Banging a nasty and wild angel hardcore cumshot

Banging a nasty and wild angel hardcore cumshot
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Fbailey story number 349 NOTE: My apologies to author V.C. Andrews for using her title.

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Flowers In The Attic When I first designed my house it was way ahead of its time. Today 'Going Green' is a catch phrase but to me it has been a way of life for years. I have used my southern exposure as best I can. The windows on that side allow the heat from the sun in, between the windows are solar panels that just about cover my electrical needs, and the entire roof slopes to that side.

The roof is entirely covered with glass windows and the attic serves as my greenhouse. Besides veggies I grow a rather nice selection of flowers. The attic floor is sealed off from the rest of the house so when my timer goes off and a mist of rain starts to moisten my flowers the rest of the house doesn't get wet. Because of the temperature and high humidity I often wear only a bathing suit, if that.

It's not like anyone can see into my attic except maybe from a helicopter. I have a few lady friends that come by occasionally, especially since my wife died two years ago. They don't think that a man of fifty-five should live alone.

My daughter is grown up, married, and has children of her own. My son is in the same condition but two thousand miles away. The ladies that come by are Shirley, Debbie, and Connie.

They are in their early fifties, widows, and not bad to look at sex xxx boy story com. I think that they have a plan for me but they just didn't tell me what it was. About once a week they will each drop in on me alone, then once a week they will just happen to arrive together.

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I can answer the doorbell from my attic and allow them blonde pig tails and beach car make that money enter my house. They know how to come to the attic and find me so I just keep working. Out of respect I do put my bathing suit on. The ladies all know the risk of getting wet so I find it interesting that they will wear white blouses without bras and then make a big thing about them getting wet and becoming transparent.

They want me to look, so I don't disappoint them in the least. In fact I have taken to trying to dry them off and enjoying rubbing their breasts and playing with their nipples.

I even suggest that they take their wet blouse off so that I can dry it out. I unbutton their blouses myself and help them out of it too. After that it's nothing to get them in my bed and give them what they really want…me. Shirley is a blonde dye job with very dark roots. Her carpet certainly does not match her drapes.

She has nice tits and a nice ass too. Shirley needs very little foreplay. I can give a few kisses and slip my cock right two incredible lookers licked each others pussies masturbation pornstars her.

She loves sex as long as it's nothing kinky. Shirley is a good fuck but not very exciting. Debbie on the other hand likes kinky. She is a natural redhead and the bottom matches. Debbie's breasts are rather large and sag from the weight, her ass is flabby, and she likes it spanked.

I like to maul her breasts then flip her over, spank her ass, and fuck her from behind. I like to do her on the dirty floor in the attic or with her face pushed into the windows.

Occasionally I'll pretend that I am Tarzan, that she is Jane, and that we are in the jungle. Debbie is fun to be with. Then there is Connie. Connie has short hair that is starting to gray in a salt and pepper kind of way.

Her breasts are small but sweet to suck on. She keeps in shape and has a flat tummy and a firm ass. Connie loves foreplay and lets me tease her pussy for as long as I wish. She likes oral sex, anal sex, and incest. She lets all three of her sons fuck her plus her two son-in-laws. She also has sex with her two daughters as well as her three daughter-in-laws. She always promises to set me up with them but it hasn't happened yet. Connie is adventurous and is just as willing to let me fuck her on my front lawn as in my bed.

By the way we have fucked on my front lawn and more than once too. When the three ladies are together we are more like friends than fuck buddies. However, I do get to look up skirts, cop a feel, or steal a kiss. I might get to finger fuck Shirley or Debbie and then put that finger into Connie's mouth. She knows where it has been because I make sure to tell her.

Often she will ask me for more. She likes girls and boys equally. I keep trying to get the other two to join Connie and me in bed but it hasn't happened. Then one day Connie, her daughter Stella, and her granddaughter Catherine came for a visit. I knew right away that something was up. They all had on long white T-shirt type dresses. It was easy enough to see that they had nothing on underneath either.

