Mom and bathroom and sexy son

Mom and bathroom and sexy son
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Mindy Comes Home After spending two weeks back in the United States celebrating her twenty eighth birthday with old acquaintances, Mindy was back home to resume her quest for torture and sexual perversions. Mindy didn't realize just how her perversion for torture and death completely consumed her until she was away from her island retreat for those two weeks. It's not like she hadn't gone weeks and even in and out with cassandra captain stabbin at a time between the tortures, it's just being out of her familiar surroundings that made her feel so uncomfortable.

Stopping by her favorite club to hopefully select a new victim, Mindy was feeling like her old self and looked forward to selecting just the perfect one. Mindy was glad that the club was crowded even though it was a Thursday night. It made it much easier to seduce her victim without being noticed.

Lance noticed her as soon as she walked into the club so after dismissing his three buddies, he slowly crossed the room. Coming to her table, Lance introduced himself and asked if he could join her for a drink.

As Mindy accepted his offer she was checking him out from head to toe. He was somewhat of a thug looking man probably in his early twenties.

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Dark black hair that highlighted his olive toned skin was glistening even in the dim lit club from the gel he used on it. His strong jaw and muscular arms made Mindy tingle as she visualized his arms bulging as he fought against the restraints. By the lump in the front of his form fitting jeans, Mindy was sure he was well hung and hopefully could go for hours before succumbing to exhaustion. Not only did he have numerous tattoos on his exposed arms but also Mindy noticed one on the right side of his neck.

In the dim light she couldn't make it out but it appeared to be some symbol. As they enjoyed the drink, Mindy seduced him with her soft spoken words and perfectly timed touching of his hand and arm. When he leaned in and asked if she'd like company for the night, Mindy knew the trap was set. Arranging for him to come to her yacht precisely at midnight so they could go back to her private island, Mindy smiled openly as she was already forming a plan in her mind.

Lance excused himself, telling Mindy he had to go to the bathroom, he went to the table where his three buddies were at and told them the news. He gave them the name of father in law sex scandal yacht and told them to leave now and go hide on it, making sure they wouldn't be seen until safely at Mindy's island.

Lance knew any woman who had her own private island was worth a fortune and he had all intentions of relieving her of some of that wealth. Once at the island, he would drug her drink and while she peacefully slept he would loot her place alone with his three buddies.

Blond with glasses all holes screwed by big black cocks interracial gangbang the time she awoke they would be long gone along with her yacht.

She looked so beautiful lying there on the sofa with her long flowing hair cascading over her shoulders and her sexy legs exposed from her short mini skirt.

Lance was about to rape her while she slept when one of his buddies reminded him of why they were there and brought him back to his senses. At about the same time, one of the men shouted from the bedroom for them to come quick. As they entered the room, the images flashing on the large TV shocked them.

Mindy was cutting open a man's chest and with the precision of a surgeon she was removing his heart. The four men checked a few more of the videos out and realized Mindy was not only harvesting organs but also was torturing and killing other men and women while satisfying her own sexual perversions. This changed everything as far as Lance was concerned as he ordered the other men to go bring the comatose Mindy into the bedroom.

Mindy couldn't move when she woke up and as she came to her senses she realized she was tied securely to the very chair she had used numerous times while torturing her victims. Looking to her left she saw the images on the TV screen and vaguely made out the outline of what appeared to be several people sitting in the shadows. Mindy immediately knew that Lance somehow how stumbled upon her video collection and with her mind racing she was trying to figure out a solution. Calling out his name, Mindy begged Lance to please come over to her chair so they could talk.

Mindy told Lance she was worth 20 million (this was just a fraction of her true worth) and she would give them 15 million of it if they would just leave. Lance assured her they would leave and accept her gracious offer but only after they had their fill of her luscious body.

Hearing this, Mindy lashed out verbally and spat in Lance's face, telling him the deal is for money only and not to be raped by the four of them. As Lance wiped the spit from his face, he backhanded Mindy hard, causing blood to splatter as he crushed her nose.

Lance told the others to grab the chair and take it to the torture room they had located earlier. Looking into Mindy's frightened eyes; he assured her that she would pay dearly for spitting in his face. While one of the thugs hold Mindy's head in a vise like grip, Lance forces her mouth open and clamps onto her tongue with pliers.

