Teen alexis celebrates anniversary by threesome sex with milf bianca

Teen alexis celebrates anniversary by threesome sex with milf bianca
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We were both pretty naïve sexually when we were married. Cindy and I gave each other our virginity on the night that we got engaged. It wasn't very satisfying for either of us and we did not try again until we were married. Once we were married we were still pretty naïve. We both wore pyjamas to bed. If one very very sexy hot story free us initiated sex we would take off our pyjamas while we fucked then put them on again before we went to sleep.

We believed that that was what our parents had done. A few months after our marriage Cindy went for a job interview and came home elated because she had been given the job and her starting salary was way more than for her old job. She was to start the next day.

For her job interview she had worn black tights, flat shoes, and a long sleeved T-shirt, long enough to cover her bum. She wore the same clothes for her first day, but when she came home that evening she was dressed very differently.

She now had on a very short skirt which moulded to her round bum. She wore high-heeled shoes and a sleeveless top which was cut away at the back to expose her shoulder blades.

There was also a glimpse of bare skin between her top and her skirt. "How was your first day?", I asked.

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"Great! My new boss gave me a credit card and told me to take time off to buy myself some sexy clothes. He says that it's important that I look sexy. Do you like what I bought?" "Very sexy. I love it. I bet all the men were looking at you instead of working, weren't they?" "Don't be silly.

The other girls at work dress like this. I don't think that I stood out at all." A few nights later she told me that she had been asked johnny sins a student teacher affair stay late every Wednesday night for a training session.

The first session would be the following night. When she arrived home after her training session I was in bed, in my pyjamas, watching something on TV. She stripped naked, then addressed me as she got into bed: "From now on I'm sleeping naked, every night.

I hope that you will too." I stripped off my pyjamas and snuggled up to her as she got into bed beside me. I found that I really liked the feel of our two naked bodies pressed together.

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At the time I did not connect this new development in our sex lives with her training sessions. "Why didn't we do this long ago?", I asked. "Maybe because we were squares. I think I'm going to need a fuck. OK with you?" We fucked and then held each other close in our post coital euphoria. "I think that we are going to fuck much more often.

What do you think?", I asked. "Oh! Yes, please!" When we woke up in the morning our bodies were still pressed together, and my dick was erect, thanks to her hand wrapped around it. She guided my dick into her sloppy cunt and we fucked again. "My god!

I love the feel of your dick in my cunt. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yessss." Apparently she came when she felt my cum pumping into her cunt. Now that we were sleeping naked together we very often fucked again in the morning, even though we almost always fucked in the evening before we went to sleep.

Then one Wednesday night she arrived home late as usual. I was in bed, naked, watching TV. She pulled the covers off the bed and plunged down onto my soft penis. It only took a few minutes of her sucking and bobbing up and down before I was cumming in her mouth.

Then she turned around and kissed me. I noticed the strange taste of my cum in her mouth. At the time I made no connection between her training session and this wonderful new experience. Weeks later I learnt that, when she arrived home she could still taste her boss's semen in her mouth. She knew that if she kissed me I would taste it too, so, to avoid having to explain to me, she gave me my first ever blow job.

Needless to say, I loved it, and it became part of our sexual repertoire. One night, soon after that, after she had given me a blow job, she told me that she would like me to return the compliment. I looked mystified until she explained that she wanted my tongue in her fuck hole. Then she wanted me to lick up and down her slit. Mz sucktion sucking dick from the back she wanted me to take her clit between my lips and attack it naughty party with a gorgeous naked chick my tongue.

It did not occur to me to wonder how she came up with such a detailed description of what she wanted. I was, however, thrilled by the orgasm that I gave her. I felt like a great lover. Needless to say cunnilingus became an important part of our love making from then on. It was about that time that I came down to breakfast one Saturday morning and found Cindy, naked, preparing breakfast. "You don't mind if I don't always wear clothes when we're alone together, do you?" "Hell!

No!" I stood behind her and grabbed her breasts and pulled her body against mine. "That would feel even better if you were naked too." I stepped away, stripped my clothes off and came back to her. "Oh! Thank you. I think I'd like you to fuck me now. Please?" From then on we both liked to be naked when we were at home together, especially on hot summer Saturdays and Sundays.

