Black flight attendant fucks a frequent flyer in a toilet

Black flight attendant fucks a frequent flyer in a toilet
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This is a FICTIONAL story. It never happened so if you don't like it or if anything is hard to believe, that's why it is fictional. With that said hopefully you will like it.

My sister was having a pool party with a few friends. I was just a little guy at the time who just wanted to hang out with them but they always said I was too young and always in the way. They always made fun of me because I was little.

My sister and her friends were all seniors in high school and were all 18 on their way to college next year. My sister was 6 years older than me. They were all horsing around in the pool in their bikinis but I was too young to notice things like that.

They were all gathering around talking and giggling when my parents weren't home one day and I tried to sneak up on them to hear what they were talking about. I had clothes my mom bought me which were some short shorts and a goofy t-shirt that only a mom would buy.

I could hear them talking and as I walked out to hear what my sister Tiffany said one of her friends, Heather spotted me. "Oh look who decided to join us." Heather was a brunette. My sister and all her friends were all beautiful girls with huge boobs, ass and killer bodies.

The only thing different about each one was their hair color and attitude. Heather poked fun at me the most while Tiffany who had black hair always bitched and moaned about anything I did.

Nicole was a blonde was also a rich bitch who was stuck up about everything. She was very similar to my sister except without the sister qualities.

Also there was Jessica the red head who was a prima dona. Thought she was the greatest, got more guys than the rest and thought she was the greatest thing on the planet for it. All these girls thought they were better than everyone else who could get anything they wanted. None of them had any siblings except for my sister.

They always made fun of me and got me into trouble. "Brandon what are you doing out here, I wish mom would of taken you with her. I hate babysitting bubble butt teen small tits creampie poor jade jantzen said Tiffany.

"Nice shorts," said Heather "Did your mom pick them out for you?" "Actually my mom probably did pick them out for him." "I just wanted to hear what you guys were talking about?" Jessica, "Get out of here you runt and let us be. Go play with your toys inside while me reminisce about who has gotten the greatest lay." "Whats that Jessica?" Tiffany "No, Brandon go inside" Heather gave a teasing smile and wanted to join in this game of telling Brendon about sex and teasing Tiffany at the same time.

"Well its about getting a girl all wet" "Shut up Heather that's my brother. Go inside and leave us alone." "How do you get a girl wet Heather." "Like this." Nicole said as she came from behind Brendon to push him into the water. Brendon fell into the water and quickly came up for air as he heard all the girls laughing at him.

He then swam towards the shallow side of the pool. All the girls continued laughing at him as he went to sit on the steps. Tiffany "Oh now he's probably going to cry and tell on my mom." Heather "Here I'll go talk to him." Heather swam to other side of the pool as she approached Brendon she past by a water jet and was at first shocked to come across it. But as soon as she realized that the jet had sprayed her she came up with a great idea.

She knew a great way to embarrass and get another laugh. "Hey Brendon I know what can make you feel better." "what?" "I'll tell you what we were talking about if you come over and face the wall, count to 30 and stand sexy beautiful babe quinn wilde tastes a big black cock top of the patio." "Really" "Really," Heather knew that Brendon was always gullible.

She grabbed Brendon laughing inside as she brought him towards the pool wall to make sure his private area faced the water jet. "Just stand right here and count to 30." As Brendon faced the water jet he felt a funny feeling in his private area but he ignored it because he was so excited to hear that Heather was being nice to him and about to tell him what they were talking about.

Heather turned around to look at the other girls. They were all facing away from them having 3 bulls fuck wife cuckold eats cream pie3 girl talk. Wait till they see this she thought, you will be able to see his tiny erection through his pants, it will be hilarious. Finally Brendon finished counting to 30. ".28, 29, 30. I'm done." "Ok then walk up the steps and stand on the patio.

" As he started to walk up the steps Heather was about to tell the girls to look when she took one more look at Brendon. Her jaw almost fell off her face.

She couldn't believe what she saw. It had to be the biggest dick she had ever seen her life trying to fight its way out of Brendon's sexy teen playing her cunt on webcam. It was almost obscene as it outlined in his shorts.

Brendon was beginning to feel uncomfortable, because the pants were so small he felt a lot of pain in his private area. "Heather I am going to go inside everything hurts where I usually pee." Heather still couldn't talk she was glued to this enormous cock that she couldn't believe existed on any human being of that magnitude and of all people Brendon.

All Heather could do was nod with her mouth wide open. Brendon then turned around towards the house and walked inside. As soon as he turned around and the cock was out of Heather's view she was able to snap out of her trance as she caught herself drooling. Brendon then opened the door and then went inside. The girls turned around at that time. "Where did my brother go heather?" "Uhhh, he said he didn't feel good and he went inside." Nicole started to laugh, "ugghhhh is he going to be alright" All the girls laughed except for heather.

Heather still couldn't believe what she had just witnessed "I'll go check up on him" "Well thanks Heather I didn't know you were all concerned about my brother all of a sudden." All the girls laughed at Heather.

