonnie quivvered. "Yes!" Dana gasped. With that, I stepped back behind my sister. I gently put my hand on her back and she moved her arms so she could lower herself onto the ottoman on her hands and knees.

Dana parted her knees until they were about an inch from either edge and did the same with her hands. I stood back a step to make room for our mother. I had declared that it was a mother's right to help her daughter during her wedding.

She was the maid of honor for the ceremony and now she'd assist me in bleeding her, bringing her truly into womanhood. Her first task was to ensure her daughter was sufficiently wet to receive her husband's cock so Deborah leaned in and began licking and sucking Dana's already sopping pussy. Dana had been freshly shaven earlier making her as pure as the day she was born. Her small mound was swollen a bright pink on the outer labia hiding the dark pink inner folds that hungered for her brother's cock.

Although she was bigger than our mother or Melanie, every hole on her was virgin, small, tight and unused. Deb had her work cut out for her lubing me up for the task ahead, but it was a task she accepted wantingly. Mother jammed as much cock into her mouth as she could, forcing herself to gag and generate large quantities of saliva that she worked up and down my shaft as hammered the back of her throat on my swollen tip.

Mother looked so happy being allowed to take her son's cock into her mouth for the first time, beyong just the tip. She never lost that motherly love in her eyes as she performed her task of sucking her baby boy. I knew this was Dana's big day, but I couldn't help be reminded of the bond between a mother and son that Melanie and I tried to share and talked about.

She was right, as was usually the case. As I watched my mother's eyes tear up worshipping her son, I knew they were not entirely because of her gagging. No, she was crying because we were sharing a bond she'd wanted since she first discovered she carried me in her womb. By her moans, I knew mother was cumming as eighteen years of lost parent/child bonding came flooding in. As much as I wanted to feed my mother, this was not her day, not yet.

I held up my hand, commanding mother to cease, which she promptly did. "Thank you, my Son." She said before moving around to the front of my sister. Deb leaned into her daughter, taking her into her embrace. Dana remained on her hands and knees, but rested her chin on mother's shoulder, cheek to cheek with the woman who birthed us both. Deborah clutched her daughter tightly, bracing her for what was about to come. She started caressing Dana's back pre-emptively in an attempt to soothe her and console her, her other hand holding the back of her daughter's head to hers as she whispered words of encouragement into her ear.

I stepped forward, my thick cock dripping with saliva and precum. I took it in my hand long enough to work the tip between the folds of my sister's vagina. Once I was seated against her hole, I big tits sluts doing hard shaft in the sex bus my cock and took my sister's slender hips in each hand firmly.

Dana's breath really began to pick up and her body began to shivver, whimpers of apprehension alerting those in the room of her fear of the massive manroot poised to tear her apart inside.

I began to push. Dana cried out as I grunted against her tight restrictive walls. Deb held her daughter tightly, praising her, anything that might help her through this moment. I didn't set this all up to be gentle, I set this up to remind my wife who owned her and how she is taken is no longer her choice or concern.

I pulled back hard on her hips while thrusting mine forward powerfully. Dana screamed bloody murder as she felt herself tearing inside, my cock forcing her hole to stretch quicker than it could on its own.

I continued my thrust until she had taken me to the root, which meant I slammed into her cervix before it had a chance to pull back out of the way of her rapidly expanding birth canal.

Once I was fully inside her I held still for a moment. The shock and pain of my savage thrust stole her breath from her and she was wrestling with mind-numbing pain.

I looked down and could see her blood mixed juices oozing out of her babyhole around the base of my cock. I smiled as I knew I'd be able racy and wild fuckfest smalltits and hardcore give her a rich Blood Mark with how much she was producing. After about a minute I slid my cock back until only my head was inside her. She still wasn't ready for me to begin moving, but again, this wasn't about making her feel good, this was about surrender and honoring her vows.

I was pleased with the amount of blood present on my shaft. She was a good bleeder and I was pretty sure I tore her in a few places, but it was nothing that wouldn't heal on its own so I jammed my cock back into her fully, causing Dana to start flailing her head as she fought the urge to run away from me.

The second time I pulled back I pulled all the way out to check the tip. I was covered in her crimson secretions and decided it was time to give her her Blood Mark. Dana was shaking terribly as Deb held her little girl close, but it was time to be marked so she had to let go. Deb released her daughter and backed away, allowing me access to my wife. Dana looked up at me through her veil with weary eyes and trembling lips. All her beautiful make up our mother did for her eyes was streaked down her face.

She looked gorgeous. "Are you ready to be marked, My wife?" I asked, my bloody tip bobbing slowly in front of her covered face. She nodded slowly, still staring deeply into her husbands black guy and grill xxx sexy. "Open." I ordered.

