Drilling a choco beaver hardcore and blowjob

Drilling a choco beaver hardcore and blowjob
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The idea of flashing has always been a big turn on for you but you have never gone through with it. You get home from work one Friday evening and cook yourself a meal.

You sit drinking a bottle of wine after the meal. It is the usual rubbish on the TV and you are soon bored.

As you drink the wine you start getting horny. Your mind wanders and you think about your flashing fantasy. The thought of flashing men and turning them on gets your pussy all wet. As you think about your flashing fantasy you reach down and play with your clit. Your pussy is soaking wet and the wine has made you very horny. The more you think about your flashing fantasy the more turned on you feel. You sit wondering if you will be brave enough to do it one day. Oh what the hell it will be a laugh if nothing else you think to yourself.

You have another few glasses of wine and carry on masturbating. As you masturbate keep on imagining yourself flashing. The more you think about flashing the hornier you feel. Your pussy is now soaking wet. Suddenly you decide it is now or never. You finish off the wine and go and get ready. As it is your first time flashing you decide you are going to go out in some sexy underwear.

There is now way you could go out totally naked with just your long coat on your first outing. Anyway sometimes more is less you tell yourself. It will be good to show off your sexy bubble butt teen small tits creampie poor jade jantzen but not reveal too much. You just want to tease them a little bit and have them guessing what is underneath. You take your time to choosing your underwear.

You are feeling very excited as you get ready. Your pussy is still soaking wet.

After you put the sexy underwear on you put on a long coat. The coat is a bit big for you but the knowing you are finally going to flash for real has your pulse racing. You take a look at yourself in the mirror and open your coat This should get a few men turned on you laugh to yourself. You button up your coat and head for the door.

You are feeling very nervous but excited. You decide to take the dog with you for security and so you don't stand out too much. You head for the park by the woods. It is 9 P.M. and it is beginning to get dark. You heart is racing at the thought of actually doing the flashing for real. As you get to the park you begin to feel very nervous and uncertain. My god what am I doing you think to yourself. One half of you wants to turn around and go home while the other half feels nervous and excited.

The park is very quiet with not many people there. Most people who are there are out walking their dogs the same as you. You don't know if you can actually go through with the flashing. As you walk around you get a little bit daring and let your coat open a little. Anybody who walks past you will get a good eyeful of your breasts. You notice one or two people taking a sneaky look inside your coat as you walk past them.

This has your pussy dripping and you are getting really turned on. You get a bit more daring and let your coat open a little bit more.

Your coat is open so much anybody who walked past would have to be blind not to notice your breasts. I am out walking my dog with my best mate Jim and his dog. I don't notice you walking past but Jim the dirty sod does. "Wow did you see that?" he asks "See what?" I reply. Jim tells me you only had your underwear on underneath your coat.

I think he is winding me up and tell him he would have to get up very early to catch me out. You stop for a rest on one of the park benches. Jim notices and tells me he will prove that he wasn't lying about you being lovely amateur girlfriend first time anal sex on tape pornstars and hardcore naked underneath your coat. We walk you the bench you are sitting on and sit next to you. We light up a cigarette each and make out we have just stopped for a quick smoke.

I soon realise Jim wasn't lying. You coat is slightly open and I can see your breasts. You notice me looking and let your coat fall open a bit more. Jim decides to chance his arm. "MMMMMMM nice tits" Jim laughs. You get all embarrassed and do up your coat.

We both laugh and tell you not to worry. "Don't sensual teen opens up juicy vagina and loses virginity defloration and hardcore we wont call the police" we laugh. We offer you a cigarette and get chatting. You tell me and Jim you have always fantasised about flashing but are too nervous to go through with it. Jim persuades you to give us a quick flash. You get up off the park bench and stand in front the 2 of us. You open up your coat and let us have good look at your sex body.

We both tell you that you have a very sexy body with gorgeous legs. As you give us a flash at your sexy underwear and body a wave of excitement runs through your body. Your knickers are soaking wet from all the excitement.

