Hardcore anal banging with a cute filly

Hardcore anal banging with a cute filly
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"Holy fuck DADDY!" She screamed as she collapsed onto the bed, panting. I pulled out and bent down to her crotch to view my handywork. As expected the young college girl's tight pussy oozed my cum. I gently pressed my finger on her almost vibrating clit causing her to curl up into a ball while lightly whimpering.

"Please daddy, that's enough." She begged, barely able to even get those words out. I smiled and stood up, towering over the college girl almost ten years younger than me curled up below be, my cock raised at the sounds of her soft whimpers.

I slowly creeped up to her face and bit down tightly on her ear, causing her to moan slightly again. I stopped and slightly whispered, more asserted, "Sorry, but that's not enough." Without giving her a chance to respond I lifted up the sexually exhausted fuck toy and proceeded to swiftly slide my cock into her tight slick pussy lips.

Not even having a chance to protest she simply screamed in pleasure as my cock stirred her love juices with my already present semen. I held her like a ragdoll as my cock continued to pound into her deepest spots, each time it stirred her pussy even harder causing her eyes to roll back in her head. At the deepest point of each thrust I was met with a slight yelp from my fuck toy.

Eventually as the rhythm settled, she slowly came back to the moment and began to look at my eyes with demi delia has her huge tits jizzed same ferocity as she had when I met her in the bar that night.

"Put me down," she demanded. I was surprised as this was the first time she made any sort of request in the night.

So I obliged and placed her back down on the bed, slowly sliding my member out of her tight cunt and upon exit causing her to slightly shiver. "Lay down on the bed," she smiled adding a wink to the end of the statement.

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I personally always liked it when the younger ones tried to take control, and trying to take control she was as she spread herself on my stomach and leaned down to plant a long, tongue-filled kiss on my lips before whispering. "Now it's my turn to control you." She started to slide her tight ass down my body and straddle my ever-so-hard cock, attempting to slowly tease herself down onto it. What she didn't realize was that she was small and clearly inexperienced because now I had control of female solo masturbation multiple orgasm by cdm masturbate brunette pussy s hips.

I reached and firmly grasped a tight asscheck in both hands, and watched the surprise and defeat fall onto her face and I slammed my cock into her once again, using her own body to decide my pace. I felt her pussy tighten on my cock with each thrust and once again the girl's eyes began to roll back as she became lost in the pleasure.

I took advantage of it to spin her around to get a view of her petite college ass planting a firm slap that almost echoed in the room. Suddenly the girl screamed, "Lindsey!" I stopped, she stopped, after a moment the door opened and another girl stood in the doorway I could only assume to be her roommate, Lindsey.

Lindsey spoke, "Is everything okay Jenna?" I realized after forgetting it, her name was Jenna. Jenna slid of my dick and with a seemingly new wind almost completely normally walked, in full nude up to Lindsey and firmly stated, "Lindsey you need to try this cock. I think it's the best cock I've ever had." Lindsey poked her head around to me and my stiff member, with the thought of a new hole to fuck entering the room I was making sure that my assets were properly displayed.

Lindsey looked back at Jenna. "I don't know." Lindsey spoke softly.

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Jenna grabbed Lindsey's face and held in for a tight passionate kiss. Pulling away after a moment she spoke, "I know I'm not enough," then Jenna slide her hands down through Lindsey's loose shorts and into her crotch before following up with, "and I know you've been craving cock." That seemed to be all Lindsey needed as nodded much to Jenna's excitement and the two came together holding hands up to me, sitting on either side of the bed from me.

Jenna then reached across helping Lindsey slowly take over her tight plain crop top to reveal her breasts which almost doubled the size of Jenna's perky tits. While it was hard to see in the dark room I could see a wave of embarrassment hitting Lindsey's face as she saw me taking in every inch of her fantastic body. Jenna also saw me ogling her friend and attempted to once again take control.

"Do you like her tits daddy?" She grabbed one of Lindsey's tits and leaned down, sucking on it and biting it softly causing Lindsey to slightly moan. I quickly snapped out of my daze, I needed to remember I was in control here smacking Jenna's ass causing another loud reverberation. Jenna yelped. I smiled, "I'm in control." Jenna sat back up obediently, "Yes daddy." I then turned my attention to the other girl, "Do you two play together often." "Yes," Lindsey managed to spurt out.

I sat back in the bed preparing for a show I would orchestrate myself, "Show me." Without anything more needed, Jenna jumped on Lindsey, the vixen quickly working her way down to her friend's legs, pulling down the shorts and thin fabric between her and a delicious treat. Without hesitation Jenna dove, seemingly headfirst, into Lindsey's pussy causing the girl to moan in pleasure and surprise at her friend's ferocity. All the while I looked between the pussy-eating and the look on Lindsey's face.

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After a moment of recovery Lindsey realized I was watching her very intently, and at first embarrassed she tried to hide herself, but as Jenna's tongue dug in harder and deeper and started to look at me more, like she enjoyed the fact I was watching.

Before I realized it, my hand was stroking my cock watching this scene take place as these two horny college girls engaged in such rough and passionate sex. "Oh my god!" Lindsey screamed and I began to lean in closer to the two, pulling her face to mine I locked lips with the girl and guided her hand to my cock which she quickly began to stroke. She attempted to moan which I declined with my tongue and she continued to stroke my cock slowly coming closer and closer to an orgasm.

"Stop." I ordered. Jenna immediately lifted her head up from between Lindsey's legs who looked at me with begging eyes. "The only place you are allowed to cum," I stated, "is on me." As if ed, Lindsey centered herself on the bed, spreading her legs for me and slowly rubbing her open pussy lips attempting to suck me into her. I positioned my cock and ran it through her wet lips a few times before sliding into her, slowly, watching her reaction as I slowly filled her with the dick she was so desperately craving.

Shortly after I began increasing the pace and her expression turned from that of desperation to that of pleasure. "Your cock," She moaned, "I heard you two from the other room, but I didn't think, tight ass ebony babes swapping some cum was… HOLY FUCK." Before Lindsey could finish her statement I gave her the full fucking experience.

Grabbing her waist to ground myself I began thrusting in and out, each time trying different angles looking for the places that made her scream the most.

As I did this I noticed Jenna slithering between the two of us, taking time to suck on my neck and body before moving over to her roommate to suck on her breasts and lap at her clit. It wasn't long before I began to feel Lindsey convulse on my cock and go limp. I slid out causing her to squirm more. I pulled her body, up and laid myself down pointing at an eager Jenna to place herself on my cock to which she quickly obliged.

As the girl slid down on my member she yelped in excitement and pleasure and quickly began riding up and down on it. I then pointed to Lindsey to place herself on my face. "But," she protested. "Now." I demanded. With a fake reluctance she placed the lips of her pussy over my face and I began to help myself to her juices. The two girls watched each other as one was fucked by my cock and the other by my tongue.

The two then moved in, locking lips as then continued to ride me. This scene was drawing me close and after a few more minutes of continuing to fuck and eat the girls and I knew where I wanted to finish. "Off." I instructed.

The two girls obediently responded. I got up and stood over them and watched as they stroked my cock. Shortly after I unloaded several lengthy ropes of cum onto their faces and reveled in my handwork as the two girls eagerly lapped ever drop off the other's face taking time to share their reward between their lips. I sat down on the bed with them again. "Holy fuck, you ARE daddy," Lindsey purred.

"Wasn't this the best?" Jenna added. I laughed, "Who said we were done?" The two girls looked down to see my cock once again hard, smiled and dove down together for another round.