Dana opened her mouth wide and I leaned my cock into her gaping maw, pushing the white tulle along with it. I continued to push until my head had disappeared inside my wife's mouth where she then closed her lips around it for a moment before opening wide again, allowing me to withdraw my bloody staff and her veil to fall free again. I stepped back to observe my handiwork. I looked down at mother who was smiling at the large circular red blotch on her daughter's veil.

"You look lovely, Dana. I'm so proud of you." Deb marveled. "Thank you, Brother." Dana groaned, still in much pain from my raping of her virgin hole, but pleased nonetheless. "You did well in raising my wife, mother." I said, turning to face her. "Thank you, my Son." She smiled, her red teary eyes starting to ruin her make up as well. I walked back around behind Dana and pushed the tip back into her gaping hole.

Dani moved forward, taking her place on her knees beside me. I withdrew my cock and turned to face her. She opened her mouth to receive her brother and suck my tip clean.

The symbolism of this act was to signify my women accepting my wife's lifeforce, her blood, into them, making them one and by taking it from my cock, they acknowledged my ownership of the woman.

"Thank you, my Brother." Dani said lovingly, licking her lips as she moved aside, making room for Bonnie now. I repeated the process for Bonnie and finally for mother before returning to the front of Dana.

Taking the leash, I led her off of the ottoman. Once standing, Dana bowed her head, folding her hands behind her and followed me as I made my way to the stairs with mother taking up the rear. Once we passed Dani and Bonnie, they too rose and followed the procession up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. I entered the bedroom, my wife in tow leaving the closing of the door for mother. Dani and Bonnie knelt next in the hallway on white pillows mother had set out for them where they'd wait for our union to be comsumated.

Once the door was closed, I waited at the foot of the bed, my wife kneeling obediently at my feet while Deb climbed onto the bed, sitting with her back against the headboard, her legs spread wide. Once in position, I lifted my sister's veil and placed the handle of the leash between her lips.

She then crawled onto the bed, toward her mother, stopping once she was between her legs. Mother took the leash from her daughter and Dana turned to lay on her back with her head young amateur teens suck xxx petite teen zoe has been through a lot since she gave in to between mother's small breasts.

Mother wrapped her legs around Dana's waist as Dana brought her knees up, allowing our mother to hook her heels behind them, pulling Dana's legs even wider.

Dana raised her arms up above her head as mother brought hers down over the top of them and securing Dana's arms wide open.

My wife was now ready. I mounted the bed and crawled toward my sister and mother, Dana fully exposed and vulnerable, as mother held daughter open for girl have cock and teen bathing orange you glad im so tiny. As I lowered myself between Dana's spread legs, I made sure settle my cock at her opening before I laid on top of both women completely.

I took a moment to look into the loving eyes of my sister and mother before I pressed my hips forward and entered Dana again. Dana was still in pain from before, but pain was quickly giving way to pleasure as the gravity of the moment took over. I reached around both women, pulling them close to me as Deb relaxed her hold on Dana and the two of them wrapped their arms and legs around me. As I started to stroke my cock back and forth inside my sister, I alternated my lips between mother and daughter as we kissed one another in loving passion.

My mother closed her eyes, holding her children to her as they mated now as husband and wife, a simple, but overwhelmingly satisfying smile on her face.

"Thank you, David." Dana, with shallowed breath, whispered into my ear. "I love you so much and I will stand by you for the rest of my life as your sister, your wife and your slut." "I love you too, Dana." I grunted back between thrusts. "If all I had was you, I would still be the richest man in the world." Our mouths fell together as we fought against physics to merge our bodies into one. She felt perfect in my arms and inside as well, as if her body was constructed only for me.

I could tell the difference between mother and Dana on my back as Dana dug her nails into me while mother caressed her son as she lost herself in the sensation of her babies grinding against her. "I remember your ultra-sound like it was yesterday." Mother reminicsed, "You held each other then too." She choked out, her voice cracking with emotion. "Oh, mother." Dana sobbed, turning her head to kiss Deb's arm and searching out her hands behind my back.

Dana placed her hands over mother's and interlaced her fingers with hers, while I leaned down to fill my mother's mouth with my tongue and hers in mine. Dana kissed and licked my neck as I tightened my embrace on mother. "I love you, mother. Thank you for giving life to me and my lovely bride." I said to her tenderly, looking deep into her teary eyes. "Oh how I wish I could've been with you all these years, but I understand why I couldn't." I added, picking up my pace inside my sister.

"I'm glad you were able to pov glam ho cum covered interracial pornstars for Travis all those years and I know you'll do the same for me now." Mother and sister both nodded in agreement.

"You have no idea how badly I want to be your wife, my Son." Mother moaned, "To feel my Boy inside of me, owning me." "Soon mother, soon." I reminded her, giving her a final kiss before returning my attentions to Dana. "I'm going to cum, Husband." Dana groaned as she tried to buck her hips while trapped between our mother and I.