Just as we get a good eyeful of your body a group of young rowdy lads enter the park. You get worried and do up your coat. You wish the young lads had not shown up as you are now feeling very excited and your pussy is dripping wet. You thank me and Jim tell us you are going to go home. We thank you for the show and say we would love to see it again. The mixture of the wine and the flashing has made you bold. "Well if you want to see more follow me home and I will give you a private show" you tell us.

We don't need asking twice and head to your house.

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Once inside your house we go into the living room. You offer me and Jim a can of beer. "Well are you going to show us what you have got then?" asks Jim. You tell us to sit back enjoy the beer and watch the show. You stand in front us and slowly open your coat. Jim and I sit on your couch drinking our beers and enjoy the show.

The 2 of us can't believe our luck. We have gone from taking our dogs out for a walk to sitting in your living room and watching you giving us a show. You turn to your side and give us a glimpse of one of your sexy legs. "Like what you see boys?" you ask us. Jim and I just nod in agreement. You have a fantastic body and very sexy legs so what red blooded male would not enjoy the view I think to myself.

"So are you just going to tease us or are you going to show us some more?" I ask. "Well you will just have to wait and see" you tell us. You walk over to the stereo and put on some music. You stand in the middle of the living room dancing and start to perform a slow striptease. You are getting very turned on as you perform the striptease.

By now both Jim and I have rock hard cocks. I sit there hoping this situation develops further. I am pretty sure Jim will be thinking the same.

I look at Jim and smile. Jim smiles back. I now know 100% he is thinking the same as me and hopes we both end up fucking you. You dance seductively to the music. You still have your coat on. Every now and again you open the coat and flash your sexy body at us.

You pull down your bra and give me and Jim our first proper look at your breasts. You stop dancing for moment so Jim and I can get a good gorgoeus babes explore pussies in a squirting orgy of you. "So would I be a good flasher?" you ask us.

"You can flash me anytime" laughs Jim. "Just make sure you don't flash any old men you might give them a heart attack" I add With that you carry on dancing and stripping. Considering you are not a professional lapdancer or anything you certainly know what you are doing. "Come on show us some more. Take your coat off." I shout. You are felling really horny and your mind is now thinking about getting our 2 cocks to give you a good fucking.

While you dance you are in your element. You have redhead girlfriend cockriding after blowjob forwomen amateurs all inhibitions and are really enjoying performing for us. You come to where Jim and I are sitting and lean forward. Your breasts are inches away from our faces. Jim and I both look at each other and nod. We both lean up and each clamp a mouth on one of your breasts. I suck on your left breast while Jim takes the right.

You offer no resistance so I reach down and feel your pussy. You are absolutely soaking wet. After a couple of minutes you push Jim and I away from you and carry on your stripping routine.

"So am I going to see what you two have got?" you ask us. Jim and I undress in 2 minutes flat. You carry on with your sexy lapdance routine. You come over to us again and bend forward.

You pull your knickers to one side and give us our first view of your pussy. I can't resist and give your pussy a quick lick. You taste beautiful. With that you stand upright laura cute loves to ride on dick and carry on dancing and stripping.

Your pussy is aching for a good hard cock. Jim and I sit totally naked. We both have rock hard cocks. Jim starts to masturbate. You notice Jim masturbating and tell him to stop. "I want to you both to save them hard cocks for me.

So no masturbating" you tell us. "Only I can masturbate" you laugh. "Do you want to see me masturbate?" you ask us. "Oh yes please" we reply. You take of your coat off and lay it on the floor.

You pull your knickers to one side and insert a couple of fingers up your pussy. Jim gets up and walks over to where you are masturbating. "Open wide you little slut" he says. You turn your head and Jim shoves his cock in your mouth. He holds your head in his 2 hands and fucks your mouth with his cock. "That's it slut suck my cock" he says. You stop playing with your self and concentrate on sucking jims cock.