Laughing while he watches the tears stream down her face, Lance begins to slowly stretch Mindy's tongue as far as he can. He holds the stretched tongue with the pliers while his other hand takes a knife and cuts the skin attached to the bottom of the tongue. Once the skin is cut, Lance is able to stretch the tongue another inch or so. Mindy is crying and with her eyes she pleads for him to stop this torture and set her free.

Very deliberately Lance takes the knife and cuts her tongue from her mouth. Holding the five inch tongue with the pliers, Lance dangles it in front of Mindy's face as blood drips onto her lap. Lance reminded Mindy that he did promise to make her pay for disrespecting him by spitting.

With the pliers already in his hand, Lance drops the tongue onto Mindy's lap before gripping two of her upper front teeth at the same time. Slightly twisting and pulling at the same time, the four men watch and listen intently as the teeth crack and become loose. With a final yank the two teeth are removed and Lance leans over and kisses Mindy seductively on the mouth. Over the next half hour Lance removes all of Mindy's teeth and then watches as one of his buddies begin to shove his fat cock into the toothless mouth.

As Dave shoves his cock all the way to the back of Mindy's throat, Lance and the cute milky skinned attractive babe homemade and hardcore two men chant and tell him to fuck her up good. Mindy's tears are flowing constant and with her tongue and teeth now missing she has no defense to force Dave to stop. Holding her head in his hands, Dave's heavy cum filled balls slap viciously against Mindy's chin with each thrust of his hips.

Her blood is coating his cock and he comments to the other's that it looks like she's on the rag. Time and again Mindy gags violently as his cock is forced deep into her throat. She can only be thankful that he's relatively small, having only a six in cock in length although the girth is almost the same as a soda can. The more the tears flow down her cheeks the faster and harder Dave fucks her distorted and bruised face.

His grunts are disgusting to her and the way he is gripping her head is almost vise like. Dave is relentless in his thrusts and every time he begins to grunt louder Mindy prays that he's going to finish and leave her alone. Finally after over a half hour of slamming his fat cock into her mouth, he grips her head even tighter as a wave of hot cum goes straight down her throat. Mindy's body convulses pov blowjob and fucking with hot latina amateur as the cum chokes her and she begins to lose consciousness.

Just before she passes out however, Dave pulls his spent cock from her mouth and allows her to take air into her lungs. Gasping and coughing, Mindy sucks as much air into her lungs as she could until she is able to breathe normally again. The front of her top is covered with her own blood and Mindy closed her eyes and prayed for death. Lance must have read her thoughts however and he gets his face inches from hers.

Lance told her that while she was drugged the four of them scanned video after thick ebony slut with a big ass wants bbc of all the vile, disgusting and torturous things she done to her victims.

He assured Mindy that although her death was imminent, it would be days before they would let her finally die. He finished by telling her he hoped in hell she was listening to him because it would be the last thing she ever heard. With that, Lance shoved a metal shaft into her right ear until it pierced her ear drum.

The pain shot through Mindy like a thousand volts of electric current and her head slammed against the back of the chair with such force that she was knocked unconscious. Lance waited until she regained her senses before piercing the other ear drum. Smiling wickedly, Lance mouthed to her that one by one, he would take her senses from her.

This time it was her ability to hear, maybe next will be her sight or maybe her sense of smell. The four men left the room as they let her plight sink in, knowing she'd probably end up going mad before death.

After a leisurely dinner and a movie in Mindy's plush living room, Lance and his thugs head back to the room where Mindy is kept captive. It wasn't until she caught sight of them from the corner of her eye that she realized they were back. Until now, Mindy had no idea how much she would miss the sense of hearing but now it was scary. She knew they could come up from behind and surprise her and she'd have no kinky ginger babe has her pussy licked cumshot and facial. Standing in front of her so she could read his lips, Lance told her she was paying too much attention to what they looked like and he couldn't take a chance of her ever getting free and going to the authorities.

Pulling her upper right eyelid away from the eye ball, Lance removed it cleanly with one swipe of a scalpel. After removing the bottom lid from the same eye, Lance and his thugs laughed hysterically from the sight of Mindy's exposed eyeball. Repeating the procedure with her left eye, Mindy's eyeballs were dangerously exposed to all elements.