"Jessica, let her go I have to tell you about this guy I just had sex with." Heather drowned out everything that she heard and like a zombie she walked inside. She felt all tingly inside and couldn't believe how turned on she was becoming. She went to the stairs and walked up to brendons room.

The door was cracked so she slowly opened it a little more. She was looking at bredondon from the rear as his shorts were down on the floor as he examined his member. She went to creep closer as Brendon jumped when she got right behind him "What are you doing here Heather?" Brendon quickly covered himself up "I came to see if you are ok, let me check you out" As Heather came closer salivating and the thought of see his naked cock. "I don't want you looking at it." Heather reached out to touch his cock.

"No" said Brendon as he started to walk away from Heather. Heather went from being turned on to pure lust. She couldn't believe the biggest dick she had ever seen was now being denied to her. She didn't care who this magnificent tool belonged to she just knew she had to have it. She would be damned if this little brat, Tiffany's brother would deny her most inner desires and real satisfaction for her now drenched pussy. "Damn it Brendon, you get the fuck back her." Heather grabbed Brendon by the arm and tossed him on the bed flat on his back.

"you are going to do as I say or so help me you are going to regret it." Brendon was scarred. He knew his sister and her friends were fully capable of being evil to him and then also getting him into trouble with his parents. He just laid there still afraid of what Heather was going to do. Heather meanwhile just salivated at the beauty of this amazing cock.

It just stood there in the air pulsating. She eyed the veins slightly protruding from his shaft and enormous bulbous purple head begging for a home to go to and this little shit was trying to deny this magnificent creature its one true sexy cougar melissa lynn gets impaled and creamed in life. Heather didn't know whether to worship it or to give herself the satisfaction of a lifetime.

She knew it needed attention and thanks to its owner it wasn't getting near the attention or especially pussy that it at least deserved. How could this guy deserve this, most women didn't deserve this and there were so many guys out there who deserved this cock, but not Brendon.

Heather had to know how big this cock was. "Do you have a ruler you little shit?" "Over on my desk." Heather rushed over to the desk and grabbed the ruler and brought it back.

She held it up to the cock and her jar dropped at the results. "Holy shit, it's a little over 14 inches long!" She had to touch it. She grabbed a hold of it with both hands to give it a slight squeeze. Her hands looked so tiny compared to the massive erection. "What are you doing?" "Shutup and don't say a word and let us be, you just have to come along for the ride otherwise I would take this away from you and put it on a better man for this.

You better take care of this because this is the only difference between you being a little shit and the potential of being a REAL man." As Heather starred she knew she had to taste it. "You don't take care of this at all.

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I am going to have to clean it for you and it is going to take a lot of cleaning." Heather opened her mouth to let the head inside. She was almost in instant ecstasy when she tasted it for the first time. This was the best cock or anything for that matter that she had ever tasted in her life. She could do this for days on end. She just licked it like it was ice cream and the more she licked and sucked the better the flavor got.

Soon she was sucking as if she hadn't eaten in days. "mmmmm this is sooo good.

How did a little shit like you ever get something so great. You better let me clean you every time you need to be cleaned here or I'll beat you to a pulp if you don't let me." Brendon didn't know what to say "Did you hear me you fuck?" Brendon nodded his head.

"Then answer me." "Yes Heather" "That's fucking right." Heather suddenly came to orgasm she hadn't realized how furiously she had been rubbing her pussy while sucking his cock. She let out only a muffled scream because her mouth was full of cock. Heather had to take this to the next level her pussy was begging for it. Her pussy had taken over every thought and wanted nothing more than to be wrapped around this fantastic cock.

It had taken over every thought big shaved cock drills carolina sweets pussy her head to let it have complete satisfaction. Heather stood up to face Brendon.

"Oh you little shit, look what you did." Brendon was completely confused, " What did I do? I didn't do anything." "Yes you did you bastard, I am completely soaked with sticky pussy juice and it's all your fault. I need to get it all out. So you better clean it all out." "How do I do that?" "Well for starters, stand the fuck up." Brendon got up with his cock standing straight out.

It looked to Heather like he should fall forward with such a massive cock. His cock made him look tiny. Heather took off the bottom part of her bikinis and laid face up on the bed with legs spread and her pussy dripping. "I need your thingy to get this pussy juice out of me. Bring it over here and get it out." Brendon slowly walked up to Heather with his cock just inches away from the opening of Heather's pussy.

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Heather began to twitch in anticipation and could no longer stand how slow he was moving. She needed to have this cock now. "Get that thing in here now!" as she pointed to her pussy opening.

The head of Brendon's cock brushed against here pussy lips and the Brendond hesitated, " I don't know." Heather jumped with excitement at the touch of this beautiful cock and immediately got frustrated with Brendon for not giving her pussy what it wanted, what it desperately needed.

"You bring that thing here. I deserve it and need it more than you do." Heather leaned up and grabbed his cock near the tip and dragged him to her dripping entrance. She then began shoving the head inside her. "Oh my god, its so huge it feels so fucking fantastic." Heather fell back to the bed. "Fucking keep pushing it inside you fuck, hurry, hurry, fucking puuuussshhh" Brendon pushed hard.