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Jim pulls his cock out of your mouth and he lays on the floor. "Carry on sucking my cock you whore" he tells you. You lean forward and take Jims cock in your mouth. "So is this just between you two?" I ask. You reach a hand behind yourself and open up your pussy lips.

I gladly accept the invitation. I get behind you and get a good taste of your pussy. The more I tongue your pussy the faster you suck Jims cock. Your pussy is on fire and every touch of my tongue on your pussy sends waves of excitement around your body.

I add a couple of fingers and ram your pussy as my tongue concentrates on your clit. I feel your legs begin to tremble. I speed up my fingers and gently suck on your clit.

This does the trick and gives you your first orgasm. I remove my fingers and open my mouth. Your sweet juices come flooding out of your pussy as you cum. You taste beautiful and I happily swallow every drop of your juices. "Take this bitch" Jim laughs. I hear Jim moan as he shoots his load down your throat. You greedily swallow the lot. "Swap places." I tell Jim. You get and your knees and I get you to suck on my cock. Jim gets behind you and tongues your pussy and arse.

It doesn't take Jim long before he has a hard cock again.

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Jim gets up and kneels behind you. "Come on lets give the slut a good spit roasting" he says. I will fuck her pussy you fuck her mouth he tells me. "Ok we can fuck her arse later" I reply. Jim shoves his cock up your pussy and quickly builds up a steady rhythm. As Jim fucks your pussy my cock is fucking your mouth. Me and Jim look at each other and wink. We both can not believe our luck. Jim and I will have to walk our dogs more often I think to myself.

Your pussy had been waiting all evening for a nice stiff cock and Jim does not disappoint you. He rams his cock deep and hard in your pussy. You can't believe how the evening has gone from having a meal to being spit roasted by 2 strangers. Not that you are complaining. Jims cock feels wonderful as it rams in and out of your pussy. I fell myself wanting to cum and warn you to get ready to swallow my cum. You suck harder and faster on my cock.

I can't hold back any longer and shoot my load down your throat. You try to swallow the lot but some of it trickles down the side of your mouth. "You look like a porn star." I laugh. Jim is still going strong and still giving you a good hard fucking. "Oh god fuck me harder" "fuck me" you shout. Jim slams his cock even harder in and out of your pussy. You keep on panting for Jim to fuck you harder. I come over to where you and Jim are. I lick my middle finger and insert it up your bum.

You weren't expecting this but it gives you a sensual chick is geeting urinated on and blasts wet snatch surprise. "Oh god that feels so good" you pant. "Just getting you ready to take our cocks up there" I tell you. We both carry on fingering and fucking you until you have another orgasm. Jim pulls out his cock and shoots his cum all over your bum.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm not bad for starters" "Beats walking the dog." Laughs Jim. You notice my cock is nice and hard again and tell me to lie down. You walk over and climb astride my cock.

Your pussy is still on fire and you ride my cock like a woman possessed. I just lie their watching you bounce up and down on my cock.

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My cock feels wonderful and tight inside your pussy and you are really enjoying yourself. I each forward and play with your clit. "Oh yes. The feels nice" "don't stop" you beg me. Jim is sitting on the couch having a rest and watching our action. "You certainly like your cock" he shouts to you. "Better get yours hard again because you are next" you reply. You carry on riding my cock to another orgasm. I watch your whole body tremble as the orgasm hits you.

"I want to fell you shoot your cum down my throat x art the red fox jake you tell me. "Wait for me" shouts Jim. "It is time for my cock." Jim comes over and gets your legs behind your legs.

"Well you told me to get me cock ready" he says. "I can take as much hard cock as you two can give me" you reply. Jims tells you what a filthy little slut you are. As Jim fucks you I get by your head and slowly fuck your mouth. You are moaning loudly as Jim bangs away at your pussy. I feel myself about to cum. I warn you to get ready. I watch as you swallow every last bit of my cum.

I pull my cock out of your mouth and go the couch for a rest. Jim is giving you a good hard fucking and you are enjoying every minute of it. "Yes that's it fuck me good" you pant. "Don't worry slut.

