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Confused male stripper tube porn
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The boy was a typical teenager. Though in his last year of school, instead of worrying about what he would be doing next year in term of going to college or going out to work; ever since his hormones took over, most of the time, all he could think about was sex.

In the last year, he had found that he was growing like a beanstalk and was rapidly approaching the six-foot mark. Though still thin, he was starting to fill out but not just his body. His cock had somehow turned from a small worm into a fat slug overnight.

And that was when it was soft. Fully erect, it stuck out like some curved pole. He was quite proud that when he had a really big hard-on, his hand could just encompass its circumference.

He also managed to measure its length once and found it just cherie deville and lucy tyler crazy way over 11 inches.

The kids at school took the mick but he didn't care. They weren't the ones who were going to give a girl shagging of her life (once he had found one to take his damn virginity).

Lately he found that his sexual urges were getting more and more powerful. Not only did he have to wank first thing in the morning, he also started doing the same as soon as he got home from school and, of course, before he went to sleep at night. Not only that but he found that he was steadily taking longer to cum as his experience grew. More and more often, he risked being late for school and it was only his mum banging on the door to tell him to get up forced him out of bed, with an aching erection still waiting to be satisfied.

School had one major problem: it was an all boys' school. No girls at all. Nor did he know any girls of his age. Yes, there were women there but they were teachers. The chances of shagging one of them were practically nil (though there were a few he could easily have a go at).

As time went on, he got more obsessed. He finally got to a point where he was sizing up every female (girl or woman) he saw. No one was safe from his gaze. This eventually included his mother. For the last few months, ever since his birthday, the boy had started taking notice of her. She was a statuesque woman who was in her early forties. Still reasonably attractive (though a little old for his tastes), he knew that she was not having any sex since his father had died 10 years ago and she had not been involved with anyone since.

However, he didn't become obsessed with her until that fateful day when he came home from school early. He had just slipped into the house when he saw his mother, stark naked apart from a towel wrapped around her head, coming out of the bathroom. That was when he found out what a big woman his mother was. Well-fleshed than fat. He watched how her big milky-white breasts swung heavily as she walked, her large but shapely arse swaying back and forth.

Suddenly, the boy found that he had a pillar of granite inside his trousers like never before. Once in the sanctity of his bedroom, he had to wank himself three times before his erection died. After that every time the boy saw her, he instantly got an erection and every time he masturbated, his mother was the woman he fantasised about.

When she was not looking, he would lustily gaze at her, noting how her big breasts jutted against her dress or blouse. Since the weather was hot at the moment, she would often have a few buttons of her top undone and sometimes he would be lucky enough to get a flash of her heavily laden bra. For as long as he could remember, him and his mother would spend a fortnight each year visiting his aunt and uncle, the aunt being his mother's best friend since childhood.

It was boiling hot on the first day of their visit, so his mother decided to go swimming at the local beach. The boy was only too happy to go with her, eager to see more of her pretty woman pounded by large penis black dude interracial and hardcore. As they came out of the water, he could not help but notice that his mother's wet swimming costume was clinging to her body.

She wore an old-fashion one-piece suit and the soaked cotton material was moulded against her figure. He couldn't help but take in her big shapely breasts, the large nipples perky like fingertips.

Below, between her thighs, a very prominent and bulging cunt mound was sculpted by the waterlogged costume, the very split of her quim visible as the material was tight against her crotch as if drawn in by suction.

Immediately, images of his mother naked coming out of the bathroom that day came back to him as the boy stared at the female goodies displayed by his mother. To his embarrassment, he realised his mother had noticed him looking at her and that he milf fucks stranger breakin attempt suspect has to pulverize his way out of pricronys a hard-on which he was trying to hide.

She looked away, clearly embarrassed herself. Nothing was said and that evening, his mother, his aunt, his uncle and himself all went out for a meal. After they had got back to the house, he decided to go straight to bed while the others stayed downstairs for a nightcap (or two).

In bed, the boy felt a twinge in his loins as he remembered the incident on the beach. He had already shot off two loads of spunk into the air and his cock was started to get sore. But he still felt horny. He had been tossing and turning in bed for about half an hour and when a light tap on his door and his mother peeped in. She wore a flowered dressing gown and her reddish brown hair was unpinned to hang down over her shoulders. Immediately, he felt his penis starting to stir back into life.

Sitting beside him on the bed, she asked what he was reading, how he was finding the holiday and other small talk. Her scent filled his nostrils and sent his head spinning, such the fairness of her face, sprinkled with attractive freckles, that her full soft lips seemed red as cherries.

He could also smell the drink on her breath and seeing the slightly gazed look in her eyes, he realised that she was slightly drunk. "Are you too old for your old mother to still kiss you goodnight?" she asked. Well, she hadn't kissed him goodnight for several years and he eagerly lifted his head up for her to kiss him, his cock now a huge thick pillar throbbing painfully under the bed sheets.

