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Taboo game and sexy brunette hardcore anal associates sisterly love
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"You're getting all fixated on the body again." "I'm fine with my body." "Then why do you say things like that?" "Like what?" "That you're not pretty and you have a big ass and small tits." "Because it's true!" "You have a lovely smile and beautiful green eyes." "And a big ass!" She awesome bitch sucks rod inside the car her feet up onto the couch, curled her arms around her knees and stared into the fire, still wrapped in her blanket.

I wasn't going to win this. She put her feet back onto the floor, reached for her wineglass, gulped down the last third of the glass, almost slammed it back on the coffee table in front, then curled her knees back up. What low self-esteem she had of herself. I wondered if that was why she felt compelled to get herself tattooed and pierced. Did she need that 'Goth Look' to make herself different? Does looking different make you feel different? Is she that insecure?

"You're a lovely person." I said. "Shut up." Did I really say something that wrong? That she's pretty? "Can I pour you some more wine?" "Yes," she answered in a huff.

I did.

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"Caitlyn, I know we're not supposed to talk about this, but think of it this way, I'm telling the girl sitting next to me about my new employee." She said nothing, just stared into the fire. "I have this new employee. She had virtually no woodworking skills when she came to my shop a few weeks ago.

When she showed up, I was completely shocked to find this Goth chick standing there. Nevertheless, I was in such a bind, I hired her anyway. I really wasn't expecting too much from her." She pulled her knees down, took a sip of wine while taking a quick sideways glance at me. "I'm over the moon with this girl. She's an excellent employee. A great worker. Great with her hands.

Very talented. She learns fast, she works quickly, and I can tell she puts a lot of pride into her work. Her workmanship is excellent. She's pleasant, intelligent, witty and funny too. I hope she stays with me for a long, long time." She stared at me for a few moments without an expression on her face. "I have to say Doug, that I really enjoy working in the shop. For the first time in my life, someone seems to appreciate what I do. In college I'd always have criticisms 'you could have highlighted that curve a bit more', "what are you trying to say with that cute teen gets her sweet pussy hammered, 'I know you can do better than a B'.

In the clothing store the manageress would say 'you could have made that sale'. All my life I've never been quite good enough. And I was never good enough for my parents, either. Do you think they like my tats and metal?" "Did you do that just to piss them off?" "No, but it was a nice side benefit." I said nothing. "What I'm saying I guess," she continued, "is thank you for not being a fucking asshole. You make me feel good about myself." "No Caitlyn, it's not about me.

Everything I said is true. It's all your doing. It's your attitude, it's your skills and it's your work ethic. Plus I think you're pretty." She smiled. "But I still have a fat ass." "Doesn't matter it's still sexy." I wished I hadn't said that but it came out anyway.

"Oh, you think I'm sexy too." It wasn't a question. Oh boy. Employee sexual harassment. Fuck.

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"Caitlyn, I." "Well I think you're sexy too," she cut me off. "I'm sorry I said that." "Why?" "I don't want to lose my employee because of sexual harassment." "I'm not your employee here." "I'm sure the courts would understand that." "Doug, don't be a jerk.

You're not sexually harassing me. 'Give me a blow job and you get to keep your job,' that would be sexual harassment." "Ah, just a little." "Well you're not doing that are you?" "No. I'm not. I would never do that. And I will never do that." I said. "It can work the other way around too." "How so?" I asked.

"If I said, 'I'm not coming into work tomorrow unless you eat my pussy right now.'" She was certainly not shy. "But you're not doing that are you." I said rather than asked. "No, I'm not." "Good." I thought that was the end of it. We both reached for our wine glasses and took a sip. "So will you do it?" she asked. "Do what?" "Eat my pussy." I nearly dropped my wine glass. "Not if it's sexual harassment I won't." I was relieved to have found a quick out. She turned to me with a grin on her face.

"It won't be." Did I just agree to eat her pussy? "Caitlyn, how will you feel in the morning, in the shop?" I was hoping to backtrack. She turned on the couch and wrapped her left hand around the back of my neck, leaned towards me and said, "Sexually satisfied I hope." She was grinning at me.

I felt my cock twitch. "Caitlyn, if we do this we can't extend it into the shop." "You're damn right we busty amateur cate in tight blue spandex. There you're my boss. Here you're the country squire with the roaring fire and fancy dinner." She waved her hand over the spent chip bag.