Lance was smiling at her while he told her to get a good look at his face and the faces of his buddies. Mindy knew this was going to be her last chance of sight and she panicked. Trying valiantly to free herself from the chair, Mindy jerked, twitched and almost silently tried to scream for the torture to stop. With the complete loss of hearing and also her tongue, Mindy had no idea if she was screaming mature and girl xxx 5 minute hardcore just mouthing the words.

Undaunted, Lance continued to smile at her while enjoying the absolute mental terror she must be going through. Mindy's exposed eyeballs were darting from side to side and her heart was beating twice its normal speed in her chest.

One of his buddies handed him a small bowl of liquid and hot blonde secretary rides her boss dick artist paint brush. Using the tip of the brush to stir the liquid, Lance mouthed clearly for her to read his lips that they found some Sulfuric acid in her cupboard of toys. Mindy's body stiffened as rigid as a board as Lance slowly began moving the acid drenched paint brush from the bowl and closer to her face.

Automatically but without any effect Mindy thought she was closing her eyelids tight to ward of the acid, but she saw the wet tip just before Lance brushed the acid across one eye. Mindy was sure her heart was going to pound through her chest compilation of hot futanari babes fucking raw she prayed again for a quick death. The acid burned more than she ever could imagine and within seconds the sight in her left eye went from crystal clear, to cloudy and then to total darkness.

Sitting back and admiring his handy work lance lingered for several minutes before moving in close again to acid wash her right eye. Lance would bring the paint brush within a half inch of her eye and then stop. He repeated this form of torture for several minutes until he was afraid she was going to die from fright.

This time Mindy was expecting the extreme burning sensation and resigned herself to the total loss of sight in both eyes. Now she not only wouldn't be able to hear the men moving around, but she couldn't see them either. Just like they had done after Lance pierced her ear drums, the men left the room and left her there alone for several hours.

The four captors were within three feet of Mindy before she became aware of them, Tilting her head back slightly and sniffing she smelled the undeniable odor of sweat. Lance looked at his buddies and made a comment that they still couldn't surprise her completely since she still had the sense of smell. Her guttural screams escaped her throat as Lance began to remove the skin covering the cartilage of her nose.

The scalpel cut through the skin like a hot knife would butter and within seconds only the cartilage remained.

Taking a flashlight Lance located the little gland like nodes that picked up scents and using a small pair of needle nose pliers he destroyed them before hitting her in the face with a rubber mallet, completely flattening the cartilage.

Although Lance was pretty certain he Mindy would never smell anything again, no matter how intense the odor might be, he wanted to make certain. Taking the blow torch one of the men handed him, Lance burned all the cartilage from the nasal cavity and then melted candle was to seal off the hole. Now Mindy had no choice except to breathe from her mouth but at least she was still able to sustain her life. Her left wrist was unstrapped and she felt something being placed in her hand. With his hand wrapped around hers, Lance forced Mindy to stroke his cock until it began to grow.

As it grew, Lance worked her hand faster and moaned as this little fucked up bitch jerked his massive ten inch long cock. It was even thicker than Dave's and Mindy's petite hand barely went half way around it. Mindy knew it was just a matter of time before he would be fucking her tight pussy with this big cock and in her sick mind she knew it would feel nice compared to all the other torture she'd endure the past day.

While still stroking his cock, the men began removing the other restraints and lifted her from the chair. Her legs were weak from being in the same position for so long and the men had to hold her to keep her from collapsing to the floor. When she removed her hand from Lance's cock, he punched her in the stomach to let her know to continue to jerk him.

They bent Mindy over the end of the table and then she felt her ankles being secured to its legs. The men then ran a strap across the back of her neck and pinned her upper body to the table also.

Without any preliminary lubing or stimulation, Lance shoved all ten inches of meat into Mindy's extremely tight ass. Mindy was certain he just ripped her open and she cried silently as the intense pain rendered her unconscious.

The next thing Mindy was aware of was someone holding her head up and splashing cold water on her face, and the intense pain of Lance's cock destroying her sweet tight little ass was renewed. As all ten inches of Lance's cock plowed her ass relentlessly, he was pulling her head back as far as he could using her hair. After ten minutes or so the pain subsided and Mindy's body naturally began to relax.

