Sunny lion sex stories sexy download

Sunny lion sex stories sexy download
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T o everyone out there, this is my first post, please offer constructive criticism so I can improve. That bitch, that little cheating bitch.

Okay, so maybe that part happened awhile ago, but I wasn't about to let that spoil my revenge. This stupid girl was going to get paid back in full, and that was a promise. This all started back in 8th grade when this girl decided that I would make a good bit of arm candy for the next few months, at the time I was completely inexperienced with women, I'd old man fucks teen girl introducing dukke most of my younger years a fat nerd, but I had started working out and turned into a thin, strong, and damn good looking young man.

In other words, perfect for someone to take advantage of. We weren't together for an extremely long period of time, but I fell, hard. Long story short, she lost interest and started screwing around behind my back. So here we are, a few years later, it's payback time.

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Sh has gotten into the habit of smoking grass halfway through the day, beats me how she gets away with it, she also tends to leave her bag, and the drugs in the open during gym, I noticed one day when I was cooling off that she was paying no attention to her shit! Today was going to be my day, I had a bag of grass, laced with a few choice chemicals(I am a whiz with this stuff) that would fuck her up royally for about 8 hours.

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She usually smokes during lunch period, I only have one more class past that, then I get to leave, if all went as planned I could in theory sneak out, wait until she got let out (the drugs I added would first cause severe nausea) and convince her I was her dad before she got to her car, that wouldn't be too hard since he and I looked so much alike. Last period I was about ready to jump out of my seat, so close.

The bell finally rang and I just about sprinted to my car. Now I just had to wait, which didn't take long, she staggered out in only 5 minutes and after intercepting her I convinced her to let Dad drive her home. Soon enough she was asleep in my car and I was able to move hers to an abandoned garage that I knew about.

Pretty soon now. That garage was right by a house that my family had lived in at one time, but when we moved we didn't sell the place and it made perfect sense to bring her here. The great thing about the drug I gave her was that she wouldn't remember much more than vague blurs even if she stayed conscious through the night, xnxxx sex sex stories story and then the first thing I did when I had her safe in the house was rip open her shirt, spilling her great titis out.

I guess I haven't said much about her yet, but she is about 5' 5, really light, only about 90 pounds, and had boobs the size of softballs, they were really perfect little globes, especially on such a light framed girl.

I had been completely prepped for the night before me, I had an alibi for where I was, I'd arranged so that noone would even go by this house, I knew plently of girls who would lie about where Emily was, she had a tendancy to piss people off, so she was taken care of for the night, and I had plently of tools for her pain, my pleasure.

By the time I finished undressing her I realized how little she had changed in the past few years, still the almost unhealthy thinness, the little strip of pubic har, and those stupid useless little bras she wore. She was in for a night. First it was time to wake the bitch, I'd always wanted her to completely shave instead of leaving a strip, but now it wasn't her decision, out came the tape, and as soon as I started to pull on it she stirred.

When I ripped it up she screamed, I'd forgotten how loud she could get, things were starting out good. The first thing on my mind was something that she said she would never do, anal.

I had planned ahead and gotten her tested for STDs weeks before the encounter and she turned up clean so I didn't even have to use a rubber, I just flipped her over and jammed it in, I am not a giant, but I am abnormally thick, about 2.5 inches thick and 6 inches long, more than enough to make her completely aware of the situation. Shit, she knows whats happening, fuck it.

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As soon as I plunged into her brown eye she screamed, just a high pitched wail for about a minute until it subsided into dull wimpering, damn this felt fine. The only bad thing was since I was so turned on I shot my load almost in 2 minutes, but I was young and I knew I would be ready again in a little bit.

Time to try out some tricks, I had a whip, rope, some electrodes, and a few glass tubes for an experiment. First off I took an old bedframe and set it up against the wall so I could tie her spread eagled up there, she was already protesting weakly, but by this time it didn't matter if I continued or stopped so I pushed ahead, first off I wanted to see how far her nipples would pull out, after making sure her nipple were at attention I set up a pump to the tubes and attache them to her nipples, as soon as I switche the pump on her nipples seemed to shoot up the tubes, christ they were almost 1.5 inches long.

When I looked down I realized that I was already hard again and decided to go for it right there, and just shoved my cock into her without any warning, this time drawing only a small shriek, an d this time I managed to last an astounding 45 minutes straight pounding, by the end of it I thought that I would fall over, but it was her that passed out. I took a break to assess the situation, halfway through my last screw she started to enjoy it, she came at cute connie pleasures a fat meat pole 3 times, maybe more, shit I could turn this into a regular thing, she was still pretty tight, and wetter than hell by the end, I decided to see how far I could take this and called up my buddy Pete and see if he wanted in.

10 minutes later I was still done up as Peter walked in the door, I hadn't told him everything, just that there was a piece of tail in it for him if he showed up, the look on his face was priceless, Emily was still asleep and Asian squirter gets fucked in threeway by her two eager studs told him to go to town on her while I recuperated, when he disrobed I saw that while I was a little thick, he was a monster, 10 inches and thicker than my wrist, as soon as he put it in her she woke and screamed again, that was all it took to get me going again, I got up behind her and positioned myself so that as she rocked back she would push her asshole onto my cock, when she did she seemed to go limp, then she started to rock onto our dicks, soon I untied her so we could really get to it and I let Pete take the back door for the finish, she was sop crazed by sexual delight by then that she didn't even seem to notice the meat changing places on her until Pete almost ripped her ass in two, then she came, then we came.

I pulled out and moved up so I could get her face and shot, then Pete got up and just about choked her when he shoved his rod in her throat and shot for what must have been a whole minute.

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Right after that Emily passed out, we cleaned her up a bit and put her in her car out of the way and left her there. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, I have time off at nights, and my family will be out of town, I'm thinking gangbang.