Her pussy was so tight and it wasn't letting him in. "Get it inside me you fuck, push harder, get it in me!" Brendon frustrated then took when hard shove and Heather's pussy finally let way." Heather couldn't speak.

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She oragismed right then. Her hands were hitting the top of the bed as she leaned up. "Holy shit, that was fucking fantastic." Heather was continuing to cum and cum and cum and cum. Just as everything began to slow a little down, she looked between her legs. She was in complete awe of this cock. It felt so huge inside her and it was only half way in. "I can't believe it's only half way inside. Hurry up and get it all the way in. Push as hard as you can.

I need to feel it all the way inside." Brendon gave another hard shove and got all of it inside her. Heather had another orgasm. " I can feel it all the way inside, I feel like it's going to come out of my throat if it was any bigger." Just as the orgasm subsided she noticed Brendon wasn't moving. "Are you clean now, am I done?" "Huh? Are you kidding me? You haven't even done anything yet.

You need to start moving in and out to get the juices out all you have done so far is make it worse. You have just begun to scratch all kind of itches that I never thought possible to be scratched and I need more.

You can't stop now that I have tasted and felt the greatest thing story recopilatoride descuidos de famosas the world which is the cock of all cocks.

Now start moving and move fast and hard or I am going to beat you senseless and if you slow it down for one second you are never going to live to see tomorrow." Brendon didn't waste a second, he began to pump like there was no tomorrow. Heather was in the ecstasy of all ecstasies. The kid was pumping his cock so fast and hard into her that she felt like she was going to split in two if he had his way with her. The way his cock was just sliding in and out of her, rubbing against her inner walls and hitting her g spot, causing her to hit climax after climax.

Heather's eyes just rolled to the back of her head as the cock pulsed inside her sending her into another world. "Oh my god Brendon it works so good.

This makes me tight anal masturbation with big dildo from slut teen happy, don't stop, don't you ever stop." Brendon just kept pounding away at her pussy, sliding in and out and voluptuous milf has sex with step son masturbation hardcore rabbit speeds.

Heather had never felt so full or stuffed in all her life, this cock had become everything to her. How could she ever go to have sex with anyone else again after such wonderful bliss. Heather's pussy kept dripping everywhere creating a puddle of pussy old man fucks teen girl introducing dukke on the carpet below. Brendon began breathing harder beginning to tire out.

Heather was getting sooo close to the ultimate orgasm that she couldn't have Brendon stop now. "I am getting so tired I need to have a break." "Don't you fucking stop, I am almost there.

Don't you fucking stop. Go faster." "I can't" "Faster you fuck." "Ok" "Just keep pumping me with that huge dick." Heather was on another planet feeling something so huge sliding in and out of her.

She needed to cum again to get full release. "Harder I want more. I need more. Give me more of that cock. Don't fucking stop. Fuck me you shit. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me with that cock. I need moooorrrrrreeeeee." Heather exploded with the orgasm of all orgasms.

"Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!!" Brendon started to feel a funny feeling inside his thing. He quickly pulled out. Heather immediately responded. "Where the fuck do you think you are going with that cock?" "I need to go to the bathroom." "No you don't. You just need to cum." "Huh?" "All that juice you just extracted from my pussy it's in your thingy, now let me get it out of you. Bring it over here." "But, but&hellip." "But what? Get the fuck over here." Brendon walked back slowly to Heather and as if Heather never had tasted it before she grabbed the cock and began to give head.

Bendon felt his thing pulse more and more. "I don't want to let it go Heather. I need to hold it or go the bathroom." "Don't you hold it I want that cum. After all the work I have done I want all the cum. Let me have it, don't you dare fucking hold it back." Heather started suck faster and faster until Brendon could hold back no longer. "I can't hold anymore, it's coming." Heather was unprepared for the amount of cum that this cock could contain.

It just squirted out, shot after shot after shot. Just when she thought she had gotten it all it just kept cumming. She had never known a cock could cum so much. But she was loving every second of it. She thought the cock tasted magnificent but it was nothing compared to the taste of its cum.

"That tastes sooo good. That tastes better thn anything I have ever had in my life. You better save that for me next time." "Next time?" "Hell yeah next time. Are you kidding me? Now that I learned how much of a little lucky shit you are, we are going to be doing this on a regular basis. And don't you fucking say a word to anyone or I will fucking kill you. And you better not waste a drop of that cum, I want it all." Heather then got up and got dressed back in her bikini.

She could barely walk. "Alright I am going home, get dressed and don't fucking say a word to anyone. And don't let anyone see that thing other than you and me. You hear me." "Yes Heather." Heather then walked out of the room and Brendon got dressed.

TO BE CONTINUED&hellip. This is my first story ever written. It is fine if you don't like it. If you do like it though respond so I know whether or not to continue with the following chapters. Girls and guys respond so that I know where I am going to go with this.

If there is little to no response then the story ends here. Ideas are welcome as well.