The boy couldn't stop himself, as his mother went to kiss him on the cheek; he found his mouth on hers. He was surprised that she didn't pull away. Instead, the kiss lingered for a long moment, her lips soft and sweet. When he heard his mother mutter "Oh!", still making no attempt to move away from him, he found himself putting his arms around her; pushing his tongue to her lips and feeling her mouth slowly open, her body trembling. Their kissing continued, getting more and more passionate.

The boy now on automatic, driven on by his huge throbbing hard-on, he slipped his hand inside her dressing gown and cupped and squeezed one of her big heavy breasts.

"Oh, honey," she moaned and he saw her glance at the tent in his sheets made by his rampant hard-on. Suddenly she pulled away from him. "Noooo! This is wrong!" she cried out. "Mum?" the boy said, all bewildered. But his mother tore herself away and fled from his bedroom.

He never felt so horny, so frustrated. Though still a virgin, he had kissed and fondled girls his own age, but his mother's kisses and the feel of her sauna small anal porn amator turk liseli zorla anal was the best he had ever known. Now she had left him with a raging cockstand. It never felt so huge or hard. It was if his cock was made out of granite. God! He wanted so much to fuck her, fuck her so badly.

Even in his lust-driven mind, a small voice told him that it was wrong to do such a thing, that the chances were his mother would throw him out for daring such a thing. He could lose everything and what if his uncle and aunt heard? But he had wanted her for too long and his need to fuck his own mother overpowered everything else. With his erection throbbing painfully, he got up out of a bed and tiptoed along to her room. Not wishing to risk announcing himself with a knock at the door, he went in to find her sitting before her dressing table brushing her long hair.

When she turned, her eyes were wide as she glanced at the tent raising from his groin. Her large breasts tits jutted out against her nightie. "What are you doing here? You should be in bed." Ignoring what she was saying, the sex-crazed teen moved across the room to where she was now standing. "No, you mustn't. It's not right!" she protested as he took her in his arms. His body pressed into her yielding flesh and his upstanding prick pressed hard against her plump cunt.

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"I'm your mother. Oh! This is so wrong …(umph) " She gasped as he forced his mouth onto hers. The boy could feel her resolve weakening as he started rubbing his thick stiff shaft up and down against busty hottie plays with a stiff pecker cunt mound, which pressed back then began to push back meeting his thrusting. He guided her across the room and lowered her over the bed, her legs dangling to the floor.

"Let him see you, I want to see you naked," he said, pleadingly, desperate to see her fully naked. As he pulled at her nightie, he could feel that she actually raised her bottom and lifted her arms so that her lovely body was quickly revealed. Before him her big heavy breasts hung down and he buried his face between them, clasping each globe and sucking hard at the nipples.

She fell back so that her opened thighs were directly opposite his face. The cunt hair on her mound was a ginger bust, curling about a parted slit that pouted and showed the dew of aroused lubrication. The boy put his mouth to it and sucked the lips, his tongue piercing the warm wet recess. His mother raised her knees, gripping his head and pushing her cunt against his face, muttering, murmuring and sighing, aroused beyond caring as the boy sucked and chewed on her cunt lips.

"(Oh God) this is so wrong," his mother moaned, "But it's been so long.

Oh do it, honey. I want it so much. Do it, do it. Fuck me!" The boy felt a shiver as he realised that his mother was actually asking him to have sex with her, and to use the word fuck. He'd never heard his mother even say damn before. He went between her legs and groaned as he felt her grip his stout shaft between thumb and forefinger, guiding it to her quim. The sensations the boy felt as he slowly pushed his aching penis into his mother's vagina almost blew his mind.

He could feel the rippled walls of her wet sheath slide tightly down his engorged erection as he slide inside. He couldn't believe it, he was finally fucking. The boy's mother groaned as if in great pleasure and moved her pelvis forward to receive his full length, feeling the knob enter her womb.

"(unnngh) Christ! You feel enormous!" she gasped, making her son tremble even more. Sunny leone faking puts storys he had penetrated her up to his balls, her cunt channel was tight yet comfortable, moist and warm. "Oh Mum, " the boy moaned, "This feels so good. I do love you. Tell me you love it up you." "(oooh) Oh my God! I do, you naughty boy," his mother whispered back. "(oooooh) Oh it's so lovely, but terrible what we are doing!

We mustn't, we shouldn't." All the same, her legs locked behind his knees and her buttocks lifted from the bed in great heaves. "Oh Jesus Christ! It feels so good!

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Oh my baby, you feel so good. So big and hard." Getting more turned on by the minute, the boy started returning his mother's thrusts, first pulling halfway out of her hole before ramming his entire erection back into her up to the hilt. "Oooh! I'm cumming, CUMMING! Push harder, baby. Shove it right up!" Such was her frenzy, he felt she was going to buck him off her but clasped tight by her hands and legs. Unable to hold back, he thrust his thick erection into her up to the root and held himself there.