I couldn't keep the grin off my face. Neither could she. She took my wine glass from me and set both on the coffee table. Then she pulled her red t-shirt off again. Her tits certainly weren't big, only a handful really.

Her areola were small too, almost non-existent. But her nipples were huge. The rings were gold, probably three quarters of an inch diameter. The nipples almost filled them. The rings shimmered in the firelight. "Do you like the rings?" she asked. Clearly she caught me staring. She flipped them with her index fingers. The nipple skin reacted to the movement of the rings. "Yeah, they're kind blonde chloe licks her stepmoms wet pussy kinky actually." She pulled on her nipple rings.

Hentai rape tagalog version vid nipples followed and some of her breast flesh too. I wondered if that hurt. "I hate my tits, but I love my nipples." She twisted the rings a bit. "I love your nipples too." "Then give them a little suck." She pulled my head towards her chest.

I gave one a suck, then the other. The rings felt funny in my mouth. There was certainly a contrast between hard rings and soft nipples. She made a kind of purring sound while my tongue and lips played with her nipples. "Do you like that?" Teen finds this guy totally naked and tied up asked looking up to her green eyes sparkling in the firelight.

"What do you think?" She pushed my head back down to her tits. As I pulled my mouth away from her boobs, my t-shirt was pulled off me, over my head. Her hands were all over my chest, shoulders and arms. She pushed the side of her face against my chest, then pushed me back onto the couch and climbed on top of me.

She looked down at me from above, straddling my waist. The light from the fire only illuminated half of her face. The tattoo on her right side danced in the firelight. What an exotic creature she was.

My cock certainly thought that too. It was rock hard. She arched herself down to kiss me. Her lips were warm, soft. Her tongue darted out, pushing my teeth apart. Her tongue found mine. I pushed back into her mouth.

Her breath was warm. I ran my hands down her arms. The tattooed side was warmer from the fire. Her nose ring bounced off my nose as we kissed. Her hand reached down under my waist band. "Nice," she whispered as she found my stiff cock. "Doug, before we go any farther I want you to know I don't have any funny diseases and I'm on the pill. How about you?" "I'm not on the pill," I said. "Don't be an ass." "No funny diseases," I said grinning.

"Good." She got off me and pulled my sweatpants off. My cock sprung up. "Very nice," she said as she grabbed a hold of it. She lowered her mouth to my cock. My brain swirled in sync with her tongue on my cock. Lightly she stroked my shaft as she licked the underside, then she pushed my cock way down her throat and held it momentarily before pulling back up in a pool of saliva.

Where did she learn how to do that? Caitlyn let go and my cock flopped onto my belly. She stood up and pulled her sweat pants off. I could see her pussy hairs in the firelight. There wasn't a lot and they weren't black. My hand reached out to her puss as she raised her left leg and put her foot on the couch next to my hip.

Metal! "Whaa?" "Yeah," she said as her hands slid down to her crotch, I could barely make out in the light that she was pulling two rings, one on each inner labia, "I've got rings in my lips." My finger slipped right into her. It was warm, tight and very wet. She let go of the rings, I could feel them against my knuckle. I pulled my finger out and played with the curls of her soft pussy hairs, her soft pussy lips and the contrasting hard rings.

I gently twisted everything I could touch with my fingertips. I could see a smile on the side of her face that was illuminated by the firelight as she looked down on me from above. I slid down the couch to make room for her knees. She straddled me and lowered her pussy to my awaiting mouth, my hands cupped her ass.

All at once I smelled her pussy, tasted it and felt the softness of her lips and the distinction made by the two rings. Sensory overload. Bliss. Divine female nectar made my brain swirl. My lips and tongue went everywhere. I couldn't get enough. After a few content moments I became aware of her fingers against my tongue and lips. With the index and thumb of each hand she pulled on the rings, splaying her puss wide open and exposing her clit.

"Lick gently," she whispered. I did. Right on her clit. "That's it," she cooed. Her hips rocked slightly to meet my tongue. I slipped my index finger into her hole, "Yeah," she whispered as she exhaled. Her rocking motion increased. Each exhale of her breath became throaty.

I slipped a second finger into her. I could feel the tightness of her muscles as I fucked her with my fingers. She continued to pull on her rings. The tempo of her husky breathing increased. Her thighs were trembling. I gently sucked her little clit while flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

I splayed my two fingers into a vee as I slowly pulled out, nearly to the end of my fingers. A bridge of moisture glistened between my knuckles in the firelight. I licked it off. Pure Caitlyn heroin. Right then and there, I became an addict. I plunged my fingers back inside her and sucked directly onto her clit. She let go of the rings and pulled the back of my head into herself. "Ggaauuughh Fuuuck meeee!" Pussy muscles clamped onto my fingers and bulged to my knuckles, loosened, then clamped again.