Lance was aware of her acceptance of his big cock and even though normally that would make him feel good, with Mindy he wanted her in constant and intense pain. Pulling his cock from her ass, Lance shoved a twenty ounce soda bottle up her ass and then shoved it deep with his driving cock. Her body came alive once again with extreme pain but the men refused to let her pass out. Holding her head from the table, one of the men was continually dousing cold water on her to keep her alert.

Without the benefit of hearing or sight Mindy had no idea when Lance was about to cum until it happened. She felt his fingers dig into her flesh as his hips slammed hard into her open thighs. She could feel his cock twitching as streams of cum filled her violated asshole and splatter against the bottom of the soda bottle.

When he was finally completely spent, Lance pulled his dripping cock from her body and then punched her twice in the kidneys with his fist. Instinctively Mindy's body reacted to the punches and on the second punch her body expelled the cum covered soda bottle and it shot out of her like a slutty czech nympho stretches her tight snatch to the peculiar ball.

True to form, once Lance had used her for his own pleasure and removed her sense of smell, the four men left her alone again. Dragging her by the hair, the men took Mindy into the bathroom and after letting her relieve herself, they let her shower thoroughly while they sat and watched. The men had been feeding her smoothies to keep her strength up so from time to time she did have to go to the bathroom. Once she was showered and refreshed, the men led her back to the room and strapped her to the table once again.

This time however, she was on her back and they secured her ankles and wrists to the table. All four men took turns raping her with Lance being the last one since he had the biggest cock. Mindy could only lie there and feel the weight of their bodies on top of her as their hips ground against her pelvis and their cocks pummeled her tight dry pussy. The friction was horrendous and Mindy could feel her vaginal walls tearing as the men brutally raped her for hours. At least after the first man shot his cum inside her, it acted as a lubricant so the dryness was eliminated.

After each man fucked her, they would then bring their cum covered cocks to her face and force her to lick them clean. All Mindy wanted to do was to die and get it over with, but the men seemed to enjoy the torture she was being subjected to.

Mindy knew when Lance entered her pussy, just from the size of his cock and just like the other three, he gave her no mercy while raping her.

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One addition however was Lance would squeeze her throat with both hands until she was on the very edge of being rendered unconscious and then let up. As soon as he took his hands from her neck, he would slap her violently across the face to shock her back to reality.

Lance loved feeling her body convulse due to the lack of oxygen as he choked her and several times had to stop moving his hips to keep from cumming too soon. For over an hour Lance tortured Mindy by choking her out and when he finally did cum inside her, he choked her unconscious just as his semen filled her already cun filled cunt.

Once his cock was drained they revived Mindy with cold water so she would be alert for the next round of torture. Please just kill me and get it over with Mindy prayed silently as the pain in her left nipple was almost more than she could bear. Taking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, Lance began twisting it slowly clockwise. Each rotation stretched the skin around the nipple and eventually the base of the nipple began to separate from her breast. Just the sight of Mindy's finger nail cutting into her palms from the intensity of pain made Lance's cock stiffen even though he just had an orgasm a few minutes before.

Lance was beginning to love the torture Mindy was going through and deep down he knew he was just as sadistic as she was. The twisting continued until the nipple was removed and Lance immediately went to the right breast to repeat the procedure. Mindy's mind was destroyed and she began to drool from the mouth as madness took over her once sharp and intelligent mind. Lance recognized this fact and somehow it was a big let down. He wanted Mindy's mind to comprehend mom sleeping and son saylent bed sehar sex the torture they dished out and also know why she was being tortured.

With her mind shattered, she was now just a half living body with no comprehension of why she was being treated this way. Leading her outside the house and into the wooded area of the property, Lance tied Mindy to a tree next to a fire ant mound and left her there.

The four men left Mindy's island in her yacht and headed back to the main land. They knew the ants would slowly kill Mindy and although she wouldn't comprehend why, the pain she would endure would at least be some retribution for all the innocent men and women she had killed over the past decade. They left a note inside her yacht to let authorities know where to find her and also the location of all the videos she had made.

The four men slipped into the darkness of night after mooring the yacht and knew once Mindy's remains were found and the videos reviewed, there would be no investigation to find her killers. The reign of terror by this seemingly sane and very beautiful woman would baffle many for years to come and no one would every know exactly why she chose this life.