And, of course, it often lead to extra fucks. We had come a long way since our first fuck when we got engaged! Then one Friday night she announced that she wanted an all-over tan, and that we were going to a nudist beach the next morning.

It did not occur to me to wonder who would appreciate her all-over tan. The idea of being naked amongst a crowd of other naked people on a warm, sunny beach, did appeal to me and so I readily agreed to go with her. When we got to the beach it was pretty crowded, but there were still free spots here and there. Cindy stood on a rock at the back of the beach and scanned the scene.

"Come on, Ron. Down there near the water's edge." I followed her down to the spot she had indicated. I was puzzled because there were two empty spots, all right, but there was a young naked couple separating the two spots.

"Robin, Richard, I want to introduce you to my husband, Ron. Ron, this is my boss, Richard, and his girl friend, Robin." "Hello, Cindy. It's great that you can join us." Then he stood up and kissed Cindy full on the lips, before he turned to me and shook my hand. "It's great to meet you at last, Ron.

Why don't you take that spot beside Robin. She'll enjoy rubbing block-out on your body. When she's finished I think that you should give her a kiss to teen anya krey gets her wet pussy banged by chris big cock thank you." So I sex xnxx bazaar nfull sex stories my towel beside Robin's.

Took off my shorts, which, at Cindy's prompting was all that I had worn, and lay down naked next to Robin. I was surprised when Robin did not wait until she had covered me in block-out. Instead she rolled closer to me and leant across, so that her breasts were pressed against my chest and proceeded to kiss me, and it wasn't a chaste little kiss on the cheek but a full open-mouth kiss on my lips.

I was shocked at first and resisted her attempts to push her tongue into my mouth. But then, out of the corner of my eye I saw Cindy kissing Richard in much the same way. I gave in to temptation and opened my mouth for Robin and let myself enjoy the sensation. "Wow! That was a pleasant surprise.", I said, "But there's something going on here that I don't understand.

How come, Cindy, you're kissing your boss and rubbing your naked body against his?" "Tell me, Ron, have you noticed how our sex-life has got progressively better since I have been working for Richard?" " Recently we've certainly been enjoying fucking much more often and much better, but I never made any connection with your job. Is there a connection?" "Yes.

I want you to thank Richard and Robin because their Wednesday night training sessions are where I have learnt how to really enjoy sex, and you have benefited as much as I have." "Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that you have been fucking Richard?" "Yes.

And Robin." "Oh my god! My wife is cheating on me!" "No. I've been learning about sex.

Aren't you pleased with how much better our sex has been lately?" "Yes. But." Cindy, Richard and Robin could all see reflected on my face the range of emotions that were swirling around in my head: *My wife was cheating on me! *But our sex life had gone from unsatisfactory to vanilla to really exciting! *Does Cindy love me? *I really like the way that Robin kissed me.

*I really like the way that her breasts are still pressing against my chest. *Cindy had been with another man, but I had never been with another woman. Round and around these ideas swirled in my head. "Ron, can I interrupt?

That's my yacht anchored just out there. If you and Cindy join us out there on my yacht, we'll try to clarify the situation for you. Will you allow us to explain everything to you?" "I don't know if." Please, Ron,", Cindy interrupted.

"I really want you to know about me and my job." I could see the worried look in Cindy's eyes. I could not refuse her. "OK, then." Richard had a tiny dingy pulled up on the sand nearby. Richard organised us so that Robin was rowing, Cindy and I sat together in the stern, with Cindy clinging to german teen gets fucked hardcore and blowjob and whispering that she loved me, over and over.

Richard put our towels, clothes and other possessions in the bow. There was no room left for Richard. "OK, Robin. Go ahead and row them out to the yacht. I'll swim after you." We clambered onto the yacht, still naked, and Robin took Cindy and me down into the cabin.

"Ron, what you have just heard has shocked you, I know. The first thing that I want to tell you is that Cindy has made it abundantly clear to Richard and me that she loves you and only you. Please remember that as you hear what we have to tell you.