Her hips jerked. Pubic hair tickled my nostrils as I attempted to take in air.

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Guttural sounds emanated from above me. Muscles clamped again and again before she released the pressure from the back of my head. I gasped for air. Looking up I saw half of her face illuminated in the firelight, contorted, looking down on me.

Her belly button piercing glistened in the light. Something dripped on my forehead. I pulled my fingers out. My hand was soaked. I licked my fingers and hand. She wiggled her way down the couch straddling me. She reached between her legs and picked up my cock. She angled it towards her pussy as she wiggled her bum, as I continued to lick my fingers. I could feel my cock head being enveloped in warmth. And then I was in.

All the way. "Ahhhh," she gasped, "Fuuckk.oh yeah," she said to herself, I think. Her pussy was tight. Wet too. She rocked her hips gently as she rubbed her lower belly with her fingers. " good," she gurgled, "so full." Her head fell back, her mouth was open. "Fuck me Doug." I could feel her pussy muscles clamping down on my cock. I rolled my hip upward forcing myself in as far as I could go.

"Oh yeah," her voice was low, breathy. Her fingers found her nipples, she tugged at her rings. She rocked her hips to match mine. I could feel wetness and her pussy rings at the base of my cock as we slowly fucked. My breathing became heavier. Hers too. She leaned forward, looking down at me in the half light. She placed her left arm on the back of the couch and her right foot on the ground next to the sofa.

Then slowly withdrew my cock almost all the way out and then slammed her pussy back down. The fingers of her right hand found her clit and she rubbed furiously while thumping down on me again and again. I could hear the sticky collisions over the crackling fire. I fucked her right back, matching her furious tempo. Her lips were withdrawn baring her teeth. Hot breath flushed my face. Green eyes that sparkled in the firelight were locked onto mine.

My fingers found her nipple rings. I held them in position so that her battering beautys hawt fuck aperture hardcore blowjob and tits were pulled by the action of her hips crashing into me. I'm sure my face was contorted. I struggled for air. "Fuck!" she screamed, "Yeah!" I could feel her fingernails working madly at her clit. Her right leg started to shake.

Her whole body trembled. I kept jamming into her with all my strength. My heart was pounding in my chest. I knew I was going to cum soon. She pounded down onto my cock and ground down. "Grraauuugh!" she gasped through open mouth. I could feel her muscles clamp down on my cock as her body jerked.

She clamped again, "Auughh," she groaned through her exhale. Her forehead glistened in the firelight. Her fingers still worked away as her body jerked again. My teeth were clenched as I tried to hold off cumming. I knew it was a losing battle. My chest was heaving in need of air. She slumped forward, "Auugh" she heaved a sigh into my left ear. Her hot breath whistled in my ear. I felt another contraction. Then another. Then one last one. We were motionless save for our breathing.

I could feel her rapidly beating heart racing with mine. "I'm going to cum," I whispered, barely hanging on. Only her breath in my ear responded. I did. Spurt after spurt plunged deep inside her pussy. My hips jerked involuntarily as I came. My voice was reduced to a gurgle of air. "Ohhhhh!" she gasped pushing down harder as I came, but staying motionless. "Fuck!" together we huffed. We lay there hot and sweaty searching for air for a few moments. I could feel my cock, slip inside her as it started to shrink.

"I could feel you," she said as she drew a breath, "coming inside me." I nodded a hot breath at her. "I could feel your cock swell." She whispered. "I'm sure I'm still oozing cum into you," I whispered back, still searching for air. My cock slipped asian girl getting her hairy pussy fucked with toys fisted giving blowjobs for guys on the couch more from shrinkage.

It was wet and hot in her pussy. She pushed herself up. Her right hand was on her crotch as my dick slipped out from her and flopped on my pelvis. The fingers on her right hand slipped into her mouth then quickly went back to her pussy. I was shocked at what I had just seen her do. She did it again.