I am going nowhere" replies Jim. You cum time after time as Jim bangs away at your pussy. Once Jim shoots his load again you tell us you need a rest. "Ok you rest while we enjoy you" I tell you. As you recuperate Jim and I explore you whole body with our mouth and hands.

We slow lick and kiss every inch of your body. You push my head towards your pussy and ask me to lick you.

"Get on your knees and we will both lick you" I tell you. Once you are on your knees I climb underneath you and lick you pussy. Jim gets behind you and rims your pussy. Nobody has ever rimmed your arse for you before but it feels so dirty and exciting it really turns you on. Me and Jim take it in turns to rim your arse and pussy. It doesn't take long before you are begging for our cocks again. "Get on your knees so I can suck you both hard again." You tell us.

You look like a porno star as you switch between sucking mine and Jims cocks. You tongue runs slowly up and own our shafts teasing us. At one point you and try and get both our cocks into your mouth but it just isn't possible. Once you suck us both back to hardness. We tell you to get on your knees. "Get ready for a good double fucking" I tell you. Jim gets behind you and lubes your arse with your pussy juice.

He then slowly starts to insert his pussy up your anus. "I just want to get you nice and relaxed before you have the two of us" he tells you. "After you get used to me inside of your anus you will enjoy this." Jim slowly fucks your anus. He lets you get used you having his cock up your bum. Once your anus is nice and relaxed he pulls out of you. I sit on the couch and get you to sit on my cock.

Jim gets behind you and slowly fills your anus with his cock. You feel so full with both our cocks in side you. "God I can't believe how good this feels" you tell us. Jim and I build up a steady rhythm. We get our timing so as Jim pulls out of your anus my cock entering your pussy.

"I want taming males demanding knob hardcore and blowjob to both cum inside me" you tell us. "Oh yes that's it.

That feels o good. Fuck me" I lean forward and suck on your breast. You grab me head and push it deeper in your breasts. You weren't sure if you would enjoy having a cock up pussy and bum but you are loving every minute of it. It is definitely something I would do again you think you your Jim tells you he is about to cum. I pull out of you and let Jim get you on you the floor. He enters your anus again. "Come on I want to feel you shoot your cum up my bum" you tell Jim.

Im builds up to a steady rhythm again. I climb underneath you and lick your pussy. As I lick your pussy I watch jims cock ram in and out of your anus. "Oh god fuck me" you pant.

As Jim shoots his load up your bum an orgasm rips through your body. I open my mouth ready to catch all of your sweet juices again. Jim with draws his cock and I get behind you. "My turn to fuck your arse now" I bbw khloe gets exorcism fucksd. "Oh yes please" you reply. You can't believe how good the anal fucking feels. As I fuck your arse you finger your pussy.

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"Oh yes fuck me good" you tell me. I feel my self getting ready to cum. I start to fuck you arse faster. "Oh yes fuck me" you shout. I don't last much longer and shoot my load up your bum. Jim and I go to your bathroom and wash our cocks. When we get back you are sitting on the couch. We get dressed and sit either side massage quickly turned into a hardcore sex session you.

We give you kiss and thank you for a great evening. "I want to suck you both off one last time" you tell us "God you really are a dirty little slut" we laugh. You act like a porn star again taking turns in sucking both our cocks.

Once mine and Jim's cocks are both hard again we can't resist giving you one last spit roasting. This time I fuck your pussy as Jim fucks your mouth. We take our time to give you a slow long fuck. Every so often Jim and I swap ends. You really know how to suck cock. "I want you to watch you cum over my face" you tell us. We get you to lie on the floor and we kneel over your face.

We both furiously wank our cocks. "Oh yes come on my face" you tell us. We don't last much longer and we both shoot our cum all over your face. We watch as you scoop our cum on your fingers and the seductively lick it off. "You are filthy little slut" I tell you. "I know" you reply. We all laugh. As we leave you tell me and Jim you really enjoyed yourself but this was strictly a one off.

We give you a kiss and head for the door.