You would be making a huge mistake if you were to reject Cindy because she has been fucking Richard, and clients of ours." "What do you mean, 'and clients of ours'?" Just then Richard, dripping wet, came into the cabin. "Ron. We'll tell you about 'our clients' after we've explained our philosophy. OK?" "I'm at a loss to understand.

I thought that Cindy and I were happily married." "I'm sure that you are. I know that Cindy insists that you are happily married." "But." Cindy cut in. "Ron. Please let Richard explain his philosophy to you. It's essential to understanding what I've been doing." "In our grandparents day", Richard began, "there were a lot of unplanned pregnancies. Since many men will reject a child if they are not certain that they are the father, monogamy was important. Today, thanks to modern, sex big boobles sex com, reliable contraception there should be no unplanned pregnancies which means that sex can be a pleasant pass-time largely divorced from child birth, except when a couple wants a child.

Not only that but we can learn to make sex more enjoyable by experiencing different lovers who can teach us better ways to enjoy our sexual encounters." "That's what has happened to me, and through me, to you too.", Cindy chipped in. Richard delivered his spiel with such conviction and such authority that I accepted his argument.

Not everyone would be convinced by Richard's argument but I bought it, and thank goodness I did, because I have thoroughly enjoyed the life style that it led me to follow. "So, Ron, if you are comfortable with my theory, I suggest that you put it into practice by fucking my girlfriend while your wife and I watch.

Then I'd like you two to watch while I fuck Cindy. OK?" "Are you OK with that, Cindy?" "Yes, Ron, of course. It's fully consistent with what Richard just explained to you, and it will make me feel much better because I wont be going behind your back any more." Robin and Cindy are both very beautiful women that any male would love to fuck. Everyone was giving me permission, even encouraging me, to fuck Robin. How could I refuse? Robin moved to me where I was sitting on a bunk, knelt in front of me and took my cock into her mouth.

I was rock hard almost immediately. Then she knelt on the bunk with her knees either side of my thighs and lowered herself, impaling herself on my cock. I pulled her body against mine so that her big booty nympho tight pussy fucked hard franceska jaimes perfect ass bubble butt were sliding up and down my chest as she lifted up and down on my cock.

"Oh! So good! Ahhhhh!" Too soon I was erupting inside her cunt. "I'm sorry, Robin, that I came so soon. This is too new and too exciting." "That's all right Ron. You'll last longer next time, I'm sure." After a while I came jade amber needs a dick for her hungry juicy pussy from my euphoria and started worrying about my wife.

When I saw her happy face I knew not to worry about her reaction. She was grinning from ear to ear. Relieved, I looked more closely at Cindy and Richard. They were sitting very close together, his arm was around her waist, his hand resting on her hip. She had her hand wrapped around his very stiff dick and was stroking it slowly. I wondered why I didn't feel jealous, but then I remembered that I had just filled Robin's cunt with my cum, that Cindy had encouraged me to fuck Robin, and that Cindy was always ready for a fuck whenever I wanted.

In fact rather than being jealous, my cock, which was still buried inside Robin, was fully erect again.

Apparently I liked watching Cindy with Richard. Then, as Cindy and Richard started to get more amorous, I became more and more aroused. Before long Cindy was fucking Richard in the same position that Robin had fucked me. I could hardly contain my excitement. Robin was aware of my excitement because my cock was twitching in her cunt. She lifted off me, turned to face away from me so that she could watch Cindy and Richard, and lowered herself back down so that my cock was again inside her sloppy cunt.

When, eventually, it was evident that Richard and my wife were both cumming, I erupted inside Robin's cunt for the second time. After Cindy and Richard were back in the land of the living, Robin announced, "Well, Cindy, you don't need to worry about Ron being jealous.

He just pumped a second load into my cunt when he saw that Big fat girls sex story with small boy was filling your cunt with his cum." We all laughed, Cindy looked pleased. Briefly I felt embarrassed but then realised that I had no reason to be. I was enjoying the same things that Cindy enjoyed. To be continued in "My wife's job 2" Please vote and comment.