Then again. Before I could react two fingers from her pussy were pushed into my mouth. "Taste," she said. I did. I was in even more shock at the unexpected intrusion. It was salty. It tasted of sex. "I love the taste of Doug Jenner," she cooed as she dug her fingers deep inside her. After taking one more thorough lick of her fingers she squatted next to me and slipped my glistening cock into her mouth. She licked it clean and sucked on my peehole to make sure it's all out. Wow! In my wildest dreams, I'd never imagined a girl licking the cum out of her own pussy.

Could it be that Caitlyn really enjoyed the taste of cum that much? And what about that 'taste of Doug Jenner' bit? Was she serious? "Cuddle me," she said as she lay back on me, which her weight shifted to the back of the couch. She slipped the blanket over us and nuzzled her face into me neck. "That was nice, thank you Doug," she whispered.

"Thank you Cate." I whispered back as I brushed her back and shoulders under the blanket. * We woke up on the couch the next morning, cold and hungry. The freezing rain had stopped but the power was still out. We simply peed, didn't flush, dressed ourselves and jumped into my pick-up truck in search of food and heat. On the way to Jimmy's Diner we passed a crew of linemen fixing power lines. By the time we got back, the power was on. We opened up the shop and went to work as if nothing had happened.

After work that night I thought sunny leone fucking xxx sex stories story 2019 Caitlyn sexy maya loves having her hot ass filled with dick meat I sat alone eating pork stew and potatoes from the evening before.

The food was excellent. We should have been eating together. I wondered if she was pissed off with me. Did I take advantage of my employee? Was I going to lose her? But what a fuck machine Caitlin was. I had no idea. * Several days passed by.

Nothing was said about the night she slept over. Not a hint, not a wink, not a smile. It was as if it never happened. The phone rang in the shop one afternoon. After the call I went and found Caitlyn. She was in the paint room, dancing and painting.

"They want us to do more work for Whistling Swans." "Really?" "Yeah, I've not committed yet. I need to talk to you first." "Why?" "Because it's a bunch of work with a finite time-line." "What is it?" "Corporate wants the stupid logo on the top rail of their benches." "We're not making benches." "I know that. It's the bench manufacturer that called me.

He's a friend of mine. That's not true. He's a colleague. We've worked together before. He's actually a bit of a prick." "So what's the job?" Sixty one benches.

Six grand. I'll split it with you. It's the same jig that we have for the tee-off blocks. We just have to carve, sand and paint. We don't even have to poly.

They'll deliver the top rails to us and then they'll pick up when they're all done." "Sounds great!" "Yeah, but. They want it next week! He said Wednesday, Thursday the latest. Either way, it's going to be an hour a piece. That's thirty hours each." "So?" "We still have to maintain production on all the rest of the stuff.

You know that's all very tight." "So?" " you want to take on the work? It means we're working the weekend. Plus late nights. This is no joke." "I realize that.

You said you'd split it with me?" "Yeah, three grand each." "For thirty hours work?" "If it's an hour a piece." "That's a hundred bucks an hour." "No. It's a hundred bucks a piece." I corrected her. "I'll have to stay here," she said. "I know." "You know what will happen?" she said. She smirked and watched me intently. "Yeah, every night," I said grinning.

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"I am so fucking in on this!" she growled, grinning too. "Great!" I called him back and said we'll do it. "How come it's not sixty one hundred for sixty one benches?" she asked. "I told you he's a prick." * The next morning Caitlyn called to say she'd be an hour late. That was a first. When busty office slut in stockings gives blowjob and having anal arrived she had me help her unload her little black Yaris.

She'd been shopping. We stuffed all kinds of things into the fridge and cupboards. She brought a suitcase of clothes. It was as if she were moving in.

I guessed she was in a way. The bench top rails were delivered that day. "How come we're not making the sixty one benches?" she asked. "Because we're not set up for it. We can certainly make one, in fact we can make sixty one but not at the same cost that numb-nuts can make them at." "So why isn't he doing the carving himself?" "Because he's not set up for it. He can certainly do one, or two or five.

But not sixty one. Not at a reasonable cost. He's a wood shaper, we're wood carvers, there's a difference." "What if we had ten thousand to do? There's got to be an easier way." "There is. It's called a CNC machine." "What's that?" "Computer numerical control, or something like that. It's a machine that's attached to a computer. Fasten down the block hit start." "Why don't we do that?" "Well for starters the machines are sixty thousand plus.

Then the amount of programming that is required takes you forever. For a straight cut it's not bad, but in 3D bas-relief it's a lot more complex. And in the final analysis, it's not that fast. Perfect copies though, every time."