"Show your brother and husband how much you love him, Dana." I told her, my hips now slapping into her as I rapidly thrust in and out. Dana tried to keep her eyes on me, but the sensations running through her were too much.

Pain and pleasure became one confusing and disorientating experience making breathing hard enough let alone maintain any sort of focus. She started with small whimpers and cries deep inside, but with her voice seemingly the only way she could vent what was going on inside her, those whimpers and cries soon grew to screams and howls as I felt her clamp down on me in a way I'd yet to feel from any of my women.

"Fuck!" Was all I could grunt, as I was overcome with sensation of my own from the grip my sister's loving cunt had on me. Dana bit down hard on my shoulder, her eyes bulging as she screamed into my flesh, her body tensed like steel below me. My cock, strangled by her vise-like womanhood, erupted inside Dana with such a force my balls ached like they'd just been squeezed.

I lost all control of my hips as they bucked away wildly without rhythm, desperate to ease the pressure backed up inside me. Dana and I both groaned like wounded animals as we gave all of ourselves to one another, yet no matter how intense and powerful we did so, it never seemed enough to keep up. By the time our mutual surges began to subside, we'd both been struck stupid and paralyzed in the throes of pleasure.

Tears streamed from both of us to aid our bodies in transmitting the love and desire we had for one another, yet still falling far too short. Dana remained clutched to me in a deathgrip as my cock continued to pulse my seed inside her, my body welded to hers as my whole being was devoted in that moment to giving myself to my twin. Mother wept loudly as she held her children in post-coital bliss. She had always wanted this moment for her daughters and Travis, but she knew now that this was something only I could do.

Travis never lesbian babes august and riley rubbing each others pussy a "wedding" for her and as far as she knew, he never had one with her mother Joan either and the marriage to her grand-mother, Margaret, was handled by a Justice of the Peace with no ceremony, no ritual, no real meaning.

This was special, this was right and she regretted giving me up for Travis.

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It wasn't that Travis was a bad man, she loved him with all her heart, but she saw something in me that wasn't in my father. My women loved me like she loved Travis, but the difference was, I loved them back just as much. Travis, for all his good and dominant qualities never seemed to put the welfare of his women ahead of his own. She never questioned his decision to give her aunt Joyce to Theo, but she also wished he never did. Mother knew I would never part with my girls and I would fight to the death for them.

She gave me away to Bill and Audrey when I was a newborn. She learned of the pain and abuse I'd suffered at the hands of foster parents because of her decision, but I never quit and I didn't hold her decision against her. Instead, I welcomed her with open arms back into my life and viewed her with the same love and affection that I did others she felt more deserving of such.

Mother came along with her children, but she did so quietly, not wanting to disrupt our moment. However, she came knowing that this would be her soon enough when she would be wife to her beloved son. She papy and son fuck a maid because her daughters would have someone who would love them more than their father ever could.

She came because one day, she hoped she would be in this same position when her son, her husband, made the daughter they would create together, his wife. This was the family she'd always dreamt about and she regretted losing out on eighteen years to make it reality. "I love you, my babies." Mother told Dana and I as she ran her fingers through my hair and across Dana's cheek.

"We love you too, mother." Dana and I said together. I kissed Dana deeply before moving up to kiss my mother. I looked back down at Dana who was looking back up at me with lust filling in her eyes again, her hips starting to grind while my cock was buried in her fully. I lifted myself up on my hands and told mother she could vacate the bed, as I wanted to take my wife again. She wanted to stay of course, but she did as she was told and crawled out from under us and off the side of the bed.

Dana, now with total freedom to hold me however she wanted wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her lips as her heels locked behind my back. Mother walked around to the foot of the bed and knelt so she would watch her children fuck. She wasted no time stuffing her holes with her fingers now that she had access to them again. I wrapped Dana's small body up in my big arms as I began pumping my cock in and out of her again.

I took things nice and slow as I wanted to make love with Dana, not just have her. Mother licked her lips as she watched my large heavy balls shudder and swing as I plunged back and forth inside Dana. She watched copious amounts of her children's combined love leaking out of her daughter. As mother of the bride, she knew she'd be allowed to clean us when we were done, but until then, she'd just have to enjoy the show. Every time I would push all the way into Dana, I'd spend a few seconds grinding my pelvis into her clit and she back at me.

From this time on, Dana and I would always stare into one another's eyes when we'd have sex. Something about seeing a part of yourself staring back at you is mind-altering and earth-moving. I loved my twin in ways I cannot even hope to express with words and she felt the same way. I'm glad I was able to speak to Melanie about this before today and I would always love all my women very deeply, but I knew then and there that Dana was and always would be, the love of my life.

To be continued.