He listened to his mother groan as the mouth of her cunt stretch impossibly around the base of the boy's huge shaft, and unable to hold back anymore, he started squirted his potent baby-making sperm into her cunt, her womb again and again. Finally, with both of them gasping, they both rolled apart. She pulled a sheet cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star her nakedness as if ashamed to let him see her breasts and vagina.

"Oh my God! What have we done?" she said terrified, "You must leave at once! What if we were heard?" With the lust gone, the boy realised what he had done. With a sob, he ran out of her bedroom back to his own.

In the darkness, the boy just lay there in his bed. His mind was at war. A part of him was disgusted at what he had done. He had raped his own mother. The other part enjoyed it. Not so much the actual raping but the fact he had finally fucked someone.

His own mother in fact. Finally after what seemed like hours, exhaustion overcame him and he fell asleep When he woke up the next morning, he remembered what happened the night before. He could not believe what he had done. He had fucked and came inside his own mother. The same mother who had looked after him all his life, especially after his father had died.

How could he have done it? Sure he had fantasised about her but he was sure a lot of boys his age did that. Doing it in real-life was something altogether different. At first he blamed his mother. She did come into his room after all and allowed him to kiss and fondle her. But that was no excuse.

She was his mother and he should respect her, not lust after her. Besides she had been drunk.

He lay there in bed thinking what had happened last night. He could not help but to picture her underneath him as he roughly fucked her. The feeling of her mom and son fuckin in the kitchen naughty america wrapped tightly around his cock.

The more he thought about it, the more aroused he became and the less guilty he felt. He suddenly realised that more anything, he wanted to fuck her again, despite the dangers, despite her protests. Trembling with lust, he pulled back the bed covers, he quickly fished out his now aching erection and started to fondle it. As his passions mounted, he started to stroke himself harder and harder, reliving the moments when he was lustily fucking his parent.

With a large groan, he came, shooting large spurts of white cum into the air. As soon as he felt sated, the guilt returned. Getting washed and dressed, he went downstairs for breakfast and found his mother wasn't there. His aunt informed him his mother was a little under the weather. It was obvious that his mother could not face him after what he had done to her. Feeling ashamed, he decided to spend the morning down at the beach.

That afternoon, when his aunt and uncle were out for a local race meeting in Blackpool, he tapped at her bedroom door.

The guilt was still there and he was also worried that he may have hurt her. "Who is it." A voice said softly on the other side of the door. "It's me." The boy replied. There was a pause and then she teen alexa grace gets massage facial swallow pornstars pornstar him to come in. She was lying in bed, her face wet with tears. On seeing him, she pulled herself up so that she was sitting upright.

Immediately the boy's gaze fell onto his mother's breasts as they swelled out against the fabric of her nightdress. He groaned inwardly as he felt his prick lurch within his pants.

Tearing his eyes of her boobs, he sat next to her on the bed. She looked at him. "I am so sorry." She said and then she burst out crying again.

His lust forgotten, the boy took her in his arms. "Why are you sorry?" he asked. His mother suddenly stopped sniffling as she said: "It was so wrong we did last night, what I allowed us to do." Hearing the angst in her voice, the boy pulled her head to his chest, his remorse suddenly overpowering his feelings of desire.

"It's not your fault. It's was mine. I r-r-raped you." He said. On hearing that, his mother pulled her head back and looked straight up at him. "No! Don't ever say that!" she said with force, "You are young and could not help yourself. I have forgotten how lusty boys I mean young men your age can get." Then she added "BUT you never raped me." With a surprising show of strength, she pulled the boy's head against her bosom. "Please, sweetheart.

Please don't ever think that. It was my fault! I should have never have gone to your room." "But Mum, "protested the boy, "If I didn't come to your bedroom after and…" "No darling, "interrupted his mother, "You did not rape me." She pulled his head tighter to her chest. "It is not if I put up much of a fight." They said nothing for a few moments.

The boy felt his mother's large chest against his face. Images of her breasts naked appeared in his mind and he felt his arousal starting to overpower his feelings of guilt. "Oh, Mum. I-I-I know I shouldn't say this." And then he paused. His mother lifted his head up. "Yes, honey." She said, looking into his face with concern.

She had stopped crying by now. He looked at her. Christ! She looked so good. So horny. So fuckable. Taking a deep a completely honest lying cheating wife he said: "It did feel so good. I-I-I never thought it would feel so good." Seeing his mother's mouth in surprise, he quickly added "But if I hurt you in anyway…" She looked at him for a few seconds before replying. "Oh my God, No," she admitted, "You did not hurt me.

Not at all. In fact…" she caught herself before she said anything further.