Connie told me that the girls wanted to see my attic garden. I smiled and led the way. I stopped at my bedroom and changed into my trunks while Connie took them up the rest of the way. I put on a white pair of swim trunks that were old and thin, again knowing what was going to happen.

When I joined the ladies they were soaking wet and not from the mist either. I was pretty sure that they were putting on their own version of a wet T-shirt contest. I admired the three women. It was like looking at Connie in three stages of her life. I could clearly see her at sixteen, thirty-five, and at fifty-four. They all had nice breasts but Stella had the best set while Catherine had the best ass. Connie said, "You have tried to get Shirley and Debbie into bed with us.

Would you mind if Stella and Catherine join us instead? Catherine just turned sixteen shameless cfnm girls getting laid in harcore porn party she is finally legal." I stammered as I asked, "I'd get to have sex with Catherine?" Catherine answered, "You sure can. Grandma has told us so much about you that I had trouble waiting for my birthday." I asked, "So when was your birthday?" Catherine smiled and replied, "Today silly and you are the present that Grandma gave me." It was a lot more like Catherine was the present that Connie gave me.

All I asked was, "Where do you want it?" Catherine looked puzzled at first then replied, "In my pussy and out back in the mud puddle. I want my first time to be down and dirty." First time! Now who's getting the present? Just as I started to leave with her the sprinklers came on.

The girls were already transparent but then I started to be also. My cock was growing from my thoughts of taking Catherine's virginity too. The girls were amazed that what Connie had told them was true. I was just slight above average in length but I was wide enough to give any woman a good feeling of fullness.

I had never had a virgin before either. So with the three women watching me, I removed my swimsuit. Catherine's eyes got big and she said, "Oh my God, I love it. I can't wait any longer lets go. She practically pulled me down the two flights of stairs.

Then I led her to the backdoor where she left her dress. Then she pulled me out into the backyard where I had had a truckload of topsoil dumped last summer. Catherine was right, it was a mud puddle from all of the rain that we had had. It was not sloppy wet mud like in mud wrestling; it was more like a big bowl of chocolate pudding.

Catherine pushed me onto my back and squatted over my face to suck my cock into her mouth. I went for her cherry with my tongue while she tried to see if she could get the head of my cock into her mouth.

I could tell that she was wet enough so I just let her play around for a minute. When she was ready she turned around and sat on my cock. Sit on it was exactly what she did. It took her a full minute to actually get the head of my cock inside her opening.

She was persistent and she didn't give up. After that it might have taken her another five minutes to get down on it fully. She had without question the tightest pussy that I had ever been in. Catherine was exhausted just from trying to get herself down on me so I rolled her over in the mud and fucked into her as slowly and as gently as I could.

She quickly adjusted to the intrusion. Soon she was fucking up at me as I thrust down into her. She rubbed two handfuls of mud on my chest so I lay down on her tits and smashed them flat as well as cover them with mud too. She wanted down and dirty so down and dirty was exactly what she got. I thrashed her from side to side, I thrust into her driving her forward on her ass, and I pounded mud into her pussy with my cock. Catherine cried out as her orgasm took over her entire existence.

I kissed her to keep her from alarming the neighbors. All we needed was the police becoming curious as to why I was fucking a sixteen-year-old girl in the mud puddle in my backyard while her mother and grandmother watched me take her virginity.

Afterwards Connie hosed us down with the garden hose before we went into the house. Stella gave her daughter a douche with the cold garden hose to get the mud out. Then Catherine and I enjoyed a nice warm shower together.

The three ladies then put saucy mika gets screwed on a car big tits and cumshot a show for me. Connie and Stella went at it for about a half an hour then Stella and Catherine went at it too. When I was fully recovered I just had to fuck Stella so that she could feel my cock inside her. That day I managed to fuck three generations of women. It was one of the highlights of my life.

The End Flowers In The Attic 349